Zach is used and abused.
Chapter 10

Dawn tried to stand up but had to support herself on the bar. I was a little concerned and asked, “You OK Dawn?” and stood up to help.

“Um, my legs are a little wobbly.” and a grimace crossed her face.

“Maybe I was too rough on you.” I tried to apologize.

“No, you gave me what I wanted and I enjoyed every minute.” she replied.

“I should have been easier but I wanted you to enjoy It, that’s true.” being sincere.

“You did good Zach, don’t worry.” Laura said. “I told you she had a lot of wild in her.”

“I have some pain pills in the medicine cabinet.” Linda informed Dawn, “Kate, you can get them.”

“Rough" Laura huffed, "rough was watching Kate force feed you, Dawn.” Laura giggled, after Kate got up and left.

“She has got some kinky in her too.” Linda added.

“But it was sooo hot!” Dawn reflected, as she looked down at the wash cloth between her legs.

“I didn’t know you and Kate had gotten so… close.” I mused, wondering what the parents thought.

“It’s your fault Zach, kissing us and leaving!” Dawn accused.

“Well then, I guess I’ll take full credit.” and smiled.

“Men!” Laura snorted.

“A girl must get by somehow.” Linda rationalized.

“Was my using your vibrator ok with you Dawn?” I asked grinning.

“That broke my butt! Now, don’t tell me you saw that in a movie!” she said accusingly.

“Nope, that was Kate’s idea.” I confessed.

“Oh I am so getting even with her!” she retaliated.

“You didn’t complain!” I noted.

“That’s because my face was… Grrrr!” but her anger turned to a grin.

“Confess girl, they brought the freak out in you!” Laura prompted.

“Don’t make me spank you again.” I snickered.

“Ok yes, they did! That was definitely one I’ll remember!” she thought out loud. “But you can spank me anytime you want to, Zach.” batting her eyes and grinning even wider.

Kate came back with the pills and Dawn took them. I did feel for the girl and hoped the pills help.

“I want to know about that spanking, wherever did you get that idea?” Linda asked.

I guess they’ve had enough of my ‘I saw it in a movie’ bull and figured I’d share the info.

“I don’t know much about it but there were two girls that invented it.” I explained.

Everyone seemed interested and Laura said, “What two girls?”

“From what I understand, a girl named Bee got together with another girl named Dee and came up with it, I suppose. So Bee and Dee got famous over it from what I can figure because a lot of people like using their invention.” I educated them all.

“You mean Bondage and Discipline?” Laura asked.

“I guess that’s involved but they dress up in leather and spank each other.” I recollected.

“Boy, ignorance is bliss… and you are one happy fellow.” Linda said, and left the room.

“Where did you learn about the two girls Zach?” Kate wanted to know.

Now see? She hasn’t even grown to a woman and already her antenna is starting to work. You know what? Bob told me not to kiss and tell but no, I gotta run my mouth thinking I’m cool and all.

“I saw it on a magazine somewhere.” was all I was coughing up.

“A magazine…?” Laura sounded amazed.

I guess I’m not going to shut my big mouth, am I? Nope, I’m going to open my mouth and shove my foot right in it. That’s it, I’m done. New rule, keep your mouth shut about anything to do with sex! I’m going to put that one above removing pants completely too.

Linda came back in with a book in her hands. She laid it on the bar. She explained that B & D was short for bondage and discipline. She leafed through the book and educated me proper.

“Man, I’m dumb! I had no clue! Some of that does look dangerous! I’ll not be trying that busting balls game either!” I said in awe.

Dawn picked up the book and got interested. Kate raised both her eye brows and said, “It’s better to give than receive!” and I totally agreed.

“I might try everything once.” I thought out loud, “But only once and some things not at all.”

“Speaking of that, Dawn? Did your vibrator work ok?” Kate laughed.

“It worked perfect! And don’t knock it till you try it!” she replied with a huff.

“Anal sex can make the best orgasm.” Linda said.

“Sounds like you know for sure.” Laura responded.

“Oh, you know I know.” and Linda smiled.

“I don’t think it would help me any.” I said.

“Oh, you have a prostate you know.” Linda quipped.

“What’s that and what’s it got to do with anal sex?” I was curious.

Well, let me tell you, Linda knew it all. She explained where and what it was and how guys like it. An enema was required for safety because you could get sick, whatever that was.

