I glanced out the window to see my neighbor Sage. She was a stunning nineteen year old college student leasing a studio apartment. The only apartment available to me had been a furnished four bedroom. I mostly only used the living room though, half of the time I just slept on the couch.

I am twenty four and a graphic designer. I work from home mostly, my computers are in the living room because that is the only room that has cable. My name is Ryan and I stay fit by swimming a lot. I glanced up when I saw the five teenage girls going to Sage’s. They were still wearing cheerleader uniforms with short skirts and tight tops.

Once the door closed I shook my head and straightened my hard cock. It was large so getting hard with it bent can be a little uncomfortable. I got lost in the character I was making and almost had a heart attack when Sage cleared her throat from the door. I leave the door open to get fresh air and turned to look at her and she grinned, “Sorry.”

I smiled sheepishly, “My own fault for getting lost in my work.”

She stepped in, “Can we talk?”

I sat back, Sage and I had only talked a few times. When she wasn’t at school she danced in a strip club, “Sure.”

She walked in and sat in one of the comfortable chairs and I turned mine to face her, “What’s up?”

Sage fidgeted, “have you ever had sex?”

I blushed and shook my head and she smiled, “I have a offer for you. You know a lot of guys that have probably never had sex or only done it a few times. My sister Ginger and her cheerleading squad want to go to spring break. The problem is they don’t have any money.”

She was looking at me and bit her lip, “I could talk to a lot of guys that go to the club I work at but I don’t think it would be safe for them.”

Sage looked down, “maybe you could... be their... pimp?”

I was stunned and sat back to think. I did know a lot of guys, mostly nerds. They would jump at a chance to have sex with a girl. I leaned towards her, “What do I get?”

She fidgeted, “Sex?”

I waited and she blushed, “With me and the girls?”

I shook my head, “I wouldn’t know what to charge.”

Sage grinned and leaned forward, “We thought about that. How about a hundred each?”

I glanced towards the hallway, “And who cleans up after?”

She grinned again, “We will.”

I turned to look out the window while I thought, I really wanted to fuck Sage. I finally looked at her, “only with each girl using protection.”

She nodded and I nodded back, “I’ll make a few calls.”

She stood, “let me go get the girls.”

I cleared my throat, “They need sexy underwear.”

Sage looked at me as I blushed, “They can wait out here for customers in their underwear...”

She grinned, “I didn’t think of that. Okay, I’ll fix them up.”

She walked out and I watched her all the way to her door. I turned and used my computer to chat with the other guys that were on my chat list, I had over three hundred on the list. It was almost ten minutes before I saw Sage and the girls, when they walked in they looked nervous. I smiled and looked at each of them, “I hope you thought to bring a douche and enema.”

Sage grinned, “I did. We also have a couple of boxes of condoms.”

I nodded, “Well, I already have a couple of dozen guys for today. They haven’t done it before.”

The girls looked at each other and Sage cleared her throat before stripping. The girls grinned as they followed her example. I nodded to the closet by the door, “You can put your clothes in that closet.”

They were all wearing sexy panties and bras and I watched for another minute before I shook myself. I turned back to my work and Sage walked up behind me, “Save that and come fuck me.”

I blushed before doing what she told me. I stood and glanced at the other girls, “There is soda and ice tea in the kitchen.”

I followed Sage down the hall as she glanced back, “Which is yours?”

I blushed, “The last one on the left but I don’t sleep in there a lot.”

She smiled as she walked into the room. She looked around before turning and sitting on the bed, “Neat and clean.”

I reddened as I came closer to the bed, “Yesterday was laundry and cleaning day.”

She grinned as she moved back on the bed and held out her arms, “come fuck me.”

I hesitated before moving onto the bed, “I don’t have protection.”

Sage smiled as she pushed me onto my back, “We aren’t going to use protection with you. We are all on birth control and plan to use protection with the men but you get us bareback.”

She was opening my pants before pulling them down and looked up when she saw my cock. She grinned, “this just gets better.”

She pulled my pants off before moving over me and rubbing her almost bare body on me. I caressed her before awkwardly trying to take her bra off, “You said we, are you going to...”

She giggled and rubbed her naked breasts on me as her bra came off, “No, I was going to relax here before I have to go to work. After I go the girls will take turns if you want them.”

