Zach discovers self love.
Chapter 4

I dropped the slut mag like a hot potato. Bob gave us the ‘shush’ sign, and Melissa threw her hand on her mouth.

Since we were able to hear everything from the den, we just held our breath and hoped Sally could steer my mom away.

“Oh! Yes, Zach’s mom! He’s such a great kid. Bob has him cleaning out our old garage. They should be back soon.”

“Just send him home when he gets back.”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t dally.”

“It was a… pleasure meeting you.”

“Likewise, Mrs. Strange.” With that, the door closed.

Sally came back to the den where we were waiting. I could tell she was un-nerved.

“Zach, your mom has the personality of an iceberg. Bob, we need to get that hicky covered up.” and headed out of the room.

I let out a sigh. My mom is not a pleasant person by nature and anyone can tell she forces herself to be nice. I was just glad the conniption fit was going to happen later rather than here.

Bob told me to cheer up, “She probably just needs some dick.”

It sure wasn’t going to me giving it to her. Maybe I should work on Dad.

I glanced down at the magazine I had and noticed the back side of it.

“Bob, what’s a vibrator?” wondering at the photo.

Bob filled me in, along with a bunch of other sex machines and “pleasure enhancers”. There aughtta be an encyclopedia for all the vocabulary and articles used in sex. He told me sex was a 4 billion dollar industry a year. He also said that someone was having sex every minute of every day. He advised me about exercises that make your dick grow bigger and things to do to keep it healthy. As a growing boy, you want it to grow into a good one.

Sally came back in with a small bag in her hand. She sat me down in the desk chair and started rummaging around in the bag. Finding what she was looking for, she settled down to fix my hicky.

Sally padded my neck with a brush, taking her time with the make-up. While she was busy with that, I wanted to say something about my time with her and her family.

“I really appreciate all you have done for me today.” I said.

“We actually did more than we should have, Zach.” padding away on my neck.

“That’s not true. You’re worried about molesting me. I was not innocent ya know. I had a hard-on. I just didn’t know what to do about it. I figure I’m lucky to have people willing to show me what is going on. You know my parents would never tell me. Most kids would be left in the dark to figure things out on their own, ya know?” I stated.

Sally placed her brush and make-up back in the bag. She bent over and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I thought I saw a tear in her eye. Maybe I didn’t know the seriousness of the events but I understood the enlightenment with the knowledge I now had.

I stood up to say my good byes. I went to Bob first, he was the closest.

“Mr. B., I can’t thank you enough for helping me.”, shaking his hand, “I’ll never be able to tell anyone but I’ll never forget either.”

Pulling my hand back, I felt a bill in my hand. I slipped it into my pocket without looking.

Bob said, “Remember, everything you learned here is not words you should be using just anywhere and be careful where you put that… thing.”

Walking over to Melissa, I said, “Melissa, I can’t thank you enough either. I put you in a bad situation, I realize that now. I hope you don’t forget me in your life. I know I won’t forget you. Thanks so much for sharing your body with me.”

Melissa kissed me on the cheek as well and said, “You are so welcome, I enjoyed it too. Besides, I can always say I got me some Strange, ya know? Be a good lover, Zach.”

I said my good byes and headed to the back yard to gather up my equipment.

Heading out the side gate, I saw a neighbor across the street sweeping her sidewalk. When I got closer, I noticed that she had seen me and I waved. Since this is a different block, I really didn’t know anyone. But, I was taught respect and waving at strangers wasn’t unusual here.

Before I got to the corner, the neighbor lady yelled, “Young man! Young man!”

I turned around to see her crossing the street. She was probably around 30 years old. She was wearing a smock and flip flops. She had a pretty face and her blonde hair was tied back. I watched her breasts bounce to me.

“Young man, do you do lawns?” she asked, a little out of breathe from catching up to me.

“Yes, ma‘am. I just finished one.” I said, a little tired from my activities of the day.

“Would you mind taking a look at mine? Perhaps you can give me a rate.”

“I can do that for you but I can’t cut it today. I’ve already done four lawns today and I probably wouldn’t do a good job. I’m a little tired.”

