Recalling sexual adventures from my teen years
The Legalities : This is a story written by
me. It may or may not have happened exactly this way, or at all. If
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This is a true story. I am not a homosexual, nor am I a pedophile, so
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right to free speech, your right to read and write what you want, and
spending your tax money on worthless programs which fund studies to link
literature like this to sociopathic behavior. Even you Bible-thumpers
should find that offensive.

A true story of growing up. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. : mf mf, oral, anal, cons.


Ah, how to begin? Let me fill you in on a little background of my troubled youth:)
Tracy was my younger next-door neighbor, a young man fourteen to my fifteen older, wiser years. We first met when he moved next door two years earlier and we became best friends ever since.
The trouble with being older and having a younger 'shadow' around all the time was whatever I did, Tracy wanted to do it too. I was just starting to smoke ( yeah, I know...nasty habit), so Tracy started also. His father bought a rather ramshackle cabin at a local lake and me having the experience as a carpenter/eletrician/plumber from working with my dad, enlisted me to remodel it for his family. I tore out the inner walls and replaced the shoddy paneling with sheetrock, new outlets and windows, walls painted and put down new linoleum in the kitchen and bath. Next, I replaced the worn out shallow water well head with a new one.
After looking over several weeks of my work, his dad commented that he could never begin to repay me for all the work I had done. Tracy and I put our heads together and came up with the idea we'd like to have our own cabin, away from parent's prying eyes. To our surprise, his dad thought it was a marvelous idea and began to shop around. Actually, I think we were cramping whatever they did on weekends.
A couple of weeks later, his dad had us scalp the yard about 300 feet from the house and told us just to wait and see our new 'surprise'. In about 2 hrs, a truck pulled up and three guys started laying railroad ties in the area we'd scalped, then a set of rails, spiking them down. WTF we thought! Soon another flatbed came with a huge winch and offloaded a railroad caboose. Man, it didn't take the head cashier at Wally World to see whatever else it needs to make it our home away from home. I told Tracy's dad a list of supplied I'd need and the next day he'd brought enough plastic pipe for me to tie into the well system and electrical wire to splice into the house wiring. With running water and electricity, we needed little else. Oh, we did put up funky little curtains over the few windows on the lower level and made the 'crows nest' into a queen bed.
Now the real story begins............
Tracy and I, being normal pubescent teens kind of went into a homosexual stage - mutual masturbation, a little sucking and finally fucking one another. This was all great and took the 'edge' off, but was a poor substitute for what we really wanted....real live girls! At this point in the story, I need to fill you in on Tracy's family situation. His mom and dad were die-hard alcoholics and once his dad was home from work, it took him probably an hour to get blind drunk, his mom not being far behind. Tracy also had a sister two years younger, making her a gangly twelve year old, blond hair, titless, no ass and kinda scrawny legs. Barb was different than most little sisters- never telling the parents or adults what went on at home or at our new cabin. The neat thing was, she ran around with another young lady of twelve but who was starting to blossom out into young womanhood. Sal had lost her baby fat and was tall for her age, almost as tall as Tracy. She had developed probably AA cupped breasts and had the beginnings of a cute bubble butt. Sal was a very quiet girl, had hardly anything to say, even when directly addressed, but went along with whatever Barb wanted to do. Funny, Tracy and I never mentioned any sexual feelings toward either girl the whole summer we stayed in our new cabin( the girls stayed in the main cabin with Barb's folks). We DID, however wonder from time to time, what went on in there because, being true to form, both parents were drunk on their asses about an hour after arriving at the lake. They also had a lot of friends over who'd party till the wee hours most weekends. What the girls did while this was happening I'll never know. We were aware that Barb's mom, although kinda grossly overweight would get down to her bra and panties after the sun went down and dance around the living room of their cabin- entertaining the guests, I suppose.
As I mentioned, Tracy and I explored each other that summer and sat and talked for hours of what we'd do with a 'real' woman, but like everything, time passes and summer came to a close.
School the next year was a bore, as usual, but I managed to score a Honda 50 motor cycle. Wow, mobility! Tracy and I nearly wore the tires off that coming spring. One day, I had the dubious pleasure of sweeping out and straightening the garage for my dad. I'd finished and was sitting on a folding chair in the shade of the garage door, nursing a soda to cool off when Tracy ran over and told me I'd never believe what Barb and Sal were doing.
"Ok, what?" waiting for the other shoe to fall.
"I dunno what it is their doing but they call it 'witchy' and they keep running around the house, rubbing on furniture."
Well, this I had to see first hand, so over to his house we went. Remember when I mentioned his parents were seldom home? True to daily form they were absent and not expected back til evening. We walked into the living room and there were Barb and Sal rubbing their crotches along welting on the back of the sofa, evidently enjoying the texture of the heavy polyester against their panty-rclad pusses. Seeing me there, they stopped and looked kind of embarrassed and turned several shades of red when I asked them just ' what ' they were doing.
Barb, never the bashful one, said "We thought up something to do. We call it Witchy. It feels SO good when we do it."
Sally just sat there, looking at Tracy and I with the 'deer-in-the-headlights' look.
"Ladies, there are much better ways to get that same feeling and a lot more fun too" I said, looking them directly in the eye.
"How do we do that?" Barb said with a smile.
"Come into Tracy's bedroom and I'll demonstrate."
At this point, I should elaborate that another neighbor, an eighteen year old girl had introduced me into eating pussy, ass fucking and blow jobs during the previous fall and winter, but that's a story for another time. Needless to say, if the girls were willing. I was ready to rock their world. Tracy wouldn't be a problem- just tell him what to do and he'd go at it, possibly without the finesse I'd learned, but certainly with enthusiasm.

After entering the bedroom, I told the girls to strip off. Barb jumped on the bed and did a little dance as she dropped her t-shirt, soon followed by her panties. Sal was a little slower to respond, but after seeing Barb nude and hopping all over the bed, stood and within a minute, was as bare-assed as her friend. THIS is when I first got a closeup look at Sal's charms. She was possibly a year more mature than Barb. Compared to Barb, she had a chest full at a AA cup, whereas Barb still had mosquito stings on hers. Barb had a near featurless little slit, zero hairs and still had no ass. Sal, on the otherhand, had breasts, not big - more like a third of a grapefruit, womanly hips and a bulgy little twat.
Barb chimed in and said it wasn't fair for them to be naked while we were still in our street clothes. She added that she'd never seen a 'grown man's cock' and she wanted to see mine. ( I about died here-me? with a grown man's dick?? Not likely, but who was I to burst her bubble).
I looked at Tracy and said "Strip", whereas we both got naked at about the same moment. I was hard as a steel rod at a modest 6.5 inches ( I knew- Tracy and I had measured each other often).
Barb crawled across the bed on her knees in front of me and asked if she could hold it - who am I to refuse a lady? Putting it in her little hand, she bent her fingers around it.
"Gawd! It's so warm and hard and soft at the same time" she cried, Sal had yet to grab at Tracy but I could tell by her eye movements she was considering it.
"Go on - touch it. Hold my brother's dick. Feel how nice it is."
All this time, Barb isn't stroking me - damn, if she had been, she'd probably have gotten her first cum bath. Instead, she just kept squeezing it in her fingers. I figured we needed to get down to some serious stuff pretty quick or the show would be over, for me at least.
"Barb, lean over and just kiss it, feel how velvety it is." Damned if she didn't do just that, kissing the helmet over and over.
"Oh Sal, you just gotta try this. I can't describe how it feels, but it's giving me tingly feelings all over!" said Barb.
As usual, Sal was a little slow getting into the act, but soon was kissing Tracy's four inch dong up and down it's length.
Ready for more stimulation, I told Barb to put it in her mouth and suck it like a popsickle. She was a little reluctant to do it, but after a moment's hesitation, took about three inches into her mouth. Her little tongue was going a mile a minute and I was about to get my nut from this little vixen waay too soon. Pulling back away from her, I told her if she kept that up much longer, the party would be over.
"Why? Doesn't it feel good? Makes me get goose bumps. I've never done anything like this before but I want to do it again" she pouted.
"Oh, hon - it feels great but I don't want to cum just yet" I told her.
"What's coming?"
"Well when I guy gets around a sexy girl and starts thinking sexy thoughts, his dick gets real hard and then he shoots some white, milky stuff out."
"Is that the stuff that makes babies? Oh, you mean semen. We learned about that in sex-ed class but I've never heard it called 'come' before. I took a minute and explained to the girls about coming and cumming. They both replied that, ok, CUM, was supposed to be in their vaginas.
Yup, I told them, right on the money, IF we planned to make babies, but the practice was oh so much better. You can practice all you want as long as neither of you has had a period yet and then there are several other ways to enjoy it without fear of getting pregnant.
"How? Tell us how to do it."
Neither girl admitted to having a period and I looked at Sal. If anyone, she'd be the 1st to 'bloom'.
"Wait' ladies....the whole idea here was to show you better ways to get that good feeling besides rubbing on furniture. Besides, doncha think your parents would soon figure out what you were doing while they were gone once they saw all the snail tracks down the top of the couch?"
That got me a hard punch on the arm when Barb figured out the correlation between her soaked, sticky panties and the upholsery.
"Ok, wise-ass, HOW do we make this better and hide what we're doing."

I had the girls lay side by side, but head to hips of each other. That way they could watch what we were doing to them from each other. Tracy and I had had long talks about foreplay and how I'd learned to please a woman, so whatever I did, he would mirror on Sal.
I asked them together if they'd ever touched themselves and as nearly one person, they explained that only in the shower when they washed themselves. Evidently both mothers had told each to wash their genitals well, and so they'd gotten little charges out of a washcloth on their clits.
Opening Barb as wide as I could, I could see Tracy looking up and over to see what I was doing and followed suit on Sal. Looking at Sal, I asked her if she could see this little bump at the top of Barb's slit. She nodded her head yes and Tracy was showing Barb on Sal's slit.
"Ok girls, remember from sex-ed, this is called a clitoris or clit for short and it makes girls feel very good."
I proceeded to wet a finger with spit and stroke it along Barb's clit, every stroke making her jump and wiggle her tiny ass around.
"Is that uncomfortable, hon" I asked?
"Oh! Oh! Shit no, oh crap, I feel that plumb up to my face."
I looked over at Sal. She had nothing to say - her eyes were rolled up in her head, so she must be enjoying it. After doing this about ten minutes, I could tell Barb was tensing up, her hips were bouncing of the bed with every stroke of my finger. Sal still had her eyes closed but she was undulating her hips as Tracy stroked her clit.
Barb was the 1st to get hers as she let out a big moan and arched her back. She looked like a fish out of water, gasping like she couldn't get enough air and sweat poured off her pre-pubescent body. I glanced over at Sal and she twisted her head from side to side, making unintelligible noises. From the silent one, I took this as her getting her rocks off.
We continued to rub them until Silent Sal finally said "Too much! Too sensitive!!", so Tracy and I left them in their afterglow and went into the kitchen for cold sodas.
"What do You think? I asked Tracy
"Gawd, this is the best day of my freekin life! I never thought I'd get to touch a live girl until I'd at least hit high school."
"Welp, the day ain't over yet, Pard" I said with a wink.
Going back into Tracy's bedroom, we found the two girls sitting knees to knees, legs spread, examining the other. I suppose they wondered if both had the same equipment. Gang leader Barb looked up and asked me what else I had to show them. Taking a moment, I thought of something really wicked for my young age.
"Well, there's oral sex, but you girls are probably too young to do that!"
"Who does oral sex and what is it" asked Sal. Wow! The deaf and dumb COULD talk!
"Lots of people do oral sex. A lot of people think its normal and natural and just gets people in the mood for bigger fun and games." I looked at Tracy with questioning eyes. He just turned kinda red and nodded his head.
"How do you do it?" Again, the dead speak.
"Well it involves putting your mouth on some one else's sex, kinda like you girls did when you kissed and licked our dicks."
"Oh Wow, that was fun. Are we gonna do it again" asked Barb?
"Mebbe a little later. You girls aren't around Tracy and I all that much and since you hang out together all the time, it's something you could do to each other."
"Eeeewwww, that's gross. We pee through that thing!" said Barb. Sal was back to her stoic self again, but her eyes were lit up.
"Tracy and I do it once in a while and we PEE through that thing!"
Barb chimed in and told us that the girls at school talked about it and told everyone it made you queer lesbians and talked about all the short-haired women around town and how they dressed like guys.
"No, it doesn't make you a lesbian, although many women prefer the company of other women over men, but that's their choice to make. We do it to feel good but we still chase girls every chance we get, so that doesn't make us homo's."
"Really? Barb and I dress and undress in front of each other all the time but we never have tried to touch each other. I think I'd be embarrassed." said Sal. I looked at Barb - she looked at Sal and piped up " I will if you will!"

