Zach gets educated.
Chapter 3
Now, you can just imagine every bad word created started pouring out of papa bear’s mouth. I’m pretty sure the Devil was somewhere laughing it up. I was trying to think of the term mom used when someone was that mad. Conniption fit; that’s what she called it.

“Motherfucking, God-Damned, Son-of-a-bitchin’, I can’t believe this FUCKING, SHIT!” Bob was spewing.

It’s a wonder he didn’t drop dead of a stroke. Bob was beat red, shaking mad, and stomping around in circles. The next time I even think I’m mad; I’m going to remember Bob and change my position to just upset.

Poor Sally was shaking in her sneakers. That girl was sobbing hard and sniffing in short spurts. Well Dr. Zach, what’s your diagnosis? Why, Sally was on the edge of a mental breakdown of course. Might as well call the paddy wagon.

All I could do was tick off the bad words, listing them in order, and stowing them away in the filing cabinet of my brain.

“Bob, it isn’t what you think!” she pleaded.

Bob, rolling his eyes like that was no surprise, looked at her and then at me. I just knew what was going on in that head of his. Bob started his own description of what he was gawking at.

“When I walked in, I saw the lawn boy cumming all over your tits and you were squirting in your pants at the same time. Now, why don’t you go ahead and tell me what I’m thinking?” getting louder as he spoke.

“Honey, I was just trying to teach the boy about… masturbation! He was so confused about it, that’s all.” Sally sniffed.

“I’ve always said I’d help you with any fantasies you might have, Sally. But you can’t go around molesting little boys in the neighborhood!” Bob huffed, “It’s illegal for one thing! Christ! Things like that have to remain a fantasy!”

That got my ears perked up. How can helping someone be illegal?

“Jesus Bob, I didn’t molest the boy. I just showed him how to jerk off!" a hint of mad in her voice.
Great, there’s another word to add to my filing cabinet. It’s starting to seem like sex has its own language to me.

“Oh yeah? Since when did hickies get to be a part of jerking off?” Bob said, pointing at me.

Sally slowly turned her head around and looked under the table where Bob was pointing. She threw her hand up to her mouth and gasped.

All of a sudden, I noticed that I’m the center ring in this three ring circus.

“What?” I said, “I don’t even know what a hicky is let alone tell you how to jerk off with it!”

“Zach, get out from under the table.” Bob said, gesturing an arm.

Yeah, he’s some kind of crazy. I’d have to be an idiot to get out and let him beat on me.

“I can’t see that happening Mr. B. I know you’re mad but I’m not taking a beating over it. And Mrs. B. was only trying to help me out with my swelling, er… hard-on.” looking away at the last part.

Bob let out a sigh, and drooped his shoulders.

“Zach, buddy. I’m not going to beat you. We need to get you straightened out.” seeming to calm down quite a bit, he turned to Sally, “Sal, at least cover up, for Christ’s sakes.”

I looked at Sally one more time, wanting to see her tits before I’d never get another chance. They were artwork by themselves. I sucked those! I thought.

“Come on Zach.” Bob said. I started to get up off the floor but it wasn’t happening too fast.

My chest was stuck to the floor like fly paper. I had to peel it off.

“This place reeks of sex.” Bob thought out loud. “Zach, why don’t you tell me what is going on here.”

I picked up the overturned chair and faced it in Bob’s direction. Pulling up my pants and taking a seat, the first thing I noticed was Melissa peaking around the kitchen door frame. I guess she heard the ruckus.

“Mr. B. I was mowing your lawn when, all of a sudden, my pee… dick started swelling after I saw Melissa sun bathing. I know perverts thingy… dick gets hard and I was worried that I was becoming a pervert. I asked Melissa to help me make the swelling go down. She couldn’t help me that much and so Mrs. B. offered to help.” trying to keep any details out. “Then, right when I got the swelling out, you came in.” settling in the chair I finished with, “I swear it has never swollen up like that before and it scared me.”

Bob scratched his head and said, “Welcome to manhood, Zach.”

