My family is a large one. I am sixteen with five younger sisters and brothers. My mom is only thirty one so she has been busy. Her family was also large, my grandfather had six sons and four daughters. When I was twelve I used my grandfather’s shop. He had given me an idea one day when he showed me an old picture of a ninety cc motorcycle made decades ago.

Anyway I started making my own version using a scooter engine and an aluminum mountain bike frame. I even had a one and a half gallon gas tank like you see on chopper motorcycles. Now I make them in the garage and it doesn’t take much to sell them and make money. It was summer and a day after my birthday when I heard dad and my grandfather talking.

They didn’t realize I was in the garage as they talked about getting my aunt Jenna a master. Aunt Jenna was my youngest aunt, she was only eighteen and I thought she was the most beautiful girl around. I had known for awhile that my mom and dad were into the master slave game but my grandfather surprised me and I straightened, “I want her.”

I don’t know where it came from but I had blurted it out. Dad and grandfather turned and they were frowning. Dad cleared his throat, “You don’t know what we are talking about Samuel.”

He only used my full name when he was angry or nervous. I walked towards them, “Come on dad, I know you and mom are master and slave. From the way grandpa was talking he and grandmother are too.”

They looked at each other as I stopped, “You were saying you were going to get Jenna a master, I want her. She is the most beautiful girl anywhere.”

Dad smiled, “She is good looking.”

Grandpa put his hand on my shoulder, “Listen to me Sam, a woman that is a slave is and will be used by all the masters. Could you watch Jenna do that?”

I glanced back and forth, “mom does it?”

Dad smiled, “and loves every moment.”

Grandpa chuckled and I took a breath, “I want her.”

They looked at each other and then grandpa slapped my shoulder, “she’s yours.”

Eating dinner that night was hard since I was expecting Jenna. Mom kept smiling every time she looked at me, even my younger sisters were giggling together. I cleaned up after dinner and headed out back to my room. My room was all the way against the back fence with honeysuckle and vanilla growing all over it.

I should describe my room, it was thirty six feet long and fifteen wide. The last ten feet in the back was a bathroom. I made sure the room was clean before turning the large tv on the wall on, (a gift from mom and dad after I moved out of the house last year.) I turned at the knock on my door and opened it to see Jenna.

She grinned and rubbed my chest as she pushed me back and walked in, “So you want me.”

Dad had talked to me about this and I took a breath. I closed the door as she looked around and smiled as I reached out to make her face me, “You belong to me.”

Jenna looked at me and I turned her and pulled her to the bed. I sat and pulled her over my lap before giving her a hard swat, “You belong to me.”

She screamed and struggled as I held her and spanked her until she stopped struggling. I turned and dumped her on the bed before standing and undressing. I bent and started taking her clothes off and a moment later she began to help me. When she was naked I moved her all the way onto the bed and moved over her and between her legs.

I kissed her softly and looked into her eyes, “You belong to me.”

Jenna looked back and then smiled and hugged me, “Yes.”

I lifted up and pushed and she gasped as my thick cock pushed into her. She spread her legs more and tightened her hold, “Damn!”

She shook me as my cock hit her cervix, “You are hung Samuel.”

I kissed her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Jenna started grunting and lifted her legs a minute later. She jerked and shuddered as my cock pushed into her deeper and started to howl. This was my first time and I couldn’t hold it back, I thrust into her and kissed her as my cock erupted and I peed a thick stream of cum.

Jenna wailed and wrapped her legs around my waist, “SSSSSAAAAAAMMMMMM!”

When I stopped cumming she was panting and still shuddering. I pulled out of her and ignored the flood of cum that began leaking out. I rolled her onto her stomach and pushed her legs open before moving over her and shoving my cock into her slimy pussy. I fucked Jenna eight times before we fell asleep.

I woke to my alarm and shut it off before looking at the beautiful woman beside me. I rubbed her butt and slipped out of the bed as she moaned. I pulled her out of bed and into the bathroom where I watched her pee before giving her a douche and enema. I glanced at her clothes on the floor before looking at her, “You didn’t bring any other clothes?”

She blushed and looked down, “I...”

I swatted her butt and gestured to her clothes as she squeaked, “Get dressed.”

She nodded and bent to collect her clothes and I was tempted to fuck her again but turned to get dressed. I tossed my dirty clothes into the hamper by the door and turned as Jenna walked to me, “I’m sorry Sam. I’ll go home and pack a bag.”

I shook my head and opened the door, “After breakfast.”

