A normal massage turns into a very hot fuck session
Karen at play.

I knew I was excited as my breathing was shallow & there was a small knot in my throat. I was driving down the street to Karen's house. I had been to see her twice before. Supposedly Karen was a "straight" masseuse. But I knew she fancied me. The last time she massaged me she offered to let me take off my underpants so she could release the tension in my buttocks. She massaged my butt for 30 minutes, and was almost caressing it by the end. I have a tight trim butt and I knew the girls liked it.

I arrived at the appointed time and knocked on her door. She opened the door wearing a sports skirt & white sleeveless shirt. No bra & her pert B cup tits looked sensational through the not quite see through material. "Hi" she said demurely, "Hi, yourself", I said as confidently as I could summon.

She showed me through to the massage room, and said "Don't be bashful, you may as well have it all today", I did as I was told and wondered just what "it all" meant.

The massage proceeded normally with little small talk, but at the 30 minute mark she asked me to turn over. I asked for a towel as I was a little embarrassed. Karen quickly provided the towel and helped me turn over without exposing myself. After I turned I half jokingly said, "I thought I was getting the Buttocks release today". She blushed and said, "oh yes, I will remember".

Once again I settled into the massage. While she was draining my chest area, she accidentally moved her groin against my elbow, I only just managed to not open my eyes but stayed very still. Karen did not move away, but kept rubbing her crutch gently against my arm and so I opened my eyes. Her face was 6" from mine and she had her eyes closed. I could clearly look down her shirt front, and being male promptly had a good look. Her nipples were light brown and the size of the first joint of my little finger. And rock hard. I was so transfixed by these wonderful breasts that I stared. At some point I realized her eyes were open and she was looking at me. I stammered out an apology, she said nothing and turned away to massage my thigh. At this point it was obvious that I had really enjoyed what I had seen, as I had a massive erection. Karen gasped a little at the bulge under the towel, and I thought now or never, so I slowly pulled the towel off. She did not need a second invitation. Slowly her hand crept out and slid down the length of my engorged 9 1/2 inch penis. She said quietly, "My God, I always thought they were lying, when they said in the stories it was 8 inches long". I kept my mouth shut not wanting to say something wrong. She kept stroking my penis slowly, then said, "I don't do this, I am not a hooker". I still kept my mouth shut. She slowly put both hands around my now even bigger cock. I could see her licking her lips slightly. Then she looked at me. I said carefully, "It gets even bigger if you suck it gently." Karen nodded and lowered her head to my pulsing cock, placed the end on her lips then so softly I could barely feel it sucked my cock into her mouth.

Karen was a natural, she put some of her spit into her hand and slowly rubbed my balls with it, and some more spit into her other hand and stroked my cock softly up and down. Then she stunned me. She said so sincerely "Thank you, thank you, you have the most wonderful cock". I just kept quiet and let her do it. I started to touch her then. Just gently along the back of her legs, upto the bottom of her panties. She had the most beautiful smooth sexy legs. I found out later she is a size 8. Her blow job was having the desired result with me, and I was getting upto my most impressive size. She looked up at me and I smiled and lazily and said, "may I kiss you". Karen moved her head upto my face and gently kissed my lips. As she turned I kept my hand on her amazing ass and then slid my middle 2 fingers inside her knickers to touch her pussy. She was soaked. Karen gasped for air, then started to rhythmically grind her pussy against my hand, I slid 2 fingers up into her cunt and curled them to touch the inside of her pussy directly behind the pubic bone. She had a G-spot lump there the size of my thumb. My thumb applied nice pressure to her clit and being so wet her whole cunt slid nicely back and forward on my hand. My fourth finger accident brushed her anus, she gasped, and sucked so hard on my tongue, I thought I would try some more of that. Slowly so not to hurt her I rubbed some of her juice into her anus with my fourth finger. She kept bucking against my hand and grinding her clit against my thumb, all the while stroking my cock like mad with her hand. I managed to get my 4th finger all the way into her ass, and then she started coming. She came quietly, no noise, no dirty talk, just kissing me harder and harder, and sucking in gasps of air and pressing herself harder and harder onto my hand. And then it happened, she gushed so much juice onto my hand, I thought she had pissed herself. I was obviously shocked as she said, "sorry, that happens when I am really turned on." I managed to stammer out "god don't be sorry that was just the greatest".

Karen looked at me and said "thanks, now what can I do for you". She took her hand off my cock and slid it into her now soaking white silky nickers, literally scooping a handful of her marvelous musky smelling cunt juice. I was hoping she would feed me some, when she brought her hand not to my mouth but to hers, and licked, not all just a little. "MMMm" she said then moved her come down to my cock. It was so warm, so slippery and just the horniest thing. Karen started to kiss me again, and pumped my cock with her hand now coated with her cum juice. She moved so she was between my legs and slowly licked from my balls to nearly the top of my cock. She whispered to me, "I love the tastes of your cock and my cunt together", then licked the slit at the top of my cock, while pumping my rigid penis with her hand. It was all to much for me and I started coming in thick long spurts, up in the air, and onto my tummy. After 3 spurts Karen put her open mouth above my penis and looked me directly in the eye as I emptied my scrotum up into her mouth. I was shaking and gasping for air and she kept pumping me and sucking me and moaning, "come for me, please, come for me." As my spasms subsided she licked up the little line of cum on my tummy, rubbing my still hard cock against her now wet shirt and tits, and ever so delicately like she was enjoying a massive teat started to lick the last of my cum off my chest.

Then she kissed me, and brought her hand to my mouth so I could taste her lips, my cum and her beautiful cunt altogether.

I tried to pay Karen for the "extra" service, but she would not hear of it. She said simply, "It was not work, it was play"

She can play with me anytime!

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My first love? Excluding all the crushes I had from 1st to 4th grade (after that I was plueld out and homeschooled) my first love was someone I met at an anime convention last year. When we got together I had a subtle feeling it wouldn't last but I allowed myself to give it a try. They lived a few hours from me and everything was fine and dandy. We'd have games where we'd have to take turns answering questions about ourselves that the other asked, and talk about the future They'd visit me often and we'd be up late talking and joking and trying not to wake anyone else in the house up.We promised each other that if we were ever unhappy in our relationship we wouldn't drag it out and we would tell the other right away. We also promised that it would be in person or, if we were back at our own houses, over the phone. It would never be over the computer or in a text message.But one night, they sent me a text saying that we had to talk and I had to get on the computer and when I got on the

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send me naked pics (girls please) thanks!

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