The dream continues
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I woke to the dancing flames crackling in the fireplace. My eyes parted slowly open, the light intense and dazzling so much that I had to squint my eyes as they adjusted to the piercing light. I hazily looked around the room trying to gather my thoughts together.

My body felt warm and I could feel a steady flow of breathe against my thigh. It tickled my skin and for a moment, I was content in just letting the breath caress my body. I however, slowly looked down to see Charlotte, my best friend sleeping peacefully across my lap, her head resting on the top part of my thigh.

I smiled to myself as I watched her sleep there. Her face looked adorable and I could not help but giggle slightly at how peaceful she looked. Her body was radiating a gentle heat that mixed with the flames smothered my body in a blanket like fashion.

I gently moved my arm and stroked her soft brown hair gently, feeling the smooth hairs run like a gentle stream through the gap in my fingers. Her hair felt amazing through my touch and I felt my heart race slightly. I felt her stir slightly on my lap and she moaned slightly as her eyes began to flutter slightly as she stirred.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at me with a blank expression for a moment. She stared at me and I watched her lips curl into a pleasant smile as she laid their on my lap looking up at me.

“Heya” I whispered in a soft and gentle voice.

“Hey..” she replied back, smiling at me from her resting point.

“You look really cute like that,” I said as I giggled in the seat.

“Thanks” she said as she sat up and moved her body to sit next to mine on the seat. She curled up against me and rested her head on my shoulder as she closed her eyes again.

“I’m starving, when we going to eat?” she asked slowly as she rested against me.

“I don’t know, let’s go and ask my daddy” I responded as I pushed her upright. She pouted slightly and jabbed my ribs gently, which caused my body to arch as I jumped from the tickle. Charlotte began to laugh at me as she scrambled up off the chair and I immediately lunged at her and tried to grab her.

She evaded me and I fell to the floor on my front and off the chair. I let out a squeal as the carpet burned the front of my body slightly but luckily did not leave a mark. Charlotte helped me up of the floor and gave me a gentle hug. I could feel the naked skin against the front of my body. I shortly felt her pussy brush against mine and I felt tingle as feelings fluttered up my spine.

I rasped a quick intake of breathe as I felt pleasure wave throughout my body. I heard Charlotte also let out a soft and quiet moan and I grinned slightly. I let go of her and stood there simply smiling at her, we just stared at each other for several minutes in front of the fires warm glow.

I sighed as I turned around to begin walking to door when I suddenly felt a sharp slap on my bum. I let out a loud shriek as I felt the skin on my bum begin to tingle with soreness. I turned around to see Charlotte running for cover behind the furniture in the room.

I laughed as I chased after her, she ducked and dived under the table against the far wall and leaped over the chairs near the fireplace before running through the door and out of the living room. I followed in hot pursuit through the doorway into the hall.

I looked left and right clueless as I wondered what direction she had run off to. Movement caught my eye to the left in the kitchen and I quickly darted like a cheetah into the room, almost slipping on the floor. I watched her open the patio door that lead out onto the deck.

It was late evening and the sun was setting over the horizon of the town in the distance, I had to squint against the light as I followed cautiously out of the house. I could see Charlotte turning back to look at me to check if I was chasing her.

I approached slowly, waiting for her to try to evade me, this time I would be ready. I walked further out onto the deck, the warmth of the sun bathing my naked body in its beautiful glow. I could see the outline of Charlotte’s small slender body against the sunset and I could feel my heart beating in anticipation.

I continued to walk ever closer to her, cautiously taking it one-step at a time. I watched her body waiting for a sign that would tell me when she would bolt as she had done previously. I took three final steps and just before she was in my grasp, she darted to my right. I expected her to do this and so I lunged to the right and grabbed her by the waist as I pushed forwards.

She screamed as we both fell backwards through the air before crashing into the warm water of the pool. The water swallowed me whole and I felt the familiar sound of water rushing past my ears and I could see our screams been turned into a swarm of bubbles that rose to the surface.

I felt my body slow down and I began to push to the surface of the pool. I broke through the surface with Charlotte and we both coughed and gagged as the pool water trickled down our throats. I laughed while gagging and jumped onto Charlotte grabbing her with my arms yelling.

