From the time I was very young I knew life was hard. People crowded around my family and we made do with what we could. We were like everyone else, poor. My father worked when he could, some times until he was completely exhausted. After I learned to walk, I was taught martial arts as well as several other things.

When I was five, my mom had me start work in an arcade for rich tourist. It was a booth that let them shoot different kinds of weapons. It wasn’t long before I was a very good shot. That was also when I became fascinated with the ancients. Not that anyone really knew who or what they had been. We did have some information, we even had a working vocabulary.

I learned to speak their language and even programmed my comp to listen and respond in their language. When I was twelve, my mom and dad apprenticed me to a mining company as an apprentice pilot. Than war swept through and in a lucky strike on the plant, my family was gone. I earned my certification and received my license when I was sixteen, I was also out of a job.

I got a lucky break when I entered a fight. My martial arts came in handy, I bet on myself to win and not many did since I was young and new. The other fighter was the favorite and had a lot of wins, I won in less than a half a minute. I used the money to buy a slot as a copilot with a mining company. By the time I turned twenty one I had a reputation as a dangerous man.

I had saved and won enough to buy a small prospector ship of my own. On my first trip, I found a rich asteroid in another system and the sale put me way in the black. More, I had passed a point in space a day out where I had found an anomaly. I had been in a wormhole jump so I couldn’t stop.

I was tired of being by myself, I was on Erin and headed to the slave auction. The thing about Erin was that there was no law, well not one they enforced. I stood in a small crowd of men in front of a slightly raised stage. The next slave lot was listed as two girls, fourteen and thirteen and untrained.

The auctioneer pulled the older girl closer to himself and I started, she was beautiful with long platinum hair, green eyes and a lovely body. He cleared his throat, “Who will start the bidding?”

I raised my hand, “Ten thousand.”

The man beside me sneered, “Go back to the slums where you belong boy.”

I don’t know why but that triggered something. I was turning even as he stopped speaking, my left hand was going to the small of my back and the small rail gun I kept there. My right hand twisted and gave a slight jerk and a long slim dagger dropped into my hand as it started coming up.

The man’s two bodyguards started to react but it was to late. The dagger went in under his chin and struck straight through to his brain. My rail pistol came up pointing at the two bodyguards and they froze as I twisted the dagger and their one time boss dropped to the floor dead. The room was quiet as I kept looking at the bodyguards and they turned and walked away.

I knelt and cut the dead mans purse free and pulled a leather wallet out of his shirt. I stood and looked at the auctioneer, “Well?”

He cleared his throat, “Right ten thousand. Anyone else? As you can see she is a lovely girl.”

Another man cleared his throat and looked at me, “Fifty.”

The auctioneer grinned, “Fifty.”

I don’t think the other man liked the way I looked at him because his bodyguard stepped up beside him. I looked at the auctioneer, “sixty.”

He nodded, “Sixty. Anyone else, the offer is sixty. Come gentlemen, look at her. Sixty is the bid.”

I was watching the other man and he shook his head when the bodyguard said something. The auctioneer groaned, “Come, come gentlemen. Sixty for such a lovely girl?”

One of the other men cleared his throat, “That was the third time you asked for a bid. Give him the lot.”

The auctioneer frowned and looked around the room before nodded, “Very well sixty it is. We have her sister if you will give me a moment.”

Another man snorted, “The other girl is part of the lot, idiot.”

The auctioneer stopped and looked around at us, “But…”

A richly dressed man cleared his throat, “If you wanted to sell them separately, you should have put them in separate lots.”

The auctioneer sagged and I moved to the table where he angrily shoved the papers at me and then jerked the girls off the stage and shoved them towards me. I caught them as he snarled, “Don’t come back.”

Before I could do anything, there was the crack of a rail pellet passing my head. The auctioneer’s head exploded and I turned quickly as the richly dressed man was putting his weapon away. I looked at a younger man that knelt over the auctioneer, “It looks like you just got promoted.”

I pulled the two girls after me and stopped at a shop outside the port. I had both girls fitted and equipped before leading them to my ship. I put the girls in my cabin and went to the bridge. It wasn’t long before we had left atmosphere and were headed for deep space using small wormhole jumps.

