My name is Adam and I just turned sixteen. I’m kind of skinny I guess but that is because I just had a major growth spurt. I’m five foot ten and have brown hair I keep cut short. My cock is long and pretty thick. Like most teenagers I’m always horny.

My mom is a head nurse at a hospital and my dad is a stock broker. All my life they have treated me as if I were a person and not just their son. My mother was fairly open about her body and it wasn’t unexpected for me to see her in just panties and bra. I had even seen her naked a few times, like in the summer when she sunbathes.

My mom was the one to teach me about the difference between boys and girls and sex. My father was always talking about the stock market, (which made mom roll her eyes.) He had even taught me how to study and pick the right ones. We had this small guest house, (I guess it was a pool house) anyway my dad and mom had never used it except to throw empty boxes into it or old office furniture.

It was late spring and I had decided to straighten it up and spent a weekend throwing boxes away. The result was four desks with comfortable chairs (one in each corner), two big empty wooden filing cabinets, a love seat and two cushioned chairs in the middle of the room. It also had a full bathroom with a large walk in shower. There were old pictures hanging on the walls and it just looked… like an office should.

I brought my desktop computer and laser printer from my room and installed them. It was a Monday and we had it off for a teacher’s conference. I sat at one of the desks I had picked out to be mine and relaxed. I sat there and thought it was a shame I didn’t have a business to run. When I looked at the computer I got an idea and grinned.

It took me a minute to go online and start some research. I used the account my dad had started for me and bought some stocks. Just before the market closed I sold the stocks for ten times what I had paid for them and it had only cost me ten bucks. After that I would research companies and buy stocks in the morning or afternoon and sell it after school.

It was a month before my mom walked into the guest room. She looked around as I looked up from reading about a company. She grinned and then laughed, “All you need now is an assistant and a couple of secretaries.”

I grinned and looked at the stack of mail and other things I had just tossed onto another desk, “Only if they let me feel them up or have my way.”

Mom grinned as she walked around my desk and ruffled my hair, “They would charge extra for that.”

I smiled up at her and answered her unasked question, “Stock speculation. So far I’m up about six million. I have five I put into a few long term stocks and the one I use as my capital.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “You’re doing better than your father.”

I grinned, “That’s because he does it for someone else.”

Mom laughed and kissed my cheek before walking towards the door. She stopped there and looked back, “Maybe I’ll ask around and see if anyone wants to be your… assistant.”

She was grinning as she turned and left. The next day was a Wednesday and when I got home I found this stunning red haired woman waiting for me by the guest house. She wore a tight white blouse and a short mini skirt. She looked like she was eighteen or nineteen. She had short hair and breasts that I wanted to just keep staring at.

She grinned when I finally managed to look up into her face. I blushed and she laughed, “I don’t mind. In fact I like guys looking.”

She looked at the guest house, “Your mother said you needed an assistant?”

I looked at her for a minute remembering my mother’s last comment and blushed. I opened my office and gestured for her to enter. I watched her hips as she walked into the office in front of me and then followed her in. I went to one of the cushion chairs and sat down before looking at her. She smiled and picked the love seat across from me.

I had to shake my head and look away from her smooth thighs as she sat. I cleared my throat and had her tell me about herself. She said her name was Sasha. I was surprised when she said she was in her second year at the local college and was studying business administration. She worked part time in the afternoon at the hospital where my mom worked but it was only a temp job as a secretary.

She looked into my blushing face and told me she had only had sex with six men and until now she had never had unprotected sex. She said she loved the way a man’s cum tasted and even enjoyed the one time she had anal sex. She smiled when she said she didn’t have a boyfriend right then. She seemed confident and sat back to look at me as I sat there stunned.

She smiled, “Yes, your mother told me all about you. There is one thing though and I agree with your mother. Work comes first.”

I cleared my throat, “How much do you want to be paid?”

She looked around, “What I am worth.”

I grinned, “That would be every penny I have.”

She laughed and blushed, I sighed and looked up thinking. I finally looked at her, “two hundred and fifty thousand a year. You will need to help me set up a benefit packet though.”

She stared at me stunned but I only waited until she finally nodded, “Deal!”

I grinned and stood up, “first things first. My laptop is on the bookcase. Use it and find the paperwork I need to file for your taxes and social security. Next, look for a good insurance company we can use. Let me know when you finish that.”

I looked away from her bare thigh as she stood up. I went behind my desk and started my computer. It was an hour before Sasha interrupted me to check and sign a couple of forms for the taxes and social security. She had a list of three insurance companies and when I looked around, the office just seemed neater.

When I finally got off my computer and turned to start filing the stuff I had printed out, it was to see Sasha’s beautiful bald pussy as she bent over. I froze and just stared and finally heard her giggle before she wiggled her butt. I looked past her bottom into her grinning face and blushed. She smiled, “Are you done?”

I grinned, “I just need to file what I printed and look at the insurance information.”

She stood part way up and lay on the desk beside her, “Go ahead and cum in me first.”

I looked at her to see if she was serious and she smiled back at me and wiggled her butt again as she reached back and lifted her skirt up onto her butt. I didn’t wait to be asked a second time and dropped my pants before moving behind her. I rubbed my cock head through her slit and was amazed at the way it felt. When I pushed into her we both groaned.

I stopped when my balls hit her pussy and then pulled back and started fucking her nice and slow. It was something I will never forget. I fucked Sasha slow and deep, her pussy was amazing and kept grasping at my cock. She was warm and slippery as I began to fuck her a little harder, staying as deep inside her as I could for a moment with each thrust.

Sasha shuddered as I held her hips and began spewing cum against the back of her pussy. She shivered and slowly fucked my spurting cock. It was amazing to feel her cummy pussy sliding back and forth on my sensitive cock. I finally pulled back and out of her, “Thank you Sasha.”

She laughed as she stood and turned towards me, “Believe me, it was my pleasure.”

I smiled and bent to pull my pants up before handing her the stuff I had printed. “Go ahead and file this.”

I moved behind my desk and started looking at the insurance information she had left for me to look at. I made a call and arranged to have the agent bring the paperwork over the next day. While I was doing that Sasha went through the mail and in no time she was finished. I hung up and went back online as she came to lean on the desk beside me.

I stared at the cum running down her legs and she grinned, “Letting you cum inside me felt really good.”

I grinned and caressed her bare thigh before ordering things for the office, like a server and a four good desktop computers. She finally pushed my chair back, pulled my pants down and straddled me, guiding my cock back to her cummy pussy. I slid into her with a sigh and groan before cupping her breasts.

