Zach finds relief... sort of.
Chapter 5

“I really can’t do that Kate.” I said.

“Why is that?” she said, disappointed.

“Well, it’s a guy thing.” is all I could say.

“What’s wrong Zach?” Linda wanted to know.

“I’ve recently… I really can’t tell you why but just know that it wouldn’t be good for Kate.” I admitted.

“Oh, you hit puberty eh?” Linda quipped.

“Well, yes ma’am; I am having trouble, um, keeping it under control.” I admitted.

“Kate, do you understand what Zach is saying?” Linda asked.

“Not really. You told me that boys go through changes but I can’t really understand it all.” she said.

Linda explained in detail what happens to little boys that hit puberty, much to my embarrassment. I really didn’t think it would have been something for her to know just yet. I really did still see her as an innocent little girl.

“It’s like a really bad itch that you can’t help from scratching.” throwing my two cents in.

“Have you scratched that itch Zach?” Linda wanted to know.

‘Why yes I have, I scratched it with a mouth, a pair of tits, and a pussy’. I thought

“I’ve had to, um… masturbate twice to get the swelling down. Please understand, my mom wouldn’t approve and considers it evil.” hoping Linda wouldn’t be discussing this with her and wondering why I’m all of a sudden in this circus.

“So, was that what I was touching when my hand was in your lap?” Kate asked.

“I was hoping you didn’t notice that and I’m sorry but I had no control of it.” I said defensively.

“Your mother takes the Bible very seriously and quite literally Zach. She doesn’t relate to the fact that Mother Nature was God’s creation and she has her own course to follow.” Linda stated.

“It was firm and hot. I thought it might be what I felt.” Kate said.

“I know better than to mention any of this to your mother Zach. You’re right about her not approving of it.” Linda continued.

“I wanted to squeeze it just to see if I could tell for sure; it was firm… and hot.” Kate said, again.

“You’re going to have to be careful Zach. It wouldn’t due to have your mother catch you… relieving yourself.” Linda continued.

“It felt so big too, and hot.” said Kate.

“Kate! Snap out of it.” Linda said.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.” Kate said shyly.

“Well try to keep it to yourself. Now, back to the issue at hand,” Linda continued, “Zach, you understand the issue I would have with my daughter, right?”

“Yes ma’am I do, and I can assure you that I’ll have nothing to do with her while I’m having this… problem.” wanting her to know I didn’t mean any bad intent.

“Oh, no, no, no. I don’t have a problem with you seeing my daughter. The issue I have is Kate not knowing how to relieve you.”

Bam! Pow! Slap! What? Is she serious!?!

“Um, Mrs. Edwards…“ I started.

“We both know Kate has no experience in such matters and we would have to teach her what to do.” Linda explained.

“Now just a minute, Mrs. Edwards…” I stammered.

“Come with me you two, I have what we need in my library.” and left me with my jaw dropped.

Kate followed her mother down the hallway. I dropped my hands and shrugged. What was I going to do? Oh, yeah. Follow Mrs. Edwards, got it.

I caught up with them in the room the size of Mr. Benson’s den. It had a couple of reading chairs, a desk, and a round table in the middle, and surrounded by bookshelves all around. The amount of books would make the public library embarrassed.

“Now Zach, since your mother is a devout Christian and wants you to uphold her religious beliefs, we simply can’t have you casting your seed upon the ground, sort of speak.” Linda was saying.

“Kate, are you willing to relieve Zach whenever he has his urges?” Linda asked.

“Um, I really don’t know how but I would help if I did.” she said.

“Nonsense child, we will give you the education you need to keep Zach from straying.” Linda said.

She went to a shelf and pulled out a book. Bringing it back to the round table in the middle, she read the title, “Fellatio, Tips for Performing Oral Sex on Your Man”

Feeling very uneasy about this situation, I said, “Mrs. Edwards, I’m not comfortable sharing this information with Kate and having her feel she has to relieve me.”

