Memories in the life of a boy.
This story relates the memories from a boy’s life. It was originally written as a set of journals to help in his recovery from the deep emotional scars. He soon realized the more he talked it out, the less it hurt. He made the decision to share that experience with you, the reader. Warning the first 27 chapters had been reedited to eliminate under age characters.

This approach changed the story too much and was dropped. Thus this story depicts the events that happened to a young boy. If this kind of story is not to your liking, please do yourself a favor and read something else.

Total Confusion Part Twenty Eight

I am sitting in History class. Miss Holton is driving me insane with her long shapely legs dangling from what she considers a skirt. God, her legs are pretty. I have been gawking at them all period. My dick is dribbling in my pants. I can feel the wetness all in my underpants. Now, I am dreading hearing the bell ring. I have Phys Ed next. I hate Phys Ed with a passion.

There are several reasons for this hatred. First as I said, my underpants are wet from fantasizing about Miss Holton. I’ll have to dress out for Phys Ed. Everyone of the boys will see the wet spot in the front of my briefs. I know they’ll spot it, because they all stare at me. They can’t wait for me to get undressed so they can see my legs.

That’s bad enough, but the coach always shows up nearly drooling on himself as I put on that damn thing they call a jock strap. The coach insists we wear it to protect our testicles from injury. Yeah, I have to put one of those cup things in it too. The only use I see in the strap is it keeps my nuts from dropping out of the pant legs of the short gym trunks we have to wear.

I don’t know why they have to be so short. The hem at the bottom comes up nearly to my crotch. The shorts fit snuggly against my front and my butt, but the legs are baggy. So baggy that when I bend over or squat, anyone looking gets a birds eye view of my jock strap as well as the bottom of my ass cheeks. That sucks. It makes me feel like I am naked.

The bell just rang. I pick up my books heading for my locker. I stuffed the books in and slowly made my way to the locker room. My stomach is all in knots. I feel almost like throwing up. God, I wish there was some way I could get out of this. The only good thing about it is, when Phys Ed is over, I only have two classes left, then I can go home and nobody will be picking on me.

Nearly all the boys cast their eyes my way when I entered the locker room. I could feel their stares burning right through me. The killer is, not only are my pants wet, but I never developed down there to amount to much. I don’t even have enough hair around my thing to know it’s there. I already know the other guys are going to tease me about my dick. They always do.

My hands involuntarily unfasten my belt. I undo the snap on my jeans sliding the zipper all the way down. The feel of being watched as my pants fell around my ankles was making me nervous as hell. Suddenly I hear a chorus of, “Pencil dick. Pencil dick.” Some of the boys are pointing between my legs as they humiliate me in front of the rest of them.

I want to die. I feel so small and worthless in front of the other boys. Hurriedly I step out of my pants. Fortunately I learned a long time ago to pull my under wear off quickly with my pants. This seems to prevent them from making remarks about my smooth hairless girly legs as they call them. That also gives me a better chance of them not seeing the wetness in my under pants.

As usual the fucking jock strap didn’t want to cooperate. The straps never seem to line up with my legs. Coach Norton is on his way over already. The boys quit calling me names while the coach is there. The son of a bitch is gawking so hard at me, I begin to wonder if he’s going to help me put my jock strap on. Of course I know he won’t touch me, but I still wonder.

Adjusting the cup so it sits right is very embarrassing. Especially with all the staring. The boys are all dressing too, but they are still casting glances my way. Why does everyone want to look at me all the time? I feel like I am on display to the world. It doesn’t help any having the cheeks of my ass hanging out the back between the straps.

That hurts as well. I mean it really sticks out. Most girls would die to have a butt like it. I am getting sicker by the minute. I slid the gym shorts on as quickly as possible. Now I have to take my shirt off to replace it with my gym shirt and hope when we divide into teams I don’t end up on the skins side.

