Zach pops a cherry.
Chapter 8

Since my balls stopped aching and I didn’t put an eye out, I was feeling great. There was a sense of joy in the room and I just had to tell Kate what an awesome job she did.

“Girl, you blew my mind!”

“Thanks Zach! I really wanted to do you right. Mom gave me lessons; I didn’t know there was so much involved in it. There’s a whole book on giving blow jobs too.” Kate responded.

“All right everyone! Pull up a chair and close the door.” Linda instructed. “Kate, get on the bed with Zach. Did you take your birth control today?”

“Yes mom.” Kate replied.

Everybody scrambled to their seats. I wrapped Kate in my arms and kissed her.

“Before Zach gets started, does anyone need to use the bathroom or do anything?” Linda wanted to know, “Once I turn out the light, nobody is allowed to talk or leave until it’s over.” She walked over and plugged something into the wall outlet beside the light switch.

“Wait, it’s going to be dark?” Laura asked.

“We want to set the mood so I plugged in a night light. It’ll be enough light to see but not enough to spoil the moment.” Linda explained. “Since I fully expect to get aroused, I’m going to get comfortable against the wall to stay out of the light. You girls might want to do the same.”

With that, Linda reached up under her skirt and removed her panties. I saw Dawn take her pants off. That left her with just panties on. Laura had to take off her coat, blouse and dress slacks. I guess she kicked off her shoes when she came in the house like I had to do.

“Ok Zach, go easy on her. This is her first time so make it special.” Linda told me.

“Everybody set?” and the girls nodded. With that, the light went out.

The night light kicked on, giving the ceiling an aqua blue glow. The reflection bounced off the ceiling and onto the bed. It gave me and Kate an aqua blue glow. I looked around the room but couldn’t discern the girls. I knew Linda was sitting on the right side of the door, Laura was on the left side, and Dawn was against the wall at the foot of the bed. I could hear soft breathing and they were settling in but couldn’t really see much of anything.

A whisper from somewhere said, “Make love you two.”

Kate started kissing me and I returned the affection. I kept thinking what it would be like to see my mother watching me and it was a downer. I guess Kate had a better mother than I because there was no way I would get as far as a girl being naked in front of me if she had anything to do with it. I decided to forget about everything and focus on Kate. I moved her and placed her head on the pillow.

I kissed her neck and worked my way down to her small breasts. Giving her the same treatment I did Dawn, I swapped between the nipples. Kate placed her hand behind my head and moaned. I massaged one breast while I worked on the other. I drew away from her chest and kissed my way down. When I got to the fine hair on her mound, I lingered there, tracing a finger around the area. I made sure she could feel my breath there; I wanted her to know exactly where I was.

I licked my way closer to her slit then turned towards her leg. I sucked and nibbled on the inside of her leg, breathing through my nose so the air would hit her slit. I worked my way to the back and suckled on the bottom of her butt cheek. When I had my fill there, I licked up in the crevasse where her leg joined her crotch. When I got even with the top of her slit, I slowed. I breathed a long breath out as I headed to the top of her slit. I took care to make sure Dawn was able to see what I was doing since she would have the best view.

Once I got to her slit, I tongued to the center, still breathing on her. She trembled a little and I sucked in a lip. I rolled it in my mouth and tongued the outside. Slowly letting it go, I went after the other lip. Sucking it in as well, I rolled it around, but this time my tongue rubbed the inside of it. This made Kate raise her crotch and gave everyone the view of me tugging on her lip.

I slowly released that one and positioned myself. I placed her cheeks in my hands and lifted her bottom off the bed. Starting at the top of her butt, I nibbled and sucked my way towards her pussy. I found her anus (maybe education ain’t so bad) and raked my tongue over it. Still working upwards, my tongue slipped in her pussy hole.

Now wait just a second here. I have to say that the moment the taste of her pussy hit my taste buds, my cock stood straight up. I am telling you that the sweetest bitter taste I will never forget came from this girl Kate. She was so aroused that her pussy produced a lot of juice. I made it my goal to suck every bit from her honey hole, then stuck my tongue back in.

