Zach has a medical condition.
Chapter 7

One more week passed and everything was the same. Mom had started treatment and was tired all the time. She spent so much time in bed; Dad bought her a black and white TV to sit on their dresser. She ate in bed most of the time and Dad and I ate at the table.
This gave me a chance to get to know him better and understand his way of thinking. I read in the encyclopedia that there were 170 main religions. Now, there are oodles of each religion called denominations. Dad didn’t realize it but he convinced me to pick a different god. The one old guy in the sky he worshipped was a real jerk.
There are so many ‘can’t do’s, you are destined to fail before you try. There was no way on God’s green earth I would have a shot at getting into God’s Gold Heaven so why bother trying? Sure, there are some good ideas but they’re mostly ‘do unto others’ stuff. But mostly, it’s a bunch of CAN NOT DO laws.
Consider this one. A girl, the very first one ever created, bites an apple she’s told not to. Guess what God does? Yep, made her bleed for 7 days. Then, makes her bleed 7 days every stinking month she lives. Just to put icing on that cake, he makes every girl that’s born after her suffer the same fate. What a jerk, right?
At dinner time, my Dad broke down. I had never seen him cry. It was awkward to say the least.
“Dad, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“God is going to take the love of my life.” he muttered.
Now, it took a minute to sink into my filing cabinet of a brain and mix itself with other things to figure out what that was supposed to mean.
I’m looking at one of God’s children who has followed the Word of God to a tee his whole adult life and is being told that same Man upstairs he praises is going to crush his heart and take away the only thing he loves on this planet.
“It’s mom? What’s wrong with mom, dad?” Now I’m getting upset.
“Your mom will be gone soon. The cancer has spread too far and it can’t be fixed.” still holding back tears.
Now, I am no mom fan. She has been torment for me as long as I can remember. But my dad loved her.
“Did you talk to God? Maybe he would fix her.” I thought to ask.
“Yes, daily. I’ve prayed and prayed son. There’s nothing we can do.” my dad sobbed.
“Man that sucks bad! Why do we have to love somebody that God just takes away?”
“You can’t pick who you love, Zach.” and Dad left the table.
The next day, Hospice showed up with a bed. Mom was moved to the living room. Relatives showed up to visit. It was a nerve racking ordeal.
The following day, I left to get my five yards done, the three across the street and the two around the corner. I started early because it was a lot of work. Checking the weather before I left, I knew it was going to be another scorcher. Before I finished the first yard, I had something funky going on between my legs. The more I walked, the more I ached. I had no clue what was going on but my balls were killing me.
By the second yard, I had slowed down quite a bit. You ever clip your balls on something and after a few it starts to ache? Like, what’s with the time delay? I tried to think if that was what I did. Maybe I banged them against the lawn mower handle. Man, they were sensitive.
By the third yard, I rearranged my sack. It was not happy. Ducking down a basement step, I stuck my hand in and massaged them. Ah, that felt so good. I didn’t want to let go but I had work to do. I finished the yard and moved on.
I rounded the corner and saw a Monte Carlo on the street in front of the Benson’s. I didn’t recognize it so maybe they had company. When I got in front of the house, there was a guy leaning on the column that supported the front porch. He wore no shirt but had the local high school jacket on. His hair cut was spiked and wore black work boots.
“What are you looking at?” He asked me. I guess if I knew his name I would have called him that, but I didn’t.
“Um, I’m not sure. But are the Benson’s home?” I said.
He turned towards the front of the house and yelled, “Melissa! There’s a turd out here!”
Now, this guy knew me as well as I knew him. Instead of playing nice, he wanted to be a jerk.
I said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure there’s a nice guy in you somewhere.”
I got the evil eye and he said, “Did you need a fist in your face today?” and stepped off the porch.
Now, I’ve done three houses in the hot sun. My balls made me one grumpy boy to begin with. I’d be willing to take a whooping if I could bust his nose just one time. Yeah, just one solid hit to his snout would make me a happy Zachy.
He came at me and drew a fist. I readied myself to duck whatever he was going to throw.
“Jim!” Melissa shouted from the doorway. “What the hell?”
“This pussy is about to eat my fist.” he said.
Melissa bounded down the steps and got in front of him.
“Jim! Zach cuts our lawn! Either get back on the porch or go home right now!” She said, waving a finger at him.
“I think I’ll pound his face first.” and tried to go around her.