I saw Melissa put her hand to her mouth and suppressed a giggle, then turned and left.

“Ok, Zach, go take a shower, it’s the door before the living room.” Bob said.

“I think I know where it is.” I mumbled.

Sally, go upstairs and get cleaned up. When you both finish, meet me in the den.” And off he went.

Sally instructed me where the towels were and left me to clean myself. While I was taking the shower, I kept wondering what Bob had planned in his den. I sure took my time, mainly because I wasn’t looking forward to my face to face with Bob. Then, I took a good hard look at my neck. It looked like someone burned me with a branding iron. Man, how was I going to explain that??

I threw my shirt and pants on, sat my shoes with my socks in them by the back door, and headed for the den.
As I entered, I noticed that it wasn’t quite finished yet. Boxes and papers where everywhere and a book shelf was still bare. There was a desk but it was piled up with stuff. Over by the bay window was a small couch. Bob was sitting on it, digging through a box he had at his feet.

As I approached, Bob said, “Ah, there you are. Have a seat with me.” and patted the couch.

He pulled out some magazines and let me have a couple. As I saw them, I knew they were slut mags. My mom would kill me if she even knew I touched one, let alone look at it. Bob didn’t say a word but let me leaf through them, and watched my face turn red.

The ones he had seemed much more interesting than what I had, though. Mine was all women baring all. His had couples. He noticed me looking more at his than mine and told me to scoot closer.

He started going through the pages, describing what was happening in each picture. I was led to believe that it was up to the girl to turn the guy on. It seemed the girls had their jobs cut out for them. I wondered to Bob, “Did moms all over sit down with their daughters to teach them all these tricks?”

Bob explained that the magazines where made for men and in the real world, women weren’t so willing to do all that work.

Bob turned the page and I saw a guy holding his dick and pointing to the girls’ pussy. I thought that was silly and the man obviously didn’t know what he was doing. I knew first hand, or face first, that he wasn’t going to fit that dick in the little tiny opening the girl had.

Bob flipped the page. The close up of the guys dick sunk into that hole made me lean back and say, “No way!” I knew then that the images weren’t real and somebody had to have doctored them somehow.

Bob tilted his head and said, “What?”

I said, “I know for a fact that there is no way that’s possible. It’s a fake picture.”

“What’s not possible?” Sally asked, entering the room. She was wearing a sun dress and her hair tied back. She sure cleaned up nice.

“Zach seems to think intercourse isn’t possible, I suppose.” Bob replied.

Sally looked down at the pictured Bob had turned to and told me, “That is exactly what intercourse is, Zach.”
I said, “You can’t put a silver dollar sized dick in a nickel sized hole. Common sense tells ya that.”

To prove my point, I turned the page back to the picture before it, showing the girl’s tiny hole.

“See?” I stated, wondering what these people took me for.

“I can tell you are confused on this.” Bob said. “Since the damage is already done, we might as well finish straightening you out.” Bob stood up and dropped his pants.

Sally looked at Bob, wondering what he had in mind. Wasn’t this the same guy that just chewed Sally’s tail for moling or moluster, or molesting, whatever that was?

“Sally, come over here and get me hard.” Bob said, kicking his pants to the side.

Tentatively, Sally moseyed on over, dropped to her knees and latched onto Bob’s underwear.

Sally asked Bob, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Well,” he said, “since you two had your fun and the damage is already done; I’m not getting left out. I might as well make the best of it and teach Zach all about sex.” And with that, Sally debriefed him.

You can imagine my stare as Bob’s dick was exposed. I couldn’t believe Sally was so bold either. Man, that guy was hairy too. I was sure glad I didn’t have much hair there, I’d keep getting stuck in a zipper and pulling hairs out. Seriously, it was a jungle down there.

Sally navigated around all the hair and pulled Bob’s dick out of the jungle.

Bob said, “Come here Zach and watch.” And I got a little closer.

“See how Sally is making it hard?” and saw I did.