It was a couple of hours later that I was finally able to satisfy myself that no one was following and made the long jump. I set the auto pilot and walked to my cabin. I opened the door to see both girls curled up on my bed naked, sleeping peacefully. I sighed, so much for trying to have sex. I slipped out of my clothes and into bed next to the girls.

I woke several hours later to the feeling of someone licking my cock. I shivered and opened my eyes to see both girls kneeling by my waist. The thirteen year old was licking my cock and as I watched, she smiled and started to fuck the head in and out of her mouth. I groaned and they looked up at my face.

The girl didn’t stop what she was doing but the older girl smiled and moved up beside me, “My name is Virginia and my sister is Noel.”

I smiled, “Michael.”

She looked at her sister, “I have done that for a boy before so I let Noel try.”

I looked down, “It feels great.”

She smiled, “She can’t fit you all the way yet but we’ll keep practicing.”

I grinned and put my head back, “Do you still have your cherry?”

She nodded, “Our master would have beaten us if we had broken that.”

I shook my head, “I’ll try to make sure you enjoy your first time.”

She smiled as she looked down, “That isn’t necessary.”

I lifted her head and shivered as I felt myself getting closer to cumming, “It is for me.”

She smiled and looked at her sister, “Thank you master. He’s getting ready to cum Noel.”

Her sister nodded her head but didn’t stop what she was doing. I shuddered as I felt my balls tighten, “I’m cumming!”

Noel pulled back as my cock spurted into her mouth. She looked a little unsure but Virginia just nodded at her, “Swallow.”

I shivered and shuddered until I was done and then I lay back and sighed, “That was amazing.”

Virginia laughed, “You haven’t done it before have you?”

I shook my head, “No.”

Noel moved up my body and laid on the other side of me, “I was the first girl you did that with?”

I nodded, “I loved it too.”

She grinned and put her head on my shoulder. Virginia rubbed and caressed my chest, “Do you want to… fuck, now?”

I smiled and pulled her on top of me. I spread her legs so she was straddling me and then I sat her up. I positioned her pussy so my cock was between her lips and then I looked into her face, “First I want you to rub your pussy on me until you cum.”

I looked at her sister as she hesitatingly started rocking back and forth sliding my cock through her slit, “You can help her by sucking on one of her nipples and playing with her clit.”

Noel grinned as she sat up to move closer to her sister. I reached up to her other breast and started feeling her. My cock was slipping and sliding through her pussy slit and she shivered as she got wetter. When she started jerking and shuddering, I reached around her and positioned my cock. I shoved up and pulled her down and back at the same time.

Virginia jerked and shuddered harder, her tight pussy clamping down tight on my cock as it forced her pussy open. I just held her as she shivered and shook for a few minutes and then she sighed and looked at me. She smiled shyly and tentatively pushed her pussy down on my cock. She winced and I held her hips to stop her from moving, “Wait.”

She stopped moving and looked at Noel. I gently tugged on one of her nipples, “You’re a woman now Virginia.”

She smiled at me as Noel leaned in and started sucking on one of her nipples. A couple of minutes later her hips humped gently and she shivered. I nodded, “do the same thing as before.”

She smiled as she started rocking back and forth, fucking my cock with shallow strokes. Soon it was longer strokes that had her shuddering as her pussy continued to grasp and squeeze my cock. Virginia shuddered and shook a few minutes after she started fucking me. Noel was grinning as she kept teasing her nipples.

I held out as long as I could but when Virginia grunted and jerked erratically I started pumping cum into her. That only made her jerk harder and thrash around as my warm seed filled her pussy. She shivered and stared at me in surprise, “He came in me!”

She lay on my chest panting as I continued spurting cum into her. She kept her eyes on mine until I finished and then her head dropped to my chest. Noel had stopped touching her at her words and only stared at me. I knew something was wrong and only held Virginia against my body, “What did I do Virginia?”

She slowly lifted her head to look into my face, “You don’t know?”

I shook my head and she frowned, “A new slave, one that hasn’t been used is not allowed an implant.”

I stared at her in surprise, every woman had the right to an implant. I took a deep breath, “I didn’t know.”

She sighed, “It doesn’t matter.”

I gave her a squeeze and spoke to my computer telling it to do a bio scan on Virginia, checking on the viability of pregnancy. Virginia looked at me strangely, “You know the dead language?”

