My name is Edward Montrose and I’m sixteen, I’m more than a bit of a nerd. I have a talent for picking good companies or commodities to invest in. I actually started as an intern with my company when I was only fourteen. While interns don’t normally make much I did, mostly in bonuses. I also spent each summer taking more classes so I graduated this year.

I was going to relax and just work during the summer before starting at the state college across town. So far this year I had made a lot for the company, more than most of the senior partners in fact. I drove my old car into the lot and parked in the back before walking into the building.

Several younger brokers were talking about all the senior partners going on a office vacation to the company’s privately owned island. I ignored the talk as I went up to my small office. I smiled at my assistant, she had been assigned to me just a couple of months ago. She was nineteen and had been going to college in the evenings, “morning Kim.”

She smiled, “Mr Thomas wanted to see you when you got in.”

I glanced at my watch before pulling a couple of folders out and setting them on her desk, “Would you send a runner up to Mr Lin with these, let him know they are coming too.”

She nodded as I turned to head back to the elevator. I smiled at Samantha when I got to Mr Thomas’s office. She was a hot looking blonde with long hair and firm breasts, “He wanted to see me Sam?”

She smiled, “Yes, go right in.”

I knocked and opened the door to look into the huge office, “You wanted to see me?”

Mr Thomas looked back from the three computer screens before turning, “How would you like to take a vacation with the senior partners?”

I smiled, “I need to work so I can afford...”

He grinned, “Don’t worry, we still put in a few hours of work.”

He gestured, “Let your assistant know so she can pack a few things for you.”

I nodded and left but Samantha stopped me when I reached her desk, “Do you have a girl Edward?”

I blushed and shook my head and she grinned, “Its nice on the island, tell Kim to pack a bikini. That’s what we wear mostly.”

I smiled as I looked at her body, “We?”

She grinned, “assistants go too.”

I grinned, “and you wear bikinis?”

Sam laughed, “when we are around the wives, otherwise we stay topless or naked.”

I headed for the elevator with fantasies floating around in my head. I smiled at Kim as she hung up her phone and grinned at me, “Sam called and told you?”

She nodded and I grinned as I went into my small office, “I need today’s market listing and the customer stock requests.”

I spent the day like normal even if it was longer then just several hours. When I was finished for the day Kim stuck her head in the door, “Sam said to pack and be back here by eight.”

I nodded as I slipped the new laptop into the case. I walked out and grinned, “See you at eight?”

She smiled and nodded, “Bring a swim suit.”

When I pulled into the lot later there was a couple of large stretch limos and a large van for luggage. I parked where I normally parked and pulled the large single suitcase out and my work case. I rode with the assistants as the partners and their wives rode in the other limo. It was several hours before we flew out first class and then it was a small chartered plane.

By the time we got to the island it was early morning and already warm out. There were several smaller cottages for the assistants while the partners had larger cottages. I walked through the sand to the cottage I had been given. I set my suitcase down before stripping out of the hot suit I had on.

I hesitated before pulling out a swim suit and pulling it on. I glanced around to find an electrical outlet and there was only one. I pulled out my laptop before walking out to look at the ocean. I sat at a small table and started my laptop, worried that I wouldn’t be able to go online. I should have known better and started checking the markets.

I glanced up when three assistants walked out naked. I grinned at them and Kim smiled as she walked over and sat across from me, “Working already?”

I looked up from her pink nipples and blushed, “Just checking.”

Sam laughed as she joined us with Mara, one of the other assistants. I had to look away from them to concentrate and Kim laughed as she reached for my laptop, “I”ll pull up the current reports and you can look them over.”

I let her have the computer as Sam stood, “I’m going down to get some sun.”

I watched her walk away and Mara laughed as she stood, “You haven’t been with a woman have you?”

I shook my head and she grinned at Kim as she followed Sam. Kim pushed my laptop to me, “we will have to work on losing your cherry.”

She was smiling when she said it and stood. She glanced at my suit, “You only wear swim suits when we go to dinner.”

She went to join Sam and Mara and four other women as I blushed and slowly pulled my suit off. I looked at my computer before starting to work. I glanced up later when a shadow fell on the table and Sam smiled, “You almost done? We wanted to walk the beach with you...”

She was staring at my suddenly hard cock and I reddened. She swallowed, “Damn that looks nice. How big is it?”

I looked around and finally met her gaze, “over eight inches.”

She grinned and reached for my hand, “Save and come walk with us.”

I sent the report I had just finished and shut the computer off before standing. I was embarrassed because my cock was hard but Sam pulled me after her. Before I reached Kim and Mara they were whispering. Kim took my other hand and we started walking along the beach. As soon as we walked into a beautiful cove Kim turned me and rubbed her body against mine, “Do you want to have your first time with us?”

I couldn’t speak and just nodded. She smiled and pulled me to the shade of a few trees before sitting down, “first you need to learn to lick pussy.”

Sam and Mara laughed as they sat beside me. Mara pushed Kim down and Sam rubbed my chest and moved down and look at her pussy, “Open it and licked her.”

