Zach shows off.
Chapter 11

They all got a laugh out of that.

“Mrs. Edwards, what was up with the red rubber bag?” I was curious.

She looked at me astonishingly, “Zach, that was the enema. I told you it would be needed.”

“Enema?” I was surprised, “I thought that was something I would need to get, not get in me.”

“You need to stop taking things so literally.” Linda laughed.

“The more I know, the more I need to know, looks like.” I thought out loud.

“You might want to know I saw your mower out on the sidewalk Zach.” Laura informed me.

“Ah, crap. I forgot about that!” so much had happened. “I got to put my stuff away.”

“Just put it under the back porch” Linda advised and left the room.

I got up and headed outside. I opened the front door and stepped out. I noticed how dark it was already and all the stars showing in the sky. I looked back down and saw Melissa sitting on her steps across the street. I checked on my mower and it was still there. Suddenly, I felt a breeze between my legs. Looking down, I then noticed… I am bare butt naked! What the…! I covered myself and tip-toed back in. The door just could not close fast enough!

I leaned up against the hallway wall. Melissa saw me naked! She had to! She’s going to want to ask me a thousand questions!... which I won’t, can’t answer! So what if she did? What could she do about it?... besides tell my dad!

Ok, I had to get a grip on myself. Maybe she saw me but it was dark. She might not have noticed that I had no clothes on. I looked down at the gift God gave me, dangling between my legs. She saw me; I just know it and slid to the floor.

I am not a liar. In my world, liars are the worst. They are down there with thieves. I might not tell the truth but I don’t lie about it either. The best I could hope for would be that she didn’t notice me naked. If that failed, my second best option is to say absolutely nothing, even if she tortures me.

With that settled, I walked back to the bar from which I came. Taking a seat, I picked up my drink and took a sip.

“Where did you go?” Linda asked me, holding the robe she was going to let me use.

“Oh, I thought I would go outside and show Melissa Benson my dick.” and dropped my head on the bar.

“You went outside naked?!” Laura asked.

“Oh my!” said Dawn, putting her hands over her mouth.

“You didn’t!” Linda exclaimed.
Oh yeah, what did my new loving girlfriend say? Nothing! She was too busy laughing at me! Seriously, she is warped in the head. She could at least have the decency of being worried that I’m out flashing people for Pete’s sake.

“What were you thinking?” Laura asked.

“I don’t know! I was so used to being naked, I wasn’t thinking.” I mumbled.

“Maybe she didn’t see you or couldn’t tell you were naked.” Linda thought out loud.

“She saw me. I just know it.” I said.

“Wha… What’s the problem, Zach?” Kate finally found her voice, “ She’s… she’s seen it before!” and went back to laughing.

“Well, at least it wasn’t Mrs. Dillard next door. That would be ugly.” Linda said, like that is supposed to help.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now.” resigned to my fate.

“There sure isn’t, go put your things up.” Linda said, tossing me her robe.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going.” putting the dang robe on and moping out of the room.

I made it to the front door. Taking a deep breath, I opened it and stepped outside.

I’m in luck! Melissa wasn’t on the steps! She must have gone inside. The best news in the world had just cheered me right up.

I went and got the lawn mower. I gathered up my rakes, broom, and garbage bag full of grass. Piling it on the lawn mower, I headed for the side yard.

Just as I was getting halfway down the strip of grass, I heard, “Oh Zaaach!”

I froze, “Yeah?” knowing dang good and well who it was.

I’m not turning around, no sir. I’m not saying anything that could get her suspicious.

“Whatchya doin’? sounding closer.

Well now heck, she knows what I’m doing.

“I’m putting my stuff up.” I said.

“Who are you putting your stuff up into?” sounding right dead behind me.

Well, I turned around at that! She doesn’t know that for sure. I was going to straighten her out.

She was inches from my face. I had to back up a little bit. “You don’t know that! You shouldn’t say what you don’t know.”

“Hmmm… I think you’re not telling me the truth.” she purred.

She isn’t even a mother and already her antennas are working at one hundred percent.

