Zach tastes virgin blood.
Chapter 9

I went to the bathroom I knew Kate went in and knocked.

“Come in!” I heard through the door.

“Hey girlfriend!” I said, as she stepped out the the shower.

“Hey boyfriend, what’s up?” she asked, grabbing a towel

“I wanted to confess some things to you that I would feel bad about keeping from you.” I started.

“Really, like what?” she asked, drying her hair.

“Like who I lost my virginity to for one.” I said.

“You mean Melissa?” she said so matter-of-factly.

“How do you know that?” I was shocked.

“It takes you an hour to do their lawn.” she noted.

“Ok, so?” I pressed.

“You were there for three and a half hours one time.” grabbing another towel to dry off on.

Man, I wish I was half aware of my world as women are.

“So you put two and two together…“ I said.

“Ok, are you mad at me for that?” just to make sure.

“Nope, she did me a favor.” she continued to dry off.

“Oh” I said, letting it go after that.

“Ok, I have this lawn service I do and I just realized that the only reason I have it is so that the women can watch me work.” I started.

“Yeah, what’s the problem?” she started brushing her hair.

“Does it bother you that they’re… lusting on me?” I wanted to know.

“Not in the least. I lusted on you too and so did my mother.” putting the brush down.

“So, what about Dawn, she wants me to bust her cherry too. You probably don’t want me to, do you?” I prompted.

“Oh, I’ve forgiven Dawn; we’ve gotten close the past week. She stopped being a bitch to me and we have a thing going on with each other.” she explained so casually.

Thing?” I wondered, “What kind of… thing?” I wanted to know.

“Well, since we have an open relationship, I’ll tell you.” she said, throwing on a robe. “We’ve been playing around with sex together.”

“What, you two have been doing things?” I was amazed.

“Yes, and if you’re ok with it, I’d like to keep doing it.” opening up the bathroom door.

“Um… yeah, no problem here.” I said, and followed her out.

“How long has this been going on?” I wondered out loud.

“Since you were here last. Dawn’s been spending time here. We were talking about you and started getting excited. Before you know it, we were at each other.” stepping into the hallway.

“I’ve got another confession.” I wanted to get off my chest.

“Tell me in the entertainment room.” and led me in there.

Well crap, all the other girls are in here. I didn’t want to air my dirty laundry in front of everybody.

Kate settled down on the couch and pulled me beside her. “So, what ya got left to tell me Zach.”

“Well… I was hoping to tell you in private.” I said.

“I’ll just probably tell them anyway so go ahead.” she flat out told me.

“Well, I hoped you’d keep it a secret. I don’t want your family to think less of me.” I justified.

“Come on Zach, you can tell us, we won’t hold it against you.” Linda said, sitting on the couch across from us.

“It won’t go out of this room.” Laura said.

“Spill the beans Zach; I’m dying to hear it.” Dawn piped up.

Well? What was I to do?

I blurted out, “I jerked off on an adult’s tits and fucked a girl in front of two adults! Ok?” Geesh, people just make me do things I really don’t want to do. But I’m not giving any names and that’s final.

A moment of silence and then the crowd busted out laughing hysterically.

“Priceless!” laughed Laura.

“No qualms about older women, huh Zach?” laughed Linda.

“You’re not as shy as I thought!” quipped Dawn.

“All three females Zach?” Kate just had to ask.

“No.” was all I was going to say!

They erupted again in hysteria.

When Linda composed herself she asked, “And the adults just sat there and watched you?”

“No, they were fucking too.” I relented softly.

More bursts of laughter rang out.

“Well? It was the wrong thing to do, right?” I argued.

“Why was that Zach?” Linda asked.

“Because… It goes against my religion for one.” I said.

“Did it feel wrong?” she asked.

“No, but it bothered me that it wasn’t what I was taught.” I said.

“Look Zach, do you know right from wrong?” Linda pushed.

“I like to think I do.” I said.

“That is your religion, Zach. When you go by your heart you are not in the wrong.” Linda explained.

“So let my conscience guide me and nothing else?” I said.

“You got it big boy. God’s law is written in your soul. Ask for forgiveness when you go against it.”

What an eye-opener that was for me! It made perfect sense too. I wondered how Linda was justifying herself with her religion and that explained it in full. She simply didn’t believe she did anything wrong to feel bad about.

I didn’t get to catch Dawn in private yet but I figured the opportunity might still come. We talked about what I had done and if I thought they wanted to do it again. To pick things up even more, I shared my first masturbation with them.

