Part I - Introduction. If you don't like incest stories, please go elsewhere now.
My Mother – My Lover – My Life


My name is John Tanner, and I never really had a great interest in girls, or sex, until I reached 18 years of age in late 1969.

My father, James Tanner, met my mother when she worked in a cake kitchen in 1950, and apparently fell head over heels in love with the diminutive daughter of a dairy farmer from Ladbrooks. He was a musterer's cook on one of the largest sheep stations in the South Island, and had saved a bit of money from his lonely four years working on the Clarence Reserve. He'd decided to leave the Clarence and come back to his family in Christchurch, and understudy his Uncle Len as an apprentice farrier. (A farrier is the specialist blacksmith who makes horseshoes and puts them on horses.)

Born in 1930, and being 20 years old at this time, and having only his strong left hand to fulfill his base desires for the previous four years, Dad promptly wooed said farmer's daughter ardently, gained my mother Marla's parents' permission to marry her, and fucked her tiny little womb full of arms and legs, before trotting off to join our country's contribution to the 'police action' known as the Korean Conflict.

In October, 1951, two months before I would arrive on the scene, Dad had the dubious pleasure of sharing the cab of his truck with an incoming shell from the North Korean Peoples Army, and I became a fatherless urchin before being born.

The grief that surrounded my mother and her parents upon hearing of Dad's posting to God's right hand, caused her to have me prematurely, and I was a tiny little thing, consigned for some time to the gentle care of the state sponsored Karitane Intensive Care System. Whether this set of circumstances contributed to the incredibly strong love that developed between Mum and I, or not, I have no idea. Suffice to say that Mum and her Dad, Arthur and her Mum, Blanche doted on me from day one. And from day one I was a spoiled little shit.
My mother never showed any interest in replacing my father, and was content to care for me and work the fairly prosperous farm, with the occasional help of labour hired at set times by Grand-dad and Nana.

(Cue music – Tempus fugits)

Obviously, growing up on a farm I was delegated varying chores as I aged, and I worked hard, but not to the detriment of my education. Grand-dad was very specific in his expectations for my future, and as I approached my 17th birthday, I graduated Lincoln High School, top student, with a Scholarship to Lincoln College that would give me degrees in Farm Management and Animal Husbandry after a further four years study.

On my 17th Birthday, Mum had arranged a party for our family and a few friends and we had a great time. As we had eaten, Mum brought out the 17 candle cake, to my slight embarassment – I felt that I was too old for that nonsense – BUT, I laughed, hugged her petite frame, accepted her kiss and blew out the candles. Mum handed me a gift which I opened to find a classy Seiko Chronograph watch. Nana was next with a beautiful Parker
pen set (for our College student). Hug hug Kissy kiss – Thank you Nan. Grand-dad looked around as if mystified by the goings on, then grinned and reached into his pocket to produce a key-ring. He tossed it to me and nodded in the direction of the yard.

“ In the feed shed. Take care of it. You've earned it.”

Hey, I was 17. Excited, I headed to the feed barn. Under a dust cover is a pristine 1946 Ford Mercury Businessman's Coupe, maroon in colour, with glistening chromework and whitewall tyres. Everyone had followed me out, and I spun to hug Grand-dad.

“ No more need to go to your Uncle Peter's now. We've been working on it for nearly a year, fitting a four speed floor shift and a couple of other things. Go on! Take your Mum for a test ride. It was her idea from some of those hot-rod books you've been reading.”

“Pops. I love it. I love you all. It's beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful. Thank you.”

Grabbing Mum, I dragged her over to the passenger side and opened the door for her.

“My lovely Mum. Thank you. May I take you for a short drive?”

“Yes Darling, but only a short drive. Then back for the rest of your party.”

I slid behind the wheel, turned the key on and hit the starter button. Instant Nirvana. I eased the rumbling V8 out of the shed and blipped the accelerator. Paradise – My two true loves. My beautiful gorgeous 37 year old mother (who looks about 30) and my dream car.

Fifteen minutes later, after a very enjoyable shakedown cruise with my favourite girl beside me, Mum and I rejoined the festivities, and guests. My friends had gifts which were thoughtful and appropriate, the company intelligent and easy going, and Grand-dad made a point of telling me that, as I was no longer a bratty schoolkid, but was going to an institute of higher learning, I was allowed to partake of the hidden delights of the liquor cabinet, provided I exercised responsibility. After several hours of hilarity and fond remembrances the time approached midnight, our visitors had all left, and I, though not noticably drunk, was not suffering any pain. Mum, Nana and Grand-dad started to clear away the detritus of our celebration, and I sighed and rose to assist.

