Two 10 year olds discover something magical.
Hello there people! Long-time no see from me it seems and I do apologise for that really. I do not know really, what has been happening with me recently but my motivation for writing has really vanished over these last few months. I have been trying and trying to finish ‘Sex Education’ part 3 but alas, I have fully decided that I do not like the storyline of that series, as I really prefer realism within my stories, even though they are all entirely fiction of course.

With that said, I am discontinuing that series for now and may someday pick it up again in the future if I feel like it but do not get your hopes up too high. Anyhow, I am still active on the XNXX site and I am going to try to force myself back into writing and hopefully, I can do with this adorable story about two 10-year-old girls discovering sexual pleasure. This story, like my others is completely consensual and features no dark themes, as that is not in my taste. However please remember this is a story in the young section so if you do not like stories of this nature, please do not read any further.

This story is also complete fiction and I do not condone paedophilia in real life whatsoever, fantasy is however, fine with me. So I hope you enjoy the story and I will defiantly make a part 2 to this story, I will not make a deadline though as I hate working to them. Enjoy.

Yours Truly.


Pre-teen Dream

I sat in the red plastic chair with my head resting against the cool surface of the table in front of me. Boredom was all I could think about as I listened to my teacher chat on and on about the work we were supposed to be doing. We had been spending all week writing our autobiographies that we were supposed to read out to the class.

The teacher began to call out names of my classmates to come to the front and begin reading. I sighed softly to myself in despair, willing for the clock to reach 3:15pm so I could go home. The classroom was boiling and I could feel my skin becoming all sticky and sweaty in the heat.

”Daisy! Sit up straight please and listen to Daniel.” my teacher shouted from the front of the classroom.

My body shot upright suddenly and I felt my skin peel of the cool surface of the table. I grimaced slightly at the sound but tried to force myself to pay attention to Daniel. Daniel was a nice person, he often shared sweets with the class at lunchtimes but he was alas, very boring and I soon felt myself drift off again into a daydream.

I was startled again as the teacher called out my name and I quickly blinked my eyes to force my brain to wake up. It was like a constant battle where my brain was screaming to go to sleep but I willed myself to get out of the small red plastic chair and walk steadily to the front of the class. I turned around and faced the sea of faces that was my class.

None of my classmates seemed interested except for the few smarty-pants that sat on the front row. I took a deep breath, opened my green decorated biography, and began to read from the pages.

”Hello, my name is Daisy and I am 10 years old. I live in England in a small village called Heylain. I am in year 5 at school. I have soft ginger hair tied back in a ponytail, hazel eyes and my daddy says I have an adorable face with a few soft freckles and a button like nose. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is spaghetti. My best friend is also called Charlotte.”

I looked up on that last line to the back of the classroom and saw Charlotte grinning at me with her pearly white teeth showing. I smirked back as I continue to read the last few pages about some of the things that had happened in my life.

Charlotte and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember. She lived with her mum because her daddy had died at war several years ago and her mum was very close friends with my daddy. This meant that Charlotte would often come around to my house or I would go to hers and play.

In fact, Charlotte was coming over to my house for tea and a sleep over tonight, one of the other reasons I wanted the day to end quickly. I finished reading my biography and went back to my seat followed by the chorus of drained and bored claps.

I watched as Charlotte got up lazily out of her seat at the teachers call and dragged her weary body to the front of the class. I watched stand before the class with her biography open. In my eyes Charlotte had always been very pretty, her long and smooth brown hair fell neatly down her back and her hazel eyes dazzled proudly, I had always been jealous of her eyes. She had a cute face that always had a spark of mischief amongst the background and this was one of the reasons I liked her so much.

My daddy had always referred to us as the ‘Cheeky Monkeys’ and it was a nickname that we lived up to proudly. We were generally both well behaved but cheeky nether the less. I snapped back to reality to the chorus of claps and I felt slightly guilty that I had been daydreaming through my best friend’s presentation. I smiled at her and clapped proudly as she returned to her seat.

