Megan Mathews catches her daddy with the teen from next door and blackmails him into getting what she wants.
Chapter 1

My name is Megan Mathews; I live in an average suburb of an average city in an average state. My mother and father are successful in what they do which means I’ve been given a ‘privileged’ life. We have a large house with a pool (and a small pool house). I live next door to my best friend Claire. She’s the same age as me and we share everything, and I mean everything, but of that later. I am an only child which may account for why I’m a spoilt bitch. I have the latest phone, the latest ‘in’ clothes, internet access, TV, and DVD in my room. I get pretty much what I want, when I want. I am pretty mature for my age and took and interest in sex at an early age. Internet has given me a liberal, broadminded view on sex, I am an attractive girl and I love to tease the boys. Whenever possible I wear the most revealing things I can, if I have a short skirt on, I roll the waistband to make it even shorter, sometimes barely covering my panties. Baggy halter tops are another favourite of mine, with no bra, I make sure to flash my tits whenever I can. Oh yeah, and I am 13 years old.

My dad is Frank, he’s a 35 year old business executive, he’s a good looking guy and lots of my girlfriends enjoy swimming at our house at weekends, especially if dad’s swimming too. My mum is Linda, also 35. She’s a personal assistant to the CEO of a large company with international ties. She accompanies him when he goes on business trips which happen every so often.

My friend Claire has an older brother Tom he’s 16 and lovely. I like to tease him the most, Claire and I will bend over in our revealing clothes, flashing our butts and tits at him, laughing as he blushes furiously and runs away covering his crotch. finally there’s Claire’s dad is Jack, he’s about the same age as my dad I guess, handsome, the strong silent type I guess you’d call him; recently divorced, he works from home so he can look after his kids.

My story starts about a month ago. Claire and I were talking in her bedroom after school, Claire and I tell each other everything like all best friends. Anyway, she suddenly tells me that she gave her first blowjob last night. I was stunned and then a little jealous. Like a lot of kids who are close, there was competition between us, who could ride their bike without training wheels first, first to swim unaided, first to wear a bra, that kind of thing. How had she managed to get to a blowjob so fast, she didn’t even have a boyfriend, I was the first of either us to kiss a boy with tongue, and that was only a month or so ago. When I asked her who it was she got all coy with me and refused to tell me, I kept pressing but she refused to tell me. In the end I got mad and stormed out of her house leaving her with this:

“Screw you then if you won’t tell me!”

It only took a few days until we made up at school during lunch break. I saw her sitting alone at a bench outside and sat next to her plopping my tray down.

“Ok if I sit here?”


“I’m sorry I got mad.” I told her. “It’s just; we’ve never had secrets before.”

“I know Meg; I just can’t tell you, he’s older than us and could get into trouble. He made me promise.”

I decided not to press her further, I’d weasel the information out of her bit by bit.

“So, how was it?” I asked.

“How was what?”

“The blowjob silly.” I giggled.

“Oh, it was ok; in fact I liked it a lot.” Claire looked around furtively and then leant in close to me and whispered “His dick was so big and hard, I just touched it at first, and then I got all hot...” She looked at her crotch. “..You know...down there.”

Claire and I had watched porn together on the internet in my bedroom. We both got very hot and bothered, and we both ended up with our hands down the front of our jeans. When Claire had hurriedly left to go home (claiming she had homework to do). As soon as she had left I pulled my jeans and panties off and fingered myself to an orgasm. I was probably a little further along when it comes to maturing than her, in fact probably a little more mature than most girls my age. I had been masturbating since I discovered internet porn, I started just touching myself on the outside of my pussy and then I accidently brushed my clit. Once I’d found that I rubbed myself off quite a lot, pushing fingers into my pussy and then, eventually the handle of my hairbrush. That took care of my hymen, and left me free to experiment with other objects; carrots, neck of a coke bottle and recently a banana had all been pushed into my tight little crack. I loved to watch porn, I marvelled at the porn stars, sucking big cocks and taking on two or more at the same time. Although I’d grown pubic hair, I shaved it off to look like my idols. Anyway, I digress, back to our lunch time conversation.

Claire continued. “He wrapped my hand around it and made me pull the skin back and forth, you know, wanking him. I couldn’t help myself; I just had to put him in my mouth.”

