Brother and sister bond during family reunion
Being Normal - Part 1
By: Sister Seducto
Summary: Brother and sister bond during family reunion

It was a family vacation, it was supposed to be tame. Normal. Wholesome. Why wouldn't it be? It always was. That year, though, something happened that I would never have expected. Something that changed my life forever.

I have a big family. Between my mom's family, my dad's family, and my stepdad's family, I have more relatives than I can actively keep track of, even with the use of Facebook. And to be honest, I don't even really try. But my parents do. They think being around family is just the greatest shit ever.

My mom and real dad both come from a long line of ambitious jet-setting business people and rich early retirees who had three wives and at least a few kids from each marriage. That meant that not only were the Hanson's formidable in number, they were busy - rarely were any of us in the same place at the same time.

I was sixteen that year, and really more interested in my own life. So when I was told that we were having a family reunion in upstate New York in the middle of winter, I didn't want to go. My parents insisted, though, that this was the only time that everyone could agree on to clear their calendars and spend a few days with their close and extended family.

A family reunion was not what I'd had in mind for that weekend. My crush, Colin James, was having a party and I'd been invited. Well, sort of indirectly, more like a friend of his had invited me - but that didn't matter. What did matter was that later on that day he actually asked me if I was coming. He obviously knew and cared that I was coming!

I was finally going to have my chance to tell Colin how I felt about him. Which was that I'd had a crush on him for two years. Maybe I'd even get some time alone with him. Time alone at a party with Colin, while both of us had presumably been drinking alcohol, well that had to lead to at least making out in my estimation. That was my goal. But no, my family had to ruin my plan by deciding to reunite on that specific weekend.

Having no say in the matter I was shoved into a car with my mom, stepdad, and older siblings: my stepbrother, sister, and brother. Jaxon, Kylie and Ryan, respectively, aged 18, 17, and 18. All of them older than me, and none of them willing to let me forget that fact. Stuck in the midst of them, I was driven off to the airport.

I hated flying. After even just a short three hour flight from St Louis to New York my nerves were rattled. My luggage was heavy as we huffed it out of baggage claim to the parking lot to try to find my cousin, Jenna. She was going to be driving us up to the cottages where we'd all be staying for the three-day weekend.

“Jenna's on her way, she should be here any minute,” Dad informed us, after receiving a text from her.

I stood there, trying to balance a rolling suitcase, a duffel bag, and my laptop case, all while wearing a coat that felt like it weighed a hundred pounds and a hat that was now starting to make my head sweat from my exertion. Goddamn this. The sound of giggling made me look to my right. Kylie and Jaxon were huddled together, looking at something on Kylie's phone. A pang of jealousy ran through me at their blatant favoritism.

Mom married our stepdad Jack when I was only one year old, so we have all basically grown up together. It has always been obvious, though, that Jaxon preferred Kylie to me. Those two were always off in their own world, with their private jokes I didn't even understand. Even if I asked them what they were talking about and they told me for a change, I probably still wouldn't get it.

A sudden cold sensation on my neck made me jump and let out a squeak. I looked next to me to see Ryan looking at me with innocent blue eyes.

“What did you do?” I glowered, setting down one of my bags to rub the cold moisture off my neck. “Did you – Did you just put snow down my shirt?”

“Nope,” he said.

“You're SO annoying,” I said, to which he just grinned at me widely.

Ugh. I just didn't have time to deal with him. I hoisted my bag back on my shoulder and busied myself with wondering when Jenna would arrive and hoping these cottages would have king sized beds. I was fantasizing of a large room with a giant bed and a toasty fireplace, when all of a sudden something cold trickled down my neck. Again.

I swung my gray eyes over to Ryan, making sure to harden them and convey as much hostility as possible. “Stop. Idiot,” I ground out through my teeth.

Ryan laughed joyously at my upset, nearly bouncing up and down with glee. Which wasn't like him, really, considering he spent most of his time trying to look cool. He was definitely failing at that at the moment. He looked like a big kid.

“Was it cold?” he asked.

“Listen, you clown,” I said. “I am not in the mood for this crap you are pulling. Do it one more time - just one more time - and see what happens to you.”

“Ooh, I am so scared,” he said, with mock terror. “I am so terrified of all the harm you are going to inflict on me if I arouse your wrath!”

I just huffed, rolled my eyes and turned back to stare out into the parking lot, hoping that any of the approaching cars contained Jenna.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ryan sneakily pick up more snow. He just didn't know when to quit.

“Moooom! Ryan's bothering me!” I complained. But then I saw mom was kind of busy making out with Jack. Which was, can I just say, really gross.

“Ryan don't tease your sister,” Mom called, halfheartedly, after she managed to extract herself from Jack's face. I am glad they are still in love after 15 years, but seriously, that is creepy.

“I'm not doing anything!” Ryan said. Then he turned to me, whispering in my ear. “That's your big retaliation, huh? Telling mom? What are we, ten? Why don't you take matters into your own hands? Scared?”

I jerked away. He was so close I could feel his lips brush my ear and his warm breath all down my neck. It felt tingly and weird.

“Stop. Go away, trollface,” I grumbled, rubbing my neck again to make the tingles go away.

“Trollface? I don't think I have to remind you of how many girls love this face,” he said, pointing to himself. “Not only do I go out with the hottest girl at our private school, I have another girl at a public school that she doesn't know about! Plus....wait for it....I just got the stewardess on our flight's phone number. She's like twenty-two!”

“Congratulations: You're a whore,” I declared.

Ryan laughed heartily at this, which only made me angrier.

“Hey, I can't help it if I'm sexy - “ he didn't get the rest of the sentence out because I lost my patience and swung my duffel bag at him.

It caught him off guard and was heavy enough to knock him right into a group of creepy old ladies. They were only too happy to catch him and help him gather his bearings, all while fawning over him and cooing. They were patting his hair and everything. I swear one of them even grabbed his ass. I laughed so hard I doubled over. When he was finally able to escape their clutches and return to my side he looked adequately humbled.

“Yeah, women just love you! Especially the ones with no teeth!” I crowed.

He just glared at me.

“I feel so violated,” he mumbled, minutes later.

I laughed until tears welled up in my eyes. As I was wiping them away, Jenna finally arrived. Thank God! Jenna is the child of my real Dad's sister. She was born while my mom was still with my real dad, so she still thinks of my mom as her aunt.

“Aunt Kathy!” she cried, hugging my mom nearly to death. Then she let go and looked at the rest of us. “Oh my Gosh, is that Ryan?! You've grown so tall and handsome!”