They all laughed about my accidental shooting in the eye. Laura said she got caught using a brush on herself and Linda even remembered it.

I asked Laura how Dave was, she said, “He’s with his father on a fishing trip.” I wished my dad was like that. He just takes us to other cities. The museums and zoos are interesting but we don’t go camping or hunting. I did go to Washington DC last year, and that was pretty cool.

Dawn wanted to know when it was her turn, “I wanna do it right now!” I thought, there’s the spoiled brat I remember.

“We might as well get started… Zach, go get a shower. Kate, get a towel and hot wash cloth.” Linda directed, “Laura, help me with the camcorder.”

I went and took another shower. You’d be surprised where blood will go in your crotch. I thought of virgin blood while I washed. From the comic books I’ve read, it’s supposed to be some kind of magical blood. But that’s comic books. I guess for me, it was magical in a way. I thought about how hot Kate’s pussy got when it busted. I wondered of that was the pussy behind the hymen or if it was the blood that caused all that heat. I thought about maybe tasting it to see if it would do anything. Then I thought how gross that sounded.

I finished up in the shower and toweled off. I started to wrap it around me and then remembered Linda so I tossed it in the hamper on my way out.

I looked for the gang in the bedroom we were using and didn’t see anyone. The chairs were removed and the room was back in the condition it was in to begin with. I went to see if I could find them.

I found them still in the entertainment room. They were busy getting ready. Dawn was sitting at the bar so I figured it might be my chance to talk with her.

“Hey Dawn, are you nervous?” I asked her.

“Not one bit! I’m dying to get it over with though. Mom has a vibrator for me so I’ll get it once my cherry is gone. It’s pink and black. I have a baby doll outfit in the same colors too. I’m going to put this day in my diary and I’d like to get a picture of you to put with it. My girlfriends are going to be sooo jealous at school; I’m really going to rub it in their faces…” Dawn blah, blah’ed her head off.

I waited till she got done rambling on and asked, “Why are we setting up in here? You didn’t want the bedroom?”

“Everybody loses it in a bedroom. I want mine to be different.” she explained.

“You saw me with Kate, is there anything I can do different to make it special for you?”

“Yeah, just quick and brisk, ya know? Kate took her sweet time getting hers done. You don’t have to worry about me there. Don’t be so mushy either. I like it a little rough.”

Linda had the couch set up at an angle to maximize space. Seats were set in front of it far enough away not to be in the way.

Kate threw a sheet over the couch and was tucking it in. Laura was adjusting the chairs. I wondered what kind of light we would have in here. Linda was setting up a floor lamp on one end of the couch.

Walking around seeing if there was anything I could do, I passed Laura. She reached out and pinched my butt. I jumped and grabbed my cheek. That girl was a little frisky.

“Laura, your daughter wants me to be a little rough with her, are you ok with that?” I asked.

“That girl has a whole lot of wild in her. But if she wants her little bottom spanked, go ahead and do it.” she replied, taking a seat in one of the chairs by an end table.

“I aim to please.” and bowed.

Linda set an end table at the other side of the couch. She placed the towel and wet wash cloth there along with a jar of Vaseline. I guessed it was doctored with aspirin. I figured I’d be using it all.

Kate went to the kitchen and got glasses and a pitcher; she set them on the bar. Linda met her there and went behind the bar and pulled out a bottle. I’ve heard of alcohol and I figured that was what it was. It read, ‘Jim Beam’ and I thought Mr. Beam was a cool last name. She got two small glasses and put ice in them.

Linda took the bottle and glasses to the end table between the chairs, then took a seat.

“What kind of drink is ‘Jim Beam”? I asked.

“Liquid Courage” was all she said, and I had no idea they could bottle that and wondered what chemical they used. I guess if she wanted me to know more she would have told me.

Laura called her daughter over and was explaining what to expect. Apparently Dawn wasn’t content with the ‘go easy’ part.

“Zach can go as fast as he wants, I just want it over quick.” she told Laura. “The faster it goes, the quicker I can use my vibrator.”

“Honey, you’ll hurt for days if he isn’t easy.” Laura explained. “Please child, listen to your mother.”

“I’ll go easy Mrs. Lance.” I said, determined not to hurt her. Laura thanked me and looked at her daughter.

Laura pouted off to the couch and got undressed. I walked over with her and sat down. I watched her as her breasts were revealed and was reminded how gorgeous they were. She bent over with her butt in my face and I took the opportunity to give it a quick lick. She looked back at me a grin turned into a big smile.