”Alright class, it’s time to pack up your things and get your coats and bags.” the teacher announced from the front of the class. My heart leapt with excitement as I dashed to the back of the class and into the cloakroom where our coats were. Charlotte followed in hot pursuit, both of us wearing huge grins across our faces.

I reached the coat pegs first and grabbed Charlottes coat, and mine tossing it to her through the air where she caught it successfully and ran back into the main area of the classroom. We packed up our things into our book bags and stood quietly behind our seats waiting for the final few minutes to slowly tick away on the clock.

My legs twitched with anticipation as the second hand slowly approached the three on the clock. I could feel myself quietly counting down the seconds to freedom when suddenly, the bell echoed throughout the school and like a sprinting race we were off towards the door, I could hear the teacher behind shouting to slow down but I ignored him as I ran out of the door with Charlotte laughing hysterically.

Standing outside in the playground were loads of parents waiting for their children to come running out of the classroom doors. I quickly spied out my dad who was picking us up and ran towards him arms outstretched. He crouched down with a grin across his face as he embraced me in a tight hug before lifting me up high into the air and spinning me around. I laughed as he placed me back down on the floor next to Charlotte.

I suppose you would like a hug as well Charlotte?” my daddy said in a warm and inviting voice. Charlotte nodded her head excitedly and I watched as my daddy took her in his arms, lifted her into the air, and began to spin her around as he did with me.

I smiled to myself cheekily as I remembered how Charlotte had told me she had a crush on my daddy. It always made me giggle when I thought back to the time she told me that she thought my daddy was handsome and she wanted to marry him.

When I thought about it, my dad was quite handsome. He was part Spanish and had an olive tint to his skin but also had strong arms and strong facial features that came from working out in the sun all day lifting heavy bricks and operating big machines. He also had very dark brown hair that curled back slightly and a light layer of hair across his chin and the side of his face, which always tickled me when he hugged me or kissed me.

Once Charlotte had returned safely to the ground my daddy took both of our hands and started to lead us out of the playground towards the car that was parked amongst the grass area along the road opposite of the school. He helped us into the car and we strapped on our seatbelts and started talking amongst ourselves about stuff at school as we journeyed home.

“So girls, did you have fun at school today?” my dad asked casually In the middle of our conversation.

“Nah, not really. Was dead boring! The teacher made us read our biographies in front of the whole class.” I responded, with hints of boredom still present in my voice.

“I’m sure you were both great” he responded reassuringly. “but don’t need to worry about school anymore, it’s the weekend and time for fun! What’s my rule girls?”

I grinned as me and Charlotte both shouted in union “Work for the weekend!”

I heard my dad chuckle at the front of the car as he nodded in agreement. “Good job girls, now let’s discuss tonight. I want you both in bed by 8pm sharp after a healthy meal of vegetables and no TV.”

I rolled my eyes as I smiled at my dad’s stupid jokes, which he thought were hilarious. “Daaaaaaad…. Whats the REAL plan?” I moaned from the back.

“Alright, alright. Plan for tonight. Mountain of pizza, sweets and coca cola. Bedtime is whenever we fall asleep and number one priority is fun!” he beamed in a proud voice.

Charlotte and me cheered with excitement as my dad continued to drive the car home. I loved my daddy, he was the best. He would always make sure that my friends and me had fun and was very generous and often allowed me to have what I wanted as long as it was reasonable. He was still strict if I was naughty but that was very rare and he would always forgive me later that day with a warm hug or gentle kiss on my forehead.

We sat in quiet suspense as the distance quickly decreased between school and home. I lived the furthest away from the school in the hills overlooking the village. The view was amazing and you could see far off into the distance and even see the local town buildings reaching high up into the air.

My house was custom built by my daddy and his team after my mum had left us. He always told me that the house was to be my paradise and was designed to be perfect for me. My heart always melted and felt fuzzy when he told me the story of how he began laying the first few bricks that became our home.