She cuddled Ryan profusely and he looked at me over her shoulder with a smug grin on his face. I exhaled loudly. Must everyone fawn all over him? Seriously?

Jenna moved on to me, Kylie and Jaxon, showing us equal love. Then she made an announcement that made my blood run cold.

“Well, one of you kids is going to have to sit on the other's lap. I sort of forgot there was three of you. The van only seats six, and I brought my new husband!”

I was willing to bet I was the kid she forgot. Being the youngest had that pitfall most of the time. People sometimes just forgot you ever came along. I would have started a poll to see who else thought it was me, but everyone else began to argue about the seating situation, so I joined in. The three of us kids were all complaining that we weren't going to scrunch up like that, and that mom was just going to have to rent a car so some of us could go in one car and some in another.

“Oh c'mon kids, it's not that bad,” Jack said. “No need to waste money on an extra car.”

“Are you kidding? Hanson's love to waste money, especially in the pursuit of comfort. It's kind of what our family was built on,” Kylie said, to which Jaxon only nodded his agreement. Which was funny since he was not a Hanson, he was a Sullivan like his dad.

“I think we can make it work. Alicia can sit on my lap,” Ryan offered.

I turned my head and stared at him in complete disbelief.

What devilry was this?!

He obviously only offered so he could further torture me! I didn't understand, we usually got along so well. He never heckled me, even when we were kids. So why now? Why today?

All of the adults suspected nothing, however. They just praised him like he was a selfless savior.

“Thanks, Ry, you are such a trooper,” mom said, and patted his face.

Everyone besides me grabbed their bags and began to make their way to the van.

I tried to lag behind, hoping I'd just get left at the airport. It would be totally fine. I could live in the food court and panhandle for spare change to buy fries. I'd get by! That scenario would greatly beat having to sit on Ryan's lap for an hour and a half.

Unfortunately Jenna's husband, whom she informed us was named Chris, got out of the car and grabbed my bags for me, putting them in the van. Then he opened the side door for me to get in. Everyone was already inside and waiting. Ryan was sitting there grinning at me and pointing to his lap while waggling his eyebrows. Oh God, that was so inappropriate. I didn't want to do it but I had no choice. I sat on his lap and closed the door. And then we were off.

Everyone started talking and yammering away about family, work, the reunion and all the fun we were gonna have. Next to us, Kylie and Jaxon were engaged in another secret conversation. With everyone busy, Ryan began to do the thing I least wanted him to do. Talk to me.

“This isn't so bad, is it? You used to sit on my lap all the time when you were little,” he said.

“That's a lie I never did that. I never touched you willingly,” I rattled off.

“Oh yes, you did. You used to hug me all the time. And you used to write me notes that said 'I love you' and hide them in my toy box for me to find.”

I wanted to say he was lying, but I vaguely remembered doing that.

“I only did that once!” I cried, feeling my cheeks burn from embarrassment.

Ryan just laughed and leaned his face against the hollow of my neck. The weird tingles came back.

“What is with you today? And can you just leave my neck alone, please?” I begged, at my wits end.

“Why? Is it sensitive?” he whispered, running his nose against it. The tingles doubled and went cascading down my body, settling between my legs. I panicked and pulled away, shocked. I didn't know why I was feeling something crazy like that, but it must be part of his evil plans. I shot him a wary look over my shoulder.

“You just stay as far away from me as possible,” I ordered.

He held his hands up in surrender. “Okay, I will stay far away from this tiny space...” he said, rolling his eyes like that was impossible and I was crazy.

Ryan left me alone for about ten minutes, but then the van took a sudden turn and I bumped my head on the window.

“OW. Son of a- “ I blurted, smacking my hand to my head.

“Let me see,” he said, prying my hand away and looking at it. “You're alright.”

Before I could say anything, he softly kissed my forehead. I was suspicious, but I sort of liked it, so I didn't say anything.

“Better?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah. I guess so,” I muttered.

Ryan slipped his arms around my waist, pulling me back against him.

“Let go,” I said, trying to pull free. I turned to the side to try to get off of his lap and wedge myself onto the seat between him and Jaxon, but he wouldn't let me.

“There's not enough room. C'mon, cuddle with me, I'm cold,” he said, shifting me back further on him and enveloping me completely in his arms and coat.

“Oh God, why?!” I cried in despair, as he squeezed me tighter.

“This is toasty,” he said happily, despite my struggles.

Mom turned around in her seat to see what we were arguing about and she started grinning and laughing at the sight of us.

“Oh, you two are so cute! I haven't seen you cuddle like that in ages!”

“I knew this reunion was a good idea,” Jack added.

“Are you serious? This is torture!” I cried. “Would somebody get this thing off of me?”

Everyone just laughed and carried on talking to whoever they were talking to, completely abandoning me to Ryan's torture. Great.

“Oh c'mon, you know you like it,” Ryan teased. “Besides, you'd better enjoy it while it lasts. By fall I'll be off to college and you won't get any more of this good lovin!”

“Please go to college in a different state? Or if possible, on another planet?” I begged. But deep down I was kind of disturbed by his words. It would be weird when Ryan wasn't around anymore. I wasn't saying it would bother me, or anything, but it would be weird.

I was lost in thought for some time, being lulled into a drowsy state by the motion. I always fall asleep in cars. I'm sure being held was partially to blame, too, since despite myself I did feel really warm and comfy. I was half asleep when I felt something on my thigh. Ryan's hand was there, resting on my upper thigh. I turned my head to look at him, his head was leaned back against the seat and his eyes were closed. He appeared to be dozing. Deciding this hand thing was innocent, I just left it where it was.

Eventually I dozed off again. I started dreaming about Colin. I was at his party and we were dancing. He was touching me, his green eyes roving over me with desire. Then he was kissing my neck. Softly. Gently. Desire started coursing through my body and I felt a tingle start between my thighs. His hand traveled down my side and up and down my thigh. My head was reeling. When his hand moved from the outside of my thigh to my inner thigh I sighed in anticipation. His hand felt warm and big as it caressed my sensitive skin, his fingers trailing higher and higher up my thigh. I wanted him to touch my pussy. It was throbbing and wet for him. I could feel a rush of cream seep out of me, wetting the seat of my panties in hot moisture.

Just then the car stopped moving and my dream world disappeared. We had parked. I opened my eyes. But the hand was still there on my thigh. I looked back at Ryan. He smiled at me, thoroughly amused. I let out an indignant cry and shoved his hand off me. Then I threw the door open, scrambling out. What the hell did he think he was doing to me while I was asleep?!

