I was seventeen when I went into the army, fresh out of high school and stars in my eyes. My dad had run off with his secretary so it was just mom and I. Of course she had a boyfriend so I thought she would be okay.

I did two back to back tours of duty in Iraq, it was during the second that I met Harry. He was from the hills in West Virginia. I had learned about the stock market on my first tour and was already rich. What was the one thing all males talk about? Sex, Harry was always talking about his sisters or his wife the fuck pig as he called her.

Two months before the end of my tour we were on patrol. It was hit by a large group of insurgents and the hummer we were in took a rocket in the engine. Everything was chaos as I fell out the door. I started covering for the others from a wall and then noticed Harry was still in the burning vehicle. I ignored the enemy firing at me and rushed back to the burning hummer.

Harry was hit with shrapnel and was bleeding bad as I pulled him out. I grabbed the back of his equipment and started back to the cover I had been in. I was firing almost blindly until I had Harry behind the wall. As soon as we were safe, I started putting pressure bandages on him. We lost two men in that ambush but the back up teams came in to save us.

Harry was headed state side with wounds to his head, neck and both legs. It was only a couple of weeks before he sent me a letter. He was being discharged and heading back to his fuck pig. I had grinned at that and sent a short letter that ended with, “I’ve been saving up, do you know of one or two fuck pigs that would have mercy on me?”

The reply came two weeks later, “My two younger sisters are fuck pigs and just need someone to put his leash on them.”

I grinned at his hillbilly attitude and wrote back, “Did you break them in for me?”

It was another two weeks before he sent a reply, “Since they were old enough to bleed dad has kept them busy but he’s getting old now.”

I was processing out, headed back to the states to start my terminal leave but sent him my home address. When I got home my mom greeted me with a tight hug. I knew something was wrong when I walked into the house. Her boyfriend was sitting on the couch and only glanced back at mom, “You’re late bitch, get me a beer.”

That was the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. I dropped my bag as mom started moving towards the kitchen. I reached over the couch and grabbed the asshole around the throat. While he struggled I pulled him over the couch and spun him. I slammed him against the wall while holding his throat, “Leave and don’t come back! If I ever see you again I will break your arms!”

I shoved him towards the door and he looked at me with wide eyes, “You can’t…”

I took one step and he turned and ran out of the house. I got the whole story from mom while she boxed up his stuff and I set it out on the lawn. Almost from the moment I left he had just moved in and changed into a cruel asshole. Mom was still working as an accountant and I started taking her to work and bringing her home.

The first day her boyfriend was waiting until I got out of my car and then he took off quickly. It was a week before I answered the doorbell to see two girls. They looked thirteen or fourteen and were obviously sisters. The older one smiled as I opened the door, “Allen?”

I looked at them, “Yes?”

She grinned, “We’re Harry’s sisters.”

She held out this letter and I took it before letting them into the house. That was when I noticed the suitcases. I gestured to the living room as mom came out of the kitchen. While they went to sit down, I opened the letter.

It was from Harry, “Allen, I know you were only joking. You saved my life and I can never repay that. I hate to ask you for the favor of taking care of my sisters but Lisa and Honey were my dad’s fuck pigs. They are ready for their own man and dad has his hands full with my cousin so I thought of you. Please take them or I will have to give them to an asshole cousin.”

Mom was reading over my shoulder and looked at me, “Fuck pig?”

I sighed, “It’s kind of vulgar. In the hills where Harry lives the girls and women are like breeding stock. At least that was what Harry said. It was like a joke but I guess the joke is on me.”

Mom had a thoughtful look as she looked at the girls, “What are you going to do?”

I looked at the two girls sitting together and sighed, “What can I do?”

Mom grinned, “Girls?”

I looked at her and she gestured for the girls to follow her. I watched as mom led them into the hall and into her room. I shook my head and went into the kitchen to start dinner. It was thirty minutes later that I got a shock. I turned as I heard them come into the room behind me. Mom and both girls were naked and she smiled, “They explained that a fuck pig isn’t allowed to wear clothes in the house.”

I looked at her naked body as my cock throbbed almost painfully, “And you’re naked because…”

Mom grinned, “Your father left. That means I belong to you.”

I blinked and the older girl smiled, “You’re hard. Do you want to fuck one of us?”