The problem is I am at that age where my nipples are swollen and it makes it look like I am starting to grow tits. My Mom assures me it is a normal occurrence for all boys at some time or the other and the problem will go away. Yeah, sure. If that’s the case, why don’t any of the other boys have them? The coach seems to eat up the chance to see my bared chest. Sometimes, I wonder if he’s queer.

But then, if he were, seemingly he would admire some of the other boys as well. He appears to be partial to looking at me. The guys tease me about that too. Sometimes they even call me “Coach’s boy toy.” I die inside everyday when I have to go through this shit. Why is the world so different for me than it is for everybody else? Why does everybody have to pick on me all the time?

I hurriedly swapped out shirts. Coach Norton walked away as the show is over now. I learned early on not to take off my shirt until I had my gym shorts on. When I did, I not only felt naked, but I was. I thought the coach was going to choke on his tongue the first time I was. Trouble is after I finish being humiliated out on the field, we have to come back in to take showers. Then I really do have to get nude. The coach will be there then too. Damn, I hate Phys Ed.

When I said humiliated on the field, it is because I am not any good at sports. None of them. I not only am last in the picking order, but no one wants to get stuck with me on their team. That sucks too, but there doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it. I can’t catch, hit, or throw the ball.

Finally we are off the field heading for the showers. I hear the coach call my name. “Kenny, Derrick isn’t here today. I need you to put away the equipment for me. You can grab a shower when you finish.” That was actually music to my ears. If I drag it out long enough, I can go in and take a shower without the other boys gawking at me. True, I’ll be late for study hall, but all the teachers know the equipment boy is sometimes a half hour late to class. They make adjustments to be fair to the boy for the missed time, but it doesn‘t matter much as they never appoint anyone to equipment boy unless their next class is study hall.

It took me twenty minutes to put everything where it belonged. I was ecstatic. Now there won’t be anybody in the locker room while I take my shower. I slipped into the room stripping my clothes off quickly. As I headed for the shower, Coach Norton showed up.

“Thanks for storing all the equipment Kenny.” The coach walked right up to me. My hands quickly covered my penis. “Relax, son. You don’t need to be embarrassed in front of me. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. After all, we’re both guys.” I figured the coach was right and dropped my hands. I stepped into the shower area. The coach followed me in.

Unfortunately at the same time I was having visions about Miss Holton shooting squirrel shots whenever she bent over to pick up the many items she seemed to drop rather regularly during class. As I thought about that beautiful mound between her legs, my dick got hard. I turned blood red immediately. Shit, I have a hard on in front of the coach. Now what am I going to do?

Coach Norton shot out a hand gently holding my hard on. “There’s no need to be uncomfortable about getting hard in front of me. I know young boys get that way at the drop of a hat nearly all the time. It is perfectly normal. Besides, you are a very pretty boy.” I am flabbergasted at the coach making such a blatant move on me.

With all the shit David has put me through, I just stood there in semi shock. The coach keeps his hold on my rod. I continue to stand there. His hand started moving up and down my shaft with a light caressing motion. Tingling sensations went all up and down my spine. I couldn’t back away. It was too late. I was hooked. Looking at Miss Holton for an hour made me so horny, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him to leave me alone.

His hand continued to work its magic. I started cooing with excitement. Coach Norton leaned forward placing his free arm around my shoulders. He swung me around close to him as his lips mashed against mine. I suddenly came to my senses. I am standing nude in the boys shower with my coach beating me off and kissing me. If anyone comes in, I am doomed.

I pulled loose from him. “Leave me the fuck alone. Somebody might see us.” Coach Norton reached back out grabbing my dick again. “Watch your mouth boy. I won’t abide a twelve year old using language like that. Come with me.” He tugged on my peter heading toward his office. It was only about twenty feet from the showers. He pulled me inside by my prick.