We walked across the street back to the yard I seen her in front of. She walked me through the front yard, pointing out the bushes and flowers she had there. The grass looked like it need mowing. It was a smaller yard than I was used to.

She steered me around the side, there was a strip there to mow, and on into the back yard. It was small but what I hated to see was the swing set there. The grass grows around every pole and I have to pull them out by hand since I wasn’t trusted with a weed eater. Overall though, it was a $5.00 yard.
I turned to face her after looking at the back fence. Someone behind her asked, “Who’s that, mom?”

“Kate, this is…?” the lady said questioningly at me.

“Oh yes, I’m Zach Strange. I mow the lawns in the summer, rake leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter.” Recognizing Kate from school, I directed my answer to the lady.

“I’m Linda Edwards and this is my daughter Kate.” Linda said, turning to the side and indicating Kate.

“I know Kate; we had the same classes last year.” I said, while shaking Linda’s hand.

Looking at Kate, she had more details from what I remembered. I knew she could talk an ear off and sass like a pro. But now, I noticed her blonde hair, green eyes, and the cute freckles below those eyes, her smile, dimples, dress and shoes. She had the makings of one fine girl but wasn’t quite ripe yet.

“Your last name is Strange? I know some Strange’s from church.” Linda queried.

“Yes ma’am, please don’t judge me from those crazy people.” I said, jokingly.

“Well, I hope you turn out just as proper as they are.” Linda stated.

“It’ll be a challenge, Mrs. Edwards. They have high standards but I’ll do my best.” I replied smiling.

We finished talking business. Kate stood there the whole time, watching us. I felt a little paranoid; I checked the beast in my pants to make sure it wasn’t rising up to bite me a few times. We settled on the 5 bucks every two weeks with me trimming around the swing set and Mrs. Edwards tending the flowers.

“Now, can you come tomorrow and mow? My sister is coming over for a visit and I don’t want her to see how bad the yard is.” Linda asked.

“Yes ma’am, I’ll make sure to be here. What time would be ok?” I asked.

“Noon should do, that’ll be just enough time before she gets here.” Linda responded.

I shook her hand and turned to go. I said, “Bye Kate.” And she said “Bye”.

As I got to the side yard, I turned my head and saw Kate looking at me with her arms behind her back. She was a cutie alright.

Gathering up my equipment one more time I headed to Hell to face my mom.

After putting my stuff away, I entered the house from the back door. Mom was in the kitchen, all 250 pounds of her. Short with graying hair, heavy set in all the wrong places, at times when I couldn’t stand her, I referred to her in my mind as momma ogre.

“Boy, where have you been?” she said.

“I was helping a neighbor with his garage.” I replied.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me if there was going to be a problem?” she said, still washing the same bowl.

“Well, I didn’t have a chance; it was something that had to be taken care of right away.” I said.

“Since when is something more important than telling your mother what you are doing?” furrowing her brow.

Now, my mom don’t put up with any crap. It’s her world and I’m just global warming in it. I try to avoid getting her riled up. She tends to use whatever is in her proximity as a weapon of punishment and that porcelain bowl looked heavy.

“I was outside when Mr. Benson asked for my help. I wasn’t near a phone and I didn’t think I would be gone that long. We went to a garage to move some stuff out.” trying to explain it away.

“You know I will beat you into next week and beat you some more for leaving early if I find out you’ve been lying to me, boy.” staring hard at me.

You know my mom knows the story. She just has to play these power games. Either she wants to enforce her control over me or just wants to drive me crazy, both makes sense to me.

“I know, mom” I replied, and headed upstairs to clean up. The less I say the better off I am.

After taking a shower at the Benson’s, I could get by with a wash cloth. I didn’t want to mess with anything Sally did to my neck. It actually looked pretty good. I did wash my new found dick, balls, and legs. Man, Melissa sure cums a lot. What a tight pussy too. Her tits were so soft and firm…

My dick started swelling up again. If mom walked in on me right now, she’d probably cut it off and feed it to the dogs. I thought I would rub the ache out of it, maybe it would go down. Although the thought of my mom castrating me made it go limp again.