I rubbed her nipples through her blouse as she began thrusting back and forth on my cock. I smiled and caressed her before pulling her face close to kiss her, “You are beautiful.”

She laughed and shuddered as her pussy spasmed. She thrust back and forth harder and faster and kept shaking. She finally slowed and shuddered before starting to rock. She fucked my cock in and out slightly and groaned. I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as she shuddered harder, “Oh fuck!”

I pulled her hips tight and shuddered myself as I started spurting jets of cum up inside her. Sasha jerked with the first warm splash of cum and then shivered and sighed as I pumped the rest in. She finally laughed and kissed me, “Thanks boss.”

I grinned and then laughed with her as I stood up with her still impaled. She stared at me surprised as I held her butt and turned to shuffle into the bathroom, I sat on the toilet as she grinned. I pulled her blouse and half bra off. I grinned and rubbed her butt before unzipping her skirt, “I’ll help you wash up.”

She laughed and stood up letting my cock slip out of her with a lot of my cum. While she took her skirt off, I bent over and took my shoes and socks off before removing my pants completely. She had already started the shower as I removed my shirt and joined her.

Washing her naked body was something I had only dreamed about. Sasha loved feeling me caressing her and kissed me when we were done. She grinned as we were drying off, “Tomorrow I’ll wear a bikini and do some swimming while I wait for you to get home.”

I grinned and cupped a breast, “Don’t get burned, we have a few deliveries coming.”

She laughed and kissed me, “It would just be a good tip for the deliveryman.”

I watched her get dressed and then slowly dressed myself. Sasha left a few minutes later and I checked my work before locking the door and going into the house. Mom looked up when I came in and smiled, “I saw Sasha leave.”

I smiled, “I hired her as my assistant.”

Mom grinned, “Is that why you both look like you just got out of the shower?”

I laughed and walked to her to hug her. I felt more relaxed that night and slept good. I was up early and made my buys before leaving for school, everything just seemed easier in all my classes. When I got home, Sasha was sunbathing by the pool. I grinned as I opened the door and Sasha slid off her lounger and picked up a pool bag.

I dropped the pile of mail on the desk beside mine and glanced back when she came in, “Which desk is yours?”

She grinned and set her bag on the one with the mail, “This one.”

I smiled and pulled a spare key to the office out. I handed it to her and almost absently rubbed a nipple. She laughed and walked around the desk, “Get to work boss.”

I grinned and headed to my desk, “We should get our deliveries within an hour.”

She nodded as she sat behind her desk and started sorting mail. I started my computer and started going through everything. I looked up when she stood and put her tiny bikini on. She grinned, “No freebees for the delivery guys.”

I grinned and went back to work. I was startled out of my concentration when the delivery men arrived. They were unpacking the computers when the Insurance agent arrived. I checked my work and stood to join him. Sasha had sat him in one of the cushioned chairs so I sat beside him while she went back to directing the two men where she wanted the computers set up.

When the agent left, I took the paperwork and Sasha grinned as she took them and nudged me towards the desk, “Their almost done with the network.”

I nodded, “Did they have the two laptops?”

She nodded and I went back to my work and only looked up for a minute when they left. I finally sighed and shut my computer down. When I looked up Sasha was naked and sitting on her desk, “I need help with a fitting boss.”

I grinned as I stood and came around my desk, “What fitting?”

She looked down at her pussy, “This one. It needs your cock in it.”

I laughed and walked between her legs, I cupped her breasts and kissed her. Her hand caressed my chest and stomach as she moaned and put her hands on my hips to pull me against her. I grinned and looked down as one of her hands opened my pants and bent my cock and her other hand pulled on my hip.

I slowly pushed into her and felt her warm, slippery pussy surround my cock. I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs as I started to fuck her slowly. Sasha shuddered and caressed my chest as my cock slipped in and out of her warm moist pussy. It was amazing to feel her around my cock each time I pushed all the way in.

I leaned forward to kiss her and she groaned and shuddered. She pulled back and kept going until she was lying back. She lifted her legs and spread them and I held her hips and fucked her with hard, deep thrusts that made her grunt. I smiled and slowed to bury my cock and pressed against her.

Sasha spasmed and jerked as her pussy tightened and contracted around my cock, “Oh damn... ADAM!”

She convulsed as her pussy milked my cock. I shuddered and fucked her hard for another minute and then pushed into her and held her tight. I spewed strong spurts of cum against her womb and she shuddered harder, “YES!”

I jerked and relaxed as the last weak shot of cum squeezed into her full pussy and she giggled, “Thanks boss.”

I grinned and reached out to rub her nipples, “Thank you.”

I pulled out and helped her off her desk. I caressed her lovely body and smiled as I turned back to my desk stripping off my pants, “That was your way to relieve my stress?”

Sasha laughed and headed towards the bathroom, “No, that was my way to relieve my horny pussy.”

I sat and started doing the accounting and a minute later Sasha sat on the corner of my desk, “You want me to start writing responses to the invitations?”

I looked at her, “Invitations?”

She grinned, “Parties?”

I sat back, “We’re invited to a party?”

She laughed, “No, you are invited to two parties by two investment firms.”

I smiled, “You’re my assistant Sasha. I pay you the big bucks to decide those types of things. You will be attending any party you decide I need to go to. That means as soon as the bank gets my business credit cards to me, you will buy appropriate attire for each party we have to attend.”

She grinned, “Business expense?”

I nodded, “exactly.”

She slipped off the desk, “let me give the bank a call about those cards.”

I laughed and went back to work. I finished with a sigh and rubbed my temples as I pushed back from the desk. Sasha slipped onto my lap and positioned my cock before wiggling it into her. She sighed and shivered before reaching up to rub my temples, “The cards will be here tomorrow morning. You have a party Saturday night.”

I grinned and shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock, “Are you going to have enough time to get a dress?”

She closed her eyes and shook before moaning. She thrust back and forth for a minute and then shuddered and sighed. She kissed my lips, “Yes.”

I felt and caressed her as she continued to fuck me. I loved feeling and cupping her firm breasts as her pussy squeezed and rippled around my throbbing cock. Sasha shivered and thrust back and forth rapidly, “Fuck!”

I smiled and rubbed her nipples as I looked past her at the door. Mom was standing with it half open and a look of surprise on her face. I held Sasha’s hips, “You might as well come in mom.”