“Get in your car and go home; right now!” screamed Melissa.
He looked at me and I shrugged.
“Why are you defending this puke for?” he asked.
“He’s done more for me than you have! Get the hell out of here now!” Melissa yelled.
He backed off and headed for his car, “You’re taking a little punk’s side over me! What kind of shit is that?” opening up his door, he mumbled, “Crazy ass bitch!” hopped in his car and drove away.
I just stood there with Melissa and watched him peel away. After he turned the corner I asked, “Do you love him?”
Melissa turned to me and thought a bit, “Not now.” and walked back to the house.
I completed the Benson’s yard and gathered up my gear. It was time to head to Mrs. Edwards and finish my last yard. I went to the front of the house. Melissa was on the steps.
“I’m sorry about Jim.” and handed me five dollars.
“It’s ok. But you deserve so much better.” I said.
She gave me no response so I bent down and gave her a hug, “I’m sorry if it hurts.”
“It only hurts a little.” and I heard her sob.
She watched me until I got to Mrs. Edwards place. I saw her get up and go back inside. Some things I can not fix, I just hope someone else does.
I got the yard done. It was painful but it was done. I’m glad Mrs. Edward’s yard was smaller. Pulling the weeds from around the swing set was murder. I just stayed on the ground and worked my way around.
I had to rest my balls; they ached so bad, it was getting difficult to walk. Cancer? I’m adopted so maybe not hereditary. Disease? Melissa’s the only one. I sat on the step and grabbed my crotch, kneading what I could through my pants.
“Zach?” came from above me.
“Yes, Mrs. Edwards. I’m done the lawn.” I answered, trying to talk normal.
“What’s wrong with you?” mothers and their powers, sheesh. They got eyes in the back of their heads and can smell your farts twenty miles away.
“I’m hurting in places.” was all I could say.
“Well?” she asked. What does that mean? Is she really expecting me to tell her my balls are killing me?
“Well, what?” I said.
“Do you want me to look at it or your mother.” she asked, which was pretty close to my only choices.
If you think I am going to go home and drop my pants in front of my dad so he can inspect my goods, you’ve bumped your head. Besides not knowing an ache from an ouch, he’s the last person I would want to see my balls. He’d just tell me to pray for God to heal it.
Mom wasn’t an option either. Besides her being sick, if she got even close to my balls, she’d probably try to cut them off.
“You, I guess.” sighing with that answer.
“Come on, get in here.” she said, and opened up the door.
“Kick your shoes and socks off please. You’re covered in grass.” and headed to the hallway.
I followed her through the house and back to the Library of Congress. ‘Instead of keeping all the books yourself, you could go to the library, ya know?’ I thought.
“Ok, Zach, where are you hurting?” she asked, heading over to one of the book shelves.
I stood by the round table and drew up enough courage to say, “Down there.”
“Down where? Oh, you mean your privates.” looking at the book shelf.
They might be privates but they had one heck of a five star general ache.
“Yes, ma’am.” and grabbed a rub while her back was turned.
“Leave it alone. You don’t want it to get worse.” she said, while reaching up and getting a book.
I let go of my balls. I had forgotten about the eyes in the back of their heads part.
She grabbed a book and headed back. You know, for her age, she looked pretty hot. She knew how to carry herself too. She looked good in high heels. The skirt might be too low but her blouse showed some cleavage… STOP!
“Ok Zach, is it your penis, testicles, or anus?” opening her book.
School was out, but my dumb self was still learning.
“Um, which one are the balls?” I asked.
“Testicles. Now, what’s wrong with them?” she asked.
“They are aching something fierce. I don’t know if I bruised them or what.” I explained.
She looked at me and furrowed her brow. “Drop ‘em.” she said.
Why did she have to say that? She could have said, lower your pants, remove your garments, please get nude, but oh no, she said drop ‘em. Here I go, down the strange and spooky road, again.
“Um, where’s Kate?” I wanted to know first. I’d hate to have her walk in on me.
“She went with Dawn to the store. They’ll be back soon enough.” and motioned for me to continue.
I undid my belt buckle and lowered my pants and underwear then stepped out of them. If I needed to run, it wasn’t going to be with my pants around my ankles, no thank you. I instinctively covered my goods.
“Spread ‘em.” pointing at my legs. So I did.
“Put your hands on your head, I can’t help you if you keep it covered.” she said sarcastically.
