My dad was an electrician and a bastard as far as I was concerned. When he managed to make it home he was always drunk or getting that way. I knew he was fucking around on mom with a girl. My mom Amanda was a real MILF, long reddish gold hair with green eyes. My name is Adam and I work out every afternoon with my mom.

I always thought she was doing volunteer work in the evenings, I was sixteen when I found out she wasn’t. I was surfing porn sites on Friday night when I came to an exhibitionist web site. I picked a few trailers to watch as I stroked my cock and froze as the first one showed a woman letting several men fuck her at a remote car park.

She was bent over with her head inside a car sucking a guy while another man fucked her from behind. I watched as she let them take turns and she fucked seven men. I checked the site and found other videos as well as several links to other sites. One showed mom letting a dozen men fuck her and fill her bald pussy with cum.

I download all the videos I found and waited until she came home. It was late but when she came in quietly I was ready. When she came by my door, I reached out and covered her mouth before pulling her into my room. I closed the door and turned her to face me, “You’ve been cheating on dad.”

Mom was white faced and opened her mouth but nothing came out. She looked towards my closed door and then back to me, “Don’t tell him Adam.”

I reached out to her blouse and her hand grabbed mine. I looked into her face and she dropped her hands. I nodded and undressed her and just stared at her naked body, “God your beautiful.”

She smiled and I shook myself before pulling her after me into my bathroom. I started the shower and she looked at me in surprise. I smiled, “You need to bring your enema and douche in here.”

I dropped my robe and pulled her into the shower. I cupped her firm breasts and then slipped my fingers into her slimy cunt, “How many did you fuck tonight?”

She shuddered, “Five.”

I turned her around and leaned her over to put her hands on the wall. I spread my legs and positioned my cock before pushing into her cummy hole. Mom grunted as my thick cock slid into her and then pushed against her cervix. I held her waist as I fucked her with slow, deep strokes that had her jerking and spasming in moments.

Her warm pussy kept squeezing my cock as it slipped in and out. I kept thrusting against her cervix trying to push into it. I felt her body tightened and she jerked and bucked as she thrust back on my cock hard. I shoved into her and sighed as for the first time in my life I spurted cum into a woman. Mom jerked as my strong gushing sperm began pumping into her.

She was still spasming and her nasty cunt was contracting around my cock, “Cum in me baby!”

I twitched as I kept spewing and groaned, “this is way better than jacking off.”

Mom laughed and pushed back, “Just use me from now on.”

I bent to hold her firm breasts, “I intend to and more.”

She looked back and I smiled as I lifted her and turned her to face me while I started to wash her again, “You are my whore now mom. I am going to take you to a car park the kids at school use and you’re going to put on sex shows.”

Mom grinned and rubbed my chest, “That makes my pussy itch.”

I smiled and rubbed her cunt, she shivered and leaned into me. I finished washing her and helped her out before drying her off. I patted her butt, “Go to bed mom, we’ll talk tomorrow.”

I watched her walk out bare ass naked. I still wanted to fuck her but I saved it. I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep and woke to my father kicking my bed, “Cut the grass and trim the bushes in the frontyard.”

He just turned and walked away, no good morning, no have a nice day. I threw the covers back and rolled out of bed before going into my bathroom and peeing. I heard dad driving off and stayed naked as I walked out and down to the master bedroom. Mom was still asleep when I slipped into bed and gently pushed her onto her back.

I moved between her legs and lifted up to position my cock before pushing into her slowly. Her pussy was hot and very slippery as I began fucking her. She groaned as my cock slipped all the way into her and opened sleepy eyes. She put her arms around me as I fucked her, “Baby?”

I kissed her, “Dad just left.”

She grunted as I pushed deeper and pressed my groin tight against hers. She shivered as I pulled back and then fucked her hard and fast for a couple of minutes. She was shaking uncontrollably and her warm pussy was milking my cock as I slowed. When I buried my cock and pressed against her, she jerked and screamed, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted cum into her open cervix as she thrashed around and spasmed. When I finished and pulled out, she sighed as I lay next to her and played with her breasts. I kissed her cheek, “I have chores and then I am taking you out to show your pussy off.”