Once they both agreed to try this, they lay head to crotch with each other. I pulled Barbs bottom leg out and had Sal lay her head on it and the same with hers - that way, both girls were eye to twat with the other.
"Ok, now just lean in and lick that part that Tracy and I just played with. Real soon, you'll both feel great."
What I hadn't figured on was the natural girl smell, along with a little pee odor coming from both. Barb and Sal could only get in smelling distance of each other. To remedy this, I had both go to the bathroom and wet a washrag and wash their twats. The little vixens, little did I know, once in there with the door closed, they cleaned each other. Coming back to the bedroom, both seemed in a better frame of mind.
Dare-devil Barb was the 1st to put her little lips on Sal's clit and take a tentative lick. Sal soon returned the favor and Barb's little clit began to sneak out of its hood. With a little more stimulation from Barb, Sal's poked waay out, a good half inch. Within scant minutes, both girls were doing a fair imitation of Aerosmith's 'Down on a muffin'. Tracy and stood there watching them both, wondering what next trick to pull out of my hat. In less than ten minutes, both ladies had cum hard, alternating between burying their face in the other's twat or just moaning. Pretty soon, they fell apart looking drained. I sent Tracy to the kitchen for a round of sodas while I sat between the two girls rubbing their hard little nipples. Barb's just went up like hard little BB's while Sal's areola and nipple both swelled. I noticed that Sal's little breasts seemed to swell along with them. Pretty quickly, they had me alternating nipples and wiggling around on the bed. I wasn't sure at this point, but if past performance was any indication, whoever fucked these two young ladies had better be a rodeo rider. Tracy came back loaded with pop and we sat around talking. Tracy, as always, didn't have a whole lot to say, but hung on every word the girls and I uttered.
"What did you think of that, ladies?" I said.
"Oh Gawd, I didn't know I could EVER feel that good. You sure it doesn't make me queer or anything?" asked Barb
"Do you feel queer? Or do you feel good?"
Looking at Sal, it was time for her to throw her hat in the ring. "Well?"
Sal just kinda sat there with a dazed look on her face, smiling.
"I don't feel queer, hell, I don't even feel embarrassed any more. What else ya got Teach?"


I looked at Tracy - this was going to be either educational or a total disaster because we were getting to the down and dirty.
"Tracy - got any hand lotion?" Surely with two women in the house there had to be some somewhere.
He left to rummage around and came back with some Vaseline Intensive Care lotion. Perfect!
"Ok ladies, time for the next chapter in your education. Lie here, side by side."
Once they were positioned, I had them lock ajoining legs around the other, splitting their crotches apart. Both lay there with eyes closed, I suppose wondering what I had in store for them next. I reached out a hand to Tracy for the lotion, then poured some into one hand and letting it warm up a little. Dipping my fingers into my palm, I lathered up the fingers on one hand and transferred a gob to the other.
"Ok ladies. From here on in you call the shots. At any point you decide you don't like what I'm doing or its too painful, just say so and I'll quit - deal?"
Barb kind of rolled over to Sal and asked WHAT she thought I'd do.
"Relax girls, this should be very pleasant to each of you, but remember my promise."
With that, both kind of snuggled together and held hands.
I put my lotion laden fingers inside the slits of both girls. At 1st touch, they both sort of froze up.
"Have I hurt you yet?"
"NO, but what are you going to do?"
"Lay there and enjoy."
I started running my slick fingers from their clinched little assholes to their clits and it didn't take long for both to start hunching on my traveling fingers. I spent a little time on both nether holes, rubbing my greasy fingers around and I actually felt their little rosebuds loosen up. Hmm,
that would be part of my contraceptive lessons in the near future.
After feeling them hunch and actually push their little twats up towards my hands, I figured it was time to ramp this up a notch. Letting my finger enter both love tunnels, I couldn't believe how tight it sucking little mouths. I fingered them until I got deep enough to feel their cherries. Barb's was very close to her opening while Sal's was farther back, first knuckle back. I'd never fingered a virgin before so I was kind of perplexed as to the intricacies of the female anatomy. The neighbor I'd been fucking had no such obstruction and depending on her state of mind, was tight as hell or big as a house. I was aware that virgins had a membrane over their openings and what it was for, but feeling it and book knowledge being two different concepts.
I gently prodded both inner walls and low and behold, both had opening in them. Making sure I was still greasy, I slid a finger into both twats to my hand. Looking up, Barb was in another world while Sal looked to be in a little pain.
"Sal, am I hurting you? I'll stop."
"It's not a big hurt, kind of like a little stinging. It feels good when you touch me down there. I'll be ok."
"You're sure?"
"Damn it, I don't know, I've never done this before" she said. I noticed her looking at Barb whom I've yet to cease fingering. Barb must have sensed her looking because she just turned her head to Sal and told her it felt wonderful. I looked at Sal again with raised eyebrows. She got the message and nodded her head.
Ok, with approval from both, I finger fucked them for at least ten or fifteen minutes and soon had them squirming on my fingers, any pain forgotten.

(bet you thought this was gonna be one of those one-off things...the details of this whole day are too good to breeze past)

After getting both girls off, I looked at Tracy and asked him if he could do it and be as gentle as I had. Never having done this, he was a little sheepish but game to try.
"Ok ladies, Tracy is gonna try this out. It's his 1st time too, so let him know if it makes you uncomfortable. Tracy then lathered up his hands and inserted them into both love holes. He looked up at me astonished and said:
"Damn, I never knew girls were this tight. I can barely move my fingers around."
"Well, enjoy it while you can because they won't always be that way." I said this relying on my experiences with the neighbor and the locker room talk from school.
Tracy fingered them both to climax and I could tell the girls were getting pooped again. When he'd withdrawn his fingers, I bent down and licked their little nipples and kissed them on the mouth. Barb took all this in stride, but Sal looked like she was going to swoon. The girls got up and went to the bathroom, I suppose to swap experiences and just giggle. I pulled on my cutoffs and donned my t-shirt and went out in back to smoke. Tracy soon joined me and was buzzing with excitement. Wow! to have a hot sister like that AND her girlfriend. {I could see wheels turning in his head, so it was time to play Big Brother.
"Tracy, yer my bud and I love ya like a brother, but please don't try to fuck Barb, she's your sister for God's sake. It's bad enough what we did today but at least I felt like I was in control."
"Why can't I fuck Barb? She enjoyed everything we did. She was even the 1st to try a lot of those things."
I could tell Tracy was in a predicament. Hot sister, willing to do just about anything that felt good and both were alone ALL DAY LONG. At the time I didn't know any better about genetics, that brother and sister could mate and have normal offspring, BUT Tracy was fourteen and Barb twelve. Barb could start her periods any day. What would he do if he knocked up his twelve year old sister, huh? How would he take care of them. I told him his dad and mom may be drunks but that doesn't mean either would have any qualms about castrating his young ass. He finally got the point.
"What about Sal" he asked?
"About the same thing applies, dude. She has parents and two older, very mean brothers....wanna take the chance of knocking her up AND getting the crap beat out of you, THEN castrated?"
I thought he was gonna start bawling.


The girls were back in the bedroom, heads together giggling like mad. Barb looks at me and with a serious gleam in her eye says:
"Are you two gonna fuck us or what?"
"Wow, dunno, do you want us to?"
"You got both of us so turned on, we want more, we want to be real women."
"Little darlins, you are real women. A lot of girls never get to feel all this until they are way into high school and some, not even until they hit college."
"But we are both sooo horny now, you can't just like, STOP!"
In my head I could hear the police sirens blaring up to my front door if any of this ever got out. Even at that young age, I was not prepared to be someone named Bubba's bitch inside the slammer.
"Girls, neither Tracy nor I are gonna take your cherries. IF and I say IF you want to go all the way, you'll have to help yourself."
"And how do we go about that" asked Sal.
"Tracy yer old man still have that junk drawer full of tools and candles and stuff?"
"Yeah, so what?"
"Got grab me a couple of tapers and a couple of thick candle stubs about 6" long."
He looked at me a while and trudged off to get what I wanted.
Back in his bedroom, I laid out the tapers and the stubs by each girls.
"Ok, here's what you need to do. Pick up a taper ( these were maybe 1/2" thick at the small ends and tapered up to 1" near the bases), Grease them up good with lotion and put them in your twats. You may have to poke around gently until you find the hole in your hymen, but once you find it, ease it into you like I did my finger. Once you feel comfortable with the fit, try going down farther on the candle where it's thicker. We'll check on you in a little bit." I grabbed the stubs and pulled Tracy outside.
"What's with the stubs? I know what they're doing with the tapers, it's gonna stretch them out isn't it."
"Yup and if they're lucky, it'll take their hymens with mess and we weren’t really the ones taking their cherries."
"Wicked!" he said smiling. "But what about the stubs?"
Pulling out my Zippo, I proceeded to melt the ends down so they were smooth and somewhat rounded. When I finished, I had two 6" dildos at least as thick as we were at the time. It didn't take long for the light to go on in Tracy's eyes.....all he could say was 'Wicked!"
After about a 15 minute interlude, we walked back into the bedroom. Both girls were flat on their back, pistoning the tapers into their virgin cunts. I looked and no blood. I'd always heard girls bled when their cherry broke. Maybe they weren't stretching the membrane far enough.
"How we doing ladies?"
"Oh wow, this feels great. I was kinda stingy at first but we're way past that now. See how easy it slides in?" Yeah, so easy it was making my mouth water.
I had them remove the tapers and handed them each a stub, telling them to grease these up and try some more. Tracy and I leaned against the wall behind us and watched as the girls eased the stubs into their now semi-virgin twats. Both had a mixture of looks on their faces- from an occasional grimace to a sleepy smile until they had the stubs sliding in and out with ease. This time, there was a little blood.
"Damn- that felt good...are you gonna fuck us now?" asked Barb
"Not just yet, hon. I need to run next door and get a couple things. Be right back." I took off out the door like a shot.