When we walked into the kitchen my mother and father were sitting at the table eating. I pushed Jenna towards them as I went to get two bowls and poured cereal. Mom was grinning when I set Jenna’s bowl in front of her, “You left your window open Sam.”

I glanced at her as I sat beside dad and he snorted, “with Jenna howling and wailing half the night, your mother kept me up too.”

I grinned as I started eating and mom slapped Jenna’s shoulder, “Now you understand what I was trying to tell you.”

Jenna looked at her and then at me, “well, I didn’t think Sam would spank the hell out of me.”

I smiled but continued to eat and dad glanced at her, “Now you know who you belong to.”

She grinned as she looked at me, “Yeah, Sam.”

I nodded and looked at dad, “You going to granddad’s shop?”

He nodded and I finished my cereal, “see if they have my tire rims and the gas tanks I ordered?”

He sipped his coffee and smiled, “How much do you make Sam?”

I glanced at him as I carried my bowl to the sink, “depends on the bike. Anywhere from five hundred to fifteen hundred depending on the type.”

He looked at me in surprise, “and how many do you make a week?”

I thought about it as mom and Jenna watched and shrugged, “three to six depending on the type.”

He shook his head, “and how much does it cost to make a bike?”

I smiled, “about a hundred to a two hundred and fifty.”

Dad sat back and then grinned, “need a worker?”

I grinned as I started for the door, “I have a two month waiting list so I could always use someone.”

I was working on finishing a cherry red twenty inch cycle bike when Jenna came in with a bag. She grinned, “I packed a couple of trunks so I can move in.”

I smiled and stretched as she looked at the four bikes waiting to be picked up, “can I try one?”

I pointed to another red twenty inch bike, “That one needs a test ride.”

I turned to grab a helmet and held it out, “Watch the speedometer and don’t exceed thirty or a cop might pull you over.”

She grinned as she put the helmet on and ran to the bike. I shook my head, how could I say no to her? Spanking her had been the hardest thing I had ever done. I watched her ride out and speed off down the street before going back to work. She had a huge grin on her face when she returned a little later. She put the bike away and I sent her to put her things in my room.

I glanced at my father and grandfather when they went by carrying a standing closet and grinned. I stopped for lunch and came in to see Jenna and mom at the table. Jenna jumped up to make a sandwich as mom watched. I sat and watched Jenna and mom reached out to caress my face, “What are you going to do when she has to fuck the other masters?”

I grinned as Jenna turned, “Fuck you and grandmother.”

She blinked and then grinned as Jenna giggled, “and he really loves to fuck.”

Mom laughed and shook her head, “I’ll make sure I have my birth control.”

After I ate I looked at Jenna, “Do you have a string bikini?”

She grinned, “Yeah.”

I glanced at my fourteen year old sister Tracy as she walked in, “put it on. You can ride to the car wash and put up a couple of flyers.”

Tracy grinned, “Can I ride one too?”

I looked at her for a moment before looking at mom. She had a strange look on her face before nodding. I nodded, “put a bikini on.”

I pulled out two bikes for Jenna and Tracy to ride and then brought my bigger bike out. I rode to a pet store and bought a nice leather collar before going home. I set the collar on the workbench when I got home and went back to work. I glanced at dad when he carried in the box with my new gas tanks and went to help with the rims.

I stared when Jenna and Tracy both rode into the garage a minute later and I wasn’t the only one. I looked at dad as he stared at Tracy and grinned, “Tempting.”

They were both wearing string bikinis and Jenna laughed as she took the helmet off, “I think you might have a few more customers.”

Dad laughed and glanced at me, “twenty percent of the profit on any bike I build.”

I laughed and waved towards the dozen boxes filled with new engines and the frames I had made, “start with the one on the top of the list without a check mark.”

I had Jenna and Tracy take the bikes out front and wash them. A couple of hours later the owners arrived for the four bikes. I had to show dad a few things before he started but he was always a good mechanic even if he did own his own shop. He kept smiling and seemed to really enjoy putting the bike together. We stopped at dinner time and went to wash.

Mom was acting funny and my sister Tracy acted strange too. Jenna sat close and talked about starting college in the fall. After dinner I helped my younger brother Bryan clean up as mom pulled dad away. I pulled Jenna out the back door when I was done, “I need a shower and wanted to watch a new movie.”

She squeezed my hand, “that’s all?”

I grinned and looked at her, “No.”

She laughed and opened the door before I pushed her into the room, “undress.”

I stripped and tossed my clothes into the hamper before walking towards the bathroom, “I’ll be...”

