My name is Adam and I’m sixteen. My younger sister Vicky is fifteen and acts thirty, she was always trying to boss me around. Her girlfriend Dana is fifteen too, her birthday was on the same day as Vicky’s so they usually had them together. Now you might think I had a problem with my sister but I didn’t, I loved her.

When I was little I learned about electronics and now I build computers almost from scratch, big ones. It was the start of summer and I was working in my sealed clean room area at the back of the garage when I heard Vicky and Dana. They rode into the garage on their bikes and sat talking.

Just a couple of weeks ago I had found two, four inch vibrators on her bed after Dana had slept over and I knew my sister was using tampons. I listened as they spoke angrily about Justin. He was a collage guy that lived down at the end of the street. That was when I found out he had drugged Dana and my sister.

That was when I found out the bastard had chained them and let all his buddies take a turn. Vicky was talking about the video he had taken and was using to blackmail them with. I set what I was working on down and opened a drawer, inside was a homemade stun baton. I walked out and both girls turned and their faces went white.

I glanced at my sister as I walked by, “Go to my room.”

I walked down the street and across before walking straight to the door. I knocked and waited until the door started opening. I shoved and slammed the door open before stabbing the baton into his chest. He jerked and spasmed and then dropped to the floor twitching as I stalked into the room.

I stomped down on his crotch before starting across the room where two of his friends were standing. When I finished all three were on the floor bloody and still twitching. I went through the house and dumped every laptop, I pad, flash drives, jump drives and weapon I found into a bag I made from his fancy silk sheets.

I walked out and kicked one guy in the face before bending to stun Justin again, “Listen close ped, I’m going home and calling the cops. You raped my sister and she is only fifteen and now I have the video as evidence. I hope you enjoy the next twenty years in prison.”

I stomped on his already broken hand and walked out. When I reached my house and the garage I turned to see Justin and his two friends staggering out of the house. They climbed into his car and peeled out. I walked into the house and used the phone to call a few friends and tell them Justin’s house was vacant and they could come take anything they wanted.

I went to my room and set the sheets in the corner as I looked at Vicky and Dana on my bed. I closed the door and leaned against it, “Tell me everything from the beginning to the end and don’t leave anything out.”

Vicky started and they took turns talking, they had thought partying with a college guy would be fun. They told me they didn’t really remember the sex but had seen the video. When they stopped talking I sighed, “take your clothes off.”

They looked at each other and then at me before slowly doing as I told them. They were trembling as I walked to the bed and knelt and pushed Vicky’s legs open and moved closer. I cupped her face, “do you trust me?”

She was blushing but nodded, I glanced at Dana before leaning down and licking through my sister’s pussy. She shuddered and hesitantly opened her legs more, I continued to lick her and nibbled on her labia before covering her clit. I sucked as I wiggled my tongue and Vicky shuddered and fell back on the bed. Her hips kept lifting as I licked and teased her clit.

It was several minutes before she spasmed and pushed my face away while covering her pussy. I undid my pants and pushed them down before standing. I lifted her legs and spread them before fitting my cock to her pussy and pushing into her. She groaned and grabbed Dana’s hand as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I caressed her hips and started fucking her slowly, “This is sex Vicky.”

I continued to fuck her as her warm pussy rippled and started squeezing my cock. I used my thumb to rub her clit and a moment later she was thrashing around as she wailed. Her tight pussy clenched around my cock as she wet me. Dana started to grin and then giggle as my sister kicked in the air.

I took my time and watched Vicky scream, howl and wail as she continued to orgasm. I finally couldn’t hold it and slowly thrust deeper and pushed open her cervix before I began to pump spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered when she felt the warm sperm flooding her and squeezed her friends hand.

When I was done I bent over her and gave her a kiss. I pulled out and let her legs drop to the floor as I moved over to Dana. She stared at me wide eyed as I pushed her legs open and leaned in to start licking her pussy. She started shuddering and lifting her hips right away. A couple of moments later she was moaning and her hand cupped the back of my head.

I licked her and nibbled and finally sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue until she cried out and pushed my face away. Vicky was watching with a smile as her friend panted and continued to shake as I went to my knees and moved closer between her legs. I lifted them and spread them wide before pushing my cummy cock into her tight pussy.

Dana groaned and shuddered as I began to fuck her with slow thrusts. I waited until her slippery pussy began to squeeze my cock before starting to rub and finger her clit. She was as loud and erratic as Vicky and began to wail and writhe around on the bed. Her pussy was constantly spasming and milking my cock as she kept wetting me.

