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A GUEST FOR A WEEK -- Chapter 06: Saturday's Sinfulness

Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. This chapter involves graphic sexual descriptions of a man in his late twenties having sex with two underage teenage girls. The whole of this novella consists of multiple adult men in their late twenties having sex with multiple women, including underage teenage girls, written in a similar fashion. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- - -

That night as Rick slept, thoughts of Adelle’s proposition the previous day became interlaced with his dreams. Visions of young teenagers parading around freely in little to no clothing enticed him, causing lust and desire to well up in his mind. An assortment of different scenarios appeared that night.

The most memorable was just moments before he awoke. He dreamt he was some sort of ancient king. Somewhere a drum beat was playing slowly, creating an archaic form of music for the room to enjoy – and enjoy they did! All around him was his own, personal teenage harem. Each of the several girls danced provocatively to the drumbeat, slowly shedding whatever scanty and revealing attire they already wore.

As they danced, becoming more and more naked, some of the young women surrounding him began to group together. Using hands, tongues and whatever other body parts they could, each of the girls began to explore another’s body, pleasuring one another and amusing themselves with one another’s sexual wares.

He identified Adelle in the group. After a moment she stood, forsaking the adolescent woman she had been involving herself with. She shed the sheer robe that sat carelessly upon her shoulders, revealing her sultry, lithe body. She walked over to him erotically – swinging her hips with each step to the beat of the drums – and knelt in front of him, slowly pushing back his legs. Removing his pants, she exposed his penis, engorged and waiting for her.

Rick moaned as Adelle wrapped her lips around him, taking his bold staff into her mouth and sucking gently back and forth. The glide of her lips along his organ was breathtakingly gratifying. Her rhythm was perfect, each stroke intensifying his want – his very need – to be satisfied. Adelle’s tongue danced across the crown of his erection wildly, sending jolt after magnificent jolt surging through his brain.

Then, to his utter horror, the vision began to dissipate gradually until it was entirely replaced with reality.

At first, Rick was terribly disappointed. He thought he was again being deprived of a sexual dream involving his teenage lover. Just as he was lamenting this, however, a new realization overtook him – although the vision had deserted him, the pleasure he had been experiencing him did not.

“Ohhh... Mmmm...” he moaned gratuitously, opening his eyes. There below him were his covers, a round outline denoting a young head beneath them right near his waistline, moving slowly and precisely. He reached underneath the blankets and caressed Adelle’s head, intertwining his fingers with her hair. Immediately he leaned back on his pillow and groaned out, “Oh...Addy... Oh, yeah... Mmmm...Sweetie...!”

Adelle continued to fellate him, despite him being awake. Rick could feel the fingers of one hand wrapped around the shaft of his mighty sex while the others explored his naked skin. He opened his legs more widely for her, granting better access to his solid rod.

He considered this the most fantastic method he had woken up to in a long time. What’s more, this first-thing-in-the-morning surprise awakened him quickly. It wasn’t long before his pleasure began focusing itself. “Damn it...Sweetie...!” he warned. “ good...! I’m gonna cum... Oh, Adelle...! Awww...YEAH!” His muscles jerked and spasmed, finally unleashing his personal fluids inside Adelle’s mouth. She continued to caress his softening digit with her tongue as the erection disappeared, scooping up anything that remained.

When she had finished ingesting his semen, she crawled out from underneath the sheets, joining him on the pillows. She snuggled her fourteen-year-old body up to him and he kissed her deeply, wrapping his arms around his petite adolescent companion, allowing his hands to wander wherever they had the will to explore. He melted into the rich feeling of her youthful skin up against his. The two firm mounds on her chest pressed against him, further provoking his affection. Her hair fell from her head above and tickled its way across his face and shoulders. There remained on her body the scent of her fresh-smelling perfume from the night before. He wouldn’t have had this scene play out any other way.

This morning, he decided, was perfect!

“Hmmm...” he sighed. “That was the most amazing way to wake up.” He kissed her again gently. “Thank you so much, Adelle.”

She gazed at him, love radiating from her eyes and the smile across her face. “You’re welcome, handsome,” she responded softly. “It’s only fair. You did the same thing for me yesterday. I had to return the favour.”

“I suppose,” chucked Rick.

They lay there for some time, enjoying the afterglow feelings. It wasn’t just the pleasure she had caused in him this morning that they basked in. Instead, it was a culmination of the past several days. It was an appreciation of all the restrictions and apprehensions they had overcome together – or rather she had assisted him to overcome within himself –settling in. They had finally unified their love into the most intimate physical bonding the night before. Never had Rick felt so alive or adored. There had never been a single relationship where he felt so genuinely bonded to a lover, despite her young and impressionable age.

The hand Adelle had on his chest began wandering again. It slid across his chest and down his legs as far as it could reach and back up again, analyzing every muscular ridge Rick worked so diligently to maintain. She nestled into him again and he renewed his embrace around her.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

He breathed in deeply, again detecting the subtle waft of both her expended perfume and her tender body. Together, both scents drowned his mind in love. “I feel like I’m complete,” he confessed. “I never expected it to be with someone half my age, but for the first time in my life, I feel totally and utterly complete.” He kissed her forehead lovingly to seal the point. “I love you,” he whispered.

Adelle sighed, again nuzzling against him. “I love you, too,” she spoke softly. “I feel so adored. The sex I’ve had has always been ‘just for fun’ no matter who I was with, guy or girl.”

“Guy or girl?” Rick repeated, with a curious stare.

Adelle smiled, shrugging innocently. “Yeah,” she dismissed flippantly. “I’ve had my fun with girls, too. I’m not a lesbian or anything. It’s just fun whomever it’s with, isn’t it?” Rick passed the notion off with a sideways nod. “At least, that’s what I always convinced myself of,” continued Adelle. “I tried having sex with some guys, thinking that it was making love. I really thought they would love me, but in the end they just left me cold and alone.”

“I’ve had that with lots of girls, too. It’s fun – don’t get me wrong – but there’s just no connection, is there?”

She nodded. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. So, it just became something for fun whenever I was together with other guys.” She sat up to look at him and their eyes met. “But, as much as I like having fun, too, it just wasn’t profound enough for me.” She kissed him tenderly. “With you, though, Rick, it’s different. I can feel just how much you love me. It’s so much more than just sex. Sex is the fun part. When it’s with you, though, I know it’s someone I’m making love to, not just fooling around with.”

Rick brought his hand up and brushed the golden strands of hair from her face and cupped her cheek. “I know exactly what you mean, Sweetie.” He kissed her back gently, but meaningfully, and added, “I can feel that there’s just so much more between us. If it was just sex, I wouldn’t care that you’ll eventually have to go. I wouldn’t be searching for a way to keep us together. I probably would have kicked you out of my bed already.”

She giggled at his confession, looking at him with the utmost appreciation and love. “I probably would have left before you did,” she grinned.

He snickered back. “But,” he professed, “I want to be with you; I never want you to leave. That’s how I know this relationship is right, despite what anyone might think. It isn’t just sex. It’s love.” They smiled tenderly at each other. “And I’ll show you,” he stated at last.

He began to move, which surprised her. While leaning in for more and deeper kisses, he brought his one hand from her face and trailed it down her anxious skin to where her legs met. With thoughtful precision he parted the folds of her labia and started rubbing the supple flesh gently.

A surprised, delighted gasp echoed from Adelle as she leaned her head back and revelled in the familiar, loving sensations. She took in several shallow breaths and quietly shrieked, “Oh, Rick! Oh...I love it...when you touch me... Oh, don’t stop...”

While he kept caressing the outskirts of her vagina with his fingers, kisses from Rick’s mouth poured out onto her shoulders and chest. Eventually, Rick worked his lips up the soft, teenage flesh of her neck until he reached her ear. “I’ll never leave you, Adelline,” he promised. He could feel a surge of excitement fill her as she heard him pronounce her full name.

“Oh...Rick,” she gasped breathlessly. “Hmmm... Make love to me...Richard.”

He grinned broadly as she used his full name as well. Throwing off the covers, he released her only long enough to relocate himself to the space she opened up as she spread her legs for him again. His manhood again stood erect from his body. Adelle gawked at the nine inches of flesh he prepared to insert into her.

“Oh, damn...!” she admired, her eyes locked on the giant cudgel hanging from his loins. “I’ll never be able to get over the size of that cock you have!”

“Well, I’ll have to make sure of that,” he insisted as he leaned over her and gradually thrust himself into her. They both breathed in sharply as her constricting tunnel gave way to the invasion.

