My name is William DeSalle and for ten years I have fought in one war or another. I have been a mercenary since I was thirteen. I stand over six feet tall and have dark blonde hair and cold blue eyes. For a reward for saving an old wizard he had given me a large flat stone. He called it a warding stone, if someone put their hand on the stone and they had a disease it would flare up with a red light.

I had a small treasure I had acquired over the years and headed to the capital of Mann. The city was huge and filled with humans, elves and dwarves. A couple of nights later I walked into an old hostel called the Fallen Horse. The outside looked ancient but the inside had nice polished wood with cushioned seats in the large entrance. It wasn’t far from the inner city gates but one look told me it had been a long time since it had seen business.

The old man that greeted me smiled with broken teeth, “How can I serve?”

I glanced around at the empty entrance, “is it always this empty?”

He frowned and shrugged, “It has been a long time since we had business.”

I smiled as I thought and had an idea and finally looked at the old man, “How would you like to sell the hostel to me?”

He looked at me from head to feet, “you got a gold piece?”

I nodded and he grinned another broken tooth grin, “I’ll sign it over for a gold piece.”

I pulled out my purse and then a large fat gold piece. I watched as he laboriously wrote a bill of sale on an old piece of parchment. He almost ran out as I closed and locked the door. I started checking rooms and besides needing a good cleaning everything looked good. I went out and moved all my packs and bags into the set of rooms in the back.

I checked the kitchen and made a meager dinner as I thought. Things all soldiers think of is food, sex and sleep. After eating I went to bed and lay awake as slowly my idea formed. When I woke in the morning I bathed and dressed before filling my purse with silver and gold. I headed out and walked towards the poorer section of the city.

I looked in a few places before heading to the commons where homeless and destitute people gathered. I found Silvia as I stood and watched. She was a young looking girl but I knew from her features she was at least half elven. I walked to her and she spun to face me with her hand in her dress as if holding the hilt of a knife. I smiled, “What’s your name?”

She looked me over before murmuring, “Silvia.”

I smiled, “Nice name. You’re half elven?”

She stiffened but didn’t answer and I looked around, “Not much here for you but being a common doss.”

She looked down and kept silent. I reached out to lift her face, “Do you want something better?”

She looked into my face and straightened, “Yes.”

I nodded, “You are mine then, you will run my brothel. Find a good cook and helper, I don’t care what she is. You will also need two maids, a good bar man or woman and at least one girl server for the floor and a stable boy.”

Her eyes had widened as I let her go. I pulled out a gold piece and handed it to her, “Bring them to the stable yard of the Fallen Horse. Do you know where that is?”

She hesitated before nodding, “yes sir.”

I smiled, “The first order of business will be cleaning up and stocking the kitchen so be prepared to get dirty.”

She smiled and gestured down at herself, “yes sir.”

I started to turn and stopped to look at her, “Find a seamstress too.”

My first stop was at a herbalist and then a ladies sundries shop before I headed into the elven neighborhood. What I had bought would be delivered later, I stopped to talk along the way and finally found myself at a narrow stone building. The street in front had been swept clean and the building had been washed, I walked to the door and knocked.

A stunning elven maiden answered the door, it is hard to tell the age of elves. I smiled, “My name is William DeSalle.”

She kept looking at me and I looked around, “I was told you will be thrown out into the street soon.”

She glanced around, “yes.”

I looked at her, “I was also told you sometimes have sex to pay your bills.”

She reddened and looked away, “sometimes.”

I nodded, “I am starting a brothel. I have a warding stone so any clients you have would be clean.”

She looked at me for several minutes, “How often would I have to...”

I smiled, “I am trying to get at least four elven ladies and a total of twelve all together. Most nights you shouldn’t be too busy except on the weekends. You will have two days free every week though.”

She bit her lip and then sighed, “Where?”

I turned to look at the street before looking back at her, “The Fallen Horse. If you decide to join me, come today to look around and bring any ladies you think might join too.”

She smiled which lit up her face and my heart, “I will be there.”

I walked away and headed for another part of the city. There were a lot of forges and factories here but I kept going until I reached larger buildings. I started talking to everyone I met and finally went into a wide tall building. I almost had to duck because the ceilings were so low. On the third floor I stopped to knock on a door. The dwarf that answered was very beautiful even if she was small. I smiled, “Widow Debra Trane?”