Mom grinned, “Bring your camera.”

I grinned and moved off the bed and went back to my bedroom to get dressed. I went out and started on the chores. I finished by ten and went in to shower and change. Mom was cleaning the house and smiled as I passed her. After showering and dressing, I went looking for her.

I pulled her into her closet and reached under her skirt to pull her panties off. I undid her bra and watched amazed as she pulled it out of her blouse without taking the blouse off. I had her bending over and doing things until I was certain her pussy and ass would show or her breasts were visible. I nodded, “Grab your purse mom and I’ll get my camera.”

Our first stop was the mall and I followed behind as she walked around. Several times she dropped something just so she could bend over with men watching. I took her to the park where they were playing a game of touch football. I had her sit on a bench to watch and spread her legs. She had quite a few that stopped to look at her. We finally went home and I grinned as I pulled mom into the garage gym.

I made her stand still while I undressed her and then I stripped. Working out naked and horny is harder then you think. Mom finally came to straddle my waist and slid my hard drooling cock up inside her. I was on a bench doing presses as she began to fuck me. She started with long, slow, deep thrusts and gradually went faster and harder. Soon she was fucking me hard, slamming her pussy down on my cock and pushing the head of my cock against her cervix.

After five minutes I shuddered and thrust up as I grabbed her hips. My cock erupted with a geyser of cum that started pumping into her as she froze and then started jerking and shaking. She tossed her head and moaned until I was done when she sighed and seemed to relax. I rubbed her nipples before looking at the time, “Time to make dinner mom. After dad settles into his chair we are going out to the car park.”

Mom grinned and stood, my cum poured out and ran down one leg as she walked over to pick her clothes up. After dinner I made a few calls and we left dad watching some game on TV. When mom pulled into the park there were several cars already there. She slipped the mask over her eyes and got out, I was already out and took pictures of her as she walked naked around to my side of the car and squatted down.

I saw a couple of guys I knew, they were virgins and grinned as I waved them over. They always talked about seeing women naked. I nodded to mom, “Take your cocks out and let her suck you.”

They looked at each other and then turned red before moving closer. She opened their pants and fished out their cocks and started licking and sucking. A few other guys showed up and came near as the two groaned and one at a time spurted cum in her mouth. She loved it and everyone could see her fingering her cunt.

She stroke one of the guys hard and stood before turning away and bending over. She was fumbling at another guy’s pants as she looked back, “Fuck me.”

I continued taking pictures as he moved closer and pushed into her with an amazed look on his face. He started fucking her hard and fast. I glanced around at the ten guys around us. When he came it was with jabs and jerks. He pulled out and stepped back and another guy started to take his place, I stopped him and stood mom up.

I moved her to the back door of the car and opened it. I folded the front seats down and had her lay across the back seat before nodding to the guy. He quickly climbed in and moved over her as I went around to open the other door. I gestured another guy forward as the other guy started fucking her slimy cunt and mom started sucking the new guy.

One after another they all took a turn fucking her, including two that fucked her ass. I drove home hard and horny and led her to my bathroom. She smiled as I gave her two douches and two enemas. When I finished she pulled me into the shower to wash her and then led me to my bed. She caressed my chest before laying back and spreading her legs.

I moved over her and pushed into her puffy slick pussy. I fucked her with long, deep strokes, just trying to cum. I lasted maybe two minutes and pressed against her cervix to spurt huge jets. Mom jerked and spasmed before wrapping her legs around me. I put six or seven large spurts in her before I stopped and went back to fucking her slimy hole.

Mom giggled, “You’re really horny aren’t you?”

I was using long, slow, deep thrusts and her pussy began contracting. She started shuddering and shaking and tossed her head before moaning, “Fuck baby!”

I started fucking her hard again as she began spasming erratically. It was almost ten minute before I pushed back into her cum filled pussy and started pumping more cum. Mom convulsed when she felt it flooding her and began tossing her head, “BABY!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and hugged me before reluctantly pushing me back. I moved off her and she kissed me before climbing off the bed and walking to my dresser. Before dinner she had come in and put her night gown in my dresser and now she put it on with a clean pair of panties. I watched her leave before laying back.

Like the day before Dad kicking my bed woke me, “clean the pool and check the chlorine level.”