I smiled as the computer beeped and reported that Virginia’s cycle was not far enough advanced for her to get pregnant. Virginia grinned and hugged me before sitting up and repeating what the computer had said to Noel. Her sister grinned and hugged her before leaning over to kiss me passionately.

I grinned and tugged on one of her nipples, “Now that I know, I can have my medical robot place implants so I can let both of you take advantage of me when you want.”

Noel grinned as she cupped her breasts and then laughed, “When you do, I want to go next.”

I smiled and reached passed her to Virginia’s breasts, “Unless you want to risk more sperm inside you…”

She laughed and moved off me, pulling my cock out of her tight pussy. I slid out of bed and gestured to the small bathroom. I led them in and helped them get clean before leading them to the small room that was my sick bay. I spoke to the computer and directed it to implant a birth control device in both girls.

Virginia was grinning as she lay back on the med counter. When she slid off, Noel was quick to take her place. I was leading them back towards the bed when the computer beeped and told me we would be exiting jump soon. I had the girls get dressed in their new ship suits and put mine on. We were on the bridge when we came out of jump.

Before us was what looked like a dead system with no planets but asteroid belts where they should be. The initial scan showed the sun still in place but strangely dormant. I started us moving insystem and turned on the ship scanner in case someone had followed us. I jerked as it beeped a warning immediately.

I pulled up the scanner display and just stared at the small cluster of ships. They were about halfway to the dead sun and clustered around what looked like the second asteroid belt. The longer I looked, the more I saw.

None of the ship patterns were registered in the computer and one was huge. It had to be almost one hundred kilometers long. I altered course to approach the ships and within a few minutes the comm came to life, “Id, Clan and Fleet authorization.”

I blinked and then sat up, before I could do anything my computer was broadcasting and I jumped for the comm, “What did you just send computer!”

“Your ID, Clan and Fleet Authorization Captain.”

I stared at the comm realizing what it was talking about. It was part of my comp ID, one I had created to mimic the ancients, I groaned and just knew we were dead. The comm came to life again, “ID accepted. Proceed to the command ship.”

I stood frozen and slowly sank into a chair, “Get the heading and proceed.”

I turned to look at Virginia and Noel, “We just found one of the ancients fleets.”

They just looked at each other and then back at me. I looked at Virginia and grinned as I held my hand out. She hesitated and then crossed the bridge to me, I pulled her onto my lap and caressed her while kissing her. Noel laughed at her moan and came to snuggle up as well. I slipped my hand down to finger her pussy through the suit and Virginia shivered.

Noel sucked on one of her nipples after opening the suit and Virginia shuddered. I smiled and glanced up, “computer, what is the time to intercept?”

“two hours and fifty minutes.”

I grinned and stood up holding onto the two girls, “Let’s go to bed and take care of Noel.”

Virginia grinned and started pulling me to my cabin. I pulled their ship suits off before stripping and following them onto the bed. Noel seemed more than ready and just flopped onto her back which made me grin and her sister laugh. Virginia surprised me by diving straight for her pussy. She covered Noel’s clit with her mouth and Noel jerked and shuddered.

I smiled and moved up her body to kiss her. She grabbed me and held on as she shuddered and jerked. I enjoyed kissing her and playing with her breasts while Virginia licked her pussy. When Virginia finally moved up on her other side I moved over Noel and positioned my cock. I pressed in and pulled back, pressed in and pulled back.

Soon Noel was shuddering and moaning. I wasn’t laying on her so that Virginia could kiss her and that was what she was doing. Noel was moaning into her mouth and shuddering hard when I shoved my cock deep into her virgin pussy. Noel jerked and screamed but Virginia held her while I stopped moving.

My cock was buried halfway inside her and Noel whimpered as Virginia pulled back to caress her. It was a couple of minute before I felt Noel’s tight pussy grasp and then release my cock. I pushed into her another couple of inches and stopped. She had winced and Virginia continued to caress her.

It was only another minute before Noel shuddered and shoved her pussy up onto my cock. Virginia laughed and kissed her, “Okay master, she wants you to fuck her now.”

I laughed with Noel and pulled back slowly just in case. Noel just shuddered so I pushed in and started to fuck her slowly. She was still tight but it didn’t take her long to get wet. By the time I was fucking into her easily she was shaking. I enjoyed burying my cock and grinding on her and Noel seemed to like it as well.