I started to realize that if I even think about touching a girl, my dick swells up. Crazy! I’m supposed to deal with that my whole life? Even Kate was a small challenge; I managed to keep any bad thoughts at bay because I knew she wasn’t ready but still, there’s a school full of girls I’ll be going back to and I could think of many that would probably be ready. Some already had a good chest on them. I know Samantha’s looked real good.

Great, my dick was twitching again.
A rapid ‘Pound, Pound, Pound!’ on the door of the bathroom, got my fullest attention.

“Yeah?!?” I answered, checking my backside for anything brown.

“Playing with it makes you go blind! Get out of there and let someone else use it!” mom yelled.

Ya know, just yesterday, I would have believed her.

“Huh, I thought it grew bigger.” I said, passing her on the way out.

I was probably in the wrong but the shock on my mom’s face was worth it.

I ate as quickly as I could so I could get out of the eyes of my parents. I certainly didn’t want them to look too closely at my neck. I had found a new book at the library I was anxious to start, anyway. Besides, all I would miss would be news, game shows, and Bonanza. I could live without the Cartwright clan one night. I headed upstairs to read my Nancy Drew mystery.

As I got into the book, the description of Nancy seemed to make her out to be a hottie. Her build also reminded me of Melissa. Melissa reminded me of my dick which reminded me of where I had it… which also made my dick take notice.

I started rubbing unconsciously through my pants. This just wasn’t working for me. I stood up and dropped my pants, forgetting to empty them for the moment.

As I recalled everything that happened to me today, I sorted out the good parts and focused on them. I stroked my dick a little awkwardly at first but I got into a rhythm after a few. Before long, the liquid fire rose up and, with a graceful arc in the air, the ceiling light reflecting off of it, giving it a pearly hue, shot me in the eye.

It annoyed me at first, then it irritated me, then it burned me. Blinded by my bull’s-eye shot, I stumbled around looking for something to wipe it away with. The sheet on the bed was my victim and wiping the mess away was my top priority. After gaining some sight back, I looked around for any more I might have missed. Sure as shooting, I shot the wall. I cleaned it off with the sheet too. I wiped my eye some more. Man that burned!

Looking in my mirror, I saw that I had rubbed my eye red.

Now, I have gone to mom for band aids, sore throat medicine, headaches, and sneezes. But I’ll be blind and buried before I go to my mom with cum-shot eyes. That just wasn’t going to happen with this boy. Besides, didn’t she just warn me that playing with it would make me go blind? I’d have never guessed she meant putting my eye out with it. What is it with moms and their riddles?

I put on my PJ bottoms and headed for the restroom. My dad had a bottle of Visine in the medicine cabinet.

Looking into the mirror, I noticed more goo under my chin and around my neck. Tilting my head down, there was some in my hair. I grabbed the wash cloth I used earlier, wetted it, and tried to clean up. I found out that cum did not leave hair very well. I also saw that cum was a great make-up remover.

What to do? Calamine lotion. Used to stop the itch, it could also stop the witch. That was exactly what would happen if my mom sees a hicky on me, she’d be flying a broom stick for days. I put a dab over the uncovered hicky and if asked, I got some poison oak on me throwing lawn debris into a garbage bag.

I headed back to my room and saw my pants on the floor. I emptied out the pockets and found the money I had earned for the day. I had three five dollar bills from the three lawns before the Benson’s. A bill rolled up given to me by Bob.

As I unrolled it, a brand new crisp 20 appeared in the corner and a Post It note appeared in the center. “Buy Condoms” was all that was written on it. After straightening it out, I felt that the bill seemed kind of thick.

Squeezing it, I separated another bill. It was a new twenty as well.

Maybe Bob accidently gave me two when he meant to only give me one. Since I will be right across the street from them, I’ll just stop by tomorrow and give him the extra bill.

I went to sleep and dreamed of the evil monster in my pants and all the victims it was trying to stab. When I woke up, my dick was swollen again.

I went to the bathroom. As I relieved myself, my dick got relieved too. Why is that? By the time I drained my vein, the vein lost its swelling completely.

I ate a late breakfast, listened to the weather forecast, and headed for my equipment. It was supposed to be hot and muggy. I got more gas for the lawn mower and filled it after cleaning the grass out from under it. I cleaned the air filter while I was at it. I then mowed our own back yard. I’ll hit our front yard when I come back before putting the lawn mower away.