Ok, so here I am nude from the waist down, hands on top of my head, and wondering what good this could possibly lead to. I just hoped she wouldn’t pull out any handcuffs.
Mrs. Edwards picked my pants and underwear up, folded them, and put them on the table.
She walked over to me and squatted. Picking up my dick, she inspected it all around. “The bite marks are gone, Zach. It really looks good.” she commented, reminding me of a painful three days.
She reached up with her other hand and cupped my balls. “Tell me if it hurts.” and gave them a gentle squeeze.
“That felt good.” I said.
“She picked my dick up higher with the one hand and circled the top of my balls with her finger and thumb of the other and tugged.
“Oof! That hurt a little.” I informed her.
She worked her way up my balls, behind my dick, pressing and rubbing it there.
“There!” I grimaced, “That’s where it hurts the most.”
She started massaging me and asked, “When did you relieve yourself last?”
I had to think a bit, did she mean pee or cum? I didn’t with Peggy and Sue, I haven’t jerked off any, “Kate was the last one to relieve me.” I said.
“You’ve gone two weeks without relief?” sounding amazed.
“Yes ma’am. I haven’t been myself lately with my mom not doing well.” I said.
“Oh! I heard the terrible news. I’m so sorry Zach!”
“Yeah, pretty bad times.” I said.
“Back to the problem at hand,“ she actually said that with my goods still in her hand, “I think I have a cure for you.” standing back up.
“Awesome! That would be great Mrs. Edwards! What do I have to do?” I was so excited.
“Give me your shirt.” and held out her hand.
“Um, I’ll be like, totally naked in your house, Mrs. Edwards.” I said.
Snapping her fingers she said, “Give it.” and held out her hand again.
I reluctantly pulled it off and handed it to her. She folded it and put it with the rest of my clothes.
“Follow me.” and like a monkey, I tip toed behind her, trying to keep my ache from hurting worse.
She led me to a bathroom downstairs. It didn’t look too used so it was probably a guest rest room.
“Get cleaned up. Towels are in the closet.” and shut the door behind her.
Let me tell you, taking a shower anywhere besides your own bathroom makes you feel awkward. All kinds of crazy crap go through your head. I don’t want to use the soap bar because somebody else would be using it plus you don’t know who used it before you. You don’t want to get the floor wet but you don’t want to get the rug wet either. I mean, it isn’t your stuff, ya know?
But when that warm water hit me, I forgot everything. I washed off five lawns of dirt. The water massaged my aches away. I was dead dog tired and the shower worked its magic and brought me back to life. I was feeling all better, except for the ache in my balls. I took extra care to clean down my privates, that squad had to be squeaky clean. I didn’t know what medicine or bandage or cream Mrs. Edwards was going to use on me but she was a clean freak and I wanted to be spotless.
I turned the water off after cleaning the stall and grabbed the towel I placed on the hook. I threw it over my head and started drying me unruly hair. The door opened and Mrs. Edwards came back in.
“Oh! Mrs. Edwards, I wasn’t quite ready yet.” I said, dropping the towel down to cover up.
“What’s the matter? Afraid I’ll see you naked?” she laughed.
“Um, I’m just a gangly looking urchin. You don’t want to see an ugly duckling like me, Mrs. Edwards.” I laughed.
“Son, you don’t have any idea, do you?” she asked.
Great, something else I’m ignorant at. “What?”
“How many lawns do you cut a day?” she asked.
“Oh, I average four, but sometimes just three and I’ll cut five to catch up. I cut five yards today.” I said.
“Who says you’re a gangly urchin?” she asked.
“My mom did. She says I’ll be hard pressed to find a girl that would marry me.” I stated.
Looking me up and down, “I’m not one to argue with your mother but she sure has the wool pulled over your eyes.” she said.
“What? I don’t expect to be no prince. I know I’m not the best thing to look at.“ not understanding what she’s talking about.
She gave a big huff and said, “Come with me.” and opened the door.
I dried of what was left and was going to wrap it around me. “Leave the towel.” Mrs. Edwards said from the hallway. Great, she can see through walls too.
Once again, I started my monkey walk with my goods in my hands. This ache has got to go, even though I didn’t have pants on pressing on them, it still bothered me pretty bad.
She led me downstairs to her basement. There was a rec room with exercise equipment, a pool table, couch, and TV. A bar was at one end and doors along the side. She got to a full length mirror in front of the exercise equipment and told me to stand in front of it.
