“Great, lost already”, I muttered under my breath as I walked for what seemed like hours down hundreds of corridors that all looked the same. I gave in, I’d have to ask for directions. Who knew that my first day at Uni would be so difficult, and I haven’t even found my lecture class yet! Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone, so spun around, intending to refuse them further passage down the corridor until they gave me directions. I turned round, but turned a little too quickly and slipped. I grabbed hold of the wall to ready myself and, in doing so, dropped all of my books! Fuck! I bent down to pick up my copy of Jekyll and Hyde when a hand appeared from nowhere, grabbed my book and handed it to me. Thanks to my recent fiasco I had completely forgotten about that guy who I was going to pressure into giving me directions! Wow… I’m glad I dropped my books. He’s gorgeous. I briefly thought about dropping my books again, before considering that he might consider me a retard instead of a potential date. “Thank-you so much for…” I hadn’t even finished my sentence and he had already walked off! How rude! Am I really that unattractive that he can’t bear to be near me? I gave my armpits a quick sniff, just to make sure, and I smelled great – fresh and sweet! Obviously he didn’t think so. Shame.
I eventually found a receptionist who told me that I was in completely the wrong building, and went on to give me directions to my class. Finally I’m here, I walked into the class and was immediately greeted by a round of applause by both my classmates and lecturer, who proceeded to inform me that I was 45 minutes late, and consequently, the last one to arrive. Feeling a highly embarrassed shade of scarlet I hung my head and walked over to the one spare seat, blushing profusely. Shit. It was him. The guy who had handed me my book earlier. There was nowhere else to sit… I put my bag down and sat on my chair next to this ruggedly handsome man. I took out my pencil case and started arranging my desk, I looked down at the table and saw his hands. I gasped. Embarrassed, I covered my gasp with a cough. His hands looked so rough – and his fingers were so long. I briefly wondered what they’d feel like inside me before my guy coughed too and introduced himself as Michael. I looked up at his face and went to reply with my name “I’m Samantha”. His face was almost as hot as his hands. He had deep blue eyes and a chiselled jaw line with some seriously sexy stubble. After introducing himself, he ignored me and I wondered what I’d done wrong…
As our lecturer announced that it was now the end of the lesson, Michael handed me a piece of paper and walked off. His hands felt so hard and strong. I opened it and read “Meet me in 5 in room 107”. What did he want? He had barely spoken to me? In spite of this, I knew that I would do anything to feel those rough hands again…
It had been 5 minutes. I was waiting in room 107. Waiting for Michael. It was basically an office, I was sitting in an office, waiting for a guy that I hardly knew, to hopefully do what I had been daydreaming about for the past hours lecture. I ran my hands up my legs and thanked god that I had thought to shave them this morning. I didn’t think that I looked that bad, I was wearing my favourite high heels with a black pencil skirt and dark blue buttoned up blouse. Just as my mind wandered to what underwear I was wearing today, he walked in. He walked straight towards me and grabbing my chin in a forceful manner, yanked my face up till my lips met his. He kissed me so hard, not romantically, it was more urgent. More animalistic longing. I tensed at his touch and immediately knew what I wanted, I gasped as his rough hands and beard grabbed and scratched at my face. He growled at me. A low rumble in his throat. “I’ve been wanting to do this all morning”, little did he know, so had I. I kissed him back, fiercely like he had kissed me. He responded to that! He grabbed the top of my blouse and ripped it open, the buttons flew across the room and I was left half naked, waiting, stood there in my bra. “You like that don’t you” he said, pushing my long hair behind my ear and kissing my neck. “Oh yes”, I murmured, melting under his rough touch. “Yes SIR” he emphasised. I wanted him so bad. “Yes Sir” I repeated after him. I was so wet now. Whilst he was kissing my neck, he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh, I squirmed. It was so hot. “You tease” I said, then, before I knew what was happening, Michael had sat down and had bent me over his knee and spanked me. “Always call me Sir, or you’ll be punished”. It was so humiliating, and yet it felt so good. I bit my lip. “I want to fuck you so hard Samantha”, his hand ran up my leg again and this time it didn’t stop, he shoved 2 fingers straight inside me, man it felt good! I grabbed him and pulled him towards me and ripped his shirt off him. He pulled his fingers out of me, slowly, playing with my clit as he did. Then he put his fingers to his mouth and sucked on them, fuck that turned me on! I pushed Michael till he backed into the door, I got down onto my knees, slowly unbuckling his belt and then his Jeans. Fuck, he’s massive. Once I had pulled his Jeans off and I could get a good look at his long, hard dick, Michael commanded “Take it all Samantha”, so I did. I stroked my fingers up and down his long shaft and licked and teased his tip. When he was moaning gently I stopped teasing him and took the whole of him into my mouth. I nearly gagged, he was so huge. Michael was growling at me but I carried on with my long strokes. He then picked me up and pushed me against the desk. Fuck! Doggy style in an office! Michael bent me over the table and pushed everything else onto the floor in one sweep of his arm. He pulled my thong to one side and pushed his tip just inside me, I wanted more and I wanted him bad. So I thrust my hips backwards and he went deep inside me. Oh my god that feels good. He spanked me but I didn’t care, it felt so amazing. “Harder please Sir”, he responded by thrusting so hard deep inside me, I groaned really loudly. He then reached around me and played with my clit whilst the other hand grabbed at my hair and yanked my head back. Fuck me! My whole body started shaking as he was relentlessly pounding into me, my orgasm was massive. Michael climaxed at the same time as me and we both collapsed onto the table. “Fuck that was sexy” I said as I kissed him hard and ran my hand down his chest. “Same time tomorrow Samantha?” he said with a wink. “Yes please Sir” I replied, “But tomorrow,” he said, “I bring handcuffs”.
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