Allison was very special.
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On The School Bus

Allison and I were among the last students on the bus as we went home. We had assigned seats and Allison and I had window seats in the same row about two-thirds the way down the bus. It was late January but the bus was well heated when we got on. That was why a lot of the girls didn’t wear a winter coat. They would rather look good than to stay warm. I thought that Allison was one of the prettier girls in our school. She was a Freshman (ninth grade) and I was a Sophomore (tenth grade).

I had just gotten a nice digital camera for Christmas. Dad knew that I liked photography and that I was in the Photo Club at school. My press card gets me into all of the sports games at school. I work on the Yearbook Staff. I do get the occasional up skirt shot or down blouse shot. I have become almost invisible to most of the girls in school.

However, right there across from me on the bus was a very pretty fifteen-year-old girl.

I said, “Hey Allison, would you mind if I took your picture?”

She smiled, wet her lips, and said, “Go ahead.”

I zoomed in for a nice head shot. Her smile was perfect and her teeth were white. I noticed what a good job she did with her makeup too. Her dark blonde hair framed her face nicely. Allison could be a model someday.

Then Allison looked around as if to make sure that no one could see her. She unbuttoned three buttons on her pink blouse and opened the collar wide. Her lacy white bra became visible in the V. Then she put her shoulders back, took in a deep breath to enhance her breasts, and then she pulled the bottom of her blouse down to open the V deeper. Nice. Click, click, and click.

Allison smiled and asked, “Want more?”

Of course I said, “Yes. All that you are willing to do.”

So Allison looked around again and then she lifted one foot up onto the seat next to her. That brought her knee up near one of her breasts and exposed her white panties to me. I took several pictures of various distances. I got the whole view with her face and the inside of the school bus behind her. I even got to zoom in to just her crotch. She was amazing. She let me take twenty or thirty pictures of her like that. Then we approached her stop. She got up and smiled at me as she walked toward the front of the bus. I watched her go and took another picture of her fine ass as she held the back of her skirt up for me. She dropped it just before she got to the Robinson children. They were the last stop, after me. I lived a half mile past Allison.

When I got in the house my mother said, “Call Allison. She wanted a picture or something from you. Call her, she seemed anxious.”

I went to my bedroom and called her as I put my camera card into my computer. Allison picked it up right after the first ring and said, “Hello.”

When she was sure that it was me on the other end she said, “I had so much fun on the bus tonight. Can we do it again tomorrow?”

I said, “Sure” so quickly that I shocked myself.

Allison asked, “What would you like me to wear tomorrow?”

I replied, “I don’t know. Maybe something that is easy for you to get into and out of.”

Then to my udder surprise she said, “So you want to take my picture on the bus wearing just my bra and panties?”

I felt flushes as thoughts of her flew through my mind.

Then Allison said, “Okay! That should be thrilling. Then maybe the next day in just my panties, and on Friday completely nude.”

My mouth was dry and I could hardly speak.

Allison asked, “Will that be okay?”

Finally I manager to say, “Yes! That would be great.”

Allison then said, “I had an orgasm on the bus when you were taking pictures of my panties. I’ve got a big wet spot in them now. I bet there is a small one in your pictures. I absolutely love being an exhibitionist. I’ve never had the opportunity to show off before.”

Thinking quickly I asked, “Can you come out later? Say about eight o’clock.”

Allison giggled and said, “I think so. I’ll ask my mother. Where do you want to met and what should I wear?”

My mouth went dry again. I already knew that she was willing to get completely naked on the school bus for me. How far was I willing to ask her to go? Then I said, “Come over here and I’ll take your picture nude on my bed.”

I could hear my heart beat in my ears. Time stood still. Then finally Allison said, “Okay! See you at eight.”

Oh my God!

I told my mother that Allison was going to come over about eight o’clock. She giggled and told me to be sure to lock my door if we were going to be doing anything I didn’t want her to know about. Her attitude surprised me so I asked her what she was getting at.

Mom said, “Look you’re sixteen, she’s fifteen, and she has been in love with you for years. Her mother made her wait until she got into high school to go after you. I take it that she made her move today.”

I opened my mouth but couldn’t think of a good lie to tell her that quickly.

Mom said, “I’m going to call Rita and invite her and Allison over for dinner.”

