I developed early, by the age of nine I was having erections and had even started having wet dreams. Which led to my first encounter sexually, my babysitter showed me how to have sex. This also led to her getting pregnant and caused a scandal. My sister was two years older than I and after I got the babysitter pregnant our parents treated me like I should be locked up.

They were constantly concerned I would try to molest Cathy. Cathy on the other hand was always my best friend. She thought it was neat that her little brother had knocked up the babysitter. While I didn’t have to worry about child support or anything like that, I did get to spend time with my daughter after she was born. I was even in the room when Terri gave birth to Jenny and saw her birth first hand.

Any relationships I had ended when their parents found out I had a daughter. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school that I finally had a serious relationship, it lasted all the way to graduation. We were going to get married, on the day of our wedding I was nervous and walking around. I saw a couple of friends going into the bride’s waiting room and walked over to see what was going on.

The door opened for another guy as I got there and I put my hand on the door and looked in. My fiancee was sucking one of my friends while my best friend, ‘my best man’ was fucking her from behind. The other girls in the bride’s party were on their knees sucking guys and I heard one say to get in line and my fiancee would fuck me when it was my turn.

I released the door and walked away. I vaguely remember telling everyone in the chapel the wedding was off because my wife to be was a whore and right now she was servicing a bunch of guys. I walked away with my heart bleeding. From that moment I knew women were never to be trusted. They lied and cheated behind your back and would betray you the first time they could.

My life went on, I tried to love little Jenny and ignore the fact that she was a girl. My sister had several similar experiences with cheating boyfriends over the years. I worked as an online broker and made good money. I had invested in the right stocks at the right time and they were really paying off.

They say things happen for a reason. It was summer and I had just had my twenty third birthday when I was awakened in the middle of the night, it was Terri with Jenny beside her. Jenny had a suitcase in her hand and walked in without saying anything. Terri was tight lipped, “Jenny is your problem now.”

I just looked at her as she walked away. Jenny hadn’t stayed with me for a few months, I found her standing in the room I had set aside for her just staring at the bed. She looked at me when I stopped behind her, “I caught mom kissing my boyfriend and rubbing his cock.”

I just looked at her and she shrugged, “your right, women cheat.”

I looked out the dark window, “Did you cheat on your boyfriend?”

Jenny sighed and nodded, “I guess I deserved it.”

I left her and went to bed, I was up early and working when she strayed into the breakfast nook that was my office. I glanced up and nodded towards the fridge, “You know where the cereal and milk are.”

She was quiet as she ate and then cleaned up. She sat beside me and leaned against me, “I’m sorry dad.”

What could I say? I cleared my throat, “How long have you been having sex?”

She shifted uncomfortably, “Since I was ten.”

I glanced at her and shook my head, “I should have known.”

She looked at me and I shrugged, “You know I was only nine when your mother got pregnant.”

She grinned and leaned against me again, “I take after you. At least I’m on birth control so you won’t get me pregnant.”

I looked at her sharply just as the doorbell rang. It was my sister Cathy and she was crying, her boyfriend had been cheating and she had caught him. Cathy and Jenny arranged things in the guestroom and I went back to work. Cathy had known Jenny since she was a baby and it was a long time before they came out. Cathy made lunch and seemed happier, she kissed my cheek, “Thanks for letting me stay.”

I smiled, “What are little brothers for?”

She grinned and looked at Jenny, “I’m taking Jenny to the mall. Did you want anything?”

I shook my head and was back to work before the front door closed after them. Dinner was good and we relaxed and watched a new movie Jenny hadn’t seen yet, after the movie was over it was bed time. I slipped into bed and lay back thinking that a life with Cathy and Jenny around might not be too bad. That was when the door opened and both Jenny and Cathy walked in naked.

I lifted my head when the door opened and just stared. Cathy walked around the bed while Jenny just slipped under the covers on that side. Cathy patted my hip, “Move over.”

It was more of an automatic thing as I slid over. Now I had gotten into the habit years before of sleeping in the nude. Jenny snuggled against me, her hand on my chest while Cathy did the same thing on my other side. She put her finger to my lips as Jenny straddled me, I hadn’t been with a woman in five years. Jenny smiled as she wiggled and forced my big cock into her tight pussy.

She sighed as my cock slowly forced her tight pussy open and began sliding deeper. I watched her face as she shivered and began to rock on me. She felt so warm and tight even if she was slick enough to slide her pussy back and forth on my cock. I closed my eyes and relaxed, after a couple of minutes Jenny slowed and then leaned forward until I came out.