She nodded and I started my speech. At first she blushed and reddened but by the time I told her everything, I could see she was interested. I smiled again as I repeated what I had told Alyssa the elf maiden about coming to the Fallen Horse and bring a friend if she knew of one. My next stop was an inn beside the nobles gate.

I had heard a few things when I first arrived. I walked across the common room to the table where a noble woman sat staring into the fire. When I left she had already agreed to come to the Hostel and bring a friend. I walked into the stable yard to see a small crowd of people. Silvia stepped away from them, “I brought them.”

I nodded as I opened the kitchen door, “Everyone come in.”

The cook was a slim beautiful Dwarven woman and her helper was another half elven maid. The two maids were human women in their mid twenties. The bar girl and the serving girl were human too. The seamstress and the stable boy were elven. Within minutes I had sent the cook and her helper out with money to buy supplies for the kitchen. I sent the bar girl and her server out to buy our ale and whiskey. I sent the stable boy to buy feed and the seamstress to buy what she needed for gowns.

Silvia and the two women started cleaning and I helped them. Silvia glanced at me, “I know a couple of girls that would work here.”

I glanced at her as I stripped the bed in the room we were cleaning, “Are they young and pretty?”

She grinned, “Yes.”

I nodded, “When we get done you can send a runner.”

I nodded to the stairway up to the last floor, “upstairs is where everyone will have a room if they want.”

The two women straightened, “You’ll let us stay here?”

I smiled, “Yes.”

I was carrying dirty bedclothes down when Alyssa and two other elven ladies arrived. They were frowning until I led then to the entrance where I had each of them place their hand on the warding stone. I placed mine on it after they were done and smiled before starting the tour. Motice and Bell started smiling and didn’t hesitate in picking two wood paneled rooms.

Alyssa glanced at me and smiled as she walking into a corner room, “I will use this one.”

I nodded, “You and your friends will need to be here before the evening meal.”

She stepped close, “You misunderstand. We will live here.”

She caressed my chest, “When will you have customers?”

I thought about it, “In a day or two. I want to make sure we have everything before I spread the word.”

She glanced at the newly made bed, “would you like to fuck me?”

I grinned as I cupped a firm breast, “I would love to but we have work to do. Perhaps tonight if you still wish it.”

She pressed against me, “When you like.”

I kissed her softly before stepping back. I didn’t expect them to help the two women but when I turned around a little later they were naked as they started cleaning. Silvia grinned and the two women took one look before stripping and grinning. The bar girl and her server came back with a wagon following them to unload barrels of ale and boxes of whiskey. As they were cleaning the bar and setting up they stripped too. The cook and her helper returned and started on the kitchen as the stable boy and seamstress came back.

The baroness walked in uncertainly, she had another young noble woman named Amanda with her. They blushed when they saw the others naked but kept quiet. When I tested them and let them see me test myself they smiled. Like with the maids as soon as they saw the rooms they decided to stay. They stripped and joined the others cleaning a room as I went down at the bar girl’s call.

The widow Trane or Debra was here with two other dwarven ladies. By the time we finished with the rooms and moved up to the last floor the cook called everyone down for a lunch. I think it had been a long time for most of them. The stable boy stared at the naked women before smiling, as we went back to work three more girls arrived.

They looked almost disparate as Silvia introduced them. I checked them with the warding stone before showing them the available rooms. They accepted and grinned before stripping to be like the other ladies. I sent the seamstress and Silvia out with a few gold pieces to buy all new bed linen and more cloth for gowns. By dinner the whole place was clean and polished.

The ladies dressed before leaving to bring their belongings back. I went into the kitchen to check everything and then out to the stable, it wasn’t long before everyone started returning. They went upstairs to the rooms they had chosen and I finally nodded to Jessop the stable boy, he had a large comfortable room in the stables.

I locked the door and headed to my rooms. It wasn’t long before Alyssa and Silvia knocked on my door and opened it. I turned and Alyssa smiled, “Silvia has never had a man.”

I glanced at Silvia as she blushed and Alyssa smiled softly, “I told her I would come help her.”

I nodded and held out my hand, “Have you ever let a man touch you?”