The rest of the family was piling out of the car, oohing and ahhing over the beautiful two-story cottages. I just stood there, stewing.

“What's wrong, honey?” Mom asked, as she saw my face.

“Mom, Ryan was touching me in the car! Sexually!” I whispered with wide eyes.

She laughed, heartily. “Very funny sweetheart,” mom said, then carried on into the cottage assigned to us for the remainder of our stay.

I just couldn't believe it. She did not believe me at all!

I looked over at Ryan. He smirked at me, picked up his bags and headed inside.

Ugh. He was so frustrating!

I stood there with my arms crossed over my chest, thinking. Did it happen? Did it not happen? Was that a dream? No, it was too real. He touched me, I knew it. That was probably him kissing me, too. Why would he do that? Just so he could laugh at my reaction, probably.

A minute later, Ryan came back out.

“Why are you just standing here? Do you need help with your bags?” he asked.

“Oh, really? You came to help me? Or did you come out here TO FEEL ME UP AGAIN?” I ranted, waving my hands around wildly.

“Oh my God, Alicia, I never touched you,” he said, slowly. “I had my hand there, yeah, but I never moved it. So whatever you think I did, it was only in your dreams.”

I was stumped. Was that possible?

Ryan stepped closer to me. “You know, it's kind of weird that you dream about me like that, but I'm okay with it. I mean, it is flattering in a way,” he said, and winked at me.

“Okay,” I said, nodding as I finally understood. “So this is your game, huh? Try to embarrass me by implying I have some kind of twisted crush on you? You're just gonna pick on me for the whole trip? Okay, I get it.”

“I'm not picking on you,” he said, innocently. Then he picked up my bags and carried them into the house. Which in and of itself was shocking to see, considering he never did anything for me unless I asked, begged, reminded him fifteen times, and then threatened to tell Mom he wasn't doing it.


I started to walk into the cottage and my cell vibrated with a new text. It was my best friend, Amelia.

“How is the family trip?” she asked.

“So far, confusing. Ryan is being so annoying today,” I text her.


“I don't know, he just won't leave me alone. It's like he's enjoying messing with me, but I don't know what for. It's weird.”

“Yeah, Ryan is kinda weird.”

That was interesting. She'd never said that before.

“You think so? Is that why you guys broke up?” I asked.

Ryan and Amelia had dated for a few months about a year ago. They seemed really happy, and for a change Ryan wasn't acting like a total slut on a quest to fuck everything in a skirt. But then suddenly they broke up, and neither of them would say why. They just kept saying “it wasn't working out.” I never pressed Amelia too hard for info about about it because she always seemed really upset when I talked about it. I guessed she'd really cared about my brother. But if that was the case, why did they break up? I had always wanted to know what happened between them.

“Well, yeah,” she text back.

I got excited as the info I'd been wanting seemed to finally be forthcoming. I dashed into the cottage and into the first open bedroom I saw, only stopping to briefly celebrate over the giant bed, before texting back.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Okay, you can never tell him I told you this. And it's probably nothing. But still, you can never tell him that you know.”

Oh God, if she had to swear me to secrecy twice this was definitely going to be the kind of dirt worth having! I might actually get something to hold over his head and make him leave me alone!

“I promise. Trust me, I can keep a secret from Ryan.”

“Good. Well, we broke up because one night we were doing it and it was feeling really good and everything but then out of nowhere he called me Alicia.”

I had to read the text five times to both understand and believe it.

“He called you by my name?” I wrote back. What else could that mean? We didn't know any other Alicia's.

“Yeah, it was this really awkward moment. Everything just sort of stopped and I could tell he knew what he did and he was pretty embarrassed about it. I asked did he just call me his sister's name? And he said it was only because we have really similar names.”

“Well, that makes sense,” I said, even though I wasn't sure I fully bought that explanation.

“I know but our names aren't really that similar, are they? And he's always just called me Amy anyway. I don't know. It's not like I think that he really thinks of you like that or anything, I'm sure it really was just a mistake. Still, it was pretty weird and I just couldn't get over it. Every time we were about to do it again I'd think about it and I just couldn’t.”

“Oh,” was all I could think to say back.

“Don't tell him I told you!”

“I won't.”

Jaxon poked his blond head in the room then. “Alicia, we're leaving for dinner at the main house with the family in an hour,” he told me. “Get dressed.”

“Okay. Hey Jax?” I called, tossing my phone from hand to hand as I thought. “You know Amelia?”

“You mean that person who is constantly attached to you at the hip? I would think so, yeah,” he said, jokingly.

“Do you think we look alike?” I asked.

He thought about this.

“Yeah. I never really noticed before, but yeah. Then again I guess a lot of best friends do. Like attracts like, and all.”

I just nodded.

“I'm gonna go get ready,” he said, and left.

I sat there thinking about it. I was 5'4, Amelia was 5'5. I had gray eyes, she had light blue eyes. We both had dark brown hair. We both had 34C chests. We were both athletic with toned bodies, having played volleyball and soccer for years. We dressed similar. I had thought it was weird before when Ryan started going out with my best friend, but I didn't say anything because I knew she had liked him for years. Now I was wondering, in his eyes was she really just a substitute...for me?

No, it couldn't be! That would be crazy! Ryan might tease me in a way that was inappropriate lately, but he would never really think of doing THAT with me. Whatever happened with Amelia was just some weird slip of the tongue.

I went to unpack my bags, looking for a nice outfit to wear. I picked a gray dress that I had just bought that was a little clingy but not slutty. I would wear some bright lip gloss on my plump lips to give my look a bit of color. When I held the dress up, a note fell out of it. It was a little blue sheet of paper folded in half. I recognized that it was one of the pieces of note paper that I kept on my desk, but I hadn't written myself any notes, so I was puzzled.

Curious, I bent down and picked it up, unfolding it. There were only three words on it in a very familiar handwriting.

“I love you.”

I smiled at it, feeling my heart twinge. He hid this note in my bag. What a cute move. It actually made my anger at his behavior all day just disappear. I folded it back up and put it in my jewelry box for safekeeping. Then I got dressed for dinner with the rest of the family.


The main house was enormous and very lavish, of course, I was sure my grandparents would have it no other way. Fine art, chandeliers, expensive furniture and rugs, the whole nine yards. The house also had a large dining room with a table that could seat twenty, plus another dining room across the hall. That was good, since we had about thirty Hanson's in the house, and twenty more coming tomorrow.

