Tracy and I had been married for two years and we were both twenty. The sex was great and we were great friends just like we had been since sixth grade. Tracy was stunning, with long red hair and green eyes, she had firm breasts I loved to feel. I also loved holding her and caressing her hips and pelvic area.

She always smiled and let me before pulling my hand somewhere else that really got us both going. I had received a large inheritance from a great grandparent as well as a small cottage. The cottage had once been in the country but the city was much closer now. It was on a five acre lot with flowering bushes that were ten feet tall or higher guarding the fences.

It had two bedrooms and a den, a comfortable living room and dinning room. Tracy and I both fell in love with the huge kitchen though. My name is Allen and I’m just under six feet tall. Tracy and I fuck each other at least once every day. I work from home, I use the den as my office and have an internet business.

Tracy is a secretary and works a forty hour work week, Monday through Friday. She is always visiting her friend April or having her over. We have always been open and honest with each other. I knew Tracy and April had sex with each other, she was the one to tell me. That had never bothered me but she knew I drew the line where other men were concerned.

She knew I looked at other women just as she knew she would be the one I pulled to bed to satisfy my lust. It was a Friday and I had been really busy. I had to go out shopping and then mail several things for my business. Tracy had said she had April coming over after work. I came home and put everything away and glanced at the clock to see I had a few minutes to shower before Tracy got home with her friend.

Tracy and I had been talking about having a baby. She had also been making strange hints and suggestions about her best friend. April was two years younger than Tracy and I. She was a blonde and sometime I had to shake my head at Tracy when she acted like a scatter brain. She kept her hair short and had a lovely figure with breasts the same size as Tracy and hips that curved nicely.

I stripped and climbed in the shower. I was shampooing my hair when I heard the shower door open and felt the naked body against mine. I grinned and didn’t open my eyes as she rubbed her breasts back and forth on my back. I felt her hands as she reached around to grasp my cock and stroke it. When I heard the shower door open again I stopped moving.

The door closed and a moment later I heard a female moan behind me. I ducked my head to rinse the shampoo off and then turned to look behind me. Tracy was behind April caressed her hips and kissing the nap of her neck. April was against my back and had her hands around me stroking my hard cock. I cleared my throat, “Tracy?”

She looked up from nibbling on April’s earlobe, “I brought home a surprise for you.”

I looked from her face to April as she groaned, “Surprise?”

Tracy laughed and turned to squeeze past April and then around me. She turned me to face April as she grabbed a washing mitt. She embraced me for a kiss as she started washing my back, April was staring at my cock and I was looking back at Tracy. She nodded to April, “April asked if she could live with us.”

I looked at April as she put her hands on my shoulders and grinned at Tracy, “He looks wonderful. Can I fuck him?”

I looked at Tracy as she laughed, “Go ahead.”

I opened my mouth and shut it as April suddenly jumped up. I caught her and then felt Tracy’s hands as she reached around to guide my cock to her friend’s pussy. I looked at Tracy and lowered April to impale her on my cock. She groaned as my thick cock spread her open and pushed firmly against the back of her pussy, “Tracy?”

She hugged me and laughed, “I’m pregnant. April wants to live with us. You like her and she likes you. She wants to be my wife so I told her she would have to be a wife to both of us.”

I looked at Tracy stunned, “You’re pregnant?”

I was holding April easily as she thrust and humped against me. Tracy grinned and nodded, “I tested myself today at work.”

I grinned and then looked at April. I looked at Tracy, “Turn the water off.”

I held April with one hand and stepped carefully to open the shower door. I stepped out and walked to the counter where I sat April on the edge. She sighed and leaned into me, “Please Allen. You guys are all I really have.”

I knew her parents had died several months ago. I caressed down her sides and looked at Tracy as she came up beside me, “Tracy?”

She hugged me and reached out to caress April, “She isn’t being forced. She knows what she is doing. She has talked to me about having sex with you for months. Besides, you fuck enough to satisfy two women.”

I smiled and reached down to hold April’s hips as I started fucking her with long, slow strokes. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she shivered and groaned. I pushed all the way in and kissed her while rubbing her nipples and she shuddered as her pussy tightened around my cock. When her body shuddered violently she tore her mouth away and screamed, “Fuck!”

I smiled as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I continued fucking her slow and deep as Tracy hugged me and caressed my chest. I was rubbing and playing with April’s nipples as her body continued to spasm and shake. I felt myself getting close and pulled April off the counter and onto my cock.

She was fully impaled with my cock pushing against her cervix as I started pumping spurts of cum. I was holding her bare butt as I spewed cum into her. April grunted and wrapped her arms and legs around me, “Yes!”

I could feel her tight pussy as it tried to milk my cock. I shuddered as I kept spurting into her and Tracy laughed as she hugged her, “That’s it pump it in nice and deep.”

