George plans an 18th birthday surprise for Katie
Katie stared out of the parlour window at the passing freight train rolling slowly towards the depot blotting out for a few minutes the view of the suburban villas lining the other side of the tracks it was nearly five in the afternoon and her boyfriend Billy would soon be coming by on his way home from duty as pointsman at the rail spur into the timber yard.

She loved Billy, he was sweet, kind, gentle, supportive and the sort of guy that was good to have around until she could get to university and escape the downbeat outdated backwater place that Timperley had become.

She was eighteen tomorrow, and as she stared at the passing freight cars she thought how she said she had promised that she would keep herself pure until he eighteenth birthday and how Billy was going to be mighty upset when she admitted she had no intention at all of letting him ball her.

Katie wasn't cruel, just ambitious, she was from the wrong side of the tracks and her folks said she was adopted but she was going to be somebody, like Mr Jefferson the guy that seemed to own half of Timperley and lived in a sort of half sized replica of the white house on the other side of town.

Billy didn't come, the east bound container carrier was rumbling by when she gave up waiting, three big GM road switchers in three different road liveries pounding away at the head of a quarter mile of container cars and she went to the kitchen to help her mom.

"Billy not coming?" her mom asked knowing full well Billy had been forced to do another half shift that evening.

"Don't look like it mom," Katie said.

"Only we got a little birthday surprise for you," he mom said, "You want to go get ready?"

"Why?" Kate asked, "Why can't I go like this?"

Her mom looked Katie over, her belly bulged over the waistband of her blue jeans and her tee shirt hung limply away leaving a belly button gap, her hair needed a wash and her flat shoes did nothing for her, "Katie you got to make an effort some time sweetie," she said, "I got you a new dress upstairs."

"Great, every other girl gets a car, I get a dress, gee big deal!" Katie muttered.

"So get a shower and a shampoo Katie and be ready for seven thirty, 'kay?"

"Ohhh kay," Katie sighed and she went up the creaking stairs to her room.

The dress fitted but it was tight so she took a shower and washed her hair and came down at around seven fifteen.

"All set?" her father asked.

"Where's Billy?" Katie asked.

"There's a hot box on the feeder," her dad explained, "He won't be through until about eleven."

"Oh, where are we going?" Katie enquired.

"That's a birthday surprise," her Mom said, "Shall we go?"

"I guess," Katie agreed.

They climbed into her dad's five year old Ford station wagon and headed for town, over the railroad tracks and down towards the imposing frontage of the Jefferson house where to Kate's surprise they pulled into the drive.

"Where are we going?" Katie asked.

"Ah, I have to see someone," her Dad lied and he slowly drove to the side door.

He went inside for a minute and came back out, "Katie, Mr Jefferson wants to meet you," he said, "Quickly!"

Katie reluctantly climbed from the car, she didn't like meeting important people, she always felt frumpy and inferior.

Katie stepped inside, a long corridor led to a staircase leading up to the upper floors.

"So you're Katherine," Mr Jefferson's voice boomed.

"Yes sir!" her father replied.

"Let her speak, Franklin," Mr Jefferson asked, "You a virgin?"

"What, how dare you!" Katie snapped.

"Are you going to let her speak to me like that?" Mr Jefferson demanded.

"No sir!" Franklin replied.

"Then slap her down man!" Jefferson ordered.

"Wha?" Katie asked and her dad slapped her around the face.

"Don't talk back!" he snapped.

"So are you a virgin?" he asked.

"Why?" Katie asked.

"Because I promised your daddy fifty thousand dollars for your cherry." Jefferson announced.

"No, I'm not," Kate lied, "Billy and me been doing it for years."

"Bring her down stairs Franklin," Mr Jefferson ordered, "Teach the bitch some manners."

"Look!" Katie protested but her dad grabbed her by the arm and twisted it behind her back and pushed her towards the stairs, she tried to resist but he was too strong and she had no choice but to stagger a stumble towards the stairs which to her consternation began to swing upwards from a hinge at ceiling height to reveal a staircase leading downwards to the cellars..

