My name is Keith Diamond and I live in the woods. Since I was ten years old I have worked doing one job or another. I even bought a house that the IRS sold for back taxes. I made a lot of money when I sold it a few years later, that was right before the market crashed. I got real tired of the way people acted in the city. They seemed greedy and selfish and then there was the girls that were either whores or stuck up and fridged.

I bought two thousand acres beside a state park. It had a lot of little streams and one large one. I built a three room cabin above the larger stream, it didn’t have electricity or phones. The gas stove ran off of tanks of gas and that was the only modern appliance in the cabin. For heat in the winter I had a fireplace in the center of the main room.

One room was an indoor bathroom but it was off the main room and to one side. On the other end was another unheated room that was a garage for my jeep and storage for some equipment. I came here when I was twenty one and have lived here for four years and enjoy the peace of the forest.

I only make the long drive out once a month to buy canned food or dry goods. Before I left the city I invested all my money and each month was when I checked it and deposited the dividend checks. I farmed in small meadows and did a little trapping and hunting too. I was fishing below my cabin the first time I saw Kyra and Trish.

It was the start of summer and I glanced up as I heard them walking up along the stream. A moment later they came into view and I stared at their naked bodies. They froze when they saw me and then came closer. I knew they had to be related, they looked a lot alike. They were both golden blonde with long hair and firm looking breasts as well as bald pussies.

The older one cleared her throat and I glanced up from reeling in my line. She smiled, “We didn’t know anyone was up here.”

I looked at her body before shrugging, “That side of the stream is state owned. This side belongs to me.”

They looked at each other and grinned as I turned to wade back to shore. The older blonde called after me, “There is a nice grassy spot just up from here on that side, is it yours?”

I turned and nodded and she smiled, “Would it be okay if we laid out there?”

I shook my head, “I don’t mind.”

I bent to pick up the trout on my stringer and headed towards the cabin. I cleaned the fish and had a late breakfast before cleaning up and heading out to check the meadows and my farms. I did a little weeding and then wandered through the woods collecting large fallen branches. When I returned to my cabin I hesitated when I saw the two women.

I set the branches beside the fire pit and smiled, “Need something?”

The older woman gestured to herself and then to the girl, “I’m Kyra and this is my daughter Trish.”

I nodded and she smiled, “You live here?”

I glanced at the cabin, “Yes.”

She looked around, “It’s nice here.”

I waited and she sat on one of the large boulders around my fire pit with her legs spread. I shook myself and looked up as she grinned, “It has been a long time since I have had sex. My husband is disinterested in sex to be polite.”

I looked at her daughter and she grinned, “I have only had sex once. He used a rubber and barely got his thing in me before cumming.”

I cleared my throat aware of my painfully hard cock, “It’s called a dick or cock.”

She grinned and looked at her mother who stood and walked towards me, “My husband is a mile downstream at our camp, fishing.”

She stopped and caressed my chest, “How would you like company for a couple of weeks?”

I glanced up from her firm breasts and reddened before looking at Trish as she joined her mother, “you can fuck both of us.”

That was to good to pass up. I smiled, “you need to bring your birth control.”

They grinned as Kyra reached for my pants, “First we want to fuck you.”

I slipped my shirt off as she knelt and pulled my moccasins off. A moment later I was pulled to the side where there was a patch of grass. They both knelt in front of me and took turns licking my cock. I shivered and groaned when Kyra slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. She pulled it out and Trish slipped it into her mouth.

When she pulled my cock out Kyra grinned and pulled me down onto the grass. I laid back and Trish straddled me as her mother lifted my cock. She wiggled and pushed to get my thick cock into her tight pussy and we both groaned when I pushed in. She shuddered and started rocking as I pulled her down and thrust up, driving my cock deeper.

She jerked and spasmed as her tight pussy milked my cock and Kyra giggled. Trish grinned and began thrusting back and forth as she twisted and rolled her hips. Her warm, velvety pussy felt amazing as my cock slipped in and out. When my cock hit and started pushing against the back of her pussy, she wailed and started convulsing. I jerked and thrust up into her erratically before clutching her waist.

She looked at me with wide eyes before spasming as my cock exploded and a fountain of cum gushed up through her cervix. She jerked and shook as I kept pumping spurt after huge spurt. When I stopped cumming she sighed and dropped onto my chest, “that was so good.”

Her mother laughed, “You took your first load of cum and in just the right place.”

Trish grinned and then giggled, “I loved every second too.”

She lifted her hips and moved off me as cum began to leak out of her. Kyra took her place and positioned my cock before slowly pushing down. I pushed into her pussy and it was almost as tight as her daughter’s. she sighed and started rocking right away, driving my cock deeper until I was hitting her cervix.

She shuddered hard and her pussy tightened as she moaned. I rubbed and then tugged on both her nipples and she jerked as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock, “FUCK!”