Reaching around behind him, she pulled insistently on his legs. “Ohhh...” she moaned over the invasion. “Oh, go deeper Rick. Go as deeply as you can.”

He pressed deeper, appreciating every stimulating inch as he moved along her marvellous interior. He retracted – just far enough to have her reel in blissful pleasure – before delving his manly pillar back into her waiting vessel. He repeated the action again and again, gently increasing his pressure and force. He was careful not to injure her, but also knew what would electrify her body.

“Oooh...make me cum, Rick...” she yearned. “Make me...mmmm... Make me last night...ohhh...”

The grip her vaginal walls had on him was overwhelming. Never had Rick ever imagined there could be sexual pleasure like this! It was gratification that couldn’t be topped. In response to just how magnificently her body treated his, he bowed his head, placed his hand on her face and placed more kisses on her neck and face. She responded with kisses of her own, clasping at his head with her hands.

“Hmmm... Mmmm... Ohhh... Oooh...” she continued to coo beneath him with every thrust. Her fingernails dung into his back, pleading for him not to stop. She wanted more – and he was ready to give it. He brought one of her blissfully long legs up and over his shoulder. She smiled at him with anticipation. Knowledgeably angling himself, she gasped in response as he began a relentless grind against the sensitive bud crowning this erogenous zone while plunging his manhood deeply against her womb.

“Oh, Rick...! Oh...Rick...! OHHH...! AH...! AHHH...!” she squealed at the new pressure. “Keep...going...! OHHH...! KEEP UHHH...GOING... I’M CUMMING...RICK I’M...CUM- OH...OH...OHHH!!!” Adelle’s eyes squinted tightly, her whole face following suit as the orgasm exploded in her youthful body. Her breathing stopped, but Rick didn’t cease his assault on her sensitive chalice. Her entire frame shook as her body convulsed in response to her lover’s actions.

Slowing his movements, he removed her leg and leaned down, kissing her passionately once again. “I love you so much, Adelle,” he breathed.

“And I love you,” Adelle returned. “Now I want to show you, again, too.” With that, she forced him onto his back. She turned away from him and straddled him, pressing his thick staff back up into her lustful channel. Rick was certainly not complaining as this offered him an incomparable view of her sensuous hourglass shape. Looking over her shoulder, she remarked, “How about a reverse cowgirl for you? Are you ready?”

“Oh, Adelle,” Rick sighed, “am I ever!” He rubbed his hands along her back, feeling her strong teenage body, his hands absorbing the feeling of every contour along her slender, nubile body.

“Mmmm, I love your hands on me, Rick,” she confessed as she leaned forward and began moving her pubic treasure along his rigid extension. “They feel so warm and strong. I just feel so safe letting you touch me.”

“I’ll never betray that trust, Sweetie,” he moaned as pleasure took hold again. He led his hands to where she sat and squeezed her round hips. “Nice little bubble bum you have back here,” he complimented.

Whipping her head around, she smiled sensually at him. “You have quite a fine ass yourself,” she returned. He chuckled at her forthright observation. Turning back around and leaning back on her arms, she commanded, “Now, lay back, relax and let me handle this.”

As she began methodically thrusting herself against his groin, Rick couldn’t help but thrust back to meet her. Her delectable, fourteen-year-old tunnel absorbed his solid digit with all urgency and he enjoyed every movement she made. They moaned together, harmonizing their enjoyment, relishing the other’s sounds.

“Mmmm... Oooh... Rick...!” she susurrated.

He groaned back, “Hmmm... Adelle...! Oh, Sweetie...”

Hoping to enliven her senses, he began embracing her body again. With one hand, he reached up and fondled her adolescent breasts. Gripping her nipples tenderly, she sighed contentedly with each breath over the new touch. After a moment, he reached around her with the other hand, beginning to stroke her precious button above her feminine cavern.

Adelle threw he head back in pleasure, her movements becoming increasingly desperate. He knew she was fast approaching another climax. He continued to tantalize her innermost desires until the scale was tipped. Once more she tensed up, gripping his body tightly with both hands – and inside her vagina.

“Ohhh...I’m cumming...again! Rick! OOOH...!!!” cried Adelle as blissful pleasure again overcame her.

At the same moment, Rick’s emotions were swelling also. Thrusting himself upwards into her pubescent body, he vented, “OH, ADDY...! ADELLE...! FEELS SO...GOOD...! DAMN IT...OHHH...!!!” Whatever baby-making ammunition he had left was spewed into the petite teenager on top of him as this newest euphoria engulfed him.

Their passions mellowed, allowing them to relax from their loving efforts. Adelle lay down on Rick’s torso, sighing contentedly. With her chest openly exposed, Rick crossed his hands over her chest and caressed her, concentrating on her perky nipples that were now sticking straight upwards. She giggled at the touch, wrapping her arms around his.

“Hmmm...” she sighed again. “That was as so awesome!” Rick hummed his agreement, kissing her cheek. She bathed in his warm embrace for a moment, cooing, before asking, “Know how I know I love you, Rick?”

“How?” he guided, smiling at her innocence.

She turned over, lying squarely on his chest as she had the day before. “Well, like I said, you stay with me, and want to stay with me. But also, because I want to stay with you whenever we’re done having sex. I’ve never had that feeling with any other guy. That’s how I know it’s not just sex. That’s how I know it’s love.”

Smiling widely, Rick responded, “I feel the same way, Adelle. That’s how I know it’s love, too. It’s not just a week together and that’s the end. It’s become so much more than conversation. Yeah, we have that, too. We can go out and just plain have some good times. It’s wonderful! But now there’s this physical bonding, too – and I want you forever.”

“Exactly,” she whispered, kissing him gently. She sighed lovingly as she slid off Rick’s body and back into his arms. As they pulled the bedding back over themselves they basked in another afterglow, concerned at that moment only about being with the other.

Soon, they both drifted off to sleep again.

Some time passed before Adelle shook Rick gently. Inhaling the morning air, he asked, “What is it, Sweetie?”

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry.”

Rick looked at the clock which read 12:14pm and realized it wasn’t actually morning anymore, as he had thought. The afternoon had just begun. Chuckling at the situation, Rick agreed just as a rumble emanated from his stomach. He had to confess that he was hungry, too. The couple tossed aside the covers, ready to begin the day. Adelle seized the moment to give him a kiss and squirm away from Rick’s arms quickly, fleeing the bedroom and laughing at her shrewd escape. Rick laughed and pursued after her with equal speed.

Catching up to her in the kitchen, he lifted her clothing-less body into his arms and stole back the kiss she had so quickly thieved. Immediately, she surrendered herself and kissed back passionately, allowing them both to soothe their desires with this small token of their love.

Rick set Adelle back on the floor and began pulling out the dishes he’d require to make a meal for the two of them. “Anything special you’d like?” he asked.

Adelle shrugged in response. “Not really. Surprise me. Your cooking’s great, so I know it’ll be fantastic, whatever it is.” Her confidence in his culinary skills elicited a smile from both of them. “Do you mind if I play your Kinect in the meantime?”

“Not at all,” he offered. Adelle thanked him and made her way to the living room while Rick set himself to cooking a meal.

“Looks like rain,” Adelle observed, parting the living room curtains slightly. Rick peered around the corner, seeing the gloom for himself.

“I heard there was a chance of it.”

Looking seductively over her shoulder, Adelle let the curtain close. “Guess it’s an inside kind of day. We’ll have to use our imaginations and find a way to amuse ourselves,” she suggested, smiling knowingly.

The suggestion brought a broad smile to Rick’s face as well. “Guess we will. Any ideas?” he winked. She winked back at him, a look of pure passion set in her blazing azure eyes. “I’ll be in here if you need,” he told her.

Turning back into the kitchen and opening the fridge, Rick grimaced. It had been a few days since he had purchased any groceries and his supplies were beginning to dwindle. There wasn’t an abundance of options, but he made do with what he had. Gathering some steak pieces and a handful of assorted vegetables he had left he began preparing a stir fry, accompanying it with some white rice.

All of a sudden, something hit his back. Turning around, he discovered that Adelle had thrown the pair of boxers at him that he had worn the night before. Although her chest was bare – much to Rick’s delight – she was also wearing a pair of blue, hip-hugging panties. Rick raised an eyebrow.