"No!" she squealed as she realised he was propelling her forwards and downwards towards a windowless brick lined tunnel lined with wine racks and only when she was pushed to the far end did she realise there was a door in the end wall which opened revealing what resembled a medieval dungeon beyond.

Wooden stocks, a wooden cross, a sort of vertical round wooden table, and a medieval rack jostled for space amid the discarded chains and hooks, in the brightly lit yet dark, dark painted cavern.

"My play room," Mr Jefferson laughed, "And beyond," he added and opened a further door, "A rest room."

A room with a bed, to one side en suite bathroom was revealed.

"W'what do you want?" Katie asked.

"On the bed," Mr Jefferson ordered, "I think I need to check you aren't a virgin."

"Dad!" Katie protested,"Why are you doing this!" but Jefferson shook his head and her dad didn't reply.

"Strip her," Jefferson ordered, "Use the shears."

"Do it man!" he added, and then snapped, "Oh let me!"

Katie stared wide eyed as Jefferson picked up a pair of giant scissors and started to cut her dress, working upwards from hem towards her breasts. She froze immobile terrified he would cut her.

"You're fat," he announced, "Doesn't she do sports?"

"No sir," her dad replied.

"Idiot,"Jefferson snapped, "Hold still," he added as he eased a blade of the shears under the side of her panties and snipped through the waistband so they fell away down her left leg, and then her cut her bra into three pieces allowing that to fall away as well.

Katie stood naked but for her flesh coloured hold up stockings and her red low heeled shoes, "W'what are you going to do?" she asked as Mr Jefferson picked up a pair of handcuffs.

"You'll see," Mr Jefferson said, "Let's get the cuffs on her."

Franklin turned Katie around, "Hands to ankles," Jefferson ordered, "On the bed first, and get those shoes off her.

Katie let her dad push her onto the bed and she cowered as he pulled her shoes and stockings off, and offered no resistance as he took the hand cuffs and secured her left wrist to her left ankle.

"Why Daddy?" she asked, "Do you really hate me?"

"He's been grooming you for me," Mr Jefferson explained, "You do know you're adopted don't you?"

"Yes," Katie agreed.

"So don't be so surprised, I bought you, ok," Jefferson announced, "You're damaged goods but you'll do just fine."

"You sure you balled Billy?" Franklin queried.

"Sorry Daddy," Katie replied.

"So on your back, lets get a look," Jefferson ordered and as Kate lay on her back he added "Legs apart."

Jefferson approached the bed and grasping Katie's ankles he eased her legs even wider apart, and then his's fingers trembled as he eased her cunt lips apart slightly, "Oh yes you have been a naughty girl haven't you? have you been fucking a donkey or something?"

"No, just Billy."

"And he's hung like a Donkey?" Franklin quipped.

"That's all Franklin," Mr Jefferson added, "We'll discuss this on Monday."

"Can I see?" he asked.

"No, now leave us, if you please." Mr Jefferson added, "And close the door behind you."

Kate just stared as her dad walked out of her life and closed the door behind him, "Why?" she asked, "Why did you lie?"

"It saved me fifty thousand dollars!" he laughed, "Unless you think I owe you?"

"I guess," Kate said hopefully.

"What about if Billy takes it?" Jefferson asked.

"Billy hasn't got that much," Katie said.

"Maybe I could pay for him?" Jefferson replied, "Or just use my fingers?"

"Fifty thousand dollars would make the world of difference to me," Katie said wistfully.

"So you'll ball Billy for fifty thousand?" he asked.

"Mister I'd ball anybody for fifty thousand," Katie agreed, "I just want to get away from Timperley, you know."

"You're pretty," Jefferson conceded, "Lose some weight and you could make it big as a whore or porno star."

"Gee, you should have told me I'd be tied in your dungeon and I'd have gone jogging," she replied.

"Comedian eh," Jefferson chuckled, "Tits or ass?"

"I'm sorry?" Katie replied.