By the time I had finished the back yard and pulled some weeds, it was time to head over to Mrs. Edwards’ place.

I and my gear got there right before noon. Just walking there kept me sweaty. I looked at the house and thought about knocking. Then I thought better of it. After all, we had set this time up and I might as well spend it mowing.

I got some rocks and cans out of the yard. Why do people just throw their empty cans into someone’s yard? There’s nothing that smells worse than a half empty beer can that’s laid in the sun for a few days. I sat the debris and cans on the sidewalk and started the mower. The front took a bit. I had to pull weeds too. I was dripping with sweat.

I went over to the side and got any rocks out of the way there. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. Not a soul around. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it on the front step after wiping the sweat off of me with it. I then mowed the patch on the side.

I went back to the front yard and raked it, swept the sidewalk, and threw the trash in my garbage bag. I hate backtracking. There’s nothing worse than going right back to the same place I’ve been before to finish a job.

Coming through the knee high fence that separated the side yard from the back, I was startled by a voice to my right. “Hi!”

“Oh, hey!” I said. It was Kate, sitting on the back stoop. What is it with girls sitting on their back stoops?

Kate had a flowery dress on. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and her head resting on her knees.
“My cousins will be here soon.” She said.

“Well, I hope to be out of the way before they get here.” I replied.
“You look hot, Zach.” She commented.

“I am hot. It’s a scorcher today.” wiping my forehead with my arm.

“I’ll get you something to drink.” She said.

“I’ll get started on the yard.” I said.

I got back to work. On the third pass, I noticed Kate was holding a drink on the steps. Seeing that I only had a few passes left, I decided to finish it before getting the drink. I signaled “one minute” and finished up.
Killing the lawn mower, I walked over to Katie. She handed me the lemonade and sat back down on the step.
I thanked her for her generosity and drank half of the lemonade in one shot. I took the cold glass and ran it over my forehead. Man, that’ll wake you up.

Katie just kept looking at me and said, “What’s different about you Zach?”

I was taken aback a little. I was the same ole unruly haired, gangly bodied Zach, as far as I could tell.

“I can’t think of anything different about me Katie.” I replied.

“No, there’s something different. You walk different and you act different.” she concluded.

“I haven’t noticed it.” I said.

“I think it’s true.” She said, and settled on that.

“Well, maybe it’s the heat.” I figured.

“Nope, I noticed it yesterday.” she noted, obviously referring to her looking at me then.

“Welp, I hope it isn’t a bad thing.” Giving up and finished the lemonade.

“Do you think you could do me a favor today, Zach?” she asked.

“If it’s reasonable and in my power, I wouldn’t mind.” I stated.

“Would you be my… um… my boyfriend?” She asked, then quickly said, “Just for today! I wouldn’t expect you to do it all the time.”

“Now, what would you need me to do that for? I’m no good at being one.” shocked at the question.

“My cousins tease me about their boyfriends and tease me about not having one.” she explained.

“Ah, I get it. Sure, you can tell them I’m your boyfriend if you want. It wouldn’t bother me at all.” I said.

“Well, I can’t just tell them. They’d want to meet you to prove it.” She said.

“Are you sure that you’d want them to meet someone like me?” I asked.

“Well, you look good. You’re not fat. You’re a little taller than me. And… you seem to act like you know your way around, ya know?” she answered.

“Not really. I don’t know my way around anything.” I said, puzzled at that.

“I mean, around a girl, silly.” she giggled.

Now why would she think that? I swear girls have an antenna that detects all kinds of things.

“I know what they’re made of.” I said.

“Oh? What’s that?” she asked.

“Sugar and spice and everything nice.” I said, grinning the whole time.

“You!” and slapped at me.

“Tell ya what. If you want, I’ll come back after I put my gear away. Your cousins might be here by then.” I said.

“Ok! But, we need to practice.” She said.

Practice at being girl and boy friends? All they do is smooch a lot.

“Alright, you start the fight.” I said.

“No! I mean kissing goofy!” she said, acting mad.

I knew that was coming. The only girls I’ve ever kissed were yesterday and they did all the kissing. I could only hope Melissa and Sally’s instructions would help me here.