“Well, you’re cooking with oil. We don’t want him getting burned now, do we?” Adelle explained, pointing to Rick’s flaccid manhood. Laughing at her ‘consideration’, Rick placed the boxers on himself. “I also find it more comfortable,” she continued. “Unless I’m actually cuddling with someone on a bed or the couch or something, I always find it’s more comfortable for some reason.” Rick had to admit her logic was reasonable. “Anyways, I’ll be in here playing a game,” she announced before leaving.

“Yup,” he agreed. “I’ve got this. Go have some fun.” While Rick hurried to finish cooking, he took a moment and swallowed another of Jiz’s pills. He could still hardly believe that Jiz had access to some supplier for four-hour hard-on pills. Despite his amazement, Rick was glad. Without them, there’d be almost no keeping up to Adelle and her pubescent nymphomania.

He snuck peeks at Adelle playing Kinect Sports as he cooked. The sight of her young, feminine figure exercising more or less naked was intensely exciting and caused his body to yearn with desire. He knew she was his; there was no reason to rush to her and ravish her body immediately. Besides, he had a meal to take care of; he didn’t want the food to burn. The energy it provided would be necessary if he was to continue to love her and make love to her.

He finished the lunch, and figured the result was quite satisfactory. Placing the food on the table, he called to Adelle. As they ate, she complimented him again on his masterful art. He explained that it was only a throw-whatever’s-in-the-fridge-together meal, but she insisted on its appeal nonetheless.

Despite the tastiness of the meal, there was a pervading heaviness to their mood. Knowing exactly what his young lover was thinking, Rick finally addressed the subject. “Your parents are supposed to come home today, you know,” he announced during a lull in the conversation. She looked at him ruefully. “I really wish you could stay, but we have to face reality here, Sweetie.”

Adelle shook her head as she took another bite. “I told you. I’m sure they’ll be a couple more days.” She finished the mouthful of food she had started and added, “How long did they tell you they’d be?”

“Five or six days is what your dad told me, maybe a week if things run late.”

“Meh,” Adelle scoffed. “I’d give it at least double that.”

“Will they let me know?” Rick thought about the nightmare he’d had a couple nights previously. “I’d hate for them so show up while we’ the middle of something.”

“Probably will call, yeah,” she giggled. “I remember a couple years ago I stayed with a friend and they called to say they’d be another few days. It ended up being almost a week.”

Rick mulled over this. “What about last year when you went with them?”

“That was the worst!” Adelle huffed. “Again, it was only ‘supposed’ to be a week, but it ended up being two. I was so bored, you have no idea!”

“I guess they have a track record of being a week late, huh?” Rick chuckled.

“Mm-hm,” Adelle agreed, completing her meal. She finished chewing and swallowed before standing and walking over to Rick, straddling his legs and sitting on his lap. She leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his back and pressing her maturing breasts against him. She kissed him deeply and lovingly. “All the better for us,” she concluded.

Just as a combination of the narcotic he ingested and Adelle’s promiscuous attitude were having their effect, Rick heard his cell ring. She attempted to dissuade him, but he recognized the specific ringtone. As if on cue, it was her parents.

She stood up and he rushed to the phone, retrieving it just before the voicemail took over. “Hello?” he answered.

“Rick!” responded the business-like, but happy voice of Adelle’s father on the other end. “How are things, my friend?”

“No complaints here, really,” Rick responded, glancing back at Adelle with a smile. She snickered and winked at him. “How are things on your end there, Harold?”

“Oh, not bad I suppose. The conference is over and we’ve just been making some deals with some of the attendees. It has been a profitable week thus far.”

“Glad to hear it.”

There was a pause. “Rick, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you; something serious.”

Rick’s heart skipped a beat. Just the words that Harold had used were adequate to fill his mind with dread. Does he know? How could he possibly know? Rick thought. Focusing his energy on remaining calm and collected, he questioned, “What’s on your mind?”

Harold took a breath. “Well, Rick, I... Well, first of all, how’s Adelle doing?”

Beside himself with anxiety, Rick took a breath. He took another gaze the beautiful, nearly-naked teenager in his kitchen. Her glowing blonde hair, her crystal blue eyes, her fair, silky skin, her dazzling white smile all flooded his mind with adoration. How was Adelle doing? She was doing wonderfully – especially when she was ‘doing’ him. Unfortunately, now was neither the time nor the place for Rick to profess his deep, abiding love for Harold’s daughter.

He looked away from her, unable to concentrate on speaking with her father while she sat there so unclothed. He responded as normally as he could, “She’s doing fine, I guess,” he explained. “She hasn’t been up to anything overly mischievous as far as I can tell. There have been a couple nights she has gone out with friends, but I’ve given her a decent curfew and she’s been in on time. I have no real complaints.” He wondered if his ‘slightly-exaggerated’, little white lie would go undetected.

“Hm,” Harold’s voice replied on the other end of the line. “Well, that’s good to hear I suppose.” Another pause settled in before Harold continued. Rick could almost count the seconds. It seemed like an eternity to him. “Well, Rick, the reason I’m calling is that we’ve been told about a couple unnerving developments.”

Rick’s back stiffened at the statement. “Okay...” Rick opened, bringing a hand to his face and rubbing his forehead. He was striving with all his strength not to allow his nervousness to get the better of him. Oh, hell, he thought, I’m in SO much deep crap! Did someone in the apartment hear us and wrat us out!? Damn it! Damn it! DAMN IT!

“Well, I’m afraid you and Adelle are just going to have to deal with the consequences.” Harold spoke slowly. “Rick, we’re going to be several more days.”

“Oh! I see,” Rick announced breathlessly. Well, that’s not so bad, he confided inside. I can handle that. Slowly, he released the air from his lungs. “Why’s that?”

“I suppose I exaggerated when I told you how well things were going out here. Yeah, it’s been pretty good, but some complications have set in with some of our business deals. Sometimes they never really go the way you want them to,” Harold vented. “It seems to happen every year – as our daughter can certainly testify to. Anyways, like I said, we’ll be a few more days.”

“Any idea when you’ll be arriving here?”

“We’ll probably be flying home next Friday or Saturday. We’ll give you a call the day we’re leaving. Does that work for you?”

Rick smiled greedily and glanced over at his shoulder at Adelle, who was watching with rapt interest. “Yeah, that should work just fine.”

“Don’t worry; we’ll compensate you for this, too.”

“Well, you’d better,” Rick joked.

Harold chuckled. “How does another month’s rent sound?”

“That sounds more than generous and fair to me,” agreed Rick.

“Good,” finalized Harold. “I know it does somewhat inconvenience you, so that’s why we’re so content with being so generous. We’re trying to even the score, I guess you could say. Glad that’s settled then, though. Rick, I – we – can’t thank you enough. You’re an absolute lifesaver!”

“Well, just glad I could be of service. It’s really not a problem. She’s pretty much staying out of my hair; it’s been fairly smooth sailing.”

Again, Harold chuckled and closed, “Well, make sure you tell her the ‘good news’ that her ‘mean and sadistic’ parents aren’t going to be home for a while longer. Just call if you need anything. Thanks again, Rick. Bye, now.”

“No worries, Harold. Take care.” Rick hung up the phone. “Whew!” he breathed deeply after first making sure the call had ended. Adelle wasted no time in questioning him. He quickly relayed the interesting new development.

“It seems you were right,” he ended matter-of-factly.

“See!? I told you!” she emphasized, giggling triumphantly. “I knew they’d be another week. They always are!” She grinned at him, reflecting on his expressions during the conversation. “You looked pretty nervous there for a couple minutes.”

“Well, can you blame me?” Rick defended himself. “It totally sounded like he knew what we’ve been up to! I thought we were busted for sure! I was just waiting for him to tell me that a brigade of cops was coming up the stairwell right now. I was scared as hell!”

Adelle giggled. “I could tell,” she affirmed. Her eyes scanned him up and down. She walked over to him and knelt in front of him. “Let’s get rid of these annoying things now,” she suggested while removing his boxers. “I think we should celebrate, don’t you?” She caught his eye and bit her lip expectantly.

Rick smiled. “Hm,” he pretended to think. “What did you have in mind?” A half-second later, her mouth was again wrapped around his growing erection, reawakening the thoughts he was entertaining moments ago. “Ohhh... Addy...!” he petitioned the fourteen-year-old, placing a hand on her head. “If only your...parents knew what...we were doing...”

Her lips released him. She giggled, “Well, it’s a good thing they don’t or we’d never be able to keep falling in love with each other, right?” He chuckled in response. Replacing her lips around his penis, she continued to fellate him. Rick leaned on the countertop for support as the pleasure Adelle filled him with overcame his senses.