Sasha twisted and started to move off me. I held her in place as mom stepped into the room and closed the door, “I’m not interrupting am I?”

I rubbed and caressed Sasha’s hips, “No. You know Sasha.”

Mom smiled, “Hi Sasha. I see I was right, you are perfect for the job.”

Sasha laughed and thrust back and forth on my cock. “It seems to be a perfect fit.”

Mom laughed and sat on my desk, “I just came out to tell Adam I have to work late tonight.”

Sasha shuddered and started rocking on me, “Funny, I think we do too. I might have to spend the night.”

Mom laughed again as I shuddered and thrust up into Sasha’s shaking body. She caressed my chest, “We need to discus clothes for the two parties and next week’s schedule.”

Mom grinned and slipped off the desk, “Your father will be home to pack for a business trip.”

I stood lifting Sasha to the desk as mom walked out. She lay back as I started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She was gasping and shaking as I finally shoved against the back of her pussy and pumped huge jets of cum. She jerked as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I shivered as I spurted and spewed until I felt drained. Sasha shuddered and grinned up at me, “That was your stress relief.”

I grinned and caressed her lovely body before slowly pulling out and helping her up, “How about a quick shower? We can get dressed and go get dinner and then…”

Sasha laughed as she caressed my chest and then pulled me towards the bathroom, “And then we find a bed to do that again.”

I laughed and followed her into the shower. After we had washed and dried each other I led her out. I watched her grab her pool bag before we locked the door behind us and headed into the house. In my room Sasha pulled clothes out of her bag as I changed. We met dad on the way out and he smiled at Sasha before absently heading back towards his room.

We went to a nice restaurant and I talked about what I wanted to get done next week. Sasha also told me what type of suit I would need for the party. When we got home, the house was dark, she started undressing even before we reached my room. She was grinning and turned to help me undress.

She pulled me to my king sized bed and laid back, “Adam, I love the way you make me feel.”

I grinned as I moved down between her legs. I looked up her body, “I’m finished working for the day Sasha, time to play.”

She laughed and then gasped as I licked through her pussy and teased her clit. She began shaking when I pushed my tongue up inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I nibbled and pulled on her inner lips before sucking her clit into my mouth and teasing it with my tongue. Sasha started thrusting her pussy up into my face harder and shaking.

Her back arched and she screamed as she squirted cum in my mouth, “YES!”

She continued to jerk and thrash around, squirting cum in my mouth twice more before finally dropping to the bed and covering her pussy. I grinned and moved up her panting body. She moved her hand and I slowly pushed into her as I kissed her. Sasha sighed and put her arms around me as I slowly began to fuck her.

I used long, deep thrusts that had her shaking in minutes. Each time I slowly thrust into her, I pressed against her and felt the head of my cock pushing her cervix open. It wasn’t long before Sasha was jerking erratically and her warm pussy contracted around my cock. She thrust up hard suddenly, “YES!”

She jerked and shuddered like she was having a seizure. I didn’t stop fucking her and Sasha tossed her head, “Oh god Adam!”

I kissed her, “You are beautiful Sasha.”

She groaned and shuddered more as I suddenly started fucking her a little harder. Her body slowly became rigid and then she was bucking wildly and thrashing around, “OH… MY… GOD! ADAM!”

I couldn’t hold back and pressed against her cervix before spurting a huge stream of cum. Sasha gasped and her eyes went wide as her hips lifted, “yyyyeeeessss!”

She was shaking as I kept pumping thick ropes of sperm straight into her womb. I finally stopped and she dropped to the bed breathing hard. She smiled at me as I held her and then she pulled me down to kiss her. I pulled out and moved to the side before lying down. Sasha turned and caressed my chest before putting her head on my shoulder, “Night boss.”

I smiled and caressed her bare shoulder, “Good night Sasha.”

I woke to the alarm and Sasha lifted her head. I moved off the bed and turned the alarm off before smiling at her, “Go back to sleep.”

I showered and dressed before checking and making a few buys and then leaving for school. When I got home a man was waiting in the office with Sasha. At first I was jealous until she turned to look at me, “Just in time. This is Tailor Jamison. He’s here to measure you for a suit.”

I looked at him, “Will it be ready for tomorrow night?”

He smiled, “Yes.”

He had me undress to my boxers and then began measuring and fitting me. Thirty minutes later he gathered everything up and looked at Sasha, “I’ll have it delivered by twelve tomorrow.”

She smiled and walked him to the door as I headed to my desk. A minute later she was only wearing her half bra and panties as she leaned on my desk, “I had my fitting done this morning.”

I grinned and rubbed her bare thigh, “Check the printer for your weekly pay check.”

She grinned and bent to kiss me before walking across to the printer. I grinned when she gasped and went back to work. I concentrated on what I was doing and finally sold the stocks and transferred the money to my account. I pulled up my account ledger and went to work. When I sat back and closed the program Sasha was waiting.

She was naked and smiled as she straddled me and rubbed my temples, “Your bank card is in the top drawer.”

I smiled and caressed her sides and cupped her breasts, “We made almost ten million so a trip to a jeweler is in order.”

Sasha grinned as she moved back and pulled my boxers down. She straddled me and guided my cock to her pussy. I closed my eyes in pleasure as her warm pussy slid down my cock and she caressed my chest, “We need a safe for the office.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples as she started to thrust back and forth fucking my cock. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and her tight pussy was milking my cock. She jerked suddenly and spasmed, “YES!”

She was erratically thrusting back and forth as she tossed her head, “I have been waiting all day for this.”

I grinned and stood to put her on the edge on my desk and started to fuck her hard trying to cum. Sasha jerked and shuddered violently, “yyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

I groaned as I thrust into her and held her as I began spurting and pumping cum. Sasha threw her head back and screamed as her pussy tightened around my throbbing cock. When I finally stopped cumming she shivered and hugged me. I pulled out of her and sat down, “Now, back to work. Do I have any mail?”

Sasha laughed as she slipped off the desk and turned to walk to her desk, “A few companies sent stock information.”

I sighed and pulled my chair closer to the desk, “Anything else?”

Sasha laughed, “No.”

When I finished the last one and just dropped it into the trash Sasha came to lean against me desk, “If you were just going to throw them away…”

I smiled and caressed her hip, “Someone needs to read them.”

She moved around and pushed my chair back to sit on my lap, “You do know this is just the beginning. You are just starting and doing very well.”

I looked at her as I absently cupped a breast, “I know, the mail started with just one or two things and now…”

Sasha nodded, “Just wait, the phone calls are going to start soon.”