“I caught you!”

“Ok, Ok. Let me go” she spluttered as she continued to cough. I helped her to the pool edge and sat with her on the side, our feet dangling in the water. I patted her gently on the back as her last few coughs came through. I smiled at her and leant on her shoulder.

“Are you ok now Charl?” I asked casually as I watched the sun

“Yeah.., I guess, can we go back inside? I’m starving,” she responded as she breathed in deeply, catching her breathe back from all the coughing.

“Sure, come on.” I said as I got to my feet and held my hand out for her to take. She took hold of my hand, I helped her to her feet, and we walked hand in hand back into the house. We went through the kitchen and back into the living room where the fire was still crackling away.

I sighed slightly as the warmth of the fire reached my skin once again and I picked up my towel from the chair and wrapped it around my body. I sat back down with the towel around my back, my front exposed to the warmth of the fire.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes while the fire dried us off but our silence was interrupted as my dad came into the room with two boxes of takeout pizza, which had stream seeping out through the holes in the side. I licked my lips excitedly as he placed the boxes on the carpet in between Charlotte and me.

“Here you go girls, lovely take-away pizza. I’ll get you some drinks.” He said as he opened the lid to reveal a delicious deep pan cheese and ham pizza. My stomach growled a thank-you response as I leapt from the chair onto the carpet and tore off a slice. Charlotte quickly followed suit and took another slice from the pizza.

“Thanks daddy!” I said as I chomped on the pizza. I tore of the end of the slice with my teeth and watched as a string of cheese stretched between my mouth and the pizza slice. I giggled slightly as I licked up the cheese string in my mouth. My dad smiled and leant over to give me a little hug before getting up to get Charlotte and me some drinks.

He soon returned with the drinks and we all ate the pizza and garlic bread happily, talking about this and that. We did not speak about anything important because it was always a rule that in the weekend we could not talk about work because we had earned the weekend off. After the meal, I fell back on the carpet my body stretched out and my stomach felt ready to burst from all the dough.

I groaned slightly as I watched my stomach rise slowly before falling back down, I was completely stuffed and I glanced across at Charlotte who also had laid down on her back the same as me. I smiled half-heartedly at her before forcefully pulling myself up into an upright position.

I spread my legs and wiggled my toes as I let the heat continue to wrap around my body like a warm blanket. I turned back to see my daddy sitting in the couch chair with a glass of wine in front of the television that was quietly playing an episode of some TV drama. I yawned as I got up off the floor and stretched my body.

“Come on Charlotte, let’s go upstairs and play.” I said as I walked towards the door.

“Ok, thank-you for the pizza” she said to my dad as she crawled to the door. She groaned slightly as she stood up right, she seemed stuffed as well from the food.

“No problem girls, don’t stay up to late now.” He chuckled before taking another sip of his wine.

I walked out of the living room with Charlotte and we slowly walked up the stairs and into my room. I looked at a clock on my desk and saw it was 8:20pm, still plenty of time before we would need to go to sleep, though I felt worn out already and ready to sleep at any moment.

“Hey Daisy, can I have a bath? I’m all icky from the pool” she sniggered as she hovered in the doorway.

“Good idea, we can stay in my room after as well.” I replied as I walked out on the landing.

“DADDY! Charlotte and me are having a bath!” I shouted down so he would know where we were. I stood leant over the banister of the landing before seeing my dad walk into view.

“Alright, do you want me to run the water for you?” he asked as he looked up.

“Nah, I can manage on my own” I replied.

“Ok, there is no bubble bath left though, so you won’t have any bubbles I’m afraid.”

“Awwhh, fine… thanks daddy.” I said with a sigh. I loved having bubbles in my bath, it always made it more relaxing but I suppose water would have to do. I went with Charlotte into the bathroom and turned the taps making sure the water was at a nice temperature.

The bathroom was one of two in the house but the only one that had a bath. The walls were tiled with a light cream tile that had a dolphin pattern running in a ring form in the middle around the bathroom walls. The floor was made up of a clear white tile with a fluffy brown bath rug lying in the middle. The bath itself was modern with varnished wooden panels on the outside and enamel interior. It was fairly large as well and could easily hold me and Charlotte with ease.