My sister was holding her hand as she wiggled and thrashed around. I fucked her hard and fast and then slow and deep. Dana howled, wailed and screamed as she orgasmed almost every minute I fucked her. When I finally pushed against her womb and held her hips as my cock erupted she stiffened and tilted her hips, “yyyeeeeesssssss!”

When I stopped and pulled out her belly was bulging and she sighed as she relaxed. I reached over to caress my sister’s pelvis and then Dana’s, “now, since it is summer you are both going to get on your bikes and find guys.”

They looked at each other and then at me as I patted their belly’s, “you are to find at least two guys between thirteen and fourteen each day. You will find out if he is a virgin and if he is you will both fuck him. You will do this for a week and then schedule them for one day each week until the summer is over. You will teach these boys how to make love, how to have sex and most importantly, how to give a girl pleasure.”

I reached between each of their legs and rubbed their warm assholes, “You will start douching and using an enema after each boy. Use your vibrators to loosen your ass and when you are ready, teach them about anal sex.”

I stood and bent to pull up my pants, “don’t forget to use birth control.”

Vicky grinned, “thanks Adam.”

Dana nodded, “Me too.”

I nodded and turned to grab the bundled sheets before walking out as they whispered together. I glanced at mom as I walked through the kitchen and she smiled, “playing with your sister?”

I hesitated before reaching out and taking her hand. I pulled her out to my work area and set the large bundle I was carrying down. I turned to look at her, “Don’t freak and don’t tell dad unless you have to.”

I took a breath as mom raised an eyebrow, “You know that college guy at the end of the street?”

She nodded and I continued, “Vicky and Dana thought they would be cool and party with him.”

Mom stiffened but I squeezed her hand, “he drugged them and he and his friends took turns with them.”

She opened her mouth but I shook her hand, “Just listen.”

I looked towards the open garage door, “I found out. He took a video and was going to blackmail Vicky and Dana into fucking other guys. I went to see him...”

I pulled my stun wand from the leg pocket in my pants, “with this.”

Mom blinked and then grinned. I smiled, “I did a lot more then just stun him and his friends once. I hope I broke bones and took everything that I could that could hold the video. I told him I was going to call the cops and put him in prison and as soon as I left they took off.”

She embraced me and then pushed me back, “I need to tell your father.”

I squeezed her hand, “I’m not done.”

I took another breath, “I fucked Vicky and Dana, I took my time so they would enjoy it. I gave them something to do over the summer that I hope will help them get over what that asshole did.”

Mom smiled and caressed my face, “That was them screaming while you made love to them?”

I nodded, “They shouldn’t think sex is bad or be afraid of having sex.”

She laughed as she turned to walk back into the house, “baby, I think you spoiled them.”

I looked after her before turning to start sorting through what I had brought back. I found the video right away and it was only on one flash drive. I made sure the weapons were unloaded before putting them in a wooden crate under my workbench. I turned as dad walked into the garage looking pissed a couple of hours later.

He stopped in my clean room and looked at everything on the bench, “Did you find it?”

I nodded and he smiled slightly and held out his hand. I hesitated and he shook his head, “I need it Adam.”

I still hesitated, “No one needs to see this dad.”

He sighed, “That bastard will get what he deserves but I need to show it to a few people.”

I picked up the flash drive, “it doesn’t leave your sight and no one makes a copy.”

He looked at me before nodding and I handed it to him. He walked out and several minutes later my sister and Dana rode in on their bikes giggling. I smiled through the clear plastic, “Have fun?”

Vicky grinned and Dana laughed, “Oh yeah.”

I turned to the bench, “Good.”

They left on their bikes after whispering and giggling and I finally began to get things sorted out. When I went in for dinner mom, Dana’s mother Patty, Vicky and Dana were sitting together talking. I went to wash up and came out as mom began putting food on the table. I started eating and Patty cleared her throat (she was a single parent), “How bad did you hurt the bastards?”

Dana and Vicky looked at me but mom continued to move her food around on the plate. I looked into her eyes, “I stunned them several times each with a one million volt taser wand. I stomped on their balls several times and kicked their ribs in and beat them until they were all bloody.”

She blinked and then grinned, “Good.”

She looked at Dana, “Dana is sleeping with you over the summer.”

I looked at Dana as she blushed and mom smiled, “so is your sister.”