“Look.” she said abruptly.
“Mrs. Edwards, how does this help me with my ache? I mean, it’s really bothering me, ya know?” I said impatiently.
“Look in the mirror Zach. Tell me what you see.” and she pointed a finger to it.
“I guess I see a young skinny kid with messed up hair.” was all I could see.
“You’re right about skinny. There isn’t an ounce of fat on you.” she noted.
“But son, you’ve mowed so many yards, you’d put a body builder to shame. Look at those muscles.” she said.
I looked and didn’t get it. I mean, the bumps of muscles all over me weren’t all that good to look at. I didn’t think body builders looked all that good with muscles bulging out of them.
“Well, they make me look a little freaky I guess.” was all I could say.
“My God, you’re a hunk of an ignorant boy. Here you are, eleven years old, looking like every girls dream. And you don’t even know it.” she sighed. “You got the most handsome face I’ve ever seen, a tool any full grown man would envy, and a personality that melts young girl’s hearts.”
She has to be kidding me. I’m just a kid for crying out loud. My mom says I’m gangly; she wouldn’t lie to me would she? Yeah, she probably would. But still, I can’t figure out what a girl would see in me.
“I’m not seeing it Mrs. Edwards. I got nothing that would make girls be interested in me.” I surmised.
“And THAT is what I’m talking about. You aren’t arrogant; you don’t even think you’re anything special. You kissed two girls and they literally melted in your arms but you act like that’s nothing to do with you! One of them had their mother call trying to steal you away. She was even willing to share you if she could only get you some for herself! She still calls me asking about you!” she shook her head and said, “My own daughter can’t shut up about you. She masturbates saying your name.”
Too much info! I didn’t need to know that! It did kind of boost my ego to hear it though.
“I’m not trying to court your daughter, trust me. She’s a sweet girl and I wouldn’t want to hurt her.” I muttered. “Maybe she is going through a phase like me. You might be able to talk to her and convince her not to do that. She could be getting urges too, ya know.”
‘Smack’ Mrs. Edwards actually slapped me up the backside of my head. What the heck!
“You aren’t getting it! The point is you are a highly desirable male. It’s a wonder women aren’t trying to get in your pants daily. But I already suspect they are. How many of your customers are women or have women living there?”
“I don’t know really… I think most of them are women. There are a couple of guys too but they act like women, ya know?” I figured.
“Ok, let me ask it a different way. How many females pay you and how many males pay you when you’re done with their yards.” she expounded.
“I don’t usually get the money from guys. They’re just not around or don’t live there.” I said.
“I’m telling you, you’ve got women having you mow their grass so they can watch you do it.” she explained, “They’re probably behind curtains watching and masturbating will you work.”
Now wait just a minute. I have a lot of older women on my route. Are they watching me work and jerking off? Ewe, nasty!
“They do, somehow, know when I’m finished. I find them sitting on their porch when it’s time for me to leave…” I thought out loud.
“Zach, you’re cutting 20 yards a week and every other week. That’s forty different yards, at least, within two weeks. Think! How many other kids in your school make two hundred dollars a week working like that at your age?” she prompted.
“Well, none of my friends do…” I said, thinking back on it.
“Do you remember me running across the street to catch you? I asked you to mow my lawn.” she asked.
“Yes ma’am, I remember.” I said.
“I could cut the lawn myself; it isn’t that big of a yard. Why do you suppose I wanted you to do it?” she asked.
“I thought you had company coming over and wouldn’t have the time to do it.” I guessed.
“Noooo! I watched you cut the new neighbors grass but I could only watch you do the front. I couldn’t see you when you cut their back yard.” letting out a sigh, “I hired you so I could watch you cut the neighbor’s and my yard. Get it?”
“But, why would you?” I questioned.
“My word you’re dense! I was one of the women behind the curtain masturbating while watching you! How else would I know you kissed my daughter?” she huffed.
Like a light bulb turning on, my filing cabinet started getting things in order. Pulling info from here and adding it to there, I saw the puzzle pieces fall into place.
“They want to fuck me!” with all the emotion of with it.
“Ok, now it’s sinking in. But, they can’t have sex with you. First, you’re under age. Secondly, they might have boyfriends and husbands. But, they CAN fantasize about it.” she pointed out.
“So, when Miss Hanson yelled out the window to re-rake her yard, even though I knew all the grass was raked, she just wanted to finish… fantasizing about me?” Holy smokes!
