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My New Girl Part Two

I got up early and had breakfast. I am sitting in the family room wearing my swim trunks merrily waiting for the door bell to ring. I am eagerly awaiting my hand job. Ten year old or not, it was amazing and I want another one. I start watching cartoons. An hour passes. I begin to think Melissa isn’t going to be able to come over today. Those chimes are music to my ears. I walk quickly to the door.

To my surprise, Sherry is standing there with Melissa. I am only slightly disappointed. This means I won’t be getting a hand job today, but with Sherry looking so sweet, I’ll be ready to explode by the time I get alone with Melissa. “Hi Sherry. Hi Melissa. Are the two of you ready for a swim?” To my horror, Melissa stands on her tip toes reaching up to pull my face down close enough to kiss me right smack on my lips. It is a lingering kiss. Much longer than a young girl should have with an adult male, but not so long it couldn’t be thought of as innocence.

Sherry looks on in patient surprise. “Hey, Melissa. Come up for air before you strangle him. I see the two of you are getting along pretty good.” Sherry pats Melissa on her butt. “Head for the pool girl.” Sherry and I stand there watching Melissa trot off to the pool. Sherry looks longingly into my eyes.

“I apologize for Melissa’s behavior. She is at a delicate stage right now. To my utter shock, Melissa has started taking an interest in sex. She talks about it all the time. I am not sure how to handle it. I know she's old enough to give her the talk, but I can’t bring myself to explain it to her and she really wants to know. Melissa thinks the world of you. She thinks you are a hunk. I do too, so I really can’t blame her. I think Melissa has a crush on you. It seems my little girl has good tastes in men. It may seem crazy, but with Melissa trusting you so deeply, do you think it would be possible for me to send her over here tomorrow for you to give her the talk?”

“I’d be honored to give your daughter the talk, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it without seeming vulgar to her. I’ll probably need at least eight or nine hours with her. First I’d have to figure out her terminology so I won’t be using words she isn’t used to. I am also afraid I might tell her too much. I’ll have to be careful of her feelings. As you said, she obviously has a crush on me. That was a pretty sensual kiss for a little girl. If you promise not to get mad if she tells you strange things, I’ll give it a try. Besides, it will be an excellent opportunity to train her.”

Sherry giggles. “You really want a kiss bad don’t you? Melissa is in the pool. Go ahead and kiss me now. If I like it, then you can train Melissa if you want a longer one from me.” We both laugh at that. I wrap my arms around Sherry at the same time hers go around me. Our lips meet. Soon I am sucking on her tongue. God that woman can kiss. Sherry breaks the kiss.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to stop either, but Melissa might catch us. I‘ll send her over tomorrow about nine. Take as long as you need. Why don’t you keep her over night? She’ll get a charge out of that. You can let her sleep in your bed. I trust you. That will take all the hurry out of it. How you tell her about sex is up to you.”

“Don’t be surprised if she asks you to show her your penis. She has always had a tendency to say what she’s thinking. If she’s thinking anything like I am, she definitely wants to see it. I’ll let you figure out how to handle that. Heck, you can show it to her if she wants to see it that bad. It sure as hell isn’t going to hurt her any to get an eyeful..”

I am trying to digest what Sherry just said. Did she just give me permission to train her young daughter? I’m not so sure of what just happened, but I do know I will get quite a few hand jobs tomorrow. My dick swelled in my trunks at the thought of Melissa’s warm little body snuggled up next to me in my bed.

I am also dreaming about Melissa’s sweet lips finding their way to my penis. I can only imagine her gently sucking my juice from between my legs. Well, that isn’t happening. Not with a ten year old. “Sherry. Lets take a swim. Melissa will be eager to have us join her.”

Melissa is swimming and having a wonderful time. She is also keeping a casual eye on me. Sherry and I are parked in lounge chairs next to one another. Today Sherry is wearing a blue suit that is even more revealing than the green one she has. My eyes are already glued to her snatch. Her eyes are focused on my hard dick.