Silvia shook her head as she walked to me shyly. I smiled at Alyssa, “have you ever had a man lick you?”

She blinked and shook her head as Silvia looked at her. I grinned, “This should be fun.”

I undressed as they sat on my bed and watched. I smiled and bent to give Alyssa a kiss before kissing Silvia and kneeling. I gently pushed her legs open and pushed her down on the bed before leaning down to her pussy. I licked through her slit and started nibbling on her inner lips before pushing my tongue into her. I was careful of her maidenhead and covered the hood over her clit.

I started using my tongue on it and sucking and Silvia shuddered and lifted her hips as she moaned. I kept it up and used two fingered to started stretching her. It was awhile before she bucked and spasmed as she wet me. I stood quickly and held her legs up and spread as I positioned my cock and shoved into her. She stiffened and screamed before trying to wiggle away.

I held her and leaned forward onto her. I kissed her softly, “It is done. Relax and it will feel better. I won’t move until you are ready.”

Alyssa moved against us and rubbed my shoulder, “well done.”

She looked at Silvia, “Remember the pleasure before your pain?”

Silvia was crying but nodded and Alyssa smiled, “when you relax and he loves you, it will be much better.”

She looked at me as Silvia bit her lip and looked into my eyes, “it did feel very good.”

I gave her a soft kiss, “Wrap your legs around my waist and relax.”

She nodded and put her legs around me. My cock was still throbbing with my need but I waited. It was awhile before Silvia shivered as her pussy squeezed my cock. Her eyes widened and Alyssa laughed softly, “see he feels good now.”

Silvia smiled shyly and I kissed her softly before starting to fuck her with short, deep thrust that pushed my cock deeper. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and jerked as her pussy rippled and she thrust her hips up, “oooohhhhhh!”

Alyssa kissed her and then me as I pulled back and fucked Silvia with long, deep thrusts. She was still extremely tight but a lot slipperier now. A few more minutes and she was thrashing around and bucking as she clung to me and wailed. I pushed all the way into her before I began to spend myself. She jerked at the sudden flood of warm seed as it filled her and shuddered, “mmmmm!”

Alyssa laughed and rubbed my back as I pumped and spurted eight or nine thick creamy jets. When I stopped I gave Silvia a kiss as she panted and shivered while her freshly used pussy continued to squeeze and milk my cock. I slowly pulled out and stood before turning Silvia on the bed. I reached for Alyssa and turned her before slipping down her slim body.

She spread her legs and sucked in a breath as I leaned in and started licking through her beautiful pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and then started teasing her clit. When I began to suck and nibbled on it she jerked and shuddered almost violently, “aaaahhhhh!”

She finally twisted away and covered her pussy. Silvia was grinning when I moved up between Alyssa’s legs. I kissed her as she shivered and shuddered and pushed into her warm, velvety pussy. She groaned and clutched at me as I started to fuck her. Her body shook and her pussy spasmed around my cock as she wet me, “oooohhhhh!”

I used long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out before I pushed in. It was only a couple of minutes before she was shaking and bucking as her pussy milked my cock. She wailed and howled as I continued to fuck her. It was a quarter mark before I fucked her hard and deep and then buried my throbbing cock. Alyssa had her legs in the air and spread them as she tilted her hips, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I began pumping huge spurts of warm cum and she jerked with each one. She shuddered and kept clutching me as I filled her velvety pussy and when I stopped she took a deep breath and slowly relaxed. She put her legs down and sighed as I kissed her and pulled out, “that was the best sex I have ever had.”

Silvia laughed, “everyone in the whole house knows that.”

Alyssa grinned, “They’ll get their turn.”

I laughed and lay between them. I fucked them four more times during the night. I woke to soft naked women against me and it took a moment to remember. I grinned and caressed both Silvia and Alyssa, “Time to wake up.”

They opened sleepy eyes and I grinned, “One of you go wake all the ladies and bring them downstairs to the bathing room.”

Silvia sighed and surprised me with a kiss, “that’s my job.”

She slipped off the bed and left and I moved to climb out before turning to pull Alyssa, “Come on gorgeous.”

She grinned and let me help her up. I started the large water heater and we waited as the ladies struggled in. Silvia slipped in and moved to stand beside me, I smiled and turned to a shelf that held small stone cups. I brought one down and turned to add a pinch of herbs before filling it with clean water. I handed it to Silvia, “drink.”