Sally was licking it like a Popsicle and squeezing it with her hand. Crap, she didn’t even touch mine and she was making mine hard. I guess it was the way she looked at me with her tongue on Bob’s dick. She seemed like she was worshipping it.

Bob had his eyes closed and tilted up. I guess he was getting into the moment. I couldn’t imagine doing what Bob was doing in front of someone else. That had to be pretty embarrassing for him but he didn’t act like it.

Bob’s dick grew into a cock in Sally’s mouth, I suppose, and when she pulled back, I saw the effects of her work. Well, I’m not going to sit there and watch another guy’s dick so I took my attention away and started counting tiles on the ceiling. It was just another awkward moment for me.

I guess Bob seen me lose interest and pulled Sally up. The next thing I saw, Bob was all kinds of smoochy on Sally’s lips. I thought, if Bob had a drop of pee on his dick, he surely tasted it now.

While Bob was slobbering all over Sally, he was reaching down and pulling her sun dress up. Before they broke off kissing, Bob already had his hands on each side of Sally’s underwear. Bob and Sally kissed each other one more time and then Bob dropped to his knees, taking the underwear with him.

As Sally stepped out of her drawers, Bob said, “I’m going to eat your pussy.” And raised her dress up then stuck his head between the split on Sally. He was so quick, I hardly got a chance to see anything.

Bob motioned me closer as he licked up and down Sally. He then raised Sally’s dress up to her belly.

There before me was a bush of hair I’d never forget. Even Melissa didn’t have that much hair. What could I say?

“Wow, Mrs. B., you sure are pretty down there.” was about all I could think of.

Bob lifted one leg of Sally’s up and sat it on the edge of the couch and got to work. Sally tilted her head up and closed her eyes, mimicking what Bob did earlier.

When Sally started cooing and moaning, Bob let up. He then turned Sally on the couch and sat her down.
Bending down to his knees again, he placed her legs over his shoulders. Reaching down, he spread Sally’s slit apart, saying, “Look at this Zach.” And look I did.

“That is the most beautiful thing in this world.” He said, and started telling me what all the parts were. Since I had filed so many things away in the cabinet of my mind, there was no way I could remember everything.

Bob did point out the two most important things.

“See this bump at the top, Zach?” he pinched it between his fingers, “That’s a woman’s clitoris, clit for short.

Women are real sensitive there. And below that is her vagina.” Bob stuck his tongue in it and licked up to the clit. His tongue went in pretty easy, I thought, and maybe Sally’s hole was bigger than Melissa’s.

Sally immediately reacted to that and tried to buck on Bob’s face. I took notice on that.

Bob rose up and scooted closer. “Watch this Zach.” and placed his cock on the flowery part of Sally.

The mag was still on the couch right beside Sally and I compared the two. It sure looked to me like there was no way it would fit. Bob got closer to the hole and I couldn’t see anymore because Sally’s leg was blocking my view. I picked up the mag and sat in its stead. Bob waited for me to get settled and then leaned further in, guiding his dick to the small hole.

With a pop, Bob’s dick head went right into the hole. I couldn’t believe it. Bob had the hole stretched around the bulb of his dick and I thought for sure that had to hurt. I looked at Sally and she had her eyes rolled back in her head and moaned.

“Sally, are you ok? I asked, watching her grip the hem of her dress with both hands.

She said, “Um hum! Better than ok, it feels wonderful!” and let out a sigh.

What do you think, Zach? You know it’ll fit now, right?” Bob asked.

“Well”, I said, “I think Sally’s hole is bigger than Melissa’s.” I said, nonchalantly.

Sally was the first to respond, “Zach, how do you know what Melissa’s hole looks like?”

I then realized mamma bear was back. I also realized how stupid I was for even mentioning it.

“Mrs. B., I saw it in the bathroom when Melissa was trying to explain things to me.” was all I could say.

Bob then asked, “What else did Melissa show you?” dropping his head.

