Our new dress shop was called, “Exhibitionists Welcome.”
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Exhibitionists Welcome

It was my wife’s idea but I certainly liked it. We opened a women’s dress shop but not your standard dress shop, it was for serious exhibitionists to shop at.

The store is located on the very end of a strip mall. No pun intended. The small sign over the door says, “E W Dress Shop.”

It is a rather long store and certainly wide enough for many racks of clothes. About three fourths of the way down is our dressing room. My desk is to one side and a wall blocks off the rest. Oh yes, there is a swinging door between my desk and the changing area wall. There is nothing behind the wall to prevent me or the men sitting in the chairs behind me facing the changing area to see the women naked. Two and a half walls are covered with mirrors. The rest of that back wall is for a shower, a toilet, and a washbasin that is closest to our men’s waiting room chairs. Of course if they use them there is nothing stopping the men from watching them do so. In one of the back corners is a small stage with a stripper pole, bright lighting, and speakers…just in case they needed to try out their new clothes. Down the middle is a padded bench that is wide enough to be used as a bed. Guess what that gets used for besides sitting on?

All of the women that try on clothes in the changing area know that they are being watched by their man and the men of the other women that are shopping too.

My wife had her checkout counter up near the front door. For obvious reasons the display windows were painted black first to form a mirror effect from the outside, then a cheerful color from the inside.

As to our merchandise…it is unlike anything that exhibitionist women and their men can purchase in any other local shop. We carry bras with holes for the nipples, crotchless panties, slit dresses, see through tops, and dresses that are guaranteed to flip up in the slightest wind. As a sideline we also sell items that strippers are interested in and some rubber and leather goods too.

I was surprised at how many older women come in with their husbands, boyfriends, or in some cases their Master. I was even more surprised to learn who some of the women were. My wife insists on making a scanned image of the women’s driver’s licenses as they come in, whether they purchase anything or not. They also fill out a questionnaire while the computer photographs them in their current dressed condition. Some of the driver licenses in our state are eight years old. Women can change a lot in eight years.

Then once she is naked in the changing room she is required to submit to several other pictures…for identification purposes only. All they have to do is stand on the two X marks on the floor with their hands to their side, their feet about shoulder’s width apart, and facing me. When I hit a button, eight cameras record her at the very same time. There are the customary front, back, and both sides as well as one overhead and one on the floor looking up that is about a foot in front of them. Then one camera captures her from about her belly button to just above her head. The last camera takes a closer shot of her pussy. Meanwhile, laser beams have recorded her height and other vital measurements. The sensors under the Xs recorded her weight. It only takes a split second and she is free.

All customers in the changing room over the age of twenty-one are offered a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or a shot of whiskey at no charge. If I don’t sell it I don’t need a permit. Of course water and soda are also available.

The questionnaire that they filled out as they came in asks their job title, where they work, and that of their male or female partners. It is interesting to see schoolteacher, minister’s wife, or my husband is a police officer or a politician.

I have seen everything from the girl next door, to the whore, from the super model to the big beautiful women, and from teenagers to eighty-year-old grandmothers. Women come in with husbands, fathers, and even with their sons.

Personally I enjoy it most when a group of high school girls or college girls will come in together. During pledge week we get quite a few. Just before proms we get a bunch that are looking to surprise their boyfriends. Even brides use our services before their big day.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fact that several cameras record the action that takes place. Yes, the women know it and sign a release as they come in. The only problem is those girls under the age of eighteen, but I still record them…for my private collection that is. Sometimes I ask the younger girls to wait until the older women are done.

I was surprised at how many requests we had for ‘after hours’ sessions. Most were from older men with underage girls. About half of them were actually their own daughters. Girls under the age of sixteen had their questionnaires put into a separate and secure database. Surprisingly none of the men with them objected to the questionnaire.

Being at the changing area desk I got my share of blowjobs and fucks. My wife tells the prettier ones that if they can make me cum that they can get their purchases for half price. To make it that much harder on the girls my wife drains my balls at home and right after we get to the store. Then I’m only good for maybe two more but the girls still keep trying…usually at their partner’s request.

I like to see a lesbian couple come in. One is always in charge and almost always makes her girlfriend fuck me. Boy, do those girls ever try harder. After my cock has been in them they always douche out their lady parts before leaving the store. Many times they are fucking me reverse cowgirl while eating out their girlfriend’s pussy.

The best day ever was when my brother and five of his friends all brought in their thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen-year-old daughters for a special session. I had been told that six men were bringing in twelve younger girls. I was not however told that my brother was among them. They had requested that my wife not be present. It was apparent that my brother didn’t want his friends to know that I was related to him when he held his finger up to his lips.

His daughters, my nieces, were thirteen and fifteen years old. Kim was the thirteen-year-old and Patty was the fifteen-year-old.

After the questionnaire and the body scan had taken place the girls went with their fathers to look around. Of course they were totally nude and they hardly got a say in what their father’s had them try on. They knew that I was recording everything but they also had their own cameras and were taking pictures of all twelve girls, not just their own.

I was naked like the other men. When I got hard my brother sent Patty over to suck my cock. I must admit that she was good, very good at it. Before I could cum he sent Kim over to sit on it. Now that was the youngest and tightest pussy that I had ever had my cock in. That sexy little niece of mine rode my cock for all she was worth. I had dumped two loads in my wife and two more in customers that day, she was lucky to get anything out of me at all. I did eventually give her the cum that she had worked so hard to get.

I wasn’t sure why, but Patty sucked all of the other six men’s cocks so that her sister could ride them to completion. At the end of the night after letting all seven of us fuck her and her eating all of the other eleven girl’s pussies…they sang Happy Birthday to Kim. It was her thirteenth birthday and her first day as part of the club. Other than her father I was the second man to ever fuck her. Of course I watched the next five men fuck her with her father being the last one that night.

I sold a lot of merchandise that night. I also saw those same other men bring in older daughters, wives, and girlfriends for clothes. It took a month for my brother to bring his wife in. My sister-in-law was the reason that my two nieces were so pretty.

Millie was totally obedient when he brought her in. She filled out the questionnaire, posed for pictures, and was very gracious toward the men sitting in the chairs along the wall. When told too, she walked over to me, sucked my cock for a couple of minutes and then she climbed onto my lap impaling herself on my cock.

I sucked a nipple into my mouth, I slipped a finger into her tight asshole, and I thrusted up into her like I had wanted to ever since my brother had first brought her home. She was not as tight as her thirteen-year-old daughter was but then again who is.

Just before I came in her womb she whispered in my ear, “Kim told me how good your cock felt but I didn’t believe her. After all only her father had fucked her up to that point. My God, you feel incredible.”

That was when she had her orgasm and along with mine it was dripping down my balls to puddle on the very edge of my chair.

I was so very, very happy that my wife had talked me into opening that shop.

My wife is obviously a very avid exhibitionist herself, hence the shop.

The End
Exhibitionists Welcome
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