I leaned down and smelled Kim and opened her pussy before licking through it. I smiled at the taste and licked her again and then Mara and Sam were whispering and telling me what to do as I teased her clit and nibbled on her inner lips until she spasmed and arched her back, “YES!”

I grinned as Sam pulled me back, “Fuck her now.”

Those were magic words and I moved over Kim and kissed her before lifting and positioning my drooling cock. I wiggled and pushed before my cock finally forced its way into heaven. I groaned as I felt a woman’s warm pussy for the first time. Mara and Sam were both rubbing my back and Kim wrapped her legs around me, “Fuck me.”

I pushed into her deeper and began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. She groaned as my thick cock stretched her pussy and pushed deeper. It wasn’t long before I was hitting the back of her pussy and she was grunting as I kept pushing into her. I held her struggling body as I fucked her and a couple of minutes later she stiffened and then howled as my cock suddenly pushed deeper until it was buried completely.

I held her bucking body as my cock throbbed almost painfully and then it was gushing a huge, strong torrent of cum. Kim lifted her hips as her pussy tightened, “OH MY GOD!”

I was shaking as I kept pumping and pouring cum into her. When I was done I groaned as I slowly pulled out. Kim shuddered and sighed, “Damn Edward, you really need to cum more.”

I smiled tiredly as I laid beside her and looked up into the blue sky, “Thank you Kim.”

Sam straddled my waist, “That made me so horny.”

Kim and Mara laughed as she positioned her pussy and slowly sank down onto my hard cock. She groaned and leaned forward before starting to rock and thrust back and forth. She shuddered as her pussy spasmed and tightened and then she began to roll her hips and twist. I shuddered at the feel of her warm pussy and thrust up to hit and push open her cervix.

Sam groaned and almost fell as she convulsed and her pussy continued to milk my cock. I rubbed her lovely nipples as she jerked erratically and started shaking. I was thrusting up into her and she continued to cry out as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. It was ten minutes before I felt like cumming and kept shaking.

I held her waist and pulled her down so my cock would push against her cervix. Sam wailed when a gushing fountain of warm sperm erupted in her belly, “HOLY FUCK!”

I grunted and groaned as I pumped gushing spurts up into her and she shuddered and jerked with each one. When I stopped cumming she slumped and slowly fell off me, “he must have a large cum factory working overtime.”

Kim and Mara giggled and Mara rubbed my chest, “You aren’t going soft Edward.”

I grinned, “Good luck making it go soft now.”

They laughed and Mara bent to kiss me, “Fuck me now?”

I rolled until I was over her and between her legs before kissing her. I lifted up and positioned my cock before pushing into her. She groaned as my thick cock pushed into her and stretched her pussy as it sank deeper. I started fucking her with long, slow thrusts and it was only a couple of minutes before her pussy tightened and she jerked and shuddered.

She clung to me as I kissed her and continued to fuck her nice and slow. It was a few minutes before she began to buck and writhe around as she wailed and kicked in the air. I held her as I buried my cock and started to jab and hump in and out. Mara jerked as her pussy spasmed and squirted, “OH... FUCK!”

She started screaming as she convulsed and her pussy tightened. I started fucking her hard and deep as she thrust her hips up and her pussy kept grasping my cock. It took me almost fifteen minutes this time and Mara screamed, wailed and howled most of the time. She squirted several times and our groins were soaked when I thrust into her and grunted as I pushed her cervix open.

She was shaking and clinging to me as I started spewing huge spurts of cum. She lifted her hips as her pussy clenched around my cock, “yyyeeesss... cum in mmmeeee!”

Kim and Sam snickered as I kept pumping cum into Mara while she jerked and shuddered hard. When I stopped cumming I sighed and pulled out of her slowly. Kim rubbed my chest as I sat beside a panting Mara, “want to sleep with us tonight?”

I grinned and rubbed a nipple, “Sleep?”

She grinned as Sam and Mara chuckled. I stood and turned to help them up, “Lets wash off in the ocean.”

None of the others said anything when we returned and I put on my swimsuit. I used my laptop to check the market and my buyer list. A few hours later Kim rubbed my shoulders, “the market should be closing in a few minutes.”

I nodded as I finished what I was doing and sat back, “I sent you my reports for tomorrow.”

She grinned, “How did you do?”

I looked up from her nipples, “A lot better then normal.”

Kim grinned, “I’ll read my e-mail later. I need to grab my bikini so we can go up with the others to eat.”

I stood and turned to caressed her hip, “Are you really going to let me sleep with you?”

She laughed as she turned and walked towards her cottage, “you won’t be getting much sleep Edward.”

I stared after her and finally turned to put my laptop away. Dinner was a little strange since most of the partners bragged about how well they did today while their wives kept talking about how the pool water felt. When Mr Thomas smiled at me there was a quiet lull, “how did you do today Edward?”

I grinned, “actually I made more than normal. I think it will come out to around forty five million.”

Mr Lin snorted, “only forty five?”