I turned as someone knocked on the door. I glanced at Jenna as she smiled and went to sit on the futon. I walked to the door and opened it to see dad with Tracy behind him. He smiled, “This is unusual Sam but...”

He turned and pushed Tracy towards me, “Take this slave. It is private until she turns sixteen.”

I blinked as Tracy grinned and walked in and dad turned and walked back to the house. I closed the door before turning my sister to face me, “You belong to me.”

She frowned and I and pulled her to the bed and over my lap as I sat. I gave her a hard swat on her almost bare ass, “You belong to me.”

Tracy screamed and struggled as I began to spank her until she was only sobbing. I turned and dumped her onto the bed before pulling her bikini off. I moved between her legs and kissed her as I looked into her eyes, “you belong to me.”

She nodded quickly, “yes.”

I knew my sister was using tampons and lifted before positioning my cock. I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her. I kissed her and glanced back at Jenna, “come here.”

Tracy clung to me as her tight pussy started squeezing my cock. Jenna slid onto the bed and laid beside us. I turned back to my sister and began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It didn’t take long to hit her cervix and by then she was shuddering and moaning. Jenna was caressing her shoulder and cheek as I continued to fuck her.

It was a few minutes before she stiffened and got a surprised look on her face, “OH!”

I pushed open her cervix and humped into her and she went crazy, bucking and jerking around. I buried my cock and held her as she wailed and howled while her tight pussy spasmed. Jenna murmured that it was okay and kept caressing her as I pulled back and began fucking her again. She was a lot slipperier and wrapped her legs around me as she jerked and shuddered.

I fucked her with firm thrusts for another few minutes before thrusting into her and pushing. I held her tight as my cock gushed deep inside her and she screamed, “Samuel!”

She shuddered with each spurt of cum as it flooding her belly and sighed when I stopped. I kissed her when I stopped cumming and looked into her eyes, “You belong to me.”

She grinned and hugged me with her arms and legs, “yeah.”

I kissed her and pulled out before moving to my knees as I looked at Jenna, “Since you started this, you can clean her while I shower.”

Jenna grinned, “I just answered her questions.”

I nodded as I slid off the bed, “Well, now you can clean her and help her after I fuck her each time.”

Tracy grinned, “I’ll clean you too... with my tongue.”

Jenna laughed as my sister giggled and I shook my head as I walked towards the bathroom. A few moments later they stepped into the shower with me. Jenna took the shampoo and turned me as Tracy grabbed the shower mitt and the soft soap. When we were done they dried me and then themselves. I walked into the other room and picked up the collar I had bought.

I turned to Jenna and smiled as I walked closer. She looked at the collar before I placed it around her neck. Tracy hung on her, “I want one, it looks cool.”

Jenna looked at her before grinning, “Silly bitch, you’re going to get one. You’re his slave.”

Tracy glanced at me, “I want a leash too.”

I shook my head, “Remind me to have dad get you a set of anal plugs.”

Jenna grinned, “I have a small one.”

I grinned, “get it.”

She went to the standing closet beside the futon. Tracy hugged me as we waited and Jenna came back with the plug and a bottle of lube. I sat and pulled my sister across my lap as Jenna sat beside me. I rubbed Tracy’s smooth butt before starting to finger her asshole. She shivered and moaned and began to wiggled as Jenna poured lube onto my finger.

A moment later my finger pushed into her and she groaned and shuddered. I began to slowly finger fuck her as Jenna poured lube into her ass each time my finger pulled out. A few minutes later I took the plug and pushed it into Tracy and she arched her back, “FUCK!”

I reached under the plug to finger and rub her clit and my sister spasmed and jerked. I turned to dump her on the bed and reached for Jenna as I stood and pulled her to the futon. I sat and made her straddle me before fitting my cock to her pussy. Tracy stayed on the bed a couple of minutes as Jenna impaled her pussy on my drooling cock.

She leaned against me and sighed as her pussy squeezed. I turned on the tv and changed the channel before caressing her hips, “Fuck me.”

Jenna grinned and kissed me before starting to thrust back and forth. Tracy moved off the bed and walked to us awkwardly, “This feels really strange.”

I leaned Jenna back and cupped her wonderful breasts, “Wait until this weekend. I’m going to have dad and grandpa fuck you at the same time in both holes.”

She grinned and sat gingerly as Jenna jerked and shuddered hard while her pussy rippled and tightened. I tugged on her nipples and she spasmed and then wailed as her pussy clenched around my cock, “SAM!”