“What did it taste like?”

“Okay actually, kinda metallic, anyway I sucked him until he blew his load in my mouth.”

I found my pussy tingling; the conversation was making me hot.

“Did you swallow it?” I asked, my heart rate noticeably quicker.

“Ewe no, I spat it out.” Claire squealed.

We both giggled nervously.

“That’s not all.” Claire continued. “Last night, he kissed my pussy.”

“No way!” I blurted.

“Shhhhhhh. Yes way. He kissed me down there and then he got me to give him a blowjob again.”

“Oh my god Claire, you are so bad.” I wanted to tell her that I was jealous, that my knickers were wet just thinking about it but I couldn’t. I clamped my thighs together.

“There’s more.”

“More!” I shouted.

“Shhh Megan. Jesus, do you want everyone to hear.”

“Did he fuck you?” I asked, eyes wide.

“Tonight. We’re meeting tonight and he said that if I wanted too, he’d make love to me.”

“Holy shit Claire, that’s.....That’s HUGE!”

Claire could see that she’d one this competition with me hands down and now rubbed salt into the wound.

“I’m gonna let him.”

The lunch time bell rang and we headed off to class arms around each other laughing. I couldn’t concentrate on my afternoon classes though, my cunny was hot and wet and my knickers were cold and damp. I prayed that no-one could smell the sexual excitement. All I could think of was my best friend losing her virginity before me; having a nice hard cock in her tight little virgin pussy. As soon as I got home I ran to my bedroom and locking the door, found my favourite porn site on the PC before whipping my skirt and wet knickers off and masturbating myself to a quick orgasm.

For dinner it was just dad and I as mum had been away on business for the past few days and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow evening. We shared the usual chit chat about our days before cleaning up the dishes and settling back to watch TV for the evening. I was obviously pre-occupied with my thoughts about Claire though as my dad picked up on it.

“What’s up Meg, you seem awfully quiet tonight?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“Are you sure? You know you can talk to me about anything don’t you?”

“Sure dad, it’s just, I was wondering...”

“Yes, go on.”

“I was wondering when you think it’s ok to...... You know.....Do it.”

My dad was visibly shaken. “Megan Mathews. Have you got something you want to tell me?”

“No....No dad, don’t worry, I was just.....You know......Wondering.”

“Oh okay honey. You had me worried then. Um, well I guess it depends. Forgetting what the law says for a minute, then I’d have to say, when someone is ready really. It would be nice if they were in love and married but hey, this is the real world and people are going to do....IT because it’s fun and feels good. I’d say it’s ok to do...IT when someone is really ready and it’s done in a kind loving way. How’s that sweetie?”

“That’s cool dad, thanks.” I gave him a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m going to bed now dad, see you in the morning.”

I couldn’t help wondering if my best friend had been fucked yet as I fell asleep that night.

Chapter 2

I still don’t know what woke me up later that night; I glanced at my clock, just after midnight. What made me get out of bed and look out of the window is still a mystery to me, but I did. My bedroom window looks out over our yard and the pool. It was a warm clear night and I was about to climb back into bed and go back to sleep when I noticed that there was a light on in our pool house. I could see that the door was fractionally open and a shaft of light fell on the floor outside. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, thinking that we’d just left a light on until something disturbed the light and I realised there was someone or something in there.

Thinking we may have intruders I quickly made my way to mum and dad’s bedroom. The covers hadn’t even been messed up and I surmised that he hadn’t yet been to bed. I crept downstairs. The TV was on but every room was empty. “That must be him in the pool house.” I thought. “I wonder what he’s up to.”

Letting myself out of the back door I quietly tip toed towards the ajar door. As I got nearer I thought I heard voices, and then as I reached the door I could make out strange noises; moans and the sound of skin being slapped. I peered through the crack in the door and nearly fell over in surprise. The pool house is little more than a changing room really; it has a shower a chair and a little padded bench as well as a closet and a chest with for our pool balls and floats etc. The bench had been pulled away from the wall and Claire was lying naked on it, on her back with her legs spread. Each ankle was being held apart by a man as he squatted down and thrust his penis in and out of her cunt. The man was my dad!