I glanced at Vicky and she smiled, “We moved the bed in the guest bedroom into your room.”

I looked at mom and Patty as she caressed Dana’s cheek, “Dana and I talked and she told me what you did and what you asked her to do.”

She looked at me, “I’m not sure about her having sex with all the boys but she said you told her that was to teach them to please her.”

I smiled, “yes, that way they control what happens and it will give her confidence.”

She nodded, “and you told her to pick virgins.”

I blushed, “So they would be safe.”

Mom chuckled, “I don’t think you will be safe though.”

Dana and Vicky giggled as Patty chuckled. After dinner I cleaned up and started for the front room when Vicky grabbed my hand and pulled me to my room where Dana was already waiting on the bed naked. Vicky pushed me towards the bed before closing the door. She followed as I walked to the bed and undressed.

I turned her and stripped her before helping her onto the large king size bed. I followed her and moved around until I was between them, “Did you find two guys?”

Vicky and Dana both nodded and I turned to caress my sister’s pelvis, “and how did it go?”

She sighed, “He didn’t last long and just got a nut.”

I looked at Dana and she nodded. I shook my head, “What did I tell you?”

They looked at me and I turned to pull Dana onto me and spread her legs. I reached between us and positioned my cock. I pushed up and she pushed down and my cock was slowly forced into her. I held her hips and looked at Vicky, “You are supposed to teach them to please you and not use you to get a nut.”

I caressed Dana’s hips as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and she shivered and pushed back and forth, “Next time put him on his back and fuck him. You two can take turns for an hour or so and just use him until he learns control.”

Vicky grinned and turned to rub her friends bare back, “That sounds like fun.”

I pushed Dana up and put her hands on my chest, “Make sure you are clean and after the first week teach them to lick you first.”

Dana shuddered as she began to rock and I pulled her hips back and forth as my cock pushed against her cervix. I began twisting her hips and making her tilt and roll them until she was doing it herself. She was panting and shuddering hard before suddenly convulsing as she wailed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Her warm pussy spasmed and grasped my cock as I shuddered and thrust up. I held her hips as I gushed and pumped cum into her. She jerked with each spurt and continued to howl until I was done and she slumped onto me. I looked at the bedroom door as Patty opened it suddenly and Dana sighed, “damn that felt good.”

My sister giggled and pushed against her, “You were loud enough.”

Patty smiled and closed the door quietly. I caressed Dana until she lifted her hips and slid off me, “Your turn.”

Vicky quicky straddled me and lifted up to let me position my cock. She wiggled and pushed until I slipped into her. She groaned and pushed down before sitting up. I fucked them both three times before they fell asleep. I dozed and held them against me until I heard the front door. I shifted and moved off the bed before grabbing my bathrobe.

I opened the door to see dad coming down the hall and stepped out and closed the door. He smiled, “you’re sleeping light.”

I smiled, “well?”

He sighed and pulled the flash drive out, “they won’t be a problem and won’t return.”

I hesitated and took the drive, “did you get to do anything?”

He smiled, “oh yeah.”

He nodded to my room, “go back to sleep.”

I watched him head to bed and turned to open the door. My dad was normally a nice guy but I knew he had been on the Swift boats in the navy and had worked with a lot of rough guys that still visited. I went back into my room and hung up my robe before slipping into bed and moving behind Vicky.

I held her and started to relax. I woke up when the girls pulled away and Vicky rubbed my chest, “morning Adam.”

I grinned as I watched them peek out the door before slipping out. I got up and went to shower and dress before going into the kitchen. Mom smiled, “you have a good night?”

I grinned as I sat, “the girls keep me busy.”

She laughed as she set a bowl of cereal on the table, “Patty said Dana was fucking you like a cowgirl.”

I laughed, “She sure tried.”

I went out after breakfast and caught Vicky as she got on her bike. I reached under her skirt and fingered her bare pussy. She shuddered and grinned, “we’re prepared.”

I fingered her clit and she shuddered again, “remember to ride them and not the other way around.”

I kissed her and pulled my finger out and stopped to kiss Dana, “Try to get off.”

They grinned as I walked towards my work area and went to work finishing a small mainframe. It was three hours before they came back grinning. I turned and walked to them as they got off their bikes, “well?”

They lifted the front of their skirts to show how cummy their pussies were. I kissed Dana and Vicky, “did you get off this time?”

They hugged me and Vicky kissed my cheek, “yeah, we got off several times.”