I pulled her back and forth, dragging her pussy on me. She stiffened before suddenly screaming and starting to twist and turn. I groaned and thrust up into her again and again before pulling her down and holding her as my balls churned and then I was pumping spurts of cum up into her.

Jenna jerked violently as warm cum spewed into her and finally fell against me with a sigh. I fucked the two for over half the night. When I pulled the plug out of Tracy it was to push it into Jenna and then back into Tracy. I woke to my alarm and glanced at the two naked girls draped over me.

I reached down to pat Jenna’s butt and she groaned before moving. I smiled as I pulled them out of bed and into the bathroom. I washed them, including giving them a douche and a couple of enemas. When we walked into the kitchen mom grinned, “Get what you wanted Tracy?”

She grinned as Jenna chuckled, “Yeah.”

After breakfast I went to work on another bike and a little later Jenna and Tracy came out. I smiled, “want to take my bike to granddad’s shop?”

They grinned and I gestured to the bike I had finished last night before I quit, “You can take that one too.”

I gestured to a list and check on the workbench beside them, “Give that to granddad and let him know I will need the frames I sent over for powder coating in a few days.”

They looked at each other and I smiled, “wear your bikinis too.”

After they left I went back to work and around noon dad came in. He grinned as he went back to putting the bike together he had started on yesterday, “sorry, I had to straighten out a few things at the garage.”

I smiled and kept working, he glanced at me a little later, “your mother was the one to suggest I give Tracy to you.”

I grinned as I turned to pick up the oil can, “well, you and grandpa need to come to my room Friday night. I told her, you two would fuck both her holes.”

Dad looked at me and then laughed, “does she have a plug?”

I laughed, “her and Jenna are sharing.”

Dad grinned as I put gas in the bike I had just finished. It started right up and I grinned, “That’s two.”

He shook his head, “I’ll have this one finished before dinner.”

I moved the bike and put a few of the gas tanks and fenders in the small shed I called a paint booth that was built onto the back of the garage. I spent the next couple of hours wearing a mask while painting. When I came in for lunch Jenna and Tracy were sitting with mom talking about anal sex. Dad was eating and ignoring them so I sat and did the same thing.

After lunch I had several messages I had to answer and four new bikes to add to the waiting list. When I went back into the garage Jenna and Tracy followed. Jenna rubbed my chest, “let us help?”

I glanced at them and then at dad when he snorted. I thought about it, “you do what I tell you and if you have a doubt you say something and ask.”

They nodded and I gestured to the four frames I had left, “grab a frame, you can work on one together to get started.”

They hurried to get a frame as I pulled another out. Jenna grinned, “By the way, dad said the frames should be delivered tomorrow.”

I nodded and began working on the new frame as I started talking Tracy and Jenna through what to do. Dad finished the bike he was working on right before dinner and started on a new one. He was also watching the girls and talking to them. When we stopped for dinner I grinned at dad and pulled both girls out the side door.

They laughed as I pulled them to my room and into the shower. I stripped before turning the water on and pulling Jenna and Tracy’s bikini’s off, “we need to go shopping and buy you more bikinis.”

They grinned as I caressed and washed them. After we dried off they got dressed with me and we went in to eat. During dinner I had to go out and accept ten new engines as well as ten complete sets of parts. After dinner Jenna borrowed mom’s car and we went shopping. It was fun watching them flirt with any male that walked by before taking me home.

I bought them six new string bikinis and stripped them once the door was closed, “now you have your summer clothing.”

They laughed and Jenna pulled me to the bed before they both began undressing me. I rubbed Tracy’s hip, “Who is first tonight?”

She grinned, “Jenna.”

I rubbed her nipple, “put the anal plug in.”

She groaned and I tugged on her nipple, “never mind, lay on the bed on your stomach.”

She grinned and jumped on the bed as I turned to Jenna, “have you done anal?”

Jenna nodded and grinned, “yeah.”

I pushed her onto the bed and walked around to the night stand. I picked up the lube and climbed onto the bed and straddled Tracy’s legs below her butt. She wiggled and grinned back at me as I lubed a finger and poured a little on her asshole. Her eyes widened as I started fingering her ass and pushed my finger into her, “start rubbing your clit.”

She nodded quickly as Jenna moved closer and reached under her, “I’ll do it.”

It was a minute before my finger was pushing into her ass completely and I added more lube and a second finger. My sister was shuddering and her ass kept squeezing my fingers as I fucked her ass with them. She was moaning and humping into the bed as I added more lube and a third finger. It was a couple of minutes before she started to jerk.