“Oh yes Claire, you’re so tight.” My dad whispered as he fucked his teenage next door neighbour.

At first I was furious with both of them and nearly burst right in, but for some reason I didn’t. I watched as Claire, flushed and panting reached up and squeezed her small pert tits, squeezing her erect nipples.

“Oh Mr Mathews. It feels so nice.”

I found myself strangely turned on and my own hand slip up inside my baggy T-shirt and kneaded my own breasts, Jesus, I was feeling pretty horny. I took a nipple between my thumb and fore-finger and rolled it. I felt my heart rate quicken and my pussy started to tingle. I slipped my other hand into my panties and started to play with my pussy. Through the crack in the door I had a perfect view as my dad drove his dick into my friend; he was sweating and whispering words of encouragement.

“Oh Claire, your so pretty, I love making love to you.”

I felt myself flush and realised that I was jealous that my dad was saying these things to Claire. I was also getting quite worked up watching my own real life porno.

Looking around I checked no-one was around, as if there would be in our garden! I quickly pulled my T-shirt over my head and lay it out on the ground by the door, pulling down my panties and kicking them away I stood outside butt naked, heart pounding, thrilled at the naughtiness of my actions. I lay down on my shirt and opened my legs, my feet heel to heel. I shuffled until I could turn my head to the side and continue watching as my hands fell to my moist pussy.

“Oh Mr Mathews, don’t stop, keep doing me.” I heard Claire moan.

Slipping a finger into my hole I found my clit and rubbed it with my other hand, I shut my eyes and sighed, but opened them to watch my daddy as I added another finger. I could see sweat dripping off my fathers head as he started fucking harder and faster, causing Claire to moan and buck under him. My own hands started working quicker too and I felt an orgasm rising from deep within.

“Mr Mathews, Mr Mathews!” Claire cried. “I’m gonna cum....I’m.....Cummmming!”

I watched Claire’s body go rigid as she threw her head back, eyes closed and uttered a silent scream as my dad kept pounding into her. I saw her knuckles turn white as she gripped the sides of the bench, her little body convulsing in the throws of her orgasm. My fingers became a blur and within seconds of watching my best friend cum, my own muscles clamped onto my fingers as cum flooded my pussy. I bit my bottom lip to stop me from crying out and shuddered to a wonderful climax, juices dripping from my pussy onto my T-shirt.

I was woken from my reverie by sounds in the pool house. I got to my knees quickly and peered through the crack in the door. Claire was now sat up on the bench with dad stood in front of her. I watched as she sucked his cock, bobbing her head up and down as her little fist pumped his dick hard. As I watched, my dad’s buttocks clenched and he held her head as gave three small quick thrusts.

“Sweet Jesus I’m cumming Claire!” He gasped.

I stared as Claire escaped his grip and pulled her head away just as my daddy’s dick erupted, spraying cum all over her tits and stomach. He steadied himself with Claire’s shoulders as his legs almost buckled as his cock throbbed and squirted more ropes of cum onto her thighs.

“Ewe Mr Mathews, you sure made a mess.”

“I’m sorry darling; you made me cum so hard.”

Claire giggled and headed for the shower and I’d seen enough. ‘Darling’, we’d see about that. I was his darling and I wasn’t going to let that little bitch from next door change that. I gathered up my T-shirt and panties and ran naked, back to the house. Once safely in my bedroom I watched out of the window. Five minutes later and they appeared; Claire had on a pair of white denim short shorts and dad was dressed in what he had been watching TV in earlier. He kissed her lightly on the lips and patted her bottom as she headed towards the back of her house.

I climbed into bed and reran the events in the pool house through my mind, trying to make sense of my feelings. I couldn’t believe that my dad had been the one to take my friends virginity, no wonder she couldn’t tell me who she was fooling around with. I had found the whole really erotic though, watching her getting fucked had really turned me on, especially because it was my daddy. I had also felt extremely jealous and I had wished it was me filled with cock. God what was wrong with me, I tried to stop that train of thought but I couldn’t. The more I thought about it the more I realised that I really had wished it was me lying on the bench, with daddy pumping his cock in and out of me!
I fell asleep formulating a plan.

