The Chronicles of Gillian and Marcus
Marcus finished shutting down his computer, the european stock markets had closed for the night and he had sent an email to his business partner in America to take over the trading on his end. His cock twitched eagerly, time to fuck his favorite slut. His wife was at home with the kids, she wasnt expecting him back from his business conference for a few days yet. She didnt even know about his private residence in the middle of his 200 acre farmland, those assets were still in his dead fathers name, and the prenup he had her sign kept it well away from her attention. He gave her a generous allowance, a house, and a new car every year, she gave him three beautiful children and didnt ask questions about what he got up to when he wasnt at home. Stupid bitch still thought she was special to him, that he loved her. Little did she know how unimportant she really was to him. The sex bored him, but still, she had her uses.
His personal fuck toy tied up in the next room however, that was a different matter.
Opening the door to the guest room upstairs he turned on the light and watched as the petite red head winced as her eyes readjusted to the harsh light. Naked and bound with her arms tied above her head she hung suspended from the floor. She had been here for hours, locked in that dark room, her wrists were bruised and her limbs were aching. Unable to call out for help because of the gag in her mouth, she had been left there all day listening to the voices of the business men and women in the room downstairs. Her perfect pert size 34C breasts quivered as she eyed him, the fear plain on her face as closed the door behind him and began to undo his tie.
'Hello beautiful' he greeted her grinning. 'How's it hanging?' he laughed wickedly as he walked behind her and took her breasts in his hands and fondled them. 'Alone at last' He mused absent mindedly groping her and squeezing the soft white flesh in his strong black hands. 'I am going to impale you on the end of my cock and fill you up slut, get you all fat with my bastard babies' he promised as he ran a hand down her smooth taut stomach until he brushed his fingers against her pussy. She recoiled from his touch and started to sobbed hysterically. He told her the same thing every day he raped her. He had ravaged her every night this week since he had bought her from the Dollhouse. Her terrified revulsion at the thought of him filling her and getting her pregnant turned him on. The horrified look on her face when he forced his seed into her and she could feel it erupting inside her was magic to him. He would take her as long as it took for her to concieve, then he would force her live serving his every perverse desire until she delivered the child, which he would take back for his wife to raise. Then he would either impregnate her again or sell her to another Master.
Though that was all in time. She belonged to him now. Stupid whore would learn to love his cock, she would learn to crave it. She would beg him for his attention, for his seed, for his permission to come. 18 years old and she had just begun her training.
'Do you remember how that felt last night?' he taunted as he played with her clit, causing her to try and kick free as she hung in front of him. 'Can you still feel it swimming around inside you?' he asked as he sucked on her ear lobe.
'I am going to put more inside you, whore, I am going to pump you full of my Cum, you slut, and you are cant stop me, you are going to scream and beg, and i going to keep using you anyway' he said as he plunged himself deeper into her and held her hips tight against his body, letting her feel his hard erection pressing against her through his jeans. She tugged against her restraints and moaned in protest against the hand playing with her pussy.
'NNUUUUUHHHH!' she screamed.
'You are mine, cunt, every, single, inch' he said as he pushed his fingers all the way to her cervix and moved his thumb to play with her clit. 'You are so wet, I bet you cant wait to get my cock inside you, exploding all that baby gravy deep inside you' he teased as he continued his assault on her pussy.
She wept as her body moistened against his hand, he would undress soon, and pummel her until her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and was limp and weak against his body as he possessed her. 'I am going to use you well tonight bitch, and you dont exactly have to enjoy it, but you dont get to refuse, you are a slave, my slave and you will learn to serve me, obey me' he swore to her. 'You WILL learn to fall in line' he said as he squeezed her breast far too hard, rewarding him with a yelp. Releasing his hold on her, he left her aroused and swinging from the ceiling as he began to unbutton his shirt, revealing his broad shoulders and muscled torso. Everything about those 6 ft muscled shoulders suggested power. Power he used to drive himself deeply inside her. She trembled. Watching his every move.
'I am so horny, been thinking about fucking you all day, if I hadnt had that meeting, I'd have had you in that head gear sucking my cock like yesterday' he said as he flicked off his shoes and opened his trousers, commando, he tossed them aside to reveal his thick hard 9 inch black cock. He wanted to fighten her. She began crying again, her whole body sobbed. He could tell she thought about kicking out at him. 'I am going to pound you slut' he told her as he stroked himself 'but first, I think you deserve to be punished, you really pissed me off, making me think about your sexy ass all day, horny and craving you, you didnt satisfy me last night, or I wouldnt be so fucking horny right now' he cursed her as he walked to the wall behind him where an asortment of whips and canes rested. He hadnt used any of them on her yet, and he took his time to savor the panicked expression on her face. He entertained the idea of removing the gag and listening to her beg, but decided it would be more fun to taunt her.
'Say sorry whore' he said before he whipped her across the back of her legs. She screamed in pain, and the sound vibrated in his cock, he was going to enjoy this. 'Say sorry!' he snapped again before bringing the whip down on her other leg as he circled her.
'AAAAHHHHOOOOWWWW!!!! IMMMM SSSSSSSSS AAAAAOOOOOHHWWWWW!' she screamed through the gag as he whipped her again across the stomach.
'SAY IT!' he yelled at her before whipping her several time on the back and ass.
'PPPWWWWWEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE!!! STOOOOOOPP' she pleaded through the gag, he was rock hard, he wanted to take her now.
'I CANT HEAR YOU WHORE!' He snapped as he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them before slapping her hard across the face, she lost her senses momentarily. 'I am getting angry now, you better be ready to make it up to me, you will be punished if you do not apologise for making me so horny today thinking about fucking you and getting you all fat with my babies when I should have been working. You didnt even beg to suck my cock to take care of your Master, Bad whore, you deserve to be raped severely for this' he said as he grabbed her chin. 'I'm going to fuck you into a good little slut, teach you take good care of my dick like a good slave should' he snarled angrily as he lifted her knees and hauled her petite body against him, his cock seeking her tight warm heat as he pulled her into position and thrust forwards into her, the position was awkward at first, but he worked his way fully into her and let gravity hold her on top of his cock.
He pumped into her ferociously as she cried out and shook her head in protest, it seemed to last an eternity before he emptied himself inside her. Grunting in satisfaction he pulled himself out of her and let her swing limply gasping for breath as he ripped the gag out of her mouth and she sobbed.
'Oh shut up bitch' he said as he walked back towards her with something in his hand.
'What is that?' she asked, her throat dry.
'electrified nipple clamps' he answered matter of factly before clamping them on her nipples and turning them onto full shock.
To be continued.

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2013-12-02 11:00:15
Youre really good at writing dialogue, in other words making him talk dirty (well the baby thing o.e was not my thing but). Not many can write dialogue that sounds hot without sounding silly.

BUT jeez man, you finished the sex in one sentence! "he pumped into her ferociously" and then bam he cums. I'm sorry but after all that build up I felt like you were trolling us e.e.

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2012-10-11 13:20:56
Not bad hun,but space it out some more and I am sure more people will love it.

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