“Zach, if she is to be your girlfriend, she needs to keep you satisfied so you won’t wander off to someone else.” Linda explained.

Now what? I’m told my needs have to be met by a girl because God said so. What’s so wrong about casting my seed on the ground? Seems it’s wasted either way to me. What am I supposed to do here?

“To start, Kate, go wet a warm wash cloth and bring it here.” Linda instructed.
Kate skipped out to get it. I used this as an opportunity to talk some sense into Linda.

“Mrs. Edwards, I’m sure Kate is too young to deal with my adult problem. She might be affected by having to deal with it at her age.” I said.

“How old are you Jack?” Linda asked.

“I’m eleven but I’ll be twelve in a few weeks.” I said.

“Kate is eleven and will be twelve next month. When did you start puberty?”

“Yesterday, as a matter of fact.”

“Kate started her first period yesterday.” Linda informed me.

“But Mrs. Edwards, Kate probably doesn’t like me all that much.”

“Zach, do you remember yesterday when you inspected my yard?”

“Yes, of course but…”

“How about earlier when you took your shirt off to mow the lawn?”

“Yes, I remember that but…”

“Do you remember kissing her on the back step?”

“Sure, but we were just pretending…”

“Zach, she has been awe struck with you since see saw you. Trust me; she likes you… a lot.”

“Ok, so she might have some feelings for me but not enough to… relieve me like that.”

“You think you’ll be the only one relieved?”

“Mrs. Edwards! Are you saying I should, you know, return the favor?”

“Absolutely Zach, give and ye shall receive! Do you know why Kate changed clothes today?”

“Because she had company over, of course.”

“No, when you kissed her, she boiled over. Even her feminine napkin couldn’t keep from making a mess. That’s why she didn’t come back outside after returning the glass of lemonade you drank. She was cleaning up. Apparently, you got one powerful kiss, Zach.” she finished.

About that time, the phone rang and Kate returned with the warm wash cloth. Linda picked the phone up that was on the desk.


“Oh, hi Laura...”

“Yes, Zach Strange, Kate’s boyfriend.”

“He did?”

“No, I don’t have his phone number.”

“I’m not sure if Kate would like that, Laura. Besides, there’s other fish in the sea…”

“I’ll see what I can do. Bye.”

Linda hung the phone up and walked back to the round table.

“Zach, did you kiss Dawn today?”

“Yes, but it wasn’t my idea.” I said.

“Now she is crushing on you. She wants to date you.” Linda said.

“Now wait, Mrs. Edwards. It isn’t as it looks, we were just trying to make her jealous of Kate and I needed to do a good job so she would envy her.”

“Well, it worked! She creamed her panties and her mom wants to know how that was possible with just a kiss!” Linda proclaimed.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry Mrs. Edwards! I didn’t intend for that to happen. How embarrassing! Please except my apologies!” I stammered.

“Are you kidding! Laura pops in here and throws up all the yachts and cruises she’s been on for an hour, telling me she got to see this star or that celebrity. Her kids are spoiled little brats and get everything they want handed to them. Now she wants what she can’t have and you expect me to be mad! Ha!” clapping her hands together.

“Are you saying you’re glad I did that?” I asked.

“Absolutely!“ she said, “Now that spoiled brat will be up Laura’s tail looking for a boy that could do that to her and guess what? She won’t find one, or at least I hope she won’t. And you better not touch that girl again. Feel free to do whatever you want in front of her with Kate though. I hope she slobbers on herself watching you two.” Linda cackled.

I had to take a seat. That was too much for me. Thinking one minute I was in deep trouble and the next I’m praised for doing wrong.

Linda walked Kate through some of the instructions in the book; she explained the words Kate didn’t know.
Then she started showing her the graphic pictures telling her “not to expect Zach’s to be like that”.

“Zach, I need you to stand over here.” Linda prompted.