Kate started humping and I made sure my tongue dived into her pussy every time. She fucked my tongue with passion, even though she was raised in the air. By placing my elbows on the bed, her butt still in my hands, and my mouth on her special place, she was able to thrust into my tongue. I then concentrated on getting more of my tongue in and realized I felt a barrier. My tongue was going far enough in to hit it. I thought I better back away because I was taught it was uncomfortable to hit it.

When I backed off Kate pushed down and forced my tongue to her clit. I let her buck on my tongue around it. She started doing longer thrusts and my tongue went from her clit to her hole. I felt her hands on my unruly hair and she took two handfuls at the top of it. Her feet left the bed and she threw them over my shoulders. Now there was no limit how much distance she could buck. I felt her guide me, having me lick from her clit to her anus and then back up. She did this several times and then slowly settling on just her clit and hole. I started a clockwise circle, from her hole to the left, up over her clit and down the right side to her hole again.

I used my thumbs on her cheeks and worked them closer to her anus. I squeezed the softness there, opening her up there. With each hump it would open and close, I knew, and felt it do just that. Kate was done with my clockwise tonguing and moved with shorter bursts; my mouth over just her clit.

Her quick bursts turned to trembling and I could tell she was losing it. She had lost control and was unable to continue her humping. It was time I took over and I started humping her pussy. My elbows helped as I moved up and down and just when I thought she was crossing over, sucked her clit in my mouth and nibbled.

She thrashed in my hands and I fought to stay with her. I shook my head ‘no’ left and right on her clit then sped up. My chin rubbed into her pussy hole, my tongue stayed on her clit. Kate let out a bellowing scream and pulled my hair, forcing me on to her crotch.

She gained some control and bucked a little more, her legs where still quivering around my head. Off in the distance I heard other moans as they had reached their peaks as well. I lapped up all the honey she was able to give. I thought, ‘whoever was in charge at Campbell’s needed to market Kate’s Homemade Pussy Soup’.

“My… God!” Kate said, as I lowered her back to the bed.

I worked my way up to her mouth and gave her a long kiss. I grabbed and rolled with her, putting her on top of me. I wanted her on top to do with me what she would. I justified it in my mind that I wasn’t taking her virginity but she was giving it to me. I kissed her again and asked, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” that was from a movie I remembered.

“Better.” she said, and kissed me.

She worked down to my neck, I was worried about a hicky but she didn’t linger there and started on a nipple. She was good and I wondered if girls just thought about what felt good and did just that. After playing with them both, she moved on. The light reflecting off the ceiling gave her hair a halo effect and I watched her work on down to the raging monster she helped create.

Grabbing me at the base, she milked it up. I saw a drop of liquid there and she scooped it up with her tongue. She lowered her head and tongued my balls then slipped one in her mouth. The sensation was amazing as I felt her play with it on her tongue. After letting go, she did the same with the other and then let it go as well. She nibbled her way up my stem and another drop had formed. Sitting up a little she rubbed my cock on a nipple, coating it with the fluid that was there.

She grabbed her nipple and rubbed it in then brought her finger to her lips and slowly licked it off. She let out a moan and drew her finger out. Scooting up a little, she straddled my cock. I felt it slip between her folds and she settled down on it. She rubbed her pussy up and down, coating my cock and balls.
I reached up and caressed her face then dropped down to her breasts. I rubbed them at first then pinched the nipples. She gasped a little and grinded on me more, placing her hands on top of mine. The friction created heat and I felt her pussy get warm.

I wanted Linda to get the best view so I rose up and turned us both, putting Kate’s back towards her mother. I worked down to her breasts and gave them another suck then, I settled back down on the bed. Kate got the hint and rose up, giving her mother a view of my cock.

Kate blocked the light reflecting off the ceiling giving her a silhouette appearance. I could see through our legs and thought I saw a part of someone. I felt a hand put a cream of sorts on my cock, stroking it a few times, and watched the hand move up to Kate’s pussy, I guess doing the same. The cream felt kind of gritty to me. I wondered what it was.

Kate took control of my cock, and rubbed it on her pussy. I could feel the nub of her clit on the backside of my cock. She sucked in air every time it brushed her clit. I rubbed her upper legs with my hands, waiting for her to get ready.

