Melissa trains another.
Chapter 12

I heard laughter as I approached the entertainment room. They were talking about Mr. Dillard hitting the window when he came.

I walked in and took a seat at the bar. The girls were gathered around the couch and chairs. Melissa was wearing a large Care Bear shirt. I was wearing my usual nothing. I made a mental note not to go outside.

“Zach!” Kate screamed as she saw me. “That was wild!”

“Just part of the crazy world in Zachyland.” I said. “You guys got my hint when I pointed?” wondering what they thought.

They all started talking at once. Linda calmed them down.

“When you pointed, all of us turned to look. I had to threaten to close the blinds if they all didn’t shut up.” Linda told me. “They were laughing so hard they were crying.”

“I thought you might enjoy that.” I grinned.

“Seriously though, we saw you with Mrs. Dillard. Why did she hug herself?” Laura asked.

“She was telling me to embrace my destiny.” and gave them huge smile.

“What? She knew you knew she was watching?” Linda exclaimed.

“She was dang near right beside me.” I said. “I stared at her in the eyes while I humped Melissa for a long time. I even licked my lips at her.”

“Ha, I stared at Mr. Dillard when I face fucked you.” Melissa admitted. “I pointed my tits at him real quick.”

“He didn’t have his light off. We could see all of him.” Kate said.

“It was like slow motion when his wad hit the window.” Dawn piped up with another term for my encyclopedia.

“Could you see Mrs. Dillard? I didn’t see her masturbate.” I asked.

“Only… everything!” Linda exclaimed. “You picked Melissa up and put her against our wall and that woman almost fell out the window when she released watching you.”

“I was glad the moon was out. It gave Melissa the look of an angel.” I remembered. “She was so hot!”

“You looked pretty good too.” Dawn said. “The light was bouncing off all that cum Melissa poured on you.”

“Your butt shined in the moonlight Zach.” Kate giggled. “I’m going to remember that when I masturbate.”

Now I was dying to know one thing and couldn’t help to ask, “Did any of you get off while you were watching?”

Oh! I’m glad you asked.” Linda said, “Somebody is cleaning my carpet!” and led me to a puddle in front of the window.

A small hand raised, it was Dawn’s. “Well?” she yelled, “I couldn’t help it!”

We all cracked up. She had left the floor soaked. At least I wasn’t wearing it this time. They talked for quite a while sharing their thoughts about what happened. Melissa called Sally and let her know she was spending the night across the street. She gave her some details although I’m not sure what she said.

“Mom wanted to know who was over here.” Melissa stated, hanging up the phone. “When I mentioned Zach was here, she said I’d be crazy not to spend the night.”

“How is your mother? I haven’t seen here since... a while.” I said.

“Mom is trying to get pregnant again because of you. They want a boy now.” she giggled.

I hoped Melissa knew to keep quiet about me and Sally. I didn’t want anything coming back to haunt them.

“What happened with Zach to make her want to get pregnant?” Linda wanted to know.

Of course, the antenna would sound an alarm with Linda.

“Oh, he’s such a nice boy. Mom crushes on him because he’s so sweet and innocent.” Melissa said.

“Well, he may be that but he knows how to bring out the fire in his sex!” Linda said.

“Yeah, how do you know so much about turning a woman on?” Kate asked, “Like staring at Mrs. Dillard while you humped Melissa.”

“The girls tell me with their bodies and I seem to pick up on It.” was all I could think.

“A born natural!” Laura said.

“Well, Melissa is real passionate. Kate is a romantic, and Dawn likes it rough.” I explained, “Then, I just go with that theme and do what I think they would like.”

“Intuition, that’s what it’s called.” Linda informed me. “Like a woman’s intuition.”

“Like a girl’s antenna that picks up on things they aren’t normally supposed to be aware of?” I asked.

“Exactly, your intuition is with sex.” Linda resolved. “You need to go by that more. Then you’d realize what women are thinking when they hire you for their lawns.” she smiled.

I marveled at that. I had my own antenna and just didn’t realize it. I wish it was more like Linda’s but it only kicks in when I’m having sex. Short changed again, I suppose. Intuition, I’m going to have to remember that.

Well, it’s getting late and I’ve had a long day. We all ready to hit the bed?” Laura asked.

