Zach finds out he's not so Strange after all.
Chapter 6

That night, I took a shower facing away from the shower head. I scrubbed everywhere but my dick. That, I gently washed. I thought about soaking it but I didn’t know if it would wash off the Iodine Linda put on it. I went to bed that night without exercising it.

Two days later, I’m sitting at the dinner table and Dad tells me something for an early birthday present. He thought I was old enough to understand it and mom didn’t try stop him.

“Son, your mother is going through a tough time. We are going to the doctors tomorrow to see if they are able to figure out what’s wrong.”

“What’s the matter mom?” I asked, and she didn’t answer.

“Your mother has pains in her stomach.” Dad supplied.

“Well, I hope it gets better mom.” still, with no response.

I was concerned and then I wasn’t. Dad told me that what comes around goes around. I figured she was getting punished for being mean all the time. I went back to thinking maybe this is the day the scabs would heal on my dick.

“Zach, have you thought about why you have blonde hair and your mother and I don’t?” Dad asked.

“I figure it’s whatever color it wants to be. I can’t make it different so I guess you guys can’t either.” I answered, wondering if there were, indeed, 18 tiles on that ceiling.

“What about our eyes?” Dad asked.

“We all have different colored eyes dad. I don’t think it means that much to me.” and shoveled more food in.

“Son, you’ll be twelve soon. I don’t know what’s happened the past week but you’re… growing up on us pretty fast.” Dad said.

“I haven’t noticed it.” was all I could say, I guess they saw whatever Kate saw.

“Well, we certainly have Zach. You’ve stopped reading comic books and reading novels now. You do your chores and don’t leave a mess. You haven’t left a Slurpy cup anywhere. You stopped watching cartoons. You are showing signs of… puberty.” Dad went on.

I dropped the fork on that one. I filled my hands with my face. You see, for my parents to mention anything sexual would create a change that I would consider monumental at best.

“Dad! Please let’s stop.” I said.

“The point is we feel you deserve to know the truth.” he continued.

Truth? What truth? Is he really going to give me the ‘birds and the bees’ speech?

“Son, you were adopted.” which made me search my filing cabinet. I’ve heard that word used on TV. Yeah, people adopt pet animals unwanted by other people. Of all the things you could adopt- animals, plans, lifestyles, etc. one thing I had simply not thought about, adopting children.

I’ve seen advertisements before. Poor children with disease, malnutrition, starving so much, their bones stick out, flies crawling all over them, eating maggots… please adopt one of these children before they die.

“Are you saying you guys went out and adopted me like a pet?” I asked.

“Your mother couldn’t have children. Rather than divorce to find a mate I could have children with, we decided to adopt. It kept our marriage together. We vowed that we would be together in front of God until death does us part. Divorce is a sin in God’s eyes. Do you understand?” Dad explained.

But I didn’t pay much attention. The clouds were rolling back, light was shining down, the world before me was revealed.

“So that’s why mom treats me like a dog!” I said, quite accidently out loud, and, quickly clasped a hand over my mouth.

“Zach! Your mother doesn’t treat you like a dog! She disciplines you!” my dad said, raising his voice.

Hearing his tone of voice, I said, “Oh, I thought discipline involved bending over and getting your tail swatted or being grounded to your room. You’re saying that when she beats me with a broom until it breaks over my back or whipping my back and legs with an extension cord giving me welts for a week, or tossing me on the ground and kicking me like a dog, that’s discipline. Maybe I’m confused.” I retaliated.

“Enough! We asked God to bless this food and you will not disrespect Him!” dad yelled, standing up and throwing down his fork.

My dad never ever gets mad. I haven’t heard a voice like that since, oh… never. Something about ‘that the wrath of God was God’s alone and he was just a simple servant’, or some such nonsense.

“You’re right. This isn’t the place to talk about the TRUTH!” and I left that table without a peep from dad or mom.

The mood changed around the house. One might think it better or another thought it was worse. I can say mom never touched me after that. She went to my dad if she had a problem with me, which was very rare.
Usually, it was a simple misunderstanding or I actually did screw up without realizing it.

Mom’s test results came back. She had cancer. I had never heard of it but what does an eleven year old know?

I mowed grass for a week straight without any monster sightings. I guess with the tension at home, I had my mind on other things. I didn’t swell up and I didn’t masturbate.