I had no choice but to go in with him. I had to go with my dick. When we were in the office, the coach locked the door. “Now, no one will see us. You’d best just relax and enjoy yourself. I know you are going to cooperate and be a good boy. After all, you don’t want anybody to know what we were doing do you?”

“No sir. I sure don’t.” Coach Norton pulled me up close to him as he kissed me gently again. I was stuck, so I kissed him back. I wonder how the fuck all these perverted bastards know I’ll do it with them. His hand wrapped itself around my hard prick. The tingling sensations started all over again. I must admit, the coach sure knows how to work on a peter. He’s flat driving me crazy.

Soon we were swapping tongues. I told you before I was hooked on kissing. Besides, the coach is a good looking guy and he kisses almost as good as Paul does. Coach Norton’s hand gently pulled to the tip of my rod. He twirled his fingers sweetly around the head. Then he slid his hand back down to the base where he tenderly traced around my smooth pubes.

He had only a light grip barely touching my skin. Every movement tickled in delight. The feeling is incredible. All the while he is fervently sucking on my tongue. God, I’m in heaven. I could feel my balls getting ready to explode. “Coach, you’d better stop. I’m getting ready to shoot off. We’ll get it all over the floor.”

The coach dropped to the floor on his knees quickly taking my delight into his mouth. He sucked expertly up and down bobbing his head as he worked. I shot off almost immediately. It was awesome. I felt like I would shoot off forever. When I finished, Coach Norton sucked me sweetly for another few minutes. He finally came up for air. I was breathing so heavily I felt like I might pass out. My heart was racing.

Coach stood up. “You are mighty tasty Kenny. I enjoyed that.” He unbuckled his pants dropping them to his ankles. “Hold on to the edge of the desk son.” I did as I was told. Soon I felt something wet on my rump as coach’s finger slid up my ass. He only kept it in me for a few seconds when my cheeks separated as his rod dove deeply into my butt.

He put his hands on my hips as he pulled me up close to him every time he bottomed out in my ass. He stayed motionless for a few seconds before pulling back so the head of his penis was all that was still in me. Then he slammed himself right back into me to the hilt. I could feel his pubes hit against my cheeks as his nuts slapped against the back of my thighs.

I thrilled on the sensation of his meat sliding in and out of my hole. I shuddered all over as he reamed me out. Each thrust sent me closer and closer to ecstasy. The sensations I felt as his excitement probed deeply into my insides was awesome. Yet I couldn’t shake that feeling I was a no good shit. I was a faggot. A lousy dick lover. For God’s sake, I’m letting a guy do me in my ass.

My mind torments me to no end and my body betrays me. His firm grip on my hips made me feel all warm and cuddly. It was as if a stream of electricity were shooting all through my loins. I hear the words involuntarily come out of my mouth. “Oh God, coach. That feels so good. I love it. Throw it in me harder. Fill me up with your excitement. I want it all.”

Yeah. David has trained me right. Now anytime someone has balls enough to shove their thing up into me, I go into heat. I feel absolutely wonderful, but at the same time I am so embarrassed I could die. Still, I wanted him to keep pounding my backsides. I like having the coach fuck me.

The coach kept up this steady rhythm until he started moaning in joy. He started thrusting in rapid motions. Suddenly I felt his hot semen squirting all up in my backsides. I thought he was going to fill me up. It seemed as if he would shoot off for ever. When he finished his orgasm, I started to pull away from him. He pulled me back close.

“Hold still boy. I need to piss.” Fuck, it seems like everybody wants to pee in me nowadays. I stood still as I was told. The coach stood behind me. We stood there like that for what seemed an eternity. Finally I feel his warm piss streaming up into my guts. My belly started puffing out. I need to go to the bathroom like right now and he isn’t even finished peeing yet.