I pulled my fingers out and leaned forward before bending my cock and pushing into her hot ass. Tracy shuddered as my cock pushed into her and I started to hunch and fuck deeper. By the time I was burying my cock she was howling as her ass grasped my cock and she convulsed.

I fucked her with deep, firm thrusts for a couple more minutes and shoved into her as I began to spew cum. Tracy jerked and pushed back as her ass tightened, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted until I was done cumming and slowly pulled out. I kissed her shoulder, “come wash and put the plug in.”

Jenna laughed and rolled out of bed to help Tracy, “that was a punishment fuck if you didn’t guess.”

I pushed them towards the bathroom, “the next time one of you doesn’t do as I say it will be more spankings.”

I washed Tracy’s ass and my cock before we came out and she put lube on the plug and pushed it into her ass. She wiggled and grinned at Jenna, “it feels better now.”

Jenna grinned and I pulled them to the futon and sat before turning on the tv. Jenna spread her legs outside mine and sat as Tracy leaned over to lift and position my cock. Jenna wiggled and pushed as she sat and my cock slipped into her. Tracy leaned against me as I held Jenna and started a movie.

Jenna started to rock and thrust as her warm pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I cupped her breasts and kissed her bare shoulder as she sighed and shuddered. It was several minutes before she jerked and shuddered harder. Her pussy rippled around my cock and Tracy pulled her head around to kiss her.

Jenna moaned and convulsed when her pussy clenched on my cock and she squirted. It was a few more minutes before she became erratic. I slid forward and stood as she bent forward. I held her hips to keep my cock buried and turned her towards the bed and shuffled closer. I laid her forward and started to fuck her with deep thrusts as she wailed and howled.

She jerked and thrashed around as I continued to fuck harder. It was five minutes before I pressed into her to spew cum. She screamed as she tilted her hips and lifted her butt, “SAM!”

I pumped and spurted and spewed until I was done and Jenna dropped to the bed panting, “I really love that.”

Tracy laughed and came to the bed as I pulled out of Jenna. She pulled the plug out and used some leaking cum to lube it before working it into Jenna’s ass. I fucked them three times each before shutting everything off and going to sleep. I woke up as Jenna slid out of bed and walked towards the bathroom. I glanced at Tracy and rubbed her butt, “time to get up.”

She lifted her head and glanced across me before moving to kiss me and slipping off the bed. I watched her cute butt before rolling out of bed and following her. I washed them both and watched them put a new bikini on. I dressed and took their hands, “It’s Friday. Dad and granddad are coming over tonight to fuck you.”

Jenna grinned, “I’ve wanted dad to do it for a long time.”

Tracy nodded, “me too.”

I squeezed their hands before we got to the door and let them go ahead of me. I was a little surprised when they came out into the garage after whispering and giggling to mom. Dad had to go to his shop and mom said he would be back later. Jenna and Tracy went back to work on the bike they had started as I started working.

They talked about what they wanted to do to dad and granddad the whole time. I still had to talk them through a few things but they did all the work. I stopped them for lunch and grinned when they came in. Dad walked in a few minutes later and shook his head, “I had to fire a mechanic and hire a new one.”

I smiled, “That’s what you have a manager for.”

Dad shrugged and sat down, “how did the girls do this morning?”

I looked at them whispering together with mom, “good. I might even build them their own bikes.”

They looked up at that and dad grinned, “that got their attention.”

I grinned, “I need to weld a few frames together this afternoon if you want to keep an eye on them.”

Dad leered, “only one?”

Mom laughed as Tracy blushed and Jenna grinned. I looked at him, “don’t forget you and granddad need to come to my room tonight.”

He smiled, “we will, I’m bringing your mother and dad is bringing your grandmother.”

I grinned as I looked at mom, “she better hope her birth control works.”

She grinned and dad laughed as Jenna and Tracy both giggled. My other brothers and sisters ran in and mom got up to make their lunch. After lunch I went out and started welding frames together as dad, Jenna and Tracy went back to putting a bike together. I had six more frames finished when granddad arrived with the frames his shop had powder coated for me.

Jenna and Tracy finished the bike they had been working on and I went over it carefully before nodding and putting it with the other finished bikes. They went to help mom with dinner as dad finished the bike he was working on. My grandparents arrived for dinner as dad and I stopped for the day and closed the garage.

Jenna and Tracy pulled me out to clean up and had me watch as they douched and used an enema. I smiled and had them put their bikinis back on. During dinner Tracy and Jenna sat with my sisters and whispered and giggled the whole time. After dinner I did the dishes as almost everyone went into the front room to watch a movie.