I didn’t waste my money on anything; I just didn’t feel like spending it. I had mowed lawns just to get me out of the house. You could cut the tension with a knife at home and I didn’t want to be around when my mother started being her old self again.

I got to the yards behind our house. They sat on a dead end street called a court. Now, I don’t know why some streets are courts, some are roads, and some are avenues. But we had them all in my neighborhood. I figured whoever was in charge of it was bored.

I worked in another yard and completed it. Then I went to work on Mrs. Allen’s yard. She and her sister lived by themselves and I knew a little about them. When I did see them, they always brightened my day. I never heard of a bad day with them, they were so cheerful. They wouldn’t let me call them Mrs. so I was to call them by their first names. Buddy Holly had a song about Peggy Sue and that is what I called them. It seemed to level the field, putting me on the same level as them, if that makes any sense.

I didn’t let them know I was there; they were used to it by now. I cut their grass all last summer and they knew the routine.

Before I start a yard, I always check it for anything the lawn mower could run over. This time, I found the garden hose lying in front of the flowers along with a garden tool. I guess someone was working and got called away for some reason. I picked them both up, laying the tool on the step and started rolling up the hose.

The hose led me around to the side where the faucet was. It was just below an open window. When I went to lay it down, I heard a moan; I had thought someone was in pain. I stood on my toes and saw Peggy and Sue lying on a bed and it took a second for my eyes to adjust through the screen.

I realized they were kissing. I’ve heard of kissing cousins but not kissing sisters. First, I was told it was wrong to kiss a relative the way they were kissing. I was also told girls didn’t kiss girls and boys didn’t kiss boys.
Within one moment in my life, both of these rules were broken.

I had never seen it. I had never thought about it. I had never dreamt it. But now that I have seen it, it spun me into a spell. Peggy was kissing so passionately, I had the impression that she did it with heart. What kind of feelings was she trying to show? Sisterly love, maybe, but it was more than that. I was actually struck by the love from them. My dick was reacting pretty hard to it too. I wasn’t so sure that it was all that wrong. It sure looked pretty right to me and my dick. What would I know anyway?

Peggy worked her way down to Sue’s top and opened it up. Sue caressed Peggy’s head while she worked. After removing Sue’s top, Peggy rose to kiss her again. I saw Sue’s bare breasts and realized how pretty they were. When she broke the kiss, I seen her lips say ‘I love you’.

Peggy sat up and started undressing herself. Sue reached up to her and caressed her breasts as they
appeared. She traced a finger down her stomach and got to the button on Peggy’s pants. Peggy helped her get them off and then went to work on Sue. Between the two, they both were naked quickly.

Both were standing up by this time and loving on each other. Peggy lifted her left leg up and paced it on the bed. Sue worked her way down Peggy, stopping at her nipples, licking and sucking on them. She went further down where I saw a thin patch of hair. Sue covered it with a hand, squeezing there, and kissed her way to it.

Sue removed her hand and nuzzled her cheek up against the hair, then, bending lower, took a pussy lip in her mouth and sucked.

Several things happened with that. Peggy grabbed her left breast with her right and started kneading on it; she placed her left hand on the bedpost for support, then tilted her head up and bit her bottom lip. My beast decided to make a rise and I got uncomfortable fast. Sue moved her hand to Peggy’s right breast and kneaded on it, doubling Peggy’s pleasure. I moved my hand to my crotch, trying to make an adjustment.

I was outside their window with eyes fixed on this scene. The sun might have been shining, the birds chirping, or traffic in the roadway. I heard nothing and I sensed nothing. I was caught up in the moment with drool running out of a corner of my mouth. Peggy was standing at the foot of the bed and angled a little towards me, Sue was kneeling below her. I could see everything. Like Kate at awe with my dick, I was at awe of Peggy’s pussy. It was almost like they were doing it with the purpose of my watching. But I knew they had no clue I was there. What a beautiful sight to behold.

Sue let go of the lip and drew her tongue out. She traced the slit that was gaped open from Peggy’s leg being on the bed. On her return, Peggy shivered as Sue’s tongue grazed her clit. Peggy turned a little more towards Sue and was rewarded with a sucking kiss. Peggy began a slow pump into the mouth of Sue. With each slow thrust, I watch Sue’s tongue disappear into the folds of Peggy’s lips and reappear on Peggy’s pull back. As the thrusts became faster and more intense, Sue stayed with it and rode the storm.