Kate mustered up the courage and rose up a little higher. I felt her guide my head to her entrance and drop enough to keep it there. She placed her hands on top of mine that was still caressing her legs. I turned my hands up and we folded our fingers together. Kate lowered herself some more and stopped. The tightness around my head gave me some concern. She backed off then dropped again. I laid perfectly still, letting her take full control. To take her mind off her worries I moaned and said, “That’s good.”

That gave her more encouragement and she went a little faster. Up and down, up and down, then a final surge of force. I felt it hit the barrier and burst through. I knew my head had passed it and Kate immediately stopped. Time stopped everywhere but where my cock was wedged. I felt her pussy quiver and it tightened even more. She started to back off but I stopped her, remembering Bob’s instructions. She settled back down and I went a little further.

I could make out Kate’s eyes and they went a little wider. She took a chance and dropped a little bit further. “That’s it.” I said, “Take me all the way.” and she did, dropping to my groin.

A grin crossed her face as she realized she had it all. She began rocking and grinding, feeling it every which way, and a little giggle came out as her clit pressed into me. I could feel the second barrier I knew was her cervix. She was enjoying the feeling and getting used to my invasion. I felt the grittiness from the cream on her pussy seem to fade. She backed off this time then lowered herself back down. Seeing how this felt, she did it more and more. It wasn’t long before she was bouncing on top of me, taking me out and putting me in.

She did this for the longest while, until she was sweating and breathing hard. I knew she wore herself out and again took control. I slowed her down by pressing her legs and when she stopped, I sat up. Unhooking our hands I reached around and grabbed her around her waist.

I stood up and kissed her then spun her around facing the bed. I gently lowered her to it being careful not to slip out. I stood on the side of the bed, my cock still buried in her. I brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her on a nipple.

I rose to a standing position and eased a little bit out of her. I gave her a little stab which caused her to raise her legs. I thought of Laura watching and lifted Kate’s left leg. I placed it on my shoulder and started stroking in and out. If I had planned it right, Linda would be watching my backside while Laura and Dawn could see me pumping.

I had some ideas at this point and prepared to execute them. I pulled out all the way and rubbed her clit with my cock then stabbed it back into her. Pumping a few more times, I pulled out again, and this time I rubbed the head from top to bottom of her slit and put it back in. I pumped her a few more times and pulled it out again. This time I spanked her clit with my cock six or seven times then shoved it back in and pumped. Kate gasped at that and let out a long moan. She clinched the mattress with both hands.

My right arm was occupied, holding up her leg. My left hand was free to wander so I caressed her breasts. I pumped her faster and faster, working up my own sweat.

Kate raised her other leg and placed on my shoulders. I reached around and grabbed her right butt cheek and gave it a gentle squeeze.

I thought Laura had seen enough and turned Kate a little on the bed. I placed my right knee and the bed and pushed Kate’s right leg up to her chest. If I had it right, this would give Linda the view that Laura had. I wanted to finish with her getting the finale.

Now I concentrated on my work and pumped long strokes at first. Then, as the speed increased, I did shorter and shorter strokes. Kate’s grip on my cock was incredible but I was determined to give Kate hers. Realizing I couldn’t last much longer, I began rubbing her clit.

This did the trick for her and she bucked up to me hard. I could tell she was on the verge and I pumped myself to match. She reached out to me and grasped air. I leaned in closer and she grabbed me around the neck. She went over the edge, her headed tilted back into the bed. I followed her over the cliff and rode the wave of bliss. The liquid fire raged through my cock and coated her tight hole. She must have felt the difference and started screaming her own orgasm into the air. I bucked until I emptied and knew she was coming down. My thrusts went back to slow and easy until the flow ran down my legs.

I heard a moan ricochet of the walls and then another; a few seconds later, a third. All three turned into screams as they plummeted off to the bliss. They lasted a while and then a thump, leaving me thinking a chair had bumped a wall.

I collapsed on top of her, catching myself with my arms. I eased her legs back down on the bed and panted in her ear. When I had regained my strength I raised up to meet her face to face.

“Thank you for sharing your body with me and giving me so much pleasure.” I whispered and kissed her deeply on her lips.

We snuggled and caressed for a few minutes or until the lights came back on at least.

“That was wonderful!” Kate said.

I couldn’t have said it better.” I retorted.

“That was a sight to behold.” Linda stated.