Finally he pulled back from me. I felt his hand grab my hair. My head slammed down between his legs. “Open your fucking mouth boy. Suck on that thing for me.” I opened my mouth taking him deeply into my throat. That shit twang from my asshole was ever so gross as usual, but I’ve had it so much, I’m used to it now. I sucked and sucked and sucked some more. My tongue roamed all around his shaft with his member still buried in my mouth. All the while he still had a handful of my hair keeping me from backing off of his prick.

I felt like my butt was going to explode. It was all I could do to hold my cheeks together. Finally coach’s ejaculate spurt into my mouth. To my surprise, it tasted pretty good. I gulped it down. There was plenty of it too. When he finished, he let go of my hair. “You just won the equipment boy’s job for the rest of the year. Now, go take a shower. You really need it. You smell of sex.”

Coach Norton took me into his arms kissing me tenderly one more time before turning on his heels leaving me alone in the locker room. I skedaddled to the toilet before hitting the shower. How in the fuck am I going to face the coach tomorrow?

Suddenly it sunk in. The equipment boy gets to leave the previous class five minutes earlier. I can dress out without the other boys picking on me. Then I get to take a shower after they all leave. Most of my problems are solved for the rest of the year. Of course there is that trade off. Everything seems to have a price. Obviously, the coach will show up again. Everyday for the rest of the year.


Paul and I are at David’s again. We are both about thirteen. Jimmy is a year younger. This time we brought Jimmy with us. Jimmy is on his hands and knees on the kitchen floor, being introduced to Sam. I am only paying a slight attention to what Jimmy is doing with Sam. Right now, I keep seeing visions of Mister Donkey winking at me. David has informed us that we will be visiting Mister Donkey as soon as Jimmy finishes with Sam.

I am dreading going there. I am ready to throw up and we haven’t even left the apartment yet. I would be really surprised if Jimmy rushes into the barn like he did last time. David has to drag Paul and I in every time now. This will be Jimmy’s second visit.

Whenever I focus on Jimmy, I can see his little asshole puckering at me from the backs of his legs. It is tempting to go over and pop him in it while he’s sucking Sam’s dick. I feel so sorry for Jimmy. I hate it when ever I have to suck a dog like that. Obviously Jimmy isn’t too fond of it either. He’s already thrown up twice and Sam hasn’t even shot off yet.

I can’t see the end of Sam’s dick to tell, because it’s deep in Jimmy’s mouth. It won’t be hard to tell when he does, because from the way Jimmy has reacted to just having the damn thing in his mouth, he’ll go into convulsions when Sam lets loose between his lips. Wait until Jimmy finds out he has to lick up all the vomit he has spewed on the floor.

When Jimmy was sucking Sam’s nuts, it made me glad Paul and I don’t have to be friendly with Sam today. Not that David doesn’t want to see the agony in my face, but there just isn’t time. The trip to Mister Donkey’s place will take up the rest of the time before I have to go home.

Jimmy is heaving up his guts. I guess Sam is doing his thing. Jimmy continues to suck after Sam finishes. He sucks until Sam is hard again. He doesn’t want to, but David has threatened him with bodily harm if he doesn’t. We all are so afraid of David, we do what ever he says.

David pats Jimmy on the back of his ass. “Fetch Sam fetch.” Sam crawls onto Jimmy’s back, wrapping his paws around Jimmy’s small torso. I can see Sam’s prick penetrating Jimmy’s sweet asshole. Jimmy has a fucked up look on his face like he wants to die. I know what he’s thinking. He can’t believe he’s getting fucked by a dog.

Jimmy isn’t screaming or anything like that. The simple fact is Sam’s dick isn’t all that big. It’s just so fucking disgusting knowing it’s a dog. Especially when it feels so good. It’s a pathetic sight. Jimmy is on his hands and knees. Sam is going all out. Jamming his meat steadily into the back of Jimmy’s ass. Jimmy is blood red with the shame and embarrassment, yet his dick is hard as a rock.