“Maybe one day I’ll try it.” I said, giving it some thought. It might make the person doing it hot and bothered but I didn’t think I would get any fun from it.

“What about today?” Laura asked, then looked at Linda and smiled.

“You said you’d try everything once.” Dawn reminded me. “I really liked it myself.”

“I won’t go back on my word if you guys want to try it. But don’t be mad if I don’t get excited about it.” I conceded.

“How many times have you released… came today, Zach?” Linda had lost count.

“Um, Kate gave me a blow job and then once inside each girl.” I said.

“I bet you got more with two weeks stored up down there.” Laura noted.

“I know a way to find out. I’d love to do you and Linda. I think I could handle it.” I smirked.

“Oh mercy! That is a boundary I have never crossed! My husband would kill me!” Laura said.

“Want me to call and get his permission?” it never hurts to ask.

“Yes I do! Not because he would say ‘yes’ but because he would know I was desirable enough to get someone to replace him. But I can’t even get him on the phone.” Linda responded.

“Could you imagine the look on Ted’s face if Zach throws that question at him?” Linda cackled. Noticing Dawn, she said, “Dawn, quit drooling on my book and go get a shower!”

Dawn reluctantly closed the book, stood up, gained her balance and wobbled out.

Linda watched her efforts and said, “That girl has been used and abused!” and busted into laughter.

“She wanted it, she got it.” Kate claimed. “She loved it too.”

“Linda, you didn’t answer what I offered.” I pointed out, wondering why.

Linda sighed, “That has to remain a fantasy dear boy. It’s illegal for me to do that, you know.”

I thought about that and said, “You know I’m not a virgin, did I tell you who I lost it to?”

“No, you haven’t said.”

“And I never will.” I hinted.

“You know, you make it hard to resist.” Linda replied. “I’ll think about it.”

We all started to get cleaned up. Once again, I found myself in the shower. I guess after showering in a strange place so many times, you get used to it. The door opened and in came Linda. I had given up on modesty and didn’t bother covering up.

Linda straightened things out in the bathroom. “Zach, I have a robe here for you.” and placed it on the toilet seat.

“Thank you.” I replied.

“Laura and Dawn are spending the night. I have you set up in the same bedroom you and Kate was in.” she went on.

“Awe shucks, I was hoping I could sleep with you.” I sounded disappointed.

“I don’t think I have the courage to do that!” Linda exclaimed.

“Maybe if you drank some more; I saw some left in Mr. Beam’s bottle on the table.” trying my best to work it out.

“I just don’t want to chance a statutory rape charge.” she seemed worried.

I might not know what everything is but I was still in the battle, I said, “What if I did the statutory raping?”

“Then you would be a miracle worker, young man.” she laughed.

The door opened again and Kate walked in. “Mom, Zach’s clothes are done washing.”

“Leave them dear, we’ll dry them in the morning. I hate hearing that thing run during the night.” Linda instructed.

Linda has helped me out so much; I really wanted to do something for her. There might be a miracle in me yet and I think I’ll work on it.

I got out and started drying off, Kate stayed in the doorway watching me. “I’d want to go again but I’m a little sore.” Kate spoke up, “Can I try again tomorrow, mom?” she asked.

“Why don’t you wait and see how you feel then, dear.” Linda suggested.

“If Zach does you, can I watch?” this girl was my team mate!

“My word, everyone’s pushing me! It was bad enough fending off Laura and Zach, now you have to start!” she declared.

Adding my two cents worth, I said, “I’m telling you, I’ll do you right.”

“She thought a second and said, “Ok, if you want to have me, you have to let me do what I want to you.” and smiled.

I’m pretty sure I would let her do just about anything I could think of and what I thought of wasn’t going to bother me; I mean, what if she wants to suck on me or spank me a little, so what?

“I’ll tell you what. If I can have sex with you, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me and won’t complain a lick.” I said assured that I had no worries.

She stared at me till I thought she froze. Tick tock, the seconds went by.

“Zach, would you be willing to let us girls make you do anything we want?” Linda asked.

I gave that some thought and to be honest, my spidey sense was tingling.

“I have an exception.” I said.

“What is it?” Linda asked.

“I don’t want any markings that will take me time to get rid of.” remembering the hicky. I figured that would cover them torturing me too. I don’t know what they could come up with but I wasn’t putting anything past them.