“Welcome to reality, Zach.” Mrs. Edwards said.
I was standing there, looking at my naked self in a mirror, remembering how I had gotten every yard. I’d do one neighbor’s yard and a woman would come out of their house and ask me to cut their yard. Then, another neighbor would ask, and another… all the way up the street, around the block, and covering the surrounding areas. The houses I didn’t cut had men that lived alone working their yards…
“We’re back!” I heard a girl’s voice yell.
Still in my filing cabinet of a brain, I turned around and saw Kate and Dawn bound down the stairs.
“Oh! Aunt Linda! What have you got going on down here?” Dawn asked, looking me up and down.
“Oh, Kate’s boyfriend is having problems.” giving me a wink. “I was just diagnosing his… condition.”
Kate approached me and said, “Hi lover. What’s the problem?” looking me over from head to… head?
Welcome to the circus! And in the center ring, Zach, with his elephant trunk!
“Oh, God!” and tried to cover up. I looked around for the nearest hiding place. A bicycle handle bar just wasn’t going to do it.
“Calm down Zach. They’ve already seen it.” Linda pointed out.
I gave up and shrugged it off. What the heck, it’s just one more person to see my goods, right?
“I’m having a problem with my, um, private parts, Kate.” I said.
“Oh Ho! Want me to kiss it and make it better?” she giggled.
“I’ll do more than kiss it Zach!” piped Dawn and Kate slapped at her.
“No, really, its ok, your mother thinks she knows how to fix it, thank you both!” I said.
“Wow Zach, you got a tight butt!” Dawn said.
“Now how would you know that?” I wanted to know.
Dawn, Kate, and Linda all pointed to the mirror.
I tried to cover it with one hand but it left something else uncovered, so I switched hands and still couldn’t get it all covered. All I could do was… give up.
The girls all laughed at my predicament, “Let me get some clothes on.” I said, trying to press passed the girls.
“You can’t do that Zach.” Linda said, holding up her hand at me.
“Wha… ? I stopped.
“We still need to fix you.” Linda explained.
“Ah, ok… you got some ointment for it?” I asked.
“No, ointment won’t cure blue balls.” She said.
Now just what the heck are blue balls and how does someone get them?
“Um, my balls aren’t blue, Mrs. Edwards.” I pointed out. “Are you sure that’s what it is?”
“Zach, have you gotten… excited… in the past two weeks?” Linda asked.
“Well… “ staring at two girls who were staring at... my crotch, “it has swelled some a few times.” I said.
You know what? If they want to see it, instead of trying to peek around my hands, I’ll just let them… and dropped my hands.
“Your penis prepares to penetrate a vagina and builds up the seed for reproduction, getting you ready to release it. When you don’t release, your seed has nowhere to go. It just settles where it is, making your testicles ache.” She mumbo jumbo’ed.
“So, my cum… er… seed is stuck?” I asked.
That don’t even sound good! There ain’t no way I’m going to let somebody stick a needle in me there and draw it out either! I’ll suffer with the ache first! This is all part of what I was saying about God. You see, one of the ‘can’t do’s is fornication. So, I can’t cast my seed on the ground and I can’t fornicate and yet, I have to get the seed out or die of achy balls! You just can’t win with the guy.
“Exactly! You need release.” Linda said.
“I’ll do it!” Dawn quipped.
“What? Shut up slut and get your own boyfriend!” Kate said, and gave her a push.
“Learn to share!” Dawn said, and pushed her back.
“Knock it off you two or I’ll do it and you can go to your rooms.” Linda scolded.
“Now wait just a minute! Don’t I get a say?” I asked.
“NO!” all three said at once.
“Well crap, it is my balls ya know.” I mumbled, disappointedly.
“And we’re the ones doing the releasing.” added Linda.
They might as well have slapped my dick for all the benefit I was getting out of this.
“Whatever… just make it stop aching, please.” I surrendered.
“Dawn, are you a virgin?” Linda asked, and it perked up my ears.
“Yeah, I haven’t had my cherry popped yet. The guys I know don’t seem to know what they’re doing.” she sounded sad.
“We’ll make sure you’re still a virgin when you leave. I can’t have your mother mad at me.” Linda stated.
“No, wait! I’ll call and get her permission!” Dawn cried, and headed for the phone.
Are you kidding me? Is she really going to ask Laura if she can lose her virginity?
“Zach, Kate had her period last week, now she has something to ask you.” Linda said.