"Shall I whip your tits or your ass?" he asked.

"Why?" she demanded.

"You're fat!" he repeated, as he fetched a whip from a cabinet beside the bed, "Ass is best," he suggested and she obediently buried her face in the bed leaving her ass in the air.

"Thwack!" he slapped her with the whip.

"Mmpphh," she gasped into the bed sheets.

"Hey, you scream properly," Jefferson ordered.

"Nng," she replied.

"All right you win, you're just like your mother!" he chuckled as he set the whip down.

"You knew my mother?" Katie demanded.

"Oh yes, a long time ago," he admitted, "I liked the lie about not being a virgin?"

"If you say so." she said.

"What about Billy?" he asked.

"Billy?" she asked.

"The boy you've been 'doing it' with for months!" he replied.

"Oh!" she explained, "We."

"What?" he demanded.

"We don't, you know, I want to be somebody," Katie explained,"You know, a lawyer, go to uni."

"And Billy?" he asked.

"He's not going anywhere is he?" she asked, "He's like a puppy dog, I was going to dump him."

Jefferson smiled.

Katie peered at him, "Are you going to rape me?" she asked.

"Oh" he replied, "I don't know." and he sat on the bed beside her, he still dressed in his lightweight grey suit with blue shirt and dark blue tie, with her handcuffed and naked beside him.

"I can't stop you," she said nervously.

"No, not the birthday surprise you expected," he chuckled.

"It's my eighteenth, most girls get something nice." she said hopefully.

"Maybe," he agreed, "This Billy?"

"Billy Hogan, he works at the railroad siding at the timber mill," she said.

"Maybe he should take your cherry?" Jefferson suggested.

"No way!" she exclaimed, "I'm dumping him."

"Reliable, strong," Jefferson queried.

"He's, so, ah," Katie explained.

"Not good enough for you?" he queried.

"No," she agreed.

"Billy it is then," Jefferson agreed.

"So what do you expect me to do, sit here all night?" Katie enquired.

"Oh no, there's a cage in the dungeon," he laughed.

"You're sick, you know that?" Katie asked.

"You were eighteen last Thursday, did you know that?" he replied.

"What?" she demanded.

"You heard, I'll help you down," he suggested and he lifted her bodily and set her down on the ground, "I've a collar and leash somewhere," he explained, "Cell phone doesn't work down here," he explained, "The cage is through there if you want to try it out?"

Jefferson smiled to himself, his plans had completely collapsed but instead of an overweight no hope slut he realised he had actually found quite a savvy young lady and he chuckled as he picked up a phone just inside the dungeon, "Get me the Mill," he asked, "Jefferson, there's a guy called Billy Hogan at the rail spur?" he said, "Get him on the phone." he waited a few moments, "What do you mean he won't come?"

"He says he has to switch some cars," the manager from the mill explained.

"Well send him over as soon as he's through." Jefferson ordered and he laughed.

"He won't come," Jefferson told Katie, "I guess it's me and you?"

"What do you mean, I was eighteen on Thursday?" Katie asked.

"I knew your mom," he explained.

"And my dad?" she asked.

"We'll have to do a DNA test," he admitted.

"You're my dad, like biological dad?" Katie asked incredulously.

"I'm pretty sure," he agreed.

"So why!" she asked.

"Why not?" he replied.

"It's weird," she said.

"Maybe, but every woman just wants me for what they can get, well this sorts them out!" he laughed, "It's not all ball gowns and Ferraris!"

"You're sick,I guess?" she exclaimed.

"Maybe, but it's me, I thought, well maybe you could be the next?" he suggested.

"You'll pay for me to go to Uni?" she asked, "If I let you?"

"Maybe," he said, "Or maybe I want to see you fuck Billy?"

"Fuck Billy?" she asked, "Why?"

"Why not?" he asked.

"Look can we talk about this?" she asked.

"No," he said and smiled, "It's like I can, do you see? I can make it happen."

"I feel really stupid sitting here naked," Katie explained.