“I think I’m not telling you anything! You’re the one thinking I got something to hide!” I defended.

“Oh, I know you don’t have anything to hide, I saw it from across the street.” she laughed.

“I’m just putting my yard tools up and that is the honest truth!” still on defense.

“Oh, you got a big tool alright but I don’t think it’s a yard.” she giggled.

“Quit saying that! You’re just trying to get me to tell you something.” I said, knowing her game.

“I don’t think you have to tell me a thing Zach.” she mused.

“Good… because I’m not going to.” I said.

“Wow Zach, you look good in silk.” she smiled.

I don’t know silk from satin or none of that fancy stuff so I took it for what it was.

“Well… thank you.” was all I could say.

Melissa tugged my tie down and jerked my robe apart.

Shocked at her speed, I said, “Melissa! We are outside!” trying to get her off my robe.

“Oh, it didn’t seem to bother you a little bit ago.” she said and started rubbing on me.

“Melissa please, we’re outside. Someone might see!” I said, fighting to get away.

“Why are you so sticky Zach?” pushing her hand flat on my chest and peeling her hand off.

“Maybe I spilled something that I was eating.” Now that is not a lie and she doesn’t know that I didn’t.

“Really, I think you spilled something alright.” and snatched a grip on my secret place!

Now, I don’t care who you are. When someone is clinching your dangling penis in their mitts, they have full control. If I took off running right now, I might leave something I want to keep behind. I did what any boy would do; I stood perfectly still. She had my fullest attention in her hand.

“Melissa! God! Please let go!” I begged.

She squatted down and looked at my dick eye to eye.

“Yep, I’m pretty sure what you ate was… pink!” she exclaimed.

“You don’t know that for sure! Get off me!” I demanded knowing I had no say at the moment.

She actually leaned over and sniffed my penis!

Standing up, she said, “Yep, it was definitely pink and wet.”

“Melissa, please…” and she started stroking me.

“I think you are keeping secrets Zach.” and stroking me while her gears turn in her head.

“If that is true, then they’re my secrets to keep!” I retorted, not giving an inch and hoping she wouldn’t take any.

Tugging me a little closer to her, she looked me dead in the eyes and asked, “How’s… Kate?” and started stroking me again.

Crap! That dang antenna! I’m not giving in, I’m not giving in!

“Oh, Kate’s fine I reckon.” saying it in a ‘ho hum’ kind of way while she kept on stroking me.

“Oh, I don’t think she is.” not believing me but still stroking me.

“Trust me, she is just fine.” wondering why she thought she wasn’t.

“I don’t know, but if I had to guess, I’d say she has a sore pussy and walking funny.” still stroking me.

“You’re right! You don’t know so please let me go!” I almost yelled.

She looked over her shoulder back at her house then turned back at me.

“I’m thinking you owe me. You need to look me up when you’re… finished here.” and squeezed my dick a little hard. Opened her hand and peeled it off. That girl brought her hand to her nose and smelled it. Leered at me then walked away.

“Will do” I said to her back as she started across the street.

That girl knows how to intimidate! My gosh, I thought my dick was going to be yanked off! And what about her antenna! That woman has psychic powers! That is one wild girl right there. I could just see her husband one day walking on pins and needles his whole entire life! She smelled good too. Her eyes had me hypnotized, they were so pretty. She played my dick like a fiddle too.

Now, just what reason would she want to see me? Maybe blackmail…?

“Young man”

“Hmmm?” I turned, looking at a woman, wearing a nightgown, and staring two feet from me.. “Oh, hi Mrs. Dillard!”

She had her window open and no screen on it. Standing in her bedroom, looking out at me, I saw her cleavage as she leaned out. Her gown certainly did her justice.

“You have an advantage sir, you know my name, what is yours?” she asked.

“Oh” running my hands through my unruly hair, trying to be presentable, “I’m Zach Strange. I do yard work, leave raking, and snow removal in the neighborhood.”

“Strange indeed.” she said, “A pleasure meeting you.”

“The pleasure is mine.” I replied. Could I schmooze them over or what?