“I’ve never witnessed something like that in my life!” Laura thought out loud.

“Is everyone alright?” I thought to ask and everyone responded but Dawn.

I looked over to an empty chair that should have had Dawn in it. I scrambled over to the foot of the bed and saw her curled up in the floor. I hopped off the bed and picked her up and placed her on the bed.

“I’ll get the smelling salt.” and Linda left the room.

“What happened to her?” I asked and Laura said she passed out.

“I didn’t know it was that hot in here.” I stated and Laura said, “It was hotter than Hell.”

Kate got up and allowed me to straighten Dawn out on the bed.

“Laura looked her daughter over and said, “Take her panties off.”

I shrugged and did her bidding, carefully pulling them down. When they snapped away from her feet I felt a spray on my chest. Feeling the panties in my hand, they were soaked all over. It was like she took a dive in a swimming pool and stepped back out. I could ring the juice out of them, they were that wet.

Kate was wiping herself with the towel and handed it to me, “Dry her off with this.” and I dabbed her pussy with it then I had to get her bottom and legs too. When I finished I tossed the towel to the foot of the bed.

Kate handed me the wash cloth to clean my monster with. I noticed blood on it and remembered what Bob had taught me. I scrubbed it and my balls then cleaned my legs.

Linda came back in and took a seat on the bed. She broke a pill shaped object and held it under Dawn’s nose. She started fending it off with her hand and opened her eyes.

“What happened?” she asked, and sat up to look around.

“You fainted darling.” Laura said, “Zach picked you up off the floor.”

Linda stood back up and helped Dawn off the bed. With wobbly knees, she stepped over to a chair and sat down. Linda grabbed the bed sheets and rolled them in a ball.

“Dinner time everyone.” she said, and headed for the door.

We all got up to follow her and Kate used a towel around her. Laura made herself presentable again and dawn slipped her bra and shorts back on. I was left holding my own bag with nothing to put on.

I really didn’t give a flying pig because my balls had stopped aching and I was on cloud nine. I figured I could grab my shirt and shorts on the way out anyway.

I got to the top where the hallway offered left or right. Left was the kitchen and right was the library and living room. The girls turned towards the kitchen and I turned to the right.

“Leave them Zach.” I heard Linda say all the way from the kitchen. I turned towards the kitchen then back towards the library. “Forget it.” I said, giving up once again and turned towards the kitchen. I needed to talk them into letting me go. I had to be home before sun down.

“Zach, have a seat.” Linda pointed. “You need to keep up your energy.”

Laura was already seated at the table; the girls were rummaging the fridge for something to drink.

“Mrs. Edwards, I need to go. I have to be home by sun down.” I explained.

“Oh! We’re back to Mrs. Edwards are we?” she said with a smirk. “I guess you show respect when you need something, eh?”

“I apologize for my lack of respect earlier. I was caught up in the situation.” I reasoned.

Linda didn’t respond to that but picked up the phone instead. “What’s your phone number Zach?” and looked at me questioningly.

Well crap. If I give it to her, she could call at any time. I also wouldn’t know what she would say to my parents at those times. After some debate in my head, I decided I might as well; she could always walk to my house around the corner if she wanted to.

She dialed the number and waited. Kate came over with a glass of Kool Aide and handed it to me. I thanked her for it and focused on Linda.

“Mr. Strange, this is Linda Edwards from church.”

“Your son finished my lawn today and we are having a get-together. The kids are begging him to stay and play. He seems quite popular with them.”

“Really? I’m so sorry to hear that.”

“Zach could spend the night here if you prefer.”

“No trouble at all Mr. Strange. Zach is well raised and won’t be a problem, I assure you. Besides, we’re just around the corner from you should the need be.”

“What time would you expect him home tomorrow?”

“So any time afternoon would be fine?”

“Excellent, Mr. Strange, Zach and the others will be pleased.”

“Good bye Mr. Strange. I’ll keep your wife in my prayers.”

Now how she got me out of the house overnight is baffling to me. I have never spent the night away from home before.

Linda hung up the phone and looked at me concerned.

“Zach, do you know your mother isn’t doing well?”

“Yes ma’am, Dad says God is going to take her away from us.”

“There are professionals at your house. They are tending to your mother. She is in terrible pain, I understand. Your father thinks it best if you aren’t there to witness it.”