Mom laughed as she walked closer and kissed my cheek, “Fuck them both, I can wait.”

She pushed me towards the two girls and before I could say anything I was being pulled down the hall and into my room. They both stripped me and scramble onto the bed. I hesitated and then walked to the bed and reached down to feel both their pussies, “Which of you was the last one that had sex?”

Honey sighed, “Me.”

Lisa grinned and pulled me to her and stroked my hard cock. I pushed her away and she looked up quickly. I walked around the bed and laid back and looked at Lisa, “Now fuck me.”

She grinned and straddled my waist and lifted my cock to slowly sit on it. Her tight pussy felt warm and slippery as my cock pushed all the way to the back of her hole. I reached for Honey and pulled her up and turned her before making her straddle my head. I pulled her hips down as she spread her legs and licked through her tender pussy.

While she shivered, Lisa began rocking on me and fucking me with her tight pussy. She was moaning as her pussy contracted around my cock. It wasn’t long before I felt her shake. Honey was thrusting her hips back and forth as I shoved my tongue into her. She was jerking and twitching as her pussy was jerked down onto my face several times.

Lisa suddenly buried my cock inside her and stopped moving, “OH!”

I felt her wet me as her pussy squeezed my cock and then she was convulsing as Honey jerked herself off my face and onto the bed beside us. I reached for Lisa and pulled her down before rolling and shoving into her as my cock erupted and spewed huge gushes of cum. I grunted as I pressed against her cervix and pumped my sperm straight through into her womb.

I must have shot seven or eight loads before I stopped. I smiled as she shuddered and kissed her before pulling out. I looked at Honey and she was lying on her stomach. I grinned and moved over her and lifted her butt before pushing into her pussy. She giggled, “Already?”

I smiled, “I have to break my lovers in.”

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “fuck pig.”

Lisa snuggled against Honey as I slowly fucked her. It wasn’t long before Honey was making little grunting noises as her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. I was using long thrusts that completely buried my cock in her wonderful pussy. After almost ten minutes I shuddered and pushed into her hard and held her hips as I began spurting into her as she jerked and spasmed.

I finished cumming and slowly pulled out and reached down to squeeze her erect clit. Honey jerked violently and dropped to the bed shaking. I smiled at her and Lisa, “My lovers.”

Lisa grinned, “Fuck pig.”

I shook my head and moved off the bed, “Alright fuck pigs for now.”

I helped them off the bed and led them back to the kitchen where mom was humming cheerfully as she cooked dinner. I sat and Honey and Lisa went to mom, my mouth dropped open when she absently pushed fingers into Honey and licked the cum off. Lisa pushed a couple of fingers into her leaking pussy and held them out to mom.

She licked her fingers clean while Honey giggled. Lisa and Honey started helping mom and my eyes went to mom’s bare butt. My cock was still hard and I stood and walked up behind her. I pushed and bent her over the counter before reaching down to rub through her wet pussy. I shifted and slowly pushed into her warm cunt.

I held her hips as I began thrusting into her with long, slow thrusts. She was shaking and her pussy seemed to grip my cock each time I pulled back. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She thrust back onto my cock hard and yelled, “Yes!”

I smiled and held her hips tight as I began fucking her hard and fast. Mom grunted and shuddered hard, “ooohhhhh!”

I buried my cock and pulled her body up to cup her breasts. She kept shuddering and pushing her butt back as she turned her head for a kiss. I pulled out of her and turned her before lifting her to the edge of the counter. I moved between her legs and pushed back into her slippery pussy and she groaned.

I fucked up into her not able to go deep but she started shaking as her pussy contracted, “Baby!”

I groaned at the wonderful feeling and pulled her off the counter to be fully impaled on my cock. She wrapped her legs around my waist and screamed as her pussy spasmed, “FUCK!”

I turned and walked to the table before setting her down and laying her back. I held her waist and started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts and she lifted her legs straight up, “YES, FUCK ME!”

I continued to fuck her only a little harder. She was thrashing around and jerking as her warm pussy milked and squeezed my cock. A couple more minutes and I thrust into her and pressed against her womb as my cock throbbed. That was when I thought about birth control and getting mom pregnant.

I groaned as I began pumping huge gushing streams of cum into my her. She howled as she felt the warm flood of sperm and spasmed violently, “bbbbaaaabbbbyyyy!”