The style was quite modern, with wood panelling on the outside and black glass window frames. There was an outside balcony on the second floor and a swimming pool on the ground floor balcony that overlooked the town in the distance. Due to the house been fairly high up we were also pretty isolated so we could often scream and shout as loud as wanted when we played.

We had reached the top of the hill and travelled a short way down the road through the cove of trees that covered the road before finally coming into sight of my house. My heart leapt as my dad pulled into the gravel drive way. The pebbles crunched and grinded under the wheels of the car as it crawled towards the garage door.

The hum of the engine cut and Charlotte and me dashed out of the car and ran to the front door and stood there waiting eagerly for my daddy to let us in. He locked the car, approached the door with keys in hand, and opened the door allowing us to run inside the house straight upstairs into my room.

We entered the room that was my heaven; my room was a large open area with a bunk shelf bed. The bed was on top and below was a cupboard and desk for my school stuff. I also had a large bookshelf with two beanbags next to it. My walls were coloured a pale green and the carpet a warm cream colour that brightened the room. At the far end of the room were a set of doors that let onto a wooden balcony overlooking the pool.

“What do you want to do first then?” I asked Charlotte as I collapsed into one of the beanbag chairs.

“Erm, I want to go swimming but my mum hasn’t brought my stuff yet.” She replied as she wandered around the balcony doors, staring out across the hills. She often did that when she was at my house. She loved the view of the town and it made her smile pleasantly to herself.

“Wait here; I’ll go ask my daddy what time she’ll be here.” I replied as I lurched my body out of the beanbag chair and onto my feet. I quickly ran out of the room and headed down the stairs and into the kitchen area where I found my dad holding a mug of coffee while returning the phone to its charging stand.

“Hey sweetie, that was Charlotte’s mother. She has had to go up to her mother’s because she’s ill so she can’t bring up Charlotte’s stuff. Will you be an angel and let her borrow some clothes?” My dad asked, before taking a sip of coffee as he leant back against the kitchen counter.

“Sure daddy. When is dinner time?” I asked in response.

“About 6 o’clock.”

“Alright, Thanks daddy!” I said as I ran up and gave him a giant hug, making sure I squeezed as hard as I could. I smiled at him as he hugged me back and just as he let go of me I darted off back up the stairs and returned to my room.

“Hey Charl, Your mum had to go your nana’s so you’ll have to borrow some of my clothes.” I said as I walked over to my wardrobe under my bed and began searching through for my swimming costume.

“Alright but do you have a spare swimming costume? I really want to go swimming.” Charlotte asked pleadingly, her eyes looked at me worryingly.

“Hang on, I’m looking now silly. I’m not sure I do though.” I replied as I began to pull hangers aside and search the bottom draws of the wardrobe. My heart began to sink as I failed to find any other costume except my own.

“You don’t have a spare one do you?” Charlotte said with a despairing sigh. She walked over to the beanbags and slumped down onto one of them. Her body curled up in the beanbag chair, she looked to a point on the floor, and her face was quickly filled with sadness.

“Alright, I have an idea! We don’t need any clothes.” I said triumphantly. As I suggested not wearing any clothes, I heard Charlotte burst out giggling on the beanbags.

“DAISY! We can’t go out naked! Hehe, that’d be embarrassing!” she continued to laugh slightly with tears forming in her eyes and I joined in the laughter as I ran over to the beanbags and jumped up on top of her and began to tickle her all over.

She started to scream and beg me to stop while laughing but I laughed menacingly as I persisted. She continued to laugh but started coughing in fits so I let her loose and watched her scramble off the beanbags and crash onto the floor of the bedroom and breathe deeply, desperate to try and catch her breathe back.

I giggled to myself as I laid in the beanbag chair. I watched her sprawled out on the floor and giggled as she breathed in and out deeply.

“Come on Charl, It’s only us two and we’re both girls.”

“What about your dad? He’s a boy and my mum always told me I shouldn’t let boys see me naked anymore.”