“Ok, you start the kissing.” I said.

With that, she stood up on the step and leaned over to me, putting her arms around my neck, and puckered up like a fish.

I gave her a quick peck on the lips and said, “I’m pretty sure girlfriends don’t peck when they kiss.”

“Just what do they do, Zach?” she asked, with questioning eyes.

I put my hands on her hips, turned my head to the side, and leaned in. I carefully brushed my lips over hers. As she started to pucker, I pressed my lips into hers. I held it there awhile and then sucked on her lower lip until I felt her loosen up. Then, I slipped a little tongue in between her lips. She instinctively raised her hands to my head.

She opened up a little more and relaxed her lips. I was as gentle as I could be as I probed into her mouth and grazed her tongue with mine. She felt that and started using her tongue too. In a matter of seconds, we were kissing like pros. I stabbed my tongue into her mouth, slowly at first, then speeding up. I slowed down and on the final stab, I very slowly left her mouth, pausing at her lips for one more kiss. We finally broke it off. She leaned back, quivered a little, and had to grab my arms. I held on to her until she got her footing.

“Wow! Just wow!” she said, gasping for breath.

“Do you think that would convince them?” I asked, with a sly grin showing on my face.

“I don’t care if it does! You convinced me! Where did you learn to do that!” she said, flustered.

“Um, I seen it in a movie.” was all I could think of, and batted my eyes.

“That is a load of crap, someone must have showed you.” She said, accusingly.

“Well, I know what feels right and that kiss seemed right to me.” I shrugged.

“One of these days, I’ll get the truth out of you.” raising a finger at me.

“Well, if we’re going to play boyfriend-girlfriend today, I’ve got to get this yard raked and weeded. Let me get back to it so I can get my equipment back home.” turning to leave her.

“What’s up with that?” she asked.

“What? I’ve got to get busy.” trying to get to it.

“A boy just kissed a girl that makes her knees give out and leaves? You don’t wanna feel me up or nothing?

What’s wrong with you?” placing her hands on her hips.

“Look, if a guy kissed you and tried to feel you up afterwards, he needs his tail kicked and I’m one to do it.
Who was it?” I asked, thinking she might be serious.

“Well… nobody… really. But aren’t guys supposed to?” asking while confused.

“Let me tell you something right now. A guy should treat you with the respect you deserve. Don’t let them walk on you like that. Promise me that if they try, you’ll never see them again.” I said.

“I was just asking. But I will promise.” looking down.

I went ahead and finished the job. Kate took the glass back inside and I didn’t see her for the rest of the time I was there.

When Mrs. Edwards came outside, I had her look around for anything I might have missed. She seemed pretty satisfied and paid me.

“Mrs. Edwards, Kate has invited me back to meet her cousins when your sister visits today. I’d like your permission to do so. If it isn’t ok, could you please tell Kate I’m sorry to not make it back?

“Zach, when you kiss a girl, you can’t just leave them hanging, you know. You’d better come back or I’ll skin you myself.” she said with a huff.

Now crap, how did she know that? Now she’s going to think I’m a scum bag!

“Mrs. Edwards! You understand that we were just pretending, don’t you?” I said, exasperated.

“Son, I’ve seen kisses before and that wasn’t a pretend kiss!” she said.

“Please Mrs. Edwards, I meant no disrespect, honest!” worried about next Sunday at church and the wonderful conversation she was going to have with my mother.

“I know you didn’t Zach. I watched you walk away and that’s what a gentleman does. Even you asking permission to come back was the right thing to do. Your momma is raising you right. You got nothing to worry about here.” She informed me.

“Oh, thank you ma’am! I’m glad you understand.” feeling relieved.

“My sister will be here at 2:30, make sure you’re here before then. It wouldn’t be convincing if you showed up after they arrive.” she finished.

“Thank you so much for being so understanding about all of this.” I said.

“Good bye, Mr. Strange. I’ll see you later.” And off she went.

Now I have never, ever been called Mr. Strange before. She had given me more respect than I ever had in my entire life.

I headed across the street to the Benson’s. I rang the bell and waited. The door opened and Sally appeared.

“Zach! Is everything alright?” she seemed a bit frazzled.