She looked at what was in the cup and Alyssa grinned, “you have herbs to keep us from getting with child?”

I nodded, “a steady supply.”

I turned to pick up a water bottle with a hose on it. I filled it with warm water and added shredded dried rose petals. I sat Alyssa in one of the tubs and gestured for the ladies to come closer. A small screen filtered the flower petals as I slipped the end of the hose up into her and lifted the water bottle, “you do this every morning and after each customer.”

The women were grinning as I washed my cum out of Alyssa. I looked at the women, “I learned these practices far from here. They will keep you from getting pregnant or sick. You will bathe each morning and each night and I have bought scented soap for you to use.”

I looked at all of them, “I don’t care if you take care of the men or cook or clean. You bathe each morning and night and use the scented soap. The seamstress will make gowns for all of you to wear. This may be a brothel but you are all ladies.”

I smiled and turned to start filling a bathing tub. The women murmured at first and then began moving around as warm steam began filling the room. I went to bring the stable boy in and he was wide eyed and grinning as two women stripped him and started bathing him. I had several ladies pull my robe off and wash me. After bath time the cook went to start breakfast as the women went to dress.

While the seamstress went to work I left. I had several names of rich nobles and merchants. I spent the day finding the men I needed to speak with and selling the brothel. It was afternoon before I walked back into the old hostel. Silvia was the first one I saw and walked to me in a fine gown, “Do you like it?”

I grinned and caressed her face, “Very much.”

I looked at all the ladies sitting around, “we have several men coming tonight.”

They grinned and whispered to each other. I took Silvia’s hand and pulled her to my room. She was bitting her lip when I turned and smiled, “Not for sex Silvia.”

I opened a chest and pulled out a purse full of silver, “I want you to go out. In the nobles section of the city is a shop called Discrete. Take Amanda or Elizabeth with you and the seamstress. I want you to buy under garments for the seamstress to alter.”

She grinned, “You mean so a man can take us without removing all our clothes.”

I grinned, “Yes.”

I kissed her before handing the purse to her, “if you need more let me know.”

She left and called for the two women as I went to check with the cook. It was after the dinner hour when the first two men arrived. I had told Silvia what to do when she met them. She smiled and bowed before gesturing to the warding stone. The two nobles looked at her before placing their hands on the stone, when nothing happened they grinned.

Sofie turned to lead them into the common room where all the ladies were sitting. I was at a tall table beside the stairs and wrote their names down. One man stopped beside a dwarfen lady named Glenda and sat beside her to talk. The other looked around before nodding to me and crossing to sit beside Tiff, a half elven girl. It was several minutes before they stood and walked towards the stairs.

I had a small sign hanging where it could be seen. Both men stopped beside the table and dropped silver into a polished box before the ladies led them upstairs. It wasn’t long before a couple more men came in and slowly we started to get busy. It was past midnight before I locked the doors. We had several men sleeping over which they had paid extra for.

During the evening I had made constant checks but everything went fine. While the ladies went to bathe and clean up I added up and divided the money. Silvia kissed my cheek before walking towards the stairs. I walked to my rooms and opened the door to see Pepper a half dwarven lady naked in my bed. I smiled as I closed my door and undressed. I crossed to the bed and sat beside her, “How was your first night?”

She grinned, “Exciting and fun.”

I caressed her slim body before laying down and kissing her. I kissed down her body slowly and slipped between her legs. She spread her legs as I opened her pussy and leaned in to lick through it. I knew Alyssa and Silvia both had told the others what I had done last night. I nibbled on her inner lips before starting to tease her clit and suck.

It didn’t take her long before she was bucking and screaming. I laughed as I finally moved over her and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned as I bent to kiss her before fucking her with long strokes. After several minutes she was thrashing around and wailing with her legs in the air. I shifted and pushed her legs down before rolling onto my back and helping her sit up.

She shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock and she started thrusting back and forth. I reached up to cup her breasts as my cock rubbed against the back of her pussy. I kept kneading her breasts and squeezing the nipples and Pepper howled a few minutes later as her body twisted and shook. I shifted my hands to hold her as I began to pump large gushing spurts deep inside her.

