Older brother has a special present for his little sister's birthday
Big Present For Little Sister
By: SisterSeducto
Summary: Older brother has a special present for his little sister, and it ain't no iPod.

Looking back I suppose I should have been a little wary when my brother Kevin told me he had a big present for me. However, I was in my own world enjoying my birthday party in the back yard. I was feeling so pretty and grown up in my new pink dress. All my friends had been fawning over me all day, and I'd had so much cake, ice cream and candy I'd been buzzing around the back yard fueled with sugar as I played games with my friends.
I'd received so many presents I couldn't keep count, and mom had told me that the super cool new cell phone I got was from all my siblings, so that included Kevin. It wasn't like him to get me something on his own, but still I was excited at the prospect of another present. So when he pulled me aside and said he had something for me, I perked up immediately.
“What is it?” I asked.
“It's a secret present,” he said. “Just between us. I have to give it to you when we're alone.”
“Wow,” I said with breathy anticipation.
This was no doubt going to be GOOD. This day could not get any better. Maybe since I was ten now, my brother was going to finally stop treating me like a little kid? After all, I was in the double digits now. That was a big deal.
“When can I have it?” I asked, practically bouncing up and down on my toes. “When? When? Where is it? Can I have it now?”
“I don't know, Tracy, I'm not sure,” he said, suddenly becoming hesitant. “On second thought you might not be old enough for it.”
“I'm old enough!” I cried, frustrated. Being told I wasn't old enough for something always upset me. “I'm totally grown up now!”
Kevin chuckled and smiled at me. “Whatever you say. You are growing up. But still, I'm just not sure you're old enough to appreciate this kind of gift.”
“I'll appreciate it, I swear!” I moaned, grabbing his hand and looking up at him with big imploring blue eyes. “Give it to me, please? Please?”
“I don't know...” he said, looking really unsure.
“What if I PROMISE I'll appreciate it? And take super good care of it? Will you give it to me then?”
“So you promise you'll appreciate it and take good care of it, and you won't tell anybody else about it ever?” he asked.
I nodded vehemently. “I promise!” I said, crossing my heart for extra measure.
Kevin looked around, seeing that mom was busy with her friends, dad was grilling burgers, our sister was sitting on her boyfriend's lap, our older brother was chatting up some girl by a tree, and my friends were engaged in a new game. None of them had noticed us step off to the side. “Okay, c'mon,” he said, pulling me along by the hand.
We slipped through the bushes and into the woods behind our house. It was a mild autumn day and the woods were a festive mix of red, gold and orange. Leaves swirled around us and crunched beneath our feet as we headed hand-in-hand through the trees. I was so excited. A present that no one else could see but me? What could be better?
As the treehouse dad built for us came into view, my heart started to race. Did he hide my present there?
We headed to the treehouse, climbed up the ladder and entered the hangout us kids had been using for almost three summers now. It was decorated quite comfortably with a sofa, chairs, bean bag chairs, rugs, a desk and a shelf of books. It even had a box of my favorite toys in the corner. But since I was ten now, I was starting to think it was time for me to give up toys.
Kevin closed the door behind us and put the latch down, then turned around and looked at me. He looked as excited as I felt. But he didn't do anything, he just stood there, sort of looming over my five foot frame.
“Well, where is it?” I asked.
“Actually I have more than one present for you. Kind of like a little one and then a big one.”
“Seriously?” I asked, beaming. He really must have missed me when he was gone away this past year.
Our parents had sent him off to some all-boys' military school. He'd only been back a few days but it wasn't until I saw his face that I realized how much I had missed him. Maybe he felt the same about me? When he left he was 12 and kind of gangly and pimpled faced, but now he was 13 and taller. Bigger. His skin was clear and his dark hair was longer, cooler. He just seemed so much more grown up and mature.
“Yeah. Close your eyes and I'll give you the first one.”
I never did what Kevin said, ever, but when presents were involved I just had to comply. I shut my eyes tight and waited.