I know Jimmy is enjoying it. It always makes me super horny when I have a dog’s dick up my butt too. Never mind it’s gross, it just tingles my rear end that special way. Jimmy is breathing hard and grunting out loud in the same rhythm as Sam’s dick. In and out. In and out. I love the way Jimmy’s waist dips down as Sam goes on the in thrust.

I want to get on the floor to kiss Jimmy’s sweet lips, but David said no. Jimmy just got that, “Oh shit. The dog just creamed my ass,” look. I guess he just took a load. Sam pulls away from Jimmy and Jimmy rolls over onto his back as David instructed him to. “Pull your knees up to your chest you little shit. We don’t want to waste any of it.”

I can hear the dog’s semen rumbling around Jimmy’s insides. It’s a sort of gurgling sloshing sound. David bellows in a menacing tone, “Don’t you dare shit on the carpet Faggot Bait.” With that said, David began tickling poor Jimmy in all the secret places that made Jimmy giggle so hard he couldn’t get his breath. Jimmy giggled and wiggled all over the floor. Suddenly his liquefied shit started squirting out the back of his ass.

“I warned you, you dumb fuck. Didn’t I tell you not to shit up the carpet? Get down there and lick it up.” Jimmy wailed, “Please David. I’ll do anything you want. Don’t make me lick that shit off the floor.” David laughed one of those laughs I have come to hate. David grabbed Jimmy’s little package stretching it away from his smooth pubes. He placed a pair of snips closely around the base of Jimmy’s scrotum.

“Okay you silly bitch. Democracy in action. It’s your choice. Lick the floor clean and quit bitching about it or I can just clip all this loose and flush it down the toilet.” David gave another slight tug to emphasize what he means. Jimmy almost dove to the floor with his tongue wagging all over the floor. The poor thing. I felt so sorry for him. He almost had it all up when he lost it. I know how he feels having to lick something gross like that up twice.


Well, we’re in the car. We haven’t reached the dirt road yet. Paul’s whiter than I am and he’s always deeply tanned. Jimmy is deathly ill. After all he just finished licking his own shit off the floor. He’s also scared shitless. I am in a state of shock. Not to the point of spazzing out and not knowing what’s going on, but it wouldn’t take much for me to break down crying and screaming my ass off.

David made the turn into the dirt road. As David pulled to a stop in front of the barn, Jimmy opened the front passenger door and took off running. David ran after him screaming, “Come back here you stupid fuck. If you make me chase you, I’m gonna wear your little ass out with my belt.” Jimmy is a fast runner. Much faster than either Paul or myself. I was surprised at how quickly David caught him.

David dragged Jimmy into the barn with Jimmy screaming to the top of his lungs. Paul and I sat numbly in the car for twenty minutes before David literally dragged us in there by our arms. Jimmy was laying in the dirt and hay on his side. His cute little ass was covered with large red welts. Jimmy was still sniffling and whimpering. Still obviously in pain. His feet and hands were securely bound with duct tape so he couldn’t get up.

Obviously David was in a mean rotten nasty mood. He turned to Paul and I. “Get them God damned clothes off before you wind up in the same condition as that dumb shit. I don’t remember the last time I got naked that quick.

David broke into a wicked grin. “You little bastards just don’t get it, do you? I am tired of going through all this shit to let you boys enjoy a little loving with Mister Donkey. I want you to love coming in here. I want you to beg me to bring you to him. Mister Donkey is your friend. He loves you. Well, today you’ll learn to stop all this dumb shit. There will be no more running and squealing about not coming in. Every time you come down, I want to hear the words, Please David. Let us suck Mister Donkey. Please shove him up our asses.”

He walked over to Paul. “Give me your hands you stupid fuck.” Paul stuck his hands out. David wrapped them securely in duct tape. Next he trussed up Paul’s feet and shoved him roughly into the hay on the floor of the barn beside Jimmy. “You’re next dickhead.” David taped my hands together so tight they hurt. He taped my legs all the way to my knees the same as Paul and Jimmy. I went crashing into the hay in a heap next to Paul.