I leaned into her to suck on a nipple, “What do you suggest?”

She shuddered and hugged me before sighing, “A secretary.”

I looked at her as she bit her lip, “I know what it sounds like, that I’m trying to get out of doing anything but…”

I squeezed her, “If I hire a secretary what are they going to say about you and me doing…”

She laughed, “Well, first off I will interview them before you ever see them so you’ll know they won’t say anything.”

I rubbed her nipples again, “You really think we need someone else?”

She turned my head, “See that large box in the corner? That was the mail for today.”

I nodded and stood to pull her to one of the cushioned chairs. I sat and she straddled me slowly sitting down on my cock. As she rocked back and forth I thought about it and sighed, “Okay. Monday you can advertise. I think a one hundred thousand dollar salary should work.”

Sasha groaned and shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. I smiled and rubbed her hips, “Get a large shredder for the mail too.”

She jerked and spasmed as she sat up, “fuck!”

I cupped her firm breasts as she settled onto my lap, “God I love your cock.”

She started shaking and jerking as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She bucked and thrust back and forth hard, “YES!”

I leaned back and groaned as I began to spurt and pump cum up into her. She shuddered and leaned close to hold me before kissing me passionately. When I stopped cumming she sighed and then giggled, “I can’t believe I’m such a horny slut.”

I grinned and rubbed her butt, “I’m not complaining.”

I rubbed and then patted her, “But if we are going to the jeweler we need to get cleaned up.”

We drove in her car and by the time we came home she was very happy. I cupped a breast as I turned in the seat, “My suit is going to be sent over?”

She shuddered, “Before noon. The party is at eight so I’ll pick you up at seven?”

I turned and opened the car door and Sasha cleared her throat. I looked back at her and she smiled, “Would you mind if I came over early tomorrow?”

I smiled and shook my head, “No.”

She grinned, “Good night boss.”

I got out and closed the door before she drove off. I watched her car until she turned and then went into the house. Mom was in the kitchen and smiled as I came in, “Have a hard day at the office?”

I grinned as I hugged her, “We have a party tomorrow. Sasha is something else mom.”

She laughed and turned to hold me, “Getting a crush?”

I smiled and pulled away, “I’m not sure. I really liked sleeping with her. I… got jealous when I found the tailor in the office with her and…”

Mom laughed and cupped my face, “She is a smart young woman. Talk to her baby.”

I sighed and nodded before helping mom with dinner. I woke in the dark as someone caressed me, “Adam?”

I knew it was Sasha and smiled as I reached for her in the dark, “How did you get in?”

She laid on me, “Your mother gave me a key.”

She spread her legs and lifted up to position my cock. I groaned as her warm pussy slid down my cock. Sasha kissed me as her hips started moving. All I could do was caress her wonderful body as she fucked me. A few minutes after she started, she shuddered and her pussy tightened, “mmmmmm!”

I smiled and cupped her breasts as she shuddered and spasmed. She sighed and laid on me again, “I saw how you looked when you came into the office.”

At first I didn’t say anything. I finally sighed and hugged her, “I was jealous. I know I’m not really your boyfriend but…”

Sasha laughed and straightened her legs, “I don’t know what it is. At first when your mother told me, I didn’t think I could do it but as soon as I saw you… I got horny. You aren’t some asshole that just wants sex. You want to please me and I like that. You are thoughtful and… I don’t know, it seems like I am your lover and not just a piece of ass.”

I smiled and hugged her as my cock continued to throb. Sasha kissed me, “How about we take it slow and just see where it goes?”

She rolled and pulled me on top of her, “Fuck me.”

I laughed, “Thank you Sasha.”

She groaned as I started to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. Her hips kept rising to meet mine and I started pressing against her or grinding. It wasn’t long before Sasha started shaking and spasming. Her pussy squeezed and tightened around my cock and she finally she went rigid, “YES!”

I kissed her as she started jerking and began fucking her harder. It wasn’t long before I was shaking and groaned. Sasha continued to spasm as I finally thrust into her and began pumping strong gushing spurts of cum. She arched her back as she jerked with each jet of warm cum, “FUCK YES!”

I sprayed her belly with warm cum and Sasha continued to shake until I stopped with a sigh. I grinned and started fucking her again and she laughed as she shook me. She didn’t try to stop me though and her hips were meeting mine. Each thrust into her I would press against her hard and before long she was shuddering again.

I fucked her hard for a few strokes and Sasha arched her back, “aaaahhhh!”

I thrust into her and held her as she spasmed and convulsed, her pussy squeezing my cock. She finally sighed and dropped to the bed and I kissed her before slowly starting to fuck her again. She shivered and lifted her legs up as I went to long, deep strokes and then she was back to shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock, “FUCK!”

I thrust into her and began spurting cum again and Sasha jerked before wrapping her legs around me and holding me as if her life depended on it. When I stopped cumming, I shuddered and kissed her before slowly pulling out. I turned onto my back as she turned and snuggled against me, “That was so good.”

I laughed softly and squeezed her as she put her head on my shoulder. That just seemed to feel so right and I sighed as I caressed her. I relaxed and fell asleep and woke as Sasha moved off the bed. I smiled, “Making a quiet get away?”

She grinned, “I need to do a few things at home before tonight.”

I smiled, “Thanks for last night Sasha and I’m not talking about the sex.”

She smiled as she started putting clothes on. She walked to the bed and leaned over to caress my face and then kiss me. After she had left I lay back to think, I didn’t hear mom until she sat on the side of the bed, “Did I hear Sasha last night?”

I grinned, “The neighbors probably heard Sasha last night.”

She caressed my face before standing and walking towards the door, “Go shower, you stink.”

I grinned and rolled out of bed. The day seemed to fly by and I was really nervous after getting dressed for the party. Sasha finally arrived and I got in her car. I took one look and grinned, “Good, everyone will be watching you instead of me. You’re gorgeous Sasha.”

She laughed as she pulled away, “Thanks boss.”

The party was fun even if they didn’t expect me to be so young. I was right, everyone was looking at Sasha. When she dropped me off at home I was tempted to ask her to stay. I think she knew that and smiled, “I need to think Adam.”

I nodded, “See you Monday?”

She grinned, “I’ll be the one sunbathing by the pool.”

It was a long night followed by another long day. I spent it shopping though and cleaning the pool. When I got home Monday, I didn’t see Sasha until I walked into the office. She was in a bikini but was talking to a young woman with short black hair and firm breasts. I smiled as she nodded to me but didn’t stop what she was doing.