Going back into my room, I hit my stash of condoms. Hell, every normal 15 yr old has at least one somewhere. I had gotten brave after pronging the neighbor girl and bought a whole box and kept it hidden among my baseball card bundles. Out the door I raced again, glad my mother didn't think to even ask where I was headed, when I'd be back...the usual parent crap.
I went back inside Tracy's and the girls had the stubs in their pussies again, sliding them in and out with blissful looks on their faces. I handed a couple of condoms to Tracy and grabbed two for myself.
" Ok girls, here is where we get down, but first, both of you have to promise this goes no farther than these walls. I mean it. Tracy and I would go to jail in a heartbeat and both of you would probably end up in foster homes. I don't want to see either of those things happen but I'm not taking the chance if you're gonna act like little kiddies and blab about this at school....not even to another 'best friend’. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"
Both girls were silent a while and soon went into the bathroom. Everything was deathly quiet for a minute or two before the giggling started. I just hoped I wasn't making a major mistake in my life, but they say a hard dick has no conscience.....possibly people are correct on this point.
The girls came out and Barb walked up to me, Sal walking up to Tracy and Barbed looked me in the eye.
"We promise. We don't want any of us to get in trouble. Just promise us that we can do this again and you won't treat us like little girls anymore." Party Time!!!
I pushed Barb back onto the bed and Tracy followed suit. I opened the condom pack and started to roll it over my already stiff dick. A thought occurred - why should I have all the fun? Barb was watching my actions like I was getting ready to perform some kind of magic trick. I had only started to roll down the rubber, instead, rolled it back up and handed it to her. Both Sal and Tracy were giving this show their rapt attention.
"What's this thing for? What am I supposed to do with it?"
"You saw what I started doing... this is to keep my baby making juice trapped so we don't have any kind of 'accident'. I'd strongly suggest that anytime you feel the need to stick a man's dick in your pussy, you do the same thing. It's also good to stop the spread of disease. Now, just put it on the tip of my dick and roll it all the way down." Thankfully, this was before the AIDS scare. Clap was the most common thing but I was clean and I knew Tracy was. Barb and Sal were no-brainers, but good habits stay with you. Barb rolled it down my hard shaft like she'd done it a hundred times, sitting back on her heels with a pleased smile on her face.
"Did I do it right?"
"Just fine, little lover, just fine." Barbs eyebrows shot up at this remark, but she didn't elaborate.
"Now what do we do?"
I looked over and checked Tracy. Sal had rolled it down but the reservoir at the end was down on the side of his helmet....not a good idea. I showed the two of them how it should fit and they adjust it again.
"What's the little thingy at the end for?" said Sal.
It give the cum a place to go, rather than all down the inside of it. You don't wanna take the chance of even one sperm getting to one of your eggs. Real smart people figured this all out a while ago and now nearly all rubbers have it. It also keeps our dicks dry to help keep the condom on, rather than sliding off when you really don't want it to." Satisfied with the answer both girls were on their knees now.
"What we need you two to do is lay back and spread your legs as wide as you can." That part was easy. Barb nearly put herself into the splits while Sal just spread her feet and knees shoulder wide. Tracy knew about fucking, at least as far as the time he fucked me, so the mechanics of it weren't all that foreign to him.
I eased up between Barbs outstretched legs and supported my weight on knees and elbows. I leaned down and gave her what I thought was going to be a soft kiss. Hell, was I surprised! As soon as our lips met, this little girl opened her mouth and played dueling tongues with mine. I pulled back after 15 or 20 seconds and looked at her.
"Where the hell did you learn that?" Shocked.
"I told ya we weren't 'little' girls anymore."
With that, I kissed her again, tasting the sweet mouth that only a 12 yr old has. I started nibbling down her neck and she had a fit of giggles and the squirms. I propped up on my elbows again and just gave her the hard eye.
"Ok, I know that was childish, I promise I won't do it again, although I don't promise not to giggle. It's the 1st time anyone has ever done that to me. It feels wonderful but it still tickles. It tickles clear down to my little pussy. Please don't stop."
I resumed my path of kisses down her neck and she did TRY to keep from squirming. I suppose it goes with the territory. I got to her already stiff little nipples and sucked them into my mouth. By this point, the giggles were far behind and she was squirming, pushing her little chest up into my face. I let go of one nipple and turned to the other, sucking as much of her little breast and chest up into my mouth as possible. Her hands went to my head and she pulled my head harder into her. Hmm, must like this.....a lot!
Traveling further down, i took a dip into her belly button and the giggles began again. I just looked up into her hers from my position on her belly and she stopped immediately. I let my tongue travel further south until I reached the top of her slit. Already her little nubbin was peeking out of its hiding place so I obliged by sucking it between my lips. Her back arched and she started breathing heavy. Wow, this little lady was hot! I slid farther down until i was eye level with her slit and opened her up with my fingers. I could see moisture pooling up near the bottom and I hated to waste it. Lapping it up and making a path with my tongue from her puckered little anus to her clit, I gave her the best tongue washing I could produce. By this time, I'm having to hold her bucking little hips down to keep me from losing my little nectar patch. Her knees had my head trapped and for a little girl, she was about to crush my skull. I tongued her until it was obvious she'd gone into her own orgasm. I propped up to look at her and her eyes were closed and she was breathing like a bellows. Makes a guy feel good to know he's doing a good job. I looked over at Sal and Tracy. He hadn't taken the scenic tour like i had and was plowing his hips into her like no tomorrow. Sal, on her part was meeting him thrust for thrust. I had my own hot little number to deal with.
Barb leaned her head up and said
"Fuck me now!"
Who am I to deny such a shy request.
Easing back up til I was in position over her, I told her to reach down and put it where she'd slid the candle earlier. I could feel her nervous little fingers grab hold of me and put me right at the base of her opening.
"Hon, rub it up and down your slit a little, get it wet."
No problem on that, she rubbed it down, over her asshole, which made her jump and squirm a little until she found her clit on the upstroke. She rubbed it over and over her little nub and I thought if she kept this up, it would soon be all over. I pushed her hand down and let her guide me into a warm, slick tunnel. I looked down on her and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted. She just stared into my eyes and nodded her head.
Slipping slowly inside this tight little body, I let maybe an inch slip inside. I was already past where her hymen used to be. I felt her jump a little and asked if she was ok.
"Are you gonna fuck me or just think about it?" Again, who am I to turn down a demure request.
I eased in, inch by inch until I bottomed out about 4" in. I figured I was against her cervix and that was the end of this road. I could feel her vaginal walls pulsating around my stiff dick. Looking back now, I wonder if her pussy was relaxing around me or feeling this intruder out. I pulled out a couple of inches and slid in again, doing this slowly for maybe 5 minutes when she started pushing back at me, hunching her little pussy up as if to capture more of my hard dick. I looked down at her again and she went from eyes rolled back to lustfully staring right back at me. I couldn't resist.
"Feel good?"
"You fucker, you big fucker. Is this how you fuck? I need it harder, fill me up."
As the lady wishes, I pulled out and slowly pushed in until i felt something inside her move out of the way. I didn't know a cervix could move, but whatever it was let me bury the whole thing in up to my balls. Pulling back a few inches, I eased it into her again. She began to buck up into each of my gentle thrusts, turning them into hammering blows. I figured if that's what trips her trigger, who was I to argue. Pulling out until only the tip remained in the wet little pussy, I slammed it in. I thought this would cool her ardor a bit but she began to buck so hard it was all I could do to stay in the saddle and stay plugged in. And plugged in I was, buried to the root and digging my feet into the bed to get more traction. Who da thunk a little 80 lb girl could move my 180 lb. bod around like I weighed next to nothing.
Barb started moaning and then the moan turned into a scream as she hit her peak. I grabbed a pillow and crammed it into her mouth to keep the neighbors form investigating who was being slowly dismembered. After what seemed like long minutes, she quieted and her hips quit bucking. She just ground her ass around on the bed a little while, then stretched.
"Gawd, if I knew fucking was this good, why didn't you do it a long time ago?"
"Hon, you weren't ready then. The whole 'Witchy' thing showed you were at least aware of your body. You just need to learn how to tune in to it."
Sal and Tracy were just laying there quietly. I never checked them. They were apparently sleeping. Barb told me to get dressed and come with her.


I got dressed, at least in my cutoffs & shirt, Barb pulled on her panties and top and led me into the garage.
"What's this all about, sweet thing?" I asked.
She pulled me down and kissed me like an 18 yr old, swabbing my tonsils with her sharp little tongue.
" I've wanted you to kiss me for the longest time, but you never paid attention to me....ever!"
"Well" I said in my own defense, "You never hinted you WANTED me to kiss you, so there."
"Sal and I have dreamed about it, thought about it, schemed about it for more than a year and finally today it happens." She looked kinda downcast so I put my hand under her chin and lifted it up to look in her eyes.
"What's bothering you, babe? If you didn't wanna fuck, you shoulda said something."
"It's not THAT, stupid. Sal and I have been dreaming about what real fucking would be like for the last couple of years, but that's not the problem."
"Well, if you don't tell me, I'll never know what's bothering you."
"Sal has had the biggest crush on you, ever since the day you walked into the bathroom at the cabin when she was changing clothes. She LOVES you and you had Tracy be her 1st."
Wow! sensory overload. She'd just dropped a bombshell on me.
"Wait a sec. I vaguely remember walking in on her but I honestly don't remember actually SEEING anything. You guys were just a couple of little girls then."
That got me another hard punch on the arm.
"We might be younger, but that doesn't mean we don't have feelings!"
"Ok, so what do I do? I can't 'take back' fucking your hot little pussy. I have to say, it's the best I ever had. You know I've been putting the pole to the neighbor girl but she isn't near as sexy as you are, and that's the truth."
"You remember earlier when you called me lover?"
Trying to remember pillow talk is hell.
"Uh huh" I said as non-commital as possible.
"I think you broke Sal's heart. You're all she talks about and then you fuck me and call me lover. But I guess it's not your fault, you didn't know."
"Ok, so what do I do? Listen, lemme tell you something. I have some kind of thing about letting Tracy fuck you. Not because I'm jealous, but because he's your brother. I wouldn't want anything to happen to such a cute little lady. I can't be around you two 24/7 but promise me no vaginal intercourse with him, at least until you're way older. Can you do that?"
"My first time fucking and you put limits on it. What am I supposed to do for fun then? Wait, what did you mean by VAGINAL intercourse?"
"I meant, there are other pleasurable ways to fuck that won't let his baby makers into your sweet little womb."
"So, how then?"
"Anal intercourse"
"You mean take his dick in my poop shute? Gross! Besides, sometimes when I poop a big one, it hurts. Why would I want his thick dick up my ass? He's thicker than you are. Now you - I wouldn't mind trying with. You're longer but thinner than he is."
"Babe, I know just what you mean. I've had Tracy's dick in my own ass and it's something you have to relax and get used to, but it only takes 30 seconds or so. At least with me. I love something in my ass. I'm not gay, but if it feels good, do it. If it feels that good, do it more."
Barb rolled this around in her head a little. I think I could hear the gears rattle. She finally smiled and looked at me.
"You're gonna take Sal's anal cherry. That way, at least there's some '1st' the two of you could do. C'mon, let's wake those two duds up." With that, she rushed off into the house, with me bringing up drag, wondering just how the hell this was going to play out.
Barb shook Sal and drug her into the bathroom. For a good 20 minutes all I heard from the whole conversation is:
"You told him WHAT!!!"
After coming back in, Tracy was beat, fucked out, on overload and sleeping soundly. Me? Just getting my 2nd wind.


Sal got on the bed in front of me with a hangdog look in her eyes, just staring at my dick. I pulled her chin up and looked her in the eyes.
"I hear there's something you've been wanting to tell me." I smiled at her. She began to sob so I took her hand and led her off the bed and out into the garage.
"Ok, now tell me what's on your mind, pretty girl."
Her shoulders started to shake and I could hear her sob, quietly, but sobbing none the less.
"I've been in love with you for so long and you never give me a second look and TODAY, today of all days, you fuck my best friend right in front of me. Tracy's ok, he's nice and he's considerate but he isn't the one I want."
"Darling, all you'd needed to do was drop a hint or two, maybe even a few broad hints but until today, I've never thought about you or Barb as anything but girls. What girl would be interested in an old fart like me?" I'd already figured out the term 'little girl' was definitely a trigger word with these two.
"Did you just call me darling? Did you mean it or was it just something to say?"
"Baby Doll, let me tell you something and if you repeat it to Barb, you'll not only hurt her feelings but I won't talk to you ever again....understand?"
She nodded but acted like whatever I was about to say would be the last thing she wanted.
"You are way more mature than Barb. She's sweet, she's aggressive and she fucks like a mink, but you are still way ahead of her in looks. You've got boobs, a sweet looking ass, legs that look good from the ground to where they grow together. You just never tipped your hand to me that you were attracted, Doll. How was I supposed to know?"
She started blushing and I could tell she had something she wanted to get out. I waited but she held back.
"Like now - I can tell there's something on your mind but you dummy up. Hell for the longest time, I thought you were a mute. You never talk when I'm around."
"When you're around I just clam up. There's so much I want to say to you but you'll think I'm a stupid little kid."
"I'll listen to anything you want to say, but you have to say it."
"I wanted you to fuck me, I wanted you to be my 1st and now that's all gone away. I've got nothing to give you to show you how much I love you." With this, she started to outright crying.
"Oh hon, like I told you both when we got down to it, this was a point of no return. Lemme explain something to you." I went through the whole rigamarole about the incest thing with Tracy and Barb.
"I would have made love to you first in a heartbeat if it weren't for that and if you'd given me the least little sign, Hell, I'd have sent Tracy off somewhere and done you both if that's what you'd wanted." I would have actually hated to cheat Tracy out of his first real fuck, but there were other considerations.
"You mean you care about me, even just a little? What do I have that you want that you can be my 1st?"
"Darlin, I think you are beautiful, sexy and way grown up past your young years....what's not to like?" I hugged her to me and she clung like a leech.
"As for what you have that would be a 1st, there's always your anal cherry."
"You mean I have a hymen in my butt?" After all, she is only 12 even if she's close to her 13th birthday.
"No, silly, I mean like someone poking a dick in your cunt the first time, that gets your cherry. Hell, you could have lost the hymen in a bike accident or in's the dick that counts. Besides, when I think about it, you have at least one other cherry."
"I don't have that many openings for something the size of a cock." she thought about it a minute.
"You mean my mouth? I put Tracy's dick in my mouth, so that's out."
"No you pretty thing, you put his dick in your mouth, did he cum? Did you swallow it?"
"No, I just put it in a sucked on it a little like Barb did. Does that mean my mouth is cherry too?" she started bouncing up and down, smiling as she went.
"Yeppers, still cherry and waiting for her first dick."
"Oh, pleeaase, take my other cherries, let me give you something no one else has ever had."
"You sure? This is like the other thing - once we start there's no going back. Anal will hurt just a little at first then it gets better. Would you please do me the honor of allowing me to pluck those remaining cherries of yours?"
"I'll kill you if you don't then die as a wretched old maid, so get moving."