"Yes, I'll get the leash," he agreed, "Maybe we'll shave your head and pretend you're a dog?"

"Oh great!" Katie exclaimed, "How do I explain that at school?"

"You think you'll be going to school again?" he asked.

She looked him in the eye, "Yes," she agreed, "But why don't you drop your pants and wank over me?"

"What!" he exclaimed, "I don't know, I really don't, I always get a woman in."

"You can, you can have sex with me, what ever?" Katie explained, "I guess you can kill me afterwards if you're worried I'll talk."

"Uh, no, oh no, no that's not," he said in confusion, "No not until we do the DNA test."

"Why not just let me go home?" Katie asked.

"When your parents betrayed you?" he queried, "Remember?" she nodded, "This isn't working out like I planned," he said and chuckled.

The phone rang and Jefferson answered it, "Hogan's here?" he queried, "Bring him down," he smiled at Katie, "He's here," he announced, "Rogers will bring him down."

Jefferson slipped a dog collar around Kate's neck and attached a leash, "Look no, no you can't!" Katie cried.

"But I can," Jefferson explained, "Don't you understand?"

"Can I go in the cage instead?" Katie asked, "This is scary?"

Jefferson stopped abruptly, suddenly unsure, "No, you might not come out," he said as he hung her leash on a hook high above where she could reach.

Rogers appeared with Hogan, Rogers in a black jacket, white shirt shirt black tie and blue Levis much to Jefferson's annoyance as he liked his 'Butler' to be in proper uniform with black trousers.

Hogan by contrast was in his coveralls, "You sent for me?" he asked.

"Yes, a special job." Jefferson agreed.

"You want me to learn to drive the switcher maybe?" Hogan said.

"Yes, but first I need to check you're not, ah," he paused, "Check you're straight."

"Sure Mr Jefferson sir, I never been in no trouble with no body, except the police that is." he replied.

Katie cowered against a wall trying to hide.

"Got a girlfriend?" Jefferson asked.

"Sure, Katie Franklin, we're getting engaged, gonna have a company apartment when I get a promotion, have five kids, get a station wagon maybe." he replied confidently.

"Because she says different," Jefferson said pointedly.

"What?" Hogan asked, "You asked Katie?"

"Sold me her cherry," Jefferson boasted.

Jefferson completely misjudged Hogan, he never saw nor expected Hogan's fist until it smashed into his jaw nearly lifting him off his feet and sending him crashing to the floor.

"Billy!" Katie cried.

"Katie," Billy replied in horror as he noticed her, "Gee Katie when did you get fat? he been poking you, you having a baby?"

"No!" Kate protested, "No my dad sold my cherry, my honour, you know?"

"So who fucked you?" he asked.

"No body Billy," Katie assured him as he walked over.

"Let me see," he ordered and he hoisted her up and carried her across to the bed.

Katie lay on her back legs splayed as Billy peered at her crotch, "See?" she said.

"Pull the lips apart Billy, look in," Jefferson said through his handkerchief as he came across trying to stop his nose bleeding.

"Can I?" Billy asked and Katie nodded.

"Are you going to bust her open Billy, or shall I?" Jefferson asked, "Rogers has sent for the cops, I guess you have ten minutes," he lied.

Billy said nothing, he just wriggled from his coveralls and dropped his pants.

His tool reared menacingly, eight maybe nine inches of solid pink muscle.

"Maybe you should, you know, Mr Jefferson?" Katie suggested in alarm.

"Yes, maybe, how about it Billy?" Jefferson asked.

"No way you promised me on your eighteenth," he said.

"Tomorrow," Katie reminded him.

"It was Thursday actually, three days earlier, they altered the birth certificate when she was adopted.

Katie was helpless as Billy climbed on the bed and awkwardly tried to shove his tool in her, it slipped out up her belly and then slipped under down by her ass hole, as Katie lay helpless her hands bound to ankles and unable to guide him but finally he got it in her vagina and started humping the first couple of inches back and forth.

