A reader brought it to my attention that something was missing
Believe me when I say that snorting Jack Daniels up your nose and choking should be firmly placed in the 'Things NOT To Do' category. Both Grand-dad and I were on the verge of sipping our whiskeys when Nana made her last comment, and the totally unexpected comment caused both of us to attempt to howl with laughter while swallowing our Jack Daniels. NOT RECOMMENDED.

After a few minutes to settle down again, Mum took over her part of this bizarre family discussion.

“Johnny, my lovely young man. For this all to make sense you need to realise that although I was never a lonely person, most of the time I actually preferred to be alone. I had school friends, mostly girls from my classes or gymnastics club, but my life revolved around the love provided by my Mummy and Daddy. Even when I was very young and childish, Mum and Dad spared the time to let me know that I was a wanted and adored member of the family. My opinion was given value, and I never felt the need to rebel against parental restrictions. If I did something wrong, the wrongdoing was explained in an adult manner, face to face and quietly, and if disappointment showed on their faces, it hurt me as much as if I had been beaten, which I might add, I never was. When I was still twelve years old Daddy decided to leave his company and buy this farm from his invested money.

From the moment I was told that we were going to live on a farm, I was almost frantic with delight. When I asked Daddy if I would be able to have a puppy and a pony and he said he saw no reason why not if I was prepared to help out on the farm with chores, I nearly died with excitement. From the day we arrived, I felt that I had found my paradise and I would never, ever want to leave. No man on earth could ever be as handsome as my slim, six foot daddy, and I only dreamed that one day I would grow into a beautiful lady like my very best friend in the whole wide world, my mother. Add in the fact that I had my own big bedroom with it's own shower and I was sure I was in heaven.

When I was little, our house was reasonably private and family nudity was the norm. Many times, Mummy, Daddy and I would climb into the big clawfoot bath, or I would climb into bed with them if I was feeling a bit left out or a storm was brewing. Thunder and lightning was a perfect excuse for me to squeeze in between my loving parents. There was nothing sexual about our activities, and the fact that sometimes Daddy had a long thick prong between his legs, was just one of the differences between Mummies and Daddies.

About a year after we arrived at the farm, things changed. I was out riding my pony, Honey
and I returned to the farmhouse by way of the back of the haybarn. I knew Daddy was working at the barn, but, unknown to me Mummy had brought out some afternoon tea and maybe was feeling a little horny.

“Hey Hubby,” she called out. “Where are you Stud-muffin. Smoko break.”

I quietly tied Honey to a plough beside the barn, and sneaked up to the loft to see what was going on. I saw Daddy creeping up behind Mummy and slipping his arms under hers and he grabbed her by her breasts. He nuzzled down between her head and shoulders and blew a raspberry on her neck. Mummy jumped in excitement and squirmed around to face Daddy and tried to climb up his lean frame for a kiss. Daddy lifted her up with his hands under her cute little bottom.

“Ooohh Little One,” he moaned, “ Your sweet lips and sexy tits put my soul at peace, but makes another part of me want another sort of piece. A piece of your tight little pussy.”

Daddy kissed Mummy and his hands started to undo her blouse, as she reached for his belt buckle and trouser fastenings. In seconds Mummy was naked and Daddy was pulling his shirt over his head. I quietly gasped as I saw Daddy's hard thick eight inch pole sticking up from the bottom of his belly. My little boobs tingled, and the feelings seemed to rush down to my
tight little virgin pussy. Meanwhile my mother had Daddy's pole in her mouth and was apparently slobbering over it.

“Please Stud-muffin, put it in now. I need that fat prick in my juicy little pussy. I need your cock.”

Daddy laid Mummy back on a hay bale, moved between her legs, rubbed his hard man thing against her pussy and eased the purple-headed throbbing missile into her.

“Ohhh Jesus, Arthur, You're so fucking big and hard. Give it to me you bastard. Push it into me, you big Stud.”

“Fuck Little One, You're so tight and wet. I LOVE this,” Daddy moaned as he thrust his hips forward and pushed his big prick into Mummy's welcoming hole.

Their moaning and sexy words were a revelation to me, and I had to pinch one of my nipples and slide my other hand down to my suddenly wet pussy. The feelings mounted in the centre of my little cunny, and I was writhing as hitherto unknown feelings drove me nearly crazy.

Daddy was pounding his great big pole into Mummy and she was almost shouting dirty words as she encouraged him to give her more and more of his solid fuck-stick. Finally Daddy seemed to seize up and just jerk for a few long seconds, before collapsing on Mummy. She screamed into his neck and jerked up and down under Daddy as he was pouring his life making juice into her, then she slumped back as if she was suddenly without any bones to support her. After a few minutes, Daddy lifted his sweaty head and kissed Mummy on the tip of her nose.