“No, I think I’ve gained more pleasure.” she said and I had never heard that one before but I was going to use it.

She offered her hand through the window and I shook it. She had the air of a sophisticated woman.

“Are you going to mow?” she wanted to know.

“Oh no, it’s way too late to mow. It would disturb the neighbors. Some people sleep early.” I explained. “I was just putting my equipment here” pointing it out “up.”

“An interesting way to phrase it but I’m glad you aren’t going to work… with It.” she sighed, “Who was the young lady?”

“Oh, that was Melissa. Her and her family recently moved in. I’ve been doing their lawn ever since.” I said. Who knows, maybe Mrs. Dillard could be another customer.

“Ah yes, I seen you chase off an older boy that was bothering her earlier.” she admitted.

“Um, that wasn’t me, Melissa did the chasing off.” I corrected.

“So you’ve met her family?” she prompted.

I leaned against her outside wall with my hand and prepared to inform her about the Benson’s.

“Yes, I’ve met both Bob and Sally Benson. A very friendly and helpful couple.” I started. “They were nice from the get go.”

“Oh, so you and Melissa have gotten close?” she asked.

She was somehow confused so I wanted to set it straight. I don’t like rumors going around and Melissa was a nice girl. She didn’t need me to cause her grief.

“Well no. She is just a close acquaintance ma’am.” I explained, thinking Melissa was way too mature for someone like me anyway.

“That is the strangest thing.” she puzzled, bringing her hand to her chin.

“Hmmm? What’s strange Mrs. Dillard?” I wondered.

“You see, when a girl strokes a penis as long as she did, the girl is usually pretty close to the person owning the penis.” looking in my eyes then dropping them to my crotch.

Following her gaze, I saw that… I’m naked! I’m naked again! For crying out loud! Not only that but that dang Melissa had stroked me half hard!!! My dick has a mind of its own! My God, it was pointing right at Mrs. Dillard!!! You know the one that I was better off not showing it to! What the…!

“Oh my God! I am so sorry! Please forgive me!” I ranted “I had no idea! I didn’t really mean to!”

I fumbled with the robe that was draped behind me like a cape. Pulling the ends together did absolutely no good; my penis still poked out between the slit. I scrambled to get it hidden which did absolutely no good; it was tenting up the front of the robe. I frantically covered it with a hand and press it into me.

“It’s a little late to fret over it now don’t you think?” she smirked.

“I’m so sorry; I don’t know why I keep finding myself in these weird situations. I swear it just happens! I have no control over it!” I stammered on.

“Really, what weird situations?” taunting me with a smile.

“You know, casually talking to a stranger with my penis pointing at them and they just act like it’s an everyday event for one.” I huffed.

“Oh, you mean like ‘a young girl walks across the street to disrobe a young man so she could stroke him into an erection then turns around and leaves him’ kind of weird?” she quipped.

“Exactly! It happens to me all the time. It’s like I’m cursed or something.” I explained.

“Ah, but it makes an exciting life don’t you think?” she argued.

“Well, sometimes I could use a little less excitement.” I thought out loud.

“Perhaps Mr. Strange, but destiny is a hard fight to change.” she philosophized.

“That it is Mrs. Dillard.” thinking about my destiny.

“Perhaps you should embrace it.” she added.

“Maybe so, I’ll just have to get used to the crazy crap.” I surrendered.

“Someone so young already has episodes in his memoirs. You’re bound to have a saga ahead of you.” smiling at me, “Go live your saga young Zach.”

“Will do; have a good evening Mrs. Dillard.” I concluded and walked away, holding my goods against me.

“You’ve made it a better one Mr. Strange. Until we meet again.” she replied and I turned around and smiled. I thought how lucky I was that she didn’t call the police. I could hear the charge against me, “Zach was perving in a yard…” but Mrs. Dillard certainly seemed a lot nicer than Linda let her on to be.

I gathered up my gear and stowed it under the back porch. Just as I finished and was dusting off my hands, Linda called outside.



“You ok out there?”

