My name is Pete, I’m nineteen now. Ginger my wife is eighteen, she is a gorgeous honey blonde with long hair and soft blue eyes. She has firm breasts that I love to hold and caress. We’ve known each other since we were children. It wasn’t until we were juniors in high school that we became lovers.

We had both been with other people before that and something just seemed to click between us. I lost both my parents and grandparents when I was sixteen. The only thing good about it was the life insurance money. It was all placed in utility stocks and rolled over until I turned eighteen, which was a couple of months before I graduated from high school.

I married Ginger a week before we graduated. I had one passion and that was writing romantic stories well, books. She had decided to take a year off before going to college. My grandfather had left me a large cabin that was almost a lodge. It sat just back from the shore of a fairly large lake on twenty acres of land that had a lot of beautiful pines.

Ginger’s father had died when she was young. It was the day after school let out for the summer when she got the call about her mother. She had been involved in a plane crash on her way back from a business trip. We had driven home and I had taken care of everything while she comforted her younger sisters. Bess and Liz were twins and fourteen.

We brought the girls home to the cabin with us and after a couple of days things settled down slightly. Ginger and I were having our own problems though. She was afraid the girls would hear us having sex so things became tense. It was a week after the girls had gotten here that things turned around.

I heard familiar moaning sounds from Bess’s room and told Ginger when I came into the kitchen before slipping out the door to the large deck. I was typing away for most of the morning and had pretty much put it out of my mind. Ginger brought my lunch and sat on my lap feeding me. She did this when she was trying to get me to do something.

I humored her and when I finished she got up and then straddled me, “Pete?”

I smiled, “What is it you need to buy?”

She grinned and stuck her tongue out. She laughed and then kissed me, “Do you love me?”

I grinned, “It must be something expense.”

She kissed me again and rubbed her perfect breasts on my chest. I groaned and she gave this throaty laugh before pulling back and looking into my face, “The girls need to learn about sex.”

I looked at her, “And?”

She snuggled against me and her hand slipped down to the front of my pants, “and I need to teach them.”

I pushed her back to look into her face, “What do you mean teach them and what happened to they might hear?”

She smiled almost shyly, “I want them to watch you make love to me.”

There was something else she wasn’t saying, “And?”

She looked at the kitchen door where I saw both Bess and Liz peeking out. I looked back at Ginger, “And what else?”

She took a breath, “I want you to let them have sex with you.”

I opened my mouth in shock and Ginger put her finger across my mouth, “Pete, I remember when I was trying to learn. There was nobody I could turn to. My first blow job was terrifying, I almost threw up. My first… I know we have never talked about this. My first time was very bad, it was painful, bloody and really messy.”

I looked away from Ginger to look at Bess and Liz. Ginger leaned into me, “Please? They really need someone that won’t hurt them.”

I looked at her, “What are you going to do after they have sex?”

Ginger just looked at me not understanding and I sighed, “Ginger, sex is like a drug. Yeah, guys always want sex, but girls want it to, just maybe not as much. If Liz and Bess start, they will want to do it again.”

She looked at the girls, “So?”

I waved out towards the lake, “There aren’t a lot of guys around here if you haven’t noticed.”

Ginger looked around and then looked at me still not understanding and I shook my head, “What are you going to do when they want me to have sex with them again?”

She blinked and looked at the girls before looking back at me speculatively. She grinned, “Well, you’re always horny?”

I looked at her and she giggled before wiggling on my lap, “Come on Pete, we’re sisters. I can share and you have more than I can handle anyway.”

I finally sighed and patted her hip, “If I go to jail for this…”

Ginger laughed and slid off my lap before grabbing my hand, “You won’t.”

I pulled her back, “I will teach them, you just stay quiet.”

She raised her eyebrow and I caressed her face, “Trust me.”

She finally nodded and I started for the kitchen door where Bess and Liz had disappeared. I led her in and smiled at Liz and Bess, “Alright nymphets, follow me.”

They looked at each other and grinned. I led them to our bedroom and into the master bath. We had a huge spa bathtub and I released Ginger and knelt to turn the water on. I opened Ginger’s stash of bath beads and oils and added some to the bath. When I had the temperature right I stood up and turned around.

I pulled Ginger close and undressed her before looking at Bess and Liz, “Undress.”