I watched him leave and shook my head, “How the hell can he be like that?”

I rolled out of bed and ignored my clothes before heading into the backyard and the pool. It was one of those pools you used to swim laps in, dad had bought it and then ignored it. It didn’t need to be cleaned but it needed chlorine, only we were out. I walked back to look into mom’s bedroom and saw her lying sideways almost off the bed.

I grinned as my cock got hard and walked to the bed. I caressed her butt and pussy before moving her panties aside and positioning my cock and pushing into her. I fucked her slowly and after a minute her pussy squeezed my cock as she slowly began pushing back. I continued nice and slow, just enjoying the feeling of her warm, slippery cunt.

A couple of minutes later she shuddered and moaned as her pussy tightened around my cock again. I shuddered as I felt myself getting close and fucked her hard for a minute before pulling out at the last second and pressing the head of my cock into her ass. Mom jerked as my cock exploded and strong jets of cum gushed into her ass. She cried out as her whole body spasmed, “YYYYEEESSSSSS!”

I pulled out slowly and moved her panties back into place as she turned her head to look at me with a grin, “Is your father gone?”

I nodded, “I need chlorine for the pool.”

Mom kept grinning, “How do you want me to dress?”

I grinned, “That really small bikini top and your micro mini skirt with no panties. You can go to the bathroom but don’t douche or clean any leaking sperm.”

She laughed as she moved off the bed, “Give me a couple of minutes.”

I turned and headed to my room before pulling a pair of shorts on with a tee shirt. I grabbed my wallet and walked out to meet mom by the front door. I grinned and reached under her skirt to rub her pussy and smear leaking cum on her inner thigh. Mom laughed and followed me out the front door.

The pool supply store was where I had mom walk around and bend over to look at stuff on lower shelves. The clerk was the only one in the store at this hour. I finally slipped up behind him as he stared at mom bent over looking at spa shock. I bumped his shoulder and he blushed and started to open his mouth.

I gestured to mom, “Would you like to fuck her?”

He swallowed and looked at mom before hesitantly grinning, “Yeah.”

I walked to mom and rubbed her butt, “Spread your legs so he can fuck you.”

Mom groaned and I gestured to the clerk as she put her hands on a shelf, “Come fuck her.”

He grinned as he came forward opening his pants. He rubbed her pussy before shoving his cock into her and starting to fuck her long, hard and deep. Mom shuddered and started thrusting back as he fucked her. It didn’t even last five minutes before he was grunting and groaning as he spewed cum into her and she jerked and spasmed, “YES! Cum in me!”

He finally sighed and pulled out and a small trickle of cum ran down her leg. She stood and turned to him, “Thanks honey.”

He grinned, “Anytime.”

I bought the chlorine and took mom home. I stripped her at the back door and pulled her outside naked. I bent her over the side of the pool with her butt facing our neighbor. I made her finger fuck her pussy as I went to add the chlorine. When I came back I opened my shorts and walked up behind her before thrusting into her. She stiffened and arched her back as I started fucking her slimy cunt.

I used long, deep thrusts and she started jerking and spasming right away. Her slimy pussy tried to squeeze my cock and she started moaning. I was knocking against her cervix and she jerked each time. She was convulsing and spasmed as her slippery pussy grasped at my cock. I fucked her through three more orgasms before burying my cock and breeding her.

Mom stiffened as my cum erupted in her belly and then jerked and thrashed around as it filled her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. I caressed her hips, “Go lay on the lounger so my cum can soak in.”

I pulled out and followed her to sit beside her, “I’m taking your birth control away.”

She groaned and shuddered as she rubbed her pussy. I tugged on her nipple, “There is a football game tonight. I’m going to call a few guys to meet me in the parking lot and they are going to take turns breeding you.”

Mom jerked and shook as she shoved two fingers into her cummy pussy. I turned and moved over her as I positioned my cock. I pushed into her and started fucking her hard and deep. I kissed her as her slimy pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She held me as I kept fucking her with deep thrusts. She was shuddering and shaking continuously and after a few minutes she started convulsing.