“Yes ma’am, I’m fine. Is Mr. Benson home?” I asked.

“No, he had to go to the office and pick up some papers he needed done for tomorrow.” She informed me.

“He might have overpaid me yesterday. He had given me a twenty dollar bill but there was another twenty stuck behind it. I just wanted to return it.” I said.

“Come in Zach and let me look at you.” She said, shooing me in.

I stepped into the living room and turned around. Sally approached me and looked at my neck.

“Zach is that Calamine lotion?” she asked while inspecting me.

“Yes ma’am, the make-up you put on got smeared while I was… cleaning up. I figured I’d just tell mom I got poison oak on me while throwing grass away.”

“That was a smart idea Zach. I’ve got some here. Let’s wash this off and see how it looks now.” and off she went.

She brought back a wash cloth and a bottle of Calamine lotion.

Cleaning my neck, she said, “Yes, it looks a lot better. It might be gone by tomorrow.”

I could smell her perfume. She really smelled nice. Leaning over me, I got a good view of the chest I spewed my goo on the day before. Man that was something I’ll never forget.

Uh oh. And neither will my dick. I was swelling in front of her. Gosh, I hope she hurries up!

“Ok, Zach, you’re all set.” standing straight and looking me over.

“Thanks Mrs. Benson. Here’s your husband’s money.” handing out the twenty.

“That’s all yours Zach. It’s the least we can do to put you through so much trouble.” and smiled as she said it.

“But, are you sure? It’s a lot of money.” I asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. Spend it on some pants that’ll keep you covered, you know… down there.” and grinned.

Turning beet red, I said, “Yes ma’am.” and headed for the door.

We said good bye and I headed for home to get some descent clothes on. Leaving, I told my mother where I’d be.

“Remember, back before sunset or you’re sleeping on the porch!”

“Yes mom!” and I was gone.

I arrived at the Edwards’ house and rang the bell.

Kate answered the door wearing a blue blouse with a Minnie Mouse on it. Her skirt was above the knee, red, with white polka dots, lacy ruffles was around the hem. Black shoes filled with sheer white socks that ran all the way to her knees. Her blonde hair was sporting a bow…

Stop! Why the heck do I care what’s she’s wearing? Before yesterday, I’d have never given her a second look! My Hermans where driving me crazy! They’re not even Hermans, their … hormones, yeah, that’s it.

“Hi!” she said all bubbly.

“Hey. “ I said, sounding disappointed.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

“I might as well head back home.” I said.

“What?!? Why?” she asked, astonished that I had said that.

“Cause. You fixed yourself up really nice and nobody will believe I could get a girlfriend that pretty.” I said, still sounding disappointed.

“Wha…” then, catching the compliment, “You! Get in here!” and dragged me by the arm into the house.

The house was on the corner of the street. It had the same amount of property as the rest of the houses. But the house was bigger, which made the yard smaller.

She led me to her living room where Linda sat, reading a book.

“Hi, Mrs. Edwards, what’s ya reading?” I greeted.

“Welcome back Zach. This is a mystery novel.” she replied, putting the book down.

“Awesome! I just finished the Hardy Boys series and I found a spin off called Nancy Drew Mysteries.” I said, taking a seat beside Kate on the couch. “I started on the first book last night.”

“Really? I remember reading them at your age.” She said.

The doorbell rang. It was a fancy one. I had never heard a doorbell like that. Linda got up to answer it. I turned to Kate to ask her if she was ready for the visit. She shook her head and looked towards the door.

In the gang came, filing in order. I assumed it was Linda’s sister first, almost a carbon copy of Linda but shorter, then a boy my age or younger than me followed by a girl dressed in black blue jeans and a white halter top. Her sneakers where white with pink stripes and looked brand new. She looked younger than Melissa but definitely older than me. She even had breasts and a curvy figure… Stop!

A line was formed and Linda introduced them.

“This is my sister, Laura Lance. Laura, this is Zach.” I bowed and shook her hand. Always respect the ladies, Bob said.

“Zach, these are her children Dawn and Dave.” Linda said.

I bowed to Dawn and shook her hand and nodded to Dave.

“Zach is Kate’s boyfriend.” Linda said nonchalantly.

