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“Well then, You'd better get rid of those clothes and climb in here with me, so you can hear MY confession.” As I stripped off my clothing down to my boxer shorts, she swept the blankets back so I could crawl into the bed and snuggle up against her gorgeous body. Just before I lay beside her, however, she pointed to my boxers and shook her head, indicating they were to go as well.
With some trepidation, and a certain amount of pride, I slid my boxers off to reveal my hard, thick, throbbing eight and a half inch aspirant to carnal delight, already pulsing and weeping it's slippery precum in anticipation of being buried in what I felt was it's pre-destined home between my mothers slim, muscular thighs.

“Whoa, Shit Johnny,” my mother gasped, “ What stallion did you steal that beautiful cock from? My confession is going to have to wait for a while.I need to take some of the starch out of that big pole before I'll be able to think clearly enough to have any sort of conversation with you. Come here, Darling. I need a large horse-cock appetiser before we get down and dirty together.”

As I lay beside her, Mom's hand grabbed for my cock, and her mouth opened as she prepared to lick the hot, glistening head.

“ Easy, You sexy beautiful witch,” I laughed, “I want this at least as much as you do, but this will be my first time, and I want to savour the experience. I want kissy,kissy and a decent introduction to your gorgeous sexy breasts, and I want to suck your lovely nipples 'til they are hard and wet, and I want to taste your pussy. God, Momma, I want to do everything . . . . .and THEN,” I whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck your brains out.”

Mum gave a little shudder and moaned as she stretched her slim five foot nothing body tightly alongside my rather larger, muscular six foot frame. Her breath was almost feverish as she joined me in a rather lusty five minute game of tonsil hockey.

My hands roamed her curvasceous little body, stroking from her smooth shoulders to her hard rounded little buttocks, down to her silky smooth thighs, back up over her slightly visible abs, to briefly cup those tantalising, delicious 34B breasts, before starting the sexy circuit again. Not really wanting to give up savouring her fragrant breath and luscious juicy lips, I nevertheless surrendered them and captured one of her hard little nipples with my mouth, alternately licking and gently sucking before switching to the other equally tasty tit bit. My right hand was caressing her inner thighs and ended up cupping her perfectly formed pussy. My thumb was smeared with her prolific pussy juices before gently caressing the hood over her clitty in a side to side motion while my forefinger slowly delved into her pulsing depths til I found her G-spot. My lips again covered Mum's mouth, my left hand captured her left nipple, and my thumb and forefinger applied faster and harder pressure to her clitty and G-spot respectively. . . . and she went off like a fireworks display.

Marla, my mother, my beautiful lover, screamed into my mouth, and her legs clamped shut with an almost impossible force, then sprang open as juices fountained out over my hand. Again and again she howled her release as a gigantic orgasm rocketed through her and she collapsed on the bed, exhausted and apparently unconscious.

“Holy SHIT!! Johnny, What have you done to her?”

I looked up, in surprise, to see my grandmother staring into the bedroom, wide eyed.

“Sorry Nan. Mum invited me to join her and I guess I got her a bit more excited than she expected.”
“No shit Sherlock. I saw enough to know you've probably blown a few screws loose. AND you haven't even used that thing between your legs yet. I gotta go and get Pops to scratch an itch for me.” She laughed and glanced down at my hard cock, almost, I thought, wistfully.
“Try not to murder her with that thing. See you in the morning.”

“Night Nan. See you later. I love you . . .very much.”

“Love you too, John.” She closed the door and went to get her itch scratched.

I cuddled down and took Mum in my arms, lovingly stroking her red-brown hair.

After about ten minutes, Mum's eyes flickered, and she stared vacantly at me for a few seconds as her mind re-booted. Gradually her focus came back.

“Jesus, Johnny. What the hell did you DO to me? I've never cum like that in my whole fucking life.”

“I'm sorry Mummy. I guess I spent too much time on the computer trying to find out how to excite a woman, and I guess YOU are just too sexy for me not to use everything I could think of. You looked really amazing when you were cumming and I was so close to hosing you down with my white paint.”

“Gotta go pee.” Mum gasped. “When I come back you can hose down my wet pussy.”

When she came back, I noticed that she had taken some time to wipe up her juices and freshen up and she looked decidedly perky.

“Well Honey, I seem to remember something about a cherry that needs picking. Are we ready to continue with a mission of extreme importance – to both of us?” her voice turned sultry, “Or perhaps, since I have had my jollies, we should just finish here.”

“No deal, Witch,” I fake snarled theatrically, “You've got to take care of your ecstasy provider . . .OR,” and here I scooped her into my arms and dropped her on the bed and started tickling her ribs, “You,” tickle “may” tickle “find” tickle “services suspended permanently.”

“Ooooh Stop! Stop! Stop tickling me!” Her arms wrapped around my neck and dragged me on top of her gorgeous little body. Her legs parted in explicit invitation, and her hand grasped my rigid lance and placed the head between between her, again wet, labia.

“Johnny,” she moaned, “Fuck me! For Christ's sake, stick your big horse-cock in me and fuck me.”

I rotated my hips and slowly forced myself into her tight, wet, wanting pussy. I pushed deeper and deeper until I came to rest against her cervix, with about one inch of my pulsing cock still to gain admittance.

“Harder Johnny, Push harder . . . . FUCK ME!!” she wailed.
Holding myself deeply in her slippery cunt, I began short stroking, bumping ever harder against her cervix until I felt the tight ring start to yeild to my impatient thrusts. My growing excitement made me aware my climax was very near and going to be very big.

“Oohh Mother, you sexy witch, I'm going to breed you. You're going to get a womb-full of little baby making tadpoles very soon.” I moaned.

With a couple of spastic jerks, my hard cock forced into her womb and I blew my spine and most of my guts into her hot clutching baby factory.

Mum also went over the edge with a suddenness that surprised her, and we both collapsed, totally exhausted side by side, still clutched in each loving arms and drifted into sleep.

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2013-12-03 10:44:26
Dear Ghostrider939, I have just started reading your work, (with this saga), but Ive noticed you havent posted any more chapters, I think your work is great and this series made me all tingly and wet, so when and are you going to post more? Have you left the site, because of the ungrateful shits who dont appreciate that you do this for free and purely for our entertainment, and slag you off, or is it the kik me fuck me date me idiots that turned you off. Please come back, and if you havent left pleas write some more of this series, if you want you can pm me, I m a member, just sometimes it wont let me log in, temperamental site I think. Once again thanks and hope for more ! Xxx Luvsalik.

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My life is kinda like this story; I fucked mother almost everday and cum thick manhood seed in her meaty horny hole. Mom and I live with grannie Ruthie in a small farm house. Ruthie is mother's mom 56 yr. old and is a sexy lady. When mom and I fucking we made loud noise..esp. mom she is a know what..? It ended up my hard 5 in. is in these mother-daughter's cunts. Mother's tight..grannie knows how to suck cum out of my hard dick. We are a happy family.


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OK, Ya got me 23:38:16. Top of the page description says this is, wait for it . . . . .Fiction. So MAYBE, I stuffed up years a lil bit. Fiction writers are allowed to do that . . . .or maybe it was deliberate and the whole story is in an alternate reality. You Decide. Luv GR939

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I'm curious. If this happened in 1969(from part 1) how did you do "spend time on the computer?"

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