Peggy was lost in the sensation and couldn’t control her thrusts. She had to take her left hand off the bedpost and grab a handful of Sue’s hair. With authority, she pumped her pussy into Sue’s mouth and gained more speed, maintaining her affection on her left breast, tugging at the nipple. Sue let go of Peggy’s breast and brought up her other hand. Placing them on Peggy’s hips, she pulled and pushed, helping pump Peggy’s pussy into her mouth.

I heard a deep whisper from Peggy. It was crisp and clear. “Yes!” she throated, and dropped her right hand to Sue’s head.

The act that Melissa had done to me was played out again with someone else. Peggy was face fucking Sue with a vengeance and showing the signs of an orgasm, soon to take her over. Sue kept her tongue in place and let Peggy use her at her will. Like me with Melissa, all she could do was what Peggy demanded.

The thrusts became jerking motions, too fast to count, and Peggy let out a quiet scream, gasping for air and then trembling on Sue’s mouth. Peggy looked down at Sue while her legs were shaking and the trembling went back to short, slow thrusts. Sue lapped at the slit, finding Peggy’s pleasure liquefied in the folds.

After a time, Peggy tugged at Sue’s hair, prompting her to rise. I saw a drop of dew form on Sue’s soaked chin and the redness of her cheeks resulting from their passion. As Sue got closer to Peggy’s face, she mouthed, ‘I love you too’ and Peggy took the opportunity to lick the drop from her chin, before it had a chance to fall.

Sue gave her an opened mouth kiss and Peggy greedily accepted, bringing her hands to Sue’s chest. After licking the wetness from Sue’s face, Peggy pushed her on the bed. Before she finished bouncing, Peggy had caught a nipple and ravaged it with her tongue and mouth.

Sue caressed Peggy’s head with one hand and with the other offered her another breast. Peggy couldn’t decide which one so I guess she settled for both. She pressed the two together, bringing the nipples close.

She altered between the two, slowly at first then faster. She pressed her thumbs down in the center and the nipples almost touched. Without delay, Peggy drew them both in at the same time and filled her mouth with them. I could only imagine what her tongue was doing to them.

This caused Sue to kick and started riding an invisible bicycle. All I thought was, ‘yeah, I’ve been short changed’. Sue was panting heavily and Peggy finally eased up, releasing the nipples from the prison of her mouth.

She started in the middle and traced her tongue under Sue’s right breast. When she got underneath she stopped, and sucked it in. She held it there for a while and finally released it. Moving on to other areas, I saw the huge hicky she had placed there. My hand automatically grabbed my neck, remembering what it felt like.

When I went back to watching Peggy, she had started licking and sucking the insides of Sue’s thighs. When she had finished there, she spun Sue crossways on the bed. Now, I could see her pussy staring back at me.

A perfect triangle of hair pointed to Sue’s slit. You could not beg, borrow, buy, or steal a better view than I had. I could see her pussy lips in exquisite detail and the reflection of light off of the wet folds within.

Peggy placed her knees on the bed, straddling Sue’s head. She began at Sue’s breasts with both hands then slid them down to her legs, bending over as she did so. Her right hand led the way and separated Sue’s lips.
Yes, I had my eyes full of Sue’s flower and the dew that formed on it.

Peggy lifted Sue’s legs and placed them behind her arms. Starting at the top, she did what Sue had done and licked the slit. She did this a few times but then kept licking further. I saw the hole of Sue’s rectum rise off the bed, and Peggy licked her tongue closer and closer to it. Eventually, Peggy was licking it on each pass.

I literally shivered and my own butthole puckered. When Bob mentioned anal play in his list of things to do, it didn’t even sink in. Now, as Peggy’s tongue was sinking in Sue, the idea of it was sinking in with me.

Peggy worked back to Sue’s clit and replaced her tongue on her butthole with a finger.

Sue was reacting and started pumping her hips into Peggy. I couldn’t see what Sue was doing to Peggy but it affected her. Her eyes lit up and closed, I heard her moan through the window.

Peggy was blocking my view of Sue’s pussy but I could see her finger work into Sue’s butt. When Sue bucked off the bed, Peggy shoved her finger in. The faster Sue bucked, the faster that finger fucked, and Peggy’s head bounced off the pussy.