“It’s only my daddy though, he’s seen me naked thousands of times and it doesn’t bother me.”

I could see her toying with the idea in her head, a large part of her desperate to go swimming but the uncertainty of been naked was largely putting her off and I could clearly see that. I sighed to myself and decided to be bold and try to convince her once and for all, as I was desperate to go swimming with my best friend.

“If you want,… I’ll take of my clothes first.” I suggested and I saw her suddenly light up with reassurance.

“Ok then.” She giggled slightly. “Go on. Get naked.” She said as she grinned at me antagonisingly.

A part of me felt very nervous and regretted my proposal but I forced myself to slowly peel off my school blouse. Unlike a couple of the girls in my class, I didn’t need a bra yet and had no boobs but rather just soft nipples that always seemed to go hard and rigid when I was cold.

I felt a breeze shift through the air, it blew gently against my now naked chest, and I shivered slightly as a strange sensation fluttered in my stomach. Charlotte saw on the floor and watched with her jaw slacked open in shock at the realisation that I was actually getting naked.

I felt uneasy but continued to pull off my flat shoes and following, my white plaid socks. I felt my feet touch the soft fabric of the carpet and shivers kept coming, not from cold but rather from nerves. I looked Charlotte in the eye who sat there in the middle of the room grinning at me. Her smile silently cheered me on.

I gave a shaky smile as I wrapped my finger and thumb in the hem of my grey skirt, I clumsily pulled it down my waist, and allowed it to drop to the floor. My sun yellow panties were the only form of clothing still left on my body and it was painfully obvious. The strange feelings in my stomach continued to flutter and send shivers up my spine.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before quickly tugging down my panties and revealing my pussy (A word I had heard from older girls in school) in front of Charlotte. I heard her gasp as I pulled down my panties and stood with them at my ankles. My pussy boldly clear in front of her locked gaze.

I started giggling to myself as I kicked my panties away from my ankles and stood there front of Charlotte completely naked. She sat there in the middle of the room completely awe struck, unable to move. I continued to grin at her and giggle as I walked up to her and kneelt down on my knees in front of her.

I could see her looking up and down my body, her focus continually kept going down towards my pussy and every time she stared, I started to let out a soft giggle. I placed my hands on her shoulders and leant inwards as I said.

“Stop staring at me you weirdo!”

“Uh, um.. I’m, I’m sorry” she stuttered out. I could see her face turning a bright shade of red and all I could do was snigger and giggle even more. At the same time, I felt a strange sensation that tickled me slightly near my pussy but made me feel really good and funny in a strange way.

“Come on then Charl, Let’s get your clothes of so we can go swimming” I said confidently. At this, I saw her eyes widen slightly and she looked slightly scared so I moved closer on my knees and gave her a hug, my naked body pushing up against the fabric of her school clothes.

I could feel the fabric caress my body and it felt incredible so I held Charlotte even more tightly. Charlotte at first was still slightly stunned but she slowly embraced my hug and placed her arms tightly around me and I could feel her soft hands against my back.

They were slightly cold and electrified shivers shot through my spine but they were not bad shivers, they just made the intense feelings down near my pussy feel even more exciting but I did not dare tell Charlotte. I decided to slowly ease up and let her go, When I moved back onto my knee’s in front of her she was once again smiling although, her face still coated with a shade of red.

I told her to sit up and kneel in front of me and she did without any question. I then cautiously took hold of her school cardigan and began to unbutton the tiny little red buttons to expose her white polo shirt. I slid the cardigan off her and tossed it over to a corner of the room.

Charlotte did not say anything but allowed me to further undress her. I told her to raise her arms, which she did, and it was then that I stood up and began to lift the crisp white polo shirt upward, firstly revealing her smooth flat stomach with a cute little belly button resting in the middle. I kept tugging upwards to further expose her flat chest with miniscule bumps where her boobies would be in a few years as mine would also be.