We all agreed. I was feeling tired too. These girls wore me out today. They debated on who was sleeping where and I offered to take the couch since Melissa would need a bed. Kate said she wanted to sleep with me and I revised my offer to the floor since she wanted to be with me. Dawn wanted to know why Kate got to but she didn’t then Melissa said she felt bad taking a bed.

“Alright, hold up, who wants to sleep with Zach?” Linda asked.

Kate popped her hand up and so did Dawn; Melissa raised hers a little slow after that.

“Fine, you can all sleep in the floor. It’ll save me from doing laundry anyway.” Linda decided and went for bedding.

I thought it would be nice to save Linda from a big pile of sheets. The girls would get their way, and I didn’t care where I slept.

When Linda came back, we laid out the biggest blanket on the floor, moving everything back. I dropped down in the middle after grabbing a cushion off the couch. Kate and Dawn lay together beside me and Melissa took my other side. Pulling up the sheet, it didn’t take long before I was out.

I dosed off dreaming about Melissa’s moonlit pussy shining up at me with my cock sticking in it. Somehow, her pussy was tightening up on it. It kept getting tighter. I thought it was odd and tried to back out of it. It wouldn’t budge. I didn’t know what to do, it was a mystery to me why it was stuck. I tried to put it further in and it wouldn’t do that either. I was stuck. I kept hearing Melissa moaning.

I started to panic and rocked back and forth, trying to get it out. It was getting numb from the grip, stopping my blood flow. My happy place was turning sad real fast. But, Melissa just kept on moaning. I couldn’t stand it! I had to do something to get my cock out of that glowing pussy. I jerked with a start awake and realized where I was.

I had been sleeping on my side, spooned up to Melissa. My dick was under her hip. Apparently she had rolled on it. I reached down and pressed her butt to push her off of it. Grabbing myself by the base, I tugged it out from under her. Sleeping naked can be hazardous! With no underwear to support myself, my dick just flops around like a fish.

I now had the time to assess the sounds I was hearing. The moaning I was hearing came from behind me. I turned my head to see Kate and Dawn eating each other. I guess they weren’t satisfied just yet. I’d offer to help but I was dead dog tired and they might not want me in their sore pussies anyway.

I rolled back over to go back to sleep with their moaning and sucking still in my head. I heard one fall into bliss and thought ‘someone got theirs’ and fell back to my own blissful sleep.

I woke to the sound of a telephone ringing and the room was lit by the sun. I didn’t know what time it was but it was definitely day time. Kate was the only girl left at my side. I pulled the sheet over her chest and sat up.

Dawn ran into the room and said, “You’re wanted on the telephone.”

I don’t normally get phone calls and had no idea who could be calling for me here. I headed for the door and followed Dawn to the kitchen where Laura was talking on the phone.

“Here he is now.” she said and handed me the phone.

“Hello?” I said.

‘Who’s this?’ a stranger’s voice inquired.

“Hi, I’m Zach Strange, who’s this”?

‘Ted Lance, Laura’s husband.’

“Oh, hello there, good to talk to you.” I said, wondering why he wanted to talk to me.

“Laura said you had something to ask me.” Ted said.

I had to think back on it. What was it I wanted to ask him? Then I remembered.

“Oh, I was just talking to Laura and really like her a lot. I was wondering if you could give me permission to have sex with her.” I simply said. “You can have her back. I don’t want to keep her from you. But I really want to have that experience.”

Ted laughed into the phone at me. “Are you serious?”

“Um, yeah. But she won’t let me without getting your permission.” I said.

A few seconds went by and he finally said, “Tell ya what. You get me permission from her to have sex with her sister and I’ll let ya.”

I covered the phone and said, “Laura, you have to give him permission to have sex with Linda.”

“What! He’s bluffing!” she claimed, “He thinks I’ll say ‘no’ to that. Tell him I get to watch him.”

I uncovered the phone and said, “She says it’s a deal but you gotta let her watch you do it.”

“What? That’s crazy. Tell her I get to watch you do her.” he replied.

I don’t know how I got stuck as the negotiator but I covered the phone again and said, “It’s a deal but he wants to watch me and you do it.”

“That can happen but we have a problem.” she reckoned. “What about David?”

I uncovered the phone and said, “The deal is done. We just need to know what to do with David.”

“That reminds me, put Laura on the phone.” he said and I handed her the phone.

Taking a seat at the table, I noticed Linda and Dawn staring back at me. “What?”