She shuddered hard and looked into my eyes as I kept pumping my seed. I fucked Pepper four times, mostly because she kept waking me up to do it. I woke to Silvia tapping on my door, “Time to bathe!”

I glanced at a sleepy Pepper and rubbed her cute butt, “have fun?”

She grinned as she rolled out of bed, “Yes.”

I followed her out and into the large bathing room. I started the water heater and pulled out the herbs for the ladies as they walked in. This morning I had shredded Lilly petals to wash their pussies with. I had Elizabeth and Teresa a dwarf lady wash me. The cook had a fine breakfast waiting when the men that had slept over got up. I spent half the day shopping and talking to a few more men.

When I returned the ladies were singing in the parlor as they called the common room. I grinned as I handed Silvia a dozen brightly colored bolts of clothes, “For more gowns.”

She grinned, “how many do we get?”

I reached for Bell an elven lady and twirled her around, “one for each day of the month and another set for winter.”

Silvia grinned as Bell spun away and I walked into the room, “Do we need someone to do the laundry or are you girls going to be able to handle it?”

The two maids blushed since they were in petticoats as they were fitted by the seamstress but one smiled, “we can do it.”

I nodded and gave her a caress before going to check with the cook and then the stable boy. Dinner was nice and the ladies talked and gossiped as they ate. After dinner I went to sit in my seat as the ladies gathered in their parlor to talk as the seamstress continued to work. It was busy almost from the start but I was up and moving when the warding stone flared red. The merchant’s face went red and he puffed up.

I stepped between him and Silvia and held out a small card. He looked down and frowned, “What is this?”

I smiled, “A very discrete doctor who specializes in certain cures.”

He looked around, “I’m...”

I held up my hand, “return after seeing the doctor and if the warding stone shows you are cured I will offer you a lady on the house.”

He grinned and turned to the door, “deal!”

I watched him leave before turning to caress Silvia and crossing to my chair and the duke waiting to take Motice upstairs. The rest of the night was just busy right up until I locked the doors at midnight, like before we had several men sleeping here. I did my accounting before checking with the bar girl. I went to wash before bed and the ladies were flirting with each other.

Debra put her clothes over her arm when I was done and slipped her other arm through mine. I smiled at the dwarven lady and led her to my rooms. I set our clothes on my desk before following her onto the bed. I caressed her pelvis, “how are you doing?”

She grinned as she rubbed my chest, “My husband never used me this much. I think I like this.”

I kissed her and slid down her body as she lay back and spread her legs. I licked her pussy and nibbled on her inner lips as she began to moan and shiver. I started wiggling my tongue and teasing her clit as she lifted and thrust up with her hips. She started shaking as she squirted a little and then she jerked and twisted away, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I grinned as I moved up and pushed into her tight pussy. She shuddered and put her arms around me as I started to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before her legs were waving in the air as she cried out and bucked. Her pussy was squeezing and milking my cock as I fucked in and out. She bucked and thrashed around continuously as she wailed.

It was more then a quarter mark before I thrust into her and tried to hold her wiggling body while I began to pump cum. She shuddered and wrapped her legs around me as I spurted and spewed. When I was done she shivered and sighed before relaxing. I shifted and rolled and she sat up, “My turn.”

I grinned as I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples. We fucked six times before she let me sleep and that was with her on me. I woke to Silvia tapping on the door and rubbed Debra’s cute butt. She shivered and lifted her head to grin, “Morning.”

I gave her a hug, “bath time.”

Today was market day, during the baths I told everyone to dress and be in the parlor. I handed out small cloth purses with each ladies share, “Go shopping and enjoy yourselves.”

I went out to see a few people and buy a few things before returning. I was surprised when I found Silvia in the parlor. She smiled and helped me carry new bags of shredded flower petals into the bathing room. I added the herbs to keep them from having a child to the shelf and then the cakes of scented soap. I looked at Silvia when I was done, “You didn’t want to go to the market?”

She grinned, “I wanted something else.”

I smiled and took her hand before leading her to my rooms. I left the door open as I undressed her and then myself. She laid back waiting and I sat beside her to caress her hips before laying down. I kissed her and cupped a breast as she shivered. I moved down her body, stopping to kiss and suck on a nipple. I moved down between her spread legs as she sighed.