I started my computer and began checking stocks. It was another hour before Sasha cleared her throat right beside me. I jumped and she grinned, “Sorry but you seemed occupied.”

I nodded and glanced at the screen before sitting back. Sasha grinned as I looked around, “She’s out by the pool.”

I smiled and reached out to pull her onto my lap, “Well?”

Sasha grinned, “She’s into girls.”

I moved her bikini top and rubbed her nipple, “but will she mind…”

She laughed and pulled my face to her breast, “No, she asked if I switched.”

I took her nipple out of my mouth, “Switched?”

She grinned, “Did girls. She wants to fuck me too.”

I grinned and sucked on her nipple before she shuddered and moved off my lap. Sasha pulled her bikini bottom aside and bent to open my pants. I lifted up so she could pull them down and then she straddled me, she sat down and my cock pushed into her. She shuddered before I was even all the way inside her and then she began slowly thrusting back and forth.

She closed her eyes in pleasure as her pussy started squeezing me. I rubbed and caressed her as she started rising up and thrusting back and down onto my cock. A few minutes later she started shaking and having spasms. I groaned and cupped her breasts and Sasha opened her eyes to smile at me as she spread her legs a little wider and started grinding.

Finally I jerked and held her waist as my body was racked by twitches and spasms. My cock throbbed and exploded with almost two days worth of cum. Sasha screamed, “yyyeeesss!”

I held her convulsing body as I pumped my sperm deep inside her. I groaned and finally pulled her against me as I slowly relaxed. Sasha shuddered and her tight pussy gripped my cock tighter. She pulled back to look into my face and sigh, “That was so good.”

I smiled and caressed her and she sighed, “Now, about Becky.”

I grinned and rubbed her bare back, “Give me a minute and I’ll talk to her.”

Sasha stood and stepped back before pulling a folder from the side of my desk, “This is her application and my notes.”

I nodded and watched her walk towards the door before pulling my pants up. I opened the folder and moved to sit in one of the comfortable chairs as I started reading. Sasha seemed to have covered everything and I was impressed, this Becky Davison was twenty with an associate’s degree in business.

I looked up when Sasha and Becky sat on the love seat. I smiled and closed the folder, “With a degree, why come to work for me?”

She glanced at Sasha and sat back, “I’ve been looking for work and there really isn’t anything. I saw the internet add you put out this morning and decided to give you a try.”

I nodded and looked at Sasha, “And did Sasha explain about…”

I blushed and Becky grinned, “Yes.”

I looked at Sasha, “Is she what you wanted?”

Sasha nodded, “She seems solid.”

I turned to look out the window as I thought and finally nodded, “Get her started on the benefit package and employee paperwork.”

Sasha grinned, “Anything else?”

I stood and handed her Becky’s folder, “Any mail?”

She grinned, “A couple of things that need to be read and two checks that need to be signed so I can deposit them.”

I smiled, “In that case, I’ll go finish what I was doing.”

When I glanced up a few minutes later it was to see Becky in just her panties and bra. Sasha was shuddering as she sat on the edge of her desk with Becky between her legs. I watched for a minute and then picked up the papers Sasha had left on the corner of my desk. I read through everything and set one aside before turning to drop the rest in my waste basket.

Becky cleared her throat, “Always shred.”

I looked at her and grinned as Sasha came to take the papers away, “I’ll get you a separate basket.”

I smiled and caressed her hip and she grinned, “Are you finished?”

I looked at my computer screen and sighed, Becky grinned and Sasha laughed as she walked away. I finally finished and balanced the account before sitting back. Sasha smiled as she walked to my desk, “We finished sorting the junk mail.”

She pushed my chair back and moved in front of me before kneeling. I held her hands as she reached out to open my pants, “Are you sure?”

She smiled and finished what she was doing before standing and untying her bottoms and lifting up to sit on the edge of the desk. I stood as she held her arms out and stepped between her legs. She guided my cock into her and sighed as it began spreading her open. I cupped her breasts, “Did we get any more party invitations?”

Sasha groaned as I buried my cock and pressed against her, “No.”

I kissed her before pulling back and starting to fuck her slowly. I stopped as the phone rang and looked at the other desk as Becky answered it. She talked quietly and shook her head before looking at me, “I’ll tell him but he isn’t making any appointments right now.”

She hung up a moment later, “Some charity that wants to talk to you about giving money to their cause.”

I sighed and then looked at Sasha as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I kissed her and slowly pulled out and sat back down. Sasha groaned and stood up before sitting on my lap, “That is just the beginning.”

I held her and cupped her breasts, “I’m not good at telling people no.”

She laughed as Becky walked to my desk, “Don’t worry, we can tell them for you.”

Becky leaned on the desk, “That’s what assistants and secretaries are for.”

She caressed Sasha’s cheek, “go ahead and finish. I’ll take care of everything.”

She turned away as Sasha stood and straddled me. It wasn’t long before I was back inside her and her warm pussy was squeezing my cock. She started shaking and shuddering a few minutes later. She lifted her feet to wrap them around me and the chair. She was fully impaled as she rocked and continued to spasm.

I finally groaned as I began spurting and pumping cum. Sasha jerked and had spasms that were like convulsions as she screamed, “YES!”

We were just holding each other long after I stopped cumming and Becky cleared her throat, “Seeing that makes me wonder what I’ve been missing. The two guys that I let fuck me sure didn’t get me off.”

Sasha laughed and hugged me before standing, “You should see him in bed and taking his time.”

Becky grinned and turned back to her desk, “I finished the forms you told me to fill out.”

Sasha caressed my face before walking bottomless towards Becky. I shook my head and pulled up the tax file I needed for Becky and then called the insurance agent. When I finished, I glanced at Sasha to see her leaning back from Becky’s pussy. She grinned at me with a wet face and stood up.

After giving Becky a kiss she walked towards me and looked at the computer screen before pulling me up, “You should be done for the day. Come help me wash.”

Becky cleared her throat, “Can I join you?”

Sasha looked at me and then nodded to her, “Sure.”

It was different with Becky in the shower and she finally laughed, “You can touch me, I don’t mind.”

I grinned at Sasha and cupped one of Becky’s breasts and rubbed the nipple. She shuddered and Sasha laughed as she hugged me from behind. Becky turned and reached down to hold my still hard cock. She grinned, “This is different too. Those other guys didn’t stay hard.”