“You just asked a married woman’s husband if you could have sex with his wife!” Linda said.

“So? The worst he could have said was ‘no’.” I reckoned.

“That took some balls!” Dawn said.

Linda thought about it more, “You got me involved. I don’t know if I could have sex with my sister’s husband.”

I thought that was silly. She could have a man and not worry about stationed rape or whatever. It seemed like a pretty easy problem to solve.

“Just get some more of Mr. Beam’s bottle of courage and you’ll be ok.” I said.

She laughed at that and said, “Or two!”

Laura hung up the phone and sat down.

“David has a problem.” she announced.

“Awe, I like the guy, what’s wrong?” I wondered.

“He found his dad’s porn in his knapsack.” she started, “He had his first hard on from looking at it.”

“So much for icky girls!” I laughed.

“They’re headed back. It’s a two hour drive, they’ll be here soon.” Laura stated.

Melissa came into the room; she had been taking a shower.

“Hi gorgeous, how you doing?” I asked.

“A lot better after getting grass stains and dirt from the walls off my back!” she replied.

“David will have a lot of questions I’ll need to answer when he gets here.” Laura thought out loud.

“Who’s David?” Melissa wanted to know.

“It’s my little brother.” Dawn said.

We explained everything Melissa missed. She was amazed that I talked Ted into sharing his wife with me. She wanted to know if she could be invited. Then she was fixed on David. She offered to help with him. Then Kate came in and we had to start all over. We filled her in while we ate cereal. Linda gave me some vitamins to help build my stamina back up. Melissa was hoping we wouldn’t mind if she told her mom and dad. I assured Linda that they were cool and wouldn’t be a problem at all.

I got up to head home. I wanted to change clothes and look presentable for Ted. I didn’t want him thinking I was some street urchin. Linda had my clothes ready but kept my underwear. She said she wanted something to remember me by, whatever that did for her, I wasn’t sure.

“Can you remember to wear some clothes this time?” Kate chirped.

“Ha ha very funny” and headed to get my equipment and take it home.

I stowed my gear and went in the back. Coming through the house, I heard my dad talking to my mother and some nurse. Apparently, she wasn’t doing well at all. The mood was somber as I entered the room.

“Hi son.” my dad greeted me. “This is nurse Akers.” and I greeted her. She didn’t look old enough to be a nurse although she had pins and things on her. She looked fresh out of college but I’m just a kid so I wouldn’t know. I liked her uniform with the zipper all the way up the front. She had it down enough to see her cleavage. I figured I better not dwell on her too long because my dick does have a mind of its own.

Mom never said anything to me. It was that awkward feeling again. They filled me in on her condition. I couldn’t help feel that if God wanted to take her, he could have her. She didn’t have any love for me anyway.

I gathered some clothes and money so that I would be ready for anything and put them in my backpack. The money was for the “what ifs” I had. What if I get a chance to buy condoms or something? After checking my calendar to make sure I was yard free today, I headed back out.

Coming down the stairs, I heard something I hadn’t heard in a while, my mom’s voice, “Zach?”

Coming around the stairs, I noticed dad and nurse Akers had left the room. I approached her bedside.

“Yeah, mom.” I said, thinking she might want to apologize to me for being so hard on me.

“Would you hand me the pitcher of ice?” she asked.

I poured her a glass and sat the pitcher back down. She didn’t say another word so I left.

I made it back around the corner and Mr. and Mrs. Dillard was sitting on their front porch. I greeted them and started to head up to the front door of Mrs. Edwards’ house.

Mr. Dillard asked me, “Did I hear you in the side yard last night?”

That was weird. I wondered why he would bring that up. I’d figure he would be a bit embarrassed about it.

“Maybe I was, sir. Was that you I saw in the upstairs window last night?” I asked, testing his reaction.

All of a sudden, my being in the side yard didn’t seem to matter to him that much anymore.

“Ahem, well, I wanted to thank you for being so quiet and not disturbing the neighbors.” he replied.

“John, don’t give young Zach a hard time.” and smiled at me. ”I’m sure he had a good reason to be there.”

“Oh Alice, don’t get all defensive.” he said. “I saw him putting his hose… up.” and smiled.

“I hope you both had a good evening.” I said, not a bit of embarrassment came out of me. They enjoyed it and I wasn’t ashamed of it.