I started licking her and teasing her clit. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and lifting her hips. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her before returning to her clit. When she finally pushed my face back I moved up and kissed her. She hugged me and then slipped her hand between us to guide my cock to her tight pussy. I pushed into her and she groaned as her hips lifted. I started to fuck her nice and slow using deep thrusts that finally pushed my cock all the way into her.

It was several moments before she wailed and started thrashing around and kicking in the air. Her pussy clenched tightly around my cock as she began to buck and squirm. I groaned and kissed her as I fucked her harder. She continued to cum as I kept fucking her and a few minutes later I buried my cock as I began to pump cum into her. She clutched at me as I spurted and gushed into her and then sigh and relaxed when I was done.

I gave her another soft kiss before pulling out and moving off the bed, “come wash.”

She smiled as she followed me, “I have another girl that wants to work here.”

I pulled her into the bathing room and washed her pussy before caressing her face, “go find a nice perfume and bring her back with you.”

I went to get dressed before going out to check the stables. I sent a runner for cut wood for our fireplace in the common room and then went inside. I relaxed in the common room as several ladies returned with packages. Motice, an elven lady walked in with another stunning elven lady. She crossed to me and sat beside me, “This is Silver, she wants to work here.”

I looked at her friend, “Did you tell her everything?”

Motice nodded, “I watched as she used the warding stone too.”

I glanced around, “Is Silvia back?”

Motice turned her head, “I don’t think so.”

I sighed, “We have a few empty rooms. Look them over and she can pick one. We should have a large group tonight.”

She grinned, “I hope so.”

I caressed her face, “show her the bathing room too and make sure she washes inside and out.”

Motice stood, “okay.”

I watched them head for the stairs before standing and going into the kitchen. The cook smiled as she unpacked a basket of flowers. I grinned as I filled a pitcher with cold water, “You know we have a small garden beside the stable.”

She grinned, “I do now.”

I nodded as I took the pitcher and a small glass back to my table and sat down. It wasn’t long before the other women started returning. Debra and Glenda led another Dwarven lady in with them. Debra smiled as she had the lady touch the warding stone before they led her to me. Glenda cleared her throat, “This is one of my clan sisters William.”

I nodded and she shifted on her feet, “She wants to join your house.”

I glanced at the lady, “Her name?”

The woman smiled, “Goldy.”

I smiled back and looked at Glenda, “Make sure she has a room and explain about the bathing room.”

She grinned, “I already did.”

I nodded and waved them into the common room, “We should have customers soon.”

Silvia walked in with a young human girl that looked almost to young. She had her use the warding stone and come to me. She smiled, “I know she looks young but she is sixteen.”

I looked at the blushing girl, “Her name?”

Silvia grinned, “Star.”

I smiled at Star, “welcome.”

I smiled at Silvia, “Find her a room. We have two other new ladies too. Explain about the bathing room and find her a gown for the evening.”

Silvia nodded and pulled her away as she whispered. Some of the others came in and Silvia came back to lean against my table, “Thanks William.”

I nodded as she straightened and walked to two men as they came in. It was still early but slowly men began arriving. A little while later Elizabeth and Amanda led another woman in. She was a little older but looked nice. Elizabeth grinned, “Do you have room for one more?”

I smiled and gestured to the warding stone, “Check her, find a room and explain everything.”

They smiled and turned to lead her back to the stone before disappearing upstairs. Motice stopped beside me in a nice gown as Silvia led several men into the common room. She smiled, “Thanks again William.”

I pulled her close and caressed her back before lifting the back of her gown, “Why would I not accept her? You knew her and wanted her to join you and that is good enough for me.”

I slipped my hand under her gown and down to her butt as she shivered and blushed. She leaned forward onto my table as she spread her legs. My hand went between her legs and I fingered her slit and then started rubbing back and forth through it. She started breathing hard as her pussy became slipperier. I smiled and turned to watch as three more men came in and Silvia met them.

One was watching Motice shudder as I kept fingering her. He grinned, “Can I try her?”

Silvia smiled as she stopped beside the table, “of course.”

I pulled my hand out and licked my fingers as Motice sighed and straightened. She kissed my cheek, “Thanks for warming me up.”

