Sometimes a day of gloomy weather can lead to the most intriguing of times...
My friend Missy and I were at her apartment, determined to finish up our studies before we went to conduct our usual round of Friday night parties and bar hopping. Missy was emphatic on that matter; her studies were to be finished before she engaged in any fun; but as it turned out this night the fun happened to occur at home…

The storm arrived ahead of schedule, one of those typical surprise monsoon gully washers Arizona is famed for; coming down in sheets, wind howling, streets flooding and making it unsafe to travel. The sight of lightning as it arced across the sky, pealing crashes of sound following one on top of another from the thunder, shook me up time and again. I never imagined such a storm could exist away from the beaches of Florida!

Missy got to chit chatting about stuff to keep my mind focused on the studies and not the storm; without too much success, until she hit upon the subject of sex. I got to admit, my consternation must have shown all too clearly when she asked me what it felt like for me “when the fellow finally manages to get it up inside of your sweet little womanhood?”

That’s when I had to admit I never had been with a man before, actually with no one before.

Now that shocked her, those beautiful sea blue eyes flash with surprise, eyebrows rising fully into the air and her lips pursing in a gasp at my confession. Her attitude and the discussion changed instantly; she became as a mentor or old wise woman of the village who passed on information for the young women in regards to sex. I was hesitant at first to discuss things with her, coming from a family where such things were all but forbidden in any conversation.

She explained to me her own experiences, from the first curious touch of her brother’s manhood, the first time she touched her own body to pleasure herself, then the first time when her parents were gone for a weekend she slipped into bed with her brother and let him deflower her.

“It hurt alright, no way around it for most women; mind you, he was fairly experienced and took it as easy as he could, but when my hymen went – all I could do was cry for a short time. It became enjoyable soon afterward, and we did it more times that weekend than I normally do with anyone,” her gaze drifted off for a bit, memories of pleasant times recalled with some fondness.

Missy explained to me in rather vivid detail the many partners she has been with, often not bothering to use, or insisting on, any protection with her and her partners. She always likes to gamble and letting them hit their climax inside of her is ‘one of the greatest of risks I love to take.’

Personally it sounded completely nuts to me; yet I was getting more and more aroused with each telling of her stories. I could not tell if any of them were embellished, fabrications, or just the result of her wild, uninhibited love of making love with as many people as she desired. What she told me of doing it with the women all but set the apartment on fire!

It never occurred to me just how many things girls could do with another girl!

I felt my body responding to her descriptive stories; of how the caress of a ladies tongue on her womanhood sending her soaring into the heavens, a kaleidoscope of colors and sensations churning, mixing, flowing and surging with tidal intensity through each nerve and fiber of her being, crashing into her brain like a fiery windstorm that consumed everything else.

I realized my eyes kept drifting down to Missy’s shirt, those large breasts showing clearly beneath the t-shirt she has on. Her nipples stood at attention, enticing me, as if a sirens call to come and enjoy pleasures I have never known is being broadcast for me alone to hear…

I tried to keep from gazing on them, to focus only on what Missy continued to say; until she asked me a question at least twice before putting one finger softly under my chin and turning my head to face her…

“You have it bad alright, I was wondering how long it would take for you to get turned on; so as I asked before, do you want me to eat you out?” she asked with a wide grin on her face.

I just gulped in shock over such a bold offer, and started to nod yes before I fully comprehended what was going on…at least until she smiled and lifted her shirt over her body, casually dropping it to one side. Those huge breasts, loving perfection of golden tanned skin with swollen nipples waiting to be pleasured by my lips, moved and bounced with each fluid, graceful motion Missy partook of.

She moved onto her knees in front of me, and raised my skirt upward enough to grasp my panties; sliding the silken garments down my legs with practiced ease. She grinned as her hands separated my legs, and then pulled me forward to the edge of my chair, allowing her to gaze in full upon the virgin womanhood there before her.

“Uh you’re really going to…” I kind of half croaked and half squeaked out to her; the question refusing to form completely at the suddenness of all this about to happen.

One fingertip of hers began to explore, resting at first upon the very base of my ribs, to flow upward in a narrow, focused, undulating trail that sent a cornucopia of feelings surging into all portions of my mind.