I couldn't see anything but I felt him move in close. I felt his breath on my face, warm and sweet. The next thing I felt were his lips pressing softly against mine. It wasn't the quick peck on the lips that mom always gave me, but more like the kind of kiss our older sister Becky liked to sneak and give her boyfriend when she didn't know anyone was around to see.
The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but I could have sworn it was longer since my mind had a chance to go from shock at what was happening, to an attempt to make sense of it, to the realization that it didn't matter why it was happening because it did kind of feel nice. I was proud to be having my first real kiss. I didn't care if it was with Kevin, none of my other friends had kissed a boy at all, so this put me way ahead of them!
When he pulled away my eyes fluttered open. Kevin was looking at me with curious eyes the same shade of blue as my own.
“Well?” he asked. “Did you like it?”
“Y-yeah,” I said, shyly. I felt awkward and my cheeks felt warm. My lips were kind of tingling. Sure, this whole thing was a little weird, but kissing was a super grown-up thing so I was flattered he wanted to do it with me.
He smiled, looking somewhat relieved. “Good,” he said. He took me by the hand and led me over to the rug to sit. He sat down next to me.
“What now?” I asked, eager to see when we would get to the more tangible presents.
Kevin pulled a pillow off the sofa and laid it on the floor, patting it. “Lay your head here.”
I did as told, laying back on the floor with my head on the pillow. He then leaned over me and kissed me again. Only this time after awhile I felt his tongue brush my lips, trying to wriggle inside. Ew! I didn't want his spit in my mouth, that was gross! My hand shot up to push at his chest, and I was about to push him away but then I realized if I did, he would think I was being a baby. Then I wouldn't get my present. So I forced myself to not think about what was happening and just go with it.
I allowed him to coax my mouth open with his tongue. Then his tongue slipped into my mouth. I was just about to say to hell with the present, I wasn't doing this, when his tongue started to move against mine and it felt...well, good. It tasted nice, too. This obviously wasn't gross, like I thought.
I laid there trying to kiss back, awkwardly trying to anticipate what he was doing so I could do the opposite. Finally, I just started to do exactly what he was doing back to him and that seemed to work out. Our kissing got smoother and lot more interesting. There was something inherent about the act of kissing that was exciting.
While we were kissing, his hand snaked onto my waist. It stayed there for a moment or two but then it began to move up higher and higher to my chest. I knew if it went any further he would be touching my boob. Well, I didn't have any real boobs yet, just these puffy little swells. I then realized that if he felt that he would laugh at me and call me a baby, so I grabbed his hand, stopping him.
“Um, what are you doing?” I asked.
“I'm just going to show you something. Relax,” he said, moving his hand around to the back of my dress to unzip it.
“This is all really weird, I don't understand, I don't know what we're doing,” I started to babble.
“I know, it's big kid stuff, but you'll understand soon,” he said, unzipping my dress.
With the dress unzipped a ways he found it easy to pull it down from my shoulder, exposing my right breast to him. Before I could start to babble again his hand cupped it and started to fondle. Curious, I let him continue. Then he began to touch and squeeze my nipple. The sensation that went through me when he did that was incredible. I had never touched my nipples before. I never imagined that if I did they would feel that good!
“See how sensitive they are?” he whispered. “That's what I wanted to show you.”
I nodded and swallowed hard, feeling pleasure shoot from my boob down to a spot down below that had to be way deep inside my pussy. That was so cool! The more he touched and tweaked my soft little preteen swell of a boob, the better it felt. I started to breathe hard and my body started to feel warm all over.
“You like the way that feels, right?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I sighed.
“Raise up so I can pull this down a little more,” he said, tugging at my dress. I did as told and my other boob came into view. I thought he was going to touch it, but he kissed it instead.
“Ahh!” I said, as the intensity of his hot wet mouth on my nipple shocked me. He smiled at me and then began to run his tongue around and over my nipple.