I soon found myself surrounded by my real dad's parents, my dad, mom, stepdad, siblings, my dad's new wife and her kids, plus some little new toddler-aged half siblings that I hardly felt like I knew. There were cousins everywhere, too. I had narrowly escaped having to sit at the kid's table across the hall like I always did at affairs like this. Technically I should have been there, being under eighteen and all, but oddly when I was on my way there, a hand shot out and pulled me into the big dining room.

“Hey mom, can Alicia sit next to me?” Ryan asked.

“Sure,” she said, never able to deny Ryan anything.

I felt a little curious as to why he even bothered, but when he looked at me and smiled I just smiled back. I looked him over. He had on a blue button down shirt that brought out his eyes and some black pants. Everything fit just right to show off his trim but fit build. His dark hair was styled neatly.

“You look handsome,” I said.

“Thanks, I know,” he grinned. Then he pushed me into the chair he'd chosen for me and sat down next to me, seemingly happy as a clam while I rolled my eyes at his enormous ego.

So we all sat around the table, eating and catching up on life. Even though we were at the adult table, nobody under 21 was allowed to drink, which sucked because my grandpa liked really expensive alcohol and the champagne looked really tempting. Normally mom would let me have a glass but there was no way she'd do it in front of our real dad's wife, who loved to tell everyone who would listen how Mom was a horrible parent and raising us all like heathens. Which couldn't have been further from the truth, of course.

All while everyone was talking I was plotting ways to sneak and drink some champagne. I was distracted from my thoughts when I felt a hand slip onto my thigh. My head snapped over to Ryan.

“What are you doing?” I asked, through the fake smile I had plastered on my face so nobody at the table would get suspicious.

“Just making your dream come true,” he said, his lips twitching in a small smirk.

Oh he was unbelievable!

“Would you take your hand off...” the rest of what I said was drowned out when grandpa proposed a toast, then stood up and started giving a speech about family and love. All the while, Ryan was sitting there caressing my leg.

I knew he was doing this to get a rise out of me, to prove that I was susceptible to his games or charms or whatever. Desperate to prove him wrong, I didn't stop him, I just let him fondle away, pretending to be concentrating on grandpa's speech. The only problem was, as he continued to feel up my thigh I started to get tingly between my legs again.

'No, goddamit! He is winning! I know I cant possibly like this. So why does it feel so good?!' I wondered, frantically.

I looked at Ryan, he looked back at me just as cool as could be, while his hand continued to fondle me under the table in front of all of our immediate family members and half the extended ones, too.

I was suddenly fearful that someone would realize he now had his hand up my dress. My heart started pumping and the adrenaline of my fear just added to the excitement that was building between my legs. I started to get wet. I could feel heat and juice emanating from my pussy, dampening my panty seat. Ryan's finger trailed up my thigh, headed for places it really shouldn't go. My pussy throbbed in anticipation.

I shot up from my seat. Everyone looked at me.

“Uh....I have to go to the bathroom!” I yelped, and scurried away from the table.

I went in the nearest bathroom and shut myself in there, telling myself that it was perfectly natural that I got excited. It wasn't because of Ryan, it was just because no guy had ever touched me like that before. And Ryan didn’t really mean anything by it, he was just enjoying getting a reaction out of me.

Much calmer now, I headed back to the table. When I sat down Ryan leaned over and whispered to me, “Did you take care of things?”

At first I didn't know what he meant, but then I realized he was asking did I get myself off in the bathroom.

“No! And if you so much as put your hand over here again, I'm gonna stab it with a steak knife,” I whispered.

He chuckled, and went back to eating his dinner.

I concentrated on my food for a while, unable to figure out what was happening between me and Ryan. Suddenly, my cell phone vibrated in my purse. Sneakily, under the table, I checked it. I had a text from Amelia.

“Oh my God, I am at Colin's party and he just asked about you!”

My heart leaped.

“He did?” I text back.

“Yes, and he looks good tonight, too,” she text, attaching a picture she just took. Colin was just wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans but his clothes were hugging his massive chest and showing off his bulging biceps and trim waist. A bright white smile lit up his chiseled handsome face, and dimples adorned his cheeks.

“Jesus, that body!” I typed, drool literally collecting in my mouth. “Is he a god or something?”

“Quite possibly.”

I felt Ryan peering over into my lap where I was hiding my phone. I suspected he was reading my texts, but I just ignored him.

“Maybe I should text him?” I asked Amelia.

“Go for it!” she said. “Let me know what he says!”

I started to text Colin.

“Hey, why aren't you here?” he asked.

I explained to him that I was stuck in upstate New York for some family reunion bonding crap. We text back and forth for a while, him telling me about the party, me trying lamely to flirt with him. It didn't seem to be going anywhere but I wasn't sure if that was because he wasn't into it or I was just really bad at flirting. I didn't have really any experience with this sort of thing, so I figured it must be me. Finally I just flat out told him what was on my mind.

“Hey, you know I have a crush on you, right?”

I waited a long time for him to answer. Finally my phone buzzed.

“That's really sweet, Alicia.”

I read the message over again, looking for any sort of hope that he felt the same way. There was none.

“That's it?!” I cried out loud, disappointment washing over me.

“Alicia, are you on your phone at the table?” mom asked, with a disapproving tone.

Tons of faces around the table began to frown at me. People at the far end began to lament the nuisance of teenagers these days with their fancy newfangled phone dohickeys.

“Sweetheart, that is very rude,” my real dad said.

“Well, your wife is very rude and yet you still like her,” I snapped.

Everyone at the table gaped at me. Especially his wife.

I felt totally embarrassed and ashamed of myself, it wasn't like me to have an outburst like that, but seriously? That was all Colin could say? That it was “really sweet?” He obviously didn't like me. So why did he care so much if I came to his party or not? He probably just wanted to hang out with me as a friend. Oh God, it was so disappointing! I actually felt like I was going to cry.

“I'm sorry. May I be excused?” I asked, eyes downcast and face suddenly sullen.

“Sure honey,” Jack said.

Nobody contradicted him, because they probably didn't want me further ruining their meal.

I got up and practically ran outside onto the back porch. Flopping into a patio chair, I called Amelia repeatedly until she finally picked up.

“What's the matter? You know I was in the party and it's loud! I had to go outside to answer the phone!” she said.

I filled her in on me and Colin's conversation.

“Ohhhh,” she said, sounding like she was cringing. “And did he ever say anything else after that?”