We both groaned and Cathy laughed. Jenny slid off the other side and Cathy straddled me and took her place. She wasn’t as tight as Jenny but her pussy felt just as good. She started rocking and fucking me harder then my daughter. Gradually she slowed and shuddered before sighing and slowly sitting up and letting my cock slip out of her.

Jenny laughed and straddled me as Cathy slipped to my side with a sigh, “God your cock feels amazing.”

My daughter lifted up and sat down on my cock with a wiggle. She slowly fucked me with long, deep strokes and moaned, “Dad, I really love your cock.”

Cathy laughed as Jenny shuddered and her body had these twitchy jerks. I shivered and reached up to cup my daughter’s breasts, “I’m getting close baby.”

She shivered and then slowly pulled off my cock and lay beside me while I groaned. Cathy laughed again and pulled on me, “Fuck me little brother. Fuck me deep and cum.”

I moved over her and pushed into her pussy making her grunt as I slowly spread her pussy open. I fucked her hard and deep, driving my cock against the back of her pussy. I didn’t last long before shoving in and groaning as my cock jerked and I began spewing cum. Cathy shuddered as I pumped thick spurts of cum deep inside her.

She held still, holding her pussy up until I was done and then she sighed and relaxed. I pulled out and lay back between them and Jenny snuggled against me, “Thanks dad.”

Cathy laughed and turned to hold me on the other side, “Yeah, thanks David.”

I sighed and just held them, falling asleep long after them. I woke to Jenny’s warm mouth over my cock. She was stroking my cock while fucking the head in and out. I was just in time to groan as I began spurting cum into her mouth. I looked down and watched as Jenny swallowed each spurt of cum and then she licked the head of my cock. Cathy chuckled, “She really likes the taste.”

I looked at Cathy and she leaned closer to kiss my cheek before sliding out of bed. Jenny rolled out of the bed and followed Cathy into the bathroom. I sighed and got up thinking my life had just changed. I made coffee and set out the cereal for Jenny. I went into the nook to start working and a little later they came into the room. Cathy was smiling and Jenny held her arm.

I nodded to the table and a little later Jenny came to sit on my lap. I pushed my keyboard back and turned as Cathy sat beside us. Jenny snuggled into my chest, “Dad?”

I held her and rubbed her back absently, “Yes?”

She looked up, “You don’t like it when a woman cheats right?”

I shook my head, “No.”

She looked at Cathy, “Aunt Cathy doesn’t like it when her boyfriend cheats either.”

I nodded, “It isn’t a good feeling.”

Jenny looked into my face, “I didn’t like feeling it when mom did it to me.”

She bit her lip, “We’re a family dad. You, Cathy and me, we’ll be your girlfriends and lovers.”

I looked at Cathy to see her looking back and sighed, “You’re only thirteen Jenny.”

She smiled, “When I find a guy, I’ll tell Cathy and we will talk to you.”

I pinched her erect nipple, “Alright baby. I have to admit last night was wonderful.”

She grinned and kissed my cheek before sliding off my lap, Cathy took her place as she walked out. She smiled and caressed my face, “Last night was nice, I was thinking an afternoon quickie might be nice too.”

I grinned and slipped my hand under her blouse to cup a breast, “A quickie before lunch would be nice.”

Cathy shivered as she pushed against my hand and laughed before standing and pulling me up. She pulled me behind her to the bedroom and to the bed. She turned at the side of the bed and reached out to undress me. I waited and then pulled her blouse up and off before reaching for her skirt. I unzipped it and pulled it down and smiled to see no panties.

I held her waist as I suddenly turned and tossed her squealing onto the bed. I followed and slowly crawled up her body to lay on her and kiss her. I looked into her eyes, “Are you sure Cathy?”

She hugged me as she spread her legs and wrapped them around my waist, “You want me to ask? Alright little brother, will you be my lover?”

I kissed her and then laughed, I pushed and Cathy grunted as my cock pushed into her. I fucked her with slow, deep strokes and she moaned and shivered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I fucked her hard for a minute and she screamed as her pussy tightened and she jerked and spasmed. Jenny jumped on the bed laughing, “Fuck her dad!”

Cathy laughed and shook me as I jerked in surprise and then smiled as I started to fuck her hard, “Careful nymphette or you’ll be next.”