Linda said to get the lights and Kate turned off the overhead ones. That left the floor lamp by the couch. It really didn’t hide anyone this time; I could still see everyone plainly.

“Everyone ready?” Linda asked, and looked at everyone. Kate was standing behind the end table between Linda and Laura. I guess she’d take a seat later. Nobody said they weren’t though and Linda said, “Pop that cherry Zach.”

I turned to Dawn to kiss her, but she had moved already. She got between my legs and worked me with her mouth. I figured she was just in a rush and sat back to get swollen for her.

She grabbed my dick and sucked it in, grabbing my balls with the other. She crammed all of it in and worked it around in her mouth. It didn’t take me long to feel the effects of her hot mouth either. If I needed any more stimulation, Linda and Laura were dead in front of me.

I saw Linda raise her skirt and Laura stood up and dropped her pants. I thought I was pretty lucky getting a chance to see two sister adults’ pussies. With Dawn on my dick and that view in front of me, I got hard fast.

I looked down at Dawn and watched her back off me. It grew in her mouth and she had to let it out. She pumped it with her hand, still kneading my balls with the other. She popped it out of her mouth and looked up to me.

“You going to shove this in me?” and licked my head, smiling while she did it.

Now, what was I supposed to say to that? “You know it girl, you’re taking it all.” I replied.
Remembering that she liked it a little rough, I grabbed her by the hair. I forced her back on my cock and pumped her head a few times. When I pulled her off she giggled a little so I did it one more time.

She liked it so much I used both my hands on her head and leaned back. Dawn opened her mouth wide and let me fuck her face. She started slobbering on my cock but didn’t act like she wanted me to stop.

I watched her bring her hands out and cup her breasts. She started kneading those and pinching the nipples. I was amazed that she trusted me not to go too far. I made sure I didn’t hit the back of her throat as I combined my hip thrusts with the thrusts I was making her head do.

I guess she wanted more and I felt her help me ram her head down on my cock. It hit the back of her throat and I heard her moan. She opened her mouth all the way and if I read it right, she wanted me to ram it down her throat. I said, “Say uncle if you want me to stop.” and forced my cock down her throat.

I let her up quickly and she giggled more. I was surprised she didn’t say ‘uncle’, so after a few short thrusts I forced it down her throat again. I didn’t let her breathe that time as when she came up I put her down again. I knew she’d be needing air now and heard her take a deep breathe when I let her up.

I figured I give her a few short but deep thrusts and did so unrelentingly. The most amazing thing happened in sequence.

First, she let out an ‘Ah’ then she started to shake. She removed her hands off her nipples and grabbed both my knees. I took it that she was cumming and fucked her mouth with long deep thrusts as quick as I could. She sounded like an Indian giving a battle cry that was due to the in and out thrusts I was performing on her.

I had never thought a girl could cum without touching themselves or being touched but Dawn was living proof it was possible. That girl had an orgasm while getting face fucked. When she came down I pulled her head up where she could see me. I just couldn’t resist and said, “Girl, you just got face-fucked!”

“Mmmm Hmmm!” she said, as her drool rolled down her neck. I leveled her head and grabbed my cock and rubbed it on her face. She cooed and stuck out her tongue. I rubbed my head on it. When she pulled her tongue back in, I slapped her with my cock with a few quick whips and she gasped.
“How do you want this cock girl?” I asked.

“Do it from behind.” and got on her hands and knees in the floor.

I took this chance to grab the Vaseline and got some on two fingers. I rubbed it on her first and she started moaning again. This wasn’t gritty like I thought it should be. As soon as I realized that I looked over to Linda. That girl was rubbing her pussy and gave me an evil grin.

I was going to say something but remembered that Dawn wanted it rough. I shrugged and continued to massage her hole then reached up and tugged on her clit. I couldn’t see her eyes but I imagined they went wide open. I did here her gasp. When I eased up she started bucking me.

We were facing long ways with the couch so I noticed when Kate passed me. She walked to Dawn’s head and squatted down.

I watched her grab a handful of hair and pull. I got scared fast! Kate was going to fight with Dawn before I could pop her cherry! I looked at her and dropped my jaw.

“You want my boyfriend’s cock you slut!” she said, then quickly looked at me and winked. I let out a sigh, you can sure bet.

“Uh huh” Dawn said.