“No. And there's nothing I can say in response to what he said. The conversation is just pretty much over. Just like my chances apparently.”

Though on second thought, even that was overestimating things. I'd probably never had any chances.

She sympathized and said all the things a good friend should say, like that I could do better and if he didn't like me as more than a friend he was an idiot. I listened until I felt even more depressed, then I thanked her and hung up.

I sat there for a while in the cold, thinking that I should go inside before I froze, but not wanting to. After a bit, the glass doors opened again and Ryan walked out, a jacket draped over his arm.

I looked at him suspiciously. What did he want? To lecture me on my outburst? To play more of his new confusing “games?” I didn't really think I could handle that right now.

He came over and sat down next to me. Then he moved his jacket aside to show me he was holding a bottle of champagne. I squawked and threw my arms around his neck, hugging him.

“Oh, I see. NOW you love me,” he laughed, uncorking the bottle.

“I always loved you, as you so kindly pointed out earlier,” I said, stealing his jacket and wrapping it around me. “Now, pass the booze.”

He handed it to me and I took a swig. Delicious. And soon the alcohol would make me forget all my troubles.

“You wanna tell me what's wrong?” he asked.

I explained the whole Colin situation.

“Well, he didn't say he wasn't interested in you,” he pointed out.

I passed him the bottle so he could take a drink. “I know. But if he was interested, wouldn't he have said something?”

Ryan didn't say anything for a moment. He just put his arm around me and rubbed my arm in an attempt to warm me up.

“There is no telling,” he finally said. “But either way, he's a douche for just leaving you hanging like that. So, forget him. Why don't we have some fun? We could go liberate another bottle of this stuff then go back to the cottage and hang, you and me.”

“And what are we gonna tell everyone?”

“That you don't feel good and I'm being a good caring brother by taking you back to get some rest.”

“Okay, let's go,” I said.

Fifteen minutes later we were back at the cottage in the living room with the lights off getting drunk and watching movies. We were so drunk everything was hilarious. We were practically falling all over each other with a case of the giggles. Then we heard someone on the front porch. We sat up and attempted to look sober. Realizing I failed at looking sober because I couldn't stop smirking, I instead curled up on Ryan's lap and pretended to be asleep.

The door opened and Kylie and Jax walked in, chatting with each other.

“How's Alicia?” Jax asked.

“Oh, she's fine now. Just sleepy. I'm gonna take her up to her room in a bit.”

“Oh, okay,” Kylie said. “Well, mom and dad are gonna be up at the main house for a while. The grown ups just started playing some card game or whatever.”

“Oh. So why'd you come back early?”

“Uh, tired?” Kylie said, with a strange catch to her voice. “We're just both gonna turn in for the night.”

“Okay,” Ryan said.

As soon as I heard them leave the room I popped back up, giggling. “You're good at pretending not to be drunk,” I said, my face really close to his.

“I'm good at lot of things,” he said, licking his lips very...very...suggestively.

For a second I was excited by the sight of his tongue but then I remembered who he was and where we were.

“Totally inappropriate!” I sang, moving away.

“What? I am just saying!”

“Shut up,” I said, and grabbed a pillow, smacking him with it.

He gave me a shocked look and grabbed the pillow next to himself, smacking me with it. We got into a rather brutal and short pillow fight during which we first beat each other mercilessly with the pillows then started wrestling, trying to take each other's pillow. Ryan won in the end, pinning me to the couch and pulling my pillow away. When I realized he was laying on top of me between my legs, I quickly pulled away, smoothing my dress back down. He scooted closer to me, obviously about to touch me, but I shooed him away.

“Stop, I wanna finish watching the movie,” I said, taking the remote and turning up the TV.

“Fine, whatever you want,” he said, leaning back on the sofa and watching the movie with me.

A bit later, I heard something. A low muffled moan, followed by another. I looked at Ryan. He wasn't looking at the screen anymore. His head was turned to the left, in the direction the noises had come from. He looked like he was listening intently.

“Did you hear that?” I asked.

“Yeah, I've been hearing something for a while now,” he said. “It almost sounds like...”

“Yeah, it does,” I said, blushing.

He hadn't said the words, but I knew what he'd meant. It sounded like someone was in the corner room fucking. But that was impossible, since only Kylie and Jaxon were home.

We went back to watching the movie.

The faint sound of something bumping something else repeatedly caught my attention.

“Is that Kylie and Jaxon making that noise?” I asked.

“Who else could it be?” he asked.

“Well, what are they doing?”

He looked like he was going to say something, but then thought better of it. Instead he said: “Let's go find out.”

We got up and quietly padded down the hall, listening. I could hear the faint sounds that had carried into the living room. It sounded like they were jumping up and down on the bed. Only I didn't quite think it was that, because that would have been a lot louder. When we came to the door, I heard a moan from Kylie and a lower moan that must have come from Jaxon. I looked at Ryan and raised my eyebrow.

“What is this?” I mouthed, completely confused.

“I think you know,” he said. Then he started to make humping motions at the air. I clamped a hand over my mouth to keep from either gasping at the lewd assumption or laughing at the hilarious sight of him airhumping and grinning.

I smacked him on the arm to make him stop. “No! They wouldn't!” I cried.

Just then Kylie's muffled voice came through. “That feels good.”

Ryan gave me a look that said “See?”

“No, it's not possible,” I said. “They're brother and sister!”

Ryan just shrugged. “There's only one way to find out for sure.”

He reached out and turned the knob, really slowly. Part of me wanted to tell him to stop but another part had to see. In the end curiosity won out, I had to know the truth. He turned the knob and I gently pushed the door open. Both of us pushed our faces to the emerging crack in the door.

There on top of the bed were Kylie and Jaxon, and there was no doubt about it: they were engaged in some pretty vigorous fucking. They had their clothes on mostly but their pants pulled down. Kylie was on all fours and Jaxon was behind her slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. The thumping noise we heard was the headboard hitting the wall.

Kylie was obviously enjoying herself because she was mewling and gasping as Jaxon's cock gave her glistening pussy a relentless beating. I think she started cumming because she suddenly started to shake and clutch at the sheets.

I couldn't process what I was seeing. I immediately grabbed the door handle and pulled it shut, turning around sharply. Shock was written all over my face. I couldn't process seeing my siblings engaged in something so intimate and wrong!

“How can they do that?! We should stop them!” I hissed.

Ryan took me by the arm and walked me away from the door.

“What good will that do? You've seen the way they act around each other lately. They have probably been doing this for a long time. Stopping them isn't gonna fix anything now.”