“Deal!” and Linda put out her hand. Needless to say, I was a little reluctant shanking it, but I did.

“Kate, tell the others to come in here.” Linda said and off Kate went.

The girls started filing in, it was getting crowded.

“What’s going on?” Laura wanted to know.

“Zach has agreed to be our sex slave.” Linda informed them.

Now, I never said anything about being a slave! My thoughts immediately went to that B & D book.

“Now wait just a minute, I didn’t say I would be a slave.” I pointed out.

“The only rule you had was no markings that would take time to get rid of.” Linda explained.

“Yeah but…” I stuttered.

“No buts, you agreed and shook on it. You aren’t going back on your word are you?” Linda was shoving her point hard.

“I would never do that and you know it.” I relented.

“Then it’s settled. Get back in the shower.” Linda said to me and pointed.

“Huh? Why?” I said.

Linda opened a bottom cabinet. “Because I said to.” and started rummaging around.

Well crap, I didn’t want to have sex in the shower. There has to be a better place she would want to use. But, since I wasn’t the one in charge, I climbed back in and watched her.

She pulled out a kidney red rubber bag and tossed it at me. I caught it and looked it over. There were lips at the top and ridges circling around all over. The lips had holes in them and there was a plug in the center. There was a tag on the bottom with another hole through it. I was pretty sure I couldn’t get my dick in that hole and if she expected me to squirt my goo in it, she would probably be disappointed.

Linda rummaged some more and pulled out a hose. It matched the color of the bag. I saw one end had a tip like a water hose nozzle but much smaller. The other end looked like the plug that was in the bag already.

“My slave has to be cleaned thoroughly.” Linda stated, and turned on the bath water.

She took the bag from me and filled it. Pulling out a bottle of soap, she put some in the bag. Closing the hole with the plug she shook it up. She took the bag and replaced the plug with the plug on the hose. She hung it upside down and released the nozzle. Air spit out and then a solid stream of soapy water. She then turned it off.

“Bend over.” Linda ordered. I just stood there looking stupid.

Linda took her hand and, ‘smack’, hit my butt. “Bend over!” ordering it one more time.

Crap, what was it I said about always finding myself in these weird situations?

I bent; apparently not to Linda’s satisfaction. ‘Smack’ “The other way.” so I faced the faucets.

There are several things that came to my attention. It is one thing to be naked in front of someone else. It is entirely different when you show someone your butt. Linda demanded that I “spread them” and it wasn’t my legs so she smacked me again.

Now, there is yet one more thing that’s different. You can show someone your nakedness. You can show someone your butt. But when you spread the cheeks of your butt and show people your nasty place, you’ve just about lost any self-respect you might have had. That’s right, all three of them where eyeballing my very nasty place. How did I know? Because, I could see them between my spread legs and they weren’t looking at my eyes that blinks but the eye that stinks.

Linda somehow found something to lube with and actually started fingering my butthole. So, not only was I showing my nasty place but I allowed someone to finger it. Let me just say that wetting my pants at five years old in the mall is nothing compared to the embarrassment of getting fingered in front of people. Those people being girls did not help me any whatsoever.

If I had thought that I had been humiliated enough, I was sorely mistaken. Linda shoved that hose up my nasty place and turned the nozzle on. She reached up and squeezed the bag, making good and sure it was filling me up. All the while, I watched the girls giving oooh’s and aaah’s behind me, adding to my embarrassment. The hose was just as kind, though it wasn’t as big around as a finger. I felt it hit a place I didn’t know I had. The water just kept coming and I didn’t know when my tank was full but I was pretty sure it was going to overflow.

Once the bag was empty and my tank was full, Linda had me go to the toilet. The girls cleared out of the way and raised the lid.

Now, I had never been humiliated like that in my life, but unknown to me was the fact that it wasn’t over because I began to let loose. If I had been told yesterday that I was going to be farting out water in front of three women while sitting on a toilet today, I would have slapped some sense back in them. Yet, here I was doing just that.

Once I finished, Laura told me to flush it. When I turned around to do just that, I got smacked on my butt again.

“You didn’t say thank you.” Linda explained.

“For what?” I said, rubbing my behind.

“For letting you relieve yourself in the toilet.” and crossed her arms.

Now I’m beginning to understand what she is expecting from me. She wanted me to act like a slave. It was all new to me but, if it led me to have sex with her, I would play along.