Her messy cunt rippled and spasmed around my cock before contracting and squeezing it. She was wailing as I fucked her with long, hard thrusts. She kept cumming as I fucked her and it took awhile before I buried my cock to spurt more cum into her. I was kissing her passionately as I spewed more cum into her already messy cunt.

When I stopped cumming I kissed her and sighed, “I think I will breed you myself this time. The guys can fuck your ass or mouth tonight.”

Mom smiled and hugged me as her pussy tightened. I kissed her and pulled out, “Go use an enema and bring me your birth control pills.”

She stood and caressed my cheek, “Your father won’t like this.”

I grinned, “He has his young mistress and I have you.”

She grinned, “You know who she is?”

I nodded, “Paige Lee, she is fourteen and in junior high.”

Mom looked at the house and then into my face, “Do you know her?”

I grinned again, “We’ve met. She is a shy girl that actually looks like you a little.”

She smiled, “Think she would let you fuck her?”

I thought about it, “Yeah, she’s nice. I wouldn’t mind.”

Mom looked at the house again, “See if she can come over tomorrow and I’ll talk to her.”

I swatted her on the butt, “Go use an enema and put lube in while I make some calls.”

She laughed as she walked into the house and I went to wash off and get dressed. I made some calls, including to Paige who accepted almost eagerly. After lunch and cleaning out the garage I helped mom clean the house. When dad came home she had dinner ready but he still bitched.

I was really tempted to say something but mom saved me by telling dad we were going out to a school game. He barely acknowledged it except to say not to wake him when we came home. We took her car, I had tossed a couple of old blankets in the back seat. I had her park in a dark area of the parking lot where a dozen guys were standing around.

She was rubbing her pussy before she even shut the car off. I got out and grinned as I walked around and opened her door. I helped her out and undressed her, “You can have her suck you or fuck her ass. If you want her cunt you use a rubber.”

The guys chuckled as mom turned and went to her knees. She opened a guy’s pants and pulled out his cock before almost swallowing it. I stepped back and pulled out my camera as another guy knelt behind her as he fumbled with a condom. Mom got fucked two dozen times before we heard the game end. I helped her to the car and sat her in the passenger seat before driving her home.

She grinned the whole way and didn’t bother covering up. She was covered in cum from her hair to her legs. When we got home she walked to the front door naked. I led her to my bedroom and into my bathroom where I used a douche and a couple of enemas before pulling her into the shower. After she was clean I pulled her to my bed and laid her back.

I moved over her and between her legs as she guided my cock. I pushed into her pussy and began to fuck her with deep strokes and she grunted as I fucked against her cervix. It was several minutes before she arched her back as her pussy tightened. She kissed me to cover her scream and kept shaking. I buried my cock as I humped and pressed against her.

When she began to calm down I pulled back and started fucking her hard and deep. She jerked and shuddered as her cunt spasmed and grasped my cock. She even wet me as she began to convulse and buck. It took a couple more minutes before I thrust into her and held her as I kissed her passionately. She jerked and clutched me as I spewed huge, gushing spurts into her.

When I stopped cumming I shifted and rolled until she was on me. I held her and caressed her hips, “You can leave after my cum soaks in.”

Mom giggled and kissed me before putting her head on my shoulder. It was over thirty minutes before she sighed and lifted her hips and slipped off me and the bed, “Night baby.”

I smiled and watched her leave before closing my eyes. Dad kicked my bed, “get up!”

I opened my eyes and looked at him, “I’m awake.”

He snorted, “After school get the garage cleaned.”

I nodded and he turned to leave, “clean this room.”

I shook my head and slipped out of bed. I picked up my clothes from last night and sat at my desk. I sent a couple of e-mails before walking out and going to find mom. She was asleep on her stomach and I grinned as I carefully moved the covers. I shifted and parted her legs before moving the string for her panties.

I moved up and slowly worked my cock into her hot, slimy pussy. Mom moaned and shivered as her hips tilted and she pushed back. I started fucking her slowly and after a minute she shuddered and looked back with a smile, “Morning baby.”

I buried my cock and kissed her, “morning mom.”

Her pussy squeezed my cock and she shivered as I pulled almost out of her before fucking her with long thrusts. I used firm strokes and planted my cock with each thrust. It was a couple of minutes before she shook and thrashed around. Her pussy clenched around my cock as I started fucking her harder. A minute later I buried it and held her struggling body as she screamed into the bed.