“Not as good as yours, young man.” Alice replied, grabbing her husband’s hand.

“Probably not” I said “but perhaps another time.” and smiled before I left.

I entered the front door after ringing the doorbell. Kate had answered it. I asked her how her time with Dawn went last night while we walked.

“You saw us, huh?” she said. “We were still horny from watching you two and the neighbor.”

“I wish I could have helped you two but I was tuckered out.” I said.

“We got by. We knew you were wiped.” she said.

We made it past the living room and back in the entertainment room. I didn’t see Dawn or Melissa.

“Where’d the others take off to?” I asked.

“They’re at the Benson’s. Melissa had some old clothes she thought would fit Dawn so they went to get them.” Kate informed me.

It’s always been like that. I would get hand-me-downs from different people too. The rich, the poor, and everyone in between passed their old stuff off to other people, milking the life out of their purchases. Some items lasted a few generations.

“Mom and Laura went to the store and won’t be long.” she continued.

I thought she might have to pick up some more of Mr. Beam’s courage drink. I had an idea since it was just me and Kate.

“You want to walk down to Dairy Queen?” I asked.

“You got money?” she asked.

“Yes dear; no problem.” I said, “We’ll call it our first date.”

Kate left a note telling everyone where we went in case they came back before us. Walking to DQ was easy enough. We entered from their back parking lot.

Entering I saw Sam and Pete at a booth. They were school friends of mine. I waved at them. We ordered our Blizzards and took another booth.

I noticed both my friends staring and looking Kate over. They hadn’t seemed interested in girls when I last saw them. I wondered if they had the same puberty issue I had over the summer.

“You have admirers.” I said to Kate.

“Sam has been staring at me since I walked in. Pete stares a little.” she said, sipping on her straw.

“Should I invite them over?” I asked.

“Sure.” she said.

I got up and walked over to them. “You guys want to join us?” I asked.

They agreed and followed me back to our table. Having a seat, we said our hellos again.

“So, what are Kate and Zach up to, huh?” asked the grinning jokester of our class, Pete.

“We thought we’d come down and get DQ. I just figured that was what you two were doing.” I said.

“So, how’s your summer going?” Sam asked.

“Busy, I’ve mowed lawns till my arms fell off.” I said.

“You still cutting ours tomorrow?” asked Sam.

“Yep, the Stetson’s are on my list.” I replied. “You going to be there?” he hasn’t in the past.

“No, my mom makes me go to a friend’s house. She says the lawn mower could throw a rock and hurt me.” he sighed.

“Shoot, you could stay inside while I cut. It isn’t that big of a deal.” I couldn’t believe his mother was that protective over him. She didn’t seem to worry about me any, not to mention her bathing outside.

“Mom likes to sunbathe and doesn’t want to be inside to watch me.” he explained, “It’s a little weird if you ask me.”

“Yeah? I’ve had weird before. Who knows, right?” I said.

“Kate, you’re looking good.” Sam stated.

“Thank you Sam.” was all she said.

“You guys hooking up?” was Pete’s question.

I was waiting to see if Kate would speak up but I guess I had to answer.

“Yeah, we figured we were pretty compatible together.” I said.

“Oh, so you two are dating, eh?” Sam figured.

“Well, I thought I better jump on the chance before one of you guys got a hold on her.” I smiled.

“Wished I’d known Kate was looking. I’d have taken her on.” Sam stated.

“Oh, I would have jumped her bones too!” said the ever so humble Pete.

“You gotta get hard to do that first.” Kate retorted.

“You’d have just laid there and sweated.” I said.

They all laughed at us. We finished our conversations and left. Heading back I asked Kate what she thought of the guys. She knew them in class but never dealt with them anywhere else.

“Pete needs to grow up.” she started, “Sam is a little dreamy.”

“Dreamy?” I asked, not knowing what that meant.

“You know, he’s a good looking guy and doesn’t act like a two year old.” sighing.

“You interested in ‘doing’ him?” I suspected she did.

“It would be interesting, don’t you think?” she pondered.

“Yeah, he is a good choice I think.” hoping she didn’t detect any jealousy in me.

“You could set it up if you want.” she said.

“Will do.” and we walked into the house.

Linda and Laura were already back from the store and Dawn was with Melissa right behind us. We all took seats in the entertainment room and talked a while. When the doorbell rang, Linda got up to answer it.