“Oh... Ohhh...Adelle...!” he groaned. “Mmmm... Oh, Sweetie... Oh...yeah...!”

Over and over Adelle stroked his engorged phallus with her lips and tongue; over and over Rick felt the exquisite pleasure that only a teenager can give. Soon, he was yearning for more than just a blowjob. Reaching down, he tugged on her by her shoulders. Confused, she looked up. “Stand up,” he begged. “Stand up.”

She complied, not entirely certain as to his intensions, but intrigued to know what his thoughts were. Rick oriented her until she was facing the counter and directed her body to lean over it. She smiled, knowing exactly what to expect and preparing herself for the immense pleasure to follow. If a man did it right, this position was always amazing for her.

They found a little manoeuvring was necessary due to their height differences, but following a couple tries they lined their essential parts up. Utter instinct – the desire for unrestricted breeding – filled both their minds as Rick grasped her hips and pressed his stiff erection into her womanly channel yet again. Seconds later they discovered the perfect rhythm, their bodies melding in unified pleasure.

“Oooh! Rick...! Your cock...” gasped Adelle in quick breaths. “It’s on g-spot...! Ohhh...that’s my g-spot... Rick...!” The intense gratification numbed all her other senses. “Oh...that damn good! YES!” she exclaimed.

She clawed the countertop, flailing her arms wildly, attempting desperately to ground herself in reality while the intense pleasure wracked her mind. She felt her rear end slap against his loins repeatedly, every thrust penetrating deeply into her and triggering immensely thrilling reactions her body over.

It required every leftover ounce of concentration for Rick not to allow his legs to collapse. The sensation of Adelle’s muscles along her velvety interior consumed him. Her petite tube clutched his large manhood, unwilling to let go until satisfied. Opening his eyes, he watched her lustfully beautiful fourteen-year-old body slam against him repeatedly. In quick succession, she was against his waist, ricocheted a short distance and returned for another thrust. He couldn’t believe the feeling.

“Ohhh, Adelle...!” he huffed, responding to her pleasured cries. He brought his hands to her head, gripping her hair and massaging her scalp before wandering his hands across her naked, pubescent back. “Oh,’re damn sexy, Addy...!” he thought aloud between advances back into her. “Mmmm... Oh, Adelle...! Oh, I...I love you...!”

“Hmmm...I... I! Oh...Rick... I’m cumming...again...! Oh, Rick...! I’m c-cum-OOOH... RICK!” she hollered while another climax built within her young frame. Rick felt her hands reach behind her, clutching franticly to his legs, pleading for him to keep pressing his manly pole into her. He held her hips again to guide her. Her breathing stopped mid-breath and her sinews tensed as her mind raced to process the ecstasy overflowing throughout her.

While Adelle moaned out her appreciation, Rick continued to revel the feeling of being inside her. As her body convulsed, her feminine well seized around his penis, igniting an ever-deepening enjoyment of her youthful body. His passions built quickly and before he realized it, he, too, was ascending to a climactic finish. He reached out and held her hands tightly, plunging madly as he attempted to satisfy their every craving. She pressed back against him with the same intentions.

“OHHH...!” he grunted, sensing his body spasm and release his masculine juices inside of her. “Ohhh...! Adelle! Mmmm...!” He felt his muscles return to his control, the soothing emotions making him want to be closer and closer to this young woman with every intimate session they experienced together. Leaning over gently, he embraced her as best he could.

He breathed deep, taking in her scent, and sighed. No words could describe how profoundly he had fallen in love with her, despite her being so young. She returned the clumsy hug, turning her head and kissing him. They stood there against the kitchen counter for a moment, calming their breathing and allowing the sensation of the other’s skin to pacify their lustful emotions.

“Oh, Adelle...” he sighed tenderly. “That always.”

“Hmmm,” breathed Adelle in response. “Can’t beat how good it felt for me.”

They chuckled and kissed again before Rick lifted her in his arms and carried her to the couch. Once there, they retrieved the blanket Adelle once used to sleep with and laid down together. As they cuddled, they felt one another’s warm body lovingly close to their own, enjoying the endorphins flowing in their veins, calming their bodies. It was one of the most pure-bonding afterglows they had ever known.

With the afternoon still young, they again fell asleep in one another’s arms.

The shrill sound of a text message on Rick’s phone disturbed them after just more than an hour. Grumbling against the intrusion, Rick excused himself and left Adelle on the couch to retrieve his phone.

“Hm...” Adelle cooed, brushing some stray strands of hair from her face. Rick couldn’t deny how gorgeous she looked with her just-waking-up, still-half-asleep face. He smiled. “Who is it, Rick?”

He rolled his eyes half frustrated, half understanding. “Of all people, it’s Jiz,” Rick explained. “He’s getting low on groceries.”

Raising an eyebrow, Adelle inquired, “So...what does that have to do with you?”

Rick chuckled. “Well, Sweetie, we usually go and get them together. We’ve worked out our efficiency that, not only do try to work on the same schedule, we also try to get household chores like this done together, too.” Adelle’s expression changed from confusion to astonishment and she complimented him on how well they coordinated their lives together. Rick chuckled, “Yeah, well, it’s just the way we work. We like to hang out at clubs and stuff together a lot and it’s just not as fun to go alone. So, we try not to get hung up with things like grocery shopping. We do them early.”

“Hm,” Adelle pondered, “makes sense to me, I guess.” She grimaced, anticipating the answer as she asked, “Do you really need to go?”

He smiled, lying back beside her on the couch, wrapping her back up in his arms. The touch of her skin kindled his sexual desire once again. She leaned on his chest as he answered, “To be honest, yes. I’m actually almost out of food, too. Besides, I need to ask him about next week.”

“That’s true, I suppose – and I hope I haven’t eaten that much.”

“No, not at all,” Rick chuckled again. He could detect another erection growing. Damn, those pills sure work. Really doesn’t take much to get me horny, he realized. He continued, “We were both almost out the other day, but I think he’s let it get down to the wire – so we could be together as long as possible. I know I have.”

She sighed, appreciating Jiz’s consideration for them. Rick could almost feel the motion as her eyes scoured his body, finally sighting the awakening animal between his legs. He felt her take a deep, anticipating breath.

“You could come with us, you know,” he offered, wondering if she really would take him up on the offer.

She shrugged. “No, no,” she giggled, “you two should have some guy time. I’ve had you lots. Besides, I can clean things up around here a little. We’ve kinda let things go to crap.” He watched as her fingers trailed down his abs and began fondling his sex character lightly.

“You’d do that for me?”

“I’d do that for us, yeah, but mostly for me,” she giggled, correcting him. “I really like a clean place – and one that I’m having a lot of sex in a lot is no exception.” She giggled at her explanation. “Don’t worry; I’ll get things tidied up a little while you’re gone.”

Rick considered this. “I suppose – if you’re willing to do that.”

“Of course!”

“Ok, I guess we have a plan then.”

“Ok,” nodded Adelle, still playing tenderly with the protrusion announcing itself boldly against his will. Her fingers wrapped lightly around its head and began squeezing gently. Rick let out a muffled groan. “Well, we certainly don’t want to run out of food. I know I want to keep my energy up,” she giggled. “I guess you’ll have to go.”

Her speed began to increase, helped as a dribble of fluid escaped his tip. Little by little, her hand began to journey the length of his digit. “Yeah...” Rick managed, his voice begging to quiver. “I guess I do, Sweetie. We’ll probably be gone an hour or so, maybe closer to an hour and a half depending on what he needs.”

She continued to rub for another few seconds before responding, “Well, before you go, I think someone needs to be taken care of. Don’t you?” With that, she lowered her head, brining Rick’s manhood into her mouth once again. He could only groan helplessly as her sexual expertise pinned him to the spot. He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to breathe, didn’t want to do anything that may disturb the moment and her treatment to his body.

After a few more strokes with her oral cavity, she looked up. “Besides, I’m still waking up. How about you?” she asked with a cheeky, seductive grin. His desire was now fully awakened, his lust fully aroused. She straddled him, guiding his loving instrument to her waiting vessel. There, they made love again until both had their physical desires more than fulfilled.

Still, when he announced he was going for a shower before leaving, she was intent on joining him. Allowing their hands to wander over one another, they offered one another oral pleasure until both had again climaxed. Shortly thereafter, Rick departed, meeting up with Jiz in the parking lot where rain continued to pour.

“Took you long enough, dude,” Jiz chided him. “I’m getting soaked out here!”