They've probably been doing this a long time? My stomach rolled. “I'm gonna pretend they're just jumping up and down on the bed,” I decided.

“Whatever works,” Ryan said. “Personally, I think it's kinda hot.”

I rolled my eyes. “You would.”

We went back to the living room to finish our movie, but the vibe was no longer relaxed. It was tense somehow. I felt fidgety and didn't know why. The only good thing was that the noises stopped. Kylie and Jax were obviously done.

A few moments later, mom and dad came back. They were apparently drunk. They quickly greeted us then practically danced off to their room. Shortly afterward, a creaking of bedsprings started up in the room above us. I couldn't hear their voices, but it was more than apparent what was going on up there.

“Oh my God! Now them?” I cried.

Ryan shrugged. “I guess everyone's horny tonight. The only ones not going at it right now is us,” he said, with an awkward laugh.

I just looked at him like he was nuts. Of course WE weren't doing what they were doing. We were the only pair in the house who were actually related to each other.

“Hey...We should join in the fun,” he suddenly said, nudging me with his elbow.

“What?” I asked, hoping he wouldn't repeat it.

“C'mon. Listening to this has gotta be making you horny. I mean, I am so hard right now.”

“Are you kidding? Seriously? You're telling me about the state of your privates now?”

“What's wrong with telling you – wait, would you rather see instead?” he asked, excitedly. His hands went to his fly, ready to open it if I only said the word.

“No!” I cried, holding my hands up. “Don't show me!”

“Why not? We should have some fun. If Kylie and Jax can do it, why can't we?”

“Um, because unlike Kylie and Jax, we are blood related. They are just stepsiblings.”

“So? We were all raised together. They're just as much brother and sister as we are,” he said.

“Once again, may I just remind you: blood related.”

“So? That doesn't mean you don't want me,” he said.

I scoffed and looked away, crossing my arms over my chest.

Ryan scooted closer to me and ran his fingers across my collarbone. I was shocked at the tingles that danced across my skin.

“Alicia, I know your pussy has been wet for me all day,” he whispered in my ear.

I turned my head to look at him. So that was what he was doing? The constant messing with my neck and rubbing on me and saying dirty things. He wasn't trying to annoy me or pick on me. He was trying to turn me on. What was even more shocking than that was that it had worked. Every single time.

The fucking in Kylie's room resumed, and the humping in both rooms seemed to go on and on, quiet but insistent. This was getting ridiculous. Between the rising charge of sex in the house and the lustful gaze Ryan was currently giving me I felt like I couldn't breathe.

“I'm going to get a drink,” I blurted, practically darting off the couch and going into the kitchen.

I grabbed myself a soda and leaned against the counter, drinking it and refusing to think about what was going on outside the kitchen. Parents doing their best to make me a new sibling, while two of the siblings I had were having a sex marathon and fucking like animals. Not to mention my other brother was horny and deviously plotting his way into my pants. It was insane!

I knew my peace couldn't last, two minutes later Ryan came into the kitchen.

“So, what, are you saving yourself for Colin?” he asked, as he walked up to me. “Because that's pretty ridiculous.”

I gasped and slapped him on his chest. “You're mean!”

“What? I didn't mean anything! I just meant he's not good enough for you! Look, I just hate to see you upset over that asshole. You deserve better. You deserve someone who'll make you feel special. Because you are.”

I couldn't help it, I melted. “Aww. Really?”

“Of course,” he said. “If he can't appreciate you, it's his loss. I think you're gorgeous and sweet. Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Thanks, Ry,” I said.

He beamed at me, then wrapped his arms around me, hugging me. Part of me knew he was just trying to butter me up so I would consider having sex with him, but I was helpless to resist the warm fuzzy feeling that had come over me. I hugged him back. He started to run his hands over my back and down my hips. This did not feel brotherly at all, he was caressing me like a boyfriend would. As wrong as it was, I didn't want to stop him.

Maybe he was right. Maybe I was a little affected by what was going on in the house tonight. Maybe it was my disappointment over Colin. Maybe it was the alcohol. I didn't know. I only knew I needed someone to touch me, and I didn't mind if it was Ryan.

“I like holding you,” he said, kissing my temple.

“I like you holding me,” I said into his shirt.

He kissed my cheek and then pressed a kiss to my neck. I giggled as his lips brushed my neck softly.

“That tickles,” I said.

“Do you admit that you like it?” he asked, kissing me there again.

I sighed. “Mm hmm.”

I found my hands traveling up and down his back. His hands cupped my ass.

“Stop. Enough, you horny bastard,” I warned, playfully, pushing him away. I liked him touching me and showing me love, and I was pretty horny after all of his teasing all day, but I couldn't accept the idea of having sex with my own brother.

“Yes, I am really horny. And you are really adorable,” he said, pulling me back to him.

“And also really related to you,” I reminded him.

“I don't care. Alicia, let's mess around a little? Why should we be the only ones lonely? We don't have to do anything major. Just let me rub it against you a little?”

“Ryan!” I scolded. “You are asking me to get you off. There is something seriously wrong with you!”

“I know,” he said, letting go of me, to my surprise.

He began to pace, running a hand through his hair in frustration before coming back to me. He started to talk, confessing all his sins.

“I know there's something wrong with me. For years I've been obsessed with you. Every time I touch myself I think of you. I steal your underwear and hide them under my mattress so I can smell them and stroke my dick with them. Every girl I'm with, I pretend she's you. I don't even know why I do it. I know I should stop, but I can't!”

I was completely blown away.

“So then it's true,” I said.

“What's true?”

“You dated Amelia because she reminded you of me.”

Ryan looked down. “I'm not proud of myself. I thought it was the next best thing to having you. I thought that would be enough. It still wasn't.”

I didn't know what to say. My heart went out to him because of this strange crush or whatever you'd call how he felt about me. I was happy and flattered that he wanted me, but I knew it had also cost him at least one girlfriend. I didn't want his feelings for me to ruin anything else.

“Maybe, if we do something, just once, I can get it out of my system? You know?” he suggested, looking at me hopefully. “I know it's a lot to ask, but maybe...if you help me...I could get over it?”

I just couldn't bring myself to say no to that face.

“Well, um, okay,” I said.

Ryan perked up immediately. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” I said. “But no sex. I mean, you can rub it against me if you want, but that's it.”

“Okay,” he agreed. “Can I touch you first?”

“I guess so,” I said.