By this time I no longer cared what was going on, I only knew it was great.
“Ready to see your big present now?” he asked.
I'd almost forgotten all about it. I almost wanted to push his head back to my boob, but I forced myself to concentrate on the question at hand.
“Yeah, yeah show me.”
He reached down to his jeans.
“Is it in your pocket?” I asked, eagerly.
“Not quite,” he giggled, and his hands went to his fly, unfastening it.
I watched in complete confusion as he unzipped his pants, pushed down his boxers and pulled out his penis. It was long and hard, curved slightly upward with a big smooth head. He held it in his hand, and grinned at me. “Well, here it is.”
I looked at him, blinking slowly.
“That's...” I began, words failing me. I looked at it again. Then I pointed at it in outrage. “That's your wiener!”
“Well, yeah,” he said. “Happy Birthday!”
I could have knocked him out of the treehouse flying at that moment. My disappointment and anger were astronomical.
“MY present is YOUR wiener?” I demanded. “That is not a freaking present, Kevin! A present is supposed to be something good! Something fun! Something just for me that I can have!”
“But you can have this whenever you want. I wanted to give it to you because I love you! And trust me, it may not look like it, but you can have a lot of fun with it. I promise, it will make you really really happy.”
I stared at him, completely unbelieving.
“Oh man,” he said, a look of worry and embarrassment coming over his face. “You really are too young. I'm sorry.”
He went to pull his pants back up, but I grabbed his arm.
“Wait. Wait. I'm not too young!”
“Yes you are. You promised you'd appreciate it but you obviously don't get it,” he said.
“Well help me understand?!” I pleaded. “How will it make me really happy?”
Kevin sighed, but relaxed next to me again, obviously willing to give me another chance. I was glad since as he'd reminded me I did promise to appreciate his present and take good care of it.
“'s hard to explain. I'd have to show you.”
“Oh.” I didn't understand.
“So, can I give it to you? Your present, I mean?”
“Um, yeah, okay,” I said, with a clueless shrug.
“Good. Then we'll just need to get rid of these,” he said, and sat up to reach under my dress, pulling my panties down.
I was awfully confused, but not willing to show it. He spread my legs and moved between them. I guess he noticed how I suddenly became tense because he rubbed my leg, reassuring me.
“Relax. This is not gonna hurt,” he said. “You'll like it.”
With that he moved closer and started to rub his dick against my little soft hairless pussy. In my mind I was shocked that he was rubbing his privates on my privates. I was pretty sure that that was not supposed to be happening. Mom said I was not to let anyone touch my privates. Despite her warnings, I didn't mind what was currently happening. He felt good rubbing against me. His dick felt hard but soft on the outside. And warm. My pussy felt tingly and sensitive as the full length of his shaft rubbed against it. I'd never felt this sensation before, but it was intense. Even better than when he was licking my nipples.
Okay, so maybe my present had some value after all...
“Feel good?” he asked, as he pumped his hips.
“Um, y-yeah,” I said, barely able to talk as tingles crept up my pussy and down my spine.
He smiled and leaned down to kiss me, then continued to hump against me.
The pleasure was increasing by the minute and I started to whimper. Something wet was starting to come out of me, I could feel it. It was wetting his dick, I could feel it was slick now when it moved against me. I didn't know if it was normal but I was too shy to ask.
“I think you're ready,” he said.
“For what?”
“To receive your present.”
“I thought I was receiving it already?”
“No, it goes inside you, silly,” he laughed. “That's what it's for.”
How could that be? There was no way it could fit inside me!
“Here goes,” he said, and I felt the tip of his dick pushing inside of my pussy. It felt good at first but the further it inched, the more it started to hurt. The fit was just really really tight and I didn't think it would go in, despite what he said.
“Kevin - “ I protested, as the strain on my tender pussy got more intense.
“It's okay, everything's alright,” he said, pushing a little further, a little harder. I felt something tear and give way, giving me a real shock and a sharp pain, then surprisingly he slipped all the way inside.