“I’m coming.” and entered the house. Taking the seat I had before, sipping the now ice melted drink I had before; I just sat in a daze.

“What took you so long?” Linda wanted to know.

“Oh, I had to show Mrs. Dillard my nakedness was all.” leaving out Melissa entirely. I didn’t want them to worry about what she might say or do.

“You went outside naked again?!” Laura asked.

“Oh my!” said Dawn, putting her hands over her mouth.

“You didn’t!” Linda exclaimed.

Well, you already know what Kate was going to say.

“I did” I answered then added, “But it isn’t my fault! Stuff just seems to happen to me and I can’t help it any.” But feeling for Linda I said, “I’m so sorry Mrs. Edwards, I know you said it was better not showing her but it was an accident.”

“Oh, you don’t have to be sorry for me Zach” she replied. “You are the one that’ll be sorry.”

“What? How’s that?” I wanted to know.

“Don’t you start Jr. High this year?” Linda mentioned.

I don’t know what that would have to do with it so I answered, “Yeah, so?”

“Mrs. Dillard will be your principal.” she informed me.

“I showed my hard on to my principal!” I gasped.

“You were hard?” Laura asked.

“How did you get hard?” Linda asked

“The principal made you hard?” was Dawn’s question.

“You were playing with it in front of Mrs. Dillard?” was Kate’s question.

Crap, I had to explain everything from Melissa to Mrs. Dillard.

“So Melissa gave you a hard time, eh? She told me she was going to.” Kate said.

“What are you saying?” I asked “She knows about me and you?”

“We’ve talked. She knew I wanted you to bust my cherry.” Kate said so casually.

So much for her antenna! She was just pulling my… chain. And Kate, no wonder she was laughing so hard.

“Oh, it’s on; I am so getting even.” I said.

“You know why Mrs. Dillard is a principal don’t you?” Linda started. “She loves children.”

“What sort of love?” I wanted to know.

“She has her fantasies.” Linda informed me. “She would have killed to see what happened in here today.”

“So, do you think she’ll forgive me?” I asked.

“Forgive you! Boy, you fulfilled some of her fantasies.” Linda quipped, “The only thing that would make it better was if you screwed Melissa right in front of her.”

“Ha! She stroked me hard and left!” I grumbled.

“We should invite her over.” Kate said.

“Oh she could come” Linda asked. “But, you know she has got to be one horny girl after doing that to Zach.”

“So? Zach could take care of her.” Kate said.

“That ok with everyone?” Linda asked. Nobody was against it.

“Ok, Zach, go take a shower. Kate, give her a call. Dawn, make yourself presentable.” Linda, always in charge, ordered.

How many showers can a guy take in one day? I found myself again in the shower, cleaning off the sticky. Washing may crotch; I worked to the back side. My butt hole was sensitive. Prostate or not, it might be better if I didn’t have anal sex a lot. Boy that Linda sure took me to school.

I wonder how she got so smart. Probably that library of hers, I’d bet. I wonder if she had any penis exercise books. Bob was insistent I keep working on it. He seemed to think that as I grow my dick did too. My stretching it out and rotating it was supposed to make it grow but I wasn’t so sure I wanted a big one. Heck, I could barely squeak in to Dawn and Kate. It did go in pretty easy with Linda though. Maybe bigger is better. What did I know?

Using the soap, I did my exercises on it and rinsed off. I checked to make sure I got it all off. Man, I was getting some hair down there. I hoped it wouldn’t get too bad. It’s not a pretty sight to begin with.

Heading back out, I remembered the robe. Not that it would help fight off Melissa but I might as well be descent.

I heard talking and recognized Melissa’s voice before I got to the entertainment room. I reckon I’d be facing her one more time.

“Ha! There he is!” Melissa announced as I entered the room.

“Oh, it’s you.” I said sounding disappointed.

“I heard you got to meet your new principal Zach.” Melissa started in on me.

“She met more of me than I did of her, thanks to you!” I said.

They all cracked up over that.

“How did she manage to see you?” Melissa wanted to know.