I shuddered and grunted as I unloaded what had to be a torrent of cum. When I stopped, her eyes were rolled up and she was only twitching. I pulled out of her and gently placed her feet on a chair. Honey came to caress her as I turned to help Lisa finish cooking dinner. Mom was smiling all through dinner and kept reaching between her legs to wipe the cum leaking out of her.

After dinner I was going to cleanup when Lisa and Honey pushed me towards the other room. I grinned and left to sit on the couch to think. I pulled my laptop from the side table and went to a realty site in West Virginia. Honey walked in and sat beside me before leaning against me to look at the screen, “That’s back home.”

I rubbed one of her nipples before nodding to the screen as I brought up a six bedroom one story house in the country, “What do you think? We could raise a whole litter of children.”

She grinned and moved my laptop, “You would have to share us back home.”

I looked down at her pussy and lifted her and positioned my cock. I shivered as her tight pussy slowly slid down onto my cock. I held her as her pussy squeezed me, “isn’t that what you want?”

Honey shuddered and leaned back against me, “With dad we only did it a little with family.”

I reached around her to gently rub her clit with one hand, “I only share when I know you are safe or pregnant.”

She groaned and spasmed as her pussy rippled around my cock. She rocked back and forth and turned her head to kiss me, “Your mom too.”

I used my other hand to cup her breast and rub the nipple, “She made the choice already.”

Mom and Lisa came to sit in front of us and Honey spasmed, “Fuck!”

I turned with her still impaled until she was on her hands and knees and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She shuddered and kept thrusting back as my cock began pushing her cervix open. I looked at mom as her pussy squeezed my cock and she got wetter, “Ready to move to the hills and be a fuck pig mom? Honey said her family would have to fuck you.”

Lisa was nodding as mom grinned and rubbed her pussy, “okay.”

I thrust into Honey and held her hips back as I began pumping and spewing cum. She jerked and held still as I bred her and then sighed when I pulled out. I sat back down and Lisa and mom moved closer to lick my cummy cock. I caressed mom’s face, “I would have to breed you too. You only get to be used if you are pregnant or safe from getting pregnant.”

Mom grinned, “I’ll throw my pills away for now.”

I took a trip to see the big house before I put money down. Mom quit her job and we put the house up for sale. A month later I packed us up and we moved into our new home. Mom, Lisa and Honey were pregnant and seemed to glow. It didn’t take long to put things away and unpack. Four of the six bedrooms were empty with one of the other two as a guest bedroom.

It was evening and I was heading to the front room when someone knocked. I walked to the door and opened it to see Harry and grinned as I hugged him, “HARRY!”

I pulled back as he grinned and looked him up and down, “It looks like they patched you up okay.”

He nodded and turned to a pregnant girl about sixteen, “Allen this is my fuck pig, Gloria.”

I smiled and stepped back, “come in.”

Lisa and Honey came running to hug Harry and mom put her arm around my waist. I looked at mom when Harry looked at me, “this is my mom, Helen. She’s one of my fuck pigs.”

Harry grinned and stopped by mom with Lisa and Honey going to Gloria. He cupped her breasts and looked at me, “can I use her after we catch up?”

She was blushing and I looked at her before squeezing her, “Sure.”

She grinned and then laughed as I led Harry into the front room. Mom, Lisa and Honey disappeared with Gloria as we talked. Harry was doing okay, he had followed some of my advice and made money. He and his wife, (who was also a cousin) lived on the family farm. With his medical retirement and the dividends from the stocks he bought, he was living more than comfortably.

He finally grinned, “How do you like my sisters? They wrote and said you are better than all the family.”

I grinned, “They are horny little girls and we love to fuck them.”

Harry laughed and looked around, “Gloria!”

I raised an eyebrow and he smiled, “fuck her and I’ll do Helen.”

I glanced back as the women came in naked and gestured, “You’re wanted mom.”

She grinned as she walked to Harry, “I’ll take care of him with Lisa honey.”

Gloria knelt between my legs as mom pulled Harry up and led him towards the guest bedroom. Honey knelt beside Gloria, “We are clean Allen.”

I stood and held my hands out, “the bedroom.”