"For god sake poke it in her man!" Jefferson said in fascination, "Push dammit!"

Katie screamed and Jefferson stepped forward and covered her left hand with his, "It'll be ok," he said.

"It hurts!" she said.

"Relax," Jefferson said, "I'll look after you."

"You want my fist again?" Billy asked.

"No you concentrate of pleasing the lady, ok?" Jefferson ordered and he took the key and released the handcuff from Katie's left ankle and the one from her right wrist before pulling her hands around behind Billy's back and locking them again.

He was just in time for Billy grunted and flopped down on Katie exhausted and spent.

He just lay a moment but that was long enough for Jefferson to set down his bloodied handkerchief and slip a dog collar around Billys neck and attach a short chain from his collar to Katies, a tiny padlock through each collar stopped them being easily removed and he took the cuffs from Katie's ankles.

"I have some supper sent down," he said, "In the meantime I suggest you fuck her beacuse it'll be you being fucked in the 'Pen.'

Jefferson motioned Rogers to leave, "Shall I order a whore sir?" Rogers asked.

"Is my secretary still around?" Jefferson asked, "Only?"

"I believe she is sir," Rogers agreed, "Shall I send her down?"

"No, have her meet me in the study!" Jefferson ordered, and he strode away out of the door along the tunnel and up the stairs.

"George!" Miss Reilly Jefferson's secretary cried when she saw him approach, "What on earth happened?"

"I got hit," he said, "And it's Mr Jefferson to you and."

"And what exactly?" Miss Reilly said.

"I just saw my little girl get laid and," he said awkwardly.

"Oh you poor man!" she said, "What little girl?"

"The one Marcie said she had aborted," he said, "She's just eighteen and it was beautiful and."

"And what Mr Jefferson?" she asked politely.

"I'm as horny as hell and you're the only woman here." he said, "usually I'd pay for a whore but that would take a half hour and."

"No way!" Miss Reilly protested.

"You're too old and fat and ugly," he added.

"I'm only thirty eight!" she protested.

"And brunet and you support the Democrats and you wear such dowdy clothes but Miss Reilly please, just this once, may I ball you?" he asked.

"No Mr Jefferson, but you're so strong you could always tear my clothes off and rape me, if you wanted to," she said invitingly.

"Would you call the cops?" he asked.

"We'll talk about it later," she suggested.

"Oh hell," Jefferson said helplessly.

"What is it?" Miss Reilly asked.

"I've cum in my pants!" he apologised.

Miss Reilly stared at the wet patch beginning to form, "Let me help!" she said as she fumbled desperately with his belt and zipper and when she revealed his softening cum covered penis she wiped her finger along until it was covered in cum and then to Jefferson's consternation she inserted her finger up her skirt pushed the gusset of her panties aside and slipped her cum covered finger inside her vagina.

"What the hell?" Jefferson exclaimed.

"Insurance," Miss Reilly smiled, "Child support."

"Jesus!" Jefferson gasped, "You devious bitch!"

"Look," Miss Reilly protested but the touch of her fingers had made his tool respond again, "Mr Jefferson, George!" she queried as he lifted her skirt and pushed the gusset of her panties aside and pushed her firmly down onto the floor.

His cum covered tool slid easily into her now aroused pussy and she looked up helplessly as he began to hump her.

"If you want my child then that's fine," declared, "Absolutely fine!"

"George!" she protested.

"You just let me know when you want me and I'll oblige," he said, "But better get that flab off you if you want to be seen out with me."

"Yes George," she said, "You're bleeding on me George."

"Shut the fuck up and work your fuck muscles bitch," he said sarcastically.

"Yes dear," she replied.

"It's Mr Jefferson, you're at work remember." he said forcefully.

"Silvia," she said, "Eighteen damned years I've been working for you and suddenly," she said, and she felt the warm wets surge if his passion flooding her womb, "Oh, you've cum?"

"Gee, I guess I have," he replied, "Eighteen years."

"Eighteen years," she agreed.


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