“Thank you ma’am.” was all I said.

“Madam will do.” she scolded.

“Madam” I repeated. Whatever!

“Let’s all go to the entertainment room.” Linda announced.

I started to follow them out. Apparently I did that wrong too and received another swat.

“On your hands and knees slave.” Linda instructed.

So I crawled out of the bathroom. Linda retrieved the robe she brought me on the way out. I guess I wouldn’t need that now.

One word of note, when I crawled on my hands and knees, my secret place rubbed together. I actually had to focus to make sure I didn’t pinch myself between my legs. I guess underwear prevents your goods from hanging down and crawling naked takes an effort not to squash your balls.

We got to the living room and I took a chair. Linda came in and had me stand up, then bend over, then swatted me a few more times. She told me I was supposed to sit on my ankles with my hands behind my back. She had me sit right beside her.

Well I did. But again it just wasn’t good enough. She had me rise up so she could swat me again and told me to make sure my dick and balls were visible at all times.

I swear she loved swatting me. I was thankful it wouldn’t leave a mark though.

“Kate, how’s your pussy feeling?” Linda asked.

“It’s still achy.” she replied.

“Perhaps you should make our slave kiss it and make it better.” she suggested.

Kate came over to me and said, “Kiss my pussy slave!” and spread her legs, getting into the act.

I rose up and grabbed her by her hips and… ‘Smack’!

“Nobody said you could touch her, hands behind your back!” Dawn scolded.

I just rolled my eyes. Kate was thoughtful enough to spread her pussy lips for me and I gave it a lick and a suck. She pulled back and patted my head.

“Thank you for spreading your pussy for me.” I said.

“Dawn?” Linda asked.

“Yes please!” and came over to me. She bent over and looked me in the eyes. “Hmmm, tongue by hole!” and stood up. I started to rise up and lean in and she slapped my face away. Now, she didn’t slap me hard but I didn’t take it well. “This hole.” and spun around, bent over, and spread her butt cheeks for me.

Had I been told yesterday I’d be forced to tongue a nasty place today; I would’ve busted them in the nose. Yet, here I was, blinking at a stinking eye that was winking back at me.

The other girls were just as shocked as I was and Dawn looked at them and said, “What? I washed it. You know my other hole is sore!” backed into my face and wiggled.

I raised my hands out of reflex and got smacked again. While I chewed out Dawn’s butthole, Linda was chewing me out.

“That’s it; I’ve had it with you disobeying. Kate, get me my ribbon box. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t do that again.” Linda raved on. “You need to learn discipline young man” and smacked me one more time for fun.

My butt was stinging now and I hoped it wouldn’t bruise. I wasn’t so worried about someone seeing it; it isn’t every day I show it off. But at some point, I’d like to sit on it again and I didn’t want it hurting.

Considering the task before me now, just what would feel good to me? That was what I was using to guide me, thanks to Bob’s tutoring. But, I didn’t know how to even think about this one. I just licked it a lot.

“Stick your tongue in there.” Dawn demanded.

Oh this little brat is sure pushing it. She better hope I don’t bite her cheek. But I decided to try to please her to keep it fun. I guess since she already had my thumbs in there, she thought she might as well have my tongue. Then I thought about what I’d said; I would try anything once. With that resolved in my head, I plunged it in.

“Mmmm. Yes!” Dawn let out and started humping my face.

She stayed there for a while and finally had her fill and backed away from me.

“Thank you for spreading your cheeks for me and letting me kiss your butt.” I said. Hey, it sounded good, what the heck.

I didn’t notice Kate was back but Linda had a cloth ribbon ready. When I put my hands closer behind my back, she tied them where they were. I tested it and it was pretty strong but not wanting to damage it, I eased off it.

Laura figured she wanted in on it and dropped her pants and underwear. She sat back down in her chair and spread her legs.

“Get to licking.” looking at me.

Knee walking with your hands behind your back is a talent, which I lacked. Maybe it was my concentration on my goods but I fell on my side and had to work my way back up. The girls didn’t laugh but they were close to it.

Laura scooted close to the edge and pulled her pussy lips apart. With her instructions, I did the deed. She wanted her lips sucked there a lot. Not using any hands for support is a chore. I worked up a sweat while she worked on her orgasm.

