My name is Author and I’m sixteen. My older sister Van or Vanessa was nineteen and had just started college. Even though the college was here in our city Van was planning to live in a sorority house. It was just mom and me at home and she was casually about clothes at home so I saw her body many times, she has a fantastic body too.

Mom had gone to college and so had my grandmother. They were the ones to recommend the sorority to Van in fact. It was barely a week after the school started and I was doing homework when Van came home. She stopped in my doorway and watched me for a minute. I glanced a her, “need something?”

She mumbled something before walking towards mom’s bedroom. A few minutes later mom walked into my room with Van following her. I turned and grinned because mom was only wearing her half bra and g string panties. She walked to me and ran her fingers through my hair, “How would you like to have sex?”

I looked up from her nipples and grinned, “Right now?”

She laughed, “Your sister needs someone, a relative to help her get into the sorority.”

I glanced at my sister before looking at mom, “Are you asking or Van?”

Mom smiled, “We both are.”

I thought of what I could do, Van really wanted in the sorority. I looked at mom, “If you both agree to have sex with me.”

Mom grinned, “After the sorority test.”

I looked at my blushing sister and she nodded. I shrugged, “Deal.”

I looked at Van, “What do I have to do?”

She grinned, “Fuck as many of the pledges and sorority sisters as you can over the weekend.”

Mom laughed, “the more you do, the more points your sister gets.”

I grinned, “When do I start?”

She reached for my hand, “As soon as we get to the sorority house.”

I was a little nervous as Van drove us across town. She pulled some pills out of her purse, “Take these.”

I glanced at the pills, “What are they?”

She grinned and looked at me, “Supplements.”

I took the pills and looked at her, “How many pledges and sorority sisters are there?”

She glanced at me, “Ten pledges and twenty four sisters.”

I grinned, “So I get to have sex with thirty four women?”

Van laughed, “If you can.”

I leaned over and rubbed her thigh, “Can I have seconds?”

She laughed again, “I’ll ask.”

Fifteen minutes later Van parked and we went into this large house, I looked around as she left. There were a couple of guys and several girls that looked hot. One older girl crossed to me as Van talked to another. The girl smiled as she walked around me, “our pledge said you think you can make it with all of us and still have enough for more.”

I caught her hand and pulled her resisting body against mine, “Would you like to make a wager?”

She relaxed and kept looking into my face before laughing and kissing me hard. I held her and caressed her body until she pulled back out of breath. She slowly stepped back, “You can have seconds. If you make it with all of us you can have the whole house all semester.”

I grinned, “and who do I get to start with?”

She turned and nodded to my sister, “your sister.”

She started walking towards Vanessa, “Pledge Vanessa!”

Van turned, “Yes Sister Mara!”

The room quieted and everyone was watching as the senior sister grinned and turned, “Take this offering to the common room and fuck him.”

Van blushed and looked at me, “Yes sister.”

She started for me with a set look and I smiled and started walking and whispered to Mara as I went by her, “Thanks gorgeous.”

She snorted as I took Vanessa’s hand and let her pull me out and through the house. She stopped in a large room with lots of couches and chairs. She started stripping and I quickly undressed. I turned and she looked around and started to pull me towards a couch. I pushed her hand away and pushed her down, “My way Van.”

She frowned up at me as several of the sisters came in. I knelt and pushed her back before spreading her legs and leaning down. I opened her trimmed pussy and licked through it before nibbling on her inner lips. She shivered and opened her legs more as I licked her again and then covered her clit.

I began to use my tongue on her clit and a few moments later she shuddered and moaned. I kept teasing her clit and started sucking and Van moaned as her hips lifted off the couch. I nibbled on her clit and sucked hard and she shrieked as she spasmed and convulsed. I smiled and slipped two fingers into her and up behind her pelvis.

I went back to wiggling my tongue on her clit. I fucked my fingers against the soft spongy area as I kept teasing her clit. A couple of minutes later Van stiffened and then screamed as she went wild, bucking and thrashing around while she squirted. I kept licking up her cum as she wailed and tried to twist away.

I pulled my fingers out as she squirted again and shuddered violently. I kissed her clit and straightened as she lay panting. I moved forward and cupped her breasts, “Can I fuck you now Van?”

She groaned and reached down to position my cock and I pushed into her. Her pussy was slippery but still tight. I started fucking her with slow, deep strokes. She jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed and she squirted, “fuuccckkkk!”

I kept fucking her, enjoying her warm pussy as it grasped my cock. I started fucking her harder and she began howling as she bucked and thrashed around again. She squirted and grabbed my arms when I buried my throbbing cock. I shuddered as I peed a huge stream of cum through her cervix.

Van jerked as her pussy clenched around my cock and I kept pumping cum into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and then laughed as she pulled me close and kissed me. I reluctantly pulled out of her and caressed her hip before standing and turning to the grinning girls watching us, “Next?”