Cum was gushing into her belly as she kept jerking and spasming. I slowly pulled out and kissed her softly, “thanks mom.”

I slipped off the bed and turned to the door, “see you when I come home, no fucking around until then. Wear your short mini skirt and no panties for our work out.”

Mom giggled as I walked out, I showered and dressed and left. I walked to school but crossed to wait down the street at this walk through from the park. A few minutes later a girl walked out and smiled, “Hi.”

I smiled back and reached out to take her hand before walking beside her, “I know about dad, Paige.”

She hesitated as she looked at me, a few moments later she whispered, “my mom and dad know.”

I squeezed her hand, “I was thinking of asking you to come and maybe be my girl.”

Paige sighed, “I would like to but your father wouldn’t like that.”

I grinned, “I could video him and you and then he wouldn’t say anything.”

She looked down, “He does that every time.”

I looked at her, “He makes videos of having sex with you?”

Paige nodded and blushed, “I like thinking someone else might watch.”

I grinned, “Do you have the videos or does dad take them?”

She smiled, “He takes them and says its to show his friends.”

I turned her to face me, “Come over after school and talk with mom and me.”

She bit her lip, “But...”

I caressed the side of her face, “don’t worry about mom, she knows. We are going to find the videos and maybe next weekend I’ll show a few to a group of guys.”

Paige grinned, “will you fuck me?”

I rubbed one of her nipples through the blouse, “yes and mom will record it if you want.”

She smiled and nodded and I looked at her school, “see you after school?”

Paige kissed me suddenly and turned to run towards her friends. I watched for a minute before walking towards my school. I spent the day thinking of Paige and her tight body. I met her after school and she slipped her hand in mine, “Mom said to make sure I come to school tomorrow.”

I grinned, “We are going to have so much fun.”

We walked home holding hands and came into the house to see mom walking around naked. She blushed and turned to leave when I cleared my throat, “I didn’t tell you to leave.”

She stopped and looked at Paige. I pulled Paige with me as I walked closer, “I better not find cum in you.”

Mom smiled, “Just yours.”

I cupped a breast, “you are supposed to be wearing your short mini skirt and no panties.”

She blushed, “I...”

I shook my head and looked at Paige, “This is my mother Paige, our whore.”

She was blushing and whispered, “me too.”

Mom grinned as I caressed Paige’s face. I looked at mom, “Dad is hiding videos he took of him and Paige.”

She frowned before grinning, “I think I know where.”

I started for the hall and pulled Paige along as I followed her. In her walk in closet she pointed to an area behind a small set of drawers, “I saw him doing something to the panel in here once.”

I looked at what appeared to be an electrical box and opened it. I grinned and reached into the deep box to pull out an external hard drive. I closed the panel and turned, “Help Paige undress and bring her to our workout room.”

I went to my room and plugged the drive in. I waited until the drivers were loaded before opening the drive and looking at all the videos listed by name and date. I opened one to see my father fucking Paige before closing it. I unplugged the drive before taking it to the exercise room. I slipped it behind a cabinet before turning to mom and Paige.

I grinned and we started working out and helped Paige learn what to do. We had just finished and were coming into the house when dad walked in. He froze and looked at Paige and his eyes widened and his face went white. I smiled, “Yes, we know all about you raping her, we even have all the videos.”

Dad flinched as mom stopped beside me with Paige half behind her. I took her hand, “Mom is sleeping with me from now on and she is going to get pregnant. Paige is my girlfriend so go find a woman. If you have a problem, I will give the videos to the police and you can try to explain from a prison cell.”

He opened his mouth before shutting it and turning to leave. I looked at mom, “take Paige and go shower and douche.”

She nodded, “Do you think he will try anything?”

I nodded, “Yeah, dad’s a bully. He will do something stupid.”

I turned to go get the hard drive and took it to my room. I hooked up the hard drive and went to a secure online storage site before paying and starting to upload the videos. I walked into the bathroom and showered quickly and came back to my room to see mom and Paige on my bed. I checked to see how much had uploaded before walking to the bed.