April jerked and laughed shakily, “God is it ever deep.”

Tracy laughed as I finally sighed and shuddered and stopped cumming, “grab some towels Tracy.”

I turned with April still impaled and started walking out of the bathroom and down the hall and into our bedroom. I turned next to the bed as Tracy came in grinning and started drying April. I waited until she was done and turned to lower April to the bed and let my cock slip out before turning her.

Tracy started drying me while smiling, I took the towel from her and dried her before tossing the towel and turning her to the bed and April. I bent her over April and pushed my cock into her warm pussy. I was holding her hips as I began fucking her. She started thrusting back as she kissed April and April was holding her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Tracy moaned and shuddered as her hips thrust back for my cock. I started rubbing her warm ass with my thumb and she jerked. Her warm pussy began spasming and tightened around my cock as I buried it and reached around to squeeze her clit. Tracy jerked back into me hard and screamed as her pussy squeezed my cock, “FUCK!”

April laughed and kissed her passionately as I went back to fucking Tracy with long, slow, deep thrusts. She shuddered and started to collapse and I held her hips. Tracy continued to jerk and shake as her pussy contracted around my cock. I fucked her hard trying to cum and Tracy started grunting.

I was careful not to push into her to far and it wasn’t to long before I pressed against the back of her pussy as I began spurting cum. She jerked at the warm cum filling her and cried out, “FUCK YES!”

I pumped and spewed six or seven jets of cum before slowing to a dribble. Tracy laughed as she moved forward to pull my cock out. She turned to lay next to April, “Sooo?”

I smiled and moved to April’s other side, “It looks like we have another wife.”

They grinned and turned to kiss each other before they both focused on me. I finally laughed and pushed them both away, “Enough you two crazy women.”

They grinned as I got out of bed and headed for the door. I looked back, “Dinner should be in another hour.”

I wasn’t surprised when they followed my example and came out naked. I did wear an apron while cooking, I didn’t want anything to get burned. After dinner Tracy pulled April after her towards the bedroom laughing about it being her turn. I cleaned up and sat in the front room to watch a movie. Tracy came out and sat in my lap to snuggle, “Want to watch us?”

I laughed, “If you are offering.”

She grinned and stood to pull me to my feet before shutting the TV off. She led me back to the bedroom and her make up chair that sat beside the bed. I kissed her and pushed her towards April who was waiting on the bed. Tracy grinned as she stalked onto the bed, “Now I am going to eat you up.”

April laughed and rolled onto her back. Tracy moved between her legs and leaned down to lick her pussy. She gasped and shivered as Tracy started nibbling and teasing her clit. I sat down and watched as April shuddered and lifted her hips several times. She jerked around and spasmed and screamed until Tracy finally kissed up her body.

April was panting and shaking as she clutched at Tracy. Finally she grinned and rolled so that Tracy was under her. She kissed her passionately, “Now I am going to fuck you my wife.”

Tracy grinned and hugged her as she spread her legs. April positioned her pussy on Tracy’s and started to hump and grind. I grinned as they pressed into each other and rubbed pussies. It wasn’t long before Tracy and April were both incoherent and shaking. They were both spasming and jerking around and finally April sighed and rolled off.

She looked at me and smiled, “Want to fuck me?”

Tracy laughed as she turned onto her side, “Come fuck her honey. She’s nice and wet now.”

I laughed as I stood and moved onto the bed and between April’s legs. I slowly pushed into her and sank to her cervix before starting to fuck her. Tracy moved closer to caress and rub my hip as April began to shudder. I was using long, deep thrusts that made April grunt and shudder. It wasn’t long before she started thrashing around and bucking as her pussy grasped my cock.

I kissed her passionately and buried my cock to hump and grind. April lifted her legs and howled as my cock slipped deeper. I shuddered and pulled back to fuck her with deep, hard thrusts. A couple of minutes and she was wailing as her legs kicked in the air. I began to fuck her with long thrusts and her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock.

I pushed into her when my cock began to jerk and April clung to me as I started to pump large jets of cum. I spewed and spurted and gushed until I was finished and her womb was full. I kissed her before pulling out and Tracy pulled me over her, “Now me.”

I laughed as I moved between her legs and kissed her passionately. I lifted up and pushed into her and she groaned as my cock pushed deeper. I was careful as I began to fuck her, Tracy hugged me and wrapped her legs around me. I fucked her with slow thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering and shaking.

Her pussy began to spasm and tighten each time I thrust into her. She became wetter and slipperier as I started fucking her with deep thrusts. She was panting as she wailed and started bucking, “ALLEN!”