I think my hair is going to stay unruly because she pulled so hard on it when she got close. She began bucking and cumming. I tasted her fluids as she gave them. For her age, she sure came a lot.

“That’s no fair!” Dawn cried, “She got to orgasm!”

“Now, now dear, there’s plenty of Zach to go around.” Linda consoled her. “But I’m next.”

Linda can give one evil grin when she wants too. I almost got scared.

“Come here Zach and stand up.” Linda commanded.

I knee walked to her and stood up. She grabbed my dick and stroked it while she talked.

“Now, what could I have my slave do for me?” looking around the room. “Maybe I need to get him hard, hmmm?”

Laura suggested she give me a reach around. Laura thought it sounded like a good idea so she turned me around facing the girls and stoke me from behind. I couldn’t help but get excited and my dick began to swell. Laura grabbed a cheek and massaged it, moving my hands out of her way. Then I felt her finger stoke my nasty place. She seemed like she knew what she was doing and after a few circular tours around it, she plunged it in.

Now, I have never been a girl, or had any girly thoughts. I never even thought of people that would play on anther one’s rear. I’ve been taught it was a sin, you see. But let me tell you, a finger in your nasty place can feel pretty darn good. Maybe it was Linda, she knew what to do, maybe it was me and I have a new found thrill, but I fought a question I never thought I would ask… am I maybe gay?

But I remembered Bob and his deeply thoughtful insight. Only a guy with a guy is gay. That let me give in to the pleasure Linda was giving me. I gave Dawn my mercy but Linda kept hers from me. She used only the sweat I had there and whatever remained from that red bag. But I didn’t notice nor care as she had me in both hands and kept my mind focused on my swollen cock and my pulsating stinky eye.

I don’t know if it was my hardened cock or the working of Linda’s finger but Kate and Dawn both stared and rubbed their once special place.

“Laura, be a dear and hand Zach your hair band.” Linda requested.

Laura let down her hair, which I thought made her look beautiful, got up and handed it to me. I never took notice of these before but the rubber band had cloth around it, and a metal fastener held it together.

I looked back at Linda, who had her hair pulled back, wondering what in the world this all-knowing woman would want me to do with it.

Linda stopped her stroking and told me to put it over my shaft. When it reached the bottom, she grabbed it and slipped it over my sack.

I could be called a liar on it but I swear my cock turned as red as that bag and the longer the pressure was on me, the harder my cock got. I became worried because if a cock could pop from pressure then mine would make a serious mess.

Linda’s only insight was, “That’ll keep you hard.” and stroked me a little bit more.

My cock was sensitive from the pressure and her stroking made it ache. What I could see of my balls, they were in just the same condition of my cock.

I was turned to Linda’s mouth and she sucked on it for a while. After she had her fun she told me to lie down on the floor.

I couldn’t do it. With my hands tied behind my back, the best I could do was lie on my side. Linda smiled at my dilemma and untied my hands.

“Thank you for untying me Madam” I said.

“You’ve thanked me for no reason slave.” and stepped over and pushed an ataman at me.

“Lie on your back on that.” She ordered, and grabbed another cloth ribbon. I got up and sat down on it then slid my back on to it. It was a minute before I found a balance, my neck on one end and my lower back on the other. Linda took the cloth ribbons and tied each wrist to an ankle, leaving me where I balanced.

I know I said I would do whatever they demanded. I said they could do whatever they wanted to me. But had this been in my thoughts, I would have refused in the beginning. Gone were my thoughts of sucking and slapping and replaced with my big swollen achy cock, mushroom balls, and defiance of gravity.

Maybe I should have looked at that book a little more but hind sight is twenty/twenty, I thought.

“That is a sight to behold right there.” Linda smirked, and looked around the room.

I’d love to know what the girls were thinking as they stared at my pole in the air and the rest of me below it but I couldn’t even see them and was left to merely guess.

Linda removed her skirt and proved she still had her underwear off. Stepping over me she stopped and said, “I guess you’ve got your wish.” giving me an eyeful of a hairy snatch then lowered herself on my big swollen achy cock.

She was soaking wet, I could tell right off the bat, or my own bat, as the wetness dripped on me. I don’t know what made her that way but I never seen her rub it. I would have loved to know what it felt like but my cock had lost some feeling in it. I guess it was the hair band that kept me from the full sensation but it didn’t matter any because I had to focus on my balance instead.