I waited until they had stripped and stepped so that I was behind Ginger and reached around her to cup her breasts, “First lesson is about your body’s sensitivity. Both of you come suck on one of your sister’s nipples.”

Ginger twisted her head to look at me and the girls looked at each other. I sighed, “You have to learn to just trust me. Now do what I said so we can continue.”

They moved closer and reached out to touch Ginger’s breasts. Finally they leaned closer and sucked on one of her nipples each. Ginger gasped and shivered and I kissed the back of her neck, “A woman’s body has many places that it is sensitive, your breasts and nipples are only one. As you develop, your body’s sensitivity will to, just feeling your body can give pleasure. Tonight’s exercises will be after Ginger and I show you how we make love. You two will lie down together and just feel each others bodies to understand what feels good.”

I released Ginger, “For right now get into the bath and snuggle.”

Ginger was the first one to sit down and her sisters started to sit together but I made one sit on each side of her. I knelt next to the tub and shut the water off, “Now, the bath is to relax you, it is also meant to relax your muscles. When you get out I will give you an aspirin and then I will use one of Ginger’s toys to break your hymen.”

“This way your first time won’t be painful or bloody. It will be at least two days before we have intercourse. What I will do in the mean time is teach you about sex. Tomorrow we will work on oral sex, it will give you a chance to taste each other and me.”

I looked at Ginger and smiled faintly, “We will also begin to explore anal sex. It will be a learning experience, the touch of someone else against your anus. Just so you know Ginger has not let me try this with her so she will be learning at the same time as you. Now, on the next day I will begin to teach you about feeling something inside you as well as mild bondage and submission. We may even do limited anal intercourse.”

Ginger had narrowed her eyes and I looked straight into her face, “You asked me to teach them and I will. When we finish, they will be able to choose what they will allow and what they won’t. What I will not do is cause anyone more pain then I have to.”

Bess smiled and looked at Liz, “We like touching our butts.”

Ginger looked at them almost shocked and I smiled, “Then you are ahead of your sister.”

They giggled and I sat back after awhile and looked at the Bess and Liz, “Listen to me girls. You have already started down this path so we can’t stop you, but you need to understand something. Sex is an addiction like a drug. It can be mild like in a lot of girls or it can be extreme. Now, I think you have soaked enough.”

I stood and pulled a big fluffy towel off the rack. I dried Bess and Liz first and then Ginger nice and slow, taking my time to feel her like she enjoys. I finally put the towel away and grabbed a wash cloth before leading the way back into the bedroom. I sat Liz and Bess on the edge of the bed and pulled out a six inch dildo and a bottle of lube from Ginger’s night stand. She was blushing but the girls were focused on me. I put some lube on the dildo and sat back.

I looked at Liz, “You’re first. What I am going to do is distract you with a bit of oral sex and when you are ready and distracted I will break your hymen.”

Ginger grinned and knelt beside me, “You do Liz and I’ll do Bess.”

I looked at her and then grinned, I leaned forward between Liz’s open legs and licked through her slit which made her shiver. Bess actually moaned and Liz giggled, I pushed Liz back on the bed and sucked in her clit. I wiggled my tongue on it while sucking and she shuddered and her hands went to my head. I could hear Bess making similar sounds.

I kept going back to licking through her slit while I used my fingers to hold her pussy open. I licked and squeezed her clit with my lips before using my teeth to rub it harder. Liz started shaking and her hands held my head as she began to fuck her pussy up into my face. She began bucking and cried out, “Oh my god!”

My searching hand found the dildo as I continued to suck on her clit. I moved the head of the dildo to the entrance of her wet pussy and shoved. Liz jerked and her body went tense as I softly kissed and licked her clit, keeping the dildo still. It was buried inside her tight hole and finally she relaxed. I slowly pulled the dildo out and wiped it with the wash cloth.

Bess was shuddering beside us and I added more lube and placed the dildo in Ginger’s hand. I moved up between Liz’s spread legs and gently caressed her tummy, “Okay?”

She smiled and nodded, Bess jerked and froze as Ginger plunged the dildo into her pussy and held it still while sucking on her clit. She shivered and after a few minutes she relaxed and Ginger pulled the bloody vibrator out. I nodded and stood up, “Take Bess and Liz into our shower and let them wash up. I’ll get some first aid cream.”