Cathy grunted and shuddered as my cock kept pushing against her cervix, “Fuck!”

Her warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I kissed her and fucked her hard with short, jabbing thrusts. Jenny laughed as Cathy jerked and convulsed while I shoved into her and held still. My cock throbbed and jerked before I started pumping ropes of sperm into her belly. She shivered and tightened her hold as I spewed and spurted jet after jet straight into her womb. Her body stiffened and she screamed, “YES!”

She continued to shudder long after I finished cumming. I kissed her and pulled out slowly to lie next to her and caress her body, “Thanks Cathy.”

She grinned, “You’re welcome.”

Jenny crawled over her and straddled me before lying down and putting her head on my shoulder. I caressed her and she turned her head for a passionate kiss. I smiled and patted her butt, “I thought you wanted an afternoon quickie?”

Jenny giggled, “I did.”

She moved off me and slipped off the bed as Cathy followed her. I watched them and then got off the bed and got dressed. I was back at work when Cathy waved on her way towards the door. When I stopped for lunch it was to find Cathy back with groceries. Jenny came running in, “Guess what?”

I smiled, “What?”

She grinned, “Mom was pregnant.”

I looked at Cathy and back to Jenny. She nodded, “I was talking to one of my friends and she said she heard mom and her mom talking about Justin knocking her up.”

She laughed, “Siena said her mom was worried she might be pregnant too.”

I frowned, I wasn’t familiar with all of Jenny’s friends, “Do I know her?”

Jenny nodded as she absently started helping Cathy, “She’s that one that has pink hair.”

I grinned, “Does the bottom match the top?”

Cathy laughed and Jenny frowned until she realized I meant her pussy hair. She grinned, “As a matter of fact it does.”

I accepted the sandwich Cathy handed to me, “Sounds like Justin was busy.”

Jenny laughed, “Justin didn’t fuck Siena’s mom, Siena’s boyfriend Charles did. That was why she broke up with him. She thinks her mom is still seeing him though.”

She stopped talking and looked at me strangely before turning to eat. She stayed silent and kept glancing at me. After lunch I went back to work and Cathy was pulled out by Jenny. When the doorbell rang I glanced up to see her run to the door. A moment later a pink haired girl walked by holding Jenny’s arm and whispering.

I finished today’s work and shut my computer off before heading towards the kitchen. Jenny walked in and grinned, “Good you’re not working.”

I smiled, “I’m finished for the day.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall and into my bedroom, “I need a quickie dad.”

I laughed, “what about your friend?”

Jenny laughed, “You can do her later.”

I frowned as she giggled and turned to close my door. She caressed my chest before beginning to undress me, “Don’t worry Siena is my best friend.”

I sighed, “Jenny...”

She touched my lips, “She just needs a guy to get off dad. Don’t worry, she isn’t looking for a boyfriend. We were talking about maybe sharing with each other.”

I shook my head as I reached out to undress her, “And when she finds a guy?”

Jenny grinned, “We’re sharing, dad.”

I looked at her and she giggled, “Girl on girl?”

I grinned, “Cheating already?”

Jenny frowned, “No, Siena and I are going to share you too.”

I backed her to the bed and sat her down before kneeling and pushing her legs open, “I’ll think about it honey.”

I licked through her pussy and Jenny dropped back on the bed. I teased her clit and kept going back to lick through her pussy. Finally she pushed me back and I stood as she wiggled back on the bed. I moved onto the bed and between her legs and pushed into her slowly until I was all the way in. I kissed her as she shuddered, “Talk to Cathy about Siena.”

Jenny groaned as she shuddered and her pussy tightened. As I began to fuck her, she started lifting her hips to meet mine. It wasn’t long before she was panting and shuddering as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. She became erratic a few minutes later and stiffened, “DAD!”

I fucked her harder as she jerked and spasmed. She was shaking and thrashing around a couple of minutes later when I pressed her cervix open and started pumping warm sperm into it. Jenny lifted her hips, “cum in me!”

I spurted and spewed six or seven large streams of cum before pulling out of my daughter. I lay next to her and cupped one of her breasts. She watched me and then grinned before turning to kiss me and rolling out of bed and walking towards the door, “Siena wanted to taste your cum.”

I smiled and climbed off the bed and got dressed. I found Cathy in the kitchen at the table drawing in a pad. I bent to kiss her cheek, “Jenny needs to talk to you.”