The men laughed as she slipped her arm into the man’s and he dropped his money in the counting box. It was a couple of minutes before Elizabeth stopped beside me where Motice had stood, “Warm me up too?”

I laughed as she spread her feet and leaned forward over my table. We were busy until after midnight when I locked the door. The women were yawning as I kissed them good night after baths and sent them up to bed. We had a few men sleeping the night but they were already asleep. I washed and went to my rooms and smiled when I found Amanda naked in my bed, “Your turn?”

She smiled and nodded, “I asked Silvia.”

I slipped my bathing robe off before blowing out the lamp and walking to the bed. I moved her onto the bed and caressed her body as I laid beside her. I kissed her before moving down in the bed and pushing her legs open. I started licking her pussy and teasing her clit and she sighed and a minute later moaned and shuddered. I kept licking her pussy and using my tongue on her clit before starting to suck on it too.

She jerked and spasmed as her hips lifted, “oooohhhh!”

She started convulsing as I nibbled on her clit and twisted away and I grinned as I moved up her body. She panted and fumbled desperately for my cock. I pushed into her and kissed her as I began to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. Her warm almost hot pussy was tight and kept grasping my cock as I fucked her. I slowly buried it as I continued to kiss her and started to hump and press.

A minute later Amanda had her legs up as she howled and bucked. I fucked her hard and deep, pushing open her womb. She clung to me as her pussy spasmed and tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

She was bucking and thrashing around as I slowed and fucked her with deep thrusts. She continued to convulse as I fucked her slippery pussy and finally pushed into her and held her. My cock throbbed before I spewed a huge, gushing torrent of cum into her. She screamed and wrapped her legs around my waist as I pumped and spurted and spewed.

When I stopped cumming she shuddered and dropped to the bed. I kissed her before pulling out and rolling her onto her stomach and spreading her legs. I fucked her five times before falling asleep with her half on me. I woke to Silvia knocking and turned to caress Amanda and rubbed her bare butt, “Time to wash.”

She smiled sleepily and stretched before moving off my bed. I went into the bathing room with her and helped her wash and clean herself out before going to dress. I went out to shop and made a few calls before going back to the Fallen Horse. Everyone was in the large front parlor naked and helping each other fit and make new gowns.

Even the maids and serving girls were being fitted which is what I had ask Silvia to do. I had my arms full of several large bolts of brightly colored silk and a few other items, “Silvia?”

They looked and shrieked as they rushed me and left me standing empty handed a few moments later. I grinned and shook my head before going to the kitchen. The cook glanced up and smiled, “We will have lunch soon.”

I smiled, “make sure you get fitted for another gown too.”

She grinned, “okay.”

I went to relax in my rooms and a moment later looked at the door as Silvia slipped in with Star. She smiled, “Star wanted to know if you are available for a little while.”

I smiled, “Are you going to join us?”

She grinned, “Motice asked if I would bring her and sleep with you tonight.”

I nodded and stood from my comfortable chair. I held out my hand and sat Star on the edge of my bed. I undressed and bent to kiss her before she wiggled back. I moved after her and laid between her legs before sucking on a nipple and sliding down. I licked through her pussy and teased her clit for a couple of minutes before I started to suck.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and lifting her hips as she moaned and shuddered. When she finally pushed my face away I moved up and kissed her before pushing my cock into her. Her pussy was tight and warm as it squeezed me and she sighed. I continued to kiss her as I fucked her with slow, deep thrusts. It was several minutes before she shuddered hard and got a surprised look on her face.

I was pushing all the way into her with each deep thrust and Star finally howled as my cock pushed deeper. Her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock as she bucked and writhed around. I kept fucking her with deep thrusts as she panted and jerked and she was constantly clutching me as she wailed and screamed. I finally buried my throbbing cock and kissed her as I began pumping a stream of cum and she stiffened.

She shuddered slightly as she tilted her hips and her pussy tightened. When I stopped cumming she hugged me and whispered, “that was...”

She shook her head as she tried to catch her breath. I gave her a kiss, “How I make love.”

Star grinned as I pulled out of her and slipped off the bed, “go clean up.”

She followed me and caressed my chest before giving me a kiss and walking towards the door. I smiled as I grabbed my clothes and followed her into the bathing room. The women smiled while we ate lunch and slipped away. It was a few hours before men began arriving and all the women returned to the parlor. They took turns coming to my table and bending over for me to finger them as the men came in.