When I came back to the bedroom they were both sitting on the bed with leg spread wide. I put the cream on a finger and as gently as I could I rubbed it around just inside their sore pussies where their hymen’s had been. I went and washed my hands and then came back to see them looking at me expectantly.

I pulled Ginger up and kissed her passionately, “I love you.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “I love you too.”

I caressed down her body and moved her onto the bed ignoring the two girls. I cupped one of her breasts and pinched the nipple gently making her moan and shiver. I kissed her as my hand caressed down her body. I rubbed her pussy and leaned down to suck on a nipple while Ginger shivered and moaned. I felt her pussy and she was soaking wet.

I grinned as I moved between her legs and kissed her passionately. While we were kissing I slowly pushed into her. Ginger moaned and shivered as I fucked her slowly. When I was all the way inside her, I began to grind against her before pulling back for another long, slow stroke that had her groaning. We kept kissing while I fucked her and after a couple of minutes she shuddered and her pussy squeezed my buried cock.

I started humping against her groin and she shook her head as her body was racked with spasms. I shuddered and started pumping and spewing jets of cum. Ginger groaned as she felt my warm cum pumping into her, “Oh Pete!”

I didn’t stop until she was leaking around my cock and then I slowly pulled out and moved to sit beside her. I looked at Bess and Liz, “Love making is different then sex. Ginger and I do both and I will show you in a moment what just having sex means. Making love is special, something you do with someone you care about.”

I reached to Ginger and tugged on one of her nipples, “caught your breath?”

She grinned, “Fuck me hard baby.”

I smiled and moved back between her legs. I pushed into her and fucked her with long, deep strokes that made her grunt and shudder. She groaned, “Oh fuck baby!”

I smiled as her pussy milking my cock and pulled out and moved back. I turned Ginger onto her stomach and moved up to shove into her slimy pussy. I went back to fucking her, but almost straight down. Ginger grunted and began shoving her butt up. It wasn’t long before she started having jerky seizures. I kissed the back of her neck and pulled out to hear her groan.

I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me. Ginger sat up and pushed back, sliding onto my slimy cock. She shuddered and then smiled and started thrusting back and forth on my cock. I was more then ready when she became erratic, I pulled her down and rolled over. I pulled her legs up into the air as I fucked down into her hard and deep.

She jerked and shook as her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I shoved into her hard and started spewing cum. Ginger jerked when she felt my warm cum filling her and then she sighed and slowly relaxed as I pumped and spurted until I was done. I lay on her and released her legs to fall to the bed. She giggled and shook me, “Damn, you never fucked me like that before.”

I laughed as I pulled out and rolled onto my back, “We never had an audience before.”

She grinned at her sisters and I sighed before sitting up. I looked at them, “Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyed by both people, now stay with Ginger and talk. I was going to let the two of you explore each other tonight but I think Ginger is going to join you. Enough for now, the three of you can plan your adventures for a sleep together tonight. Make sure you take another aspirin in a few hours and use a warm douche before you go to bed.”

I rolled out of bed and just walked out naked, I went back to the deck and my story. It was a few hours before they walked out naked to pull me in for dinner. I smiled at the way they flirted and tugged on each others nipples. After dinner I cleaned up and took Ginger’s hand, as I pulled her towards the bedroom she was grinning.

I left the door open as I pulled her to the bed and pushed her back, I really needed her and she knew it. She spread and lifted her legs as I stood at the edge of the bed and positioned my cock before pushing in slowly. Ginger groaned as my cock spread her pussy open and pushed deep inside her. I started fucking her with deep strokes and grinding against her.

We were both shaking and groaning as my cock throbbed inside her. I fucked her hard for a minute and then started using long, slow, deep thrusts. Ginger groaned as her pussy squeezed my cock, “I love you baby.”

I leaned over to kiss her and then fucked her hard for a minute before slowing again. She started shaking and spasming as her pussy milked my cock, “Yes!”

I smiled and started fucking her, trying to cum. Ginger smiled as her body twitched and shuddered and a couple of minutes later I planted my cock as it jerked. I shuddered as I started spurting and spewing thick creamy loads of cum. She jerked as she felt my warm cum flooding her and then she smiled and sighed.