Sal led me into the house by the hand. Anyone looking in a window would have seen a naked young lady leading someone half again her size into the room. Sal was determined to give me whatever 'cherries' she had left to give to prove her love for me. I never asked for them, this was her whole deal. Tracy was still out of it. I guess the poor kid had put his all into the previous session. Hell, let the kid sleep. Barb, Sal's best friend and the instigator of the whole deal was showering, knowing her best friend had finally fessed up to her feelings for me and waiting for us to do the dirty deeds.
Sal led me to Barb's bedroom and threw herself down on the bed, legs spread in a wanton invitation. Who was I to turn down something this tempting.
"Please make love to me. Do it better than Tracy and make me your girl. I wanna be your woman in any way possible and you did promise to take my other two cherries, so get busy!" Wow, tells me she loves me and now she's a pushy little thing. I knelt between her sweet thighs and put my tongue straight into her waiting little twat.
"Oh, oh, do me do me all over. Tracy just licked around a little but I saw` how you drove Barb crazy. I want it all."
So, being the kind person I am, I licked her from her puckered little ass to the top of her bulging, wet slit, circling her nubbin that poked at least 1/2" out from it's hood. Every pass over her clit made her bounce off the bed and she grabbed my by the ears and held my head just where she wanted it. I bet it didn't take a minute til she got her rocks off the first time. As she fell into a limbless state, I moved down and began to tongue her ass, rubbing wet circles around it until I felt it relax. Swiping a wad of girl goo from her gushing pussy, I rubbed that around her pucker until it was very slick. Pushing her knees up to her chest, I had a clear path to her little rosebud. I pushed a finger in her butt to the first knuckle then waited to feel her response. She squirmed around a moment, then relaxed her grip on my digit. My entire finger was slick with spit and her juices so I eased in to the second knuckle and once she relaxed again, started to twist it around, ever loosening it. Soon, I was able to introduce a second finger, both going in all the way to my hand. I looked up at her and asked if she was ok. She just gave me a dreamy smile as an answer. I pulled out my fingers and crawled up her body, stopping to suckle her AA breasts with their large nipples. Moaning, she clutched my head to her chest and pushed her breasts up to me.
"Oh, suck them, suck my titties, suck them hard!"
I released the one I was on and moved to the other, sucking as much of her tit-flesh into my mouth as possible. This just drove her up the wall! I could not believe it, the girl had an orgasm from me sucking her tits.
Moving upwards, I put my lips against hers and felt her tongue pushing back at mine. She sucked it into her mouth and rolled her own around it. I pulled back a little and began to suck and bite on her lower lip. This made her moan some more so she evidently liked it. Pushing up on my elbows, I looked her in the eyes.
"How are you doing, beautiful?"
"Why did you stop down there? I thought you were going to take my little ass for the first time" frowning.
"I plan to but my cock needs to be clean for what I have in mind now."
"You mean my mouth cherry?"
"You got it." I shoved up in the bed until my crotch was at head level to her.
"Just pick it up and put in in your lovely little mouth.....that's the way....suck on it like it was a popsickle...oh yeah, that feels so good!"
I watched her work it into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it, little cheeks sucked in with effort.
"You don't have try to suck my cum out. It'll show up all on it's own in due time, just keep doing what your doing."
She rolled me over onto my back and leaned over me, bobbing her head up and down. I put my hand behind her neck and sort of pushed her further down on me. She took it completely to the back of her throat and started to gag. I pulled her off and kissed her then told her to just let it slide down and breath through her nose. So, slide she did and soon I felt it make the bend of her throat and continue downward until the hair around my dick tickled her nose. I pulled her head up a little and eased it down again, setting up a rhythm. Soon, she got that down pat and was actually deepthroating me her first try. No one had ever done that to me before and I could feel the cum boiling up in my nuts.
"Darling, i'm going to cum really quick. either swallow it or spit it out. You're doing wonderful."
I think she could feel the pressure of my cock swelling in her throat but made no move to pull off of it or pull back. I held her head while gushers of thick cum splashed down her throat. She gagged a little but held it all in until I started to go soft.
She sat up and kind of licked her lips and smiled.
"That's one cherry down! I loved it. I could feel you swell up and I knew something was going to happen. Did I do it right, did it feel good?"
"My little love, that was the best feeling ever. Gawd, I love the way you sucked me right down, just like you'd always been doing it and I love you just FOR doing it."
She began to tear up and I wondered if I'd done something wrong, but the way she clung to me told me I'd done everything right, for once.
"How's your throat hon? Did I hurt you? I'd never want to do anything that hurt you, you know that, doncha?"
"It's a little sore but I think that's from where I tried to force it down. It just seemed to be the thing to do, getting you as deep in my mouth as possible."
"Baby Doll if were any better, I think I'da had a heart attack. I love the way you got into it." Some people are born cocksuckers and this little lady was one of them and the best thing is, she was mine!
We snuggled for a while, me rubbing her back and stroking through her short brown hair while she tickled my chest and ran her fingers through the hair around my cock.

Part 2

We rested and after a while, she looked up at me and said:
"Are you going to take my other cherry now? I liked what you were doing before so I think I'm going to enjoy the real thing." She leaned up and kissed me again and pushed me down her lithe body.
"Baby, we are going to need something to grease up with. You remember what happened to the hand lotion?" She thought a second and leaped up to run into the other bedroom. When she returned, she had the bottle of lotion in her hand.
"Was Tracy still asleep?"
"Yes and Barb is curled up next to him." I'm going to really worry about those two for a while. Barb probably wouldn't take no for an answer and I don't think Tracy would turn her down anyway. Not my problem at the moment.
I told Sal to get on her knees and put her head down on the bed. I spread her knees as wide as possible, looking at that sweet ass poking up in the air, waiting to be filled.
I dribbled lotion down Sal's ass crack and dammed it up right below her pucker. Taking a finger, I swirled it through the lotion and started rubbing circles around her little puckered ring until it softened up. Lubing a finger, it slid in to the first joint with very little resistance, so dipping a second finger, it slid in with only a slight push. Soon, I had both fingers in up to my hand and moved them around trying to get her as relaxed as possible. When I thought she was loose enough, I leaned over her back to whisper in her ear if she was ready to go through with this.
"I'm ready" she said hesitantly, "just be slow and let me get used to it."
Getting into position behind her, I rolled my dick around in the remaining lotion, getting it pretty well covered. Placing the head at her tiny pucker, I moved it up and down a little and her tight ring seemed to grab at it. Slowly I pushed and the head popped in. I waited, feeling her tense up a little, then relax.
"How does it feel, baby?"
"How much of your dick is in me?" she asked, "I feel full and feel like I need to shit at the same time." I knew the feeling well.
"We're just getting started hon. Want me to quit?"
"No, damn it, do it. I want to really feel what it's like."
Needing no further prodding, I eased another inch or so inside her tight ass. No complaints, no spasms, so I slid in to the hilt.
"Oh God, I feel like I'm going to explode. You are so deep inside me. Just stay there for a little bit, ok?"
"No problem." I eased back a little, getting my lower belly off her rump. Pretty soon I felt her humping back against me, pushing my hard tool deep inside her young body. She's feeling good now, I bet. I started to ease it in and out of her tight ass, pulling out until only the head remained locked within her puckered tan asshole. I pushed in until I hit bottom and she ground her ass against my pubes. Soon, I began pounding into her and she started moaning and moving her ass back to meet every one of my thrusts. After 10 minutes or so of this, I could feel the cum churning at the base of my nuts again and leaned over her back, asking her if she was ready for a load of my hot cum in her bowels. She moaned again and tossed her head like a racehorse at the starting gate. Suddenly I knew there was no more holding back and I shoved it in her until I thought I'd crawl inside her bowel and blasted shot after shot of hot cum deep within her. She screamed and shouted "Don't stop, don't stop...I'm cumminggggg." I held my dick in her, trying to cram more of it into her until she fell limp and my soft dick plopped out. Her little tan ring stayed open enough for me to see what she actually looked like within her bowel. It looked so sweet, I planted my tongue as deep in her ass as it would go. Eventually, it closed down around my tongue and I let it slip out.
Crawling up her body, I pulled her to me and held her close, stroking her hair.
"You got it, you got all of me I had to give you. I hope it was enough." I could tell although sated, she still felt a little insecure as I hadn't gotten ALL of her the first time.
"My sweet little love. You gave me more than most grown women would have and I love you for it. Tell me sweet thing. Since you and Barb hatched this plan out, where are you going with it?"
"I don't know. I never thought it would even get to this point. I just know I've wanted you and wanted your arms around me like this for nearly two years. Now your finally mine."
"Babe, I am yours now. I don't want to make you mad but you know I've been fooling around with the neighbor girl on the corner but she's nothing compared to you. Besides, I'm just a passing fad for her until she goes back home at the end of summer. That part was fine but I don't mean anything to her and she means nothing to me. I wish the hell you'd have said something earlier. Think of all the time we've wasted."
" I know. It was me. I just got so scared to say anything to you for fear you'd make fun of me or worse, ignore me like you've done the last two years. Do you remember that day you walked in on my changing clothes? You scared hell out of me at first, then I wanted you to look at me. I even paraded around in the tiniest bathing suit I had, even trying on Barb's who is like 3 sizes smaller than me just so you could see my body. I get such goose bumps every time you looked in my direction. then I just clam up. While I'm finally getting this out, I may as well tell you all of it. When we'd all go to the lake and swim, I'd pull my bottoms off, hoping you'd get close and I could brush up against you and let you know I was naked under the water, but you didn't ever get close enough to me. Ya know what? I never quit trying though. At night, Barb and I would sneak out and we'd watch you guys beneath the bottom of the curtains you put up. Boys! You don't know anything about curtains. They have to fall BELOW the window to keep people from peeking and peek we did. We watched about everything you and Tracy did and all I wished that it was me in there with you."
Wow! this is the most I've heard this girl talk in the two years I've known her.
"While we're on the subject of the lake, tell me - do weird things happen in the main cabin?"
"You mean after dark when everyone is tanked up? Oh yeah, creepy things. Tracy's mom will start taking off her clothes and she dances nude with whoever is sober enough to stand up. Last year, she and his dad tried to get both of us to dance around for them. I think her mom actually fucks whatever guys are visiting for the weekend. For a long time, I thought they slept on the couch and got up before we did, but last year when we started spying on you and Tracy, we'd sneak out after midnite and no one was in the living room. That meant they all had to be in her mom's bedroom. If we came in early in the day when they'd just started drinking, her dad and some of the visitors kept trying to get us to sit on their laps. We'd stay with you guys as long as possible and only go to Barb's room when everyone was drunk. We were afraid to sleep for fear one of them would come in the room with us. That was one of the reasons we snuck out."
"You poor kid, why didn't you at least tell one of us. I wasn't really paying attention to you as a woman then, but I'd have let you share a bunk with us...way better than staying up because you're scared."
"Listen to me. If I'd have done that, I don't know what I would have tried after you fell asleep. I'd have proved to you I wasn't just a little girl any more."
"So summer is here and we'll be headed for the lake. I think this year, since I'm so 'old and responsible' , Tracy's mom & dad will probably leave us out there all week long. His dad still has to work through the week, I have no clue what Barb's mom does all day, except she's never home. I would bet we will pretty much have the place to ourselves except on the weekends."
"So what will you do with two little girls all week?"
"Make sure they get bedded properly, I mean bedded down properly"
With this, she broke into a spasm of giggling. Since she was in a happy mood now, I couldn't resist it, so I dug my fingers into her ribs and armpits. Wrong move...she wet her pants from laughing so hard. Oh well, I carried her into the shower and we washed off the pee and all the dried cum sticking to her body. I let her soap up my dick and nuts...she just had a ball doing that, telling me she'd never spent so much time holding a dick in her hands.
I knew I'd have to do something about Bard and Tracy, since I'd obviously made a choice. Should I just turn a blind eye and let the two of them go at it?