I stood up and went where she told me, right beside the round table.

“Ok Zach, drop ‘em.” Now they need to invent a word for this but… I’ve been down this road before.

I swear, when I get old enough, I’m making a sex encyclopedia and the first thing on the page will be “Drop ‘em- used to warn the individual doing so of pending chaos, its abridged concept stands for… Dis Robe Own Pants - Expect Mayhem”!

“Mrs. Edwards, I have to ask if you’re absolutely sure about that. It seems nothing good so far has come from it.”

“Now Zach, don’t be shy. We have to keep you on the right path. Your mom will be upset if you let it go to waste. Kate, help him with it.” and showed her where to kneel.

There I was counting ceiling tiles again, waiting for the crap load of crapola to hit the crapper.

Kate had my belt unloosened and popping the button, she then reached for the zipper. Here I go, showing off my goods to two more people. At least I figured out what it’s for so I got no problem there. I expected Mrs. Edwards to have seen cocks before, Kate was proof of that. But Kate, now that was my only problem.

My pants dropped as the zipper did and once more, they were around my ankles. Linda told Kate to pull my tighty whities out first, then lower them, so my underwear wouldn’t get caught on anything.

I think I’ve solved some of that problem by tucking my dick over my balls and rolling it forward into the underwear. The Fruit of the Looms held it in place until I removed them at night, when I planned on doing exercises on my dick. That way, if I do get hard through the day, it gets hard between my legs first, giving me a warning sign. It is uncomfortable but it stays hidden until I get a chance to adjust it.

Kate carefully lowered my underwear. The lower she went, the wider her eyes. I watched innocence fade from her and I felt saddened by it, remembering my own innocence was gone too. I fought back a tear.

“What did you do with it?” Linda asked.

I looked down and realized that it was still behind my balls. I spread my legs some more and let it fall. The would-be monster out.

They both gasped as it swung out. Not only did I have the embarrassment of being nude, they added insult to injury as they stared appalled at its ugly form. Even the Benson girls pretended it wasn’t so bad.

“Son, God has blessed you with that… that!” Linda said.

“Oh, it’s a blessing alright. It gets in my way, it’s as ugly as a snake, and now, it swells past my belly button if I don’t hide it.” I sadly said.

“Zach, it has to be at least six inches long soft!” Linda stated the obvious, “And you haven’t finished growing yet!”

“I’m sorry, but it is what was given to me. I can’t help it or change it any.”

“You don’t understand. Look at this book. It plainly says that a normal penis will grow between six to eight inches when aroused. See the illustration? You’re six inches easy without being aroused. Believe me Zach, this is a good thing.” Linda explained.

“Like I said, nothing good has come out of it so far.” I reminded her.

“Kate, quit staring at it and wash it!” Linda said, seeing Kate still had the surprised look on her face.
She grabbed the wash cloth and gently rubbed it on me. I figured why bother if that was the best you could do.

Linda took the initiative, “Give it to me girl” holding out her hand.

Kate handed her the cloth and she scrubbed it clean. She then squeezed my balls into the cloth. Satisfied, she said,” That’s how you clean it. You know, cleanliness is next to godliness.”

Placing the wash cloth on the table Linda stated, “Zach is a little nervous and needs to be aroused. Take it at the base and bring it to your lips.” Linda instructed.

Kate grabbed it behind the head and pulled it up towards her lips.

“Zach, would you mind if I showed her the right way to do it?” Linda asked.
At this point, the circus was already started.

“That’s fine Mrs. Edwards.” I sighed. Was there 18 tiles?

“Move over Kate.” and dropped to her knees, scooting in where Kate was.

I stopped recounting the tiles when Linda started on me. She took me like a pro. She licked from stem to stern. She sucked the back side of my head, all the while using her tongue on it. She looked up at me and engulfed it. I felt it bend in the middle and saw her cheek with the impression of my dick it. My dick took serious notice and started to rise. I know for sure, dicks have a mind all their own. She pulled back enough to get the kink out and took it back in some more. Sucking and tonguing, my cock forced her mouth to yield as it grew longer. She backed off of it and looked at Kate.