Well, ain’t this a kick in the shin? There I was, watching Bob’s dick stuck in Sally’s hole, with my face looking like the cat that ate the canary… or pussy.

“I’d rather not say, Mr. B.” and cleared my throat. “Melissa was just trying to… help me… ya know?”

Like they practiced it or something, they both yelled, “Melissa!!!”

In five seconds, Melissa appeared in front of us. She must have been watching from the doorway.

“What’s up…?” Melissa said, looking around at the situation before her.

Sally said, “I asked you what happened in the bathroom and somehow, you left out the part where you showed him your pussy.” sounding frustrated.

It didn’t phase Melissa one lick though. She just stood there ogling the scene and finally said,” What’s the problem? You’re showing yours to Zach right now.”

Thanks to Melissa’s observation, Bob finally realized that his daughter was seeing his dick. He pulled out and was looking for another place to put it. Being the gentleman I was raised, I handed him the magazine I had.
When he closed the magazine and placed it over his dick, the front cover showed a girl holding a dick that was dangling over her head.

Sally rose up to address her daughter

“You don’t sass back at me little girl. I’m your mother!” like that was justifying everything in good order.

Bob finally started getting involved in the conversation, “Wait. What happened in the bathroom?”

Sally and Melissa turned to look at him, I did too. After a few seconds, I took the bait.

“Melissa tried to help my swelling go down. After that, she tried to show me stuff about sex.” and that was all I was admitting.

“Just how did you get his swelling to go down, Melissa?” Bob wanted to know.

“I gave him a blow job, Ok? It wasn’t like I did it for me, ya know? Geesh!” Melissa said angrily.
Bob was swallowing hard, letting this tidbit of info sink in. Sally was just shocked and sat there looking surprised.

I through my hands up to my face and leaned back. Blow job was another term to add to my file cabinet. I could see where it might be called that but it didn’t seem to fit.

“Um, it was more like a suck job.” I stated from behind my hands.

All three said, “Shut up!”

“Well? She did try to suck the swelling out of it, geesh!” feeling a little offended.

Bob was spinning this around in his head and finally said, “So, Melissa molested Zach first and Sally molested him next?”

Now wait, I still wasn’t sure what molesting meant but it didn’t sound very positive. I was going to straighten this out right now.

“Wait Mr. B., it wasn’t like they meant me any harm, shucks, I even molested Melissa back!”

Bob’s eyes furrowed, so did Sally’s, and Melessa’s eye went wide open. All of a sudden, I was the center ring in the circus again.

“Just how did you do that, Zach?” was Sally’s low-keyed question.

“Yeah.” was Bob’s response.

“Oh God.“ was Melissa’s.

Now how can I put this in kind words?

“I think I sorta… suck… or ate her… you know… pussy… in a way.” I stammered.

“Just why aren’t you so sure, Zack?” was the next question Sally had.

“Well, I thought it was a… face…a face fuck but Bob said he was going to… you know… eat your pussy.” I replied, staring at the interesting carpet.

“Melissa! Did you really teach Zach how to eat pussy?!?” Bob asked incredulously.

Melissa responded with, “I showed him what’s up. I don’t want to be the one letting a boy in the world without knowing how to do it right, ya know?” as she looked away.

Bob was trying to keep track and started ticking off his own list.

“So, Zach had his dick sucked by Melissa, ate Melissa’s pussy, and jerked off on my wife.” He summarized. “Have I left anything out?” looking at no one in particular.

“He didn’t fuck me.” Melissa said.

“Me either.” said Sally.

“So, Zach is still a virgin, right?” Bob asked.

Well, I didn’t know what a virgin was, although I think I remember Virgin Islands somewhere, maybe geology so I didn’t know how to answer it. The other two girls where pretty sure I was, indeed, a virgin.

Bob asked me, “Zach, have you had intercourse with anyone?”

I said, “If you mean that I had my dick in a pussy hole, nope. But I sure would like to give it a try.

Bob looked over at Melissa and asked, “Melissa, you game?”

Melissa shrugged and said, “Sure, what the hell.”