I fucked her faster using straight jabs and she threw her feet into the air as she kept howling, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I buried my cock and humped into her as she convulsed and jerked. As she started to relax I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts. She screamed as she started bucking and struggling under me. A couple of minutes and I pushed against her cervix just as I started cumming. Tracy wrapped her legs around me and tilted her hips as I spurted and spewed and pumped thick ropes of sperm.

When I was done cumming she shuddered and sighed before dropping to the bed. I kissed her and pulled out before laying beside her. I smiled at April, “want to snuggle against our wife?”

She looked at Tracy and grinned as Tracy laughed. I cupped a breast and rubbed her nipple before putting my head beside hers. April scooted closer and Tracy sighed before whispering, “Thank you Allen.”

I caressed her pelvis, “Your welcome.”

I woke when I was pushed onto my back and someone straddled me. I blinked as Tracy lifted my cock and April impaled her tight pussy on my cock. I reached up to cup her breasts as she began to thrust and rub her pussy on me. Her pussy was slippery and kept grasping my cock. She sighed and shivered before grinning at my wife, “thanks Tracy, I’m always horny in the morning.”

I grinned as Tracy laughed, “So is he.”

I rubbed April’s nipple and slipped my other hand between us to rub her clit. She jerked in surprise before shuddering as her pussy tightened, “you keep fucking me like this and Tracy won’t be the only one pregnant.”

Tracy laughed as April grinned before laying on me and rolling as she pulled me with her. I ended between her legs and kissed her before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed my cock against the back of her pussy. I kept kissing her as she jerked and started thrashing around while her pussy spasmed and milked my cock.

I used long thrusts and began to grind and hump into her. April jerked and then began bucking and struggling as her pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock. She wailed and convulsed as I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes. I slowed and buried my cock to hump into her and she thrust her hips up as she squirted and screamed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her as she wiggled and squirmed and Tracy laughed and slapped my butt, “fuck her.”

I stuck my tongue out at her before kissing April and pulling back to start to fuck her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around me and kept wailing as her pussy spasmed and clenched on my cock. It took a couple of minutes and by then April was incoherent as I pushed her cervix open and spewed my huge morning load of cum.

She jerked in surprise and tilted her hips as she tightened her hold on me, “mmmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I gave her another kiss and pulled out before sliding off the bed, “silly sluts.”

Tracy laughed and April giggled as I walked out. I let them shower together and get dressed as I made coffee and breakfast. They both kissed me before walking towards the coffee machine. I went to shower as they sat at the table. When I walked out dressed Tracy grinned, “Want to go shopping for baby things with us?”

I shook my head, “I have a few things around the house to do.”

I grinned, “Make sure you buy two of each.”

They looked at each other and grinned and spoke together, “We were going to.”

I laughed as I poured coffee and went to check e-mail and orders. When I was done I went out back and checked the robot mower Tracy had gotten me for my birthday. I started it and went to trim some bushes and spray insect repellent in the garage. I came back and started edging as the mower moved into the center of the yard.

We finished at the same time and I shut it off before cleaning it and plugging it in to charge. I did a couple of chores before going back into the house. I grinned when I saw Tracy and April both naked and relaxing on the couch, “already done with the shopping?”

Tracy grinned, “taking a lunch break so you could fuck April again.”

I held out my hand, “come with me.”

They laughed as I started undressing while I walked back towards the bedroom. I tossed everything into the dirty clothes hamper. April and my wife laid back on the bed and I walked to the edge and reached for April’s ankle and pulled her closer. She laughed as Tracy grinned and turned to kiss her as I lifted her legs at the edge of the bed and spread them.

April reached between her legs for my hard cock and guided it to her almost hot pussy. I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly. It wasn’t long before I hit her cervix and she howled as she bucked and squirted. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and she kept convulsing as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and tried to milk it.

I grinned as I pulled out and flipped her over. She was on the edge of the bed as I spread her legs and pushed back into her. I fucked her hard and deep, pushing all the way into her. She howled and started thrashing around as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. Tracy laughed as she reached out to rub April’s asshole.

I buried my cock and held her as she continued to wiggle and squirm. After several minutes she shuddered and began to relax. I pulled almost out of her and started to fuck her with long strokes. She screamed and jerked as her pussy tightened but I kept fucking her firmly. It was five minutes before I shoved into her and pressed against her cervix hard.

She stiffened as my cock throbbed and jerked before gushing cum into her. She shook and shuddered as I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done. I pulled out and bent to push her completely onto the bed as she panted. Tracy pulled her against her side and cupped a breast before kissing her, “have fun?”

She giggled, “Yeah.”

I shook my head, “I’ll do both of you later, maybe all night.”

I went to wash and then to make lunch. It didn’t take April long to get pregnant. All three of us take walks and snuggled and do everything together. I fuck the both of them four or five times a day at least and both my wife and our lover have gotten pregnant a second time.
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