As I was undressing Charlotte, I could feel the flutters increase and the sensations sparked continually and before I knew it, I could feel a pulsating between my legs and I could feel a slight heat radiate outwards and an overwhelming urge to touch my pussy. My face felt hot and I knew it was coated in a deep shade of red but I knew I was not embarrassed.

I ignored the feelings and persevered with the task. I motioned for Charlotte to sit down with her bum on the floor in front of me. She slowly moved into position with her legs stretched outwards slightly spread to point that I could see up her skirt and see a pair of pink panties that I knew hid her own pussy, which I suddenly realised I desperately, wanted to see and I had no idea why.

I kept looking up her skirt at her panties as I began to unfasten her shoes and roll off her socks. I felt my lips becoming dry so I licked them slowly to keep them moist as the anticipation began to kill me. With her shoes and socks gone, I told her to lift her bum so I could pull down her skirt. She lifted her bum of the ground using her hands behind her as support and I quickly grasped hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled slowly past her bum and down her legs, past her knees all the way to her ankles.

Her body was slim and her skin was smooth yet soft to the touch as I brushed my hand all the way down her legs as I pulled her skirt. I glanced up slightly and saw her shiver slightly as she thrusted her hips forward at my touch and I swore she had begun to breathe much faster.

I myself had held my breath as I stared at the last piece of clothing that covered my best friend’s pussy, which I wanted desperately to see for an unknown reason. My own pussy felt as though it was burning and the urge to touch it was overwhelming so cautiously, as Charlottes head was titled back looking upwards I brushed my hand against my pussy and began to itch it gently on top and round the edge of my pussy ‘lips’.

I began to move my hand in small circular motions on top of my pussy and the feelings erupted between my legs as I felt my entire body shake mixed with an indescribable feeling that felt so good I thought I would pass out. I tried to hold my voice but I unwillingly let out a loud moan of what I could only describe as pure pleasure.

I rubbed all the harder and during my ‘experience’ I crashed back against the floor on my back with my legs parted wide and my hand rubbing furiously, craving to make the feeling last as long as possible. I was breathing quickly and I knew I was letting out soft moans as I was rubbing.

I let out a loud yelp as I suddenly felt another hand rub against my pussy, replacing my hand and I quickly looked up to see Charlotte on her stomach with one of her hands pushing and rubbing against my pussy and the other softly stroking my thigh.

I thought my own hand was amazing, Charlotte’s was even better, the sensations continued to spiral through my body, and I helplessly bucked my hips into the air against Charlotte’s hand. I continued to pant and moan in pleasure until I pushed my hips up to far and I felt two of Charlottes fingers enter inside my pussy.

My heart almost stopped as this happened, the feeling blew my mind and I could see stars flying around my head as the room span and became a blur. I began to moan even more loudly and I suddenly felt Charlotte’s hand cover my mouth to keep me quiet. I could feel her two fingers moving inside my pussy, pushing, twisting and moving quickly in and out as I thrusted and tossed uncontrollably underneath her touch.

I opened my eyes and tried to look up but could not summon the strength to lift my head and I could only just see Charlotte as she laid there on the floor with her face covered in an expression of pleasure that was probably similar to mine. I could see one of her hands holding open my pussy as the other hand pushed in two fingers before pulling them out only to push them straight back in.

I could also see Charlottes bum squeezing slightly and I assumed she was pushing her hips against the carpet to try to simulate the feelings she was giving me. I threw my head back against the floor again as I felt another wave of pleasure erupt at my pussy and I could feel it squeezing and pulsating around Charlottes fingers, trying desperately to hold them in like a baby with a dummy.

I began to loudly moan again and this time instead of Charlotte placing her hand over my mouth she quickly moved her body over on top of mine and quickly brought her lips down onto mine and began to kiss me softly on the lips, just like boyfriends and girlfriends do.

I was startled and immediately forgot all the pleasure I was feeling and was immediately alarmed but the overwhelming experience soon overcame my shock and I found myself kissing her back. My lips wrapping around hers and it was somewhat awkward but I think I was doing it right.