I held her as my hands slipped down to try to push her panties off. She turned and reached down to wiggle them off before straddling me again. She moved up and lifted before reached down and positioning my cock. Her hand on my cock made me shudder and then I felt her warm, tight pussy as she pushed back and down.

I groaned as my thick cock pushed into a woman for the first time. Sage grunted as her pussy grasped my cock and then she shivered and shuddered. She grinned at me and sat up to push my cock into her deeper. When I hit her cervix she jerked and stopped before starting to rock and thrust back and forth.

She was rubbing her pussy on me and it was the best feeling in the world. I reached up to cup her firm breasts as she started breathing harder and shaking. She started becoming erratic and then she was jerking and twisting as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I shuddered and pulled her down as I thrust up. Sage stiffened as my cock pushed against her cervix and then erupted.

She jerked as cum gushed through in a strong stream, “yyyyyeeeeesssss!”

I was jerking with her as I kept pumping cum into her. When I stopped we both sighed and started to relax. I glanced at the open door to see all the girls grinning at us. They left as Sage laid on me and gave me a kiss, “Damn that felt good.”

I rubbed her butt, “Set the example and douche so the girls will....”

She laughed and kissed me hard before sliding off, “They know.”

I looked at her amazing body as she reached for her bra and panties. I shook myself and climbed out of bed to get dressed. The girls were sitting around in the living room when I came in. They grinned at me as I blushed and crossed to my chair. I had barely sat down when a friend appeared in the doorway.

I smiled and turned to look at the girls, “Which one do you want?”

He cleared his throat before stepping into the apartment. He was blushing when he pointed to one of the girls and she stood and crossed to him, “I’m Amber.”

He smiled, “hi.”

She reached for his hand but I cleared my throat, “one hundred.”

He blushed and pulled his wallet out as I stood. He handed me the money and I nodded to Amber, “The first bedroom on the right.”

She smiled and pulled him after her. The other girls waited until they were gone before whispering that he had been afraid. Sage walked in as I sat and turned to open a drawer in my desk. I put the money in an old cigar box after dumping computer disks out. I turned back as Sage sat and looked at the girls, “I told you these guys have never had sex.”

They looked at each other and then grinned. I went back to work but had to stop every so often as one of the guys came in. Sage came to rub my shoulders, “I have to go Ryan.”

I turned to see her dressed and glanced at the other girls before whispering, “When do I stop?”

She smiled, “how about midnight? It’s Friday so they don’t have school.”

I nodded and looked up into her face, “Are you coming back tonight?”

She bent to give me a soft kiss, “Leave the door unlocked and I will.”

I smiled and nodded and watched her leave. I saved my work and looked at the two girls watching my TV, “are you girls hungry?”

They grinned, “Sure.”

I turned back to my computer to order Chinese food before I stood and stretched and walked into the kitchen. I glanced at one of the girls as she followed me. She grinned, “We’ve been douching and using rubbers if you want to do one of us.”

I smiled, “What’s your name?”

She came closer, “Ivy.”

I grinned as I put my hands on her waist and suddenly lifted her and sat her on the counter. I knelt and moved the crotch of her string panties aside before starting to lick her pussy. She shuddered and leaned back as I captured her clit and sucked on it while using my tongue. I went back and forth, sucking and teasing her clit to licking through her pussy.

I even pushed my tongue into her a couple of times. She was moaning and groaning when I stood up and opened my pants. I positioned my cock and pushed as I pulled her half off the counter. My cock entered her and Ivy grunted and clutched at me, “your cock is really big.”

Her pussy was tight and warm as it squeezed my cock. I held her waist as I started fucking her and it wasn’t long before she was shaking and jerking as she clung to me. I was hitting and pushing against her cervix as I fucked her using long thrusts. Every other minute she would shudder as her pussy tightened.

I watched three guys leave and two come in as I kept fucking her. The girl Amber came to lean on the counter and grin as Ivy jerked and convulsed. I slowly pushed harder against her cervix as my cock throbbed and Ivy went wide eyed as she stiffened, “oooohhhh!”

I held her and went weak kneed as I start spewing a huge, gushing stream of cum. Ivy jerked as warm cum surged into her womb to fill it completely. She gasped and shuddered hard, “mmmmm!”

Her pussy was clenching and squeezing my cock as I kept spurting jets of cum into her. When I stopped she sighed and leaned against me, “Damn that felt awesome.”