When I stopped cumming I leaned over to kiss her, “Thank you hon.”

She smiled and hugged me before I stood and pulled out of her. She slid off the bed and started for the door, “I wonder if the girls would like to taste your cum?”

I grinned, “Why don’t you go find them and ask?”

She laughed as she glanced back, “I will.”

I sighed and wrapped a robe around me. I heard giggles and moans as I passed Bess’s door and continued to the deck. I cleaned up and brought everything into the house. I got my book from the living room and shut the lights off before heading to bed. I knocked and opened Bess’s door, they were all on her bed looking at me with red faces.

I smiled, “Sisters are supposed to do that. All of you need to move to our bed, I’ll be sleeping in the guest bedroom tonight, have fun.”

I smiled as I turned and went to the guest room and laid back with my book. I could hear them talking and laughing before I finally got into my book. It was late when I shut the light off and went to sleep. I woke to Ginger rubbing my chest. I glanced to my other side to see Bess and Liz and sat up slightly, “Are you two ready to start learning about giving a man oral sex?”

They grinned and I pushed the covers down and off, “Your sister is good at this. You start off teasing it by licking...”

Ginger chuckled, “I’ll give this lesson you just provide the sperm.”

I grinned and lay back, “Go ahead.”

Ginger caressed my chest and moved down before gesturing to Bess and Liz, “Do like I told you. Lick the pre-cum off the head and then lick up and down the underside.”

I shivered as Bess’s tongue started licking my cock and then Liz joined her. It wasn’t long before Liz put my cock in her mouth. Ginger rubbed my chest, “only take what you are comfortable with. If you gag, try to relax and pull back.”

Liz pulled her mouth off my cock and grinned as Bess took her place. I shivered as the two girls fucked my cock with their mouth. A few minutes later I groaned and Ginger murmured, “Remember after each spurt switch so you can both taste his cum.”

I groaned again as my body tightened and my balls pulled up, “I’m going to cum!”

Liz pulled back as her hand continued to stroke my cock. The head of my cock was barely in her mouth as it erupted and spewed a huge load on her tongue. I was shaking as she pulled my cock out and Bess took her place. She was different than Liz because she bobbed down so that the head of my cock was in her throat as it pumped another large jet of cum.

Bess swallowed as she pulled off my cock and Liz sucked it into her mouth. They went back and forth and swallowed all six spurts of cum before sitting back with a grin. I shuddered and relaxed, “not bad. I take it you spent the night planning this?”

Ginger laughed and the girls giggled. I smiled and pulled Ginger down to kiss her before turning to lay her on the bed. I looked at her sisters, “Time to learn about oral sex on a woman.”

They laughed and Ginger caressed my face, “We practiced that last night.”

I grinned and moved out from between her legs, “In that case time for a quiz. Liz, you’re first and then Bess.”

They giggled and Liz moved between Ginger’s legs and pushed her face into her pussy. I watched and caressed their bare butts as they both licked Ginger to an orgasm. I finally pulled them out of bed, “Come get breakfast.”

While they ate I went out, I returned and they were all in the living room laughing and giggling. I bent Ginger over the couch and played with her pussy, as she sighed and groaned I worked a small anal plug into her. I stood her up and gave her another kiss, “Go lay on our bed.”

I gestured to Liz and bent her over the couch. Like with Ginger I fingered her pussy until she was wet and wiggly before working the small plug into her. She shuddered as it slipped in and then giggled before standing. I kissed her, “Go lay down beside Ginger.”

Bess didn’t even wait she moved to take Liz’s place and bent over the couch. When I finished teasing her and placing the plug in, I held her hand and walked back to the bedroom. We found both Ginger and Liz fingering their clits and I smiled and pushed Bess towards the bed, “Go lick Liz and I’ll do Ginger.”

I stripped and moved onto the bed between Ginger’s legs. She was grinning at me and Liz was already moaning and shuddering. I licked through her pussy before starting to tease her clit. Ginger lifted her hips as she shuddered hard, “YES!”

I covered her clit with my mouth and started sucking and wiggling my tongue and she jerked and a couple of moments later began thrashing around as she yelled, “PETE!”