Honey grinned and grabbed my hand before pulling me after her. I pulled Gloria after me and she had a big grin on her face. Honey turned at our bed and began undressing me as Gloria helped her. I waited until they were done and helped Gloria onto the bed before kissing Honey and sending her around to the other side. I moved onto the bed and between Gloria’s legs.

I opened her pussy and licked through it as she sighed, she was slightly musky but tasted good. I pushed my tongue into her before starting to nibble on her inner lips. I covered her clit and teased it for a minute before sucking and nibbling. She jerked and shuddered as her hips lifted and she moaned. It was several minutes before she spasmed and jerked erratically.

I moved up her body to kiss her before pushing into her tight pussy. She groaned and hugged me as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her nice and deep. Honey moved closer and rubbed my back as she wormed in to kiss Gloria. I was careful to not push to far as I kept fucking her.

My cock was hitting her cervix each time I buried it and it was several minutes before Gloria began to wail and convulse. Honey kept kissing her as I continued to fuck her. I took my time as she constantly jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy squeezed and milked my cock. It was awhile before I carefully buried my cock and kissed her as I began to pump thick spurts of cum.

She jerked and shook as each warm spurt erupted inside her and clung to me. When I stopped cumming she sighed and then grinned at Honey. I pulled out and pushed Honey onto her back before moving down. She laughed as I pushed her legs open and licked through her pussy. I teased her clit for a few minutes before bitting it gently.

Honey jerked and shook almost violently as she screamed and twisted away. I grinned and moved up to kiss her before pushing into her tight pussy. I carefully rolled over and hugged her, “okay lover fuck me.”

She grinned and shook me, “Fuck pig.”

She sat up and started rocking as Gloria sat up beside her. Honey twisted and wiggled and rolled her hips like mom had taught her and her pussy was constantly spasming and rippling around my cock. I tugged on her nipples, “just rock.”

She laughed and bent to kiss me before doing as I told her. Gloria grinned, “The other way looked fun.”

Honey grinned, “You have to keep squeezing his cock to, it makes him cum faster.”

I laughed and pulled her down before rolling, “witch.”

She grinned as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I started fucking her. I was careful like with Gloria but both Lisa and Honey loved feeling my cock pushing against their cervix. I kissed her as I fucked her with deep strokes and she began to wail and cry out. She thrashed around and bucked as she kept thrusting up for my cock.

When I came she hugged me as her pussy tightened and she shuddered. I pumped and spurted and gushed and finally stopped. Gloria was grinning, “he’s a good breeder.”

Honey laughed as I kissed her and pulled out before moving off the bed. I left them in bed as I dressed and went to the kitchen. I smiled when I saw Harry looking tired and exhausted, “They wear you out country boy?”

He grinned, “Your mom sure can fuck and she taught Lisa.”

Mom and Lisa both laughed and mom came to kiss me. She had an excited look about her and Lisa kept grinning. Honey and Gloria came in to join us and I talked with Harry to catch up. It was an hour before I stood, “Why don’t you spend the night and we can talk tomorrow? I’ll go to the store and we can have a barbecue.”

He grinned as he stood, “That sounds good.”

I nodded to Honey, “Why don’t you take Honey to bed, she and Gloria should keep you warm tonight.”

He grinned as Honey reached out to grab his hand. Mom and Lisa both fucked me hard before letting me sleep. I was up early and stretching when Harry came out. He grinned as he started stretching too, “you run still?”

I nodded and his grin widened, “They think I’m crazy to run but it helped my legs get back into shape.”

I smiled and we were silent as we began exercising. I let Harry set the pace when we ran and just breathed in the country air. When we got back to the house mom and the girls were up. Gloria came to pull Harry away as soon as we walked in. Mom grinned as she kissed me, “She was worried he would over do it.”

I smiled, “I watched him and he was doing okay.”

Honey took my hand, “I get to wash you this morning.”

I grinned, “After I bend you over the bed and fuck you.”

Mom and Lisa laughed because they knew I was always horny after I did my exercises and ran. Honey grinned as she pulled me back to the bedroom, “We called dad and invited him over for the barbecue.”

I bent her over the side of the bed as I stripped. She wiggled her butt at me and I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before pushing in. She groaned and shivered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I fucked her nice and deep and after a couple of minutes she started quivering and shuddering. I rubbed her asshole and pushed a thumb in slightly.