Amber laughed and reached out to shake her, “your next up so go douche.”

I gave her another kiss before pulling out of her pussy. She shuddered and dropped off the counter, “A girl could get used to that.”

I pulled up my pants as she left and Amber came to rub my chest through the shirt, “Do me next?”

I laughed and rubbed her hard nipples through the bra, “In a bed.”

She grinned and turned as the food delivery guy came to the door. I moved around her and walked out as he was staring around at the girls, “Girls night.”

He grinned, “Lucky you.”

I paid for the food and the three large bottles of soda. I put it on the dinning room table and went to get plates and silverware. There was a lull and all five girls came to sit and eat. I smiled as they whispered and giggled. It didn’t last and more of the guys I had chatted with arrived. For awhile it was busy with one or two guys sitting and waiting to use a bedroom.

It was ten before things slowed down and several of the guys had come back to pay for a second turn. All the girls actually seemed to be enjoying themselves. Amber came out and glanced around before walking to me. She bent to give me a kiss before opening my pants and pulling my hard drooling cock out.

She straddled me and moved the crotch of her panties aside before slowly impaling her pussy. I shuddered as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She sighed and relaxed before starting to rock and thrust back and forth. She rubbed her pussy on me and began to jerk and shake as it tightened.

It didn’t take her long to become erratic and start jerking. Every couple of minutes she twisted and wiggled as she screamed while kissing me. When I was ready to cum she seemed to know and spread her legs while lifting them off the floor. My cock pushed against her cervix as it erupted and Amber began convulsing as warm cum gushed inside her.

I held her in place as I kept spurting and pumping jets of cum. When I stopped she shuddered and lowered her legs back to the floor. I hugged her and rubbed her back and a minute later she took a deep breath. She grinned and kissed me hard before standing, “I better go douche.”

I watched her leave as Ginger and Dawn snickered. I fixed my pants and turned to my computer. I chatted with a few more guys and set up appointments for Saturday afternoon and evening. When midnight came I stood and closed the door. There was only one guy left and he was in with Ginger.

I smiled at the other girls, “Time to clean up and shower unless you want to sleep on cummy sheets.”

They grinned and then headed to the bedrooms. I went to clean up the kitchen and dinning room. I took the garbage out and came back as the last man left. I left the door unlocked as I headed towards my bedroom. I stripped and hesitated before going to the bathroom. The door was open and all the girls were naked as they brushed their hair or got ready for bed.

I rubbed Holly’s cute butt as I moved around her and climbed into the shower. Dawn slipped into the shower and grinned as she rubbed my chest and took the wash cloth and started washing me. I watched her and reached out to feel her breasts. She smiled and pressed against me, “Cum in me before I go to bed?”

She turned and bent over as she put her hands on the wall. I rubbed her butt, “you can sleep with me so it stays in.”

She looked back and grinned, “okay.”

I turned her and felt her body before shutting the water off and getting out. I dried her and myself before leaving and she followed me. The only light on was the dim night light in the hall. I turned to let her climb in before I followed her. I laid beside her and caressed her body before giving her a kiss and moving between her legs, I lifted up and pushed into her slowly.

She shivered and groaned as my thick cock spread and stretched her tight pussy. I kissed her before starting to fuck her deeper. Her hips lifted to meet mine a moment later and she jerked when I hit the back of her pussy. I kept fucking her slowly with deep thrusts that finally pushed her cervix open.

She was clinging to me as she wrapped her arms and legs around me and moaned, “mmmmm!”

I buried my cock and pressed and humped and rubbed against her. Dawn jerked and convulsed as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. She squirted and started bucking, “ooooohhhhhh!”

I kissed her as I pulled back and began to fuck her hard and deep. She lifted her legs and began to wail as her body twisted and started thrashing around. I fucked her steadily for several minutes before shoving into her and held her bucking body as I started cumming. Dawn howled as I pumped warm cum into her and when I stopped cumming I kiss her as she panted, “Is that what you wanted?”

The other girls snickered from the door as Dawn grinned and hugged me, “Yeah.”

I pulled out and turned to lay back and she turned to snuggle against me, “That was better then those guys.”

I caressed her bare shoulder, “Sometimes you get out what you put in.”