What to do, what to do. There were actually not that many people who stayed at the lake all summer. Crap! Tracy and I had tried romancing the weekend visitors (female) til we were just plain frustrated. The girls were either too young or too old. I would have better luck, but where would that leave Tracy? Time will tell what this summer's crop of tourists would have to offer.
Sure enough, the next Thursday, Tracy's dad came over and asked me if I was still up for an exciting summer at the lake. He wanted me to do some more repairs, for which he'd pay me a fair wage plus my room and board to watch his 'kids' while his wife and himself were in town all week. He assured me they'd both be there every weekend so it wasn't like I'd be trapped there with the young'uns all the time. Damn guy, get a clue. I suppose in his alcoholic fog I looked like the best choice to keep the kids out of their hair and a lid on their activities. I told him sure, I'd do the work and watch Tracy and Barb and whoever all summer. Slapping me on the back, he told me to stop by his store Friday and pick up grocery and gas money for the coming weekend.
Friday arrived and the four of us drove to Tracy's dad's store. His dad gave me a couple of blank checks and $50 cash. As we were making out a grocery list, he asked if I'd mind hauling up a box for him and put it in the main cabin when we got there. I opened my trunk and he loaded it in, slapping me on the back and telling me what a responsible young man I was. Finally, we were off to the cabin, by our horny little selves, with no parental snooping. When we'd made the 40 mile trip, we opened the cabins for the first time since last fall and let them air out. I asked the girls if they needed to open their bedroom windows and they told me they wouldn't be sleeping there, so why bother. I opened the trunk a grabbed the box Tracy's dad put in there - CRAP! it was heavy. After toting it in the cabin, I set it on the dining room table and just kinda opened it. 24 bottles of booze of about every flavor. I guess the parental units would be off to a typical summer


The girls and Tracy hauled our bags into the caboose. The girls immediately started fussing with our 'guy' stuff, arranging it so it suited THEM. Damn, at least my own mom left my crap alone as long as it wasn't scattered all over the floor. Thinking to myself, it was time to sort out the Tracy/Barb situation.
I told the girls to take a walk down to the local store and grab as much pop as they could carry and gave Barb a $20. Sitting on one of our built-in couches I asked Tracy what his plans were.
"I wanna try and get with one of the tourists this year. Having our own cabin and no parents oughta make it easy."
"So, you're ok with me and Sal?"
"Sure", he said.
"What about Barb? You know she's gonna be climbing the walls if I have Sal and you have one of the beach bunnies."
"Hmm, I don't know - you told me not to touch her, so I mean, I have to find someone."
I could sympathize with his problem. It wasn't like I hadn't thought about it at all the last couple of weeks.
"Look, I warned you not to fuck her mainly without a condom and then you'd still be risking things. If worst comes to worst, you could try butt fucking her. I know her ass is sensitive from the day we fooled around. At least then you'd be safe from making an awful mistake."
"You think she'd go for it?"
" I think she's gonna come trying to jump your bones as soon as Sal and I start fucking."
"How do you get the privilege of fucking where I don't?"
"Where do you think I fuck her, dumbass! I'm not taking the chance of getting her pregnant either. It's blow jobs, pussy eating and butt fucking for us."
"And she's ok with that? I mean she takes you up the poop shute without complaining?"
"I'm sure she'd be happy with normal fucking but we have to do what we have to do. Besides lil bud, I have way more control than you do. Learn to control your hormones and things get lots better."
The girls came back a half hour later with 6-packs in either hand so we'd be good for at least tomorrow. I'd take my car in if we need more, besides, we'd have to hit town and do some grocery shopping pretty quickly if we wanted to eat.
I took us all to the local drive-in for dinner and we sat and talked to the regulars about how nice it was this year and how they all hoped the tourist trade was better than last year. It was finally dark. Driving home, this time Sal got in front with me and I put my arm around her, squeezing her tight little boobs once in a while. I could feel her shiver and she'd try to get as close to me as possible. In the 15 minute drive from town to the cabin, she managed to get her hands on my john henry and squeezed it every time I stroked her hard nipples. The night was looking up.


As soon as we entered the caboose, both girls started shucking off clothes. In the time it took to grasp what they were doing, Tracy and I found ourselves with two naked little nymphs on our hands. Crawling up in the upper queen bed, Sal soon came after me, cuddling up in my lap with her hands inside my shirt. I lay her back and kissed her, feeling her tongue battle it out with mine then started a slow path down her neck to her luscious little tits. The nipples were already standing at attention so I just picked one and started sucking and nibbling on it.
"Gawd, you make me so hot and so wet. Sometimes I feel like I need to change panties after you kiss me. I've been soaking ever since the car ride. You know, if we ever go someplace dressed up, you're gonna have to keep your hands to yourself or else I'll have to pack dry underware in my purse."
It never hurts to stroke a man's ego. If he's doing a good job, tell him so.
I lay down beside Sal and stroked her sides and her chest with just the lightest touch of my fingertips. She'd shiver and goosebumps would pop up all over her body. This would make her grind her pubes into my crotch, which wasn't a bad thing at all, I loved how responsive she was to the slightest touch. As we lay there, I could hear whispering from the lower bed. Barb was trying in vain to get Tracy naked and into her tight little pussy, however, my little talk with Tracy must have sunk in.
"Damn, Sis, you're driving me crazy. Can't you just lay down and go to sleep? I told you I'd hold you all night. I can't fuck you, we'd make a three headed monster if things went wrong. Quit grabbing me there. No, I'm not getting hard, that's a pocket knife. Roll over or I'm going to sleep in the main cabin."
Tracy got up and I guess decided to walk around outside until he cooled off. Next thing I knew, Barbs head peeked over the edge of our mattress.
"What the hell am I supposed to do? I LIKE fucking and there's no one to scratch my itch." I knew Barb was hurting so I offered her this advice. "Remember when we were talking in the garage and I told you about anal sex? Tracy could do that without taking a big risk. Would you be willing to do that?"
" I'd do just about anything right now, I need to get off, I'm so frustrated. Would he do the other stuff like eat me out, kiss my nipples like you did. Would he let me lick his dick? I gotta do something."
" Barb, you are aware of how anal sex works?"
"Sure. Sal and I have talked about it a lot. She says she just LOVES it. I dunno, I've never tried it. Although after that day when you licked my ass and kind of played with it, I poked my finger up my butt in the shower. It felt weird but good weird."
"There ya go, hon. If it feels good, do it, if it feels that good, do it some more." I eased out of bed, figuring the girls would talk about what I'd just said and I needed to talk to Tracy. I found him on the porch of the main cabin, smoking.
"Hey Bud, you ok?"
"My fucking dick is hard and I got nothing to do but jack off until I find some tourist chick that wants a little fun and games."
"Dude, I just talked to Barb and she's game to let you in her back door, provided you'll not only stick her but lick her too. Tracy listen up guy. A lady needs her foreplay. It's not like when you and I got it on. I mean we're guys and we're a lot more direct about what we wanna do sexually. A girl has to be juiced up to make her feel that she wants it. I dunno about Barb. She's like a cat in heat but she still wants all the things we did last week. Think you can do that for her and just back door her instead of climbing in her pussy?"
"I'll fuck her or anyone else anyplace they'll let me poke em."
"I think you'd better go in and satisfy your sister a while. By the way, we didn't bring any lotion. Is there any in the cabin?" We went inside to look.
Tracy's mom must have packed nearly everything last fall and took it home. All we found was a big family sized jar of Vaseline. Taking that, we made our way back to the caboose. Barb was lounging on the lower bunk, slowly fingering her twat. I crawled into the upper bed and into the arms of my teen lover.
Sal woke up shortly after I slipped under the covers. As we lay in each other's arms, we could hear whispering and giggling from the bed below. Looking each other in the eye, we both smiled and leaned over the side of the bed to see Barb taking Tracy's cock in her mouth. Tracy had his hands around Barb's head and steadily pulled her further onto his stiff dick. Pretty soon, he was deep into her mouth. I may have mentioned before, but Tracy has a dick a little over 4" long, BUT and inch & a half thick. It didn't take length to fill Barb's mouth. Her cheeks were bulging with what she had in her at the moment and you could tell her lips were straining around his thickness. Tracy kept Barb to a steady rhythm, pulling her on and then pushing her back. Barb, to my knowledge, had yet to lose her two other cherries. Maybe this would be a first for her too. Sal lay there watching the brother and sister go at it until she could stand no more.
"Roll over on your side a little" as she shoved me away from her with her hands. Never taking my eyes off the two below, I felt Sal pull my dick out and run her hands up and down it a few strokes, then a warm mouth close down over it and a hand fondling my balls. As I watched the two below, I could tell Tracy was getting very close. The boy has about as much control as his sister does. Everything has to be 'right now' and it has never occurred to him to space it out and make it last. Maybe I should start calling him Jack Rabbit because they'd been at it all of about three minutes when he grabbed her head and shoved in as far he could go and let go a growl. Barb didn't have much choice but to swallow as fast as he filled her little mouth. Tracy pulled out of her and both fell limp onto the bed.
"Hey you two, everything ok?"
"Oh shit, yeah, wonderful" said Tracy.
"Wow! I didn't think I could do that. First, I thought I was gonna gag, then I was gonna drown. How much do ya think he squirted?"
"Knowing Tracy, probably a teaspoon or a little more."
"It felt like a whole glass, I swallowed and swallowed."
"Welcome to the world of sex, hon. By the way, you know you just lost cherry number 2?"
"Crap! I did, didn't I"
"Yes little lady, you just did." Looking down at Tracy, he was well on his way to falling asleep. Some guys, I guess are like that - get their rocks off and roll over and start snoring. I'm just the opposite. I get off, I'm wide awake and looking around for more. Speaking of which, my own little teen lover had worked my stiff cock down her gullet. I'm not huge, but I'm close to 7inches. I could feel the bend in her throat as she pushed me down her gullet. Time to pay attention where it's so richly deserved. I took her brown curls in my hands and slowly worked her up and down then held her off me and fucked up into her waiting mouth. After a bit, she could allow me to do this without hitting her gag reflex. She pleasured me for the longest time and soon, I felt the familiar churning in my nuts.
"Darling, do you want to swallow this or what?" She pulled her head off my dick and said " I love the taste of your cum. Give it to me, give it all to me." I never refuse a lady. Pulling her head back down slowly I went in to the hair of my pubes and just held her there as my hot cum squirted down her eager throat. When I quit pulsing, she held the tip on her tongue and sucked every last drop out. The great thing about being 15 is practically zero refractory time. I'd just finished cumming and with a minute or two, ready to explore new worlds. Sal noticed the hardness poking her in the belly and rolled over onto her hands and knees, wiggling her tender young ass in the air ....bait I guess, but I got the idea. I slid over beside her head to whisper in her ear.
"Let's try something different. Don't breath a word of this to either of those two below us, but I'm going to fuck you this way, in this position like a regular couple. The last thing I want is for those two to think it's alright and do it on their own. No hassles and no accidents, ok?"
"Please tell me what you mean, like a 'regular couple'. Your going to fuck me up the ass aren't you?"
"Maybe at some point tonight, but first, I'm going to put it in that wonderful little pussy of yours and make you cum big time. After that, we'll see what we're in the mood for."
"I thought you were scared of making babies." grinned Sal
"Desperately scared, but I have more control than either of those two added together, plus, I brought my box of condoms. So, if your willing, I want to slide my dick into that warm love tunnel of yours" squeezing her shoulders.
"I trust you to do whatever is right. I know you'd never hurt me and yeah, I want to feel your dick filling my little pussy."
I sat up and rummaged around in my stuff until I located the box of condoms. Pulling one out, I just looked at her.
"Oh, let me put it on you. I need the practice"
I lay back and she rolled the condom over my stiff dick getting it just right the first time. Still on her hands and knees, I moved behind her sweet little buttocks and slid my latex covered dick up and down her wet slit. Once it seemed lubed, I placed it into the entrance to her love hole. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her back onto me, sliding up the slick entrance to her womb. Once fully impaled I waited for her to accustom herself to he invader as this was only the second time she'd had a dick in her teen pussy. She started moving her ass around, and making very short little thrusts back and forth.
"Oh Gawd, that feels so good! I can feel you all the way up in my stomach. How can I feel you so deep?"
"Length, baby doll, length. Tracy may open you up wider than I but I have close to 3 inches on him."
The feeling of being deep in her tender pussy had the added pleasure of a different type of pressure. I suppose it was her internal organs pressing down but her already tight pussy was like a heavenly glove, pulsing around my hardened cock. I pulled back and slid into the hilt again, enjoying the way her pussy seemed to fold in around my stiff member.
"Don't baby me! I want to feel you push into me, split me wide open. You can do it as hard as you want, I don't care, just fuck me!" I always take directions well.
Pulling back until only the tip remained to split her pussy lips, I hammered in, thrusting as deeply as I could into her waiting twat. She pulled off me and I thought maybe I'd hurt her when she slammed her tight young pussy back onto me, burying me to the hair again. Again, I DO take directions well, so picking up the hint, I grabbed an ass cheek in either hand and plowed her furrow as hard and fast as I could muster. I could hear her making little mewling noises and sometimes the air rush out of her young body as I pounded her pussy. Not wanting to hurt her, I slowed down a bit and leaned over her back to quietly ask her if I was hurting her.
"Oh, you lovely darling. Why did you stop? Yer gonna make me cum. Do it, do it harder.... please!"
Drawing back, I hammered her again and again. Pretty soon her head was up, tossing from side to side as she fucked back at me as hard as I was fucking into her. All of a sudden she tensed up, absolutely rigid. Her young pussy clamped down like a vise and she began to shudder all over. Burying her face into the pillow, she screamed out her satisfaction. When she began to relax, I pulled my still stiff dick out of her dripping pussy and curled up with her in my arms. She snuggled her ass against me and wiggled it back against my hard cock. She was pretty well spent and sated at this point, so I peeled off the rubber and just held her as she went into a deep sleep.