Most of the men that came in were repeats but a few other richly dressed nobles came in when it began to get late. I think they were surprised and took their time in the parlor before taking one of the women upstairs. Just before midnight two men that were plainly guards stepped in followed by man I recognized as one of the princes. He smiled at Silvia and let her place his hand on the warding stone followed by the two guards. She smiled and turned to lead him into the parlor but I stopped the two men, “leave the weapons here.”

They glanced at the prince who nodded and they removed sword belts and daggers and hung them on pegs beside the stairs. I had to smile at the way the prince flirted with all the ladies and the two guards even shook their heads several times. I looked at Silvia when the midnight chime sounded and she went to tell the men left in the parlor we would be locking the doors soon.

It was like a signal and the prince led a grinning Elizabeth to me and the two guards had Bell and Goldy. After that it was the few merchants paying for a night like the prince. I finally nodded to Silvia, “lock the door.”

She was grinning as she walked back to me and I was totaling what we had made. Motice leaned against me, “that prince seemed nice.”

I smiled as I finished and closed the lock box, “If Elizabeth does him good and long he will let other high nobles know.”

I looked at her as I stood, “perhaps even from your people.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “if we get one of the elven princes I will fuck him all night.”

I laughed as I slipped an arm around her and glanced at the bar and kitchen door, “time for bath and bed girls.”

They grinned as they headed towards the bathing room and I waited before blowing out the lamps. When I walked into my rooms later Motice and Silvia were waiting. I stripped and set the lock box on my desk before walking to the bed where they were laid back licking each other. I grinned as I blew out the lamp and laid down and reached out to feel Silvia’s butt.

She was moaning as much as Motice and I slipped down in the bed and moved until I could kiss Silvia and lick Motice. She groaned and shuddered as Silvia teased her clit and I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her. It wasn’t long before Motice was spasming and wailing. She finally rolled off Silvia panting and turned around. She pulled on me, “fuck Silvia first.”

I moved up and lifted before slowly forcing my cock into Silvia. She groaned and shivered as her pussy tightened. Motice pressed against us as I fucked into Silvia until my cock was hitting her womb. She clutched me and howled as she jerked and shook. I continued to fuck her slowly with long strokes as Motice moved to kiss her.

It was a few more minutes before I buried my cock and began to pump spurts of cum. Silvia shuddered as her pussy squeezed and milked my cum into her. When I was done she sighed and kissed me, “do Motice.”

I grinned as I pulled out of her tight pussy and rolled onto my back. Motice laughed as she crawled over Silvia and straddled me before slowly sitting on my cock. She shuddered as her warm pussy squeezed and started to rock. I reached for her waist and pulled her back and forth, “this way too.”

She jerked and shuddered hard as her velvety pussy spasmed around my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

Silvia laughed as she turned on her side and caressed her pelvis. Motice began to thrust and rub her pussy back and forth as she started to breath harder. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock as it pressed into her. She twisted and turned, rocked and rolled her hips before thrusting down and howling. Her pussy milked my cock as she became erratic and started convulsing.

I cupped her lovely breasts and kept tugging on the nipples and rubbing them. She came five times before I felt my balls churning. She was thrashing back and forth wildly when I yanked her down and my cock erupted in a geyser. Motice wailed and jerked violently as warm sperm pumped into her again and again. When I stopped she fell onto me panting.

She sighed and turned her head to kiss me, “Silvia’s turn.”

I fucked them three times each before they fell asleep against me. The prince did enjoy his ride, he enjoyed it so much he married Elizabeth. Amanda and Eleanor also found nobles that married them.

He also told other high nobles and yes Motice got to fuck one of the elven princes all night, so did Bell and Silver. Which led to a three month union and then marriage. The few high dwarven clan leaders also came and my dwarven ladies had them wrapped around their finger within a fortnight.

I married Silvia and Alyssa, Debra, Pepper, Tiff and Star have become our lovers. Sometimes we get a rich merchant or noble that one of the women take care of but mostly the Fallen Horse has become a place for rich women or nobles to stay. Our seamstress became one of the best known in the city. The other girls, the maids and the cook and the bar maid have married but still work for us.
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