“Joe. Lets hold off on that swim. I have something I need to explain to you. I think I may have been a little forward yesterday. I feel I may have come across as a slut.” I spoke up immediately. “Oh no. I would never think that.” Sherry held up her hand signaling for me to keep quiet. “Be patient. I have something to say and if you interrupt, I won’t be able to say it right.”

As much as I enjoy looking at Sherry‘s gorgeous body, I find myself eagerly waiting for Melissa to get out of the pool so I can watch her cute little body as she slowly strolls back to the diving board. Sherry continues. “I have to explain why I came on so strong to you. I have never done that with anyone else. Not even with Tim.”

“First let me explain my situation. My husband developed penal cancer a year after Melissa was born. The doctors had to remove it all. And I mean everything. I still love Tim dearly and I am very glad to still have him. He takes hormone treatments to stay like a guy. Unfortunately I haven’t had a dick in nine years. Tim fucks me hard with a strap on to help satisfy my needs, but it just isn’t the same.”

Melissa is looking our way. She seems like she is preparing to come over to us. I make a small gesture to her that Sherry can’t see to let her know to wait. I hope she picks up on it. “We were lying in the bed a few years back when Tim told me he wanted me to make a promise to him. He said he knows he can’t satisfy me.”

“He wants me to look around for a guy I like. Then I can get him to service me. He says when I do, he doesn’t want to know about it, but he won’t be trying to find out if I am either. Tim says he wants me to be happy. He basically said I could fuck all day if I felt I needed to. He won’t mind as long as I come home to him, because he loves me more than anything in the world short of Melissa.”

“I knew right away it wouldn’t be possible even if I wanted to, because Melissa is with me all the time except when she is in school. I have to be home then, because Melissa has asthma and may get an attack. I promised Tim that if I ever did take him up on his offer, I would never bring the guy in the house. I told Tim about my dilemma. His reply was that’s your problem. Then he laughed as he said I could always let her watch. I never worried about looking until I saw you a few days ago. I need you Joe. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get around Melissa being here. Now you know my problem.”

I sit dumfounded. I had never heard such a heartfelt story. “Sherry. I really need you too. You are special to me. I want you to know your going back to your husband every night is not a problem for me. As to Melissa. If you don’t want to send her to someone else to keep while we are together, then the only solution would be to get her to understand and then let her watch. Would you really be able to handle that?”

Sherry looks down at the concrete in thought. “It sounds crazy on the surface of it letting my ten year old daughter watch someone make passionate love to me, but with my situation and her fascination with sex, it probably really isn’t all that crazy after all. If I decided to let her watch, how would I break it to her without her telling her Daddy? And for that matter, would she even go for it?”

I look Sherry in the eye. “I’ll tell you what. If you are serious about what you told me earlier, then I may be able to actually train Melissa a little. If you agree not to get mad, I’ll let her coerce me into showing it to her. I’ll even teach her to kiss. I mean, she’s already kissed me once. It shouldn’t be too hard to have the subject come up while I am telling her about the birds and the bees. Tell her it’s a sort of slumber party. She can stay up all night. After she learns to kiss, I’ll talk to her subtly to see how she might feel about me doing it with you without her knowing you want to. Then we’ll see what happens.”

Sherry is sitting with a fucked up look on her face. “I don’t know, Joe. She’s awfully young.” I smile at Sherry. “You’re the one that wants me to give her the talk. It’s a simple matter to twist it a little to broach the subject about me and you being an item.”

Sherry finally grins. “I guess you’re right. It certainly won’t hurt her to kiss you some. Besides, she already put a pretty good lip lock on you earlier. She really likes you a lot Joe. You are all she has talked about the last few days. I’ll send her over as soon as she’s had breakfast in the morning. Seeing as tomorrow is Tuesday, keep her with you until 9 PM Wednesday. That should give you enough time to sort of feel her out so you can talk to her without coming on too strong.”