I watched as the water filled the tub and I sat on the bath edge as I waited with my hand in the water making sure the temperature stayed hot enough. I watched as Charlotte looked into the mirror that was slowly beginning to fog up from the heat of the bath water.

I giggled to myself as I watched her look up and down her body. She always liked looking at herself in the mirror and touching herself all over, making silly poses every not and again. She also cupped her chest a lot and complained about how she wanted boobies already rather than stupid little bumps.

I always went into hysterics when she complained and I was snickering to myself even now while thinking about it. She turned around once the mirror was completely fogged up and looked at me confusingly.

“What’s so funny?” she asked me, I burst into full laughter as she asked unable to hold it in anymore.

“Oh… nothing. Just you.” I responded as I held my hand over my mouth trying to contain my laughter

“What do you mean me!? Is there something on my back?” she squealed as she span in circles trying to look at her back. I burst out laughing again and almost lost my balance which would have meant me falling into the running bath.

“No silly! I was laughing because I was thinking about time you complained about not having boobies!” I said as I gasped for breath.

“Ohh! But don’t you want boobies as well? All the big girls look so pretty with them.” She said as she walked over to the bath edge and sat next to me. I blushed slightly as I looked down on the slightly raised lumps of my chest. I could feel my body beginning to tingle all over again and I shuddered slightly as I breathed in.

“I guess, but I don’t see the big deal really.” I sighed as stared at my chest.

“That’s because you’re still a child!” she said with a massive grin across her face.

“I am not! We’re pretty much the same age!” I protested, looking at her coldly in the eye.

“Oh yeah? Then where are your boobies?” she said as she extended her arm outwards and poked me on my nipples. I squealed slightly as her finger made contact and a chill ran up my spine. Little bumps formed all over my body, as the tingling feelings grew stronger.

“You don’t have any either!” I argued as I reached over and prodded her chest. I watched as Charlotte jumped slightly as I made contact with her body. It was like earlier, the wonderful feelings flowed throughout my body.

“True… but I will soon! Anyway, Daisy… the bath?” she said while nodding at the rising water. I gasped as I franticly shut off the water before it had a chance to rise to high. I rotated my legs to the other side of the bath and let my feet drop into the water. The temperature was perfect and I quickly dropped my entire body of the edge of the bath and sat there in the clear water.

I breathed in deeply and arched my head back as the water felt great against my skin. Charlotte swung her own legs in and sat down into the water. We sat opposite each other with our legs spread, each leg resting next to the other person leg. I could feel her foot was very near my pussy and a part of me for some reason wanted it to touch me.

I decided to take a risk and I slumped down into the water a bit more and I felt Charlottes foot push up against my body and in turn, my own foot pressed against hers. She let out a yelp as she sat upright to which I just giggled. She smiled and slumped back down herself and we laid there with each other’s foot resting on each other’s pussy.

The waves of pleasure continued to flow around me just as the warm bath water did and I felt as though I was in heaven. I leant my head back against the bath, closed my eyes, and moaned slightly as I relaxed.

After a few moments I began to feel Charlotte pushing against my foot in back and forth motions. I could also hear her breathing heavily and I risked tilting my head up to look at her. She had her head leant back as I had and she was thrusting her body forwards gently, her pussy rubbing against my foot.

I sat there with my jaw hanging in shock at what she was doing but at the same time, I could feel my own pussy pulsating in the water. I bit my lip as I tried to fight the pressure but I ended up joining Charlotte in thrusting and I began to rub my pussy against the palm of Charlotte’s foot in the water.

Electricity flowed through my body as I moaned loudly. The feeling was incredible and almost felt as good as when Charlotte had put her fingers in my pussy. We both moaned and panted quietly as we continued to rub and thrust in the bath. The water sloshed slightly as it moved back and forth in waves.

The waves flowed in between the gap of my pussy and Charlotte’s foot and only added to the pleasure that I was feeling. The similar feeling of about to burst returned all to quickly and I felt myself rubbing harder than I had ever before against her foot and when I pushed too hard her big toe found its way inside.