“If you want him to pop that cherry of yours, you’re going to have to lick me while he does it!” Kate told her and stood up and dropped her robe. Although Dawn couldn’t see her, she gave me another wink and a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

Dawn moaned and dropped her head. I heard her whisper, “Yes!”

Kate reached back down and grabbed her hair again. Walking backwards towards the couch, she drug Dawn with her, crawling on all fours.

I didn’t know if this was planned or spur of the moment but it was definitely something new for me. I had to walk on my knees following the two, bringing up the rear like a caboose.

Kate sat on the edge of the couch and brought Kate’s head up to look at her. Kate raised her hand and slapped Dawn and told her, “Suck it slut!” then forced her head between her legs.

OOf! I didn’t know how rough were allowed to go here but I looked back at Laura who, like Linda, was rubbing her pussy with an evil grin on her face. I shrugged and went back to the scene unfolding before me.

I watched Dawn munch on Kate then lick her up and down. Then my attention was drawn to the butt sticking up in front of me. I started caressing it with both hands. It didn’t last long because I remembered she didn’t like mushy stuff and my caress turned into a slap.

I heard Dawn giggle again between Kate’s legs, wiggling her butt at me.

I took that as an invitation and smacked it again a little harder. Without hesitating, I grabbed a cheek and spread it apart, watching her anus open and closed. I wondered if I could get a finger in it and raised a lubed one up to it.

Rubbing it made her tense up so I slapped her butt again. That convinced her to loosen up and I went back to massaging her there. I looked back at mom and aunt and slid my middle finger in watching Linda.

Linda’s eye got bigger and she rubbed a little faster. Linda did the same.

I felt Dawn gripping and letting go of my finger. I was able to squeeze her butt cheek with my finger in her anus. The heat made me take notice and was amazed at the tightness. I made my other hand useful and raised it to her clit. When I rubbed it Dawn gasped, backing off Kate’s pussy.

“No one told you to stop!” Kate said and shoved her head back where it was. But Kate was curious to see what made Dawn react. Rising up a little, she saw where my finger was and smiled. Leaning back further now, still guiding Dawn’s head, she laid her head on the arm of the couch and settled in on the attention.

I went to work on the back side, pumping my finger in and out. While I had Dawn’s attention there, I lubed up her pussy hole. I didn’t want to touch her hymen but I thought I had gotten close one time.

I finally decided it was time, knowing Dawn wanted it to be quick, and knee walked between her legs. I checked the angle to make sure our audience could see and raised my cock to her butt. I rubbed underneath with it, keeping my finger in her butt. It was awkward for me but I managed it. After rubbing her clit with my cock head, I pulled back to her entrance.

I slipped my finger out and you would have thought I took Dawn’s toy the way she whimpered. I replaced it with my thumb but didn’t put it in. I didn’t want to hurt her any but she kept humping back to it. I let her have it her way and pushed it in to the knuckle. Dawn jerked but I couldn’t tell if it was from pain or pleasure. She couldn’t tell me either with her mouth full of Kate.

I popped the head of my cock into her entrance and she spread her legs a little more. I grabbed the base and twirled it in a circle, trying to get her loosened up a little more. I pulled back out because I was a idiot that didn’t lube my own cock and was going to do just that. I caught a glimpse of Linda and she was shaking her head ‘no’.

I didn’t know so many things at once. I didn’t know if she was saying no to me backing out. I hadn’t popped her yet. I didn’t know if she was saying no to the lube. I thought it would help and she lubed my cock when I did Kate. Then I saw her evil grin again.

I didn’t know why but I really didn’t care about the lube either. I didn’t know if that was because Dawn was a spoiled brat or if Dawn liked it rough. Either way, I figured we all won by not lubing my cock.

Just to play it off, I pretended I needed to readjust myself on the floor and rose up once again to Dawn’s backside. P popped it in once more. Reaching up to Dawn’s shoulders, I raked both hands down her back using my finger nails. I saw light red marks appear where I traveled and goose bumps on her butt.

I grabbed her by the hips and rocked back and forth on her. I felt it slip in a bit more. I think my cock took some of the lube I had put on her away because it kind of squeaked in.

Kate sensed I was ready and lifted Dawn up off her crotch. “You ready slut?” and Dawn moaned. “Hump that cock!” Kate demanded, and Dawn pushed into me. Kate spread her pussy lips with one hand and held Dawn’s head of hair with the other.

I felt another small squeak as my cock entered just a little bit more. I thought that would be enough to pump in and out with so I backed off and then squeaked back in. Dawn tried to help and pushed and pulled her butt.