She covered her pussy and kept shaking as I moved up to hold her. I looked at Liz and Bess, Liz was down between her legs and Bess was jerking and shuddering. I grinned and kissed Ginger, “The secret is to not leave the plugs in too long when you start learning. Today you three will take turns putting them in and helping each other to an orgasm before removing them.”

I turned and moved between her legs and slowly pushed my cock into her. With the plug still in her, she was very tight and held me as I started to fuck her. I moved slowly and Ginger spasmed as she held me and lifted her legs in the air. I was pulling almost out of her before slowly thrusting back to her cervix.

It wasn’t long before I groaned and she laughed as she hugged me. I started spurting and pumping cum into her and she shuddered as her pussy spasmed and tightened around my cock. When I stopped cumming I slowly pulled out and moved to her side. I reached down and pulled the plug out and turned to set it beside the bed. Ginger shuddered, “I think I liked that.”

Liz and Bess laughed and rolled to hug and kiss her. I slipped out of bed, “Take yours out girls.”

I stayed naked and only rinsed off before going out onto the deck to start working on a story I had started. Ginger came out naked with Liz and Beth and pulled her sunning mat out. They all lay down together and relaxed. Every once in awhile one would turn over but they stayed quiet.

I glanced at my watch a couple of hours later and closed my laptop, “Okay, time for you three to go put your plugs in. This time you do each other and after you cum you can take the plugs out. When you finish come to the kitchen for lunch.”

They were grinning as they stood and walked into the house. I went in and started making some soup before cleaning up as it simmered, I went to do some laundry and then set the table. Ginger, Liz and Bess came out grinning and my wife caressed my chest, “Fuck my ass next time?”

I grinned, “Next time all three of you will feel my cock in your ass.”

She grinned and looked at a happy Liz and Bess. After lunch Ginger cleaned up with the girls and checked the laundry while I went back to my story. A couple of hours later I shut the laptop down and went in to find Ginger. They were watching some soft porn and looked at me with grins when I found them.

I smiled, “Come to the bedroom.”

They quickly followed me and I waited until they were on the bed. I moved to Ginger and put lube on her plug as she frowned. I shook my head, “Liz, you and Bess lube your plug and put it in. You should know what a sixty nine is.”

I pushed Ginger’s plug in and pulled her to the edge of the bed, I knelt and started licking her pussy. It didn’t take her long to start moaning and lifting her hips. I kept teasing her clit and finally stood and lifted her legs. She looked at me as she panted and I pulled her plug out before rubbing my drooling cock against her ass. I started slowly pressing and fucking against her.

Ginger had tensed up but slowly relaxed when I didn’t shove into her. She started shuddering again as I started rubbing her clit and a moment later I pushing the head of my cock in. She sucked in her breath but I had already pulled out. She shuddered and then laughed as she reached down to rub her own clit harder.

A minute later I was fucking the head of my cock in and out of her ass and she was groaning and jerking. Gradually I started pushing a little deeper and she grunted before starting to spasm and convulse. It took almost ten minutes before I was fucking my cock all the way in and out. I buried my throbbing cock and held her legs as I grunted and began pumping strong jets of cum.

Ginger howled as she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and started shuddering. I pulled out and turned her on the bed and caressed her body. She finally sighed and then grinned at me, “You are so going to do that again.”

I smiled and bent to kiss her before going around the bed and pulling Liz off Bess and to the edge of the bed. She was shuddering and her pussy was wet as I pulled her plug out. I positioned my cock and started pressing against her as she lifted her legs into the air. She groaned as I pressed and suddenly her ass relaxed and I pushed in. I smiled and started rubbing her clit as I began fucking her ass.

I used long, slow thrusts and she was lifting her hips as her ass began squeezing my cock. She started moaning and shaking as I fucked deeper. She stiffened a few minutes later and howled as she bucked and thrashed around. I kept fucking her until she relaxed and I pulled out, I put more lube on my cock as I moved over between Bess’s legs.

She was shuddering as she rubbed her clit and I pulled her plug out and slowly began to fuck against her ass. It wasn’t long before I was fucking her, she was shaking and trembling as her ass kept spasming and squeezing my cock. She was extremely tight like her sister and I groaned as I slowly buried my cock. She arched her back and wailed and spasmed and I started to jerk.