Occasionally I could feel her lips lock on the tip of my tongue and it felt amazing, not as amazing as what she was doing to my pussy but amazing nether the less. I began to push my tongue out of my own mouth and into hers as we kissed. I felt her own wet tongue inside her mouth begin to push back and twizzle with mine. It was like a strange dance where our tongues interlocked and broke apart.

I was in heaven and never wanted the feelings to end but to my despair; Charlotte broke the kiss and sat up on my stomach. I could feel wetness on my stomach from where her pussy was and I could see her panties were damp and I immediately panicked as I thought she had wet herself on me.

I was about to throw her off before I noticed that my own pussy was drenched and something was dripping down onto the floor beneath me but I knew I had not peed myself so it must be something else! I decided to lay there as I watched her move backwards off my body and stare at me, her face reddening deeply as she covered her mouth in shock at what she had done.

I laid there and simply stared at her with a faint grin across my face as I breathed in deeply, my bare chest rose and fell in quick rhythm while Charlotte just sat there with her jaw slacked open in horror.

“I…. I.. I’m..-I’m so sorry.” She stuttered softly as tears began to form in her eyes. I felt my heart clench tightly in my chest and I could not stop myself from leaping up and embracing her in a deep hug. I held her tight against my naked body and I could feel her soft skin gently press against mine. She buried her head in my chest and sobbed softly.

“It’s ok… Charl. It was great, please don’t cry” I said, trying to hold back tears of my own. I hated to see Charlotte upset and I would often always cry if she did.

“Really?...” she sniffled without looking up at me.

“Yeah! That was best feeling ever! It was awesome” I said reassuringly as I held her even more tightly against my body, she was shaking less now and I could tell my words were soothing her and calming her down.

“Shall we just go swimming now?” I said as I stood up with Charlotte, who was still grasping onto my body. She moved back a little and stood opposite me with her arms on my shoulders and she sniffled before nodding twice gently.

“But first! We need to take care of these!”

“Take care of Wha-” she began to start but finished the sentence with a yelp as I quickly yanked down her soaked panties and threw them across the room amongst the other piles of clothes. I quickly ran out of the room with Charlotte in hot pursuit shouting for me to get back here and I just laughed hysterically as I ran down the stairs.

I ran through the kitchen, almost slipping on the white tiled floor and quickly opened the back door that lead out onto the patio area that overlooked the hill and housed the pool in the middle. I looked back to see Charlotte storm out of the door and past her, my dad staring in surprise that we were naked.

I laughed and looked forwards once more but screamed loudly as I realised I had approached the pools edge. I tried to stop myself but it was too late and I tipped over the pool edge and crashed into the water, performing a less than elegant belly flop. The water felt hard as it hit my chest and it hurt quite a lot so I panicked slightly as I sank straight to the bottom of the pool.

I quickly gathered my senses and kicked up off the floor of the pool and surfaced, taking a deep breathe only to be smothered by water once more as Charlotte landed with a cannon ball right next to me. I choked slightly as some of the water from the splash went into my mouth.

Charlotte surfaced next to me; smiling once more, she quickly apologised but then clipped me on the head for earlier. I laughed as I grasped hold of her around her back and hugged her in the water.

“Shall we play a game?” I asked casually as I held onto her.

“Ok, what game?” She replied as she kept us both afloat in the heated water.

I grinned devilishly as I replied ‘water tag’. I could see Charlotte was intrigued by my grin but afraid to ask what the twist in this game was. I could also feel the fluttering butterfly’s in my stomach and the tense feeling in my pussy once again in anticipation for the game.

“Daisy… why are you looking at me like that?” She asked nervously, preparing herself to bolt like a deer about to be chased by a hungry lion.

“Well,… this is water tag with a difference, the only place you can tag someone is…” I leant in even closer to her and whispered softly into her ear “their pussy.”