Ryan started to touch me again, running his hands over me. Only this time he paid extra attention to my boobs, squeezing and fondling them, then moving his hands down to give my ass the same treatment. I had to admit that standing there pressed against his hard-on while he fondled my ass was turning me on. Then his hand slid between my legs, touching my pussy through my panties.

His fingers slipped back and forth over the crotch of my panties, and it felt good. Really good. When he pulled my panty seat aside and I felt his fingers brush my bare clit a jolt of pleasure hit me. I put my hands on his shoulders to brace myself as his hand stroked my clit, his fingers sliding back and forth over it. My clit swelled and became more and more sensitive to his touch. My pussy started to drool cream as his hand pet me. Ryan was breathing faster with excitement and I started to moan against his shoulder.

He turned me around and pulled my dress up over my hips. I waited, hearing him unzip his jeans and push them down.

“Pull down your panties for me,” he told me. I glanced back to see he was watching me while stroking his dick with his hand. My eyes widened at the sight of it. I could not believe how big it was. It was long and hard, and slightly curved upward. How did he contain something like that in his pants?

I slowly pulled my panties down, willingly exposing my round ass and wet pussy to him. He stepped up behind me, pressing me against the counter and nestling his cock against my pussy. He started to move his hips back and forth, sliding that long hard cock against my pussy lips and my clit, aided by the creamy wetness that had been seeping out of me since dinner. It felt even better than his fingers. While he did this, he kissed and nuzzled my neck. I got even wetter, and my heart started pounding in my chest. I'd never done anything this exciting before.

“Oh my god, so soft and wet....” he gasped. I felt his body tense and there was a big warm gush down the inside of my leg.

“Ryan!” I protested, but he kept cumming down my leg and moaning against my neck. As shocked and angry as I was, it turned me on so much. My pussy was throbbing and leaking badly now. I wasn't sure how much of this 'messing around' I could take without going insane.

“Are you done?” I asked him, hoping he'd say yes.

“Hmm,” he sighed happily, and I took that as a yes. I pulled my panties all the way off and used them to wipe up my leg.

“Hey, Ali, it's still hard,” he said. “Let me put it in you just a little? I'll just put the head in. You're so wet it will go in easy.”

“No, I'm not letting you put that thing in me!”

“Why not?”

“Because, you plus me equals blood related!”

“Alicia, I'm not even gonna put it all the way in. And I'll take it out before I cum. So what's the big deal?”

“Ryan - “ I was about to do my 'incest equation' again but then he blurted something that mystified me.

“Someone's gonna put it in you someday anyway, and I wanna be the first.”

“What? Why?” I asked.

“Because it should be me, not some douchebag like Colin. If I'm your first, nobody can take that away. You'll always be my girl. Even if we never do it again, even if you run off and marry some idiot like Colin one day. We'll both always know that you're mine.”

The fact that he had given thought to this before and saw it as a way of claiming me in some way – albeit misguided – was endearing to me.

“Let me do it, just a little? I'm so hard for you. You can't get me this excited and not let me put it in even a little. C'mon, sis? Please?”

I caved. “Okay okay fine, just a little, not all the way,” I said.

“Okay,” he agreed.

He pushed me back down on the counter so my ass was sort of in the air. I felt highly vulnerable but excited as I felt him reach down and take his dick in hand, positioning it at my entrance. I started to get a bit nervous, like maybe we shouldn't do this, but then he pushed it in a little and I had to admit to myself, it felt wonderful. Natural.

He started to move that little bit in and out. Pleasure spread through my pussy and down my legs. He reached around, wriggling his hand beneath me to cup my tit in his hand and fondle it as he stroked little shallow strokes in my pussy. This was it, I was fucking. I was fucking Ryan. It was turning me on. It was turning us both on.

“Can I go in some more?” he asked.

“Um...yeah,” I said, trying not to let on how much I was liking this. I knew I shouldn't be.

“If I do I'm probably gonna pop your cherry,” he warned me.

“It's okay,” I quickly said. Between the sensation of his dick inside me and the way he was pinching and rolling my nipple between his fingers, I was feeling so good that everything he did was okay in my book.

He pushed in further, slowly probing and prodding his way into my pussy. I could feel him sliding into me against the resistance of my really tight walls, forcing them apart to make way for him. When he reached my natural barrier it stretched and then tore apart to allow him to sink even deeper into me. It hurt pretty bad, and I winced but I knew it was inevitable so I just grasped the counter and bore it as he pushed his hard dick further up my tender little unused pussy. He went so far inside me I could feel his hips against my butt and the head of his dick touching my cervix. That felt so good, it sent shudders through my body.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, sounding kind of breathless. “I'm okay.”

He held still, letting me adjust to the new sensation. I loved it. He felt really big and hard inside me, and the sensation of him stretching me was now pleasant. I wondered if he liked being inside me as much as I liked having him in me.

“How is it?” I asked. “Does it feel good?”

“Oh God, it's so good,” he sighed. “It's so good it's crazy. Kiss me while my dick's inside you?”

Kiss him? That was crazy talk. It would be weird, wouldn't it? I was going to protest but he grabbed my face and the next thing I knew his mouth was attached to mine and his tongue was probing my mouth. It wasn't weird, like I thought. It was hot. Both of us started moaning as our tongues played with each other. I guess it was all too much for him, because he suddenly pulled his dick out and started rubbing it on my ass. I was about to ask what he was doing, then I felt him spurting hot cum on my ass cheeks.

“You came again?” I asked, amazed.

“Yeah. You're really hot, I can't help it,” he said, continuing to rub his dick on my ass. “Your pussy is the tightest I've ever had, and your ass is so gorgeous and sexy.”

I was practically glowing from his praise. I also noticed that there was a tingly sensation lingering deep in my pussy. Every nerve ending inside it was alight now and craving more stimulation. I suspected it wanted Ryan back inside it.

“Lay down on the floor,” he told me, excitedly. “I want to really enjoy you.”

I was about to say we'd done more than enough and should stop, but he took me by the arms, guiding me to lay down on my back.

“Um, Ryan...” I began to protest, as he went down on his knees before me, kneeling between my spread legs.

“Don't worry, I won't get you pregnant, I'll pull out before I cum,” he assured me, as if that was all I should be concerned about.

“But - “ was all I got out before he was pushing his dick back inside me. It was still a really tight fit and an intense feeling.

“Ohhhh God,” he moaned, pulling back out a ways and then shoving himself all the way back in. A wave of strong pleasure washed through me and I whimpered. He started to pump me, thrusting his dick in and out of my pussy.