Rick shot him a smug expression. “Yeah, well, I was busy. What can I say?”

Jealousy expressed itself in Jiz’s eyes. “I don’t know,” he confessed, “but whatever you can, I’d like you so say it as we drive.” Rick chuckled as he got in the driver’s seat. After joining traffic on the main road, he broke down to Jiz’s constant pleas for more information.

“Alright, alright, alright!” Rick warded. “We’ve been making love all day, starting with last night.” Jiz’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “Yeah, man; it’s been an almost non-stop rotation of food, sex and sleep. There, I said it; you happy?”

Jiz’s eyes were as large as saucers. “You serious? Damn, dude! She actually finally seduced you?”

Shaking his head, Rick chuckled. “Seduced is hardly the word. It was a mutual thing,” he described and added, “Jiz, it may sound weird, it may sound crazy, but we’re in love. I seriously am in love with her. I guess I had my guard up because it’s not a commonplace – and certainly not accepted – type of relationship. Once I let that guard down, things just clicked between us.”

“I’ll bet it happens more often that you think,” Jiz piped in.

Rick shrugged and agreed, “Perhaps. Regardless, it’s still not an overly accepted relationship in society.”

“True enough.”

“I mean, hell,” muttered Rick, “I can only imagine what would happen if her parents found out.”

Jiz started chuckling, “You’d be locked away with the sodomites for sure.”

“Thanks for the reminder.”

Chuckling again, Jiz stated, “That’s what I’m here for. I’m your conscience, remember?”

The absurdity of the idea made Rick laugh. “Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of,” he admitted sarcastically.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” questioned Jiz, feigning a terrible hurt. “I’m the most responsible citizen you ever did meet.” Rick shot him a disbelieving glare. “Well, ok, almost the most responsible,” Jiz corrected.

“Whatever you say,” Rick brushed off with a wave of his hand. Stopping at a red light he looked at his friend. “Jiz, you and I both know you’re one of the most sexually liberal men we know.”

Jiz narrowed his eyes back at him. “I’m rivaled only by you now.”

The light turned green again and Rick pressed on the accelerator. “Very funny,” he chided. He thought a moment and added, “Don’t tell me you’re jealous of my new status.”

A huff blew from Jiz’s nose as he confessed, “Honesty, yes I am. Very much, I am.” He looked at Rick and shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t begin to describe how insanely envious I am of what you have.”

This caught Rick by surprise. “Are you jealous of the sex or the relationship?”

“Both, really – well, that is mostly the sex,” explained Jiz. Rick smiled; he knew his friend all too well. “Seriously, though, if I found a woman I wanted for more than a few days – a woman that there was more than just a sexual attraction to – I don’t know; I guess I’d settle down, dude.” Rick raised his eyebrows, looking at his friend from out of the corner of his eyes. “Maybe,” Jiz added.

Rick redirected his attention to the road. “Is it maybe because you’re not looking for it?” he posed.

Shrugging, Jiz agreed, “That could be.” The words hang in the air for a moment before he added, “For right now, though, dude, I’m content just to have wild, non-committal sex with any woman who happens by. It’s fun; I like it that way.”

“I’ve noticed,” chuckled Rick.

A laugh erupted from Jiz that Rick thought made people on the sidewalk glance their way. “I guess you could say I’m not ready to settle down; but if the right woman came along, I’d have no problem,” Jiz contemplated aloud. “I’d just be naturally influenced to settle down then, I think. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, it does for the most part,” acknowledged Rick. He smiled, thinking about how unlikely a situation that was as he knew Jiz’s current track record. “I’d still like to actually see it happen, though.”

“You and me both,” Jiz laughed.

As they pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, a thought began provoking Rick’s mind. “Speaking of improbable relationships,” he opened, “can I ask you a question?” Jiz agreed, gesturing Rick to go ahead. “Well, do you think the relationship Adelle and I have is unnatural?”

What!? Hell, no, dude!” Jiz exclaimed. “Not at all! She sounds like a great girl, even if you’re 27 and she’s only 14. If you’re falling in love, you’re falling in love. You can’t change that.” His friend’s acceptance of the current circumstances with Adelle calmed his nerves some. Of course, he knew there was something more Jiz would say. “Besides, she’s damn hot, dude! Like I said, at this point in my life, I’m mostly jealous of the unbeatable sex you’re having!”

“What?” Rick was surprised. “You’ve never nailed a teenager before?”

“Honestly, no,” Jiz clarified. Rick blinked in astonishment as he stopped the car and put it in park. He could only stare at Jiz with wide eyes, asking for more information. “I haven’t!” Jiz insisted. “Ok, well, never one Adelle’s age.”

Rick continued staring, expecting more.

Jiz sighed and explained, “There have been lots 17-year-olds at the college – I swear a couple lied to me and have actually been 16, I think – but other than that, no.” Rick tried to suppress a smile. “I’m pretty sure they’re legal if they’re living on their own,” Jiz twisted his face as he strained his memory. “I think. I guess you’re right; I’d better check the law again.”

“So that’s it?” reflected Rick.

Puffing out his chest triumphantly, Jiz concluded with a grin, “I have I’ve slept with plenty of 18- and 19-year-olds and countless girls in their twenties, that’s for sure. I’ve also had a number of milfs in my time. As young or close to Adelle’s age, though? Never, nope, not here.”

Rick raised his eyebrows and hummed his surprise. They left the car, bolted through the rain and entered the supermarket. Before long, they were restocked with their necessary groceries to last them another several days. Rick even purchased another bouquet of flowers for his young guest, to which Jiz rolled his eyes. They quickly paid for their purchases and rushed back out to the vehicle.

“You know, it honestly surprises – and kind of impresses – me,” Rick admitted as they climbed back into their seats.

Jiz clicked his seatbelt. “What’s that?”

“The whole truth about you not shoving your cock into any hot teen that you meet,” responded Rick. “I honestly expected that you had.”

“Well, I sure did when I was a teen, but I don’t anymore,” clarified Jiz. Rick pulled back into traffic. “I don’t doubt you’re surprised, though. I know I joke about it all the time – like I was joking with you the other day about that girl that serves in our restaurant; the owner’s daughter, Lexi.”

Our restaurant?” Rick scolded. “And, yes, I remember the conversation.”

“Ok, ok, dude; your restaurant – although, technically, I guess it’s Lexi’s parents place, but that’s beside the point,” indicated Jiz. “Anyways, back to the subject at hand. You can’t tell me you’ve never fantasized over Sexy Lexi. I mean, she’s only 15, but she’s hot as hell!” Rick nodded in acknowledgement. “I mean, I know I sure do keep her in my wank bank – waiting anxiously for the day she moves out or turns 18 – but I know the limits.”

Glancing quickly at his friend, Rick asked, “Limits?”

“No one underage.”

“Oh, are those the limits?”

“Dude,” murmured Jiz, “you’re just lucky enough to have a girl who doesn’t care about the limits. Damn, I wish I could be that lucky.” He looked out the window in contemplation. “Pussy that fresh has gotta be unbeatable. I can only imagine what it’d be like pounding Lexi’s tight little cunny.”

Rick smiled, recalling the conversation with Adelle he’d had the day previously. Letting Jiz’s thought hang in the air for a moment, he finally asked, “What if you could?”

“Could what?” responded Jiz slowly, returning his gaze to the driver.

Another red light ordered the car to a halt. Rick looked sombrely at Jiz. “What if you could get some from a girl that young? From a teen girl, I mean?”

“Like, from Lexi?” Jiz pried. His inquisitive eyes were full of awe.

“No, not from Lexi specifically,” clarified Rick. The light returned to green and Rick sped up again. “I’m asking what you would do if you could get some tail from someone like, say, Adelle and her friends – her teenage friends – no questions asked, no strings attached.”

Jiz leaned back on the headrest. An expression of consideration crossed his face. Finally, he grimaced and shook his head. “No, dude,” he concluded, “I’m so liberal that I’d easily get caught. I’d be in one girl, blow my load, get my dick ready as fast as possible and start pounding it into the next one.”

Rick laughed at his friend’s confession. “Surely you wouldn’t let that stop you. It could be kept a secret.”

“No,” denied Jiz, “it’d be really tough for me to keep something like that a secret. I’m impressed you’ve found a way, actually.”

“Well, thanks. So am I.”