She rode me fast for a while then settled all the way down. She ground into me and moaned for a bit then back to riding me fast. She looked in my eyes and smiled then tweaked both my nipples, then tilted her head back and rode me into her bliss. She bucked until she shuddered and I picked up the slack. I tried my best to make sure that she got hers and bucked up to her as best I could.

I tried my best to ride into the bliss with her but something was terribly wrong. As hard as I tried and as bad as I wanted to, I couldn’t get over the edge. She rode me to a stop and I was still bucking. But she said I needed to stop. She pulled herself from me and my big swollen achy cock.

“I’m sorry madam.” I cried, “I really, really tried. But I couldn’t orgasm with you.”

She turned and looked at me and grinned, “Oh, you aren’t going to release until I’m ready for you to.” then returned to the chair close to me and took her seat.

We both panted for a while and things calmed down a lot. Then Linda sat up, looking around and asked, “Whose next with the slave?”

Kate said, “Me!” and dropped her robe in the chair.

“Are you sure honey?” Linda asked.

“I don’t care how sore I am. If you think I’m going to sit her and watch everybody get off without riding that thing, you’re crazy!” walking over to stand by her mother.

“Hold on and I’ll get you some Vaseline.” and Linda stood up and left.

Kate looked down at me and then to my big swollen achy cock. She dropped down beside me and grabbed hold. Leaning it towards her, she took it in her mouth. My first thought was, “You know that tastes like Linda.” and envied Kate for a second. After pumping and sucking for a bit, she let go. She came up to my head and planted a very wet kiss on me, still stroking my big swollen achy cock. I was instantly aware of what Linda tasted like.

Linda returned and lubed Kate up, giving her a pat on her butt. “You’re ready now girl. Go ride that hunk of meat.”

Kate straddled me like her mother had done and eased down on my big swollen achy cock. She must have had a lot of lube because I slid right into a very tight Kate. The first thing I noticed was the grit was back. The next thing I noticed, tilting my head back, was Linda rubbing her bushy pussy.

“I sure wish I could taste that” I said to Linda, as Kate slowly humped me, getting used to me again.

“Since you’ve been a good slave, I can grant you that!” and Linda walked back to me and straddled over my head.

Now, was I going to taste Linda or Madam? If it was Linda, I expected easy, but when she plays Madam, she… she really, really plays Madam.

She lowered herself to my lips and I licked it as far as I could then settled on tonguing her hole for a while.

As Kate got faster so did Linda. I couldn’t witness Linda watching Kate or Kate watching Linda and wondered what that was like. My cock was full of Kate and my head was full of Linda and the only thing I saw was Linda’s pussy for an instance when she raised it up between her humps.

I felt one of them pinching my nipples but couldn’t tell which one. One of them started moaning for some reason but again, I couldn’t tell which one. The other joined in the moaning and both increased their speed.

One yelled, “Oh God, I’m there!” and the other said, “I’m with you!” their screaming didn’t allow me to know which one was first.

Their humping quickened but their distance decreased. Both rode a wave into the bliss. The pussy I had in my mouth flooded me and I fought to breathe a little. My cock had stopped its piercing and I took over there as best I could. The pussy in my face did the same.

Now I had no choice if I wanted both to get theirs. I ‘Teeter Tottered’ into them; my big swollen achy cock was going up and my head was going down. I stabbed a pussy with my tongue then stabbed a pussy with my cock. I rocked into a rhythm and went as fast as I could. Both were screaming rebel yells and my face was flooded some more.

Both started to move a bit which brought me some relief. I couldn’t do that forever and was glad they were coming down. I took the clit in my mouth and gave it a final suck, my nose buried in the hole. I kept my big achy cock high so it would bury itself as deep as it could. Then both finished their decent and grinded me one last time.

I heard them laugh together and celebrate a bit. Then both of them dismounted me; giving one last tweak on my nipples. I was doubly disappointed when I lost them at the same time, but the intake of fresh air made up for it.

Linda released my bonds and I sat up and cracked a few bones. I looked around the room and saw Laura zipping her pants. She looked at me and grinned, shaking her head. I just smiled back at her and winked.

Dawn was putting her once new pink and black vibrator on an end table. I never saw nor heard it during my last wild ride. I can only guess she used it. I still liked her breasts and thought how I couldn’t wait for Kate to get hers.