It felt so good, I started shoving my hips up at him so he reached deeper inside me. It felt like my pussy was on fire, that's how intense it was. His dick was so hard as it rubbed against all my most tender spots, making me gasp and whimper. I rotated my hips trying to make sure every centimeter of my pussy felt him.

He leaned over me and started to pump his hips up and down, rhythmically. I placed my hands under my knees and held my legs open as far as I could so he could pump and fuck my dripping pussy as thoroughly as possible. It was incredible. It was amazing and heavenly.

“Oh God, yes. Oh fuck me,” I chanted, as the pleasure escalated. “Oh your dick feels so good. Please fuck me more?”

My begging just turned him on more because he pumped me harder, his breath coming hard and ragged amidst moans and groans of sheer pleasure.

“Fuck....Alicia...Yes....Fucking take my cock,” he grunted, slamming into me and sucking hard on my neck. I was probably going to have a hickey the next day but it was so worth it. His teeth grazed my skin and I groaned and convulsed with overwhelming lust. “You know you are mine now, right?”

“Yes, Ryan, yes,” I moaned.

“Who do you belong to?” he asked as he stroked inside me.

“You, big brother, you! Oh God, you are so good,” I panted, running my fingers through his hair then pulling his face to mine so I could kiss his mouth as deeply as he was fucking my pussy.

We were fucking and kissing on the floor with complete abandon and as wrong as I knew it was, I had never felt more pleasure in my life. Each thrust made the waves crash through me with more and more intensity and I knew that soon I was going to explode.

“Oh, I am going to cum, Ryan! Aaaahh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I cried, as I came so hard my legs tensed up and my body shook.

Ryan started to really ride me and moan loudly, then he suddenly pulled out of me and spurt six or seven generous spurts of his cum onto my heaving stomach. I loved watching the look on his face when he came, but right afterward his eyes seemed to focus on the doorway behind us and then widen in shock.

I looked upward, tilting my head up, and I saw Kylie and Jax standing in the doorway looking at us in revulsion. They looked like they'd been standing there frozen for some time.

“How could you?” Jax asked us, looking as if his entire world was crumbling before his eyes. “Oh God!”

“You're disgusting!” Kylie cried, then turned and stalked out of the room. Jax was hot on her heels.

“Wow, they are some hypocrites,” was all Ryan said.

“Are you kidding? They're right! We're so much worse than them,” I said, fretfully. “They're not really related. We are.”

Ryan looked at me, seeming kind of bummed that I was so worked up. “It's not that bad, what we did,” he said. “It was for a good cause. I mean, now I can get over my weird fixation or whatever. You only did it to help me.”

“Right. And we never have to do it again, right?” I asked.

“Right,” he nodded, albeit a little reluctantly.

“We should go talk to them. What if they tell on us?” I asked frantically, gesturing toward the door.

“They can't tell on us. Not now that we know what they've been doing. They'll just have to accept it.”

“I guess so,” I said.

I felt so weird. I felt ashamed at being caught doing what we did, but I felt a tremendous amount of satisfaction from having done it. I was almost disappointed that it couldn't happen again. Still I knew how much trouble it could cause if we continued down that road. It was better to leave it like this. Ryan got what he wanted. Now we could both move on.

We both dressed and went to go find Jax and Kylie. They were on the front porch talking. Kylie looked like she'd been crying. I felt even more guilty.

“Hey,” I said, awkwardly, barely able to look them in the eye.

“How could you guys do that?” Kylie asked. “Literally, how? Are you actually attracted to each other? Physically?”

“Is it really so different from what you and Jax do?” Ryan countered.

They both looked shocked, realizing we knew about them.

“Yeah, we heard you earlier,” I said. “So we went to the door to listen, we thought we had to be mistaken. Then we peeked in. It took all of that to really believe it.”

Kylie's face twisted in shock and anger. Then she seemed to just accept it. She heaved a weary sigh.

“Jax and I aren't really related,” she said. “You two are. If you got pregnant or something it would be a total disaster. The kid would probably be deformed. It's illegal, you know, for you two to have sex. That's how wrong it is. Do you know that?”

I looked away, feeling like I was smothering in guilt. I'm sure both Ryan and I felt pretty guilty.

“If mom and dad found out it would kill them,” Jax said. “You should think about them. You should think about Alicia's well-being and her future, not just your own selfish needs.”

That last comment was directed at Ryan.

“Hey, Alicia is my sister, not yours!” Ryan snapped.

“Great, you just have go there, don't you? It's so obvious you're just trying to distract everyone from the real issue here – the fact that you just stuck your dick in our baby sister!” Jax cried.

“Would you guys keep it down?!” I hissed. “This is a secret! We all have secrets here. I doubt mom and dad would be any happier to find out what goes down between you two than they would be to find out about us.”

“Are you threatening us?” Kylie asked, outdone.

“No. I'm just saying, we're not the only ones doing something we shouldn't. Only we just did it once and we're not going to again. You two, on the other hand, have been at it for God knows how long. You keep saying you're not related but you know we were raise to be a family. How would you explain to mom and dad that you're pretty much dating each other behind their backs?”

They both looked miserable.

“Look, we can deal with this easily,” Ryan said. “You don't say anything to the parents about us, and we won't say anything to them about you. Deal?”

“Deal,” Jax said. “But you two really can't do that anymore. For lots of reasons.”

“We won't,” I said. “You don't have to worry about it. It was a one time thing.”

“I really hope so,” Kylie said, looking at us with a seriousness that was rare for her. “You two can never really be together, you know? You're siblings. That's all you can ever be. Whatever else you think you feel for each's doomed from the start.”

For some reason I felt like I had just been hit with a truck. I glanced over at Ryan to see he looked equally as affected.

Jaxon and Kylie went back into the house somberly, leaving Ryan and I standing there.

“I don't know what they're talking about,” Ryan said, with a nervous laugh. “It's not like we're in love with each other or something.”

“Ha ha ha. Yeah, I know, right?” I responded, half-heartedly.

“Well, I'm gonna head to bed,” he said.

“Me too,” I said.

We went back inside and we both went to our rooms.

I changed for bed and slipped beneath the covers, thinking that when I woke up in the morning I would pretend that none of this had ever happened, and things would go back to normal again. Ryan would carry on being a slut and I'd carry on chasing my unattainable crush. Because that was right. That was normal.

And I couldn't handle not being normal.


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I read the whole series and I love it the story and ignore what people say the story was perfect no misspells that I could c the sex scène's were good and overall a hell of alot better then most of the crap on this site and personally I like this kind of story better then the genma one

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