“Yeah, brag about it, why don’t ya?” laughed Jiz. “If it could be kept a secret, then hell yes, I’d sign up for some teen pussy in a heartbeat. Damn, that’d be so awesome.” Rick stayed silent, letting Jiz digest the words he’d just spoken. Realization began forming on Jiz’s face. “Why?” he asked slowly. “What did you have in mind? Thinking of sharing Adelle or something, dude?”

“No, not exactly. I do have an offer for you, though,” Rick’s explanation began. Jiz studied his friend more intently. “Look, she and a few of her friends are getting together next week for some sort of birthday party tradition that they do– and they invited me to go with them.” Jiz’s jaw dropped. Rick thought he could almost see drool forming on his friend’s chin. “That’s six teens and one Rick,” he finished. “You do the math; that’s not enough Rick to go around.”

“No way...” Jiz countered feebly. He blinked slowly, shaking his head in amazement. “You have my attention, dude. What’s in it for me?”

“Well, I explained that same thing to Adelle,” Rick informed him. Jiz prodded him for more. He took a deep breath and offered, “I told her I wanted you to go, too.”

Rick observed Jiz. It looked like he was about to pass out. “And she said?” he asked, almost begging.

“She agreed – as long as you never discuss it outside of those that are there,” Rick stated. Jiz breathed out slowly. “I promised her you could keep their secret, too. Plus, she says that’s how these girls are able to keep things like this hush-hush, whatever that means.” Rick thought for a moment and admitted, “Actually, I’d kinda like to know what it means, but that’s neither here nor there right now.”

“It means they’re all having underage sex!” ascertained Jiz.

Rick chuckled. “Well, maybe.”

“Anyways, she agreed to let me go?”

“Not just that,” added Rick. “She told me gleefully that the others would be so excited to have someone else up there.”

Studying his friend for some betraying sign, he confirmed, “You’re for real?”

“Yup,” Rick assured.

“Holy crap, dude! I can’t believe this! This is all my dreams come true.” Rick snickered at Jiz’s awestruck face.

“Well, what do you say? Are you in?”

Snapping back to reality, Jiz locked eyes with his friend. “What kind of a moron do you take me for? Hell, yeah, I’m in!” Jiz accorded, fist-pounding with him.

Rick smiled. “Awesome! I’ll let Adelle know, then.”

“This is mind-blowing!” Jiz labeled. “I don’t know what to say, dude! This is, bar none, the sweetest offer for sex I’ve ever been given.”

“I know what you mean,” agreed Rick. “You could say thank you, though.”

Jiz chuckled. “Oh, right, thank you, dude! Oh, man, thank you! When do we leave?”

“Monday, I think. I’ll double-check and let you know.”


Dashing from the car, they took their groceries into the apartment building as quickly as possible. As they began to part ways, Rick promised, “So, I’ll text you the details.”

“Discreetly – you never know who could be watching cell phone conversations,” Jiz whispered back. “Hell, the FBI has eyes and ears everywhere. They could be all over this, you know. The last thing I want is to end up with you and the sodomites.”

Rick smiled. “Likewise,” he joked, adding, “How do you know they didn’t have a microphone in the car?” Jiz pretended to look around in horror. Rick laughed and agreed, “No, I know we need to be discreet. We’ll pull this off, though. Trust me.”

“Sounds good, dude. Let me know.”

They headed to their own apartments, Rick ascending to the third floor. Anxiety filled him. They had only been gone for 45 minutes. Made good time, Rick thought. This’ll be a pleasant surprise for her.

He was so excited to be with Adelle again this evening. It was an emotion that he’d never had before for any woman. It still surprised him that, now of all times and with a teenager, he was enjoying the amorous joy that he’d heard so much about. He couldn’t wait to feel the softness of Adelle’s fourteen-year-old skin pressed against his once again. It was all he could think about as he fitted the key into the lock on his door.

The reality of what awaited him was unlike anything he expected.

As he walked in through the open doorway, a peculiar sound echoed in the hallway from the direction of the living room – the pleasured moan of a young woman. He smiled, closing the door quietly and taking the bouquet of flowers into his hand. There she goes again, he chortled inwardly. Couldn’t even wait for me to get home and help her with that.

As he removed his shoes, he began to notice a subtle difference in the pitch of the soft voice. He listened more closely. At first he was convinced she was watching some porno flick, but there wasn’t the usual music to accompany the scene and no light in the apartment. Curious, he made his way to the living room, hiding the flowers behind his back.

Tiptoeing towards the sounds across the hallway, he stopped short, gawking as when he had seen Adelle treating herself a few days ago. This time, however, there were, not one, but two young women sitting naked in his living room. Their clothes were strewn around the living room floor as they played sensually with each other. Immediately, Rick sensed a burst of growth beneath his jeans.

Adelle, in all her natural, fourteen-year-old wonder, knelt on the floor in front of the couch, her head planted firmly between the other’s legs. He deduced that the second beauty was probably around Adelle’s age, perhaps slightly older. Regardless of ages, Adelle’s face dove again and again against the other girl’s labia. Rick could hardly comprehend the scene he’d walked in on.

The other young woman was someone he didn’t recognize. However, if he never saw her again, he would not soon forget her sultry appearance. Long, jet-black hair reflected the gloomy light from outside. About 5’2”, her physique clearly displayed a reasonable physical strength, particularly in her lower body, though her torso was well-toned itself. Her body was thick, but fit, housing a pair of ripe and full, 34D breasts – a very decent size for a mid-teen, Rick had to admit.

Round, but firm hips and legs added to the delicious curves of her upper body. Rick guessed she weighed somewhere in the 115lbs range. The sight of two lovely teenagers, naked and sharing sexual pleasure on his couch, was intensely erotic. He didn’t dare blink lest he miss an important second.

“Oooh...Adelle...! Oh, yeah... That’s it... Eat me, Addy... Eat my pussy... Ahhh...yeah...!” moaned the black-haired girl, her eyes squeezed shut tightly as pleasure filled her body. “Right there... Make me cum... Ohhh, Adelle...!”

All of a sudden, the curvaceous young woman opened her eyelids to reveal a pair of piercing green eyes. Focusing on Rick, she immediately did not look happy that he was there.

What the hell!?” she shrieked. Jumping back from Adelle’s face, she scrambled across the couch and fumbled for the throw pillows, using one to cover her pubic region and the other to hide her full, round breasts.

Adelle turned around, her face denoting surprise. “Well, you’re home early,” she gasped.

Rick opened his mouth to speak, but no words formed. He didn’t know what to say, and so remained silent, figuring it was better than saying the wrong thing.

The black-haired beauty examined Rick up and down. “Adelle, is this...?” she began.

Crawling over to the doorway where Rick stood, Adelle answered, “Mm-hmm. This is my uncle Rick.” She knelt up in front of him. “We didn’t expect you home for another half hour or so.” Adelle began to unfasten his belt.

“Yeah!” the other girl huffed with a frown. “You said he wouldn’t be home until later so we could fool around like we did Monday.”

Monday? Rick thought, realizing his intuition five days ago was correct. So she was up to something, then. He looked at Adelle, who was slowly sliding his belt out of place. “Well,” Rick shrugged, “we made good time, I guess.” He directed his sight back to the mysterious female still hiding herself on his couch. “Um...Sweetie, who is this?”

Adelle giggled. “I suppose I could introduce you two. Rick, this is Lindsey.” Lindsey waved cautiously from behind the pillows. “She’s my best friend.” Adelle had removed his belt and was now concentrating on unbuttoning his pants.

“I see,” acknowledged Rick. “W-why’s she here?”

“We’ll get to that,” Adelle promised, unzipping his jeans.

Rick reached down and tilted Adelle’s head up to look at him. “Ok, well, I’ll hold you to that. But first...” he announced, bringing the flowers from behind him, “...these are for you.”

A delighted smile crossed Adelle’s face and she gasped happily. She inhaled the flowers’ aromatic concoction and asked, “Mm! For me? What for?”

“Well,” Rick began with a quick glance at Lindsey, “I love you, don’t I?”

Giggling, Adelle accepted the gift. “Thanks, Rick. That’s the second time in two days.” She set the flowers off to the side and removed his pants and boxers until they were down around his ankles. Rick’s manhood sprang from its confines and stood at its full 9” length. Rick heard Lindsey gasp. “How am I ever going to repay you?” Adelle asked with a seductive grin.

She leaned forward slowly, parting her lips and took Rick’s penis deeply into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around him, sucking gently while leaning back, retracting her grip until just the crown was out of view. She repeated the action twice more – with painful slowness – before releasing him and asking, “I suppose this will have to do.”