I explained that her bedroom window was right beside the yard she had groped me in. She witnessed everything Melissa had done from two feet away and acted like it was just part of a normal day.

“I didn’t know her bedroom was there.” Linda said getting up.

“She got an eye full of you Zach. She’ll want to get more of it.” Melissa teased.

“I was just glad it was the side yard. Nobody else could see us there. I would have died if other houses had that view!” I said.

“Oh my” Linda exclaimed, looking out her window. “I can see her plain as day.”

“What’s she doing mom?” Kate asked, heading to the window.

“She’s getting ready for bed.” Linda replied.

“Let me see.” Kate said, starting to pull back the blind.

“Don’t do that honey; she’ll be able to see us with the lights on.” Linda advised, moving over to let her daughter see.

“You know, she’ll probably me all worked up. I bet she makes her husband satisfy her when she gets to bed.” Laura thought out loud.

“I don’t see him and that is a single bed.” Kate noted.

“Her husband must sleep in a different room.” Linda considered.

“Why would they do that?” Dawn wondered.

“Some people snore and keep the other awake. Some work different shifts and don’t want to wake their partners while they get ready for work or go to bed.” Linda explained.

“She has a vibrator. She just took it out of her drawer.” Kate announced.

“Laura, turn out the lights.” Linda said.

The room went dark and everyone headed for the window. Linda raised the blinds enough for everyone to look. Linda’s window was higher than Mrs. Dillard’s and we could see her more than she could possibly see us. Linda kept her window down but I could almost hear the vibrator through it.

“Her window is still open.” I pointed out.

“You know what we should do?” Linda said. “Zach should go out there and flash her.”

“No way, she’s seen enough of me today!” I said.

“No, no! Zach should offer to help her!” was Dawn’s big suggestion.

“I don’t think she would take him up on it.” Linda said. “She would just want to watch.”

Mrs. Dillard was removing her gown, tossing it in a bed side chair. She crawled into her bed with the vibrator still in her hand. She had more beauty within than she did without. Her breasts were saggy and wrinkles lined the top.

“She’s primed and ready. I bet she’s thinking of Zach.” Melissa said.

“More like the both of you.” Linda added. “She loves children.” she stated one more time.

“Maybe she won’t be so hard on me when I go back to school.” I hoped.

“Oh, you could insure it. Just have sex in the side yard.” Linda quipped.

“Oh, you’re funny.” I said.

“I’d do it.” Melissa said.

See? The weird just hits me out of the blue.

“Would you?” Linda asked.

“Oh yeah, I could get into it. She isn’t my principal.” Melissa said.

“You and Zach could meet in the side yard and put on a show for her.” Linda plotted.

“What? Don’t you think she’d call the police?” I said, not believing one second she was serious.

“She’s lying there with a vibrator on her twat. Calling the police is the last thing on her mind.” Linda observed.

“Come on Zach. You got me wet earlier; I want that dick of yours. Besides, you chased off my last dick today.” Melissa pointed out.

“What? That jerk wasn’t good enough for you and you know it!” I defended.

“I didn’t want him, I wanted his dick and I didn’t get it.” Melissa stated. “You should give me yours to replace it.”

“That wasn’t right Zach, you cut her off. I’d be mad too.” Kate added.

“So you want me to go outside and do Melissa in front of my principal?!” I said amazed.

“That’s right; you’d do Mrs. Dillard a favor and make it up to Melissa at the same time.” Kate reasoned.

“I’ve always wanted to do it outside.” Laura fantasized.

I debated it in my mind but my dick had its own ideas and was rising at the possibility.

“Oh, she turned her light out. Now’s the time if you’re going to do it.” Linda exclaimed.

“Ok, but how?” I wanted to know.

“Zach, go out the back door. Melissa, you head out the front. You two can meet in the side yard again. Just do like you did last time but finish it.” Linda instructed.

“We’ll be watching from here.” Kate smiled.

I didn’t have time to think about it. Dawn and Kate lead me to the back door and practically threw me out of it.