Bob was playing ring master now, telling Sally to get him hard again, instructing, Melissa to get ready, and told me to drop ‘em.

This stuck out in my head and made me realize that everyone in this house has told me to drop my pants at least once today. I got that feeling of being down this road before but I got up off the couch and dropped ‘em anyways.

Bob instructed Melissa to get me ready and she dropped down and took my dick in her mouth. It was already half hard from watching Bob and Sally earlier. My God, I was in heaven though. Melissa put me between her lips and worked a number on me.

I looked over at Sally getting her dick ready. I wondered which of the two did a better job at blow jobbing, but then I realized that I really didn’t care at this point.

Once Bob noticed that both girls had turned our dicks into cocks, he had Sally lay back on the couch and told Melissa to do the same. Sally spread her legs wide and Melissa followed suit.

Bob held his cock and once again guided it into Sally. I just stood there.

“Zach, you do what I do.” Bob said.

Well, I’d like to think that you only have to tell me once and I’d understand so I said, “I can’t do that Mr. B.”

“Why is that, Zach?” Bob wanted to know.

“I don’t want to make Melissa pregnant.” was my reply.

“Melissa’s been on the pill since she turned 15, Zach.” Sally stated.

Melissa, understanding what was wrong, said, “Zach, I was teasing you when I slapped your dick away. Go ahead and put it in if you want to, it won’t make me pregnant.”

I thought this girl had a really poor sense of humor. I guess it would be funny if your dick got slapped but the only one laughing was her. Then again, she did soak me with a face fuck.

I stopped thinking about it and glanced at Bob to see where he was. His dick was rubbing on Sally’s clit, waiting for me.

Taking the hint, I dropped down and started rubbing my dick on Melissa’s clit. She let out a moan, telling me I was doing it right.

Bob stuck his dick head in Sally and stopped, “Zach, if the girl is a virgin, you will get to about here and find a barrier.” adjusting his depth.

Seeing that, I decided it was time to see if my 50 cent piece was going to fit in that nickel slot. I slowly entered Melissa and sure as grass is green, her hole opened up for me. I wiggled it around until I got to where I thought Bob was.

Bob continued on, “If you find the barrier, you need to back off quickly. The girl will be real uncomfortable with you on it. If she wants you to take her cherry, go ahead and thrust it in through the barrier and stop.”

Showing me a quick jab and stopping. I did the same to Melissa but didn’t feel any barrier.
Bob said, “Hold it there until the girl tells you to keep going. Once you break the barrier, the worse thing to do is back out.”

Sally was getting impatient and said, “More fucking and less teaching.”

Bob started slow pumping into Sally so I did the same. When he picked up pace, so did I.

If I had thought a mouth on my dick was nice, a pussy was awesome! I watched my dick go in and out several times but I wanted to see if it would take all of me. I thrust my hips until I was all the way in and felt a barrier.

“Mr. B., I think I hit a barrier.” I said, worried.

“That would be her cervix.” He said, with no concern.

Well, if he didn’t care, I didn’t either, so off I went hitting it over and over. Melissa was just lying back with her head on Sally’s shoulder. Sally’s head was on Melissa’s shoulder. Her arm was draped over her eyes so I couldn’t see any emotion from her. I could tell Melissa was feeling me pretty good. Her pussy was milking me every time I pulled out. There was a lot to take in. I saw Melissa’s tits bounce every time I smacked into her butt. I asked Melissa, “Can I grab your… um… tits?”

Melissa pulled her shirt up for me. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Bob couldn’t help but glance over but he didn’t look very long. I reached up with both hands and grabbed them. Melissa raised her legs up higher, placing her left leg on the corner of the desk.

I figured I could last a good while since I squirted so many times already. I already had stressed myself out. But when Melissa reached down and started rubbing her clit, it really turned me on. I started pumping faster
and Melissa let out a little shiver.

Melissa told her mother, “Oh my God mom! He is fucking the shit out of me!”