“Little One, You are definitely the sexiest, randiest little sex pot in the whole known universe, and you are going to kill me if you want any more in the near future.”

“Stud-Muffin . . . You are my man, and I am definitely going to want more . . . but I'll give you time to rest up before demanding any more action . . . BUT, I've got to admit you are a pretty fair pussy pleaser.”

As Mom and Dad slowly started to drag themselves back together, still kissing and touching, but now with love and not lust, I was overcome with guilt for spying on them, and quietly snuck out of the loft.

I spent the next hour at the stable, taking off Honey's tack and giving her a good curry brushing, talking to my pony as if she could understand me, telling her of the wonderful sights I had witnessed and the feelings that had wracked my thirteen year old virgin body.

When I finally returned to the farm house, Mommy was looking a bit bedraggled, but beautiful, and was preparing dinner. I hugged her and asked what help she needed.

“No Darling, I'm fine. I'm nearly done, but you smell like a certain pony. Maybe you should go and introduce yourself to a shower before dinner.”

“OK Mum, I love you very much, you know. I always will.”

Obviously I was enthralled with this mind bending story, and was mildly disappointed when she turned to me and said,

“Johnny Love, I'm going to stop our story here for tonight, but we can continue tomorrow night if you are interested. Before I met your father, I spent over five years in a loving sexual relationship with your Grand-dad and Nana, my father and mother. Incest is a crime in the eyes of the law, whether any of us want to accept that it should be or not. It is a crime and if anyone found out about us, and reported us, we would be vilified and jailed, quite possibly for a long time. I want you to answer several questions. Firstly, are you disgusted with what you have heard tonight?”

“My sweet beautiful Mummy, I don't believe you think so poorly of me, that anything done by you or to you, consensually, in the name of LOVE would disgust me. I love you and Nana and Grand-dad, and would never betray that love by saying anything that would cause any of you ANY pain or suffering. When I was nine years old, I wrote in my diary that when I grew up, I would marry my beautiful mother and care for her for the rest of her life. When I was twelve and started masturbating, all my fantasies revolved around my beautiful mother, and I must have shot buckets of cum over the years, all while dreaming of your lovely breasts, beautiful face or cute perky little butt. You are and have always been my ultimate fantasy woman.”

I smiled at Marla, my dream woman, my mother, and continued,

“There has, in my entire life, only been one other woman who came close to filling your place in my heart and dreams, and she was unattainable because her love for her husband was so all consuming that I would never have even dreamed of her sexually, and my love for her meant I would never jeopardise her happiness.”

“Wow!” Mom smiled at me, “And who is this other lady that could possibly be a replacement for your beautiful mother?” she simpered.

I leaned towards Mom so that my mouth was close to her ear, blew gently and whispered softly to her, “Your mother.”

Mom pulled back in shock or surprise,

“Whoa, that came out of the blue,” she spluttered, “Really?”

My grandparents were bemused by our little interplay and Grand-dad raised an eyebrow questioningly to my mother.

“Don't worry about it, Daddy. This little snippet of information needs to be considered and researched before our meeting tomorrow night. I suggest I make us all a cup of tea and we
adjourn to our beds, to recommence our meeting at 7.30 tomorrow night.”

I laughed, “ All in favour of the motion, please say Aye.”

A laughing chorus of 'Ayes' rang out and Mom went to make the tea.

Later, after cleaning up the tea cups, I was in the hall passing my mother's bedroom when I noticed that her door was ajar and a light was still on in her bedroom.

“Johnny Darling, Is that you?”

“Yes Mom.”

“Please come into my room. I need some clarification from you.”

I went into my mother's room and sat where she indicated, on the edge of her bed.

“I need the answer to one further question and I want complete honesty. Did you mean everything you said tonight. Everything.”

“Yes Mother.”

“And your feelings for me?”

“Yes Mother. I meant it all.”

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I'm visiting you because of this post that you left under a story by Dark_Wanderer. As Arnold (you know who) said, ''I'll be back.'' There's no point in gigging THIS piece of shit story but, believe me, I'll be watching you, you piece of shit.
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Solid block of text, so I stopped there. I am curious as to what chemical deficiency you are suffering from, that you would fantasize about raping ANYBODY . . . . .See a shrink - you are seriously fucked in the head. NEGATIVE VOTE
What the fuck is with you, Ghostrider939? You're an author and you're putting another author down?? You're a fucking asshole!!

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Sorry ghostrider, enjoying the story but need to see more.

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