Almost five minutes of fucking brought a panting Noel to a screaming climax. She jerked and shook as her body was racked with spasms, “VIRGINIA!”

She convulsed and squirted a little cum as I buried my cock to grind against her. Her eyes rolled up as I fucked her harder. She squirted on me again as I buried my cock again and then she was shaking. I humped against her with my cock buried trying to cum. Noel was tossing her head as she spasmed and squirted.

I groaned and pushed against her hard as I began pumping strong gushes of cum. Noel froze with her eyes wide, “OOOhhhh.”

She shuddered with the next spurt of cum, “He’s doing it!”

I pumped thick spurts against her womb and Noel jerked with each one and sighed. When I stopped cumming she was still panting and finally laughed as she caressed me. I slipped out of her and lay next her caressing her pelvis and pussy mound. Virginia tugged on her nipple and gave a soft laugh, “Now you are officially a woman.”

Noel grinned and shuddered as I squeezed her clit. I moved over her and pushed Virginia back before lying on her body and kissing her. She shivered and held me as she kissed me back and spread her legs before putting them over mine. I was still hard and moved back a little before my stiff cock dropped down into her slit.

I looked into her eyes, “I am going to fuck you and cum inside you.”

She grinned and pulled on me. My cock forced its way into her tight pussy and she groaned and shuddered as I began moving, fucking in and out slowly. It took a minute for me to get my cock all the way in her. I fucked her with short strokes that kept me pressing against her pelvis. She was shaking in minutes as my cock slipped in and out of her slippery pussy.

When I fucked her hard she gasped and her body jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed my cock. I slowed to fuck her slippery hole with firm, grinding strokes and Virginia sighed and thrust her hips up. It took a few more minutes but when her body went tight, I pushed against her womb as I began spurting cum.

I pumped and spewed strong, gushing spurts that made her grunt and shake. I kissed her softly when I finally stopped cumming. I pulled out of her warm pussy and lay between her and Noel. It was awhile before I slipped out of bed and went to wash and dress before heading back to the bridge.

I checked our remaining time to arrival and the ship status before heading back to the cabin. I smiled when I entered my room to see Noel with her bare butt sticking out from under the blanket. I undressed and sat beside her and started rubbing through her pussy. It wasn’t long before she began moaning and thrusting back at my fingers.

I moved and positioned my cock before slowly forcing it into her tight hole. Noel groaned and pushed back as my cock opened her once virgin pussy and I started to fuck her slowly. Virginia lifted her head to look over Noel as I fucked her. She grinned and turned on her side to watch her sister moan and shudder.

Noel wasn’t really awake but she was thrusting back each time I pushed into her. A couple of minutes later I felt her pussy tightened even more and spasm around my cock. She jerked and thrust back hard impaling her pussy on my cock. I groaned and held her waist as I started spurting cum into her.

She shuddered and whimpered before turning her head and looking at me. I groaned as I continued to jab into her with each spurt of sperm. She grinned and then laughed, “I was dreaming you were fucking me again.”

I laughed and pulled her against me before giving her a kiss. I pulled out of her messy pussy and sat up, “come eat.”

I headed out leaving my clothes on the floor of the room. Virginia and Noel both followed me and sat as I warmed rations. After we finished eating Virginia straddled me and guided my hard cock to her tight pussy. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and began to rock back and forth.

I smiled and held her as she closed her eyes in pleasure and kept shuddering. Noel came to hug her from behind and reached around to hold her breasts. I shivered at the feel of her warm, slippery pussy and she suddenly shuddered and began spasming and jerking erratically. She was thrusting back and forth harder as she started panting.

Her pussy rippled around my cock as she stiffened and screamed, “YYEEESSSSS!”

She jerked and shook as her tight pussy contracted around my cock. I put my hands under her butt and stood before walking towards the cabin. Noel followed as I walked with her sister impaled on my cock and then lowered her to the bed. I kissed her before starting the fuck her with long, slow thrusts and Virginia spasmed as her tight pussy contracted.

I kept fucking her as Noel moved onto the bed and began caressing her sister. I buried my cock and pressed against her as I kissed her. She moaned and shook as I went back to fucking her hard. It wasn’t long before she was convulsing and jerking around erratically. She squirted cum on me as she spasmed and her tight pussy grasped my cock.