I nearly choke on my tongue when she says feel her out. That’s exactly what I plan to do. “Okay. Its all set then. Come on. Lets join Melissa in the pool.” Sherry and I head to the water and dive in. We were having blast swimming and taking turns throwing Melissa around in the pool.


I hear the doorbell chiming. I glance at the clock. It's only seven. Seven. Damn. I overslept. I had the alarm clock set for five. I jump out of the bed running to the door. I am still nude. I stand at the door without opening it. “Just a minute. I’ll be right there.” I rush back to the bedroom throwing on a pair of slacks and a pull over shirt. I know it's Melissa at the door. If I go to the door naked, it might freak her out. It might also move things along a little too fast.

Yeah. I am eager for her to give me another hand job, but I plan to give her the talk first. That needs to be done without fucking her while I do it. She’s only ten and it’s up to me to draw the line somewhere. The door swings open revealing Melissa donning a full length pair of black dungarees. A button up red blouse and white tennis shoes. She has a small luggage case in her hand.

“Hi Melissa. Ready for a swim?” Melissa holds the case out to me. “Mom said to bring this to you. I asked her if I could swim for awhile, but she said you wanted to talk with me and the swim would have to wait.” Something is not right here. Melissa is dressed too modestly for a slumber party, even with none of her little girlfriends coming over. “Come In Melissa. Sit here on the couch. I need a couple of minutes before we talk.”

Melissa parks her little rump on the couch. “Okay, Joe. What’s going on? Its so weird. Mom made me wear this outfit and she won’t tell me why?” I shake my head. “Don’t worry. Just wait there until I get back.” I rush to the kitchen to call Sherry to make sure nothing changed. “Hi. Joe. I was expecting you to call. You don’t need to ask. I didn’t tell Melissa anything. The words wouldn’t come out. Her clothes are in the bag.”

“I wasn’t sure what you would want so I packed the usual stuff little girls wear at slumber parties. I also packed a little surprise, but only if Melissa decides to wear it. She is dressed like she is so you can develop things at your own pace. I figured that would be easier on you than sending her over there half naked. You’ll have to explain everything to her. All I did was send her to talk with you. She doesn’t even know she’s spending the night. I wish I was there with you. I need another kiss.”

“Okay. For a minute I thought you changed your mind. I’ll take it slow and I’ll watch her feelings closely. I don’t want to do anything to upset her.” Sherry let out a sigh. “That’s just the problem. The way Melisa talks about you, the only stuff she’ll get upset over are the things you don’t do. Bye Joe.” I hang up the phone.

Melissa is waiting impatiently. She has her little legs crossed. I sit next to her on the couch. Melissa grins. “Let me play with it again, Joe. I want to see it squirt out. Let me get my clothes off first so I can get it all over me.” Damn, she’s already charged up and ready to go. It’s a good thing Sherry didn’t let her wear her bikini. I’m surprised she didn’t ask me if she could catch it in her mouth. I have to slow her down a little bit.

“You can do that later. We need to talk first. Just sit quietly and I’ll tell you what is going on. Your Mom asked me to give you the sex talk. I’ll explain everything to you. The next time you get with your girlfriends, you’ll amaze them with what you know.” Melissa pipes in. “Cool. I’ve always wanted to know it all. Are you going to show me how?”

I put a finger to my lips shushing her. “Don’t interrupt. I have a lot to say. After we finish the talk, I’ll teach you some things. I won’t say what yet. I don’t know about showing you anything. We’ll have to see how it goes. Your Mom is going to let you spend the night with me. You don’t have to be home until nine tomorrow evening.”

Melissa flies into my arms. “Oh, wow. Cool. I get to be with you almost two whole days. Can I sleep in your bed?” “You sure can Sweety. You can pretend it’s a slumber party.” She wraps her arms around my neck kissing me smack on my lips. She feels good in my arms, but I can see we have a lot of work to do just to get her to kiss good. My dick is already hard anyway. I pull her loose from me placing her back on the couch next to me.