The two of us found a rhythm and we pumped on each other. When I least expected it, Dawn forced herself on me and I felt her hymen break. A scream bellowed out of her mouth. I felt my cock start to back out from Dawn’s instincts to remove my intrusion. But I knew better and held her hips tight. She still tried to get away as she screamed but Kate shoved her head back to her pussy and I took a knee step closer; not letting her have any room to move in or out.

Since Dawn was fighting me hard by raising up higher, I slapped her butt. I figured I could draw her attention away from the pain and focus it on her tail. I wiggled my thumb and smacked her a couple more times and said, “Hold” ‘SLAP’ still!” ‘SLAP’ and she convulsed in one place. I felt the ripples her legs were making running down both sides of my legs. It took a bit but she finally stopped quivering and screaming in Kate’s mound. I could hear her breathing hard. We sat there just like that and I heard Dawn sniffle and cry.

When I felt she was as relaxed as she was going to get, I squeaked the rest of the way in until I felt her cervix and rested, again. Her pussy was tight and clinching, pulsing on my cock.

While I waited there, I thought of some way to describe my entrance but ‘squeak’ seemed to fit pretty well. It reminded me of a squeegee on glass; when rubber runs out of window wash.

Kate broke my thoughts, watching her caress Dawn’s head then rose off the couch. Dawn scooted further up and rested on the cushion. Kate walked to where I was, curious to see the sight. I pulled back enough to see where we were joined.

I don’t know what made me do it. Perhaps the thought I had in a shower. I saw a drop of blood roll off to the side from the top of my cock. I reached down and used my index finger to scrape it off.

I held it up to the light. Just like Sally had done, I pointed my finger down and let it form a drop at the tip. Tilting my head up, I touched the drop to my tongue.

“Mmmm! Virgin blood” I said, and sucked my finger in. I really didn’t taste anything but it was something cool for me to do. I didn’t know if I ever would have that chance again in my life so I wasn’t letting it pass me by.

I don’t know if that act forced Linda and Laura over but the timing was perfect. Both fell off the cliff and into the bliss right after I pulled my finger out.

I looked at Kate right afterwards, standing beside me looking intense. She licked her lips watching me with a fire in her eyes and fingers in her crotch.

I looked down and found another drop. Scooping it on my other hand, I offered it to Kate. She smiled from ear to ear and bent over to accept it. She tongued it first and sucked it in; I felt her licking my finger still.

When she let my finger go, she said, “Mmmm! Virgin blood” and giggled.

That turned me on more than I expected and I wanted to finish the deed. I turned back to the butt in front of me and grabbed once more at Dawn’s hips. She hadn’t moved a muscle and might have thought it was over, but she was about to be surprised as I prepared myself to pump her again.

“Make her take you!” Kate said, standing in an umpire stance.

I started with an in stroke and then backed out again. Dawn let out an ‘Oh God’ and I shoved it back in again. I slowly increased the pace; Dawn adjusting her angle. Kate placed a hand on my shoulders and caressed me there.

As my thumb never left her anus I wiggled it down towards my cock and I could actually feel it between the layers that separated the two. I had to back off though because I didn’t want my thumb nail scratching anything. Dawn moaned when I eased back on my pressure like she lost a friend, so I turned my hand sideways and squeezed her cheek again.

Kate noticed my dilemma and left my side, holding up a finger for me to wait. I took slow strokes in Dawn and massaged her backside. Kate wasn’t gone long at all and stopped back beside me. Tapping me on the shoulder, she handed me what she went to get.

Now, I can tell you flat out that I have no clue what to do with it, never ever seeing one in my entire life until I saw a picture on the back of a magazine. But in my hands I held a pink and black vibrator, curved at the center. It was about six inches long and half around as my cock. I thought it was pretty small and didn’t replicate a cock very well. Kate pointed to my thumb in Dawn’s anus and winked. I shook my head that I understood and brought it back.

Still slowly pumping her, I started doing the same with my thumb. I dipped the vibrator in the Vaseline and held it ready. I didn’t look at Linda, afraid she wouldn’t approve of the lube but I imagined if it was my butt, I would want it.

All and all, it was pretty coordinated I suppose. On an out stroke I pulled my thumb out and on the ‘in’ I popped the vibrator in. I tried to match the strokes but it wasn’t working well. I learned that putting one in while taking one out, it worked a lot better.