An hour later mom pulled us out and we met my grandparents and dad. I pulled Jenna and Tracy out to my room as dad, mom and my grandparents followed. After I opened the door I turned Jenna and Tracy and removed their bikinis, “enjoy.”

I stepped to the side as dad and mom came in and dad walked to Tracy and cupped one of her breasts. Mom moved against me as grandpa walked to Jenna and my grandmother came to me. I backed up and sat on the futon couch as Jenna and Tracy were backed to the bed. Mom and grandma knelt to undress me as dad and grandpa stripped.

I grinned and reached out to start undressing mom and grandmother. I turned and sat grandmother on the futon before kneeling and leaning in to lick her pussy. I ignored the cries and moans from the bed as I tasted my grandmother’s pussy. Mom sat beside us and started kissing her as I teased her clit and sucked.

It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and shuddered. I grinned as I straightened and moved closer before bending my cock. Grandmother sighed as my thick cock pushed into her and I started to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before I hit her cervix and she looked surprised, “shit!”

Jenna laughed from the bed, “welcome to our world.”

Tracy was moaning and wailing as dad and grandfather did her together. I smiled and turned back to start fucking grandmother again as mom leaned against me and we started kissing. Grandmother’s pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock as she began to wail just like Tracy. Mom grinned and reached down to rub her clit and she screamed and thrashed around harder, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep for a minute and she lifted her legs and wailed as she kicked in the air. She wet me when I pushed deeper and opened her cervix, “ffffuuuucccckkkk... mmmmeeee!”

I kept fucking her as she bucked and squirmed and her slippery pussy squeezed and milked my cock. It was several minutes before I buried my cock in her and held her hips as I peed cum. Dad and grandfather were done with Tracy and were fucking Jenna together as I kept spewing and pumping cum into my grandmother.

I pulled out when I stopped and mom grinned and let me move before she knelt between her mother’s legs and started licking her leaking pussy. I reached between mom’s legs and started to finger her warm pussy as Jenna started to wail and howl and Tracy laughed, “your turn to scream.”

I smiled at her before moving behind mom and pushing into her slippery pussy in one long, slow thrust. She groaned and pushed back as I began to fuck her. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her slowly with deep thrusts and she was pushing back to meet each one. Her pussy was rippling and squeezing my cock each time I buried it.

A few minutes after I started mom put her head on grandmother and wailed as she shuddered almost violently, “SAMUEL!”

Grandmother laughed, “silly bitch.”

I fucked mom hard and deep and she screamed as she spasmed and convulsed while her pussy milked my cock. It was a long time before I needed to cum. Mom was incoherent and shaking constantly as her pussy grasped and clenched around my cock. I shoved into her and held her hips as I gushed another stream of cum. She howled when she felt the flood of warm sperm and pushed back, “yyyeeesss!”

Grandfather and dad both chuckled as I filled her and slowly pulled out. I stood her and grandmother up and helped them onto the bed. We took turns watching dad fuck Jenna and Tracy and then grandfather. After that it was my turn again with mom and grandmother. By the time I went to sleep they were sleeping soundly with dad and grandfather and I was holding Jenna and Tracy.

Showering in the morning was fun I got to wash mom and grandmother. After breakfast I went to the garage to start working with Jenna and Tracy. I had them start on a new bike and kept an eye on them. Dad came out a little later and started welding frames after carefully looking at how I had done it.

I glanced at the door when mom and grandmother came out. Mom grinned and went to Jenna and Tracy and started helping them. Dad laughed and looked at me, “after lunch you should have them go back to the car wash again.”

Grandmother grinned and rubbed Tracy’s butt, “we’re going shopping after lunch.”

I grinned and gestured, “the four of you can use the new bikes and give them a test ride.”

After they had left I smiled to myself and dad chuckled, “wait until your first meeting, your mother has already been making calls to a few of the other women.”

I grinned, “Jenna is going to have a lot of guys wanting her.”

Dad laughed, “she already knows to expect that.”

I smiled, “you and granddad need to come over a few times each month so Tracy can feel what it is like.”

He laughed, “you don’t need to ask twice.”

Jenna did enjoy the meetings but always came home sore. I bought a house down the street six months later. Dad and granddad came over two or three times a month just to fuck Tracy. She loved the meetings too when she turned sixteen and I started bringing her. Jenna and Tracy still live with me and our business is still going strong.
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