The timing was perfect. When Sue gushed, Peggy removed her finger. With her eyes closed, she raised her face towards me. She used her other hand on Sue’s flower to finish her orgasm and moaned one orgasm in return.

Due to Peggy’s head jerking, I knew what she was doing to her.

When they slowed down, Peggy worked her way to Sue’s head. Peggy and Sue both used their tongues and they swapped juices between them, kissing upside down.

This brought out a loud sigh from me. Oh yes. I forgot. I was close enough for them to hear me and Peggy looked up at me. I could see Sue looking down at me as well.

“I’m sorry!” I said, after realizing I had been caught. Man, do I know how to ruin a mood or what?
Sue covered up with the sheet on the bed and Peggy pointed a finger at me.

“Stay right there.” Peggy said.

Peggy got up and grabbed a robe, then headed out of the room. That left Sue staring at me.

“I am so sorry.” was all I could say. She turned around and sat up on the bed.

Peggy came around the corner. She saw me with the hose still rolled up on my arm.

“Please don’t be mad! I didn’t know!” was all I could stutter.

Peggy said, “Come with me Zach.” as she reached out her hand.

I dropped the hose and hung my head. I found myself yet in another yard in another situation. How I had the ability to find myself in the most bizarre places, I’ll never know. All I could do was say, “Yes ma’am.” and walked to her. She grabbed my hand and tugged me behind her.

Nothing was said until I got to the front door. I didn’t really want to enter.

“Can’t you just yell at me out here?” I asked.

Peggy stopped and let go of my hand, “I’m not going to yell at you. I just want to talk.” and walked on in, holding the door for me.

Peggy was the oldest. She went to college and got a certificate of some sort. She was hired on at some business and when Sue graduated, had hired her sister for the same company. I knew Peggy was the leader of this pack and any decisions would be made by her. How they lived and worked together baffled me.
Too much time with one person would bother me, especially if it was a relative.

I stood in the living room and waited for the wrath. Peggy called Sue in and waited. When she entered, we all took a seat. I folded my hands in my lap and looked at the ceiling. There weren’t any tiles to count so I found interest in the shadows there.

“Zach, it wasn’t your fault you seen what you did.” Peggy started. “Sue and I had a spur of the moment idea and you happened to catch an eye full of it.”

Sue piped in, “Zach, don’t feel bad. It’s ok. Do you know what you saw?”

Remembering what Bob had taught me and trying to be respectful, I didn’t want to say that I saw them lesbing on each other. There had to be something else of Bob’s teachings I could use.

“I saw you two… making… making love.” I stammered out. Crap, how do you say it any better? But making love is far more than just having sex. It means an emotional bond between the two that’s having sex and builds the love each has. I hope they didn’t take offense at it. But Peggy did say she loved Sue or at least I think that’s what she said.

Peggy and Sue looked at each other and turned to me.

“That is exactly right Zach. You’re a smart boy!” Peggy said.

Sue asked, “Well, Zach; how do you feel about that?”

Well, heck. Why would my feelings matter? It wasn’t any of my business. But I guess, because I kept looking, I made it my business. But I still didn’t want to make it my business.

“Um, I don’t see why that would matter none.” I said.

“We know people might think its wrong for us to be intimate Zach. Your parents are very religious and they might have you believe we are evil people. We don’t want people feeling uncomfortable around us. We just want to be friends with our neighbors.” Peggy explained.

Gosh, I didn’t even think of it that way. I keep trying to place myself in people’s shoes but it never seems to be the same as I would think. Seriously, I wouldn’t give a hill of beans what people thought of me.

“It wouldn’t matter to me if other people thought of me as evil. My mom does. I know it isn’t true.” I said.

“That’s the thing Zach. We do care and want people to know we aren’t bad.” Sue said.

“I don’t know what I could say to make you believe I don’t think you’re evil. What I saw was two people making love. The whole time, I never thought of it as a bad thing.” I said.

“Thank you Zach! That means a lot to us.” Peggy said. “Now, what are you going to tell other people?”

Ok, here is yet another thought that didn’t cross my mind. I didn’t like soap operas. My mom watched them all day long and I had learned to hate them. I know about screwed up relationships and all the gossip those shows try to portray. I never thought I would ever play a role in a real life one. I still didn’t want to. The next time I see something like this going on, I’m going to keep to my business and leave their business to themselves.

“I guess I’ll tell them I mowed your lawn.” and got up to go do just that.

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