I looked at Kate and tried to guess what she wanted. The last time she wanted me to play boyfriend.
“Zach, I want to lose my virginity.” she said.
“Oh… OH! Wait! You just started! You want to lose it already?!?” I gasped.
“Are you a virgin Zach?” Linda just had to butt in.
Now wait, I don’t lie. But if I say yes, it would be a flat out lie. If I say no, they’ll want to know details and I’m not going to do that.
“Um… I don’t see why that would matter any.” was all I could say.
Dawn came bouncing back in and stood beside Kate.
“Come on Zach, the girls were honest. Now, tell the truth.” Linda said.
“Now look, I don’t want any questions but no, I’m not a virgin.” I relented.
“How long from when you started puberty until you lost your virginity, Zach?”
I told ya! Mothers have special powers! Huh? Believe me now? You know I believe it!
“A few hours.” I said, knowing my goose was cooked.
“She’s waited two weeks. That’s fourteen times longer than you.” Linda so articulated, using indisputable math skills to make her point.
You know, the girls might have some interest in this conversation, right? Glancing over, I saw both of them staring at my dick. A bolt of lightning couldn’t draw their attention away.
“Linda“ (forgetting the formality of using her last name) “You’re her mother. Are you going to be ok with that?”
“Well, she can’t keep it forever. She might as well lose it in front of me and I can make sure it gets done right!” Linda justified.
After hearing her confession about masturbating while watching me, I had my suspicions. But, I just wanted the pain to go away at this point.
“Ok, Ok. My balls are killing me. Let’s get the show rolling, please.” I gave up.
“Aunt Linda!” Dawn broke in.
“Yes, dear.” Linda answered.
“Mom says I could lose my virginity but she wants it filmed or we could wait until she’s here.” Dawn informed her.
“That’s nice dear. But Kate is first, regardless.” Linda said. “Let’s move to the spare bed room. Kate, you take a shower.”
I wondered if this was a part of teasing Dawn. I followed the rest into a spare bedroom off to the side, massaging my balls all the way.
“Ok Zach, have a seat on the bed. If you want to get it ready, you could massage it until it’s hard.” Linda offered.
Now, I’m sitting on a bed with an older woman telling me to jerk off while a fourteen year old girl watches. I’ll just sit here a twiddle my thumbs, thank you.
“What’s the matter Zach? Need some help?” Dawn offered.
“I’m the only one naked here. I’m a little embarrassed about it, that’s all.” I said.
“Shucks, I can fix that for ya.” and proceeded to take off her top.
She showed off a pink bra, and then reached behind her to unhook it. She made sure to tease before showing her breasts. When she caught the cups of the bra in her hand, I caught a view of her chest.
Now those were tits. I’ve seen them and felt them and I know what tits are. I was in awe that a fourteen year old had a pair like those. But, then again, Kate was already growing a pair. She would probably have them that size in two and a half years.
Dawn dropped her bra and cupped a breast in each hand. She knew how to strike a pose for sure. When she started kneading on them, my dick took to twitching. Slowly, she grinded her hips and slow danced a while. She brought one breast higher and bent down, licking in the air. It wasn’t big enough to give her a chance of touching a nipple with her tongue but she sure gave an effort.
I don’t know what made me say it, I thought it would be funny I supposed, but anyone else would have done the same.
“What’s the matter Dawn? Need some help with that?” I said.
I guess she failed to see the humor and brought them over to me. Well, I couldn’t refuse after I offered could I? I tongued her right nipple then moved to her left. Coming back to the right one, she fed it to me. I sucked it in, running my tongue over it in my mouth. When she had enough, she backed it out and offered me the other one.
The doorbell rang. Linda turned to the sound and said, “I’ll be right back.” and left.
I continued my breast feeding. I remembered Peggy’s trick and gave her a hicky on the bottom of her right breast. Just as I started placing a hicky on her left breast, Linda returned.
She had company. Her sister Laura was tagging behind her. I didn’t even stop, I figured if mama bear came out and beat me, it was worth it.
“Oh, I didn’t miss it!” Linda exclaimed. “I was afraid you’d be done before I got here.”
“I’m just getting Zach warmed up. He’s having trouble getting it up.” Dawn answered. “Kate will be first, she’s taking a shower right now.”
“Mercy! How old did you say Zach was?” Laura exclaimed.
“He’ll be twelve next week.” Linda responded.