Melissa looks at me inquisitively. “What am I going to wear? I don’t have any clothes other than these. They won’t be comfortable enough for a slumber party.“ I hand her the case. “Here. Wear these. Your Mom packed them for you.“ Melissa starts unbuttoning her shirt. “Whoa, girl. Lets wait until I finish the talk. Then the party can begin. When you get dressed, I want you to do it in the other room. Understood?“ Melissa giggles and buttons her shirt back up.

It took a while, but I managed to explain it all to Melissa without being too vulgar. I was surprised at how intelligent her questions were. She asked a shit load of them too. “Thanks Joe. I thought I’d never be told what it's about. Can I ask you a special favor. Its very important to me?” Here it comes. She’s probably getting ready to ask if I’ll let her blow me. “I already told you, you can ask whatever you want.”

Melissa looks at me like she isn't sure. “My Dad doesn’t have any brothers. Would you be my Uncle? Would you mind if I call you Uncle Joe?” This request really got to me. I am thrilled Melissa likes me that much. “I’d love to be your Uncle. You can call me anything you like.” Melissa hops up in enthusiasm. “I love you Uncle Joe.”

I watch in amusement as Melissa scurries into the bedroom to change. When she came back out, I nearly drop my eye teeth. Melissa is wearing a tiny black lace lingerie ensemble that consists of a nearly see through bra, an almost nonexistent pair of panties, and a cute matching short gown that resembles a veil in texture. I want to fuck her already. But of course her being just ten, I can’t do that.

Melissa plops beside me on the couch. Her frail arms wrap immediately around my shoulders. She hugs me close and her mouth moves straight up to mine. “Oh, Uncle Joe. I love you so much.” Her lips mash against mine. I am finally able to get a grip on my emotions. Yeah. I am starting to fall in love with her too, but I really needed to slow things down a little before they get too far out of hand. At this rate, I’ll be banging her in the ass in no time.

I peel her arms loose pulling her lips away from me. Wait, Melissa. Let me teach you some other things first. I am sure you will enjoy them. I want you to sit in the lazy boy across from the couch. Sit in it whatever way you normally would. Melissa looks at me like I am nuts.

“Aw Uncle Joe. I want to try some of the stuff you told me about. I really want to feel you inside of me. Please?” I hold up a hand signifying for her to keep quiet. “The first lesson is anticipation. This is the way it works. You are sitting across from me. I can’t touch you and you can’t touch me. You want to cuddle with me really bad. You already know how you feel.”

“I am guessing from the way you are talking, you are bucking at the bit to go all the way. What I want you to do is think all about what you want me to do to you. Dwell on it. Imagine it happening. Think about how good it is feeling. In the mean time, I want you to sit comfortably, but act like doing it with me is the farthest thing from your mind.”

“I am going to do the same thing over here. We’ll do that for two hours and then talk over how we feel. Then we’ll see what develops from there. Okay?” Melissa pouts a little then smiles. “Okay, Uncle Joe. I trust you, so I’ll give it a try.”

Melissa trounces into the chair just like any ten year old would. Her legs immediately slide under her ass cheeks with her knees at the edges of the chair. I could see her hole sucking in most of the narrow cloth barely covering her hole. The edges of her pussy are exposed on each side nearly showing off her lips. My crotch is already getting wet. I can only imagine what kind of shape I’ll be in two hours from now.


Two hours has passed. The two of us have been drooling over each other the whole time. My underpants are soaked. I can smell the sex emanating from between my legs. Melissa is breathing like she is in heat. I believe I see a wet spot in the front of her panties, but it’s hard to tell with the black color. Her nipples are poking at the thin material on her chest.

“Okay, Melissa. Come over here. Sit beside me and I’ll teach you how to kiss.”

To be continued………………………………........................................................

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