I fingered both their slimy pussies, “go douche and get ready for lunch.”

They groaned and shuddered before laughing and pushing me back. I gestured and they held hands as they went into the house. I had to admit to myself, I was a little jealous but Vicky and Dana needed to know sex could be something good. I turned and went to my bench and used my cell to call the buyer for the mainframe.

I started working on another order and smiled as Dana kissed my cheek and set a plate on the workbench, “We’re going out again.”

I turned to watch her and Vicky get on their bikes and ride off. I was a little distracted as I started to make a new main board for another mainframe. Vicky and Dana came back grinning a couple of hours later and I set everything down. I waited until they put the bikes aside and grabbed their hands and pulled them into the house.

In Vicky’s room I bent them over her bed as they giggled while I went to look for the small vibrators. I found them in Vicky’s underwear drawer and walked behind them and lifted their skirts onto their backs. I rubbed their slimy pussies before turning both vibrators on. I rubbed through their slit for a minute before starting to push against their assholes.

They grunted and shuddered and looked back but I continued using the slimy cum as lube. It wasn’t long before I was fucking their ass with the vibrator and they were thrusting back and moaning as they shuddered and jerked. I opened my pants and moved behind Vicky as I pushed the vibrator into her.

I held my cock and pushed into her slimy pussy and she stiffened before wailing and convulsing as her tight pussy clenched and she squirted, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her with long strokes as she spasmed and pulled out to move to Dana. I pushed her vibrator all the way into her ass and then push my cock into her pussy. She wiggled and jerked as her pussy squeezed my cock and she howled, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I fucked her with long strokes before burying my cock and holding her hips as I pumped and spewed cum through into her womb. When I stopped cumming I pushed them both onto the bed and bent to kiss each one, “wash and douche.”

They grinned before nodding as I pulled my pants up. I left them whispering and giggling on Vicky’s bed. I went through the kitchen and mom grinned, “A quickie?”

I grinned back, “helping them learn about anal.”

She blinked and looked at the hall as I left. My customer arrived and checked his finished mainframe before paying me. After he left I went back to work until before dinner. I came into the house carrying the three I-pad’s I had reset and handed one to Vicky and another to Dana, I gave the third to mom. I had long ago made a large mainframe for the house and everything was wireless.

I went to clean up and the girls followed me into the bathroom. I grinned as I stripped, “did you leave the vibrators in?”

They grinned and turned to bend over to show panties with the end of a vibrator pressed against them. I rubbed their butts and turned them to give them a kiss, “wait for me to clean up.”

I climbed into the shower and turned the water on, when I finished and got out they were waiting. I grinned as I dried off and pulled them out and across to my room. I closed the door as they giggled and bent over the bed. I pulled Vicky’s panties down and off before doing Dana’s.

I pulled the vibrators out and rubbed their pussies, “after you finish each boy and come home, fuck each others ass using his cum to lube the vibrator.”

They laughed and I turned them and sat them on the bed. I knelt between Vicky’s legs before leaning down to lick her pussy. She shuddered, “Dana just did that.”

I grinned as Dana blushed, “did you returned the favor?”

Vicky blushed, “Not yet.”

I stood, “Lay in the middle of the bed Dana, Vicky lick her pussy.”

A minute later Dana was moaning as Vicky started licking her. I waited until Dana was lifting her hips before moving onto the bed behind Vicky. I positioned my cock and pushed into my sister slowly. She groaned as I held her hips and started fucking her nice and slow. I kept fucking her like that even after Dana twisted and pushed her face away from her pussy.

Vicky kept moaning and shuddering and I finally pulled out and let her sag to the bed. Dana grinned, “I get his cum.”

Vicky grinned at her friend as I moved over her. I kissed Dana and went to push into her pussy when she lifted her hips. My cock pushed into her tight ass and Dana jerk and shuddered. I looked at her in surprise and pulled out before pushing back in. She jerked again and clung to me, “oh... my... god!”

I kept fucking the head of my cock in and out of her ass and finally pushed half my cock into her. She started convulsing as her ass squeezed my cock, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I pulled out and then kissed her before starting to fuck her ass with long, deep thrusts. She kept thrusting up and wailing as she lifted and spread her legs wide, “VICKY!”

I was burying my cock and pressing and grinding as Dana continued to jerk. A minute later I thrust into her and held her as I began to spew cum. She shuddered and hugged me, “oooohhhh!”