She smiled, “Let me guess about her friend.”

I nodded as I looked at her drawing, “Yeah.”

I turned to grab a drink before going out back, I did a few chores and came in sweaty. Cathy grinned, “Want help washing off?”

I smiled and pulled her up and after me. We had just started the shower when the door opened and Jenny pulled a blushing Siena in behind her. Cathy slipped around behind me smoothly and I knew she had been in on it. Jenny turned and pushed Siena towards me and she blushed but reached out to wrap her hand around my hard cock, “Your cum tasted good Mr. Grey.”

I shuddered and cupped her breasts, “You keep doing that and it will go someplace else.”

She grinned up at me, “That’s the idea.”

Cathy was softly washing me and Jenny was holding Siena. I sighed and finally reached down as she spread her legs. I started fingering Siena and she shuddered as my finger slipped inside her. She groaned and leaned against me as her hips started humping my hand. I finally lifted her and she wrapped her legs around me as Jenny positioned my cock.

I lowered her and slowly forced my cock up into her tight pussy. She shuddered and moaned as her pussy squeezed my cock. I turned and put her against the wall as I started fucking her. She groaned and held me tight as her pussy rippled and squeezed me rhythmically. I continued to fuck her as both Jenny and Cathy rubbed and caressed my back. It wasn’t long before she was jerking and spasming, “ooohhhh!”

She was almost completely incoherent as my cock pressed against her cervix. She stiffened and spasmed hard as her pussy contracted, “yyyyyeeeeessssss!”

I continued to fuck her and a few minutes later kissed her hard and passionately as my cock throbbed and then began to pump sperm. Siena jerked at the first gushing eruption as it flooded her, “aaaahhhhh!”

She jerked and spasmed as I kept pumping cum into her and hung onto her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and shivered. I kissed her softly, “I hope you are on birth control.”

Siena smiled, “Not anymore. If mom can let my boyfriend knock her up, I can let you do me.”

I looked at Cathy and she grinned, “Sounds fair. I think I’ll throw mine away too.”

I groaned as my cock throbbed and lifted Siena up and off. I set her down and turned to rinse off. I looked at a grinning Jenny as she and Siena whispered, “You talk to me before you make that decision. I am still your father.”

She grinned, “to late.”

Cathy took my hand and pulled me out. I didn’t know what to say as she dried me and then gave me a kiss, “You need someone to trust David.”

I opened my mouth and she pulled me after her towards my bed, “Jenny and Siena are still on birth control but they were serious.”

She lay beside me, “What their mothers did hurt, just as it hurt for you.”

I caressed her body, “But they are thirteen Cathy.”

She laughed and hugged me before giving me a kiss, “Your daughter is just like you. She has been fucking boys since she was ten and so has Siena. I actually did some checking when Jenny first mentioned it to me and it would be safe if you got her pregnant.”

I had to admit it got me excited. I rubbed one of Cathy’s nipples, “My way Cathy. If they want to get pregnant we do it my way.”

She shuddered and grinned, “On our back with our legs spread and in the air?”

I kissed her softly and she sighed before giggling, “I started slipping supplements into your drinks.”

I caressed her body, “Are you fertile?”

She smiled and caressed my face, “Yes.”

I glanced at the foot of the bed where Jenny and Siena were sitting quietly, “And are Jenny and Siena fertile?”

Cathy nodded, “Yes.”

I smiled and moved over her before kissing her again. She spread her legs more and positioned my cock before I pushed into her. I kept kissing her as I started to fuck her nice and slow. It took a minute to hit her cervix and she only moaned and shuddered. Her hips were lifting to meet mine as we started fucking each other harder. A few minutes later she was clutching me as she began to wail and spasm.

I was thrusting into her completely now and she was grunting as my thick cock fucked in and out. She kept convulsing as her slippery pussy squeezed and milked me. I buried my cock and started to hump and grind and Cathy wrapped her arms and legs around me as she continued to howl. I pulled back to fuck her with long strokes and she jerked harder.

It took almost ten minutes before I needed to cum. My sister jerked and thrashed around the whole time. She was spasming when I thrust into her and held her as I began to spew another load of cum. She sighed and held up her hips as I held her tight and shivered while pumping and spurting. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and slowly relaxed and I pulled out before laying beside her.