I looked at Kate making it an effort to pick up her robe. She seemed a little unbalanced but didn’t reach for any support. I did notice, when she bent over, her breasts where really starting to show.

Linda was drying off and tossed me the towel. I wiped the sweat and juice off from my neck and chest while she took her seat.

“Anyone else wants to use my sex machine before I put him away?” she asked, and looked around.

Laura spoke up and said, “God I want to! Ted better appreciate me not doing it. I’m going to let him know I had the chance though.”

Nobody else spoke up so Laura told them to gather around her. She directed me to stand up and face the girls. She went behind me and spanked me several times.

“That’s for not thanking us!” she smiled then looked at the red she caused.

I didn’t bother telling her I was a little tied up at the time and had forgotten to do so.

“Ok, girls, it’s time to show our slave where his prostate is!” and walked to the end table and grabbed the vibrator.

My eyes grew big, my butt hole puckered, and I instinctively protected my nasty place with my hands. I had already been told where my prostate was and didn’t need or want to be shown. I made my bed and I’m bound to sleep in it because I promised I wouldn’t complain a lick, but seeing Linda approach me with that smile of hers made me seriously reconsider.

“Bend him over girls.” she said, turning the dang thing on.

Dawn and Kate grabbed my arms and Laura moved the ataman. They forced me to my knees and bent me over Linda’s chair. Laura walked up behind me and kicked my legs apart.

I tried to protest for what it was worth and said, “Don’t I get a say in this.” scared that this was going to hurt.

I knew it was coming and I chuckled a little as all three of them said, “No!” then I said my usual, “It is mine, ya know.”

I guess it was Linda that pointed that thing to my hole and I felt the coldness of the lube she used on it. I was pretty grateful to her for being that considerate. But as she rubbed it there I tightened right up. It actually kind of tickled.

‘Smack “Loosen up.” But it didn’t sink in.

‘Smack’ “I said ‘Smack’ loosen ‘Smack’ up! ‘Smack’” and I rudely got the message. I focused on relaxing my cheeks and when I fully let go, the vibrator pushed in.

I got to thinking how lucky I was as some in those magazines looked pretty dog-on big. But then I thought how it was possible to consider being lucky to have anything in your nasty place to begin with.

Once whomever, which I took to be Linda, had worked it in, she said, “Stand up.” and the girls let go of my arms. But I was still getting used to the battle weapon she used on me and didn’t really hear her.

‘Smack’ “I said ‘Smack’ stand ‘Smack’ up ‘Smack’” and I knew Linda was getting off on doing that!

I stood up as she held her weapon in place, turning me around, she ordered, “Ok girls, get in a circle.”

All three gathered around with Laura and me in the middle. Linda stayed behind me and placed me in the center.

Thinking after the dramatic act was put, literally, behind me, I probably lost what swelling I had. But looking down at my poor big swollen achy cock, I noted that it hadn’t shrunk one bit.

I almost forgot about the dang weapon but Linda reminded me of it by pushing it in and out. I must have started getting used to it because it was feeling pretty good.

“Take the hair band off and get him off.” Linda instructed and started stroking in and out of my nasty place.

Laura did the honors and I felt some hair go with it. Heck, I didn’t even know I had any hair back there! The achy eased up and it stopped looking like it was going to pop, my cock felt the pressure leave it and it bounced like it was happy.

I wanted to rub it aweful bad but Dawn beat me to it when she seen it was leaking. Pushing in front of her mother, she sucked me in and moaned.

“That tastes good!” she said and tongued the tip a bit more.

“Give me that greedy!” Kate said and took me from Kate’s hands. She milked more liquid out of it and sucked it off.

“That’s pre-cum ladies.” Laura tutored. “It’s male lubrication.” putting simply.

“Squat.” Linda said, but I didn’t know she was talking to me.

‘Smack’ “I said, ‘Smack’ squat. ‘Smack’.” So I squatted down just so she could swat me again.

‘Smack’ “That’s ‘Smack’ too ‘Smack’ low. ‘Smack’” and I rose up a little. Sheesh, I swear if she ever plays my slave, this will be remembered!

Reflecting on it though, my mom used an extension cord. Her smacks were nothing to me really.

Linda called out more battle orders saying, “Laura, lie down and suck on his balls. Kate and Dawn, take care of his release.” all the while stroking her weapon into me.