I stood there for a second and thought of a reason to go to the side. Fortunately, the garden hose wasn’t wrapped up. I grabbed the garden hose and tugged it to the side yard. People tended to keep the hose on the side so it could reach both front and back yards. I remembered the last garden hose I handled and what it led to.

“Oh, Zach!” I heard Melissa call from around the corner of the house.

Whispering as loud as I could I said, “Yeah?” and I heard Mrs. Dillard’s vibrator shut off. That probably meant I got her attention although I didn’t look.

“Whatchya doin’? she asked, approaching me.

“I’m putting the hose up.” I said, thinking she’d have all kinds of come backs with that one.

“Oh, putting the hose up who?” she quipped.

“Melissa, don’t start this again. What are you doing out here?” I asked.

“I guess I’m looking for a hose.” she whispered, smiling while she undid my robe and threw it back.

“Melissa! You can’t do this out here! Someone will see us!” I whispered loud.

“I see you took a shower. Your sticky is gone.” she said.

She dropped down and put my quickly swelling penis in her mouth and went to work getting it hard. I looked down at her and watched for a few seconds. Turning my head, I looked straight into the eyes of Mrs. Dillard, just two feet away. She was supporting herself with her arms; her aging breasts were swinging between them.

I raised my hands and shrugged my shoulders, letting her know it was part of the crazy in my life. She rose up and gestured an embrace, which meant I should just accept my destiny. I drew my attention back to Melissa.

She had gotten me erect and was pumping it into her mouth. I felt her groping my balls and moaned. I reached down and grabbed her hair. Not really pulling on it but making it seem like I did, I guided my cock in and out of her mouth using my hips.

My robe was getting in the way so I shrugged it off my shoulders and let it fall. I was completely naked; no shoes, no socks, and plenty of service. The summer night was warm with a breeze between the houses caressing me every so often. Neither a hoot nor howl did I hear as Melissa made my cock slick with her mouth.

Taking my cock by the base, I let Melissa work her way up to the head. I stroked it a few times while she sucked. When she let it slip from her mouth, I rubbed it on her face. Opening up her mouth and sticking out her tongue, I masturbated on her cheeks, rubbing across her tongue from side to side, giving Mrs. Dillard and the girls a show.

I looked up at the star filled sky, highlighted by the moon, and glanced at the darkened window where I knew all the girls were watching. I saw glimmers of eyes but nothing else. You’d really have to look hard to know they were there.

It was my turn to play and I forgot the watchers with purpose. I wanted Melissa and to see her beauty so I motioned for her to rise. She lingered a little longer, not willing to give me up yet.

She grabbed me by my butt cheeks and licked me a little more. After pumping my hips a few more times and her taking as much as she could, she started to work her way up. She kissed and licked up my stomach and chest still gripping my behind.

Standing in front of me I kissed her as passionately as I could. I rubbed her back while I did so, working her shirt up. When it raised enough for me to grab the bottom of it, I stopped kissing long enough to pull it over her head. Melissa had a surprise for me as she didn’t wear a bra. Her nipples hardened at the first breeze of the night to caress them. I dropped her shirt by my robe and went back to kissing.

I pulled her closer with her pants, unsnapping them then the zipper. I flattened my hands and worked them around her hips, lowering them slowly with every caress. As they passed her curves, gravity took over and her pants slid down her legs and gathered at her ankles. She kicked her pants on top of the robe and the same with her shirt. I felt for material that wasn’t there, she wore no panties either.

My cock took notice and twitched at the body before me. Her breasts boasting hard nipples and her hair shining in the moonlight, she was nothing less than artwork as I feasted with my eyes. I grabbed her by her hips and kissed the side of her neck. As I worked my lips down, I worked my hands up, meeting them on her breasts.

The moonlight gave them a glow as they jutted out to defy gravity and I hesitated blocking out the beam that increased the beauty of her mounds. But my mouth was watering and I had to fill it with a nipple on her right. I gingerly tongued then sucked, repeating it several times. I gave her other breast the same attention while Melissa grinded her pelvis into my hip.