During my exchange, Dawn had gasped at the difference and looked back at me. Because of the angle I had it she could see the handle of the vibrator and knew what it was. She said, “Oh God” and put her forehead on the edge of the couch, looking to the floor.

I was just happy with that and it was a huge boost for me. But it wasn’t good enough for Kate and she tapped me on the shoulder again. I gave her a “What?” look and she motioned with a twist of her hand and pointed to the vibrator.

Like I said, I had never held one before so I really didn’t know. But apparently, on further inspection, there was some controller on the end. I let go with both hands now and twisted the end. I heard it start buzzing and the more I twisted, the faster it buzzed.

Dawn lit up with that and started bucking back into me. I didn’t expect it and almost shoved both in at once. I was glad there was a curve in the vibrator and wondered if whoever made it had this in mind.

I fed her about half of the vibrator and pushed it towards my cock. I felt the vibration between the layers which involuntarily made me buck more. Let me tell you that a thumb was ok compared to that vibrator. It increased my arousal by twenty, I’m sure.

I saw the effect it was having on Dawn as well. She was sweating now, with beads rolling off her butt. Several drops of sweat had formed in the dip of her back and she was humping back on me.

I felt my bliss coming on and tapped Dawn’s right leg. When she moved it up, I felt for her clit. Doing so made me feel where my cock was going in and out and just doing that much made me realize just how tight she was. It was too much at once for me and I started bucking for all it was worth.

Wanting to make sure Dawn got hers, I rotated with both hands. One was on her clit and the other on the vibrator.

That did the trick for both of us as I felt the vibrations go through us both. I lost my rhythm in the bliss and quivered my orgasm into her. She wasn’t quite there and bucked her butt into me. A few seconds after I started, she followed me over the cliff. I pulled the vibrator out and grabbed hold.

I splashed against her, sweat just flying off. In a moments time the sweat joined with fluids and mixed together. Splashing us both to bliss, we pumped till we slowed. Breathless we laid there, trying to regain our strength. Our pants became deeper and we finally went back to normal.

Behind me I heard panting but nothing else. I could only guess the audience got theirs but I remembered hearing nothing to prove it. I was just too caught up in my own pleasure to care, I supposed.

Before I rose off Dawn the lights came back on. I checked the emotions on Linda and Laura; neither one looked upset. Both were dressed decently again. I turned back to Dawn and since I couldn’t get a good look at her asked, “You ok?”

All she could do was nod ‘yes’ I suppose. I got a better look in the light of the havoc we had created. Apparently, splashing together had caused a big mess. There where red polka dots every; the couch, both our legs, the legs of Linda and Laura, and Kate’s feet. I was surprised she didn’t have it up her legs but who knows how it happened.

A frothy red mix was all over Dawn and she was taking her own inspection, looking between her legs. Both Linda and Laura walked over to see what we were looking at.

Linda reached down first and Laura after her. Both got their fingers wet with froth and brought it to their lips. They sucked for a second and pulled them out.

They looked at each other and said simultaneously, “Mmmm! Virgin blood!” and laughed. The rest of us laughed with them.

We all got up and started talking about what happened with the mess.

Drinks were made at the bar and the girls gathered there. Passing Mr. Beam’s bottle, I noticed it was already half gone. I figured it must be pretty good for the ladies to drink so much. I wasn’t sure what the girls needed courage for but I bet they were ready for battle.

Getting to the bar, I saw Linda bring out a green bottle. “Put the Kool Aid down people, it’s time to celebrate!” and popped the lid off of it. It went in the air and came down in front of me. I picked it up and looked at it. It was made out of cork.

Linda pulled down 5 stemmed glasses and divided the bottle between them. We each got one and told to wait so we could drink them together.

Linda raised her glass in the air and said, “Welcome to womanhood girls!” and they all said “Yay!” Linda continued with, “To all the girls who pop their cherries!” and took a big drink. Laura said, “Here here!” and drank as well. Kate and Dawn drank up and I followed.

Let me say that I felt bubbles on my nose before I tasted it in my mouth. It tickled my throat as I swallowed. I asked what it was I was drinking and Linda said it was Champaign.

Laura was so proud of Dawn for bearing the pain. I told her she was a trooper. She looked over at me and asked,” Zach? Where did you get the idea to do that with the blood?”

I wasn’t about to tell her ‘Sally across the street showed it to me’ so I said, “I saw it… in a movie somewhere.” and hung my head down.

I just knew it was going to happen and both Kate and Dawn said, “Zach!” and Kate continued, “You know that’s bull crap!” and I just chuckled.

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