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Kate isn't the prettiest girl in the school, but she is very nearly the sexiest. She stands just under 6 feet, with long, slender legs which lead up to her best feature. Her ass isn't one of those huge things that fat girls get that some guys find attractive; it's a runner's ass, round and tight above being big, but none too shabby in the size department. It's one of those asses where to avoid just spanking the shit out of it every time it walks by requires immense physical effort. To top it off, she always wears really tight jeans, or even better leggings that leave absolutely nothing of it's shape up to the imagination. If only she played volleyball... Going up, she doesn't have an ounce of fat on her, which is not to say she's too skinny; she has the build of an athlete. Smallish tits, I'd guess big As, but even those have a fairly good shape to them, no sag, and even some cleavage when she wears the right top. Even her face is maybe an 8, brown hair with some red thrown in, blue eyes, kind of a gingerish face, but the main component of her hair is brown. But anyway, enough about her.

I'm 16 years old, a junior at a fancy prep school, 6'2”, build of a cyclist, skinny, but not too skinny, ass of a cyclist, 7 inch cock, brown, crazy hair, brown eyes, tan, and with a jaw line that is the envy of actors everywhere. My passions are sex, acting, and cycling, in that order, and just to show how much that means about how horny I am, I'm in a mainstage show at a theatre company that regularly wins regional awards for acting, light design, set building, and the like.

Freshman year, Kate, my best friend Alex, and I had a very interesting rivalry. Alex and I were on one side, with her and her friends on the other, and we were complete assholes to each other. We would make fun of them for random reasons, or just troll their group, then Kate would steal one of our textbooks, and we'd chase her around trying to get it back. It was very strange. Our main motivation was that she was sexy as hell, and I'm not sure that hers wasn't that we were sexy as hell, both being on a similar level to she socially and whatnot.

At the sophomore year homecoming dance, I got a hint she might have a thing for me. She was hanging out with this one girl and her boyfriend a lot, and they were all kind of dancing near each other when the boyfriend shouts to me, “Dude, get on this girl!” in a way that suggested that he knew something that would have led to her wanting that, which she overhears, and blushes and gets farther away. Pretty sure I could've gotten some grind time on that ass that night, but some combination of wondering what that was about, and being a pussy prevented that.

Anyway, the lead in to the sex. It literally starts with a Facebook message. I am feeling particularly ballsy one evening spending some quality time with my best friend, the internet, and I send her a Facebook message asking if she wants to make out sometime. She isn't online, and I don't get a reply until the next day saying, “yes,” and nothing more. Well, I take this to mean she's down, but nervous and/or awkward. The whole thing's a little awkward, so I send her back a message telling her to meet me under the south building on Friday morning. We have a block schedule and Kate and I have the same free period, which lasts an hour and a half first thing Friday. She sends back a tentative, “okay,” to which I masturbate furiously, and wait anxiously.

Well, Friday morning rolls around, and I wake up at the usual time, masturbate, dress, eat, and get out the door a little early. I go to the office to sign in (closed campuses suck), and wait for the quad to empty of people before making my way to the door to the basement of the building. It's basically a storage space, with some old chorus risers in there, along with a bunch of theatre props and old set components. I'd looked for a light switch, but I couldn't find one, so the only light was coming in through the vents in the door. I'd brought a condom, and some lube with me, just in case, but I didn't think we'd make it that far, oral sex at the most.

Suddenly I hear the door crack open, and she says, “Hello?”

To which I reply, “Hey, I'm over here.”

“Do you wanna just get to it?”

“Up to you, but I don't see why not.”

“Okay,” comes her reply, and she sits down on my right side, and I put one arm around her shoulder, and the other on her knee, and I lean in slowly to kiss her. At first, she just sits there, then she starts to lean to, and then our lips touch. I open my mouth very slightly when our lips first touch, and wrap my lips around her lower lip before pulling back. We look into each others eyes for just a second, then she puts her right arm on my left shoulder, and we pull each other back in again. This kiss lasts much longer, lips entwined, and tongues probing the front of each others mouths, going easy, for now. Our tongues begin to push deeper and deeper, and our lips start moving faster and faster until we are basically just investigating each other's mouths. My hand on her legging covered knee starts to slowly stroke her lower thigh, knowing that one wrong move, and this is all over.

Feeling this movement on her thigh, she places her hand on my thigh, and starts to do the same. Encouraged, I start to take my movements a little higher, easing my way to about halfway up her thigh. By this time, she's in about the same place on mine. At this point I stop, knowing I'll be able to evaluate how willing she is better on her tits, so I move my hand from her thigh up onto her toned stomach. She's wearing a tight hoodie over a tank top, and I unzip the hoodie before sliding my hand over the tank top below. She gasps into my mouth when I do this, and begins to kiss with more vigor, moving her hand ever slightly higher on my thigh. I move my hand around on her toned stomach, enjoying the feel of her smooth, tight abs, before I begin to move my hand higher. As I'm just below her right breast, I pause, break the kiss, and ask, “May I?” to which her only reply is to nod and push her lips back into mine.

With this encouragement, I slide my left hand the rest of the way to her right breast, and begin to squeeze gently, occasionally running my thumb over the front where her nipple is somewhere under a bra and a layer of fabric. After a few minutes of this, still kissing deeply, I remove my hand, and run my finger down her stomach to the bottom of her tank top. When I get there, I reach my hand under the last thing in my way from her bare breasts. My fingers find their way up her stomach, causing her to shiver a bit, as my hand makes its way towards its prize. Once my hands reach the bottom of her bra, I waste no time putting my hand under her bra, right on top of her bare breast. I enjoy the feel of it in my hand, the small handful topped with its perfect tight nipple, already erect in the cold morning.

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a little more for part three get the principal to have sex with him and let him fuck hrr


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Extended version now posted

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gave positive but too short story.make bigger next time!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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gave positive but too short story.make bigger next time!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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