They laughed and one of the older girls pushed a younger towards me, “Pledge Tracy.”

I smiled and went to meet her as she slowly undressed. I waited and held out my hand, “Can I go down on you?”

She blinked and then grinned, “you’re going to do it again?”

I grinned as I led her to a comfortable chair, “Why not? Guys never get to see or touch a girl and I liked doing it.”

All the girls laughed as Tracy sat on the edge of the chair and leaned back. She lifted and put her legs over the arms of the chair, “In that case have fun.”

I bent to open her pussy before licking it. She shivered as I kept licking her and started teasing her clit. A few minutes later she shuddered and I slipped two fingers into her as I started sucking and nibbling on her clit. She was panting and shaking and a couple of minutes later she wailed and started bucking and trying to thrash around as she squirted several times.

I licked her pussy as I slowly stopped fucking my fingers against her g spot and pulled them out. She spasmed and shuddered as I straightened and moved closer between her wide spread legs. I pushed into her and started rubbing her nipples as I began to fuck her warm pussy with long strokes.

It was only a minute before she was convulsing as her pussy spasmed around my cock like it was a milking machine. Tracy howled and wailed and screamed as I fucked her hard and then slowly. She squirted several more times as I continued to fuck her until she had lost control and was completely incoherent.

When I was ready to cum I buried my cock and pushed open her cervix before starting to pee and spew warm sperm. She jerked and grabbed my arms, “HOLY SHIT!”

I pumped and spurted a half dozen times before I was done. She was shaking the whole time and sighed when I stopped. She smiled, “I hope you fuck everyone stud. I want another ride.”

Several of the other girls snickered as I pulled out and kissed her. A couple of the guys were fucking girls on couches as I stood and helped Tracy up, “any chance I can get something to drink?”

One of the older girls laughed, “No liqueur for you stud.”

I grinned as I walked to her and gave her a soft kiss, “I don’t drink alcohol.”

She stroked my cock and turned to lead me into the large kitchen. I found a bottle of water and went to find my clothes and the pills Van had given me. I fucked three more pledges to screaming orgasms before Van found me and pulled me away to eat pizza for dinner. I caressed her pelvis through the robe she was wearing, “How many have you done?”

She shuddered and then grinned, “two more guys.”

I smiled, “I’m ahead of you. I’m at five.”

She laughed, “Author, all the girls are fighting to get in line for you.”

I grinned and went back to eating. I took a couple more pills before she took me to a shower. I fucked six more girls before going to sleep that night. By Saturday night I had done another fifteen. Sunday morning I did five before lunch and the last three before two in the afternoon.

Mara was last and pulled me into a shower to wash me. She had a big grin on her face as I pushed her hands away and felt her as I washed her first and then myself. She was the chapter president and her room looked elegant but not really girly. I laid her down and caressed her body before bending to lick and then suck on her nipples.

She groaned and shivered and I kept feeling her before moving down. I pushed her legs wider and licked through her pussy. She shuddered and opened her legs wider for me as I began teasing her clit. I nibbled and sucked as I slipped two fingers into her and began to fuck them up against the spongy spot I knew she would have.

It was barely a couple of minutes before she was howling as she squirted and started shaking. I kept licking her as she screamed, wailed and cried out. She squirt a few more times before I pulled my fingers out of her and moved up her panting body. I kissed her passionately as I pushed into her slippery pussy and started to fuck her.

I was using deep thrusts and it was moments before I hit and began pushing against her cervix. Mara raised her legs and spread them as she thrashed around and squirted, “FUCK... ME!”

She kept convulsing as I fucked her and clung to me as if I was the only thing in the world. I buried my cock to hump, press and grind into her and she screamed as she bucked and jerked. Her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock constantly. The whole time I fucked her, she never stopped cumming.

When I thrust into her slowly and held her as I pumped spurts of cum she stiffened and her pussy clenched around my cock, “OH!”

She shuddered and slumped to the bed unconscious as I finished pumping a few spurts into her. I kissed her and slowly pulled out before laying beside her and caressing her breasts. It was several minutes before she opened her eyes and I leaned over to kiss her, “Can we do it again?”

She looked at me and shuddered as she groaned. She turned and caressed my chest, “You own us for the semester stud.”

I gave her a soft kiss and caressed her hip, “want a standing date?”

She grinned, “Okay, when?”

I smiled, “Saturday?”

She gave me another kiss, “deal.”

I slipped off the bed, “I’m going to find Van and fuck her again.”

She laughed, “enjoy her stud.”

I slipped out of bed and walked out and went looking for my sister. I found her in the large common room talking to Tracy. I slipped up behind her and put my arms around her waist, “Hey Van.”

She started and then grinned as she turned in my arms, “Hey house stud.”