Sharp and sweet, tart and tangy, dull and dense; words without form for feelings that cannot be described but only imagined in a harmony like a series of streams forging into a mighty river as all join together. My eyes closed, one sharp intake of breath bringing a heavenly profusion of scents – the lingering steam and droplets of water; the slightest trace of old cologne and musk, of earthly rich men smells, and forest heathers of women who have been here before.

The fingertip became a flattened palm, slipping up under my shirt and easing along the edge of my breast, slowly tracing the edge while swirling in small, gentle circles. One circuit became two, then four, and moved to the other breast to do the same. Twice more this looping symbol of infinity proceeded; while my hand caressed and massaged more and more area of my breasts.

I heard and felt my breath quickening, my head making a small circle as electrical charges of pure bliss tingled their way up my body; each one in turn unleashed a pleasant surge of energy, invigorating and easing, the raw potential of life made reality.

Stroke by gentle stroke the infinite pattern flowed, kneading and shaping my breasts until they crossed the erect nipples; that first gracing contact sent a coursing pulse of passion along all the paths of my body, surging and rebounding until it returned a hundred fold in intensity that almost became overwhelming.

My back arched as shoulders thrust back with my head; my free hand quickly clenched the vanities marble edge as both of my legs all but gave out beneath me. Muscles twitched and squirmed, nerves firing in delight and demanding they be touched to give me even more pleasure than I had experienced with just that one massive surge of wonderment.

Unto its journey my hand continued, seeking out with almost desperate haste the other nipple; its trail a clear path illuminated by fires of bliss as it moved along my skin. Pulse after beating pulse surged in this journey to flow outward as the ripples on a pond, yet with the force of a cascade among a mighty river.

Then her other hand went into motion across my womanhood, the aroused fires within each inch of muscle and flesh damp from my own wetness built in a primordial surge of furious, ecstatic bliss and wildness. I felt my legs twitching, pelvic muscles grasping and clenching those fingers gently working the outermost edges of the hidden folds down there.

Time and again Missy would bring me to the edge of my release only to ease it back; then with such ease and skill the fires redoubled, and redoubled again, better and better did the flowing, ever changing river of colors and heavenly images roar over the great waterfalls into the wider world beyond I was experiencing for the very first time…

Her first touch of me with that soft, moist, flickering tongue brought a howl of delight from my mouth; wild and raw as a wolf baying for the love of life and friendship with her pack. Stroke by perfected stroke she brought me closer and closer to the inevitable…

And then it hit the one portion of me shared by all women; the most intimate and pleasurable of spots that sent me into a long, roaring, jarring climax that lasted over five minutes; my skin shining brilliant in a shimmering cloud of soft steam rising from my body.

“Blast it all,” I said to no one in particular as I gripped the table to keep from falling over.

The smile on my face probably will not fade for many a week or many a month.

“THAT was INCREDIBLE,” I all but shouted.

I felt more alive than ever before.

I mean TRULY ALIVE for the first time in my life, I felt as if I could dance for hours on end and never tire, could run for miles and not need to rest, could have orgasm after shattering chain of orgasms without end, I could…

“I guess now it’s my turn to do you Missy?” I said, reality crashing into my perfect, bliss filled world. How could I match her with what she has just accomplished?

Her smile was one of mischievous delight, a secret about to be sprung upon me, and one for the better…

“Not right now, there will be a party tonight with some girlfriends of mine I want you to attend; you’ll have plenty of practice with them and me. I wanted to make sure you had enough incentive to come along and fully enjoy the experiences.”

I just looked at her as I sat back up, a moment of confusion crossing my mind until it all fit together…

“You set me up didn’t you? The sex talk and getting me to let you eat me out, all of this was planned?” I asked of her.

“Yes, I figured you might want to expand your horizons a bit in life; besides, you need to get out and have some fun in life, a few girls is a good beginning. It keeps the guys away until YOU choose to lose it with one.”

“Anyhow I’ve been wanting to taste your sweet, innocent womanhood for some months now, its been driving me crazy until tonight…so want to go to the party?” she asked me.

I laughed and nodded my head; the both of us getting ready for an evening of female fun and flesh…

But the party is another story to be told.

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