Jenny and Siena both crawled up the bed beside Cathy and I cupped one of her breasts before leaning over to suck on a nipple. I looked at Jenny and Siena, “First, does Siena’s mother know she doesn’t want to come home and will she give me guardianship. Next, you will both finish school. I will be listed as your children’s guardian until you turn eighteen and graduate from highschool.”

They were grinning and kept nodding. I looked at Cathy and she smiled, “of course.”

I kissed Cathy, “rest for awhile before getting up.”

I looked at Jenny, “I will fuck you in an hour.”

She grinned, “cool.”

I slid off the bed and looked at Siena, “I will do you an hour after Jenny.”

She grinned and looked at my daughter, “okay.”

I turned and started for the door before stopping and looking at Cathy, “Have Siena’s mother sign guardianship papers.”

I walked to the kitchen and started dinner. It was a half hour before the three came in and Cathy went to use my computer. I set dinner on the table and Jenny and Siena kept smiling and holding hands. My sister sat down and leaned over to kiss me, “Thanks David.”

I smiled and rubbed a pink nipple, “anytime.”

She grinned as she started eating. As soon as I finished eating Jenny was jumping up, “Come do me again dad.”

I grinned as I gestured to her plate and stood to take mine to the sink. Jenny put hers in and grinned as she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room. I smiled as she turned in my arms and kissed me before turning and laying down along the back of the couch, “Like this dad.”

I laughed as I rubbed her pussy and moved to slowly push my thick cock into her. She sighed as her pussy was stretched and my cock pushed all the way into her before stopping. I caressed her hips before holding them and pulling back to start fucking her. I used deep thrusts and it was a couple of minutes before she moaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened around my cock.

Cathy slipped past us dressed and kissed my cheek, “Fuck her good.”

I started rubbed Jenny’s clit as Siena knelt on the couch and started kissing her. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and it was a few minutes before my daughter howled and started jerking as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her as her pussy milked my cock but used short thrusts after pushing into her nice and deep. I took my time and enjoyed the feel of a warm pussy squeezing and grabbing my cock.

She continued to shake as Siena kept kissing her passionately. I pulled back and fucked her hard and deep. Jenny jerked and started thrashing around as she kicked. Her tight pussy was spasming around my cock as she wet me. I buried my cock and pushed her cervix open as I grunted and began to pump spurts of cum. My daughter jerked and shook when she felt warm cum flooding her belly.

She sighed when I was done and slowly pulled out. I twisted her and she laughed as she rolled and ended up on the couch with her legs over the arm and her head in Siena’s lap. I bent to rub her tummy, “You better be sure, we can’t take it back.”

She caught my hand, “I know. I love you dad and I know you love me. We won’t cheat on each other.”

I caressed her before standing, “Stay there for a little while.”

Siena laughed and cupped her face, “yeah, kept your head on my pussy.”

Jenny grinned as I shook my head and turned to go to the kitchen. I cleaned up and went back to sit in my chair to watch a movie with Jenny and Siena. Cathy was grinning when she walked in and bent to whisper something to Jenny and Siena. They looked at me and grinned before Siena stood and walked to me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up, “come to bed and fuck me dad.”

I looked at her in surprise and Jenny and Cathy laughed. I grinned and turned to lift her in my arms before walking towards the hall. I tossed her onto the bed when I reached it and started undressing as she wiggled out of her clothes. I moved onto the bed and between her legs to kiss her before lifting up to push into her tight pussy.

I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts and kept kissing her. She put her arms around me and her legs over mine as she sighed in pleasure. It was just us and I took my time fucking her and kissing her. It wasn’t long before she shuddered and then started convulsing as she wailed and jerked. I kept fucking her slowly with deep thrusts and it was another few minutes before she was incoherent and spasming.

She wet me several times as her tight pussy rippled and milked my cock constantly. I buried my cock to hump, press, jab and grind. Siena howled and screamed and wailed until I began to fuck her hard and deep. It was a few minutes before I was ready. She was jerking and shaking as I pushed against her cervix and kissed her before spewing spurts of cum.

She shuddered as her pussy spasmed and milked the cum out of my cock and into her. It was a little while before I was done and my cock was only throbbing inside her. She sighed and dropped her legs to the bed and I kissed her before pulling out. I laid beside her to caress her pelvis as Jenny and Cathy slipped into bed.

Many years have passed and they are still with me. Cathy may have started as a replacement mother but she quickly turned into a sister for Jenny and Siena. They did get pregnant and more then once, they haven’t cheated and we are happy together.
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