Honey jerked and thrust back as her pussy clenched around my cock. She cried out and kept shaking as I pushed her down onto the bed and held her hips as I fucked her hard. She wailed and howled as I kept fucking her and started bucking and twisting around. I pushed my thumb into her ass and held her with it as she convulsed and jerked.

It was another couple of minutes before I thrust into her and held her as I began to spurt and spew. She shuddered and sighed as warm cum flooding her belly. After eight huge jets of cum I finished and slowly pulled out, “okay lover, time to shower.”

Honey shivered and grinned as she slipped off the bed and turned to reach for my hand, “Fuck pig.”

I let her pull me into the shower and wash me before I did her. When I got out, I dressed as they went to get Gloria and I went out to find Harry. We went to get the stuff for the barbeque and returned to find an old truck in front of the house. I glanced at Harry and he grinned, “Pa.”

I nodded and we carried everything into the house. The man that turned from hugging Honey and Lisa looked like Harry but a lot older. I smiled and let mom and Gloria take the bags of food, “Welcome.”

He turned and grinned, “You would be Allen, Harry’s friend.”

He held out his hand and we shook. I glanced at Harry and he grinned, “Where is Emma?”

His pa grinned, “In the bathroom.”

An older version of Lisa and Honey walked out and I grinned. She looked maybe twenty and walked into Harry’s arms to kiss him. He looked at me, “Pa’s fuck pig and my cousin Emma.”

I smiled, “Welcome.”

Mom put her arm around my waist, “His father was just saying she doesn’t get used enough and needs someone to breed her.”

Harry grinned at his pa, “getting old pa?”

He laughed, “A little.”

Emma looked at me and grinned before whispering to Harry. He grinned, “Your fuck pig wants Allen to breed her pa.”

He looked at me before nodding, “I think she is right.”

He looked at Harry, “Unless you want to do it?”

Harry smiled, “maybe next time. I was thinking of asking Allen to let me breed his ma next time.”

Mom straightened and looked at me as I looked at her, “want Harry to breed you next time mom?”

She grinned as she looked at Harry and rubbed her tummy, “As long as I get a break after this one.”

Gloria laughed, “same here.”

Harry hugged her before letting her go, “we need to start the grill.”

I nodded and we went out back to the large brick barbeque. Lisa and Honey came out to hand cold beers out and went back in. George, Harry’s dad sighed after taking a drink of beer and looked at Harry, “you know I’m getting on in years. Last month was my seventieth birthday.”

Harry sipped his beer and I stayed quiet. George looked at Harry, “out of all my children that lived you are the only one to come back and want to stay.”

He looked at the door and Emma standing looking out, “I’m dying Harry, it might not be today or tomorrow but it ain’t far off.”

He smiled, “You try to hide it but you and Gloria have a closeness. She doesn’t mind if you do another fuck pig but she don’t want you bringing another one into her house.”

Harry glanced at the door and frowned, “what you saying pa?”

George looked at me, “your friend here. He seems like a good man.”

Harry grinned at me, “for a city fella.”

His pa grinned, “yes.”

George looked at his son, “I’ll be giving Emma to him. It’s that or your cousin Peter and he is a pig.”

Harry looked at me and bit his lip as I turned to look at the house thinking of mom, Lisa and Honey. He patted my shoulder, “Please Allen?”

I sighed, “you are a pain in the ass you know that?”

He grinned as his father snorted, “yeah and you are a sucker.”

I laughed and finally nodded, “let me go tell my... fuck pigs.”

I went into the house and took Emma’s hand, “You know what we were talking about?”

She nodded and I turned her to mom and the others, “George wants me to take Emma.”

Mom opened her mouth but Lisa beat her to it, “YES! Dad is just to old. I love him but Emma deserves a man.”

Honey was nodding, “Allen is our stud and has more than enough for all of us.”

Mom looked at them and I pushed Emma towards her, “talk to each other and just so my lovers know, plan on regular trips to visit your father in case he needs to drain something.”

Lisa and Honey grinned and spoke together, “fuck pigs.”

I smiled and looked at mom and spoke softly, “want to take a walk?”

She blushed for the first time in weeks, “sure.”