“Ooohhh No you don't Birthday Boy. . .we can take care of this.” My mother put her arms around my waist and her head against my chest. “You go and have a shower or a bath and rest up, now that you're an old man. Don't forget to come and give me a Goodnight Kiss before you hit the pillow.”

I laughed, and scooped her up in my farmwork muscled arms.

“You call me 'Old'. You're my mother. Doesn't that suggest that perhaps you MAY be slightly older than me?”

To smiles from Nana and Grand-dad, I nuzzled my head into her neck and blew a raspberry.

“Put me down, you big oaf,” my mother squealed with sheer exuberance and joy and wriggled her tiny body around as she tried to escape. As we mock struggled, her body twisted and her legs came off my supporting arm, so she was hanging down the front of my body. Fearing she would fall, I grabbed for her waist and pulled her against my body.

Instant boner. I was STUNNED. I loved my beautiful caring mother with all my heart, but I had never even thought of her as a sexual partner, and now she was sliding down my body, her legs slightly parted, towards eight inches of thick throbbing meat. My trousers were loose enough that, as she slid down, my prick snagged against her Venus Mound and the big pulsing head rubbed against her clitty before snapping free. In desperation I lowered her to her feet and sagged into a nearby kitchen chair, trying to hide the signs of my lust for my now super sexy mother. Mum leaned forward and raised my blushing face until our eyes met, and nodded to herself as if coming to a decision.

“Mummy, Daddy, I think it's time for our secrets to be discussed with my son.”

Grand-dad and Nana glanced at each other, then my mother and grandmother sat at the table on either side of me. Grand-dad disappeared into the lounge and returned with four glasses and my favourite bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey. Pouring a healthy slug into each glass he also sat at the table.

“Johnny . . .what we are about to discuss has the ability to totally destroy our family and any love you have for us, but I'm asking you to sit quietly and hear us out before judging us.
You will have noticed over the years, that none of my family, or your grandmother's family have come to visit us – or at least, very rarely and only for short periods of time. Your Nana and I fell deeply in love with each other when we were really young and wanted to grow up and old together and have kids. The problem was that Blanche and I are brother and sister.
We left home when our family caught us having sex in the haybarn at our family home. We are not married, because the law says we can not love each other, at least physically, and we felt the need to express our love in that way. Your Nan was the only woman I ever felt comfortable with and we became lovers when she was seventeen and I was twenty-two. Although wrong in the eyes of the law, we have had many years of blissfully happy married life, and God, if he exists, saw fit to bless our joining with a beautiful, loving, caring daughter. Your mother Marla.” Grand-dad looked over at Nana and Mum, inviting one of them to continue.

With a sigh, my Nana placed her hand on mine and started talking.

“Johnny darling. Arthur and I did what we did because we could not even imagine what life would be like without each other. We were each other's ideal. We played together, laughed together, shared everything and fell deeply in love.” The devotion was evident in her eyes as she looked over to my grandfather. “The first time we made love was an almost religious experience for me, and I wanted more . . .a whole lot more. When we were finally caught, our love for each other was so strong, there was never a doubt that we would be together no matter what happened. Our family could not accept our relationship, but our father gave us two thousand pounds when we left, a lot of money in those days, and we departed to make our own life together. We both worked hard, prospered, but never could we be a married couple. We moved far away and, as we both had the same surname, people just assumed we were married, and that was good enough for us. When we were blessed with our beautiful daughter, your mother, we were blissfully happy. Your grandfather worked for a large farming supply company, and over the years did very well for us. He invested well with any extra money and when your mother was twelve, we bought this farm. Arthur's investment portfolio has continued to grow and we are quietly very well off. Although I could not have anymore children after your Mum was born, your grandfather was and is what I believe you younger folk call a 'horndog'. I am, as you know, fifty three years old now and a happier, more well loved and well fucked, I believe is the term you use today, fifty three year old, you will have to look long and far to find.”

More to follow if this is a good enough appetiser

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Anon 17:45:04 Nice to see there are still some mindless cretins still on the site. At it's peak, when this story talks about it, the Clarence reserve was about 5000 acres on a map but when you consider most of it was near vertical in places 7-8000 acres was probably nearer the mark - consisting of 1200 acres privately owned and the rest leased from the Government (Crown Land) Ever so slightly larger than 40 acres, don'tcha think. Idiot.

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