I fought to give them up and worked my way down, kissing and caressing her stomach until I found her other mound. The girl was full of surprises tonight as I had found no hair. She had recently shaved, probably anticipating a penis she would have. Bit Jim was left wanting as I took his place instead, and I was the lucky one with the princess and was going to take her where she wanted to go.

She was tired of my staring and grabbed me by my hair. With a force that showed her eagerness she rammed her pelvis into my mouth. This is the Melissa I know, force feeding me her special place. The memories came flooding back to be as she humped my face.

When she took a slight pause I grabbed the opportunity to get comfortable. Sitting on the pile of clothes, I placed my hands behind me supporting myself on the ground and looked up.

“Show and tell” I said, “Make me do your will.”

Her eyes lit up in memory as she knew just what I meant. Approaching me and straddling my head she grabbed my hair again.

Tilting my head all the way back, she placed her mound on me. Looking up between her breasts I saw the eyes of a hungry girl grinning like I was dinner.

“Lick it!” and I did.

“Suck right there!” and I did.

“Stick your tongue out.” and I did.

She humped herself on my face, grinding it a few times, then back to guiding me where she wanted and shivered when I hit her clit.

My attention was pulled as I looked up to Mrs. Dillard’s second story window. A man was there completely nude and stroking himself out the window. Another member had joined our private show.

I raised my arm and kept it hid beside Melissa and pointed, hoping the girls would get the hint. If I had to put on a show, I might as well drag him in with us.

Melissa followed my pointing and glimpsed at the man in the window. Realizing what she saw made her moan and quiver. Hopefully he didn’t notice and would keep on with his own show.

She recovered enough to continue her instructions to me and I followed her desires. Faster she went without remorse as she abused me into her. It took all the strength I had to bear the rodeo Melissa was riding in to her bliss.

With a hiccup like scream she burst and flooded me once more, just like before. It came and I drank yet more came and I drank. But I am only human and couldn’t drink it all. I focused on her clit instead and decided to hang on to it there, letting her juices squirt out from around my chin and roll like a river to my crotch.

I heard a moan somewhere out in the distance. I didn’t know who or where but someone had gotten theirs.

I raised a hand from its support and rubbed her juices on me. I coated my cock and balls with the flood she had given me. I kind of liked her using my face like a wash cloth and scrubbing her special place. I played with my cock and stroked it a few times for show.

She finally came back from her bliss and slow humped me a little more. Her deed was done all over me, leaving very little of me dry.

Backing off, she pointed at me and said, “You just got face fucked!” and giggled.

Acting mad I got to my feet and said, “That’s it girl. You’ve done it now. You’re going to get yours!” and backed her to the wall just under Mrs. Dillard’s window sill.

She gasped at my attack but yielded none the less and let me grab her around her waist. I started my assault with kisses and gropes from her neck to her nipples. Grabbing a leg and lifting it high I opened her legs apart and pressed my cock between them.

I couldn’t have aimed it better as it slipped in her with prefect precision. I started pumping in and out as I ravaged her neck and breasts. Pressing her against the wall she couldn’t escape if she tried. I fondled her breast with my other hand, taking advantage of her condition.

She returned my assault and started on my neck. I looked up in the window and saw Mrs. Dillard’s eyes as she rocked against the window frame. I gave her a lustful stare, licking my lips, as I humped Melissa harder.

Tearing my attention from the fire in her eyes, I twirled Melissa around and raised her other leg, her arms grabbing my neck. I carried her to Linda’s wall and planted her against it, then continued my humping there. I gave Mrs. Dillard a view you could not beg, borrow, or steal. I knew she could see my back, my thighs, and my butt as I plowed into Melissa and flexed my muscles for the act.

I felt Melissa approach the edge and pumped her a little harder. She gasped and breathed, opening her eyes wide as she fell from the edge into bliss. Clinching her eyes shut, she flooded me again. I could feel it on my sack and hear it squish between us. I then thought we had turned the hose on but it was Melissa that made the noise. Water flowed off my balls and splattered on the ground. Once she was finished shaking and I thought she had come down, I slowed my attack on her to a stop and kissed her soft and easy.