“Ohhh...” Rick groaned as she replaced her mouth, sucking harder and moving faster, electrifying every nerve between his firm appendage and his brain. “Mmmm... Oh, Addy... Oh...oh, Adelle...!”

Balance began to be an issue for Rick. The feel of Adelle’s mouth around his solid flesh was as overwhelming as always. He reached up with one hand, clutching the doorjamb for support. With the other, he reached down, stroking Adelle’s blonde hair as though pleading for more.

Before long, Rick felt his muscles tensing up. “Oh, Adelle... I’m gonna cum, Sweetie... Mmmm, Sweetie... Oh...! I’m cum...cumming... Ahhh...Adelle...!” The rod between his legs issued more of his personal liquid into Adelle’s mouth. He felt every motion as her tongue gathered up the residue and swallowed.

Finally, she released him. “Mmmm...” she whispered, “good to the last drop.” They smiled lovingly at one another.

“Damn it all to hell!” shouted a voice from the couch. He had nearly forgotten about Lindsey. Rick looked up to see Lindsey, pillows no longer covering her, furiously rubbing her groin, desperate to elicit a climax in her own body.

“She sometimes has trouble with that part,” giggled Adelle accusingly at her. Lindsey stopped rubbing herself, replacing the pillows over her crotch and chest. Rick chuckled softly; it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked already. She glared sarcastically at Adelle.

“Just because I’m not as much as a nymph as some others we know doesn’t mean I can’t get off,” she insisted. “I just take a little longer warming up than others.”

A giggle escaped Adelle again. “Take that long to warm up and a guy’s going to lose interest,” she parried.

Lindsey looked at her sideways and shot back, “Well, it’s not quantity, it’s quality that counts.”

“Whatever,” Lindsey shrugged off with a roll of her eyes. She then looked at Rick, carefully studying him up and down as thought trying to decide what to make of this man she just met and to whom her friend had just given a blowjob. “That was so damn hot, though girl,” she acknowledged. She then posed to Rick, “She’s good with her tongue, isn’t she?”

“Can’t be matched,” he agreed.

“So, you’re Rick, huh?” Rick nodded. Lindsey’s eyes took in his physique. “Damn,” she gasped approvingly, most of her attention directed towards his deflating erection. “I’d say Adelle’s done not too bad for herself.”

Adelle hugged Rick around his legs, her face up against his thigh, inches from his manhood. “Yup!” she cheered delightedly. “Like I said, this is my uncle Rick. Well, ok, he’s not technically my uncle, just good friends with my parents so I call him ‘uncle.’ Except, I only need to call him that when we’re, like, around family and stuff. I’d say we’re pretty much a couple now, wouldn’t you?” she asked, looking expectantly at Rick.

He smiled, brushing his fingers lightly through her hair again. “Yeah, I’d definitely say so – just secretly for now, though. I’ll be a few years before we can tell everyone,” Rick lamented.

“So you guys are dating? Oh, that’s so cute!” Lindsey complimented enthusiastically. She giggled, “Adelle told me you guys were going out, but I didn’t believe her until now. I wanted to hear the same story from you. I guess I just considered it too risky.”

“Too risky?” asked Rick, not entirely understanding.

“Yeah. After all, you’re 27 and she’s 14. I’d say that’s a little risky,” Lindsey explained.

Nodding, Rick agreed, “Ah, I see what you mean.” He looked down at Adelle, smiling affectionately and replied, “Yeah, it’s a risk. We’re both willing to take it, though, and make things work. It’ll be tricky, but it’ll be worth it.” Rick began thinking of what Jiz had said earlier. Repeating his friend’s words, he affirmed, “When you’re falling in love, you’re falling in love, right?”

“That’s right,” agreed Adelle, rubbing his muscular legs in an attempt to rekindle his lust.

Lindsey giggled again. “That’s so cute,” she reaffirmed. “Guess you’ll want me to keep this little relationship a secret?” she confirmed, gesturing to the two of them.

Giving her a friendly glare, Adelle threatened, “You’d better.” She pointed her finger at her friend. “You want Rick and his friend to come up to the cabin just as much as I do. Watch it, missy, or I can just as easily tell them not to.” Rick wasn’t certain as to whether Adelle’s warning was an idle on or not.

Shaking her head, Lindsey giggled, “No, don’t worry. Hell, I’m just joking; come on. Your secret’s safe with me.” She took a deep breath, analyzing Rick again. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a guy that old put a cock that big in me. Now, I’ll be getting two. I’m so looking forward to this, you have no idea.”

“That ‘old’?” Rick challenged.

“Ok, ok. You’re not ‘old’. You’re just older than us. I’m only 15, after all. That’s just a year older than Adelle here,” corrected Lindsey. “I guess I just meant we get to have a couple really ‘experienced’ cocks. This is gonna be so damn sweet!”

“So, you’re coming up, too?” inquired Rick, raising an eyebrow at the two of them.

The girls giggled. “Of course, I am,” Lindsey stated emphatically. “I’m actually the one who first invited Adelle to these get-togethers.”

Rick shifted his eyes between the two of them, unsure of what to understand by Lindsey’s statement. “Oh, don’t worry,” reassured Adelle. “We’ll explain everything to you later. I promise.”

“Alright,” surrendered Rick, raising his hands up.

“For now, though,” Adelle suggested, wrapping her fingers around Rick’s limp digit in an attempt to revive it, “I think we should just enjoy tonight.” The naked teenager kneeling at his feet leaned forward and kissed the tip of his penis. The gentle touch of her lips sent a shiver of desire through him. “Don’t you?” she invited.

Looking over at Lindsey, Rick noted her hand was already underneath the pillow covering her loins. A slight movement had already begun and Lindsey’s eyes were closed in pleasure. Rick looked down at Adelle. She had also been observing her friend beginning to fondle herself. When their eyes met, both Rick and Adelle knew they were considering the same thought.

Rising to her feet, Adelle brought up her hands and began unbuttoning Rick’s shirt. She whispered just loud enough for him to hear. “Go for it,” she ushered. “Just don’t actually have sex with her – yet. Save that for the cabin.” Rick agreed while Adelle added, “Maybe you should keep your cock out of me, too, because that would make her jealous. It might even start an argument.”

He frowned, but Adelle insisted. Instead, she offered, “Eat her pussy out all you want, though, as long as I can join in and you eat mine tonight, too.”

Nodding in understanding, he kissed her on the forehead. “You have a deal,” he whispered, flashing a smile full of love at her. He added, “Thanks for so much freedom, though. It means a lot.”

The last button on his shirt loosened under Adelle’s sly fingers. “You’re welcome. Now go make her cum,” she ordered.

Rick shed his unbuttoned shirt and stepped out of his pants. As he made his way across the darkening living room he removed his socks as well. As he knelt down in front of the couch and placed his hands gently on Lindsey’s crafted legs, she opened her eyes, realizing for the first time that he was right in front of her.

“Here,” he offered, “let me help you.”

“Us,” corrected Adelle, crawling onto the couch and straddling Lindsey from behind. Her hands began to wander over Lindsey’s exposed skin, causing the older teenager to coo submissively.

“Us,” Rick consented, smiling to himself as Lindsey craned her neck and shared a deep, passionate kiss with Adelle. He could hardly believe that he had two naked teenagers making out on his couch.

Rick began advancing his hands up Lindsey’s legs. “Mmmm... That feels nice,” she encouraged as he continued exploring her soft, young skin with his strong hands. He worked his way up her toned thighs until he could guide her to the edge of the couch. When she was in position, he removed the pillows that sheltered her body from his eyes. Rick paused a moment to enjoy the close view of Lindsey’s remarkable adolescent body.

While Rick worked his way from the bottom up, Adelle had started working her way from the top down. Wherever Rick wasn’t, Adelle was. Her hands rubbed Lindsey’s body, beginning at her shoulders and her chest above her mammaries. She worked her way down smoothly, awakening a powerful yearning in Lindsey’s body. It grew in her, particularly as her fingers tantalized Lindsey nipples. Lindsey gasped in delight at the sensations.

“Mmmm...Adelle... That feels so good...” she sighed comfortably. She looked down at Rick expectantly, her emerald eyes burning with desire. “Well, come on, mister. Make me cum. Does Adelle have to do this all herself?”

“Go on, Rick,” encouraged Adelle with a knowing smile, “show her what you can do.”