I followed her eyes and saw Kate with a mesmerized stare. A little drool was coming out of the corner of her mouth. Both of her hands were at her crotch under her polka dotted skirt, probably covering up to protect against a monster invasion. I knew her noggin must have fried, otherwise, she’d have run out of the room screaming.

“Now you see God’s work.” said Linda, “Come here and service it.”

As soon as Linda moved away, Kate snapped out of it and eagerly took position. She replaced Linda’s hand at the base and tilted it left and right, taking a good close look at it. She shoved it against my belly and looked.

“Wow, Zach’s right. It is past his belly button.” she giggled.

“Quit playing with it and suck it.” Linda scolded.

“It’s so soft… and hard!” Kate noted, giving it a squeeze.

Finally getting all of her curiosity out of the way, she brought it to her mouth. She was gentle as she eased the head in. I felt her test it, squeezing it with her lips.

Linda instructed her daughter to use her hand and stroke the stem, apply a little suction on the head, and use her tongue on the back side of it.

With a whisper, Linda said, “Never use your teeth, stroke him at the same time you pull him in your mouth. You want to milk his seed out.”

After a few seconds, nature took over and Kate settled on a steady rhythm. Her hand disappeared under her skirt, the other remained stroking me. She was able to draw almost half in her mouth and used her hand for the rest.

Linda said, “You are doing it, Kate. That’ll get Zach where he needs to be.” and leaned back on the round table.

“Swallow everything he gives. Don’t let any hit the ground. Drink his essence dear.” Linda prompted.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Sweet little Kate wasn’t so innocent anymore. She was breathing hard through her nose. I could tell she was caught up in the excitement because the rhythm was going faster.

I opened my eyes to see her hand moving between her legs just as fast as her mouth was moving on my cock. She was scratching her itch while scratching mine. I was glad to see it. Bob told me to make sure the girl got theirs and she was getting it alright.

Movement caused me to glance at Linda. She was watching us starry-eyed with her hand on her crotch on top of her dress pants. She was scratching her itch too.

Looking back, Kate tilted her blonde head up to look at me. We locked eyes and those deep green colors caught me up in bliss. I felt the liquid fire churn and prepare to rise.

“I’m cumming.” I said between gasps, still staring at those baby green eyes.

“Drink it all Kate! It’s the gift from God!” Linda demanded.

Kate turned her eyes down and worked me harder, her hand in her dressed kept pace.

When my peak hit, so did Kate’s and we both came together. I couldn’t help but let out a loud pirate sound, “Argggggh!” and Kate moaned at my liquid fire spewed into her mouth. Linda made a hic up sound and moaned.

She had no way of dealing with so many things at once. A cock in her mouth, flooding her, an orgasm that lasted so long, it made her buck.

Trying to hang on and not spill any, Kate bit down on me, hard, her eyes were bugging out. I went from bliss to pain. I couldn’t shoot what was in my shaft, her teeth had it blocked and I had more backing up behind it.

My goo seeped out of her mouth and gave her the rabid dog look. She really tried to swallow but she had too much of me in her mouth.

I tapped her rapidly on the head and hollered. I had to wait until she stopped convulsing but she finally released me.

My goo could finally seep out. The stuff spilled on her shirt. I made an effort to insure it didn’t hit the ground. Why, I don’t really know. I guess I wanted to keep Kate out of her mother’s wrath.

I looked down at Kate and saw my goo drooling from the corner of her mouth. She looked so sad. The failure was all over her face.

I looked down further at Minnie Mouse. My goo was drooling out of her smiling lips too. I wondered if Mickey ever did that to her.

Kate let out a banshee wail, balling her eyes out. I tried to comfort her.