Trish giggled as her mother shook and I began to thrust up into her. It wasn’t long before she was convulsing as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. She wailed and howled like her daughter had as I continued to play with her breasts and rub the nipples. She was twisting and squirming as I kept thrusting up into her and she rocked, thrashed and jerked above me.

She was squirting on me as she came again and again. I pulled her down finally and rolled before fucking her with deep thrusts. I buried my cock and pushed open her cervix, Kyra lifted and spread her legs as she clung to me and screamed. I peed and spewed a huge stream of cum deep inside her spasming body and she jerked with each one.

By the time I was done her womb was leaking and she was moaning as she kept twitching. I pulled out of her and she shuddered and relaxed on the grass. I tugged on a nipple, “Go get your birth control.”

She grinned as Trish giggled and rolled over before standing, “we’ll be back real soon.”

I sat up and watched them leave wiping their pussies as they walked. I shook my head as I thought of having two women here to fuck for a couple of weeks. I went to wash and straighten up in the cabin before they returned. I was splitting wood when they did come back carrying two small shoulder bags. I gestured to the cabin before going back to what I was doing.

I stopped a little later and started stacking the wood, it was mostly for my fireplace during the winter. I looked around and saw the two woman down by the stream. I went in and got my match grade pellet rifle and went out hunting. When I came back it was with a three fat grouse. I cleaned them and set them in the outside sink.

I used the small hand pump to bring water up from the stream and filled the tank on the wall. I brought the birds in and glanced at Kyra and Trish as they followed me. I prepared the birds and put them in a steel gas oven to roast as I pulled out a can of green beans and some rice. While the birds were cooking I showed the women the cabin.

Since I didn’t have electricity I had a couple of oil lamps if I wanted light after the sun went down. After dinner I stripped and went into the bathroom to wash. When I came out they grinned and took my hands. It was getting late as I pulled them out and to the fire pit, I made a small fire and sat between then.

They both had done a lot of running around and leaned against me yawning as they watched the fire. I finally stood and pulled them into the dark cabin. I led them straight across to my wide bed and pushed them in. I slipped in behind Kyra and caressed her body. She laughed and pulled on me to get me between her legs.

I pushed into her warm pussy and kissed her before starting to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. It was only moments before she groaned and shuddered as her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock. I pushed against her cervix and started to hump and grind. Kyra jerked and thrashed around as she wrapped her legs around me, “YES!”

I kissed her and pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts and she began bucking and squirming under me as she wailed. I kept fucking her as her warm pussy spasmed and milked my cock while she kept thrusting up. I slowed and fucked her with long, slow thrusts and she jerked and sighed, “mmmmm!”

I kissed her and a minute later fucked her hard and deep. Kyra started convulsing and squirted and clung to me, “FUCK!”

She came repeatedly as I fucked her and when I finally buried my cock to cum she was incoherent. I held her shaking body as I peed a stream of warm sperm through her cervix. She grunted and lifted her hips when she felt the flood of cum, “yyyeeessss!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and slowly pulled out. I laid between her and Trish and her daughter giggled, “You got fucked good mom.”

Kyra laughed and turned to caress my chest, “Fuck Trish.”

I smiled and rolled Trish onto her stomach before spreading her legs. I moved between them and pushed my cummy cock into her slowly. She groaned as she lifted her hips and pushed back. I kissed her bare shoulder before starting to fuck her with long thrusts. Her tight pussy began to grasp and squeeze my cock and she shuddered and moaned.

I shifted up and fucked down into her and Trish jerked and shuddered almost violently. Her pussy tightened and kept clenching around my cock as I continued to fuck her with long strokes. I finally moved back and fucked straight up into her and she started bucking and kicking the bed as she howled and wailed. I rode her body as she kept thrashing around screaming.

After fifteen minutes I shoved into her and held her as my cock throbbed before spewing strong gushes. She stiffened and lifted her butt as I pumped spurt after spurt. When I was done I kissed her cheek before pulling out and turning to her mother. She was grinning and rubbing her pussy as I rolled her onto her stomach and spread her legs. I fucked them each three times before we fell asleep.

I woke to the hint of dawn in the window before slipping off the bed. I dressed and went to check my snares. By the time I returned Kyra and Trish were awake and whispering together in bed. I started a fire and cleaned the several pigeons I had caught before skewering them. I rubbed seasoning all over and then put them over the fire to roast.

Kyra slipped up beside me and kissed my cheek, “We can do that.”

I grinned and went to start the stove for coffee. Trish came to push me away, “I’ll watch it while you wash.”

I grinned as I went outside and used the sink to wash. After a breakfast of roasted pigeon and coffee I went to check my farms with the two women following me. When I finished Trish giggled and pulled me into the sunlight and started undressing me. Kyra sat beside us as I was laid down in the grass and Trish straddled me and slowly pushed my cock up into her tight pussy.