I kissed her softly and looked at the other girl, “Did the other guys get through all the pledges?”

They laughed and Van glanced at the other girl, “You remember Tracy, her brother has only gotten through half the house.”

I smiled at Tracy, “I remember her.”

I smiled at Van, “Mara said I could start over so can we...”

She laughed and shook me, “you are a horny guy.”

I grinned, “well it was the only way to fuck you again.”

Tracy laughed as Van kissed me softly. She looked at Tracy, “I’ll be back.”

I grinned, “after I finish with her in an hour, it is your turn again.”

Tracy grinned, “that sounds promising.”

I let Van pull me through the house and up to a room. She closed the door before coming back into my arms, “you were great Author.”

I held her hips and kissed her softly before turning to pull her to the single bed. She laughed as she laid back, “I’m afraid I’m a little cummy.”

I moved between her legs and slowly pushed into her. I sank all the way to press against the back of her pussy as I kissed her and she moaned. I fucked her nice and slow as I continued to kiss her and press my body against hers. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and jerking as her slimy pussy spasmed and clenched around my cock.

It was a long time before I pushed into her a little deeper and began to pump spurts of cum. Van grunted and tilted her hips as I spewed several times and then I just held her as my cock throbbed. My sister sighed and hugged me, “I love you Author.”

I kissed her softly, “I love you too.”

I pulled out of her and she shuddered. I caressed her pelvis, “I’m going to be here every afternoon.”

She grinned, “And every weekend?”

I grinned and kissed her before climbing out of bed, “yes.”

I was very tired when Van drove me home. The house was dark but mom’s car was in the drive. I kissed Van and watched her leave before going into the house. I set my alarm before stripping and tossing my clothes into the hamper. I thought about the deal with mom and smiled as I headed towards her door with a new hard cock.

I quietly opened her door and glanced at her bed to see her sleeping on top of the sheets. She was naked which made me grin as I went in and closed the door. I went around and slipped onto the bed behind her. I reached between her legs and started to rub and finger her pussy. It wasn’t long before she shuddered and moaned as she pushed back.

I rolled her onto her back and she turned her head as I moved over her and pushed her legs open. I kissed her as she smiled and put her arms around me, “How did it go?”

I wiggled and pushed and slid into her before starting to fuck her wonderful pussy, “I did them all.”

She grinned and shook me before lifting her legs and wrapping them around my waist. I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and thrusting up. Her warm slippery pussy squeezed and milked my cock as I continued to fuck her. She finally moaned and clutched me as her pussy clenched around my cock, “AUTHOR!”

I kissed her passionately and fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes. When I slowed she was bucking and thrashing around as she howled and convulsed. I kept kissing her as she wiggled and squirmed, her pussy spasmed and rippled as it milked my cock. I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts and mom began to shake as she wrapped her legs around me, “BABY!”

I grinned as I kissed her and started fucking her with long strokes as I tried to cum. I ignored her as she screamed, wailed and howled. She hugged me tight as her slippery pussy squeezed my cock and finally a few minutes later I buried my cock. Mom jerked and gasped before I kissed her and began to spurt smaller jets of cum.

She shuddered and moaned as I kept pumping small spurts. When I stopped cumming she groaned and slowly relaxed. I pulled out of her and caressed her naked body as I lay beside her. She grinned and turned to put her head on my shoulder. I woke to her shaking me, “your alarm is going off in your room.”

I gave her a soft kiss before climbing out of bed. I went to my room to shut the alarm off and then went to shower. School just seemed different and I had to shake my head at the games the girls played. When I got home the first thing I did was change and leave a note for mom. I used my scooter to drive across the city and locked it up outside my sister’s sorority house.

I walked in the open front door and headed to the common room. A couple of the girls looked up when I came in and I smiled, “hi ladies, still sore?”

They grinned and one put her book down, “as a matter of fact my pussy still tingles.”

I grinned as I sat beside her and pulled my pack off, “want help fixing the problem?”

She laughed as the other girl snickered, “perhaps later.”

I leaned back as I pulled out my homework, “is Mara or my sister here?”

They shook their heads and I started reading. I looked up when a woman cleared her throat, “guys aren’t allowed in here without invitations.”

I grinned as I looked at her and realized she hadn’t been here over the weekend, “that isn’t completely true. Who are you?”

She looked from me to several girls that were giggling, “This used to be my house and it is true, guys aren’t allowed.”

I set my book aside before standing, “well, my wager with Mara and the sorority was that if I could go through the whole sorority before the weekend was over it, all the girls would be mine for the whole semester.”

She blinked and looked at the other girls that were nodding. She grinned, “and you did everyone?”

I shrugged, “yeah, but I did a couple twice before I had to leave.”

She looked me up and down, “like a rabbit?”