Ted and Dave entered and greeted everyone. Ted came over to me and I told him I was Zach.

“You’re the… young man that wants my wife?” looking astonished.

“Yes sir, I’d be honored.” I replied.

“Well, she knows how to pick ‘em.” and gave me a wink.

We all settled down for the conversation. Ted filled us in on his fishing trip and how much luck he had catching a big one. Dave got his share but most was just croppies. Ted used a croppy head to catch his big catfish.

Linda changed the conversation to David. Looking over at him she asked, “So, what’s new with you David?”

“Um… same as usual I guess.” he muttered, folding his hands in his lap.

“The same? Nothing different, eh?” Linda persisted.

“Well, maybe a little different.” looking at the interesting knee caps he had.

“Oh? What’s different now?” Linda prodded.

“Um, my pee-pee got… you know.” and we could barely hear him. The poor guy was obviously uncomfortable.

“It’s alright son, you can tell us. It happens to all boys.” Ted led him on.

“Ok, geesh. My pee-pee got hard but I don’t know why.” he spilled out.

“It didn’t have anything to do with the magazines you were looking at did it?” Laura said, giving Ted the evil eye.

“I don’t know… maybe.” he said. He was really fidgeting now.

“Yours happen in the woods?” I asked.

“Yeah” he replied.

“You are one lucky guy!” I said, “Mine happened right in front of a girl!” I said.

“You’re kidding!” he exclaimed.

“Nope, this is the girl it happened in front of.” and I pointed to Melissa. “She can tell you.”

“Really? Oh no, what did you do?” giving Melissa a questioning look and waiting for the answer.

“Why, I sucked the swelling out of it.” Good ole Melissa just gotta tease me all the time!

Dave’s eyes went as big as saucers, “You didn’t!”

“She’s kidding.” Ted said, looking at Melissa with a questioning stare.

“Nope, I gave Zach his first blow job.” almost sounding proud.

“My word, if that’s true, Zach was one lucky boy!” Ted said amazed.

Dave looked thoughtful and said, “Would you do that to me?” looking at Melissa with puppy dog eyes.

“Well, a handsome boy such as yourself? I would love to!” Melissa flirted.

I thought Laura and Ted were going to faint!

“Are you serious?” Ted wondered, placing his hands on his head.

“Well, I showed Zach and he turned out pretty good.” Melissa reasoned. “He knows how to treat a girl right!”

“No, I mean, you would really do that for him?” Ted asked seriously.

“I don’t mind and he has to learn somehow. Wouldn’t showing be better than telling?” she explained.

Now, I knew the kids were spoiled but I’m sure mom and dad hadn’t thought they could spoil them that bad!

“Whoa! Let’s think about this for one minute!” Linda interrupted with everyone expecting her to object. “You need to teach the boy what he needs to know first. You don’t want him as ignorant as Zach was.” then thinking a second, “No offense Zach.”

I thought about that and said, “Ted, do you still have the magazines?”

“Yeah, in my trunk” He said, “Why?”

“I found that magazines helped me understand it better.” I explained.

“I’ll go get them.” and off Ted went. He was back in a minute and sat down with his son to throw out some education on David.

Well, a funny thing happened when David started looking at those magazines, listening to his dad describing everything those people where doing to each other.

I expected it. Ted was describing everything like it was happening to him, “she’s milking it from base to tip and tonguing the head… “ and “This one is taking a dick right in her pussy and loving it, just look at her smiling…” along with, “This one is one hot looking vixen right there, just look at those tits! Wouldn’t you like to just suck them one time?”

Crap, he was getting me hard talking like that! He actually tried to bring them to life! But I did learn one thing. Those girls in the magazine were faked. There is no way any girl looks tanned and unblemished like those. You can’t tell me they made it eighteen years and had no scars, scrapes or blemishes. Heck, I can get a scratch walking past a bush. These girls looked like china dolls. I’d be afraid of scratching them up. If they were real, they were virgins because I would have torn them up all by myself on my first try.

Laura gave him the reality check, “Don’t expect girls to look like those girls in the magazine. Those are brushed photos.”

She said exactly what I was thinking, “Have you ever met a perfect girl?”

Dave gave it a thought, “They’re already taken probably.”

“Beauty is on the inside David.” Laura explained. “What good would it do to have all the beauty on the outside and none on the inside?”

