I tease a guy on the bus and then take him to the park.
Fun on the bus and later

This story is a product of my imagination. If you don’t like reading about young girls having sex pick another story. If you like it let me know at pammy2288 at I try to answer all emails.

All the seats in the front of the bus were filled. The side seats, the rows of seats facing the front, all of them. I looked clear in the back and there was one where two seats faced each other. One side was vacant. I held my little bag so it wouldn’t hit anybody and headed for the back just as the bus took off. There was a black gentleman facing the back and I asked him,

“Is this seat taken?”

“No, help yourself,” he replied with a smile.

He was a nice looking guy, nicely dressed in sport shirt, sport coat, nice pants and well shined shoes. I smiled back and said, “Thanks.”

He looked out the window as I sat and checked him out. Probably early, mid 50’s, shaved head and short well trimmed beard. But what I couldn’t keep my eyes off was his crotch. The way he was seated the pants were very tight and showed he had quite a package.

“You through for the day?” I asked.

“Yeah, on my way home.”

I noticed there was no ring on his wedding finger so asked, “Are you married?”

He looked at me sort of funny and answered, “No, divorced.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to get personal.”

“That’s OK,” he said, smiling again. “How about you, on your way home from school?”

“Yes, I love school and get good grades but today was weird. Terrible classes and worse study hall. I’ll be glad to get home and relax.”

“What grade are you in?” he asked.

“Seventh, I’ll be a teenager in two weeks.”

“Happy birthday.”

We chit chatted for awhile and I guess I was kind of longingly staring at his crotch, because he kept crossing and uncrossing his legs. My pussy was also starting to tingle. I guess maybe I ought to tell you a little about myself.

I LOVE sex. Girls, boys, men, women I don’t care. I am a cum bucket slut and have been for about two years. I have regulars that I get together with and love to make new friends. I kept my legs slightly spread so he could see my panty covered pussy. My skirt was short and my t-shirt tight. The nipples on my emerging tits were pointed like pencil erasers. I distracted him by asking if he knew the lady that was standing up in front. When he turned to look I slipped off my panties and stuffed them in my bag.

“No,” he said as he turned back around.

“I’m sure I’ve seen her picture in the newspaper but couldn’t put a name to the face.“

I kept watching his eyes as they darted from my crotch to my face. When I was sure he was looking I slid forward in my seat a little to give him a better view and to also slip my skirt up a little. His eyes got big and our eyes met. I gave him a big smile and slipping out of my flip-flops put my foot up and ran it up the inside of his thigh to his bulge.

“Nice bulge you have there,” I said.

“I don’t know what you mean or what you are doing.”

We were almost to my stop so I got up and whispered in his ear, “If you would like I would be glad to show you what I mean by what I was doing.”

I kissed his cheek, grabbed my bag and headed for the door. I didn’t look back as the bus stopped and I exited the bus. I headed the direction of my house which was on the other side of a really nice wooded park.

“You live in this area?” the voice asked.

I looked behind me and there was the guy from the bus.

“Yes, I do,” I replied. “Are you interested in finding out what I meant?” He was walking beside me so I reached down and patted the bulge.

“No and yes,” he said, “I am really scared because of your age but you are so sexy I can‘t help myself.”

I didn’t reply, just left the sidewalk and walked up a path into a wooded area. About 30 feet or so in there was a small clearing where a tree has fallen over. I sat down on the tree so my mouth was about cock high and motioned for him to come to me. He sort of hesitated so I reached over and slipped my fingers inside his belt and pulled him to me. Then I undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. His tight underpants contained a really nice cock. The trimmed head sort of looked like a biker’s helmet and his long thick shaft was hot and ready. I looked up at his face as I licked the head and took it deep into my mouth.

I sucked this beautiful black piece of meat for probably 15 minutes, licking the shaft, pressing it against his stomach as I took his balls in my mouth. He sometimes put his hands behind my head and fucked my mouth and then would release me and let me do the work. I was fingering my pussy and really wanted him to give it some attention. I leaned back a little so he could see what I was doing, then stood up and pressed my pussy finger to his lips.

“Want a taste?” I whispered.

He took my finger in his mouth and sucked it like a little cock. “Mmmm,” he moaned, “You are very tasty.”
I scooted up the tree and spread my legs, “Want to visit the source?”

I didn’t have to ask him twice. He was on his knees, face buried in my cunt in seconds. And he really ate my pussy. I came to a climax so soon, to soon that I didn’t have time to enjoy it.

He stood up and grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. “Please take my load; I need so bad to cum.”

I was jacking him off as I sucked the head and he soon unloaded his cum in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed until he tried to get me to release his cock but I wouldn’t until I was sure I had every last drop.

“Did I do good?” I asked with a smile. “And I’m Pammy by the way, what’s your name?”

He pulled up his pants and turned to go without saying a word. I followed him down the trail and asked him to stop.

“What’s the matter? Are you mad at me? Aren’t you going to at least give me your name?”I asked him.

“Ray, and no I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at myself. How could I let this happen? What kind of a man am I?”

“You are a kind, considerate man that let a little slut take advantage of you. A slut that is quite successful at what she likes to do. Don’t blame yourself, blame me and relax and take advantage of your situation.”

“You mean do this again?”

“Exactly, only maybe a different place under different circumstances. Like maybe your bed for a long afternoon someday.”

I took a piece of paper out of my bag and wrote my phone number on it. If I see you on the bus I’ll just smile unless you invite me to sit with you. Give me a call if you would like to spend some entertaining time together.
I walked the rest of the way home alone, thinking about my new friend. I added him to the list of guys I would pick to fuck me on my 13th birthday coming up.

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The storywas good ...
But where are preteen girls?


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really cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) love talkin bout taboo wit hot gurls txt ( 360 689 4926 ) females only plz

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too bad there aren't any girls like this, also it would be better if she were younger or at least invited a much younger girl over...

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I look at schoolgirls these days and think how tempting it must be for a teacher.I love to see their sexy legs and tits.

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