Sasha laughed as she reached down to stroke my cock, “It’s like the energizer bunny. It keeps going and going…”

I laughed and turned to hold her, “Careful you.”

Becky laughed and Sasha grinned before kissing me. When we got out and started drying off Sasha smiled at Becky, “You can come in early tomorrow and we can lay out.”

Becky grinned and kissed her before walking out with her bra and panties in her hand. Sasha turned to me and caressed my chest, “Can I come back later?”

I smiled and kissed her before stepping back, “You have a key.”

She grinned and led me into the office before putting her bikini on and grabbing her purse. Becky waved as she left and I sighed as I dressed slowly. I followed Sasha out and locked the door before walking her to her car. She gave me a last kiss before driving off and I went inside. Mom was in the kitchen and smiled at me, “Who was the other woman?”

I smiled, “The mail was getting crazy so we hired a woman to help.”

She grinned, “All you need now is another man and you can have orgies.”

I laughed and started helping her. After dinner dad came home and mom disappeared with him. I cleaned up and put everything away before going to my room. I put a movie on and sat against the head board to watch. The movie had only been on ten minutes when Sasha poked her head in the door.

She grinned and came in before quietly closing the door, “Your mom and dad are in the living room.”

I smiled, “Did they see you?”

She stripped on her way to the bed, “I think your mom did.”

I lifted my hips to slide my sleeping pants off and Sasha climbed onto the bed. She sat beside me and leaned against my side, “Can we talk?”

I smiled and leaned back, “Of course.”

She turned to caress my chest, “I think I have changed my mind about a few things.”

I looked at her and she sighed before looking at me with pleading eyes, “Be my lover?”

I pulled her close and kissed her before pulling her onto my lap, “With conditions.”

She frowned, “What conditions?”

I cupped one of her breasts, “One, you start having dinner with me and my parents.”

Sasha smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

I rubbed her nipple, “Two, after work we do things like movies.”

Sasha grinned, “Okay.”

I bent my head to suck on the nipple and then pulled back to look into her face, “Three, you sleep with me whenever you can.”

Sasha laughed and shook me, “Okay.”

I thought about it and kissed her, “Four, you start telling me or asking me for the type of sex you want.”

She turned and shifted until she was straddling me, “Okay.”

I looked up from her pussy and smiled, “Five…”

I shrugged, “I don’t think there’s a five.”

She grinned and lifted up before positioning my cock. She sat back driving my cock into her warm slippery pussy, I shuddered and held her against me. Sasha laughed suddenly and leaned back to look at my face before giving me a kiss. She seemed to relax as she held me and her pussy squeezed my cock, “There’s something about you that makes me want you, want to keep coming back…”

Sasha sighed and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. She looked into my eyes and sighed, “God you make me horny.”

I laughed and shook her, “I can say the same thing about you.”

She laughed and began to rock back and forth as she leaned back to look into my face. I held her hips lightly as her warm, wonderful pussy tried to milk my cock. She shuddered and jerked but didn’t look away and I grinned, “Good?”

She nodded and smiled, “Like always.”

I shivered as her pussy began to make my cock throb and Sasha grinned, “Good?”

I laughed and shook her, “Like always.”

She laughed and her pussy squeezed my cock again. She began to thrust back and forth rubbing her clit on me and a few moments later she became erratic. She was jerking and shaking as her tight pussy milked my cock. I shuddered and held her hips as I started spurting cum. Sasha jerked with the first warm jet that entered her and started convulsing, “Fuck!”

I kept shuddering as I pumped more cum into her and glanced at my door as it opened. Dad looked from Sasha to me and smiled before closing the door. I pulled her upper body against mine as I relaxed and stopped cumming. She sighed and shuddered as she squeezed me, “God I love feeling that.”

I smiled and hugged her before kissing her. Sasha lifted her hips so my cock would come out and then she moved down on the bed. I sighed and reached over to use the remote and shut the TV off before sliding down beside her. Sasha put her head on my shoulder, “You didn’t watch Becky and me today.”

I laughed, “I did a few times.”

She caressed my chest, “Want to fuck her?”

I turned to look at her, “Getting tired of me already?”

She giggled, “I was thinking I would get to lick your cum out of her.”

I laughed again, “And wouldn’t stop until you were sure you had all of it.”

Sasha laughed and pulled on me to get me between her legs, “Well, she didn’t mind tasting you from my pussy.”

I pushed into her and slowly thrust all the way in before holding still and kissing her. I stayed deep inside her and just used short pressing thrusts and Sasha shuddered and her pussy tightened. She kissed me and sighed before looking into my face, “Becky really wanted you.”

I looked into her face and kissed her, “You really want me to fuck her?”

Sasha grinned, “On the edge of her desk so I can sit in my chair and lick all the cum out when you finish.”

I shuddered as her slimy pussy spasmed around my cock. I fucked her hard for a minute and then buried it to just press and grind against her. Sasha was shaking and jerking as her pussy milked my cock constantly. She shuddered and grinned before shaking me, “Keep going.”

I laughed and kissed her, “But that will make me cum.”

She laughed and her pussy squeezed my cock, “I know.”

I shuddered and went back to fucking her long and hard. It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting closer. Sasha was shuddering constantly as she shook her head. Her messy pussy continued to squeeze and contract around my cock and I shuddered hard myself as I finally pressed into her and started spurting and pumping jets of cum.

Sasha jerked and stiffened as her pussy tightened, “YYYEEEESSSSS!”

She thrashed around and bucked up each time my cock spewed another jet of cum. Finally as I stopped cumming and Sasha shuddered hard and sighed before relaxing. I grinned and pulled out of her leaky pussy to move over beside her and she rolled to caress my chest as she put her head on my shoulder.

I sighed and slowly we both relaxed, I knew when Sasha fell asleep by her breathing. I caressed her soft skin and thought about Becky and what Sasha wanted me to do. I sighed and closed my eyes, I woke to mom touching my shoulder, “You’re going to be late.”

I glanced at the clock and slipped out of bed before heading into the bathroom, I had no idea when Sasha had left. After dressing I used my laptop to buy the stocks I had looked at and then went to the kitchen and grinned when I saw Sasha sitting at the table sipping coffee with mom and dad.

I caressed her shoulder before blushing as I bent to kiss her softly on the lips. I stood up and grinned before starting towards the door. I stopped and looked back, “Before I forget, I need you to find a nice car and a car service.”

She grinned, “What type of car?”

I glanced at mom and dad, “I was thinking of electric.”