A short time later I heard the doorbell ring. Soon after that Allison was standing in my bedroom.

She said, “Your mother invited us over for dinner. They are going to make it and sent me up here. We have about an hour before they will call for us.”

I watched Allison undress and get on my bed.

I just stared at her naked beauty.

Allison asked, “Should I close my legs?”

I managed to reply, “No, I was just admiring the view.”

Allison giggled and said, “Take your time. I like being naked in front of you. Feel free to take pictures if you want. I’ll even let you stick that thing in me.”

She was pointing at my crotch so I looked down. I was hard. I was very hard.

All I could say was, “I’m a virgin.”

Allison smiled and said, “Me too.”

I said, “Our mothers are downstairs.”

Allison said, “Then I’ll try not to scream when you fuck me.”

I looked at her and she laughed.

Then she said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure that my mother’s dildo is bigger than you are and I’ve had that inside me a lot. In fact she bought me my own dildo for Christmas. It’s blue and I’ve been sleeping with it in me every night since I got it. I pretend that it is you.”

I said, “I fall asleep every night thinking about you.”

Allison smiled and said, “While you jerk off.”

I said “yes” and then I started taking pictures of her. She really did love me looking at her and taking pictures. She rolled to one side and then to the other, she ran her hands along her body, and she pulled her knees up to her breasts.

I got naked and I was crawling up closer and closer to her pussy when Mom called, “Dinner’s ready.”

Allison giggled and rolled away from me. As she got dressed she said, “Maybe I’ll let you try again after dinner.” Then she was out the door before I could finish getting dressed and follow her.

After dinner Allison said, “Mom can we stay for another hour? We were just getting into something exciting up in his room and I’d like to have him finish showing it to me before I go.”

Her mother looked at my mother and then said, “Okay! Don’t dawdle too long through. You still need a shower before bed.”

As we rushed up the stairs Allison said, “I’m going to need more than just a shower tonight if she expects me to get clean.”

By the time I got the door closed and locked Allison was naked and on my bed giggling with her legs spread. I got naked and crawled up between them. The head of my hard cock got closer to her pussy until they were kissing. Then my cock decided to French kiss her pussy. Alright!

I pushed it in as Allison hugged me to her. A soft moan came from her lips and then she kissed me.

Allison whispered in my ear, “We aren’t virgins any more.”

I lay on her soft breasts and thrust my cock into her nice warm wet hole. In a few minutes I was cumming inside of her love tunnel.

Allison said, “I can feel you cumming in me. I love it.”

I asked, “Did you cum?”

Allison said, “Not that time but I will the next time.”

Well the next time was about ten minutes later, I lasted longer, and she had her orgasm. We managed to do it a third time before her mother called up, “Are you guys done yet? We have to get home soon.”

Allison whispered to me, “I don’t want to go home. I like it right here in your bed.”

I called out, “Mom can Allison sleep over?”

There was a long pause.

Finally, her mother tapped on my bedroom door and said, “Okay Allison. I’ll bring you a change of clothes for morning. You can catch the school bus here.”

Allison said, “Thanks Mom. I love you.”

The reply was, “I love you too.”

So Allison and I spent the night in my bed. We had sex two more times before morning. Mom knocked on the door and said, “Time to get up, you two. Allison I put a bottle of douche on the counter for you. Your mother said that you know how to use them.”

There was a pause and then Mom added, “Tomorrow night he sleeps in your bed. Now hurry up. I’ll make breakfast.”

When Mom had walked away Allison said, “If you want to do it again before school you better hurry. Once I douche my pussy is off limits for a while.”

I talked her into doing it in the shower then she could douche after that. I also told her that I wanted to watch. She told me to bring my camera. She really was an exhibitionist.

The bus was almost full when we got on. Everyone looked at us funny. Allison should have gotten on at her house not mine. Some of the girls giggled.

That afternoon on our way home Allison waited until the kid that sat past us got off. Then as quickly as possible she undressed to her bra and panties as I took pictures, then she got nude for more pictures, and she was almost dressed when we approached her house. She called out, “I’m not going home tonight. I’ll get off at his house.” That gave her enough time to get dressed and her clothes straightened out before we got off.