I buried my cock and kissed her before beginning to jab and hump into her. Virginia was wailing and shaking by the time I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. She lifted and spread her legs as she lift her hips and thrust up. She came five times before I thrust into her and began to pump and spurt jets of cum.

Virginia wrapped her legs around me and hugged me tight as her pussy tightened. She jerked and shuddered hard as she wailed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

When I stopped cumming I kissed her and slowly pulled out. The ship speaker beeped and I frowned and turned to look at it, “what is it?”

“We have arrived and the command ship AI is requesting your presence.”

I moved off the bed, “We shouldn’t be there yet.”

“The fleet has moved out to meet us Sir.”

I dressed quickly and headed to the bridge. I opened the comm channel and spoke in ancient, “this is Captain Storm.”

“Precede to docking bay one.”

I grinned, “get the heading computer.”

Ten minutes later the ship slowed and then shuddered, “We are being pulled into the bay sir.”

I nodded, “Shut down the engines but maintain life support and shields.”

The docking bay was huge and my ship fit in easily. As we passed through the ship’s hull a type of force screen stretched around my ship and we slipped through. I turned and began a atmosphere scan and sat back in surprise when I found out it was breathable. We stopped in the middle of the bay as light sprang up in the bay and the comm came to life again, “if you would come to the bridge captain.”

I glanced at the girls, “stay close.”

They nodded and followed as I moved to the airlock. I let the ladder down and climbed down before waiting. The girls followed behind me timidly as I crossed to a lighted hatch. It slid aside before I reached it and I found a type of cart like vehicle waiting. After we were seated it sped off faster and faster.

It slowed suddenly and slipped into a shaft before lifting just as fast as before. When it left the lift it sped off for only a few moments before slowing. It stopped in front of a normal looking hatch that was engraved. I hesitated and then climbed out before turning to the hatch. The girls followed and crowded behind me as I moved to the hatch.

It slid open silently and I was staring into a huge bridge. I walked towards the center chair that should be the ship captain’s. A beam of light hit me and then swept over the girls before shutting off, “Identify the two females.”

I stopped and glanced back, “My slaves Virginia and Noel.”

The light brightened, “they are for breeding?”

I grinned at Virginia and Noel, “yes.”

They both grinned back at me and I turned to the captain’s chair, “What can I do for you ship?”

“We have been in stasis until a clan member returns for us. Your ID was strange but within my parameters to accept. Are you here to claim us?”

I thought about what to say, “I... I am a miner. I wouldn’t know what to do with you.”

“I was aware of that Captain. This is a mining and refining fleet.”

I grinned as I looked at the girls, “What happens if I accept?”

“I will release the ship’s breeder and activate the mining sequence.”

I turned to look around, “ship’s breeder?”

There was a pink glow from one side and I saw what looked like a girl Virginia’s age, “My scans show she is compatible and no adjustments to her structure will be required.”

I walked across the deck with the girls following. Virginia leaned against me when I stopped, “She looks beautiful and lonely.”

I nodded and looked at her sister and she grinned, “I think you should do it master.”

I smiled and turned, “I accept ship.”

The bridge brightened and the glow around the girl vanished. She blinked and I held out my hand, “My name is Michael.”

Her skin was a golden color and she had pale blue hair that went down to her waist. She looked at me and then at Virginia and Noel, “You are my new master?”

I smiled, “If you accept me.”

She frowned and slowly stepped out of the tube she had been in, “Will you have sex with me after I am pregnant?”

I looked at Virginia, “If you let me.”

Virginia took her hand, “Michael loves sex. My sister and I have used him and he is really good.”

Noel touched her hair, “What’s your name?”

The girl looked at them and then at me, “Golden.”

She looked at Virginia again, “He lets you have sex when you want?”

The girls grinned, “yeah.”

It was said together and I shook my head, “let me talk to the computer while you talk.”

I walked back towards the captain’s chair, “Ship?”

“Yes Captain?”

I glanced back and lowered my voice, “What is the purpose of the ship’s breeder?”

“She is to provide future captains and crew for the fleet.”

I thought about it, “How did she become the ship’s breeder?”

“She is the last Captain’s female offspring.”

I smiled as I sat in the chair, “What is the fleet status?”