She sighed and relaxed as I looked up at the ceiling. I woke when Sage slipped into bed and looked at her. She rubbed my chest before gently moving Dawn and straddling me. I cupped her breasts as she positioned my cock and pushed down to slid it into her. She sighed and started to rock slowly, “how did it go?”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “they seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Dawn shifted and turned onto her side as she giggled, “we did.”

Sage grinned as she wiggled and rolled her hips, “Girls don’t get to just fuck someone like a guy.”

I kept feeling her amazing breasts, “I wouldn’t mind. Of course if they stopped sharing with me, I might.”

She shuddered and jerked as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. It had already pushed her cervix open as it slipped in and out. She started convulsing and dropped to my chest as she squirted and her pussy spasmed. I rubbed her back and caressed her hips as she shuddered. She finally lifted her head to look at me and grinned before rolling and pulling me with her, “Your turn.”

I laughed as I rolled with her and started to fuck her with deep strokes. She spread her legs and planted her feet on the bed as she started thrusting up. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her hard and deep and she started shaking as she cried out. It was another couple of minute before I shoved into her and grunted as I started pumping cum.

Sage’s feet were beating the bed as she thrashed around and wailed. She lifted her hips when she felt the warm cum gushing into her and hugged me tight as her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming she was more than full and I pulled out and turned to lay back. She turned to lay against me as Dawn shifted to put her head on my shoulder. I gave Sage a caress, “The girls have more customers starting at nine. They will come off and on all day.”

Sage laughed, “the little whores should enjoy that.”

Dawn giggled, “Oh yeah.”

I closed my eyes with the girls against and on me. I woke when Dawn moved off the bed and turned my head to see what time it was. I shifted out from under Sage and followed Dawn to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and went to the kitchen. I looked at what I had and turned when Dawn came in, “Want to take a quick trip to the store?”

She smiled, “I don’t have my clothes.”

I nodded, “I won’t be long.”

I went to slip on a pair of pants and a shirt before leaving. When I got back everyone except Sage was up. I let the girls have the cereal and milk and headed to my bedroom. I leaned over the bed and started kissing Sage and she finally opened her eyes. I smiled, “The girls are going to need this bed. You might want to go home to sleep for a few more hours.”

She smiled, “and if I stay someone might stick a cock into your hole.”

I grinned, “Yeah.”

She grinned and pulled me down for a kiss before slipping off the bed. She pulled a robe on and then picked up a bag before taking my hand. She gestured and handed the bag to Ginger, “new uniforms for today and more condoms.”

I grinned and gave her a kiss and a key before she sighed, “I’ll be back.”

I watched her leave before looking at the girls, “make the beds with just the sheets so you have a clean office.”

They laughed as I went to my computer. I glanced at the time before making a few chat calls. The girls were all relaxing behind me in the living room wearing new negligees. I glanced at the door when a young guy stopped in the doorway. He was blushing and finally pulled his eyes away from the girls. He grinned and pulled out five one hundred dollar bills.

I accepted them and nodded to the girls and Ivy stood when he pointed to her. She smiled and pressed against him to give him a soft kiss. She led him towards the back and that started the day. A couple of hours later Ginger pulled my chair back and turned me as she started opening my pants, “Its Saturday, don’t work so hard.”

She pulled my pants down and stroked my hard drooling cock before straddling me. She slowly sat and pushed my cock into her as she shivered and her warm pussy squeezed. I held her as she began to thrust back and forth. My thick cock was rubbing against the back of her pussy as she began to pant and shudder.

It was several minutes before she wet me and kissed me as she cried out. Her pussy spasmed and milked my cock as it pushed into her deeper. She jerked and started convulsing as she squirted a couple more times. I kept kissing her as she wailed and finally grunted and pulled her down and against me as I began to gush cum into her.

She jerked and shuddered hard as warm sperm erupted through her cervix. When I finally stopped cumming she shivered and sighed, “Thanks Ryan, I’ve never let a guy squirt in me before.”

I grinned and rubbed her back as I looked at the door to see a guy from yesterday. I accepted the money and Ginger sighed as she slowly stood and walked towards the hall and the bathroom. I fixed my pants before checking the time, I set a couple of appointments before Holly came to pull me into the kitchen.

She grinned as she wiggled out of her panties and hopped up on the counter. I opened my pants and moved between her legs. I slowly pushed into her and she sighed as I began to fuck her. I caressed her hips as her warm pussy tightened and squeezed my cock and pulled her off the counter. She was impaled on my cock and wrapped her legs around me with a moan and shudder.

