She could have been a carpenter’s assistant…she was flat as a board.
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No Tits, No Cleavage

She asked, “Do you see anything that you like. I don’t have any tits and I don’t have any cleavage, but I’ve got two fantastic nipples.”

I jerked back to reality and heard, “Don’t mind me, you can look down my top all that you want too.”

She was still bent over holding onto the edge of the table. Her blouse had a low cut square neckline that allowed me to look in and see both of her hard nipples sticking out of her otherwise flat chest.

After another minute I asked, “Can I look at them without your shirt getting in my way?”

Cora Beth giggled and said, “Sure you can” then she lifted her loose fitting blouse up over her head and stood there facing me.

I stayed in that chair and just looked at my very first topless woman. She was in her mid twenties and was really pretty. Even though she didn’t have any tits she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to me. As Cora Beth stood there next to her kitchen table in her nice tight blue jeans all I could do was stare at her hard nipples. I could hardly look up at her pretty face or her long blonde hair, nor could I look down at the space just under her pussy where a gap was. Cora Beth was what my father had called a gapper.

My mother had sent me to Cora Beth because she needed someone to mow her grass, help her plant a vegetable garden, and to help her maintain and harvest the crop. In exchange I would get half of the profits at the end of the summer. Actually what I was supposed to be getting was an education in horticulture. Cora Beth could teach me a lot. She had a degree in organic farming and was just getting started herself.

Cora Beth never put her top back on as she laid out her plans for her massive garden. I could not believe how she just let me look at her nipples.

An hour later she didn’t even put her blouse on to take me outside to look over the grounds. I was impressed with her confidence as she just walked around. I do not believe that anybody could see either of us anyway but it was terribly exciting.

She had just under a hundred acres of land to plant, she had access to lots of tractor equipment, and she was willing to teach me how to run it.

As we walked back inside I said, “You look great topless. Can I see you like this often?”

Cora Beth replied, “Every day if you want. I love being topless and if you do too no one will be able to tell us apart.”

I said, “Except for the fact that you are beautiful and that you have long hair.”

Cora Beth said, “Why thank you, you’re cute too. I put my hair up under my hat when I’m working so that I can tan evenly all over.”

I asked, “Do you wear shorts?”

She smiled and said, “I usually wear a bikini bottom but I can be persuaded to go nude if you want me too. That is except for my work boots. I hate stepping on rocks, pricker bushes, and horse manure.”

I had to repeat her words, “You would go naked if I wanted you too?”

Instead of answering me she stopped walking and sat on the grass to remove her shoes, her tight blue jeans, and her sexy yellow panties. Then she put her shoes back on and stood up. She handed me her panties, squatted down, and started to pee and play with her clit as she told me to put her panties up to my nose.

She was the most exciting woman that I had ever met. I was inhaling her musky aroma and watching her masturbate and pee right there in front of me. At her suggestion I pulled out my hard cock and started to jerk off. Just as I was about to cum Cora Beth grabbed my cock and slipped it into her mouth. She took all of my cum into her mouth before swallowing it.

As we entered her house Cora Beth told me that our work was done for the day and for me to be back at seven o’clock the next morning and to be prepared for a ten-hour day with a thirty-minute lunch and an hour dinner.

Then she kissed me and said, “If you are not too tired after working, I’ll let you make love to me.”

Astounded I said, “I get to fuck you! Wow!”

Cora Beth corrected me, “No! You can make love to me but you are not going to fuck me. If you need lessons, I’ll be happy to teach you how to please a woman too.”

I just had to ask, “Can we start now. You said that my work is done for the day.”

She chuckled and said, “Okay. Come with me. You need a shower.”

I was out of my clothes in an instant and following her closely.

As we passed her couch I turned her and pushed her gently onto it. I went straight for her vagina with my eager tongue. I had given no thought whatsoever as to the condition. I had seen her pee and not wipe afterwards, I had no idea as to any sexually transmitted disease, and I was not at all concerned with her getting pregnant. Hell, some other guys cum could still be in her but I didn’t care. Without any thought at all, other than giving her pleasure, I plunged in. As I swallowed her pungent flavor my cock started to throb.

Cora Beth held my head to her spread pussy and said, “Oh you had a great deal of enthusiasm. I can turn you into a wonderful lover.”

She had her fingers grasping my hair and pulling my face around. My tongue worked on her moist hole, on her swollen clitoris, and then on her tight asshole, only to make the trip around all over again. To her it might have been a nice slow merry-go-round ride, to me it was a very interesting sexual buffet. The flavors changed at first, then they started mixing until her fresh dripping fluids had improved the taste of her tangy pussy and her asshole until I just could not get my fill.

I was not even done when my head was being pulled up her body. I hardly got to kiss her belly button before she let me suck those magnificent nipples into my mouth. All too soon I was pulled up to her lips and got my first taste of her mouth. Our tongues wanted each other.

I had not even realized that my cock had entered her until I heard, “Oh my, that feels so good.”

Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me closer. It was very hard for me to fuck into her. Then I remember that I was supposed to make love to her. My short strokes seemed perfect then. I did manage to slow them down to a more reasonable level, giving myself more feeling. I closed my eyes and just kept moving my cock in and out slowly. I heard Cora Beth cooing softly in my ear. I felt her hands roaming over my body from my shoulders down over my ass. I could feel the love.

I had no idea as to how long we stayed in that position. Time had stood still and we had become one.

When I came it was non-stop, it was powerful, and it was oh so nice. I didn’t pull out, she didn’t let our embrace go, and I just cuddled into her neck and body as I had been.

After an eternity we separated.

Cora Beth said, “Oh Wow! I have not been with very many men but I’ve got to say that you were the best yet. I’m not sure I can teach you anything about sex. In fact maybe you can teach me something. All I do know is that I’m willing to let you make love to me just as often as you want too.”

We did take a shower and then we made love again in her bed.

That was the best summer of my life and it was repeated every summer from the time I was thirteen until I turned eighteen and married Cora Beth. She was thirty when we got married. The next year right after I graduated from high school, Cora Beth was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to our first child, a girl named after my mother.

The End
No Tits, No Cleavage
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