I was amazed that Kate could convince Linda of the ruse, it might be unethical with her religion.

“Is he now?” Laura asked, and then added, “He certainly seems worthy.” and smiled.

“We have drinks and snacks in the kitchen, the kids can play on the back porch or in the yard.” Linda said.

Kate and I followed the gang into the kitchen. There were all kinds of snacks on the table with paper plates. The drinks where on the counter; Styrofoam cups, RC Cola, Tang, and Lemonade. Man, I like pig-in-a-blankets; I could eat ‘em for lunch on a daily basis. I took a modest few though; it wasn’t my food I was eating, after all.

We started filing out to the back porch. There was a swing, a few lawn chairs there and two small end tables.

I stood until everyone got seated then sat beside Kate on the swing.

I watched Linda and Laura head out of the kitchen towards the living room.

“How long have you two been together?” was the expected question coming from Dawn.

“Over a month.” said Kate.

“Zach, what’s favorite color?” she then asked.

Well, I didn’t know so I said, “Money Green I think, since I spoil her on candy.” and smiled.

“How’s your boyfriend Dawn?” Kate wanted to know.

“I dumped him. He was too much of a horn dog for me and I could get a football player anyway.” she said, matter-of-factly.

“You didn’t like him that well?” I asked, finding it hard to believe you could change boyfriends like you do clothes.

“No, I liked him ok but he wasn’t all that popular.” She replied.

“So how did he take it when you broke up with him?” Kate asked.

“It was no big deal, he wanted a cheerleader anyway.” She answered.

Now, I might know something about sex, but I sure didn’t know anything about relationships. But even still, it sounded like they were swapping for better popularity to me.

Dave asked me if I played sports. I told him I played baseball and football on occasion but wasn’t on a team or anything.

“Zach, you better think ahead and join one so you can have a shot at all the girls.” Dave said, thinking logical.

“If it takes joining something that I’d have no fun in, I guess I’ll do without a girlfriend.” not thinking about Kate sitting there as a pretend one.

“Kate, I haven’t seen you two do anything yet. Are you sure you’re hooked up?” Dawn asked.

Kate reached over and took my hand and said, “Pretty sure, we aren’t kissing for fun.” and reached over to kiss me.

It was short and sweet; I put my right arm around her shoulder and held her hand with my left.

“I bet you two don’t even know how to kiss right.” she said, urging us on.

“It doesn’t matter how we kiss as long as we like it, I suppose.” Kate stated.

“Ok then, go ahead and kiss him like you mean it.” she taunted.

Well, I could tell that Dawn was not even worth letting her watch us kiss, but I was here for Kate and followed her lead.

Kate looked at me pleadingly so I turned on the swing. She did the same. Just like the day before, we kissed like pros.

I let go of her hand and brought it to the side of her face and caressed her there. Her hand fell in my lap and until then, I had no idea that the monster was rising. I know she had to feel it because I felt her, even though it wasn’t completely swollen, and she drew her hand away softly and slowly.

I knew there was no way Kate would know anything about dicks or cocks but I didn’t know what she would think after touching one. Hopefully, she didn’t realize anything about it.

When we broke away, we leaned back and stared into each other’s eyes. Then we were interrupted by the audience we were in front of.

“Amazing! I didn’t know you knew how to kiss like that girl!” Dawn sounded surprised.

“Eeeewe, you guys were swapping spit!” said Dave, looking disgusted.

Just the day before yesterday, I would have said the same thing. But now I didn't care.

“I don’t think I’ve ever kissed like that, myself.” Dawn confessed.

“You should try it sometime Dawn. It’ll knock your knees out.” said Kate.

“I would if I could ever find a guy to teach me like that!” responded Dawn.

Kate shifted around in her seat, then said, “Maybe I might let Zach teach you.” and flashed her eyes to me.
All I could do was look shocked.

Had we been real boyfriend-girlfriends, that probably wouldn’t have come out of her mouth. From what I understand, girls are real greedy about their guys and never share them.

“Oh, please Kate? I promise, it won’t mean anything.” she asked with begging eyes.

“Zach, do you mind?” Kate asked.