I shot upright as a silent scream left mouth and I could feel my pussy pulsate with ferocity as it clamped around Charlottes toe. I could feel her toe moving in and out of my pussy quickly as she continued to thrust harder and harder. I crashed back against the head of the bath, which caused water to splash out onto the floor, but all I could do was lay there breathing franticly. Charlottes toe continued to rub inside my pussy and it wasn’t long before she gave a big push and she shot upright as well letting out a loud moan that echoed in the bathroom which a part of me feared my daddy would hear.

She fell back against the bath as I did but softer so water stayed in the tub. She breathed deeply and opened her eyes to look at me with a devilish grin. I returned her grin and we caught our breath back. We kept our feet pushed against each other’s pussies and every now again Charlotte would twitch her foot and send waves of tingling pleasure up through my pussy and up my spine.

After a while, one of us finally found the strength to speak.

“That… was… awesome.” Charlotte said in short breaths

“Yeah…” was all I could reply as I continued to breathe deeply.

“Why does it feel good to touch your pussy though?” she asked with a confused expression on her face.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t think this is something we can just ask people.” I said with a slight tone of fear in my voice that what we may have done was a very naughty thing to do.

“Agreed. But we should do it again, but keep it our secret right?” she asked almost pleadingly and I knew why, the last five minutes had been the best of my life by far and I was desperate to do whatever it takes to make those feelings come back and last even longer.

“Our secret.” I simply said with a smile. I moved onto my knees, leant forward, and grabbed her in a warm hug, water dripping from my body. She wrapped her arms around mine and gave me a kiss on the lips as she had done earlier and we stayed in that position for what seemed like ages.

Finally, I broke the kiss and sat back down in the bath.

“We should actually wash up.” I said as I reached for the bar of soap that rested on a shelf above the bathtub.

“Ok, but we wash each other ok?” she suggested, giggling the entire time.

“Deal” I said as I grasped hold of the soap. I lowered it under the water to wet it and began to rub it in my hands to make the soap. I rubbed my hands together before telling Charlotte to stand up. She eagerly obliged and stood before me. The water was up to her knees and I could now clearly see her swollen pussy in front of me. I wanted to tease her a little though.

I stood up as well and stepped closer to her. I began rub my soapy hands down her arm, covering them in the slippery soap. She giggled slightly as it tickled but did not stop it. I smiled happily at the experience, enjoying it immensely. I repeated the process for her other arm, making sure I had plenty of soap in my hands.

I then grabbed the facecloth, wet it in the water, and began to wash the soap from her arms slowly. Watching each drop fall back into the bathtub. Her skin looked glossy through the layer of water that clung onto her skin and her arms felt so smooth under my touch as I stroked down them with the cloth.

I then re-soaped my hands and turned her around before rubbing them down her back, covering it entirely in soap. I felt her body shudder many times under my touch and I could see her hand had begun to rub against her pussy as our foots had done. She was also moaning softly as I washed the soap from her back.

I told her to turn to face me again as I soaped up my hands once more and I could see she was still rubbing herself In front of me. She didn’t have a shred of embarrassment as she continued to play with her pussy. I felt excited as I began to rub my hands across her smooth chest in circular motions trying to avoid her busy arm.

I spent extra time rubbing her nipples with my soapy hands, clutching the tip in between my fingers and pinching them slightly. I did not know if it felt good but I guessed it did since Charlotte began to pant and moan even faster.

I removed my hands, grabbed the face cloth, and allowed it to soak up a good amount of water before I lifted it above her chest and squeezed it to allow the water to flow down on her chest like a waterfall. Charlotte gasped as her whole body began to shake and she had to clutch onto me to avoid losing balance and falling.

I laughed as I steadied her and moved her to sit on the edge of the bathtub facing inwards. I removed the last of the soap from her chest and stomach before I began to soap up her legs. Her whole body felt amazing to my touch and the skin was so smooth as well as soft.

I washed off her legs and that left only her swollen red pussy to be cleaned. I licked my lips slightly as I soaped up my hands and began to slowly and teasingly stretch my hands out towards her. She whimpered slightly, begging for me to hurry up but I was having way to much fun. This was my revenge for earlier.