I needed a smoke and I needed to let some cool air wash over my raging hardon so I slipped out of bed and tip toed out the back door of the caboose, sitting down on the steps. Pretty soon I felt a warm body wrap itself around me. Barb had evidently heard me get up and came outside.
"What's up, Toots? Couldn't get to sleep?" I asked.
"Nope, can't sleep. My pussy is itchy and I got tired of playing with myself. Brother in still in there sawing fucking logs."
"Poor baby. I thought you'd both gotten a little satisfaction tonight, at least enough to take your edge off."
"Take the edge off, you asshole! All I could hear was the damned bed above me creaking, you huffing and puffing and Sal moaning and screaming. All I had was my finger...big fucking deal!"
"So, I assume you and Tracy haven't tied anal yet?"
"He gets off and just fucking rolls over and goes to sleep. Would you do me up the ass? I promise I'll be quiet."
"Barb, let me explain something. Sal and I have this kind of thing going. I got her to open up and tell me how she feels and I won't damage that for anyone. I really like that little girl sleeping in there. If you want some kind of different arrangement, go talk to her. Whatever she's ok with, I'll play along."
"Would you just eat my pussy now? I need to get off so freekin bad!"
"Talk to Sal."
"No, talk to Sal."
"Would you finger me then? That's not really sex is it?"
She kept getting louder and louder.
"Sit back against that wall and open your legs."
After positioning herself, I dipped a finger in her wet snatch and rubbed her from asshole to clit. Every time I came close to her love tunnel she'd try to get my finger inside her. Not gonna happen. I needed her turned on to her ass so Tracy and her could both get their jollies and play it safe. Scooping as much of her girl juice as I could, I spread it around her little puckered ring. Barb is has such light complexion that her ass was as white as the rest of her, the skin around it just shinier than the rest of her bottom. Rubbing my finger around and around her little pucker, she gradually loosened up. I did actually dip my finger into her twat just to get it coated with her slick juices, then put it against her tight little ass and pushed it inside.
Once in to the first knuckle, I let her get relaxed until her tight little ring softened up again. Sliding my finger slowly up her bowel, I went in to the hand. Barb slid her ass down on my finger and clinched down on it, relaxing her ass as she grew accustomed to the new invader. Working my finger in and out of her tight hole, I was soon able to introduce a second then a third finger into her loosening sphincter. Barb began to hump her little ass up onto my fingers as she played with her flat little chest, her nipples being the only features on that landscape other than her shiny areolas. Barb started breathing harder and harder and she's clench down on my finger as deep into her as I could push them. We did this for maybe 5 minutes and she started moaning and making incoherent little noises as she drummed her heels on the hardwood porch. She went limp and truthfully, I thought she'd passed out.
"Roll me over and put your dick in there, fuck me right" as she made a grab for my stiff stiff prick.
"Talk to the MORNING. Yer done and I'm going to sleep."
"But I'm still horny!"
"Babe, yer gonna have to learn to deal with it. Find a freekin candle or something if you have to play with yourself, but I meant what I said about Sal. Whatever she's comfortable doing is fine with me. In the mean time, I'll have a little chat with your brother. Now, go to bed."
I pulled myself up and walked back into the caboose, hard on swinging from side to side. Climbing into the top bed, I curled around my teen lover and promptly drifted off to sleep. Before slipping under, I couldn't help but think that Barb was becoming a slut, needing something in her and on her all the time.


Early the next morning I got coffee brewing and my morning smoke out of the way. True to teenage form, we had messed around yesterday evening and failed to buy any food. Tracy would 'sip' at a cup of coffee but never seemed to finish it. An acquired taste, I guess. Me, if you cut me, I think it'd be a toss up between soda or coffee that ran out my veins, depending on the time of day. I guess I made too much noise because Sal got up, followed by Tracy. Barb was still dead to the world.
Sal came into our little 'kitchen' area, wrapping her naked body around mine. All we had was a mini fridge and a beat up old microwave, but everything suited our purpose. She smelled so good early in the morning so I turned and pulled her into my arms, kissing her sweet teen lips good morning.
"You have a choice - soda or coffee, you pick."
"Could you maybe give me a mouthful of cum?" she asked with a gleam in her eye. Damn, this was the second day of our summer together. I'll be a drained, skinny teen by the time fall gets here if I fill her needs at every whim. Life's a bitch, isn't it?
"Hmm, like drinking beer, it's a just as tad early in the day. Let's wait for some alone time later." I leaned down and whispered in her ear, telling her now was not a good time as I watched Barb get up and stretch.
"I gotta pee, anyone wanna come watch me?" I could not believe my ears. Where does she get this stuff? I've only read about it in those dirty magazine stories. Not hearing any takers, she stumbled down the steps and went into the big cabin to do her morning stuff.
Sal was still clinging to my backside, rubbing her naked body across my back. I had the old morning wood as I wanted to get the coffee going before relieving myself. Tracy had gone off the other side of the porch and was seriously watering the grass.
"I've got to go myself. You know, I've never seen a man pee before. Why is Tracy standing up? Isn't he going to make a mess and get it all over him?"
"Big difference between boys and girls, sweetheart. We got a hose and you ain't."
"Come with me while I go, I'd like to try peeing in the woods, it seems so nasty to do it that way."
"You mean you've never squatted in the trees and just let it go?"
"I've always been afraid something would crawl up my leg. My mom always told me mice just waited for the opportunity to catch a girl peeing outdoors, They’ll run up your leg and jump into your pee spot." I may be 15 but some people's parents are just fucking unbelievable. To me it would be better to chance a maybe field mouse than take the chance of rupturing your bladder because there isn't a convenient outhouse. Sheesh!
Taking her hand, we walked down the steps towards the surrounding woods. After going in maybe 10 yards, the caboose was cut off from view.
"This looks like a good spot" I said. She moved around on the other side of a tree from me. I watched her squat down but a flow never left her body."
"I'm kinda scared" she said "what if a mouse runs up my pussy?"
I walked around until I was facing her and squatted down.
"I'll keep the critters away. You just do what you need to."
"A man has never seen me pee before. I don't know if I can go."
She squatted there, holding the big lips of her pussy apart.
"Just relax and pretend I'm not here. Besides, for my part, this is real interesting. I've never seen a girl pee before, either."
She looked at me a moment then smiled as I saw her pee hole kind of extend from her little vagina and a yellow stream hissed to the ground. In a short while, the flow stopped and she looked at me.
"I didn't bring anything to wipe with" frowning.
"No problem" as I moved closer to her. I ran my hand through her damp slit and wiped the pee along the back of my hand. I looked at her and her eyes went kind of vacant. Standing up, she hugged me and said THAT was certainly different. I had my own needs to take care of so I turned a little away from her and fingered my stiff dick. I was so full of piss I thought my eyes were turning yellow and watching her go hadn't helped a bit.
"How do guys do it?"
"Watch and learn my little love" as I pointed my pee hardened dick at a nearby tree and let loose.
She started giggling and told me guys did have a hose after all. When she started talking, I shut off the flow.
"Were you done?"
"Nope just getting into it, actually."
"Would it be ok if I held it while you pee?"
"That, darlin, would give me a thrill...go for it."
She moved right beside me and extended her hand until she could hold my dick.
"What do I do now" she asked.
"Just point it at whatever you want painted." She aimed at the same tree I'd started on and watched it squirt a foot or so off the ground.
"You can move it around if you like. After all, what's a hose for" I grinned.
Getting bolder she pointed it up the tree about waist high and I let loose again. As the flow began to diminish, she asked if she needed to wipe me off with her hand like I'd done for her.
"No baby doll, just give it two or three big shakes and that's all there is to it."
Shake it she did. When she was done, she leaned over and looked at my pee slit closely.
"It's dry! How come guys can do that and girls can't? You guys get all the neat stuff!"
"Oh darlin, all our 'neat' stuff wouldn't be worth squat without your 'neat' stuff to go along with it or over it. That's why we are a pair."
I pulled her to me and gave her a deep, soul searching kiss to show her just how delighted I was that we were together. As we walked back towards the caboose, she leaned into me and asked me if I got a thrill out of watching her pee as she admitted that helping me made her nipples hard and little tingles went through her little pussy.
"Hon, I'll watch you pee anytime and maybe, just maybe, I'd like to taste it, at least a little." I felt her shiver and I could see her nipple harden like rocks. I think she liked that idea. Truthfully, we were like a blank page, ready to write whatever seemed to please us and we had 3 months to fill it in.


