True story of myself at 14 with another boy
IT was summer and I was 14...

I would ride my bike down to a local lake that my friend's grandfather owned every day. We would go fishing there since it was a nice private spot. I was 14, and jerking off 3 times a day at the point. Any time I was alone, I would whip it out and rub one out.

I parked my bike down the hill by the lake and was just hanging out. The property owner's neighbor came by, who I had met before. He was 10, and pretty dorky looking. Very pale and curly hair. He would ask hundreds of questions every time he came by. This time though, the questions were interesting...

He started by asking if I had a girlfriend. I said yes (in fact I did). He asked if she had just a "patch of hair" down there instead of a "weiner". I told him all girls have that, and asked why he was asking. He said, "just becuase". Having a little bit of bisexual in me (and having fooled around with my older brother before, but that is another story), I asked if he had hair on his weiner. He was shy and said, "no". I told him I had a little, and asked if he wanted to see. So, I showed him my now hard dick. He was amazed at the size (not really too big...maybe 5 inches hard then). I asked if his was a not smaller...and he just pulled down his pants.

We both pulled up and kept talking after that...but the story does not end there. He finally got to asking if my girlfriend and I "fooled with each other." I told him yes, that we like to screw. He asked if she ever licked my weiner. Trying to see where this could go, I answered, "No she does not, but my friend Steve does." He looked shocked and said, "really???". I told him, "yes, it is normal for boys to do that. It feels good."

After assuring him it was normal, I asked if he ever had anyone "lick you on your weiner". He said no, but he plays with himself. I told him I play with myself all the time, and asked if he wanted to see how I did it. He said sure, so I took it out and started playing. I asked him to join along, and it was so cute how he took his between just his thumb and middle finger and went up and down 1000 miles per hour. I hold him to slow down, spit in your hand and try that. I told him to lay back and picture someone licking him. As soon as he did was go time.

He was on the dirt with his cute little dick standing up wet with spit. He was laying back with his knees in the air. I decided to go for it, and dive in. I took his beautiful dick in my mouth and went all the way down right away. He was suprised and sat up. After that, he did not protest. He sat back while I sucked the heck out of this little dick and balls. Within a minute he had the coolest little boy orgasm (no cum though) and shivered a little bit. He pulled his pants up really quick and looked red in the face. I told him that was normal and asked how it was. He said, "Great". Not wanted to be too forward, I did not want to ask him to do me. I did start pulling on my dick hard though, and within seconds shot a HUGE load on my stomach. After a quick QA session on why I shot stuff out, we both got up and skipped a few stones across the water.

This was a truely wonderful experiance...

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2013-08-29 08:37:13
Horny daddy happydaze466@y

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2011-12-20 00:01:07
To short what happened

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2009-10-17 22:45:15
I saw my sister riding her horse the other did, she has big tits for a 13 year old girl, C cup. They bounced so much, I had a hard on by the time she was finished. We were the only ones out there, so I thought 'What the hell who will see.' I took my lil sis aside and had her give me a blowjob. Reluctantly she did, but damn, shes the best.


2007-10-01 06:16:00
When I was about 7 or 8 we were visiting a cousin who lived on a horse farm who had a 15 year old son. He took me to the barn to see the horses and we walked a good ways from the barn looking for another horse. He said he needed to pee and took out his dick and I could not help but look at his hugh teenage dick. He noticed I was looking and started stroking himself til he had a hugh erection. He asked if I wanted to kiss it, I protested but he grabbed me by the hair and told me to put it in my mouth. I reluctantly open my mouth and he jabbed me in the throat 4 or 5 times and shot his load causing me to start gaggin and eventually puking. He said don't ever tell anybody or the next time I will ram it up your ass and it will hurt like hell. I never told and never repeated.


2007-09-01 03:19:27

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