Ted piped up with his thoughts, “You got to find one that has both like I did.” He was smooth, huh?

“So you and mommy do this?” pointing to a dick shoved all the way up a girls special place.

“Sure do, that’s how you got here.” Ted explained, adding all the basics of pregnancy.

I thought it was weird to see a family discussing sex so freely. This would never go on in my family or my extended family. Maybe, if I was their real son instead of a pet they adopted, things would be different.

“I don’t see how my thingy is going to fit in that hole.” Dave was bringing back memories for sure with me.

“It stretches out.” Ted said. “After all, you came out of that same hole.”

Believability was vacant on Dave’s face, “No way! I can’t see that happening.”

Good luck here, you couldn’t convince me either at one time.

“It’s something you have to take our word on for now.” Ted said.

“I could show him.” Melissa said.

Ted’s head snapped. It snapped right to Melissa. There are those saucer eyes again but it was on a full grown man. I guess he hadn’t found a seventeen year old like Melissa.

“Would you?” Ted said. No sooner than those words came out of his mouth did Laura try to slap them back in.

“What?!” holding his jaw.

“You just want to see it yourself!” Laura exclaimed.

“So? You got to see Zach’s!” Ted admonished. I guess Laura went and told him everything.

My common sense left me and said, “I don’t have one of those.” which made me feel instantly stupid.

All of them looked at me funny, “I’ll shut up.” was all I could say.

“I don’t mind, really. I’d be glad to show him.” Melissa said, leaving all of us wondering if she meant Dave or Ted or both.

“Go ahead, I’ll dare ya.” was Dave’s thoughts as he adjusted himself.

“Everybody ok with it?” Melissa asked and I swear all I heard was the refrigerator behind the bar running.

I just sighed as the trainload of weird started pulling into Zachyland station.

I don’t know if I’ve given Melissa much thought about her appearance today. She had fixed herself up pretty nice. Her hair was behind her ears where it fanned out behind her back. She had put on some makeup but not a lot. She had changed clothes and wore a thin dress. I wish I could say it was a sun dress but wouldn’t know the difference. All I know was the strings that held it up and the almost see through material it was made of made a work of art out of her.

I wasn’t surprised this time as no bra hindered the view when she shrugged off those strings. The breasts she revealed showed the difference between 2D magazines and 3D real ones. Dave looked once at those breasts then to the mag in his hands. Melissa proved his mother a flat out liar. Turning his gaze back to them, he tossed the mag behind him, over the couch.

Ted was no less impressed and his mouth hung to his chin. A nudge from Laura brought him regretfully back to reality. Using the back of his hand, he wiped a little drool off the corner of his mouth.

Melissa held the dress by its sides and lowered it slowly over her hips. Showing a pink lacy panty clad crotch, she let her dress fall to the floor. Stepping out of it, she had only her inch high heeled sandals and pink lacy panties left of her modesty.

“By God, that… that is a bona fide woman right there!” Ted exclaimed, “Have you thought about modeling any?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t know how to try.” Melissa stated still standing and acting shy. How a girl can be almost naked and look so innocent struck me as a mystery but Melissa could pull it off.

“Can I touch?” was David’s first response and I thought it was a good choice of words to pick.

Without asking what he wanted to touch, Melissa gave her consent with a nod.

Dave stood up, forgetting his bulge, and walked over to her. He was eye level with her breasts and raised both hands to them. Like touching snow, he placed his hands on them and caressed them softly.

“They’re so smooth and soft!” his eyes filled with wonder, still caressing her.

“You should taste them.” Melissa urged and Ted moaned.

Dave took her up on the suggestion and placed the nipple of her left one in his mouth.

“Don’t use your teeth, just your tongue and suck a little bit.” Melissa directed.

Since Dave had his mouth full all he could do was moan as he sucked the nipple on his tongue and caressed the other one.

I was going crazy watching the sight before me and I just knew Ted was hit by the same bout of jealousy. Looking around the room I noticed the girls mostly eyeing the guys. I caught Linda looking at me and gave her a grin. Laura was doing the same with me and I mouthed the word ‘later’ at her and smiled. Kate was rubbing herself and was watching Dave. Dawn was doing the same but looked to be eyeing Melissa.

Dave moved to the other nipple and Melissa guided his hands. She placed them over his and squeezed just a little. Instructing him to knead and massage, she grabbed the back of his hair and instructed him on the other.