I fucked her deep and slow as my cock began to throb and then spew gushing streams of warm sperm. Bess screamed and lifted her legs as she felt my warm cum pumping into her. I spurted and pumped and then slowly pulled out as she panted. I bent to kiss her and then Liz before crawling onto the bed and snuggling against Ginger.

She held me and both Liz and Bess came to lay beside me. Finally I sighed and moved off the bed, “I need to start dinner.”

Ginger laughed and rolled out of bed, “We’ll start dinner.”

They were talking and giggling the whole time. After dinner I cleaned up and sent the three of them to take a warm bath. After their bath they took turns snuggling with me in the front room. I sent them to bed together again and slept in the guest bedroom. I fell asleep thinking about what I was going to do in the morning.

I was awake early and slipped out of bed. I went to the bathroom before walking into our bedroom. I used the bottle of lube beside the bed. Ginger, Liz and Bess were snuggled together on the bed. I smiled and gently turned Liz onto her back. I moved between her legs and started licking her smooth, bald, shaven pussy. It was a couple of minutes before she moaned and shuddered as she opened her legs more.

I began to suck on her clit and tease it with my tongue and her hips lifted off the bed. I smiled and moved up her body to kiss her softly. She was only half asleep as I positioned my cock and slowly forced it into her. I kept kissing her as I fucked her warm pussy deeper. She finally shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock.

She hugged me as she jerked and shuddered and her tight pussy grasped my cock. I pressed against her cervix before pulling almost out of her and she arched her back and wailed as she lifted her legs and spread them wide. She jerked and convulsed as I kept fucking her with long, firm thrusts. Her whole body shook as she got wetter and slipperier.

It was ten minutes before I thrust into her and pressed my cock against her cervix. Liz shuddered and held on as I started to pump huge, gushing spurts of cum. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me and then she closed them as she lifted her hips and whispered, “cum in me!”

I continued to pump spurts of cum as the bed shifted and then Ginger was rubbing my back. When I stopped cumming Liz sighed and had an angel’s smile on her face. I gave her a soft kiss and pulled out, “thank you Liz.”

She grinned, “god that was good.”

Ginger laughed and moved between her legs to kiss her as I moved around to Bess who was grinning as she lay back. I kissed her and moved down to lick through her pussy and tease her clit. It wasn’t long before Bess was breathing hard and shuddering. Her hips kept lifting and thrusting up as I sucked and used my tongue on her clit. I finally stopped and moved up her panting body.

I positioned my cock before kissing her and slowly forcing my cock into her extremely tight pussy. I started to fuck her slowly as she lifted her hips. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her tight pussy began to spasm and squeeze my cock. She wailed and kicked in the air as she jerked and convulsed, I hit her cervix and kept fucking her.

Bess was clutching me tight as I fucked her. She was meeting each thrust with one of her own and her pussy was rippling and milking my cock. She howled and continued to spasmed as I fucked her steadily. She was tight and slippery and felt very good. I fucked her with long strokes and buried my throbbing cock. She spread her legs in the air as I began to pump large gushes into her.

She jerked with each jet as it filled her and when I stopped she shuddered as her pussy clenched and sighed before dropped to the bed, “That was amazing.”

Liz and Ginger laughed and Bess grinned. I kissed her before pulling out and kissing Ginger. I slipped off the bed and went to wash as they whispered and giggled. I was in the kitchen making coffee when they came in and Ginger hugged me from behind, “Thank you honey.”

I turned and caressed her bare hips, “I hope they are on birth control.”

She grinned, “They are.”

Liz and Bess giggled and I looked at them. I looked at Ginger and she blushed, “I’m starting my period. I want to talk to you about children.”

I grinned, “Really?”

She smiled, “Yes.”

I caressed her hips, “When...”

She laughed, “I said I was starting my period. You have to wait.”

Liz and Bess came to hug me and press against me, “You can use us until Ginger is fertile.”

I laughed as Ginger grinned at them, “he can practice anal on me.”

They laughed as I kissed Ginger. I looked at the girls, “Today you will get fucked three times. I want you to practice licking each other after each time.”

They grinned and I shook my head, “Each time will be different. Tomorrow is going to be very hard so enjoy today.”