I pumped and spurted warm sperm into her ass until I was finished and kissed her before pulling out. Vicky crawled onto her and looked into her face, “you okay.”

Dana giggled, “yeah, I want to do that again though.”

I shook my head as I climbed off the bed, “silly rabbits, come wash so we can go to dinner.”

They laughed and followed me back into the bathroom. Dad was eating with mom and Patty when we came in and they glanced at us. Patty raised an eyebrow and Dana grinned, “we had a slip.”

Mom looked at them as I sat beside Patty. They sat together and grinned as Vicky whispered loud enough that we could all hear, “Adam fucked Dana’s butt.”

Patty looked at me as I blushed and dad hesitated before he continued to eat. Dana grinned, “I want him to do it again too.”

Dad choked as mom laughed and a moment later Patty giggled. I tried to ignore them but muttered, “squirmy bitches.”

That just made them laugh harder and dad turned away as he broke down and laughed too. I shook my head and looked at Vicky and Dana before going back to eating. It was my turn to clean up so Vicky, Dana, Patty and mom disappeared together. Dad sat back with a glass of bourbon, “your teaching them to enjoy sex.”

I glanced at him as I put dishes in the dishwasher, “yeah.”

He smiled, “My sisters were the ones to teach me.”

I grinned, “Aunt Gina and Terri are hot.”

Dad grinned, “I know.”

After I cleaned up I went out and brought in the laptops. I set them in my room and then walked out front. I looked down the street at Justin’s place where the door was still wide open. I walked into the garage and glanced at the wall to see the large plasma.

I frowned as I realized one of my friends had taken it from Justin’s, he had three in the front room and one in each of the other rooms. I closed the garage door and picked up the tv and took it into the house. Dad glanced at me and I shrugged, “someone left it in the garage.”

He shook his head, “whatever is left in the house will be going to the donation center tomorrow.”

I nodded and carried the large tv back to my room. It took a little while to hang it on one wall and hook up the cable from my computer. Normally you use a cable company but I could use my computer to watch tv or movies and the big plasma would be perfect. I sat and went online to download a new movie before turning to check and reset the laptops.

Vicky slipped up behind me and rubbed my shoulders, “Adam?”

I glanced back to see Dana sitting on the bed with her mother, “yeah?”

Vicky turned my chair and sat in my lap, “you know about sex but you don’t have a girl.”

I held her and sighed, “I’m a nerd Vicky, girls want jocks.”

She grinned, “A nerd doesn’t beat the shit out of three college jocks.”

I grinned, “he does if he has a stun baton.”

She rubbed my chest, “you want Dana and I to have sex so we will experience sex and have good things to remember about it.”

I nodded and she kissed me, “you do that each time you love us.”

I caressed her hips, “I try to.”

Vicky took a breath and looked at the bed, “We want to share you with Patty.”

I looked at a blushing Patty, “but I’m just a...”

Patty grinned, “Stud.”

Dana was grinning to and Vicky kissed me, “We are going to spend the summer learning like you wanted but we would like Patty to sleep with us.”

I nodded and turned the chair more, “I was going to have you girls try loving each other tonight.”

Vicky grinned, “like what?”

I pushed her off my lap and towards the bed, “since there are three of you now you can start with oral. Do you know what a daisy chain is?”

They looked at each other as I stood and turned my sister, “you already touch each other. This isn’t being gay, it is having sex.”

I started undressing Vicky as I looked at Patty and Dana, “sex is sex. Making love is about showing your partner or partners how you feel by caressing and loving them.”

Vicky grinned, “and you are going to watch?”

I nodded, “until you finish and then I will fuck you to sleep.”

They laughed and Vicky pressed against me and kissed me, “okay.”

She turned and jumped on the bed and started pulling at Patty’s clothes, “I get to do you first!”

Dana grinned and started helping her as Patty laughed and then helped them undress. I sat down and watched as my sister and Dana started kissing and feeling Patty. It was a few minutes before they shifted around on the bed and Vicky ended up between Patty’s legs, licking her pussy. Patty turned and was between her daughter’s legs, licking her pussy and Dana was licking my sister’s.

I watched as they moaned and shuddered and sighed. I finally stood and undressed before walking to the bed as they turned to lay together. I moved onto the bed and between Patty’s legs and leaned over to kiss Vicky and then leaned the other way to kiss Dana. I kissed Patty as I lifted up and felt hands positioning my cock.