My heart was racing and as we walked to my house she said, “Oh my God! That was so fucking exciting! I can’t believe that I was naked on the school bus. I hope you got some good pictures. Then I can always do it again, can’t I.”

Allison’s mother greeted us at the door. Inside she gave her daughter a hug and whispered in her ear.

Allison looked at me and then she said, “Six times.”

My mother was off to one side and said, “Just like his father.”

Allison’s mother laughed and said, “I was lucky to get it six times in a month.”

Then Allison said, “After I get my fill of him maybe I’ll share.”

Allison’s mother asked, “Would we have to pose nude for him too?”

Allison smiled at me and said, “Oh yes! That part’s mandatory.”

Mom asked, “Will you be done with him before dinner so that we can have some fun too?”

Allison said, “Tell you want…we can take turns. How would you like that?”

My mother was rubbing one of her breasts through her blouse and Allison’s mother was rubbing her pussy through her skirt.

Allison said, “Show him the merchandise ladies and don’t be shy about it.”

Then Allison started to unbutton her mother’s blouse, then my mother’s blouse, and finally her own. She gathered them on either side of her for pictures. Three women in bras and skirts. It was really nice.

Next their skirts were off and they were posing in their bras and panties for me. Finally, topless and nude were not far behind.

Mom asked Allison and her mother if she could go first and they smiled.

I took Mom to my bed and I took a close-up picture of my cock in her pussy for the very first time, just like I had taken of my cock in Allison’s virgin pussy the evening before. I had just started a collection. I put the camera down and started humping into my mother.

Mom said, “Just do it honey, I’ll catch up with you sometime soon, I promise.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what she was getting at but after I heard her say, just do it, I didn’t really care any more. I just did it. Soon I was cumming into her pussy. I just stayed right on her breasts as I recover. I felt my cock shrink and fall out of her wet hole.

Mom hugged me, kissed my cheek, and said, “Thank you honey. That was the best that I have had since your father impregnated me with you seventeen years ago.”

We stayed there undisturbed for about hour. I got to feel of Mom’s nipples, breasts, pussy, and of her ass. She was very cooperative about sitting up, rolling over, and spreading her legs. She let me do things to her that I had wanted to do to a woman all of my life. Mom gave me my fist blowjob while I took pictures. I really liked the puddle of white cum on her tongue before she swallowed it.

We were still nude when we walked down to the others.

Allison’s mother was sitting on an over stuffed chair with her legs spread wide. Allison was on her knees between her legs with her face in her mother’s pussy. I took another picture. When she realized that we were there I told her to keep going. I took more pictures. Mom got on her back and slipped under Allison. That was so sexy. Allison was in the middle of a lesbian threesome and it excited me. I smiled when my mother started playing rubber band with Allison’s nipples. She would pull on them to the snapping point and then I would watch Allison’s breasts jiggle. Mom kept it up and I got some pretty interesting pictures as well as video clips.

When Allison cried out that she had had enough I took her mother up to my bedroom. I got a picture of my cock entering her pussy and then I just went to town on her. Like my mother she said, “Go for it. Don’t worry about me. Allison took care of my needs for today. That girl is good. Between the three of you I’m going to be very satisfied.”

I stopped to say, “Three of us.”

Allison’s mother said, “Your mother and I have taking care of the other’s needs for years. The two of us girls had a lot of threesomes with our husbands.”

I stopped again and asked, “Dad fucked you?”

Allison’s mother said, “Yup! Our husbands loved to see your mother and I going at it. The sex was really good. Why am I telling you that? You watched us down there, wasn’t it great to see?”

Yes it was, and that was when I started cumming in her pussy. I lay on her breasts too and recovered as my cock fell out of her pussy.

We had a late dinner and talked about our new situation. The girls liked sharing me and I liked fucking them. Allison liked it when I told her that I loved her. As long as Allison could sleep in my bed at night she was more than pleased. Our mothers were happy getting a little piece of me and then sleeping together at night too.

Allison still liked getting naked for me on the bus and I still liked taking pictures of her doing it.

Two weeks later Allison had talked one of her girlfriends into coming over for the weekend. On the bus ride home Allison got topless and talked her friend into getting topless too. It was the start of a wonderful lifetime with Allison.

The End
On The School Bus
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