Sasha frowned and I grinned, “See if we can buy a Tesla sports car.”

I walked out with a grin knowing Sasha would look it up. When I got home it was quiet, I walked out the back door and grinned at the two naked women sunbathing beside the pool. The door to the office was open and a naked Sasha looked up from her desk when I walked in. A naked Becky waved from a file cabinet and I shook my head as I crossed to my desk, “Any luck finding the Tesla?”

Sasha laughed, “You really want to buy a Tesla for the office?”

I grinned as I started my computer, “Actually I wanted to buy two, one for you and one for Becky. Your car is a wreck and from what I saw hers isn’t much better, we have an image to uphold. I might even buy one for me.”

Becky looked back and forth as Sasha crossed and pushed my chair back before sitting in my lap, “You don’t…”

I cupped her breast and rubbed her nipple, “I do need too. You and Becky and anyone else we hire need to present the appearance that we know what we are doing. I love you Sasha, I think I have since the first day. I will fuck your lovely pussy or not. I will enjoy your beautiful body when you let me. I will even do as you ask if Becky really wants me too. What I won’t do is give you something on a whim.”

She shuddered and looked up from her nipple before grinning, “In that case, yes I found a dealer that can get us a Tesla.”

She stood up and pulled me to my feet before undressing me, “By the way, the two women by the pool have an appointment to see you in an hour.”

I looked up from watching her hands and smiled, “Who are they and why do they have an appointment without me knowing about it?”

Sasha grinned as she carried my clothes to a new clothes stand in the corner, “One is my mother and the other is my sister.”

I grinned as I sat back down, “in that case I will take time to meet with them.”

Becky laughed as Sasha took her hand and pulled her to my desk. She kissed her passionately before turning her to sit on the edge of the desk in front of me. I smiled, “Before I finish my work?”

Sasha laughed, “Just a snack.”

I laughed with Becky and leaned in to lick through her pussy. She shuddered and I glanced up at her moan. Sasha was kissing her passionately and playing with one breast. I teased her clit and nibbled on it gently. She spasmed and pulled my face into her pussy hard. Sasha laughed and I heard her whisper something that made Becky groan.

I kept licking her and wiggling my tongue on her clit and she continued to shudder. Sasha pulled me up and I looked at her as her hand wrapped around my cock and guided it to Becky’s pussy. She grinned and kissed me as her hand pulled on my butt, driving my cock into her. She was warm, almost hot and very wet.

She shuddered and moaned as I slowly pushed the rest of the way into her. Sasha grinned, “I got her warmed up for you.”

I caressed her sides and held her when I was completely buried. Becky looked at me and then grinned and shook me, “You can move boss.”

I kissed her before slowly pulling back and beginning to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. I didn’t rush and just enjoyed the way she felt. She kept shuddering and sighing as her pussy continually tightened to grip my cock. Sasha alternated between us as she kept kissing and caressing us.

After almost five minutes Becky stiffened and jerked before crying out, “FUCK!”

Her slippery pussy contracted and she started convulsing as Sasha locked her mouth on hers. I fucked her hard for a minute and then slowed to long, deep thrusts again. Becky was almost incoherent as her body jerked and spasmed. A few more minutes and I groaned before slowly pushing into her as far as I could.

Sasha turned to kiss me passionately as I jerked and began spurting and spewing cum against Becky’s cervix. She tightened her hold on me and shuddered hard, “OH! Fuck me!”

Sasha laughed as she pulled away and turned to kiss her. I shuddered as I kept spurting and pumping cum into her and finally Becky sighed and leaned against Sasha, “God, I really needed that.”

Sasha grinned and pushed me back, “Mind if I use your desk?”

I laughed and shook my head before walking towards the stack of mail on her desk. Sasha sat in my chair as Becky giggled and Sasha moved forward between her legs. Becky shuddered and moaned when Sasha started licking her leaking pussy. I glanced at the door to see a younger version of Sasha and she grinned, “I was just going to ask to use the bathroom.”

Sasha looked up wet faced and grinned before gesturing towards the doorway. I watched her walk across the room as Sasha went back to licking Becky as if she hadn’t been interrupted. I shook my head and started sorting mail. I frowned at the one from the IRS and sat back to open it.

I read through it and shook my head before starting as Sasha’s sister was moving my hands and sitting in my lap, “I’m Amber.”

I rubbed her hard nipples, “Hi.”

She shuddered and Sasha laughed as she stood up, “Carefully little sister.”

Sasha gave Becky a quick kiss before crossing to us. She caressed my face while looking at Amber, “Why don’t you go get mom?”

Amber stood and kissed her on the mouth before heading for the door. I smiled and then looked at the letter in my hand. I looked at Sasha, “I need to take a record of my accounts to the IRS tomorrow. I have been paying them half of everything I make each week which is more than enough and now they say I owe them more.”

She frowned and took the letter, “I’ll take care of this.”

I moved as she sat and turned to wake Becky’s computer up. I crossed to my desk and Becky went to finish sorting mail. I had barely sat when Amber came in again with an older version of her and Sasha. Sasha gestured to the chairs as she used the phone. I glanced at the stocks and sold before switching to another screen to review a couple of others.

Sasha caressing my cheek made me glance up, “My mom and sister?”

I glanced at them and grinned, “Sorry I got…”

She laughed, “I know. Come on it won’t take long.”

I checked the screen and then stood and followed her to the love seat and sat beside her. Her mother smiled, “Well, I know you work hard, even with naked women around you.”

I grinned at Sasha, “My deal with Sasha was work first and then we can play.”

She laughed as Amber grinned. Sasha leaned against me, “We are going to take it slow mom and yes he is young. Dad was young too wasn’t he?”

Her mother nodded, “Probably younger than Adam.”

Amber leaned forward, “So, do you swing?”

I saw Becky turn to look and smiled, “I do as my lover asks.”

She grinned and Sasha blushed. Her mom looked at Becky and back at me, “My daughters have always enjoyed both sides of the fence.”

I squeezed Sasha’s hand, “I’ve seen and know.”

She smiled before nodding to Sasha, “I think I like him.”

Sasha grinned and leaned against me as her mom stood, “bring him home for dinner sometime.”

Amber grinned and moved to sit in my lap and Sasha laughed, “After he does his work Sis.”

Amber laughed and wiggled before standing, “I’ll be outside getting a tan.”

Sasha’s mom laughed as she walked towards the door, “I need to go home Sasha.”