I leaned against the counter and held her as I began to fuck into her. It was a minute before she started spasming as she wet me and howled. I continued to fuck her and she kept cumming. I lasted another ten minutes before shuddering and hugging her as I gushed cum up through her cervix.

She shuddered and her pussy clenched around my cock as I pumped cum into her. When I was done I gave her a kiss and lifted her off my cock and sat her back on the counter. Holly grinned and hopped off the counter and embraced me, “That was great Ryan.”

I caressed her before pulling my pants up and she walked out swinging her panties around a finger, I was making lunch at noon when Sage walked in. She grinned and came to help before we put the sandwiches and juice on the dinning room table. When I sat back down at my computer she sat in my lap, “Working?”

I caressed her flat tummy, “actually I am talking to a few men and making appointments.”

She grinned, “How do you know who they are?”

I smiled and tugged on a nipple through her blouse, “I know them.”

She shuddered and then grinned, “I’m overdressed.”

She stood and undressed, ignoring the guy that stopped in the doorway. I pushed her towards the closet, “you’re early.”

He pulled his eyes from Sage and grinned, “is she available?”

Sage laughed, “Sorry handsome but Ryan is the only guy I do.”

I nodded to the couch and the three girls grinning at him. He grinned back, “can I do all of them together?”

The girls jumped up as I held out my hand, “three hundred.”

He fumbled in his pocket before handing me the money. The girls pulled him away and I turned to Sage as she came back wearing a cat suit, “we need more negligees.”

She straddled me and gave me a kiss, “these will last. I’ll take the girls shopping during the week.”

She lifted and opened my pants before wiggling down my cock with a sigh. She began to slowly rock and thrust as her warm pussy milked my cock. I held and caressed her and glanced at the guy leaving. He grinned and waved as he walked out and Sage shuddered as her pussy tightened.

She began to jerk and spasm as her slippery pussy contracted. I kissed her as she started to wail and jerk. She squirted and wet me as she twisted and shuddered hard. It was a minute before she sighed and began to fuck me again. I smiled and shivered as my cock began to throb and my balls started to churn.

It was a minute before I shuddered with Sage as she thrust down hard and kissed me to quiet her scream. My cock gushed and spewed warm cum through her cervix and into her womb as she jerked and convulsed. When I stopped cumming she leaned against me panting and grinned. I turned to the computer with her still impaled and went to a lingerie site.

I squeezed Sage, “help me.”

She turned her head and grinned before starting to help me pick baby dolls and negligees and cat suits. I ordered them overnighted and paid with my credit card. Sage shuddered when her pussy squeezed my cock again and I grinned, “again?”

She laughed and slowly stood, “gotta pee.”

She walked towards the hall as two girls came out with a guy. He waved as he left and they sat on the couch, “he wanted to watch us douche.”

I grinned, “he’ll be back before tonight.”

I gestured to the dinning room table, “lunch.”

Things went fast during the afternoon and then slowed around dinner time, (which was Italian.) Sage kissed me, “I have to go to work, save me some warm cum.”

I grinned and watched her grab her clothes and wrap her robe around herself before walking out. Dawn walked to my chair as Ivy and Holly laughed and bent to kiss me and stroke my cock through my pants, “can I have some cream?”

I laughed and pushed my pants down before she straddled me and slowly impaled her warm pussy. She started thrusting back and forth while rolling her hips and her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. I fingered her through the crotchless panties and she shuddered before grinning and looking at a guy as he stopped in the doorway, “Hi.”

He blushed, “Hi.”

He looked at the couch, “can I fuck one of you?”

I was ready to say no when a guy I knew with an appointment stopped behind him, “sorry I’m late Ryan. This is my little brother and he hasn’t had sex before.”

I smiled as Dawn’s pussy spasmed and she shuddered, “put the money on the box and he can pick a girl.”

I had started just leaving the cigar box on the corner of the desk and emptying it every so often. A few moments later it was just Dawn and I and she kissed me and wiggled and squirmed, “get busy before another customer comes.”

I grinned as I kissed her and pulled her back and forth faster and harder. My cock was hitting and pushing her cervix open and she kissed me to quiet her wails and howls. It was another ten minutes before I grunted and held her incoherent body as I pumped and spewed a torrent of cum into her belly.