Laura lied down and scooted under me. I lowered enough for her to reach my sack. Of course I was doing it wrong. ‘Smack’

“Get on your knees Zach.” Linda instructed. I wondered if her hand was sore because I only got one swat that time.

I stood on my knees and Linda slid a couch pillow under Laura’s head. Ah man, that was perfect. The girls got to work on my cock, taking turns jacking and sucking.

“When you feel yourself about to release, make sure all the girls get some.” Linda said and once again reminded me her weapon was still back there by stroking it in and out again.

Now I had a problem. Where before I hadn’t much sensation, this time I had to much. The visuals, the ball sucking, the cock sucking and a pink and black weapon stabbing in my nasty place was all too much for me.

Linda changed her angle and hit a spot deep in me which made me lurch forward. I grabbed hold of the only handles in front of me making use of Laura’s breasts. I readjusted and squeezed Laura’s nipples before letting go. I figured if she bit me, I was going to make it worth it.

But Laura didn’t seem to mind and the girls just kept on stroking. Linda hit that spot again and held it there. The vibrations on me caused my legs to quiver and I felt myself getting close.

I gave the girls the warning, “I’m getting close!” and they released my cock giving me full control. Kate and Dawn laid their heads on each breast of Laura’s and opened their mouths like chicks getting worms. It didn’t surprise me one lick because Linda was a bookworm with brains and probably told them to do it.

I stroked myself faster and felt it build up.

Linda pumped faster behind me.

Dawn raised her mother’s shirt and Kate realized it and helped with both shirt and bra.

I knew it was going to be a flood coming out of me but it was twice the power as Linda yanked her weapon from out of me and started spanking my butt repeatedly at a steady rhythm.

My first shot hit the mark, giving Kate the pleasure. My next went to Dawn, although some went outside her mouth, my third I donated to Laura but it too strayed from out of her mouth to her chin. I looked for Laura and lost my aim and shot a stream on her breasts. Laura turned my head around and I started all over again.

Kate, Dawn, Laura; Kate Dawn, Laura; until my stream became drops on my fist. It was the most mind blowing orgasm I had yet. I shuddered at the end and grabbed a moist breast to catch myself with until I regained control.

Linda yelled from behind me, “Nobody moves!” and stood up with her weapon in hand, turning it off.

Tossing it on the chair, she came around and squatted. She turned me to her and cleaned my hands and cock. I guess she was going to get her share now. Once she was sure she had all she could get, she turned to the two girls and did the same with them, cleaning off their faces.

Looking down at her sister Laura, she said “That isn’t mine to clean.” and turned to look at me and said, “That belongs to the slave.”

Now, I had never thought to taste my own goo. No way, no how did I have a desire to do so now. But, dang it all to heck and back, my word meant more than that to me. I struggled a bit to justify it, from my word is my bond to girls do it all the time. I finally drew up the courage and leaned over Laura to do the job.

I had a consolation prize which convinced me to obey; the goo I had squirted on Laura was draped across both her breasts. My first lick was in the middle as I wanted to work towards her nipples. The taste hit my buds and I recognized a salty flavor, it was something I could deal with and it didn’t bother me at all. I lapped like a puppy until I got to a nipple. Laura watched intently, my tongue just touching a peak. I swirled it around the edge a few times, pushing the goo around and plunged my mouth over it. Sucking in the tip, I continued to swirl my tongue around it. I pulled back, stretching her breast into a cone until it slipped from me. I lapped to the other side and did it just the same.

Looking at Laura, I saw goo on her chin. Just like her nipple, I pushed it up to her mouth with my tongue and followed it in. We shared a passionate kiss and she sucked my goo off my tongue. After a few seconds of that, she released me and I sat up.

“I think we’ve seen enough today to fantasize about for some time.” Linda sighed and we all agreed to that.

“Drinks!” Linda announced and we all got up to get one.

Sitting back at the bar, I noticed Mr. Beam’s bottle. It was practically empty but never saw anyone drink it. I didn’t know how much courage it gave but someone feared no evil.

Linda started pouring drinks for everyone all around. “What do you think of B & D now?”, looking at me with that evil smile.

“Well” I said, getting all their attentions and rubbing my behind I said, “No wonder those girls were getting spanked. They had to be pretty naughty to come up with all of that!”

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