Back in the caboose, Tracy and Barb had gotten dressed. Sal and I were the only two nudies in sight. I rustled around in my bags and found a pair of cutoffs and a t-shirt. Sal pulled on a sun dress but I noticed she had left off any underwear. I leaned in and told her quietly I'd have a hardon all day, know she was naked under that dress. She just turned and rubbed herself up my front. Shit! hardon city.
After regaining control, we went back the siblings.
"Guys, we are headed to's grocery time. I'll spring for breakfast but we need to do most of our own cooking from now on or we'll end up broke."
Hustling out to my Mustang, we motored into the local town. We gave the girls the shopping list with the limit being too much junk food. It was ok to get a few bags of cookies or some candy bars and be sure to stock up on pop. Once they headed down the isles, I pulled Tracy outside where we could talk.
"Pard, you are neglecting your sister and she's bugging the hell out of me me. I thought you were going to try back door her last night?"
"I got off so hard when she gave me that blow job I couldn't help it, I fell asleep."
"What are you? A one-shot wonder? How can you just roll over and start snoring like that?"
"It felt so good and I was so relaxed, it was easy."
"Dude, if you'd hang in there, you'll find you can get even more relaxed and your sister might even be satisfied for once. Sex is a reciprocal thing. Barb isn't here just to get you off and you know how aggressive she is."
"Couldn't you just fuck both of them? That way they'd both be happy."
"Barb and I talked about it last night....over your snoring. She has to talk to Sal and whatever Sal says, goes. I'm not gonna screw up a good thing. I figure you have a couple of choices - either get in the saddle and do her like she wants or find someone to take the load off. Remember, if you do her, you'll still get your rocks off and she'll tone it down a notch or two. Oh, I want to stop in the drug store before we head back."
Going into the local Rexall drug, I found the condom area and looked around til I found what else I had on my private list - KY jelly. Wouldn't you know, it was in the female's section. Paying for a new box of Trojans and a family sized tube of KY, we went back down the street.
Tracy thought about all we'd discussed as we walked back in the store. The girls were up to the cashier now, so I got the total and wrote out one of the blank checks I had from Tracy's dad. Loading up my trunk, the girls wanted to ride in the back seat together so Tracy piled up front. Very soon the whispering and giggling started. They kept this up the entire trip back to the cabin.
After unloading the groceries - some into our mini fridge and the rest into the main cabin's fridge and pantry, we all decided to hit the swimming area. Both girls disappeared into the main cabin where their clothes were located. It wouldn't do if their folks came up and found the girl's stuff in OUR cabin. After what seemed like an hours wait, the ladies paraded out in new beach cover ups and headed for the car. Tracy and I were way less formal, being as how our cutoffs served both as day wear and beach attire. All we had to do was slip off out t-shirts, I don't think either of us even brought underwear.
Once finding a parking place, our little lake looked like it was going to be busy this summer - cars were everywhere and the beach near the swimming area was about towel to towel.
We carried our towels down to an area a little off from the main crowd. Something told me this was the thing to do, and I always trust my first instinct. After spreading the towels, Tracy and I pulled off the t-shirts to start working on our tans. The girls, meanwhile kept looking at each other, waiting for I guess, one or the other to make the first move. No real contest here. Barb pulled her cover up off and had no top on. She'd taken a pair of panties and cut the leg bands off until it was more like a loincloth. Leave it to her to go over the edge. I made her sit DOWN on her towel. At least we were pretty much out of site from the crowd. I kinda waited with baited breath to see if Sal had a surprise under her coverup. She turned away and unbuttoned it. As far as Tracy and I could see it was just another bikini. From the back, she looked like a shapely young woman - an ass that stuck out but tight and firm, womanly hips and a smooth back leading up to her short brown curls. Then she turned around and I swear, you could have heard my jaw drop to the soft sand beneath me. Her top consisted of two originally small triangles but she'd rolled them up somehow so the cloth barely covered her nipples! The whole undersides of her firm little breasts pushed out from the restricting band. I hadn't noticed from the back, but since her bottoms tied at the sides, she's pulled it high in back and down to where her pubes would have been, if she'd had any. Her peachfuzz did show in the sunlight. grabbing her, I pulled her down to the beach towel.
"Shit! are you two trying to advertise? What if one of the rangers come strolling by. I'd get arrested."
"But baby, you aren't that much older than we are. Why would anyone mess with you?"
"Ever hear the term 'Statutory Rape'? The cops figure I'm old enough to know better and you girls are way below my age range. remember when I warned you guys back at the house last week about this being strictly a secret between the four of us?" I told Tracy to get his sis under control or we were leaving. I got up and walked off my mad. I was still shaking when Sal ran up to me. She'd re-arranged her top now so her boobs were at least covered up. I could live with the bottoms.
"I'm so sorry. I just wanted to excite you. I love showing my body to you. It just makes an electric shock in my pussy. Please don't be mad at me."
"Babe, you excite me with your clothes on, but there's a time and place for everything!"
Sal started to tear up and I pulled her to me.
"Don't cry, sweet thing, I'm not mad at you, the whole situation just scared me to my roots." I continued to hold her close and she finally quit sobbing. I pulled her up and kissed those sweet lips, showing her I still cared very much for her, even if I couldn't help being nervous. Once we'd rejoined the other two, we relaxed and acted like kids again. The only snag was when Bard went into the water. Her white butchered panties went nearly transparent. I gave her two choices- either sit on her beach towel or wear her coverup until we left. Sulking, she sat on her towel and gave me evil looks.
The sun was getting low in the sky and we started thinking about grilling some hotdogs back at the cabin. The beach, still packed didn't show much sign of slacking off. As we headed for the car, there were lots of tents set up along the tree line, so maybe there'd still be a crowd tomorrow.
Unloading our sandy towels at the caboose, I hung them over a line and hosed them down, trying to get as much of the sand out as possible. Tracy got the fire going in the pit. The girls were laying out the buns and condiments. Every once in a while, I'd hear Barb getting loud about something. I suppose it could have been about what she was asking Sal to let her do, or I do or whatever.
Soon they came out and loaded the picnic table with goodies. Barb kinda stayed quiet and I could hear the wheels turning in her head. This wasn't the place to discuss it, although I did give Tracy a few hard looks. I think he got the message he needed to make a move of some kind. After cleaning up the mess, the girls went inside. Tracy and I sat out at the picnic table talking about the day.
Tracy it seemed had been visually scouting the beach as we sat. He mentioned seeing a few girls going in and out of the tents and they were just his age. While I questioned him about his plans, I still wondered what he intended for his sibling. Tracy had plans to head back to the beach and camping area. Good luck with that. I walked back inside and Sal was sitting at our little table, reading a chic magazine.
"Where's Barb" I asked?
"I really don't know and frankly, I don't care."
"What's up doll?"
"Do you know she had the nerve of asking me if I would 'lend you out' to her because Tracy isn't doing it for her?"
"Well, I won't keep secrets. She came on to me last night after you'd fallen asleep and I told her that she'd have to ask you. I won't do anything to hurt you or make you mad at me. I'm your guy, but if you want to share, I can live with it. I don't think I could share you with anyone else, but you two are best friends."
"Best friends don't want to fuck their best friends boyfriends!" I could see a head of steam building up here.
"Ok, get it all off your chest babe."
"How could you even think of fucking someone else when you have me? Aren't I woman enough for you?" Now she was tearing up again.
"Lover, you are plenty woman enough for me. Maybe I'm an ass for letting you make the big decision. Personally, I don't have that much interest in her, at least not enough to rock our boat. I only mentioned it to her because I'm scared she's gonna go off the deep end pretty soon. At least with her, I'm sorry last weekend ever occurred."
"If it hadn't, you wouldn't know how I've felt about you at all. I'd be back to clamming up every time you got close to me."
"Think back to what I just said - I said at least with her."
"You do love me, you really, really love me?"
I had to think about it quickly and hoped I wasn't stepping off a high cliff.
"Yes, sweetheart, I do love you. At first the age difference bothered me. Once I got to know you better, the little girl thing was soon forgotten. You're a passionate woman. Although just turning 13, you're woman enough for me." With that, she burst into tears and plastered herself into my lap.
"Oh darling, I KNEW you loved me, at least I hoped you did as much as I loved you. Take me to that bed up there and fuck me like you mean it. Please!"
Again, I follow directions well. She dropped clothes as she made her way to the ladder. Shucking my t-shirt and cutoffs, I was ready for action. Once beside her, I asked what she'd like me to do to her and with her.
"I want to suck that big hard dick down into my throat while you eat my pussy. Make me cum. Then I want you to turn me over, put me on my knees and use both my holes however and when ever you want. I want you inside me, deep inside me." Wow! tall order.


We lay head to crotch and she reached out to pull my hardening dick into her waiting mouth. It hardly took her a minute before I felt the bend in her throat. I had to get my mouth on that sweet pussy of hers! Pulling completely over on top of me, I pushed my arms through her legs until I had both hands free and her gaped open. Running my finger through wet already wet slit, I moved in to taste her sweet little girl nectar. She got progressively wetter until I had girl juice running down my cheeks. Time for more actions. I wrapped my arms around her butt and hauled it closer to my mouth, then put two fingers in her tight pussy, feeling her inner walls clench and unclench as I stroked her fires. I had two fingers free so what the hell, I rubbed them both through the secretions dripping out of her young pussy and moved them as one right into her ass. I felt her tighten up and then relax her sphincter as I pleasured her teen ass. Suddenly, I felt a dry finger slide around my own ass and she pushed a finger into me as far as she could go. I started cumming like a fire hose. I'd find out in later years, she'd tapped right onto my prostate. At the time, it just felt marvelous. She sucked hard on my dick, draining the last drops out of my shrinking nuts. Hell, this could be a form of birth control if I couldn’t get hard anytime soon. My balls were drained more than I thought possible. I'd never stopped manually stimulating her young pussy and asshole, so i slithered out from under her, leaving her on her knees, just like she'd asked for. Positioning my hardening dick in the opening of her young pussy, I let her inner muscles milk me to my maximum hardness in a very short time. Not neglecting her tiny ass, I kept my thumb buried in it to my hand. I pushed down on her lower back, bracing her for what was to come. Hammering into her yielding pussy, she started to moan and thrash around with a small orgasm. I pulled my dick out and my thumb at the same time, only to shove my rock hard penis into her waiting asshole. Man, did she howl. I thought maybe I'd hurt her but she started rocking back to meet every one of my thrusts, screaming for me to FUCK HER. I pulled her back on my knees so she had to actually do some of the work. I kept her guided on track because I was afraid she'd bounce off of it. This time, when she got her rocks, she bounced on me crying that she loved me and any hole in her body was mine whenever I wanted it...I just love a satisfied woman.
Maybe another hour had past and no sign of Tracy or Barb for that matter. They both knew where they lived, so they'd come home when they wanted. I just hoped they used a little common sense and stayed out of trouble. About 2 AM, Tracy came dragging in. He made enough noise to wake the both of us, so we sat over the edge of the bed and talked. Seems he'd found a group of young girls whose parents had gone into town to party. Being alone, they had no problems playing Spin the Bottle and finally Truth or Dare. At this point, the dares became more outrageous as everyone's shyness passed. Tracy managed to shag a 15 yr old who'd been having sex with her boyfriend for over a year and was beginning to feel the separation anxiety of him being in town while she was stuck here with her family. Tracy admitted he had to do a lot of show and tell and had three different girls hold his dick. The eldest showed her sister how to jack a boy off. The biggest thing was, they'd be here for two weeks, allowing Tracy to visit whenever they could be alone. It also turns out their parents had an alcohol problem like his and most time when they'd return to camp, it was to simply pass out in their own tent. So much for parental guidance.
Had he seen Barb? Well, kind of. She'd been talking with a family the last he'd seen her. A mother, father and a daughter.
Around 3 AM Barb decided to grace us with her presence again and she looked very tired, but wired at the same time. The family she'd struck up a 'friendship' with had a daughter her age. They'd walked up and down the beach sharing secrets like only a 12 yr old can. It turns out the father and the mother had been introducing their little 12 yr old to sex over the last few months. The mother wanting her cherry gone before she started her periods. Barb pounced on this like a hungry dog, pumping her new friend for all the details. Barb told her she'd lost her cherry only a week before and had no one to get her excited and she'd be living here all summer. The new friend took her back to camp and told her parents about Barb's situation. They were only too glad to be of assistance. Dad led the three females into their large cabin tent and swore Barb to secrecy. Probably for the same reason I had. Barb was a daring little twat but she had sense enough to wait until someone else dropped their clothes before she did. Once they were all naked, the mom & dad began to stroke Barb's body until they had her sufficiently turned on. I'm sure it didn't take much...after all this IS Barb. After fingering her and determining that she indeed had no cherry, the dad pushed her down to her hands and knees and entered her unprotected pussy. Bard had the presence of mind to balk at this, saying she didn't want to get pregnant. The father explained that he'd had an operation after the daughter was born removing that possibility. Barb kneeled again and the dad mounted her. The mother crawled between Barb's legs and started licking the junction of her husband's dick and Barbs newly opened cunt. The daughter knew what her mother liked and lay down to lick her pussy. Barb did get the experience of laying on her back while the father plowed into her pussy while having the mother straddle her mouth. To my knowledge, Bard and Sal had not tried this to speak of after that last weekend. The daughter's pussy was held to her mother's mouth while the father and daughter kissed. I thought I was a little warped. Maybe I'd better escort her back over there, simply to take lessons on group sex. In a word, Barb was fucked out. When she undressed, her petite little pussy was red and swollen with use. The only thing those adults didn't try was anal sex, so Barb was still deficient in that area. Gawd, just what I need, a teen and a preteen to worry about.
Things started to fall into a somewhat predictable pattern. Tracy would get up, wolf down whatever was laid out for breakfast and out the door to be with his new 'girlfriends'. Barb was only a little better, at least waiting around until 10-ish before she disappeared. I kinda thought it was a good idea after they'd left for the day to drive over to the camping area and write down the tag number of this 'happy family's' car, in case I needed it for future reference. Sal and I had the caboose and cabin to ourselves the rest of the day and a good part of each night. That meant uninhibited fucking whenever the thought crossed our minds. Our minds musta looked like a porn mag because we were doing it four or five times a day. Even a randy 15 yr old like me eventually drains his balls. Oh yeah, I could cum, but it was non-productive. This little vixen with me kept me drained and satisfied.
Shangrila or as close to it as we would ever come. Speaking of cumming, all things come to an end - the weekend was here and the parental units would be here boozing it up.