“Kate, it’s ok. No sense crying over spilt… milk.” I thought about that as I said it.

“I just wanted to do it right!” she said between sniffles.

“Really, it’s no big deal. Look, none of it hit the ground.” I tried to reason.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Zach! Please, don’t be mad.” she said looking at my dick.

I followed her eyes and seen what she meant. My dick had little drops of blood where her teeth had imprinted me. She definitely put her stamp on it. I wondered if a Band-Aid would stay on it. Then, I wondered if it would
take more than one. Then, wondered how many guys have had Band-Aids on their dicks.

“It’ll heal, it won’t kill me. I’m not going to be mad. Trust me, I’m ok.” trying to calm her down.

Linda came closer to look. “I have some Iodine to put on that.” and left.

Kate reached out and petted my cock, saying, “My poor little thing. I’m so sorry.”

I had forgiven her but I didn’t know if my dick did. It still hurt a little. I had no idea what she meant by “My” but my dick was mine even though it had her mark.

Linda came back in and sat in a chair. “Come here Zach, I’ll fix it right up for ya.” and opened a bottle that had a dropper for a lid.

I duck walked over and faced my dick towards her. I’ve given up on being embarrassed. Five people have seen it and none of them seem more surprised than me.

She laid my dick out long ways on her hand, took the eye dropper in the other and said, “This might sting a little.” and drew a strip of red around the impressions.

Might, sting, and little had nothing to do with the effects that stuff had on me. She should have said “This is going to burn a lot.” because that’s just what it did.

I waved air at it as fast as I could over it and said, “Oooouch! That burns! Oh no! Blow on it, blow on it!”

“Zach, if you’re going to have a man sized penis, you need to deal with the man sized problems that go with it.” she said, and put the lid back on the bottle.

Kate got up and stood beside me. She patted my behind and said, “There, there, mommy will make it all better.”

“We need to find a way for Dawn to see this. She would absolutely flip out.” Linda said.

“Mrs. Edwards, I think enough people have seen it. Like I said, nothing good comes out of it.” I said.

“Oh, I thought it was good, as much as I tasted of it.” Kate replied.

“You didn’t taste enough, girl. You need to practice.” Linda said.

I had to get out of there and think about everything that happened. I tried to rush it a bit and said, “Well, it certainly was an adventure for me. I’ve got to get home before my mom starts to worry.” pulling up my pants in the process.

“Oh Zach, it was a wonderful day! You have got to come over again.” and gave me puppy dog eyes.

I tucked my dick back over my balls and eased my underwear over it. The burning was easing up. I zipped my pants slowly and buttoned up.

“Yes, please do. You’ll need relieved again. Just pop on over if you have the need, Zach.” Linda offered.

“Well, thank you for the offer but I don’t want to be a burden. It isn’t your problem and you shouldn’t have to solve it.” checking myself over for anything I missed.

“Well, the offer stands Zach. Don’t forget to come back in two weeks and mow for me.” Linda reminded me.

“Yes ma’am, I have you marked on my calendar.” I turned to Kate, “Kate, I know you didn’t know anything about relieving me. It was me that let you try. But, you did relieve me which is more than I could ask for.
Thanks so much for doing it.”

“It’s fine Zach, I really enjoyed it. I wish I didn’t hurt you but it was my first time. I’ll get better, I promise.”

“Please don’t feel like you need to Kate. You do what you want. I’m just glad I was the first one you … relieved. “

Kate leaned over to kiss me; I gave her a quick peck. She needed to know that the pretend boyfriend had stopped.

I shook Linda’s hand and headed out the door. It wasn’t dark yet but getting close. I made it to the door just before mom was going to lock it, just missing a bad night on the front porch.

She slapped me on the back of my head then kicked me in the seat of my pants. “You were close that time boy.” and turned to lock the door.

What keeps a guy from punching their mother right in the face? Homeless existence.

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