I caressed Ginger’s hip before turning to pour coffee. I went into the living room with my laptop and sat in my chair to start writing. I watched the time and tried to ignore Ginger and the girls. It was awhile before I saved my work and stood up. I found them in our bedroom giggling over something. I walked to Bess and smiled as I turned her onto her stomach on the bed.

I pushed her legs open and started to finger her cummy slit. She sighed and shivered as I rubbed her clit and slipped a finger into her. It didn’t take her long to start thrusting back as her pussy started squeezing my finger. I pulled my finger out and moved between her legs before slowly forcing my cock into her tight hole. She grunted and shuddered as I pushed deeper before starting to fuck her.

I started rubbing and pressing my thumb against her ass and Bess shuddered hard as her pussy clenched tight around my cock. She squirted and screamed before twisting and writhing around. My thumb slid into her ass and I held her with it as I started to fuck her with long strokes. Ginger and Liz laughed as she continued to thrash around and wail.

I took my time and fucked her with deep thrusts as her pussy and ass kept tightening. She twisted and turned and convulsed as she kept squirting and cumming. It was over fifteen minutes before I pressed against and opened her cervix to pump thick spurts of cum. She shuddered hard and pushed back, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted through her cervix as she kept shuddering until I was done. I pulled my thumb out and caressed her hips before slowly pulling my cock out. She laid forward on the bed and grinned at her sisters, “that was awesome.”

I moved over and reached for Liz and she scooted to the edge before rolling onto her stomach and grinning back at me. I rubbed her wet pussy and started fingering her. It was a minute before she shuddered and pushed back as my finger slipped into her. She groaned as Ginger and Bess laughed and I pulled my finger out of her tight pussy.

I pushed my cummy cock into her slowly and Liz sighed as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I started rubbing her ass as I fucked her slowly and she began to breath hard. A couple of minutes later she wailed as she began thrashing around jerking. I pushed my thumb into her ass and she slammed back hard, “YES!”

I held her with my thumb buried in her ass and started fucking her with deep, firm thrusts. She jerked and began to convulse a minute later as she wailed. I began to fuck her ass with my thumb and she started to thrash around again as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock and her ass grasped at my thumb.

I fucked her fast for a couple of minutes before burying my cock and just fucking her ass with my thumb. Liz wailed and howled as she bucked and squirmed while her pussy and ass both spasmed. I fucked her with deep, firm thrusts for another couple of minutes before pushing all the way into her as she squirted and screamed.

She was shuddering hard as I began to spew cum in her and she thrust back. I held her hips with one hand as I pulled my thumb out of her ass. When I stopped cumming she laid down on the bed with a big sigh as my cock came out of her leaking pussy. Bess and Ginger were grinning as they came to cuddle with her and I sat on the bed beside them.

I grinned at Ginger and caught her and rolled her over on the edge of the bed. She laughed and wiggled her butt, “going to fuck my butt now?”

I moved between her legs as she spread them and began rubbing her ass. She had already put lube in and on her ass but was in for a surprise. I moved the head of my cock through her slit before suddenly pushing into her pussy. She shuddered and looked back, “Pete?”

I gave her butt a swat, “my fuck and I like your pussy. We can wash after.”

Liz and Bess giggled as Ginger grinned and pushed back. I fucked her with deep strokes that pushed my cock against her cervix and made her shudder and her pussy tighten. I was gently rubbing and pressing my thumb against her ass and a couple of minutes later she stiffen and jerked as it pushed into her, “ooohhh!”

After that I fucked her with both my cock and my thumb. She began to spasmed and convulse a few minutes later as she wet me and wailed. She was squirming and wiggling as her pussy kept clenching around my cock each time I shoved into her. Several minutes later she howled and shuddered violently as I fucked her hard and deep.

I thrust into her finally as she moaned and twitched before starting to spew cum. She jerked and pushed back when she felt warm cum erupting in her and sighed as she relaxed on the bed. I fucked my thumb in and out of her ass and she groaned and shivered. I pulled out of her and helped her stand, “come wash.”

I looked at her sisters, “you too.”

Our life changed a lot over the summer; Ginger, Liz and Bess became a lot closer. Even after school started up Liz and Bess barely looked at the other boys. We did make sure they tried a few before they started to ignore it and just pull me to bed when they got horny. The cabin is a lot larger now, Ginger has had two children and Liz and Bess just stopped taking birth control.
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