She regained her breath and smiled at me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I carried her over to the clothes we had left in the middle of the small yard. Dropping to my knees with her, I made sure my cock didn’t exit. We sat with me kneeling and her wrapped around me for a while. She clamped her pussy on my cock and grinded down on me. We kissed and played for a few and I sucked her nipples.

I laid her back on the clothes facing long ways and settled in. I hoped it would give both houses prime views, staying high enough for everyone to see the goddess of a body beneath me. She was all kinds of sexy with the moon illuminating her.

I grabbed a leg in each arm, pulling her onto my cock. “You’re fucked now.” I said and slow humped a few times. She brought her hands up to her breasts and cupped one in each. Massaging them while I plowed away and rolling each nipple with her thumb and fingers, she moaned into the night air.

That was it for me; I couldn’t witness such a sight without the call of the wild in me causing my hips to buck. Faster I went, as deep as I could. The slapping became pretty loud. I grunted on each plunge, adding to the sound.

Melissa’s eyes grew wide again and she was on the edge. She helped me get there by rubbing her clit and I watched as she spread her lips.

Moonlight struck her special place and wetness reflected it back to me. Mesmerized by the image below, I burnt it into my memory. I was done for, I couldn’t hold back. I raged with the liquid fire bellowing up through me.

“That’s it! I’m there!” I warned Melissa and humped with all my strength.

“Me too!” she said and rubbed her clit vigorously while pinching one of her nipples.

Our minds and bodies were both fucked over as we fell into our bliss. My liquid fire blew through my cock and mixed with the flood of Melissa’s.

I tilted my head up and growled at the moon, riding my trip through the bliss and on to the other side. Melissa, doing the same, screamed loudly and trembled on through hers, soaking me from my crotch to my toes.

I heard another moan from somewhere and a splat against a window. Then other sounds of blissful moans came through the once silent night.

Collapsing on top of Melissa, I stroked her beautiful hair, regaining the breath I had lost in the bliss and listening to her heart beat slow.

“You’re incredible.” I whispered and she replied, “You did all the work.”

We kissed one more time and got up to our feet. Being a gentleman at heart, I picked up the clothes. They were soaked through and through with only part of the robe that remained dry. I handed that to her and she used it to wipe my goo from her legs and thighs.

Melissa started for the front door but I stopped her. I didn’t want anyone out front to see a naked girl go into the house. I directed her to the back door and she took her leave.

I surveyed the battle field and saw puddles here and there. I looked into Mrs. Dillard’s window and saw her recovering from her bliss.

Taking a step in her direction, I leaned in and whispered, “I was just fulfilling my destiny. It was kind of strange.”

“Strange indeed” she said and gave me a wicked smile.

I pointed to the window upstairs and whispered, “Your husband saw.” then turned to walk away as she clapped her hands over her face to stop the laughter she was fighting to hold back. Her breasts jiggled a little as I looked back at her. I gave her a wink and a smile.

Walking back to the center of the yard, I looked up to Linda’s window. A streak of goo had rolled down the center but I didn’t see any eyes.

I pulled the hose up to the side of the house and dropped it. Looking around one more time, I checked to make sure nothing was left outside.

I headed back inside through the back door from where I came. Someone pulled a funny and locked the door from inside. I rapped quietly on it and waited.

Finally I heard the lock turn and was let inside. Melissa was just standing there, just giggling with pride.

“That was good, real good.” I said and tweaked her nipple.

“Thought you’d like that!” she said.

“Not as much as I liked your clothes being soaked. You’re trapped here now!” I laughed and headed off to my drink at the bar.

She threw the robe at me and hit me in the back. It was cold and wet I felt when it struck me. I picked it up and changed course to the bathroom to throw it in the hamper.

I knew the drill by now and took another shower. I got to thinking of tomorrow and was glad I had no yards to mow.

I knew the following day after would be more work for me. I had to do Miss Stetson’s place and she always sunbathed while I worked.

But, that was another yard.

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