I slowly pushed into Patty and was surprised at how tight she was. I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before I hit her cervix. I continued to kiss her as I started to hump, press and grind. She shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She hugged me as she lifted her legs to wrap them around my waist.

I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she stiffened before howling as she began to writhe and buck. I slowed and fucked her with long strokes and she lifted her legs and spread them as her slippery pussy grasped and squeezed my cock repeatedly. I kept kissing her as we fucked and she clutched me a few minutes later as her pussy clenched around my cock.

She jerked and spasmed as she wailed and howled. I fucked her hard and deep for a few minutes as she kicked in the air and screamed, “aaaahhhhh!”

I buried my cock in her and kissed her hard as I began to gush a torrent of cum. Patty clung to me as her pussy milked the warm sperm into her and I kept pumping more. When I stopped cumming she groaned and dropped her legs to the bed, “damn!”

Dana giggled and Vicky swatted my butt, “My turn.”

I grinned and kissed Patty before pulling out and stalking after my sister. She laughed and hugged me, “let me be on top?”

I kissed her and settled between her legs, “You have to stay up until I cum.”

She nodded and kissed me before I shifted us around until she was straddling me. I glanced over at Dana cuddling against her mother and smiled before reaching down to lift my cock. Vicky wiggled down my cock and sighed as her warm, slippery pussy gently squeezed. I reached up to cup her breasts and used my thumbs to rub her nipples.

She smiled as she began to thrust back and forth with a rolling twist to her hips. Her tight pussy rippled and milked my cock as she kept fucking it deeper. It wasn’t long before she started to become erratic and I held her up as she wailed and squirmed while her pussy contracted. I smiled and waited as she panted and slipped my hands down to her waist.

I pulled her back and forth and Vicky jerked and howled, “ADAM!”

She fell on me as she squirted and had a seizure. I hugged her and rubbed her back and she finally took a deep breath and sat up. I tugged on both her nipples and she shuddered before grinning. She started thrusting back and forth and rocking as she seated my cock deep inside her. She was fucking my cock harder and started panting again.

Her pussy was spasming and milking my cock. She stiffened and a moment later began to convulse as she squirted and screamed, “yyyyeeeeeesssssssss!”

I held her up as my cock slipped deeper and she shuddered hard before fucking my cock almost desperately. Her slick, almost slimy pussy felt so good I started thrusting up. It was another couple of minutes before I felt my balls churning. Vicky looked at me as my cock began to swell and thrust back and down hard.

I held her hips as I arched my back and began to gush a fountain of cum. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened. I pumped a half dozen spurts into her before I was done and pulled her down on me and rubbed her butt, “nice.”

She giggled as Patty and Dana laughed. Patty pulled her off me and Dana pulled on me before going to her knees and putting her head down. I grinned as I moved behind her and fingered her warm pussy and fitted my cock and slowly forcing it into her. I held her hips and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts as she kept pushing back.

Her warm pussy grasped and squeezed my cock repeatedly as I continued to fuck her. I rubbed her asshole and she gasped and shoved back, “aaaahhhhh!”

Vicky giggled and moved closer and reached under her friend and fingered her clit. I began to fuck her harder with long thrusts and she started howling a couple of minutes later as she jerked and shook. Her pussy spasmed and milked my cock as I continued to fuck her and slowly pushed my thumb into her ass.

She screamed and started bucking and thrashing as she kept slamming back onto my cock and pushing it into her. I finally buried my cock before spewing another load of cum. Dana jerked and shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock and milked the spurts of cum into her, “YES!”

I pulled out when I was done and laid back to catch my breath as Dana laid down. I fucked each of them once more before we went to sleep. I had Vicky and Dana half on me and Patty snuggled against Dana. I woke to mom’s knock on the door and glanced at the girls before giving them a shake.

I kissed Vicky and then Dana, “go shower and douche and use the enema. Use your vibrators to stretch your ass after breakfast. Remember the boy needs to learn to get you off so take your time and do it as much as you want.”

I looked at Patty smiling at me, “make sure you write everything in your diary.”

She grinned and nodded before I got up and went to wash and get dressed. Vicky and Dana spent the summer riding their bikes around and fucking younger guys. They stopped before the end of summer but helped each guy find a girl. Patty has gotten pregnant a couple of times and Dana is planning her first.

Mom and dad say I spoiled Vicky because she is still my lover, even after four years. She told me she would always be my lover and I think she is planning to get pregnant too. As for that asshole Justin, we never saw him again. I still make mainframes and the girls and I have a business together.
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