I could feel his hips against mine. David ran a rope through the space between my hands under the tape. He threw the other end over a rafter. David started pulling on the end of the rope. I felt myself being dragged across the floor and then rising into the air. David tied the rope off to a pole near the stall. I was swinging in the air by the tape on the rope with my feet three feet off the ground. God it hurts. I started squealing in pain.

David ignored me and soon Paul and Jimmy were swinging next to me. David wrapped a piece of duct tape around the head of my penis and did the same thing to the other two. Then he strung a length of tape tying our dicks together, but with the tape just short enough to pull us together slightly. The pressure on my dick head was awful. Every time one of the boys moved or swung his legs, I felt like my peter was going to tear right off.

All three of us were screaming bloody murder. David calmly took a step stool and sat it next to me. He took Paul’s underpants and stuffed them into my mouth. A piece of duct tape across my lips sealed the deal. Soon all three of us were as quiet as church mice. Jimmy was sucking on my underwear and Paul had a mouthful of Jimmy's.

David laughed as he headed for the door. “I’ll see you later. Maybe.” He shut the door behind him. We swung back and forth from each of us trying to get closer to the others to relieve the pressure on our meat. Each time I pushed forward, I would swing back farther and it would hurt all the more.

I am scared shitless. David has been gone a long time. I don’t know how long as there is no clock here. All I know is I can’t feel my hands or my arms and my dick is so sore I would gladly cut it off if I could. We hung there for an eternity. I was really worried. I only had four hours to spend at David’s before I was expected home. Mom would kill me if she could see me now.

Suddenly the barn door opened. A naked boy came running in. The boy couldn’t have been more than about 8. He had a cute face with a sparse amount of freckles. His hair was shoulder length and blond as could be. I couldn’t get a good look at his eyes. He moved the stool next to me and popped my nuts into his mouth at the same time as his index finger slid up my ass. He gently sucked on my nuts while he finger fucked me in my ass. The boy kept up a slow steady rhythm. Working diligently to get me so excited I would explode. After fifteen minutes, he pulled back from me with a serious look of concern. “Oh, please Mister. Please shoot off. If you don’t, David will beat me.”

The boy slurped my nut sack right back up into his mouth. What he said did it. I started wadding off, but the end of my dick was sealed off by the tape. I was shooting off like crazy. I could feel my ejaculate going somewhere, but I didn’t really know where. All I knew was it wasn’t out the tip of my rod.

The young boy moved the stool to first Paul and then Jimmy taking a friendly slurp on both their nuts in turn. When he had finished us all, he opened the barn door and left. It seemed like another eternity passed. I hurt something fierce and I had to pee even worse, but I wasn’t about to try and pee with my hole shut off like that. Lands telling where it might go. The pressure from that might hurt.

The door opened again. “Well, are you boys finished hanging around or would you like for me to do a little more shopping? I suppose you liked the sweet little gift I picked up for you at the mall? Well, I don’t hear anything. Maybe you might want to shake your head yes or no. “

All three of our heads bobbed up and down. David cut the tape that tied our peckers together. He removed the gags. “I don’t hear what I need to hear.” In unison all three of us bellowed out loudly, “Please, let us suck Mister Donkey. Shove him up our butts.”

David let us down. I thought I’d never get that fucking tape off my dick without tearing the head of it off. David didn’t make us do it with Mr. Donkey. Turns out there wasn’t time. He didn’t have to drag us into the barn anymore. As much as I dreaded sex with a donkey, I didn’t want to go through that again. I am truly afraid of David. He has threatened to kill us many times. He gets angry a lot. I am scared he will kill us. I am very careful to do everything he tells me to do. Yet, if he did kill me, it would all be over, wouldn‘t it?

I could do it myself to end the agony, but alas, I am too chicken shit to do it. The bastard. I hate that mother fucker.

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