Your father’s doing the same to me, baby.” Sally said, gasping.

Bob said, “You always want to make sure the girls get theirs, Zach.” and with that, started rubbing Sally’s clit.
Sally wrapped her arm around Melissa’s head and said, “I’m coming!”

Melissa held her mother’s arm and said, “Me too!” and wrapped her right leg around my back side, drawing me in faster and faster. Her pussy was clamping down on me tight.

The sight was too much for me and I said, “I’m coming now!” and bucked like a bronco, feeling that liquid fire rising. I’m sure I popped a few blood vessels, I came so hard. I felt Melissa’s goo running over my balls, down my legs, and pooling in the floor.

Bob was grunting where he was, “Take that meat sexy!” and kicked it in double time. He let out a loud moan unloaded.

Bob and I both started slowing down. I watched white creamy foam come out of Melissa. It made a circle around my dick. I shoved it in one more time and held it there, trying to etch the feeling in my mind. When I finally pulled back, Melissa left her clit she’d been caressing and felt the mess I made. Getting her fingers wet, she pulled her hand back and started licking her fingers. My dick twitched just watching that. I pulled out and offered Melissa my hand to help her sit up. When she was up, I closed in for a hug.

I told her, “Thank you so much! I didn’t know something could be so good!” I was very emotional about it but didn’t really know why. I guess it was such a personal thing to share with someone and just having someone to allow me such a wonderful pleasure made me realize how special it was.

Bob had already gotten up when I noticed him, I got up as well. Bob said, “Now that you’ve experienced sex, we need to make sure you understand everything about it.

The girls made themselves appropriate. Bob and I did the same.

We sat down and covered everything from birth control to crabs. Man, sex was a risky business! Bob did his best to straighten me out. The language of sex was the most confusing to me. The girls added their opinions in when necessary, teaching me the difference between fucking and making love. They even gave me pointers for wooing a girl and making me desirable. It seemed that courting a girl into sex was a tedious process. Apparently, it just wasn’t that easy to talk a girl into it. Boys were expected to be horn dogs and girls were expected to maintain chastity. The best tip Bob gave me was to never expect a girl to have sex and always treat them with respect. Then it got really weird.

Bob picked up one of the magazines and went to the advertisements in it. There were all kinds of different sex. Phone sex, Bondage sex, Gay sex, Lesbian sex, anal sex… I couldn’t believe half of it.

I even asked if playing with your self was gay sex. Bob didn’t seem to think so. He also seemed to think that a girl fucking your butt with a finger or other things didn’t make you gay. He thought that liking dick instead of pussy was the only criteria to being gay.

Then he started in on the names for sex, he said besides intercourse and fucking, they could call it breeding, getting pussy, humping, and a bunch of other names.

There were different names for sperm, vaginal fluid, butts, tits, periods (man, I was shocked!), eating pussy, sucking cock, and on and on… My cabinet was overflowing!

While getting all my naive questions out of the way, I felt pretty embarrassed talking about it in front of girls. But, it was what I needed..

“Bob, can you answer one last question?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? I’ve answered everything so far, go ahead and hit me with it.” Bob replied.

“What’s molesting?” I wanted to know.

Bob seemed real hesitant with this one but he was the one that complained about it. I just sat and waited while he figured out how to tell me.

“Zach, when an adult has any sexual occurrence, physical or verbal, with a person considered a minor, even if the person is an adult but is mentally handicapped, the law in this state considers it molestation and it is a criminal offense.” He paused a moment and then said, “The adult is subject to imprisonment if they are found guilty of the crime.”

I mulled this over for a few seconds and said, “We’d better not tell anybody about what we did here today.”

About that time, the doorbell rang. Sally adjusted her sun dress and pulled her hair back, she was tying it when she headed for the door.

I sat back on the couch beside Melissa and picked up one of the magazines.

The next thing I could hear in the distance was, “Hi Mrs. Benson. I’m Mrs. Strange. I’m looking for my son Zach.”

Welp, here comes another conniption fit.

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