“Lick it.” and he did.

“Suck it.” and he did.

“Pinch it” guiding his fingers around her bud and Dave took to it like a duck to water.

Once he had it down, Melissa let go of his hands. This was her time to help herself to the ripening young man in front of her. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it to the sides. Caressing his chest she worked her way to David’s nipples. Mimicking Dave, she twisted and pinched both. The surge of that action fired up Dave and he was giving as well as he got. He understood Melissa and knew better than to hurt her, for whatever he did was going to happen to him in kind.

Melissa raised her head and looked at her audience with a lust in her eyes. Before she saw everyone, she let out a little shiver from no more than the attention on her breasts. I knew for sure if I had any doubts before that girl had a kink in her. She liked being watched in the nude and doing her acts for show.

Keeping her hand behind Dave’s head and moving back to his other, she guided it inside her panties and instructed him to knead and massage. She sucked in air at his probing and made sure a finger went in then stood there for a minute enjoying the results of her instructions.

It took some effort on my part to keep from knocking Dave away and taking his place. My word, I swear, I wanted so bad to be the one giving Melissa that attention.

“Easy there.” Melissa tutored, “Around in a circle.” she said, “Feel how hard that is; just… rub it a little.”

Dave removed a nipple from his mouth and said, “Wow, it’s so wet!” and I had the knowing thought it was bound to get a whole jug full of wetter.

Linda knew as much as I and she started walking over. Picking up Melissa’s dress, she replaced it with a folded beach towel and spread it out.

Melissa took the hint, knowing how she was, and straddled it, spreading her legs apart. She had the time to look around again, absorbing the lustful eyes staring back at her. Closing her eyes while guiding Dave’s hands and head, she forced him to go faster.

She sounded out more commands and Dave followed them to the letter. His face was smothered in her breasts and his hand buried in her nether. “Faster” was the last command that Melissa gave and Dave needed no more instruction.

A wail of pleasure left her lips as she began to tremble. Tilting her head to the ceiling and forcing Dave on a nipple, she fell off the cliff into her bliss.

I tried to take it all in but there were too many faces. From Kate quivering in her seat to Ted moaning in his, my eyes went back to Melissa as she flooded over Dave’s hand. A look of shock and awe crossed his face from what I could see of it and Melissa tensed up into a knot. How a girl could cum so much left me just as shocked, even though I’ve experienced it first hand, face, and crotch.

She slowed his hand and eased off his head, allowing him to breathe. Standing back and looking at the mess Melissa made, Dave was speechless indeed.

Melissa, knowing how to make someone feel good, said, “Look at the mess you caused me to make! Girls will be dying to get a hold of you lover!” and giggled.

“You didn’t tell us you were a squirter!” Ted exclaimed, eyeing the same mess. I was surprised he knew the term but knew he was glad to witness it.

Dave turned around to look at dad and revealed a mess in his pants too. His goo had soaked through.

“It looks like Melissa wasn’t the only one to get off on that!” Kate giggled.

“I can’t say anything; I got off on it myself.” Dawn enlightened us. “My little brother is sexy! Melissa is so hot too!”

“I guess Dave needs some more teaching.” and gave him a wink. Peeling off her soaked panties, she asked, “Ted, you want to show Dave what it was he was rubbing?” tossing her panties on the towel.

Before the word ‘rubbing’ came out, Ted was standing in front of her. “Sure will!” catching a breath.

Melissa took a chair and Ted stood beside her. “Don’t expect all girls to be like Melissa. Most won’t flood like that and only a tenth is as good looking.” Ted started. He was a schmoozer too.

“This is her areolas and they’re sensitive.” circling it with his fingers. You could see the nipple harden when he did it. “Men have other names for breasts.” then gave a few examples.

“Let’s give her a thrill and both of us suck on one. Girls hardly ever get to experience that.” Ted suggested.

With Ted on the left and son on the right, both licked and sucked their own. Melissa squirmed in the chair and started gasping. She stared at each of us and shivered again.

“Ok son, ease off. They get too sensitive after they orgasm.” Ted said.

“What’s orgasm?” Dave inquired.

Ted explained Melissa’s mess and the shivers she emitted and even the shot Dave had in his pants. I thought he did a good job explaining it too.

“I call it bliss.” I said, “Seems pretty fitting to me.”