We had a little group conference early Friday morning. The girls would have to stay in the main cabin unless things got out of hand. Tracy and I would stay where we were and Sal and I would only get together when the coast was clear. Tracy and Barb already had excuses made up for being gone all the time - Tracy found a 'girlfriend' and Barb found another girl closer to her likes than Sal. Sal, when left alone would hang out with me and the absence of daily fucking put that little puppy dog look back on her face. Tracy's parents thought this was an absolute hoot and his dad suggested a few times that I'd better snap her up before someone stole her away from me. Funny, Barb's mom & dad just accepted all this with no questions. I guess it meant no kids underfoot. Serious drinking and partying were on the near horizon. About six or so, two couples and half a dozen single men showed up at their door. It took about 20 minutes for Sal to scoot over to the caboose.
"Did you know most of them were half tanked before they even got here" she asked? "I couldn't keep them out of our room....they wanted me to come out and party with them. Fat chance!" I really wanted to know just what went on over there after dark but how to do it? Sometimes opportunity knocks like a 2x4 to the side of the head. One of the wives kept trying to strike up a conversation with me but I kept telling her I had to watch the little girls. Sal would stand by me with the cutest little pout, wanting me to go 'play' with her. I took her off to the caboose and ate her pussy for a few minutes, them told her I wanted to know everything that went on in the main cabin. She asked me what I had planned and I told her I wanted to just ask some innocent questions and see what I could see. I didn't think it would be too hard to connect the dots. Sal stayed in the caboose and I went over to get a fresh 6-pack of pop. The same woman that tried to talk to me pulled me too her full breasts as soon as I walked through the door.
"Reinforcements have arrived! I'll bet he doesn't wilt so quick like you slouches." She kept trying to push my face down into her cleavage.
One of the guys, I dunno if he was a husband or one of he singles there, hollered out
"What does a punk kid know about pleasing a woman? Fuckin kid, anyway." One of the other women chimmed in that what I didn't know, I'd make up in staying power. I was starting to get a little paranoid. Barb's mom was sprawled on a chase lounge in a dressing gown, which was opened completely. Tracy's dad was for the most part, just sitting in a drunken haze, never objecting when someone male or female mounted or licked or put their dicks down her throat.She just serviced whoever was interested. Yeah, she had big, soft tits but her ass was wider than her shoulders and those were pretty meaty in themselves. I don't think, even in my later years, had I ever seen a woman with a hairier cunt. From down the insides of her thighs to to her belly button, nothing but thick bush. The other women were getting into the act and peeling of their clothes. I made sure both Barb's mom and dad knew I was in here, that I'd pretty much seen everything that was going on and that I was headed back to our own cabin....Have a nice time, people! I waited up and intercepted both Barb and Tracy as they returned home in the wee hours. The party next door had gotten a little quieter but lots of bodies passed by the windows and there's no way to mistake a naked woman's breasts from the shadows on the curtains. Putting everyone to bed, we had to resolve some kind of game plan in the morning.
Morning came entirely too quickly for me. Being the first up, I started coffee and went out on the porch to look at the main cabin. A few of the cars left during the night, but there was still a crowd in the main house. Sal got up shortly after me. After all, we'd had a relatively quiet night after closing up the caboose. Since the parents were next door, we were both wearing clothes for a change. We didn't alter our sleeping arrangements because I didn't think anyone in the main noticed or even cared. Looking at my woman, I told her it was time to pee while I waited on the coffee to finish perking. We walked over to the same familiar tree and Sal dropped her shorts and squatted. I moved in front of her and went to my knees. Something drew me to this yellow stream shooting out from beneath her. For some reason, I put my hand in it and felt the warm piss from her young body flow over my hand. when she'd finished, I took my dry hand and rubbed the backside across her pee hole and then transferred it to her stiffening clit. It didn't take long at all to 'rub her off'. Offering her a hand, I helped her to her feet while looking at the other wet hand. Bringing it to my lips, I took a tentative lick. A little salty but it smelled a lot like her. I can't begin to think of the times I'd had my face buried in that same, sweet little pussy. This was just tasting a different part of her. I looked up at her and caught the gleam in her eye.
"My turn!"
I let her unzip my cutoffs and let them drop to my ankles. Reaching out, she took my piss hardon and pointed it away from us. This felt pleasant so I didn't rush through peeing as I normally did. I think she tried to write her name in pee on the ground in front of us. The flow was beginning to slow to a trickle when she fell to her knees and put my leaking dick into her mouth. What I had done I wrote off to curiosity. She was being downright kinky and I loved it and her for doing it. Sucking the last drops from my shrinking dick, she looked up and smiled.
"I wanted to try that from the other day when we first peed in front of each other. Does this make me a horrible person now?" Not bloody likely!
I pulled her up, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her soundly. I think I could taste myself on her tongue, but what a rush!
Back in the caboose, Tracy and Barb were both awake and rummaging for food. I just took a cup of coffee and propped up against out little dining room wall.
"Guys, we need to talk. I got pulled into your folk's cabin last nite mid-party, if you could call it that." I went on to describe what I'd seen going on, how I'd been propositioned by an obviously married woman and how the atmosphere of I don't know, I suppose was so thick you could cut it. I didn't want to get entirely too graphic about the short time I was in there, but I did tell them about their mom servicing whoever cared to bother.
"That's pretty much what they always do, but they've never had so many people over before" said Tracy.
"You should hear how they talk to me, like I'm some kind of sex pet kept around for them to handle" Barb added " I've had my ass pinched and my nipples pulled and mom or dad really didn't do anything to stop it except to tell them I was jailbait." I kind of began to get an inkling of how Barb was wired now. She'd been exposed to sex for a long time and now it was showing up as aggression and maybe nymphomania....I'm not a shrink.
Both sibling were getting a little morose at this point so I changed the subject.
"How's your new 'girlfriends' ( stressing the plural ) Tracy?"
"They're leaving this morning. The older one, Tammy I think, is in a hurry to get back to her regular boyfriend. The younger two I think really liked having me around."
"Same here" said Barb, "they told me they belong to this club in Kansas City that's all moms and dads and daughters. They were training Megan to go to the meetings with them. I just love all that sex. I couldn't get enough of it and now they're packing up. They did tell me it was too bad I couldn't get my parents interested. They'd love to get with me again."
"So what do you two want to do now? I have Sal in here every night. I don't think your parents care or even notice she's gone. I make sure she goes over there everyday, early to clean up and change clothes. Otherwise it's like we aren't even here."
"So where does that leave me" asked Barb?
"You mean you can't stand to sleep around your brother" I said.
"Big deal, he's got girls on his mind and he doesn't touch me." Leave it to me to pick the wrong subject.


We went to the beach, mainly because Tracy was playing cock hound again. Barb just kind of lay there next to Sal and I while we soaked up the sun. It started to get dark and everyone was hungry so we walked back to the cabins. Once we got there, the place was in full swing again. Probably a good thing we were so far off the beaten path because the stereo would have gotten complaints. We made sandwiches, ate chips and downed a lot of pop that evening. By 10PM, we were ready for bed. Sal and I crawled into our little love nest while Tracy stretched out below. Barb just sat on a kitchen chair, swinging her legs.
I woke up several hours later with a very full bladder. I tried easing out of bed, so as not to wake up Sal, but as soon as my warmth left her body, she began feeling around for me. She opened her eyes and squinted at me.
"What time is it? "
"Really late or really early, depending on how you wanna look at it, but the party is still going strong over there."
"Why did you get up"
"I need to pee so bad my eyes are turning yellow. Go back to sleep, hon."
"No, I'm awake now and since you mentioned it, I need to pee too."
Neither bothered to get dressed as we'd only be going to the woods away from the main cabin. As I hit the floor, I looked in the bottom bed. There Tracy lay, taking up the whole bed, snoring softly, but no Barb. Grabbing Sal by the hand, We looked on the front porch and the back, still no Barb.
I had a sneaking suspicion so we walked quietly over to the main cabin to a shade that wasn't pulled entirely down, as a matter of fact, not even halfway down. Looking, we could see Barb with her ass in the air being fucked by a line of men, at least six of them. In front of her, a line of women waiting for their pussies to be eaten, passing the time fondling each other.
Barb had a puddle of cum underneath her the size of a dinner plate, so this was plainly not her first round with these guys. She must have been enjoying it because she fucked back as hard as the guys pounded her pussy from behind. Someone in the group wanted to know why they couldn't use her ass. Barb's mom piped up and told them she's cherry there. That started a bidding war. One guy won with a hundred dollar bid and a case of whiskey. Barb just snuggled down and wiggled her ass in the air. Gawd, I was getting tuned on despite myself. I rubbed Sal's nipples and they were hard as pebbles so she had to be be getting aroused. I leaned her over so she was braced against the window frame and got behind her. Likely, if I'd had a condom handy, I'd have fucked her little pussy until it frothed. The great thing is she has two holes and enjoys either getting plowed. I squatted behind her and used my hands to spread her legs apart. Dipping my head between her cheeks, I pushed my tongue in her ass. She answered by arching her back and pushing back against me. Sucking as much spit as I could muster, I coated my throbbing dick and eased it into her tight little ass. I could barely control my self but I had the presence of mind not to just slam into her. Grabbing either hip, I eased my aching dick deep into her bowels. Once seated to the hair, we both watched as Barb got her first anal experience. Her mother mopped her hand through the puddle beneath her and lathered it into and around Barb's cherry little ass. Once satisfied her baby was as lubed as she would get, she slathered cum all over the winner's long skinny dick and held Barb's ass cheeks apart and he stepped up and put the head of his cock to her tight opening.
"You gonna just stand there or fuck me with that thing" cried Barb. She wiggled her ass trying to get the man's dick started in her.
"Now go easy in her, she's just a kid" said her mother
"If the way she takes cock and eats pussy is any indication, you better pay more attention to her free time."
All the time he was talking he kept putting more and more of his long dick farther into her bowels. I swear, he had to be nine or ten inches long but very slender. He finally bottomed out in her young ass with inches to spare. Stroking in slowly then out until the tip barely remained in her, I watched as Barb's back arched and she started to fuck herself on his long dick. Gradually, they both picked up speed when the man let out a war whoop and grabbed her hips in a strong grip.
Meanwhile, "I had my own hot little vixen to deal with. We'd both watched Barb take it up the back and Sal was nearly mindless, muttering
"Fuck me now, fuck me now, FUCK ME NOW!!!" I grabbed her hips and started the age old rhythm but she wasn't having any today. She shoved her ass back on me, nearly knocking me off my feet. So much for mister nice guy - I jammed it in her hard and listened to the breath go out of her. She kept grinding and twisting her ass back at me, trying for another 1/2 inch. She had all I had to give, so I stuck a thumb in beside my dick. She turned into a wild woman. I never knew anyone could piston themselves back and forth like that. I just hung on for the ride of my life. I felt her tensing up and knew her climax was getting close. She pushed back again with my thumb and my dick jammed in as far as they'd go and started to wail. Luck was with us because Barb chose that time to have her own orgasm, screaming fuck me fuck me fuck like a litany at the top of her lungs.


Barb didn't return to the caboose that night or any of the weekends that followed. She'd found her place in the world. Luckily for her, she still hadn't started her periods. Once back in the old hometown that fall, things settled down for the winter and Tracy told me his mom get her started on the pill. Barb would now be their party cum slut.
Twelve years have past. I'm still with Sal. We married after I finished college and she'd just started. I'm a fairly successful programmer now and she's a happy housewife. Her figure only got better as she grew older. Her breasts filled out to a whopping 34DD, her ass is tight and trim and her legs go on forever. At 25, she's an absolute knockout. I encourage her to dress sexy ( not that I have to talk very long ). I love to see the way she turns heads, both male and female.
Barb has been married, I don't know, six or seven times...just can't seem to stay with anything too long. Thinking back to that summer, I looked up her symptoms on the internet. She's a classic Fetal Alcohol Syndrome sufferer. Blame her asshole parents for that.
Tracy is married, has a fat little wife who seems perpetually knocked up. He met her at the lake on of his 'scouting' trips and they've been together ever since.

Author's note: You'll notice that during the whole, true story, I never condoned pedophilia with the exception of Barbs anal initiation. I believe in protected sex and it's up to you to decide for yourself where the age of consent is concerned. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did recalling it. Flames will be ignored but constructive comments never. I have a lot more true tales of my mis-spent youth if you'd care to read them.

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