She stared at me surprised at first but I saw her brow narrow and a mischievous grin I knew all too well form across her face, I should have predicted her next move but nothing could have prepared me for what her next move actually was. She quickly threw me off my grip off her and instant drove her hand down at my pussy and pressed against it roughly.

I felt her hand rub from bottom to top as she yelled ‘Tag!’. I stood there in the pool in shock as I felt surges of electricity flow up my spine and my body felt extremely limp. I began to sink into the water slightly as the waves of pleasure flowed through me, just as the water did.

The water from Charlotte swimming to the other side of the pool brought me back to reality and I realised that this game was on. It was payback time. I took a deep breath, dove under the water, and began to swim powerfully towards Charlotte; her pussy distorted from the ripple of the water around me but still looked wonderful.

I was an excellent swimmer on account of been in the pool mostly every day, my dad kept saying I’d turn into a fish at this rate and it always made me giggle when he’d start making fish impressions in front of me. However, forget that, I had a more important mission at hand.

I began to approach within reaching distance of Charlotte and it was at this moment that she saw me ripple through the water of the pool surface, her legs shot into action as she tried to dodge me but she had left it too late. I extended my reach, predicting her movements I gave a final push forwards and felt my hand encounter Charlotte’s soft pussy.

As I made contact, Charlotte ceased to try to evade me and I felt myself cup her pussy in my hand, I could feel the softness of her skin, even through the wetness of the water. I held my hand there, gently rubbing the entire length of the pussy with the palm of my hand.

I could feel my chest becoming tight so I rose steadily to the surface to come face to face with Charlotte. Her face was a deep red and her eyes looked heavy in their sockets. I could feel her warm breathe gasp quickly out across my bare chest as the water droplets dribbled slowly down my skin and back into the depths of the water.

We were in the shallower end, so we could stand up with our heads just above the water, and we simply stood there staring at each other, my hand gently caressing her pussy. I decided to be more adventures and I gently inserted a finger into the folds of her pussy lips as she had done to me earlier.

She let out a loud gasp and moan as her legs began to buckle beneath her and I had to push her back to the pool edge which she rested her body against for support as I probed her pussy with my finger. She was breathing even faster now, I added another finger to the inner tightness of her pussy, and I began to move inwards and out as she had done to me.

She moaned loudly and I placed my other hand over her mouth to keep her quiet so my daddy would not hear us. I paused shortly to peer over the pool edge back towards the house, where we were, we were invisible from the windows view from the house, our height was too small to be seen over the pool edge. I sighed with relief as I continued my exploration and I slowly removed my hand from her mouth to replace it with my lips.

I felt her pause for a moment and tense but soon her body relaxed and I experienced the same awkward kiss with her that we shared in my bedroom. She moaned into my mouth often and the vibrations tickled my lips and made me erupt into little giggle fits every now and again.

Charlotte then surprised me by pressing two of her own fingers against my pussy and began to stroke them up and down the exterior of my pussy lips. I moaned into her mouth as I pressed by body up tightly against hers, forcing her fingers to enter the inner depths of my pussy.

I could feel the sides of my pussy squeezing tightly around her fingers, as hers was against mine and my breathing escalated rapidly. I began to feel dizzy as constant electrified feelings were sent from my pussy, right across my body. The feeling was incredible and the feel of our tongues against each other only intensified the feelings.

As if on cue, both our bodies went rigid and tense as a tidal wave of pleasure erupted from beneath us and we screamed into each other’s mouths as we both pushed each other’s hands deeply into the tightness of our pussies. I could feel something flow past my fingers as I slowly withdrew from her pussy. Something thicker than water but I could not make it out. I made a mental note I would find out what that stuff was later that came out of our pussies.

My body fell against Charlotte’s body in the water, as I felt exhausted, all drops of energy soaked from my body. We would have sank right there if it was not for the pool edge that supported Charlotte. I breathed deeply as my body pressed against her. The water soothed and caressed us as we laid there for what seemed like eternity.