My whole body went tense, unsure how it felt about this new invader, but quickly the pain started to fade, and Kevin started to kiss me again. Unsure what else to do, I just kept still and let him kiss me until little by little I relaxed. Then something interesting happened. A low throb started deep inside me. My pussy twinged and tightened around his dick. It didn't hurt, though. It felt good.
“So, how's the present?” he asked, with a knowing smile.
“Umm...good,” I admitted.
“I told you you'd like it. Want me to make it feel even better?”
He gently pulled out a ways and pushed back in.
“Oh my God,” I gasped as a jolt of pleasure shot through my body and down my legs. Oh man, his dick felt amazing inside me!
“Now do you get it?” he asked, smiling.
“Yeah, I think so!” I said, as he did it again, pulling out and pushing back in. He watched my face to see my reaction. I smiled at him to let him know I was liking it. He started to pump in and out of me then, sending all sorts of good sensations through my body. As promised, his dick was making me really really happy. I felt silly for having been disappointed before. This was way better than any stupid present he could buy at the store.
We went at it on the floor, Kevin fucking me pretty gently at first, then a little harder and faster. My head was swimming and my pussy was throbbing and feeling so hot and good from the friction of his big hard dick against my tender little walls. It was incredible. I hadn't felt so excited since...well, ever!
Fully enjoying myself now, I put my hands on his bare butt and felt it tense as he moved back and forth in me. All these feelings were so new and confusing but wonderful and intense. I writhed beneath him involuntarily, panting and grunting as he plunged into me again and again.
“Mmm! Oh Tracy, this is amazing! You are so tight,” he moaned, obviously getting more and more excited with each thrust.
My body started doing more new things then. A really intense tingly feeling went through me and then everything started to feel five times better. My legs tensed up and I let out a loud cry as my pussy started to go absolutely nuts. It was twitching and clenching and creaming, and it was so overwhelming I didn't know what was happening or what to do, I only knew I didn't want it to stop.
Kevin was in his own world of pleasure too.
“Oh my God, you are cumming, this is so hot,” he moaned. Then he shoved himself in me to the hilt and I felt a warm rush deep inside me. I didn't know what it was at the time, but I later learned he was filling me with his cum.
We both went still, just laying there for a moment catching our breath. Then he pulled out of me. I felt oddly empty. It was just another new sensation for me to take in.
Kevin looked down at my pussy carefully, seeming to be inspecting it for any sign of damage.
“You are okay, right? I didn't hurt you?” he asked.
“Hurt me? No way! That felt awesome!” I said.
We both grinned at each other in agreement.
“We should head back before they miss us,” he said.
Knowing he was right, I pulled my dress back up and Kevin pulled up his shorts and jeans, fastening them. We stood and I had him help me zip my dress back up.
“You know, you really are a big girl now,” he told me.
“I am?” I asked, happily.
“Sure you are. You're officially all grown up,” he said, kissing me on my temple.
We headed out of the treehouse and down the stairs.
Practically glowing with secret glee and holding hands again, we made our way back through the woods to the party.
I could feel that we hadn't been gone very long, and I was thankful for that. Though I still wasn't too sure on what we had just done and what it meant, I knew mom would hit the roof if she found out about it. It was better that she didn't suspect anything.
It was so odd, though, because in that short amount of time that I'd been gone, I had discovered a whole new world.
When we came back to the edge of the festivities, we both stopped, reluctantly letting of each other's hands and looking at each other.
“I love my present, Kevin,” I said.
He reached out and ruffled my hair, a gesture that nobody would find amiss. “I'm glad. And remember, you can use it whenever you want,” he said, with a sly smile.
I laughed, smoothing my hair back down and watching him walk into the house probably to go play video games or something. And as for me, I headed back to my party. But I was no longer thinking about candy or games. I was thinking that I was going to use my special, and favorite, present again very soon.

The End
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