After watching Adelle ignite Lindsey’s passion for another moment, Rick leaned forward, kissing her lips deeply before targeting the sensitive skin between her breasts and working his way outwards. His lips passed over her areolas, the soft buds of her nipples stiffening under his light touch. He extended his tongue as he passed over each healthy, D-sized breast, stimulating them each in turn. Lindsey’s breathing became shallow. He could feel her chest heave rapidly as she panted. It was all part of her body responding to a man’s loving attacks to it.

From behind, Adelle continued to excite her friend. She bent her head down, kissing Lindsey’s shoulders and necking the other young woman meaningfully. With her hands, Adelle switched between rubbing from Lindsey’s abdomen and thigh and fondling whichever breast Rick was not currently caressing with his lips and tongue. On occasion, she would find Lindsey’s mouth and kiss her with pure passion. Soon, Lindsey began to tremor between them, wanting more than just their hands and mouths on her chest and legs.

She gripped Rick’s head, her slender fingers grasping at his short, brown hair, and pushed him downwards. “Oh, Rick... Oh...Rick...” she yelped. “This is turning me...turning me much... Oh, eat me...Rick... Please...please eat my pussy...”

Slowly, inch by inch, he trailed kisses along her as he made his way down her pubescent abdomen towards her feminine treasure. He rubbed his bold hands over her nude, teenage body, igniting a burning passion across Lindsey’s skin everywhere he touched: her legs, her chest, her breasts, her neck, then back again. Adelle’s soft, womanly hands followed Rick’s, adding to the flame. Her lips poured fervours kisses onto Lindsey, whose emotions devoured the gifts hungrily.

Soon, Rick found smooth, hairless skin awaiting him between her legs. He was amazed by how much care and maintenance Adelle and her friends gave to their bodies. His kisses became more prolonged and stronger, evoking stronger and stronger responses from her body. The scent of a woman’s lust filled his nostrils forcefully as Lindsey’s legs opened wide for his loving intrusion.

“Yes...! Right there...! Rick...oooh...right down there...!” she squealed while still attempting to direct him. “Eat it, Rick... Eat me...please...!”

She continued to implore him for sexual gratification, but she lost all ability to speak once he began teasing the sensitive membranes that surrounded her sacred tunnel. She gasped and screeched as his tongue joined in, dancing on her pubic mound, celebrating her fresh, fifteen-year-old womanhood. Her personal flavour began streaming across Rick’s taste buds. He lapped at the juice, enjoying her sweetness.

Meanwhile, Adelle’s hands and lips invigorated Lindsey’s upper body unrelentingly. She flicked her fingers over Lindsey’s nipples, causing the other young woman to tense up with exhilaration. Adelle squeezed Lindsey’s ample breasts firmly, drawing out a moan every time she did. Lindsey began clawing and flailing her arms, continually voicing her pleasure in a stream of high-pitched groans and squeals.

As Rick began probing the young woman’s depths with his tongue, she thrashed on the couch, as though desperate to obtain every exhilarating sensation the other two offered her. Finally, Rick filled her to the breaking point with sexual rage. He ascended slightly towards her clitoris, drawing Lindsey’s pubic button into his mouth. With stimulation from every angle, her body began to tense up, everything driving her body into a sexual frenzy.

“Ohhh...cumming!!!” was all she could grunt through clenched, gritted teeth. “OHHH... CUMMING...!!!”

Lindsey’s body vibrated uncontrollably while her mind drowned in a felicitous wave of pleasure. She lifted herself forcefully of the couch as her body climaxed. Adelle’s hands and lips explored her body ceaselessly, adding to the pleasure, Adelle’s arms barely holding her in the realm of reality. Rick managed to maintain his fix on her sensitive regions, driving Lindsey’s body through an unparalleled climax. The steady film of juice that was issuing from her depths before exploded into a flood in his mouth. He consumed her orgasmic nectar as it flowed.

They kept exciting Lindsey’s body despite her feelings abating. Regaining her ability to breathe, she heaved a series of heavy sighs, desperate for oxygen. They released their hold on her body and withdrew, allowing her to calm herself. She rubbed her face in disbelief over what just happened to her.

Parting her hands, she exhaled breathlessly, “Oh, my...hell...guys... That...was...unbe...lievable...”

Rick rubbed her body gently and thanked, “Just happy we could be of service.”

“I’ve never orgasm like...that before...” Lindsey confessed. “That was unreal!”

“Glad you approve,” expressed Adelle from behind her. She hugged her friend, planting a kiss on Lindsey’s cheek.

Lindsey examined Rick. “Where did... Where did you learn to do that, Rick?”

Shrugging, Rick edified, “Just practice, but don’t forget Adelle. She was certainly helping, too.”

“Hmmm...” sighed Lindsey, leaning back and giving a returning kiss on Adelle’s cheek. “I know...” They looked at one another for a moment then shared a deep, long-lasting kiss. Rick just watched in appreciation.

Two naked teenage beauties making out on my couch again; what more could a guy ask for? Rick wondered inwardly. The sight caused his own genitals to stir. He glanced down; he hadn’t noticed before, but the whole scene playing before him had introduced another erection. Chalk another point up for Jiz and his miracle pills, he thought.

Adelle’s gaze met Rick’s. “Um, Rick?” she stammered uncertainly. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, anything,” he permitted. Adelle and Lindsey looked at each other again before they both returned their eyes to him, peering sheepishly. “What?” he asked. “What’s up?”

“Well, we were wondering,” Lindsey began. “Um... My mom’s really busy over the next day or so. She has a bunch of work stuff to take care of.”

Rick nodded slowly. “Okay...”

“She called my parents,” Adelle explained, “and they told her they were out of town. They told her I was over here. So...we were wondering if...” She hesitated.

“...if we could have a sleep-over,” finished Lindsey, grimacing at the response. “I’m sure my mom could pay you or something.”

A coy smile crossed Rick’s face. “Oh,” he thought aloud, “I’m sure we can come to some...agreement.”

The girls smiled back at him. The exact same thought was crossing all their minds.

“I figured it ok,” Adelle confessed. “That’s why she’s over here now. I promised her mom we would, well, talk you into it.”

“I don’t think she quite had in mind what we have in mind,” snickered Lindsey mischievously.

Rick chuckled. “Twist my rubber arm, why don’t you?” he joked. They looked appreciatively at one another’s nude physiques. Their faces all evidenced the exact same anticipation. Rick diverted the conversation. “Well, I’m hungry. What about you two?” Rick finally asked.

“Yeah, kinda,” expressed Adelle. “Making love all day really works up an appetite.”

A curious expression crossed Lindsey’s face. She looked at Adelle and asked, “How much have you guys been screwing around today?”

“A lot,” giggled Adelle. Rick attested her brief explanation with a firm, coy nod.

“Hm,” Lindsey muttered, understanding their mutual response.

Standing up, Rick left to prepare a meal for the three of them. While he worked, the sounds of young, teenage women satisfying each other echoed through his apartment as Adelle and Lindsey passed the time by lovingly treating each others’ body. Rick chuckled, discreetly swallowing yet another pill to maintain his sexual stamina, though his recent erection hadn’t yet forsaken him.

Before long, Rick had a meal fit for a king ready for him and the girls to eat. They all ate and, afterwards, the girls thanked him with more passion than he could have ever hoped for. As the evening wore on, Rick kept his promise, not actually making love to either of the girls.

Regardless, they treated him endlessly with bout after bout of oral sex. In turn, he worked himself on their young and tender figures, enlivening every nerve repeatedly. He concentrated particularly on their perfectly-formed breasts and womanly flowers. Their writhing every time confirmed to Rick he was exciting them perfectly. It was an evening he would not soon forget.

When the hour drew late, he informed them he was exhausted and excused himself as he prepared to retire for the night. As he was leaving, Adelle caught his attention, but was hesitant to bring up the subject on her mind. He prodded her, and she informed him of her intention to remain with Lindsey, sleeping in the living room overnight with her.

Rick consented. He was entirely at ease with the situation, as long as they weren’t ostentatiously loud. After the day he had spent making love with Adelle and later fulfilling his fantasies with both of them, the night wouldn’t be particularly lonely. Besides, he thought, if I want any action, all I have to do is come back out here. He said his goodnights by climaxing each of the girls one more time before departing the living room for his bedroom.

Once in his bed, the sultry lullabies of the two lovely vixens exciting one another in the other room soothed him into a deep slumber. He soon fell asleep, enjoying every coo and sigh they brought out in one another.

It was another couple of hours before Adelle and her friend, Lindsey, finally gave into sleep themselves.

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