She grunted and groaned and sighed and finally just clutched me until I was done. Amber and Ginger chuckled when she shuddered and groaned before standing. Their two guys had smiled as they left and I rubbed Dawn’s butt, “go douche.”

She grinned and walked towards the hall with a tempting sway to her hips that had the other two girls laughing again. Business picked up again since it was Saturday night and it was a few hours before there was a lull. Ivy pulled me out of the comfortable chair I had moved to and walked around behind it before wiggling out of her panties and bending over the chair back.

I grinned as I opened my pants before rubbing her pussy and positioning my cock. I pushed into her and started to fuck her slowly. Amber stopped beside me and hugged me as I kept fucking her friend, “we’ll come over during the week just for you. The other guys can do us on the weekends unless you schedule a party.”

I leaned over to give her a kiss, “thanks.”

Ivy’s pussy was grasping and contracting as she moaned and shuddered almost violently. She was pushing back to meet each thrust. I used long strokes and Amber grinned and reached down to rub Ivy’s asshole. She jerked and slammed back, “FUCK!”

I held hips as I started to fuck her hard and deep, stopping each time to push and force my thick cock against her cervix. It was only a few minutes before Ivy was incoherent and shaking. She was wetting me as her pussy spasmed and kept clenching and squeezing my cock. I finally thrust into her and held her as I grunted and my cock erupted in a gushing stream.

She jerked and shoved back, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spurted and spewed until I was finished and slowly pulled out, “thanks Ivy.”

She shuddered and stood slowly before turning, “you fuck really good.”

Amber laughed and pushed her towards the hall, “go clean up.”

I watched her grin and stick her tongue out as she headed towards the hall. I pulled my pants up and looked at Amber, “are you next?”

She grinned, “hopefully you’ll give me a nice big load at bedtime so I can sleep with it in me.”

I laughed and caressed her cheek, “sure.”

I stopped everything and closed the door at midnight. The girls came out and sighed as they relaxed on the couch and chairs. I smiled, “you can remove your work clothes if you want.”

They laughed and stripped before relaxing. I cleaned up the little mess and went to the kitchen. I smiled as I pulled stuff out and made a large pitcher of milk with cream de mint in it. I brought out glasses and poured each girl a glass full. I sipped mine as I put all the money together and added it up.

The girls started yawning and I nodded to the milk, “finish and I’ll wash the glasses. You need to change the linens on the beds.”

Ten minutes later I was in the shower with the girls as they giggled and rubbed their titties on me. I teased and played with them until the water was cold and we got out. Each of the girls kissed me good night before Amber pulled me to my bedroom. She moved onto the bed and lay back before holding out her arms.

I smiled and shook my head as I shut the light off and moved to the bed. I crawled between her legs and kissed her thighs before pushing them open. I started licking her pussy and nibbling on her inner lips as she shivered and shuddered. I teased her clit for several minutes before starting to suck.

By then she was shaking and lifting her hips, a few more minutes and she wailed and started convulsing. She twisted away and I laughed as I moved up her body and kissed her before slowly pushing into her, “in my bed we do it my way.”

She grinned and hugged me as I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts that pushed deeper. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered as her pussy tightened. Suddenly she wailed and began to thrash and struggle as her pussy milked and spasmed around my cock. I fucked her hard and deep and kept planting my cock to press and grind against her.

She was shaking and jerking several minutes later when I buried my cock and began to pump and spew cum into her. Amber clutched me as her pussy clenched and she screamed, “HOLY FUCK!”

It was a minute before I stopped and kissed her, “did you learn anything?”

She laughed as the other girls giggled and snickered from the door. I pulled out and laid beside her as the others left and softly caressed her hip as she sighed and turned to put her head on my shoulder. I woke to Sage slipping into bed and turned to caress her before slipping down in bed to lick through her pussy.

In the three months before spring break the girls made a half million dollars. They made a lot of extra money during the week nights doing parties because I charged more. Sage was living with me by then. I gave each girl five thousand dollars to spend during spring break and invested the rest for them.

When they returned they told me everything including fucking a few guys but told me they used condoms. They had me pimp them for over two years, mostly to men that were now their regulars.

The investments I had made for them were paying off very well by then and Sage and I were married. We live in a large house now with all the girls while they attend college which is paid for. Most of them have plans to get pregnant this year with the rest waiting until next year. The girls still get customers but mostly it is just me that fucks them.
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