Eternity had to end through as I heard my daddy shouting for us to come and get dried off. I pushed myself away from the edge of the pool and clumsily hoisted myself out of the pool, almost slipping as I struggled to maintain my strength.

I sat on the pool edge with my feet in the water as I watched Charlotte come to the edge and attempt to pull her out. She struggled so I held my hands that she grasped but ended up losing grip with her other hand and ended up falling back into the water, dragging me with her.

I arose to the surface laughing with Charlotte as we swam to the stairs instead of attempting to climb out. We lazily walked out of the water, our naked bodies glistening with water droplets in the setting sun. A gentle evening breeze flew up the across the hill and sent slight shivers down my spine as I felt cold.

I could see Charlotte was also cold because her body was covered in small little goose bumps. We shivered slightly as we walked to the house where my dad was waiting with a hand full of towels. As we approached, my daddy looked a little uneasy and dopey, more than usual. It was as if he was off in another world, not entirely focused.

I ignored it and happily took a towel from him and wrapped it around Charlotte who stood next to me. Water dripped slowly from her body to the floor of the patio and she smiled at me pleasantly as she snuggled up in the softness of the towel.

I turned around and was quickly smothered by my dad with a towel for me as he wrapped his arms around my body and hugged me tightly, brushing my body slightly on my arms to help dry me off quicker. I laughed as he tickled me through the towel and tried to get away from him but he would not let me go.

He hoisted me up into the air and held me in his arms like a newborn baby, the towel flopped open to reveal my naked body to him and I noticed he glanced at my pussy for a moment. I went red with embarrassment but he just simply kissed me on the forehead and placed me back on the ground next to an awkward standing Charlotte.

I giggled slightly as I wrapped the towel tightly around myself because I was getting even colder.

“You two must be freezing, come on. I’ll put the fire on for you two so you can dry off” my daddy said to us as he held the door open, motioning for us to come inside. I went inside with Charlotte behind me and went into the soft-carpeted floor of the living room.

The living room was one of the more old styled rooms of the house that had a soft fabric couch in the corner of the room with a chestnut coffee table and a TV opposite. In the middle of the room against the wall was a large dark fireplace that would light the entire room in a magnificent orange glow.

In front of the fireplace were three cushion style chairs where you could curl up in front of the fire on cold winter nights. It was not winter yet but we needed to dry off and nothing was better than letting a fire dry your body.

My dad started the gas fire and gently turned up the heat to a decent level and left the room in a hurry and went back upstairs; I just assumed he had to finish some work before dinner. So me and Charlotte just sat in the chairs with our towels open, exposing our bodies to the naked flame in front of us.

It felt nice and relaxing as the heat stroked my body gently. I was still slightly cold as the remaining droplets ran down my body. I shivered slightly as I watched the flames dance in the fireplace against the fake charcoal rocks. I noticed Charlotte get up off her seat in the corner of my eye and she came over to my chair and told me to move up.

I shifted my body to the side and she placed her towel down next to and partly on top of mine before sliding in next to me. She snuggled up against me and I could feel the warmth of the body heating me up quickly. She rested her head against my shoulder facing the fire and closed her eyes.

I smiled to myself as I watched her peacefully lay against my body and I glanced down to her pussy and smiled to myself. We had discovered something so pleasure fulfilling and exciting today and it was only the beginning, we still had all night to go.

I giggled softly to myself before kissing the side of Charlotte’s forehead softly and resting my own head against the top of hers, her damp hair cushioning the side of my face as I took one last look at the dancing flames before letting out a long lasting exhale of breathe and then,

I closed my eyes.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed the story and remember constructive feedback; positive or negative is always appreciated as well as positive votes.

I am also looking for someone to work with in proof reading my stories, as I am dyslexic to begin with; proof reading is quite hard for me so I would be grateful if anyone would like to help by proof reading my stories in advance. If you are interested then drop me a PM on XNXX forums.

Have nice day,

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