“Mercy, I’m so sorry Zach.” Laura said. “I didn’t know she was that ill.”

“It’s ok, I’ll get through it I suppose.” was all I could say.

“We are here for you Zach, should you need someone to talk to.” Linda stated.

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” I replied.

A moment of silence fell on the kitchen.

“On to other things... Zach, where did you learn to make love like that?” Laura asked.

“I go by what feels right.” I said, thinking of no other way to answer. I couldn’t tell them that Sally and Melissa had an influence in it. That needed to remain a secret.

“You certainly have a talent Zach.” Linda said.

“Tell me about it! Zach, I can never forget that.” Kate said.

I think you ruined her. There will be a challenge for her to find someone to match that!” Laura said.

“Thank you, but Kate rocked my world just as well. She will make someone her slave one day.” I said.

Kate took a smile with that, “Be careful Zach. I’ll make you lick my shoes!” and giggled.

“Zach, why don’t you feel like you could be with Kate one day?” Linda queried.

Now she’s gone and done it. Why does she force me into these awkward conversations?

“Look, Kate’s a special girl. It’s going to take a good man to be worthy of her. I just don’t think I deserve someone like her.” I said.

“You talk like you love her, Zach.” Linda contemplated.

That took me for a loop. Of course I had feelings for her. But love? I know I didn’t want her hurt. I knew I would do everything to protect her, even if it was me I was protecting her from.

“I’m too young to fall in love I think. I do have strong feelings for her. But, I’ve ruined my chances with her.” I said, looking in Kate’s eyes.

“Really? Just how have you done that?” Linda prompted.

“I… I… did things I shouldn’t have.” thinking Kate would know.

But Kate looked at me confused, like she really didn’t know, and asked, “Just what have you done, Zach?”

I sighed and looked away. I couldn’t believe she was making me say it out loud.

“I cheated on you with Dawn. I gave my virginity to someone else before you. You can’t possibly want me now.” I said.

Kate looked at me like I was crazy, “What? Why do you say that? You didn’t have sex with Dawn. I don’t know who took your virginity but I’m grateful they taught you something. And just because I let you kiss Dawn doesn’t mean you cheated silly. It means I know you weren’t putting your heart into it.”

“Well, that is an odd way to look at it Zach. But if you want the definition of cheating, it’s going behind the person you’re ‘committed’ to’s back and seeing someone else without their permission.” Linda explained. “Since you had Kate’s permission, you aren’t cheating. It’s called an open relationship.”

See, this is what I was saying. The Bensons taught me about sex but not relationships. I’m clueless on the rules and regulations involved in them.

“So, if I asked Kate, for instance, if I could have sex with someone and she said yes, I wouldn’t be cheating?” trying to get it right.

“Exactly! But it works both ways.” Linda said.

“Both ways?” I wondered.

“Yes, if Kate wants to have sex with someone else and you said it was ok, then she wouldn’t be cheating on you.” Linda explained further.

“So, she could make love with someone else, I could make love to someone else and we could still be together?” I figured.

“You’re confusing sex with love Zach. You can only make love to each other. Anyone else you’re only having sex with and there is no love involved, just the pleasure of sex.” Linda detailed.

“So, if I asked Kate here to be my girlfriend in an open relationship and she agrees, we could have sex with whomever and not cheat. But I have to get permission every time I want to have sex with someone?” still working out the details.

“You can make that agreement or you can just say its ok from the start and just tell each other after having the sex.” Linda thought up.

“Wow, I hadn’t known such a relationship could work.” I said. “I have no idea when my… penis is going to swell and I might want to masturbate. If I were to get my girlfriend’s permission in advance, I wouldn’t have to worry about it if I did.”

Laura laughed at that one, “Most guys don’t get permission to masturbate. They just go ahead and do it behind their lover’s back. If you asked permission to do that, you’d be doing more than most guys.” she said.

“The only problem I would have is if Kate decided to have sex with someone who would hurt her.” I thought out loud.

“An open relationship is a trusting one. She would have to trust you not to get hurt and you would have to trust her.” Linda said.

“It sounds like I need to ask if I could have permission to be in an open relationship with your daughter, Mrs. Edwards.” I smiled.