She sighed as her pussy grasped my cock and then she began to slowly rock, “want to show us the whole property after we finish?”

I rubbed her nipples before giving them a tug, “sure.”

She shuddered as her pussy contracted and grinned before thrusting back and forth hard and fast. She continued to rub her pussy on me as it grasped and kept squeezing my cock. Kyra started cupping her daughter’s breasts and rubbing the nipples. I smiled as Trish shuddered and her tight pussy spasmed around my cock and she wet me.

She continued to thrust back and forth erratically and howled and wailed. After she jerked and convulsed through her fourth orgasm I pulled her down and rolled before thrusting into her. She jerked and tilted her hips as I began to spew strong gushing spurts of cum. I pumped jet after jet until I was done and she sighed and relaxed.

I pulled out and stood before pulling her up and turning to help Kyra up. She grinned and kissed my cheek as her daughter took one of my hands. Most of the day was spent wandering around my property showing it to Kyra and Trish. In the afternoon I went fishing as they laid out in the sun beside the stream.

We had a nice dinner of fish, rice and canned spinach, I even opened a can of peaches for desert. We washed up after dinner in the stream before drying off. Kyra pulled us back to the cabin and my bed. She knelt on the edge and wiggled her butt at me, “do me like this?”

I grinned as her daughter laughed and crawled onto the bed. She turned and scooted her pussy up under her mother’s face, “lick my pussy mom.”

I laughed and rubbed my cock through Kyra’s slit before slowly pushing into her. She groaned as she started licking Trish’s pussy. I used slow thrusts and her pussy began squeezing my cock as it tried to milk my cum out. I fucked her hard and deep, hitting her cervix as she stiffened and grunted.

I changed to slow thrusts and Kyra began to shudder and then convulse as her warm, slippery pussy spasmed. Trish was jerking and twitching as she humped up into her mother’s face. She wailed and tossed her head as I buried my cock and pushed. Kyra howled and kept thrusting back onto my cock and finally put her head on her daughter’s pelvis.

I rubbed her warm asshole before going back to fucking her slowly with deep thrusts. Kyra came four times before I fucked her hard and deep and shoved into her and held her as I began to pump, spew and spurt cum. She jerked and shook as she felt the warm sperm filling her and then slowly rolled and pulled my cock out.

Trish was laid back with her legs spread and grinned as she held out her arms, “my turn.”

Her mother laughed as I grinned and moved onto the bed and between her legs. I pushed into her as I kissed her and started to fuck her with my cummy cock. She groaned as her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. I fucked her nice and slow with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before I was pushing all the way into her and grinding.

She wrapped her legs around me as I continued to fuck her. I buried my cock to hump, grind, press and jab. Trish began to shake and then buck and squirm as she wailed. I kissed her and fucked her with firm thrusts and she clutched me tight, “YES!”

She came five times before I buried my cock deep inside her. I kissed her as she kept shuddering and began to spew another load of cum. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock. When I was done I pulled out and grinned as I moved towards Kyra. I fucked both of them several times before we went to sleep.

I was up early and slipped out before taking my jeep out. I got to town as the stores were opening and started shopping. When I pulled up beside the cabin Kyra sat up from sunbathing, “where did you go?”

I smiled, “I had to do my monthly shopping.”

Trish rolled onto her side, “I had to fuck mom by myself.”

I smiled as I began to unload and when I was finished I warmed a pan and made a large pan of eggs with bacon. I took a walk with them to check the farms before stripping and laying out in the sun. Kyra straddled me and positioned my cock before slowly impaling her pussy. I smiled and cupped her breasts, “I bought regular meals.”

Trish grinned and rubbed against me, “you need to eat more fish so you have lots of spunk.”

I laughed as Kyra grinned and started thrusting back and forth. She rolled her hips and twisted as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. It wasn’t long before she was panting as my cock pushed against the back of her pussy. She wailed and spasmed as she wet me and began to convulse.

I pulled her down and rolled over before starting to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. Kyra howled as I kept fucking in and out and began to kick her legs in the air. I continued to fuck her as she shook and several minutes later buried my cock and kissed her as I gushed cum. She gasped and tilted her hips as I kept pumping large spurts and jets of warm sperm.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed as I pulled out. Trish grinned and pushed me onto my back before straddling me. The summer seemed to linger, Kyra and Trish stayed long past the two weeks. As I got ready for winter Kyra got pregnant and a few months later so did her daughter.

After the new year I finally moved to a large log home outside of the city were Trish and Kyra had lived. Trish had been doing home school courses and changed to start school. I held my breath almost afraid one or both would change. I didn’t have to worry, Kyra and Trish almost seemed to cling to me and if anything wanted me to fuck them more.

After the babies were born they started all over again. We spend most of each summer at the cabin and they are still two horny women that love me.
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