I glanced at him, “That is just our commission.”

They all went silent and looked at me. I looked at them and then at Mr Thomas, “That was what you were talking about right?”

He shook his head before laughing, “we were talking gross customer earnings.”

I frowned, “I will have to look up those numbers.”

They laughed and Kim bumped my shoulder, “I’ll send it out in the morning reports.”

The talking continued and finally dinner was over and Kim and Sam pulled me away. We walked on the beach before heading towards the cottages. Kim tossed her bikini on a chair after walking into her room and Sam pulled my suit off before pushing me towards Kim. She pulled me after her and into the bathroom before starting the shower.

Sam joined us in the shower as we washed the salt off and then we got out. After drying off they pulled me to bed. Sam pushed me into bed and we looked at the door as Mara walked in, “sorry I’m late but I had to print a report.”

Sam pulled on me to get me between her legs, “go wash the salt off.”

Kim started rubbing my shoulders as Sam guided my cock to her pussy and pulled. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned and shuddered as Kim laughed, “stuffed?”

Sam hugged me as she lifted and thrust up, “yeah.”

I kissed her before I started to fuck her with long thrusts that gradually sank my cock all the way into her. She shuddered and hugged me as her wonderful pussy grasped and milked my cock. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and jerking as her pussy became slipperier. I fucked her a little harder and pushed her cervix open before she wailed and lifted her legs into the air, “fffuuuccckkk!”

I buried my cock and humped, pressed and jabbed until Sam was convulsing as she wet me and screamed, “HOLY FUCK!”

I kissed her and started fucking her with deep thrusts and kept stopping to grind against her. She was bucking and writhing around as her slick pussy milked my cock. I finally shoved into her after ten minutes and started spewing spurts of cum again. Sam jerked and lifted her hips as her pussy seemed to tightened, “YES!”

I pumped seven or eight spurts before stopping and Sam shuddered hard before dropping to the bed, “that is the best.”

I grinned and kissed her before reluctantly pulling out. Kim and Mara both laughed and Kim pushed me toward Mara, “fuck her, I get you last.”

Mara smiled and rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs. I moved over her and Kim positioned my cock before I pushed and entered her slick pussy. As I began to fuck her, Mara tilted her hips and started pushing back. She shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed and grasped my cock. When I hit her cervix she jerked and her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

Kim and Sam laughed and I began to fuck Mara harder as her cervix opened. She was grunting and shaking a couple of minutes later before stiffening and screaming as she wet me, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep and she started kicking the bed as she tried to spread her legs more. Her slippery pussy was spasming around my cock before she began to convulse. She twisted and squirmed as I kept fucking her while she wailed and howled. It was another ten minutes before I buried my cock and held her as it swelled and my balls churned.

A couple of moments later I was spewing cum into her. Mara lifted her hips and screamed when she felt the warm eruption of sperm in her belly, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I pumped a half dozen spurts into her before I was done and sighed. She groaned and slowly relaxed as Kim and Sam giggled. I kissed the back of her neck before pulling out and rolling onto my back. Kim straddled me and fitted my slimy cock to her pussy before pushing and wiggling as it slid into her.

I cupped her wonderful breasts as she started to thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. She shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and then grinned. She laid on me to rub her body on mine before laughing throatily and sitting up. She started rocking and twisted as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and my cock began to push her cervix open. She stiffened and then began to jerk and spasm as her pussy pulsed and milked my cock and she screamed, “YES!”

Sam and Mara laughed while I held Kim up and she continued shaking as she fucked me erratically. She thrust back and forth rubbing her pussy on me before twisting and rolling her hips. Her slippery pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as her eyes rolled up and she wailed, “EDWARD!”

She began to convulse and I shivered before pulling her body down onto me. I held her and shifted and rolled until she was under me and I started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as her pussy rippled and tightened. I fucked her harder and she stiffened before arching her back and howling, “fuck me!”

A minutes later she was still jerking and spasming as I buried my cock and began to spew more cum. She hugged me tight and shook as I pumped sperm through and into her womb. When I was done she groaned and slowly began to relax. I held her and shifted and rolled until she was on me. I lifted her hips and pulled my slimy, sensitive cock out.

I woke to Mara and Kim sleeping half on me and glanced around before shifting out from under them. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom before walking out. I stretched and walked down the beach before taking a long swim. When Sam, Kim and Mara walked outside later I was already working.

Kim put her laptop on the table across from me, “I can’t remember sleeping that good before.”

Mara and Sam laughed as they started off the patio. It was a long fun two weeks, I had sex with the three women once, sometimes twice a day and at least once before we went to sleep. The other secretaries or wives never said anything, they did smile a lot though. When we got back my life was completely changed. I moved into a large house with Kim, Sam and Mara.

Even before I finished college the three women had gotten pregnant and had my babies. Each summer we went on vacation on the company’s privately owned island. After the second set of babies we retired to live on our investments. The company president had some set backs and sold company assets including the island which we bought cheap.
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