A holographic globe sprang up beside the chair as the computer began going through each of the fleet ships status. I watched each ship and listened closely until it was done, “Do you have a mineral analysis of the asteroids in this system?”

“Of course.”

I watched as a separate display appeared and listed not only minerals but locations. I thought for a minute before absently touching minerals, “start with these.”

When I finished I glanced at the girls as they waited beside the chair. I stood, “Where is my quarters ship?”

“Straight across from the bridge captain.”

I turned and reached for Virginia’s hand and started for the door, “Give me a few hours to rest and then wake me.”

“Yes captain.”

We walked off the bridge and across to another hatch that shimmered and appeared. The hatch opened as we walked closer and we walked into a hallway. After the hatch closed behind us we followed the hall to a wide ledge looking down into a huge park. Virginia pulled on my hand and grinned as she pulled me towards another door.

Inside was a very large room with deep, soft carpets and a huge bed. I grinned and started undressing as Noel began pushing me from behind, “My turn Michael.”

Virginia laughed and pulled Golden with her, “Silly bitch, he needs to do Golden first.”

I turned at the bed, “is she a virgin?”

They looked at her and Golden tilted her head, “do you mean have I been bred before?”

I nodded and she shook her head. Noel grinned and pulled her onto the bed, “this is going to be fun.”

I gave her butt a swat, “undress you.”

Virginia smiled as she stripped and moved onto the bed beside Golden. I sat on the bed and pulled a naked Noel onto my lap as I looked at her sister, “would you check her for me?”

She grinned as she turned to cup a breast and leaned over Golden to kiss her. I caressed Noel’s body and lifted her before positioning my cock. I kissed her as she wiggled and squirmed down my cock, “listen to me my lovely ship’s breeder. First, you need to learn about her and what she likes. Second, you need to teach her like you would a new slave. Third, she doesn’t have an implant yet and forth, if I can’t place an implant in her, yours comes out.”

She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she grinned, “ship’s breeder? Can I have blue hair too?”

Virginia laughed as Golden moaned, “silly bitch, I’m changing your hair to pink.”

I glanced at Virginia as she started licking Golden’s pussy and grinned as I shook a laughing Noel. She grinned and kissed me before starting to thrust back and forth and rub her pussy on me, “I like pink too.”

I turned and dumped her onto the bed as I moved over her and kissed her. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed my cock all the way into her. She moaned and shuddered and I glanced at Golden as she shook and reached for Noel’s hand. She was moaning and twitching as Virginia continued to lick her and Noel wrapped her legs around me as her pussy clenched, “aaahhh!”

I buried my cock to hump and jab as Noel convulsed and wailed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I smiled and kissed her when she dropped to the bed panting. I pulled out and moved towards Virginia and Golden. Virginia smiled, “no hymen.”

I moved to kiss her cheek as she moved up beside Golden. I laid between Golden’s legs and kissed her before lifting and pushing. I had to wiggle and push harder before my cock stretched her enough that it slipped in. She groaned and shuddered when I pushed deeper and stopped moving.

I gave her a kiss before rolling until she was on top, “as much as you want.”

She smiled and looked at Virginia and then Noel who sat up and pulled her up to sit on me, “thrust back and forth.”

Golden looked down and did as Noel told her and froze with a surprised look before starting to jerk as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “oooohhhh!”

She wet me as she began to convulse, her tight pussy rippling and squeezing my cock. Virginia straddled my legs behind her and held her up as she continued to twist and jerk. Her eyes rolled up and her pussy milked my cock. I gestured Virginia off and pulled Golden down before I rolled and began to fuck her with long strokes.

She jerked and shook but her eyes didn’t focus. It was several minutes before I pressed against the back of her pussy and grunted as I began to cum. She lifted her hips and shuddered as warm sperm began pumping into her. I held her tight as I spurted and spewed until I was finished. I looked into her eyes and shook my head before pulling out.

She continued to spasm and jerk for several minutes as Virginia smiled and Noel giggled. Finally she sighed and relaxed and a few moments later turned her head to look at me. She smiled, “that was very good, can we do that again?”

The girls laughed as I grinned and turned to cup a breast and rub the nipple, “lots.”

We have many children and even grandchildren. We are working another dark system now and the girls are expecting to open the uterine replicators together again.
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