I finally made contact and began to caress her pussy in my grasp, rubbing the soap around the folds of her pussy lips. I grinned as I rubbed for a long period, spreading the soap to the inside of her thighs. She parted her legs wide to make it easier for me and this caused her lips to spread slightly, which gave me the idea to insert my finger.

I cautiously pushed forwards with my long finger and I felt it begin to enter inside Charlotte. I watched in fascination as it slid effortlessly inside with the aid of the soap. Charlotte moaned ans gasped each time I went a little deeper. Within the next few seconds however I had my entire finger inside her pussy and I could feel it squeezing my tightly.

I began to move it back out again about half way before pushing it back in again, letting my knuckle reach the outside of her pussy. She rasped a sharp intake of breath each time I moved inwards and I continued to do this for some time. I could feel her trying to push back while at the same time staying on the edge of the bathtub.

I giggled as I reached down to my own pussy with my free hand and began to rub it eagerly as the intense feelings cried out. I felt as though my pussy was on fire and he everlasting waves of pleasure that flowed throughout my body showed no sign of ever subsiding. I was in pure heaven and never wanted this moment to end. However, it did with Charlotte squealing loudly and falling into the bath against me.
As her body crashed against mine I let out a moan through my open mouth, which ended up, been gagged by Charlotte’s chest as she fell against me. My pussy seemingly explored and I felt extremely dizzy as the room span around. I laid against the edge of the bath with my mouth wrapped around Charlottes nipple.

Her skin did not taste of anything really but it felt amazing to me that I had her nipple in my mouth. Instinctively I began to suck on it as though I was a baby and I could hear Charlotte’s voice in a distant haze muttering at how great that felt and not to stop.

I had no intention of stopping as the feeling of my tongue on her nipple felt amazing, even for me. I continued to hungrily suck on it like a newborn baby wanting milk and I desperately tried to stay latched onto Charlotte as she positioned her body to sit on top of my legs, which were scrunched up against the side of the bath. She sat more on my stomach with her body resting on top of mine.

I felt her hand fumble around my pussy searching for it as I continued to suck. Eventually she found it and as she began to slide her finger inside I swapped over to Charlottes other nipple and began to suck even harder. The room was still spinning and all I could focus on was how amazing I felt and how that this moment would be forever in my memory.

I continued to moan while sucking which meant my lips vibrated around Charlottes nipple which made her coo slightly and purr like a happy kitten while she continued to explore my pussy with her finger. I thrusted slowly against her pushing finger and gripped onto it tightly as it left my pussy, never wanting to let it go.

I could feel the intense pressure building up again, though it was taking longer than the first few times but soon I found myself ready to explode once more. I tried to fight the feeling as I knew if I exploded it would all end but I couldn’t hold it any longer and I bit down onto Charlotte’s nipple as I screamed in pleasure.

Charlotte also screamed with pleasure as I bit but the pain made the feelings she felt even more intense. My body fell limp and Charlotte slid off me and laid down in the water next to me with her knees’ up against the side of the bath like I was. We breathed deeply before hearing a startling knock on the door.

“Girls, are you ok? I heard a scream.” My daddy asked through the closed door. I felt my heart stop in my chest in panic. I could not answer but rather only stare at the door waiting for daddy to enter and go berserk at us for doing naughty things.

“We’re fine. Daisy just fell over and banged her arm.” Charlotte responded, her voice slightly higher than usual.

“Sure you don’t want me to come in and make sure she’s ok?” he responded with a concerned tone that showed he was worried that I had fallen.

“I’m... I’m fine daddy” I managed to reply in a broken voice.

“Alright… make sure you let me kiss it better afterwards.” He said before walking away from the door.

I sighed with relief as he left and looked across to Charlotte before bursting out in laughter. I leant on her shoulder and she then rested her head against mine as we stared at the door. We breathed calmly as we let the soapy water caress our bodies.

“It’s going to be a long night isn’t it?” Charlotte asked me with a content smile on her face.

“Sure is.” I replied. Closing my eyes slowly before snuggling against Charlotte for the second time that night.

“It sure is… and I can’t wait.”

Thank-you for reading and I hope you really enjoyed this part of the story. I am going to write a third installment of this before moving onto another project which you may find interesting but more on that at a later date.

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