“He has a twenty year old cock!” Laura bluntly stated.
Where’s the chalk board? Here’s another one that’s seen my goods. What’s that now, like seven?
“You should know you old slut!” Linda replied.
I worked my way back up to her nipples, nipping, sucking, and tonguing each one.
“I don’t know what Zach is doing with his tongue, but he’s driving my nipple crazy!” Dawn informed the others.
“Dawn, get your nipple out of his mouth and go get some folding chairs.” Linda ordered.
“Ok… mmm… I’m… going…” and eased her nipple out of my mouth. “Thanks for the help Zach!” Dawn winked, and headed out of the room.
“He’s still not fully erect.” Laura noted.
“Zach, would you mind if Laura sucks you hard?” Linda asked.
Well, I’ve had a day. After working five lawns, dying of achy balls, finding out I’m a sex object with pretty much everybody and I have to pop a cherry, I pretty much just didn’t care. It’s just another act in the three ring circus.
“Fine with me, I reckon.” I replied.
Laura dropped in front of me and worked her way to me. I spread my legs wider, giving her room.
“Please be careful of my balls.” I said, and adjusted my position to the edge of the bed.
“What’s wrong with them?” Linda asked.
“Oh, you didn’t know? Seems that if I don’t fornicate or spill my seed on the ground, my balls fall off; thank you God.” I said.
“He has blue balls, Laura.” Linda explained. “And he’s a little… testy.” and snickered.
“Oh! How long’s it been?” She wanted to know, looking at me.
“Two weeks.” I said.
“You got two weeks of puberty cum stored up?” Laura said amazed, and Linda shook her head.
“Wow, that’ll put a limp in your step, huh?” Linda tried to amuse and gently grabbed my dick.
She stroked it a few times and lowered her lips. She slurped it in like a straw, placing her hands on the top of my legs. She was definitely experienced and took all that I had in. She hummed while she worked and fucked her face on my dick.
Dawn came back with three fold up chairs. Linda sent her for towels and a hot wash cloth and stepped out of the room herself.
Laura lifted up a hand and massaged behind my balls ever so gently. I was as hard as I had ever been. She bobbed up and down a few more times and released me. “Keep stroking it.” she said, and stood up.
Kate came back wearing a towel. She walked over to me and seen what waited for her. Dropping to the floor, she let go of the towel. Without touching me, she sucked on the base of my cock on the back side then worked her way up. When she got to the head she sucked it in.
I was paranoid at first, remembering the last time she gave me oral release. But she got educated somehow. I wondered where she learned to do that. Then, she brought her hand up and massaged behind my balls. That was a familiar feeling and wondered if all the women here did that trick.
Keeping the head in her mouth, she grabbed what was left and started stroking it. She used her tongue on the back, sensitive side of my head. She stroked a little faster. She sucked a little harder. I felt the liquid fire build up and didn’t know if that was the result she wanted.
“I’m getting close Kate! I warned.
She didn’t let up but worked faster. It was too much, the sensations of both her hands and her mouth forced me over the edge.
“Kate, I’m cumming!” I said, gasping for breath.
She wanted it, demanded it, and forced it out of me. My legs went straight and my back hit the bed. I was convulsing in her grip. I clenched my eyes and saw stars, my body experienced electric pulses emanating from my groin. I shot a stream and yet another, not knowing where it went. I thought to cover my eyes, remembering the last time I about put my eye out. Yet another stream came out, I felt her tongue still on me. Another stream and she milked me still. One last forceful stream and she milked my balls. More trembling and I slowly came down from the bliss.
I don’t know what I said or what sounds I might have made. It was a mind blowing orgasm two weeks in the making and I had released it all in a moment. The relief I felt was indescribable. My balls immediately stopped complaining.
I rose up at the sound of applause. Everyone was back in the room. They clapped for a time, congratulating Kate for a job well done. “You didn’t spill a drop, girl!” I heard.
I had to ask, since it seems to be my fate, “Is everyone Ok?” and they assured me that they were.
No casualties? There’s a first. No blood sucked out of a neck, no scabby dicks, it was like a quirk in the universe for me.


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Due to so many negative responses regarding my chapters, I will no longer post to this site. To those that have been killing all of my posts, I am sorry to have sucked so bad for you. To those few that voted positive, thank you for your flattery.

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Ah to be young again and have neighbors like that.
But no I was in the country. LOL


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