“I would have to say yes because I enjoy watching you two and would want to continue doing just that. Perhaps when the two of you are older, I could get Kate’s permission to have sex with you too.” Linda grinned.

Now see? I just knew she was going to work her way in somehow and here it is! But ya know what? I don’t care. She’s a good looking woman and I wouldn’t lose a hard-on thinking about it.

“Kate, how would you feel about something like that?” I asked.

“You doing my mother!” she acted appalled, “Well, I would have to watch of course, to make sure you’re doing her right.”

“No!” I said, “I mean about an open relationship with me!” rolling my eyes.

“Well, I don’t want to have to keep running to you every time I want to have sex.” she said thoughtfully, “Why don’t we agree to have sex with anyone we want but we only love just each other?” she said.

“Well, I trust you’ll be careful then.” I said.

“And I trust you’ll be careful too.” she answered and sealed it with a kiss.

“All this smooching is getting me horny again.” Dawn said.

“Let’s eat and get back to business!” Linda said.

We had some leftover lasagna and a salad. All of us chipped in and cleaned up. I wanted to talk to each of the girls separately and looked for the chance to do so.

I was left with Laura in the kitchen as everyone else went to clean up in the bathrooms.

“Laura, are you ok with me taking your daughter’s virginity?” I started. “I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”

“Zach, are you crazy? That girl has been on the pill for two years! She can’t find a decent guy worth giving her cherry to. Then you come along and finally she sees a guy that meets her approval. I’ve always tried to give her what she wants and, trust me, she wants you.” she avowed, “Now think nothing more about it, you got my seal of approval.” and finished the dishes.

I looked around for Linda and found her putting clean sheets on the bed in the guest room. I knocked quietly on the door and entered.

“Zach, what do you need dear?” She asked.

“Well first, let me help you with the bed.” and walked around to the other side of it.

“Second, I wanted to see if you thought I did alright with your daughter. Your approval means a lot to me.” I said, grabbing and end and pulling it over the mattress.

“Zach, I was more than pleased. You did right by me, no worries there.” and she tossed me a pillow case.

“Thank you, it was important to me too. I wanted her to remember the moment and then I thought of you. That’s why I turned in your direction when we… released together.” I said, slipping the cover over the pillow.

“I saw that Zach and it was a huge turn on for me, thank you very much.” she grabbed a top cover and tossed me an end.

“Thirdly, what was in the lotion you used on both of us?” wondering about the gritty feeling.

She smiled at that and said, “The lotion was Vaseline. The grit you felt was crushed up aspirin.” and smiled a little more.

“Why would you use aspirin like that?” not understanding.

“So that when her hymen broke, it would dull the pain Kate would have. That’s why she was able to take you all the way and pump on you without discomfort.” and she continued working.

I just keep on learning. Hymen is what the barrier is called. Aspirin kills the pain of the torn hymen.

“Do you think the others feel that I did ok?” I asked, helping her smooth the bed out.

“I don’t know Zach, but there’s a puddle at the foot of each chair that tells me if they didn’t, they must have peed on themselves.” laughing hysterically.

“And that Dawn passed out cumming so hard!” I added.

“I’m going to have to get used to the lingo used today for sex.” Linda said between laughter.

“You mean you’re not opposed to the language?” I said, wondering why she didn’t use the terminology.

“No, I don’t mind it, I’m just not familiar with it.” she explained.

“Oh, I was wondering why you say release when I say cum.” I pointed out.

“My final question for you.” I started, “Are you ready?”

“Fire away dear boy!” She said, placing her arm over me and walking us out.

“Why won’t you let me get dressed?” I just had to ask.

“I was wondering when you would get to that!” she chuckled, “There’s three reasons why you can’t get dressed dear boy.”

“These ought to be good.” I said.

“Number one: Your clothes are in the laundry and I have a robe for you to wear tomorrow. Number two: This house is full of women and you are eye candy for them.”

“And number three?” I questioned as she stopped by the bathroom door.

“To get rid of your modesty, build your self-esteem, and make you care less about the body than you do the heart. Besides, you haven’t been shy for two hours. You must be getting used to it.” smiling while she closed the door between us.

Great, just like the rest of my lawn customers, I’m just eye candy for the girls. But, I could live with that!

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