I grinned and sat beside them, “Want to know what we are doing tonight?”

Mom grinned as Paige nodded. I caressed mom’s hip as I looked at Paige, “I am going to make both of you stay naked and we are going to the drive in movies. I will fuck mom bent over the hood and you in the back seat.”

Paige grinned as mom reached out to stroke my cock. I stood, “first we have an early dinner and then I am going to fuck both of you on the dinning room table.”

They grinned and mom stood, “we will go start dinner now.”

I rubbed her hard nipples, “Make sure all the curtains are open.”

She grinned, “okay baby.”

She took Paige’s hand and pulled her out as I sat at my computer. Over half the videos had already been uploaded. I watched it for a couple of minutes before turning to the wall. I had a hobby where I bought kit black powder guns and put them together.

I looked at several dueling pistols and then grinned as I went to take a blunderbuss down. Like all my weapons I had taken the time to convert them to use percussion caps. I carefully loaded the weapon with smokeless powder and salt rock and carried it with me.

Mom and Paige were giggling as they made dinner and kept whispering. After dinner we cleaned up and I went to check the computer. It was done uploading so I unhooked the drive and shut the computer off. I put the drive back in the hiding space and went back to the kitchen where mom and Paige were waiting.

I smiled and pulled mom up and bent her over the table before dropping my pants. I pushed into her as I pulled Paige against my side. I caressed her as I began to fuck mom with long strokes. Her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock as it hit and pushed deeper. It wasn’t long before mom shuddered and began jerking around.

Her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock as she howled, “aaaahhhh!”

She wet me and my cock pushed deeper as she wailed and wiggled. I fucked her hard and fast as I kept kissing Paige and mom started spasming as her pussy milked my cock. She was squirming around and shoving back onto my cock as she yelled when I buried my cock. She stiffened and looked back as my cock swelled before gushing cum into her.

She jerked with each warm spurt as it poured into her and moaned, “mmmmm!”

When I was done cumming she sighed and relaxed on the table. I pulled out and bent to stand her up as Paige laughed and bent over the table, “my turn.”

Mom laughed and turned me before bending my cock and pulling it to Paige’s tight pussy. I pushed and slowly stretched her pussy as I entered her. She groaned and pushed back as I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. Mom hugged me and watched my cock as it pushed in and pulled out.

It wasn’t long before Paige was howling just like mom and mom giggled and started rubbing her asshole. When I began pushing her cervix open Paige jerked and began convulsing as her slippery pussy contracted and spasmed around my cock. I fucked her harder with deep strokes and kept planting my cock each time.

She was thrusting back and shuddering violently as she wet me constantly. I finally buried my throbbing cock and started gushing cum into her and she jerked and shuddered as her pussy clamped down around my cock, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until her womb was full and leaking and then I slowly pulled out. I pulled her up and kissed her before sitting with them on each side of me. We were talking a minute later when three men just walked into the house through the front door, they were grinning and wore black gloves.

I reached to the side past mom and picked up the blunderbuss. I stood and cocked it as they started walking towards us. One smiled, “you won’t shoot.”

I aimed and fired and all three started screaming. I set the blunderbuss down as I walked towards them. I kneed the first in the balls before slugging another. I kicked and hit and beat them all the way to the door and chased them out, “tell my father I hope he likes prison.”

I turned and walked to the phone and picked it up to call dad while mom and Paige stood together. He answered on the first ring, “yes?”

I smiled and looked at the door, “the men you sent are probably on the way to the hospital. Mom will send the divorce papers to your shop. Sign them and send them back or you will spend the next twenty years in prison.”

I hung up and turned, “ready to go out?”

Mom and Paige looked at each other before nodding. I took the blunderbuss to my room and reloaded it before taking it with me. It turned out dad had been blackmailing Paige’s parents. They were relieved that he wasn’t touching her anymore. Dad signed the divorce papers and sent them back the next day and has never returned or contacted us.

I have my own business now and Paige is my apprentice and mom our bookkeeper and partner. I have bred mom three times and we have a few guys she fucks in a local car park. They wear condoms so we stay safe. When Paige goes with us she stays inside the car when I fuck her and only watches mom.
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