I watched her leave and then stood and kissed Sasha before going back to my desk. It was a couple of hours before I sat back. Becky came to sit in my lap, “Thanks for earlier. I’m finished with my work for the day.”

I grinned as Sasha came to sit on the edge of the desk, “you can go home... or go get some sun by the pool.”

Sasha laughed as Becky grinned and kissed me, “I think I will.”

She stood and walked out and Sasha straddled me and fitted my cock in her pussy. She sat with a sigh and shudder as her pussy squeezed my cock, “I made an offer for the cars but you will need to go do the paperwork.”

I caressed her hips and leaned back to cup her breasts, “What about the IRS?”

She shivered and started to thrust back and forth, “I copied your account ledger and double checked everything before notifying them we would be coming with our lawyer.”

I looked at her, “I don’t have a...”

Sasha shuddered and groaned before kissing me, “I contacted a good firm and they will send someone. You need good legal advice anyway.”

I sighed and shivered as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and it pushed her cervix open. She hugged me as she became erratic and then she was jerking and spasming. I kissed her as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. Sasha squirted and wet me as she jerked back and forth harder. She yelled as she started rocking and I leaned down to suck on one of her nipples.

She jerked and began to convulse as I groaned and thrust up with my hips. My cock was jerking and throbbing before I started to gush thick spurts of cum up into her. She shuddered and sighed as she felt warm cum filling her and leaned against me. When I stopped cumming Sasha turned her head to grin, “I love that part the best.”

I grinned, “I like the whole thing.”

She grinned and kissed me before standing, “If you are finished, my sister wants you to fuck her tight pussy.”

I laughed and turned to my computer. I checked everything before shutting it off, “we’re closed for the day.”

She grinned as she pulled me up before leading me outside to the pool. Becky and Amber were laid back but water drops were on both of them. Sasha kissed me before kneeling and caressing Becky. She slid down her body between her legs as Becky spread them.

I grinned and sat on a lounge chair next to them and Amber turned, “While my sister is raping her other lover you could push that big beautiful cock into me and fuck me.”

Sasha laughed as Becky grinned. I stood and walked around and laid down beside Amber. I cupped a firm breast before leaning over to suck on the nipple. I slid my hand down her body as I continued to nibble and suck on her nipple and started to finger her. She shivered and began lifting her hips as she moaned. Her pussy was almost hot and very slick.

I turned and kissed her as I slipped between her legs. She put her arms around me and kissed me back as I lifted up. I pushed and she grunted as my thick cock slowly pushed into her. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her with deeper thrusts. It wasn’t long before her hips were lifting and she was thrusting onto my cock.

She jerked and went wild when I hit and pushed against her cervix, “FUCK!”

I jabbed and humped into her as she bucked and thrashed around kicking in the air. Her hot pussy grasped and squeezed my cock as it kept spasming. I fucked her hard and deep and she howled and wrapped her legs around me, “yyyyyeeeeeesssssss!”

She came almost constantly as I continued to fuck her. I went back and forth from fucking her fast and hard to nice and slow. When I finally buried my cock in her open cervix she was incoherent and thrashing around erratically. I held her and started pumping strong spurts of cum into her. She jerked and tossed her head as she moaned and shuddered.

When I stopped cumming I gave her a kiss and pulled out. She shivered and turned her head to look at Sasha, “Holy fuck.”

Sasha and Becky laughed as I stood and pulled Sasha up, “Can we go look at the Telsa?”

She grinned, “We better get dressed first.”

I looked at her sister, “want a job Amber?”

Sasha looked at me and then at her sister, “what job?”

I turned and pulled Sasha towards the open door of the office, “mostly gopher and delivery person.”

Sasha grinned and looked back, “come on sluts.”

I smiled and pulled her into the office before letting her go and looking for my clothes. Sasha had hers in a drawer with Becky’s. When we were dressed we crowded into Sasha’s car. We had a little trouble at the dealership until Sasha said something to the salesman and then the problem vanished. They only had two but could order the other two from other dealerships.

I paid for the two with a check and put a deposit down on the other two. Amber drove Sasha’s car back as Sasha drove one Telsa and Becky drove the other home. Mom smiled when we came into the house and Sasha waved, “This is my sister Amber.”

Mom grinned, “was he wearing you out?”

Sasha laughed as she pulled me towards the hall and my bedroom, “I’ll let you know after we have another session.”

I turned her at the bed and pushed her hands away. I kissed her softly and smiled as I started to undress her. Amber laughed as she stripped and climbed onto my bed, “at least he has a nice big bed.”

Sasha smiled and kissed me as I helped her onto the bed. I quickly undressed as they kissed each other and slipped onto the bed beside Sasha. She turned and grinned, “Fuck Amber again so she will stop humping me.”

I grinned as I rubbed one of her nipples and kissed her before turning to Amber, “You haven’t really had a lot of sex have you?”

She grinned, “only with my girlfriends and Sasha.”

I smiled at Sasha, “She sleeping with us tonight?”

Sasha grinned, “going to break her in?”

I grinned as I looked at Amber, “I was going to let her have what she wants.”

Amber laughed and pulled on me as Sasha giggled, “That would be a lot of cum.”

I smiled as I pushed her hands away and pushed her onto her back before kissing her. I lifted and pushed into her cummy pussy and fucked her for a minute before stopping. She shivered and looked at me and I held her tight before rolling. I pushed her up and cupped her breasts, “If you want it you can do the work.”

She grinned and thrust back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. I reached for Sasha and she moved closer and caressed my chest, “I get to lick it out of her when you finish.”

I laughed as Amber giggled and began twisting and rolling her hips as she thrust back and forth. Her tight pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock as she slowly became erratic. She stiffened several minutes later and then screamed as she jerked and convulsed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

Sasha laughed and reached up to tug on her nipples, “I get the cum if it leaks.”

I laughed and turned to kiss her as her sister continued to struggled and squirm. Sasha finally laughed as Amber spasmed and wet me for the third time, “roll over and fuck her.”

I grinned and pulled Amber down before rolling. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls churning. I shoved against her cervix and held her shaking body a moment later. She howled and tilted her hips as warm sperm pumped into her in thick spurts. When I was done I pulled out and Sasha laughed as she moved me and lay between her sister’s legs.

Sasha was made for me or I was made for her, Becky is our lover and so is Amber. We live in a large house we work out of. I make sure to keep things small so it is just the four of us. Of course there have been a few arguments but we have always worked them out. We even have child care for the kids now, I hired mom.
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