I laughed and looked around as the other girls kept giggling. I started undressing and she hesitated before following me. I sat her down on the couch and knelt between her legs. I leaned in to smell perfume on her pussy before I began to lick through it, she shuddered and sighed as she relaxed. I licked and pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her inner lips.

I started teasing her clit and sucking as I slipped two fingers into her. I fucked up into the soft spongy spot as I kept using my tongue on her clit. It was a couple of minutes before she was struggling and screaming. She arched her back and howled as she squirted and convulsed. I grinned as I straightened and moved closer.

I pushed all the way into her slippery pussy and she wailed and wrapped her legs around me, “aaahhhh!”

I fucked her slowly with deep strokes and it was a couple of minutes before I was pushing her cervix open. She wailed and started kicking in the air as she tossed her head and her pussy milked my cock, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I continued to fuck her but changed to hard and fast for a couple of minutes. I slowed and buried my cock before humping, pressing and jabbing. She was bucking and thrashing around as she kept squirting and screaming and Van was suddenly rubbing my shoulder, “finished her little brother.”

I grinned back at her and bent to kiss the spasming woman before fucking her with deep, firm thrusts. A few minutes later I pushed into her completely and began to pee cum. Her eyes went wide as she looked at me and her pussy clamped down around my cock, “HOLY SHIT!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done and shuddered before rubbing her clit and pulling out. She slumped down on the couch panting and I grinned as Mara sat beside her, “I see you met our stud.”

The room broke out laughing as the woman grinned, “yeah, he taught me a lesson too.”

I turned to Van, “busy?”

She laughed, “still horny?”

I grinned, “well...”

Everyone laughed again as Mara stood, “I’ll take him to my room.”

I reached out to caress her hip, “do you have home work?”

She grinned, “no.”

I turned to grab my clothes and homework, “I hope your birth control still works.”

She grinned as she led the way towards the stairs, “keep trying stud.”

After opening her door she held it as I walked in. I set my stuff to the side as she closed the door and turned her and undressed her. I caressed her hips, “Can I lick you again?”

She laughed as she pushed me back and crawled onto her bed and laid back, “dinner time.”

I grinned as I moved onto the bed and between her legs, “desert.”

I opened her pussy and licked through it before starting to nibble on her inner lips and pushing my tongue into her. I went back and forth, teasing her clit and sucking to licking her and pushing my tongue into her. It was a few minutes before she shuddered hard and spasmed as she lifted her hips and cried out, “aaaahhhh!”

I licked through her pussy as she jerked and finally stopped and moved up. I kissed her as I settled between her legs, “want to be on top?”

She grinned and hugged me before pushing and turning me until she was straddling me. She lifted and positioned my cock before wiggling and pushing to get it into her. I caressed her hips as my cock pushed into her warm, velvety pussy and it grasped and squeezed. I cupped her breasts as she sat up and started to rock.

Mara shuddered and groaned as her pussy kept trying to milk my cock. I kneaded her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “thanks Mara, I really love your pussy.”

She laughed and wiggled before laying on me to protect her nipples, “do you tell all of us that?”

I caressed her hips and sides, “No. Van is nice and I know she loves me so it is special with her. With the others it is just sex, with you it feels different.”

She smiled and wiggled before sitting up, “I’m still going to have you fuck the others.”

I grinned, “so I don’t wear you out?”

Mara grinned as she began to thrust back and forth. It wasn’t long before my cock was rubbing and pushing her cervix open. She became erratic and started to jerk and spasm as her pussy rippled and grasped at my cock. A few minutes and she was convulsing as she wailed, “FUCK!”

I shuddered and pulled her down before shifting and rolling. I fucked her with deep thrusts as she lifted her legs and screamed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

A couple of minutes of that and I buried my cock to pee and gush cum through her cervix. Mara clutched me and kept shaking as I pumped and spewed and flooded her with warm sperm. When I was done I kissed her as she kept shuddering and moaning. I pulled out but stayed between her legs until she sighed and hugged me.

I kissed her and moved to the side, “feel better?”

She laughed and turned to kiss me before sliding off the bed, “actually I feel relaxed.”

I smiled and followed her off the bed and caught her hand. She frowned but I only pulled her back and kissed her before turning as I let her go, “I have homework.”

She shook me and laughed before pressing against me, “you going to fuck someone else?”

I smiled as I grabbed my clothes and homework, “I thought I might catch Van before heading home.”

Mara giggled, “sperm her good.”

I grinned and looked at the trail of leaking cum on her thigh, “I will.”

I did and have many times since then, I slept with and fucked mom every weeknight until I graduated college. Of course by then Mara was living with us as my wife so mom had to share after that. Van comes over two or three times a week for her fix as Mara calls it. I still see and write to a lot of the sorority women and they have my picture on their wall as their sorority stud.
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