“Well, I don’t know if it will be as good. I don’t like her like I like you Kate.” I said, holding back a snicker.

“I’ll take anything close to that!” Dawn said and stood up.

She was definitely taller than me. I had the idea of standing on the step outside like Kate did earlier while Dawn stood on the ground. We all headed outside. I had to adjust myself while getting up so I waited till everyone was in front of me.

Once we got into position, Dawn asked, “Is there anything I should know?”

I told her to “Just act natural and go with it.”

With that, we leaned in for the kiss. Like Kate, she puckered up. I placed my lips on hers and rotated in a small circle until I felt her ease up on her pucker. I sucked the bottom lip until I heard her moan and open her mouth a little.

I placed my hands on both sides of her face and gently tilted her head. I licked her bottom lip and worked my way into the mouth. She let me in and I caressed her tongue. She was a little slow to catch on but started returning her tongue on mine. I eased up and let her tongue follow me. When it close to the outside, I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I ran my tongue under hers.

I let her have her tongue back and when she drew it back in, my tongue followed hers. I tongue fucked her mouth slowly at first and then with more authority and she rocked back and forth with it. On my final few thrusts, I slowed down and eased it out slowly, locking lips a final time.

She pulled a ‘Kate’ on me when we separated and shuddered a little. I had to catch her and hold on until she regained her balance.

She looked at me kind all starry-eyed and said, “Oh my God, I have never kissed like that before.” letting out a sigh, “Where ever did you learn to do that?”

Like before, I gave the same answer, “Think I saw it in a movie somewhere.”

And just like Kate, Dawn said, “That is a big load of bull crap! You can’t see the inside of their mouths when they kiss. Someone had to teach you that!”

“Maybe it’s just, you know, natural for me.” I said.

For the second time today, an accusing finger was pointing at me. “You know more than any boy I’ve ever been with and I’ve been with quite a few! I want to know everything you know, now start…”

“Hey! Can I please have my boyfriend back now?” Kate interrupted.

“What? No, wait, I want to know more of what he knows! Make him talk.” Dawn said.

I wasn’t a puppet like somebody could make me talk. This girl was too spoiled for me.

“Look, you said a kiss and that is what you got. You said it wouldn’t mean anything and it better not mean anything. Zach’s done and you’re done. Time to move on.” and grabbing my hand, Kate led me back on the porch swing.

“Don’t you worry about it Zach. You did fine. Dawn just isn’t used to that kind of loving is all.” Kate said making sure Dawn heard her and I could tell she was eating it up.

I just had to add to it, “I hope you’re ok with me kissing her. You know I was thinking of you the whole time.”

We talked for a while longer. I learned that Dave was ten and Dawn was fourteen. They lived on the outskirts of town in a big farm house just inside the border of another county.

Laura came through the kitchen door and said, “Time to go guys. Say your good byes.” and headed back to the front.

We all got up, I told them both it was nice meeting them and perhaps we’d meet again. Dawn shook my hand, leaning in, and said, “Kate’s lucky as Hell. If you dump her, look me up.” and she headed towards the front door.

Dave shook my hand next and said, “You might have to teach me that stuff someday. Not that I look forward to kissing icky girls.” and off he went, following his older sister.

I met Laura in the living room, finishing up her goodbyes.

“It’s been a pleasure in meeting such a fine gentleman, Zach.” reaching out her hand.

“The pleasure was mine, my lady.” turning her hand and kissing it.

Don’t ask me where I got it but I think it was really and truly from a movie.

Laura fanned her hand in front of her face and said, “Mercy.” In mock faint, then she said good bye to her little princess Kate.

I made sure that the last thing they saw was my arm around Kate and hers around my waist. Dawn just leered at us until she walked out.

As soon as the door closed, I was relived it was over.

“Whew, I think they might have bought our little game of pretend Kate.” I said. “You don’t have to suffer me being your boyfriend anymore.” and chuckled.

“You two had me convinced too.” Linda said.

“Mom, I don’t want Zach to stop being my boyfriend. Would you let me keep him?” Kate asked.

Great, now Kate wants me. Why do I feel like a toy? Do you think mom will let me have a girlfriend? Plus, I got a monster in my pants. How could I explain that to poor innocent Kate?

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