I held her hand as we went out the front door and started walking. It was awhile before I looked at her, “Are you still sure about this mom?”

She smiled and squeezed my hand, “I like your friend. He pretends to be rougher but he is a sweet man.”

I laughed, “don’t tell him that.”

Mom grinned and turned to embrace me, “The girls are right, you are a stud. You have enough for another woman and I’m not talking about sex.”

I hugged her, “I think Emma is more worried about George and that was why she was with him.”

Mom smiled, “she acts more like his daughter.”

I grinned, “she might be.”

She laughed and kissed me, “Lets go back before Honey and Lisa burn the food.”

I took her hand, “you didn’t even blush when we walked out the front door.”

Mom grinned and pressed against me, “our neighbor is a mile away, who would see?”

Dinner was nice, we sat out back on the porch and watched the sunset. George sighed when he stood and Emma hugged him for a long time. He caressed her face, “I’ll bring your things tomorrow.”

She cried and hugged him before he finally left and mom, Lisa, Honey and Gloria pulled her into the bedroom. Harry didn’t say anything and neither did I, we went back in after watching his father leave. Harry sighed, “I need to get home too.”

I looked at him and he smiled, “I have to pull the weeds out of my garden and make sure my cousins haven’t tried to steal everything.”

It wasn’t long before he and Gloria were gone. I helped clean up and Lisa and Honey pulled me away. Mom had already left with Emma and I found them in bed. I pushed the girls to the bed before undressing. Mom was holding Emma and laid her back as I sat on the bed. Emma smiled and spread her legs as I moved over her and settled between her legs.

I kissed her softly and as she lifted her hips and pressed against me. I smiled and started kissing down her body while Lisa and Honey giggled and mom laughed, “I told you.”

I sucked on her pretty nipples before moving down. I opened her freshly trimmed pussy and licked through it before starting to nibble and push my tongue into her. Emma shuddered and lifted her hips as I kept licking and began to tease her and wiggle my tongue on and against her clit. It was several minutes before she was shaking and jerking.

She finally screamed and twisted away, “aaaahhhh!”

I pushed her onto her back as I moved up her body. She shuddered and reached between us almost desperately, “please!”

I lifted and pushed and thrust into her and kissed her as I began to fuck deeper. Her pussy was almost hot and velvety as it grasped and squeezed my cock. It was a minute before it was hitting her cervix and she howled as she began to buck and thrash around. She squirted and lifted her legs before spreading them, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I kept fucking her with deep strokes as she wiggled and squirmed while thrusting up onto my cock. I pushed into her and buried my cock as I kissed her again and began to hump, press and grind. Emma arched her back as her pussy spasmed and she wailed, “ooooohhhhhh!”

Mom started rubbing my back, “harder baby.”

I shivered as I pulled back and started to fuck Emma with long, deep thrusts. I was hitting and pushing her cervix open each time I slid into her. It was another few minutes of her thrashing and bucking before I buried my cock and held her as my balls churned and my cock throbbed. A moment later I was gushing strongly through into her womb.

Emma tilted her hips and lifted them as she clutched me, “YES!”

Her hot pussy squeezed and milked the cum into her as I kept spurting. When I stopped cumming she groaned and dropped to the bed, “man was that good.”

She sounded different and I looked at her and she smiled, “I pretended for pa.”

I smiled, “not uncle?”

She shook her head, “ma told me.”

I kissed her and pulled out before laying beside her, “but you are back in the hills.”

She grinned as she looked at mom, Lisa and Honey, “school was fun but I like this.”

I cupped a breast, “Lisa and Honey are going to get a good education if I have to spank them everyday.”

She shivered and grinned before turning to move over mom and towards Honey, “I’ll help. A girl needs a good education to help her man, even if he isn’t supposed to know.”

I laughed as I pulled my grinning mother closer and kissed her before moving between her legs. I kissed her again as I pushed into her and began to fuck slowly. Two years later Harry got mom pregnant at the same time I got his Gloria pregnant. He has his own farm now and is doing extremely well.

Lisa and Honey got pregnant a second time and had the babies before they started college. Emma has gotten pregnant three times and has been managing our money which has only increased. Besides Harry and his dad who mom, Emma, Honey and Lisa took turns fucking, there have been a few cousins. George lived another three years before dying in his sleep.
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