“There’s other names to call it but most everyone knows what an orgasm is.” Ted explained.

Ted moved on to her pussy, spreading her “cunt lips” he called them and naming names.

“Nothing tastes as good as a pussy.” Ted informed Dave.

Can I show him how to eat it?” Melissa asked, which seemed fair since it was her pussy but I remembered her showing me and Dave might want to think about it first. That’s all I’m saying.

Ted dipped his finger in her pussy and got it wet then licked it off. “Mmm, good stuff son. Give it a try.” Turning to Melissa, “Sure you can, you know what you want.”

Dave dipped his fingers and tasted the juicy fruit, “That…“smacking his lips, “tastes great!” and dipped in for more.

Ted slid the towel under the fold up chair while Dave was instructed to get between her legs. Melissa got a handful of his hair and looked at him.

“Ok, you do like I say and do not use your teeth. When I tell you to do something, don’t think about it, just go ahead and do it.” Melissa said. “Get to looking cause you aren’t going to get a chance once you start.” she finished. Holding his hair loosely while he parted her lips and explored, he finally had his curiosity satisfied and sat up a little.

“Ok, I’m ready.” And before the last syllable sounded in ‘ready’ his head was shoved into her.

Ah, the good ole Melissa schooling. I’ve experienced it twice, once inside and the other out. I looked for more interesting things and saw Kate had dropped her pants and was rubbing away while sitting on her folding chair. I slid between Laura on the couch and Dawn in her chair and got to her.

“Need a little help?” I offered with a whisper.

“Yes please” and spread her legs more.

Like Dave and Melissa, we two did the same, with Kate guiding me where she wanted and I doing what she said. I wasn’t there three minutes before she shuddered into bliss. After licking and slurping all of her up, I moved on to others.

“Would you like some help?” I asked Dawn who looked at me and nodded.

Had I thought about it, I would have gotten the parent’s permission but Dawn had it covered and pointed to her pussy with one hand and me with the other, asking her mother. Laura nodded and waved us off with her hand.

I took my place between her legs and had one more girl to service. Dawn was a little more aggressive and humped me to her bliss. Once again, cleaning her up, I was going to move on.

Ted grabbed me by my shoulders before I could get up. “What are you doing to my daughter?” he asked, acting appalled.

“Just making sure she got hers.” was all I could say.

“Ok, go take care of my wife. I want to take care of Linda.” He said with a grin and off he went towards the bar.

I looked at Laura who was already taking off her skirt. “Need some help?” without waiting for an answer and lowered her underwear.

She crawled up on the couch, draping her arms across the top, her knees on the edge, and a smile on her lips. Her tail was in the air and her pubic hairs ran over her pussy lips. I was blinking… well, you know.

This was a new one on me. I’ve never ate pussy from behind before. It wasn’t new to Laura and she gave me the scoop as I gave her a scoop with my tongue. She wanted more attention on her anus than anywhere else. I felt her hands on her clit while I serviced the rest.

Laura rested on her shoulder and used her other hand on my head. Just like the others, she gave me her instructions. She ended up making me tongue her nasty place, just like her daughter did, while she fell into her bliss. Just as Laura was coming down, I heard Linda get hers. I guess that motivated Laura who fell again into bliss.

I worked hard to keep on her as she rode my face in her crack. I licked more than tongued this time, trying to go easy on myself. But Laura had none of it and demanded I tongue it some more. Giving up on my position, I stood up and spread her cheeks. With everything I had I tongue fucked her hole.

The room was filled with moans and cries as everyone got theirs. The only ones left without where Ted, David, and me.

Just as the room settled down the doorbell rang. Linda scrambled into her pants. Everyone else just kind of froze like they didn’t want to take the chance of being heard. I chuckled inside a little as the women were left half naked and shaking in their shoes. Dave was soaked with Melissa’s flood but at least he was still somewhat dressed. Melissa, always the show off, didn’t seem to care and stayed seated, dabbing the towel on her legs.

Linda greeted the guests at the door and led them to the entertainment room. Everyone had their pants pulled up and their skirt back on but Melissa was still in the nude, unless you count her sandals. I stood before the door just in case I needed to block the view.

I let out a huge smile when I saw them because I couldn’t have planned it better myself, “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Benson” and stepped aside letting them through.

For once, I still had all my clothes on but their daughter was in a pickle!

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