Chapter 3

I met Claire as normal the following day, it was tricky but I managed to act completely normal.

“Sooooo, did you do it last night”. I asked, grabbing her arm as we walked to school.

“Oh my god Megan, it was amazing.”

It looked pretty fucking amazing from I was, I thought to myself.

“Did it hurt?”

“A little bit at first, but after a while it felt incredible. He made me cum and I thought my head was gonna explode.”

“Claire! You’re such a dirty bitch!” We laughed together arms linked. “When are you going to do it again?”

“I dunno. Maybe not for a little while, but I can’t wait to do it again.”

Yeah, and I know why. I thought. Mom’s home today and then it’s the weekend, Dads going to find it pretty tricky to sneak away.
The rest of my school day was spent in lessons but all I could think of was my plan and how I would proceed, fine tuning, planning for the unexpected and generally making myself horny again with dirty thoughts of my father. When I returned home from school my parents were both in the kitchen. I hugged my mum tight.

“Hi Mom, did you have a good week, I really missed you.” I said kissing her cheek.

“Oh that’s nice honey, my week was ok, it’s good to be back though. Listen, Aunt May called, she wants us to go visit her this weekend, do you wanna go? Your dad can’t go; he’s got work to do apparently, so it would just be the two of us.”

I thought quickly, dad’s backed out, I wonder why. Well I guess I’ll have to stay behind too.

“Oh mom I can’t. I promised Jenna I’d go to the Mall with her tomorrow and on Sunday a gang of us are going to the park. Do you mind if I don’t go?”

I glanced at dad whose face had visibly dropped. Wow, I couldn’t believe how quickly I managed to make up two plausible lies. Jenna was another friend who I spent time with who didn’t really get along with Claire. (Long story.)

“No, that’s ok sweetie, I understand, do you guys mind if I go? I haven’t seen Auntie May in a while now. Will you be ok?”

“Sure.” Dad and I echoed.

“You can look after me” Dad said, and he reached out and pulled me onto his lap.

I wriggled and squirmed as he hugged me close.

“Dad! Get off me.”

I didn’t struggle hard though and soon he was tickling me. I screamed and writhed on his lap, my short school skirt rode up and I made damn sure that my butt pressed into his crotch as I pretended to struggle. He gradually stopped tickling me but I didn’t stop grinding my ass into his lap. I felt a lump grow beneath my and I threw my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, I lingered and whispered into his ear.

“I’ll look after you reeeeeal nice daddy.”

I was suddenly ejected forcibly from his lap.

“Um…..Um…..thank you darling, you’d better run and get changed now.”

He quickly adjusted his trousers and looked for my mother but she had already turned her back, fussing, starting to prepare dinner. His eyes were wide and he just stared at me, trying to make sense of what just happened. I decided to push it a little further and turning away from him, bent over to untie my school shoes. My little pleated skirt was still rucked up from the squirming on his lap and I knew I gave him an eyeful of my knickers and pert bottom. I picked up my shoes and straightened up, pulling the rucks in my skirt down and walking away. I was just leaving the kitchen when I glanced back, his bug eyes were still following me and I shot him a little wink as I disappeared from the room.
As soon as I was clear I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom collapsing on the bed, trembling. I’d actually done it! It had gone pretty much as planned; my dad tickling me was a perfect excuse. I’d thought through the responses of my dad carefully during the day. There were various ways he could go; I was banking that the mere thought that he may have misread the situation would leave him to do nothing. If he confronted me in any way I’d deny everything. After all, what had I actually done? I decided to move on to phase 2.

During dinner I acted completely normally, I notice dad glancing at me whenever he could but I just ignored him for the most part. Halfway through our meal I turned to mom.

“Mom, can we go shopping sometime next week?”

“Sure, what do you need honey?”

I pulled my T-shirt up. “My bras are too small now, they’re pinching.” I reached out and massaged my breasts, pulling at my bra.

“Goodness me Megan, we’ll have to change you to a D cup size by the looks of things.” Mom laughed. “Now put your T-shirt down and finish your dinner.”

I short a furtive look at dad, he was staring at my tits, mouth open, fork suspended between plate and mouth. Regaining his composure he cleared his throat and resumed eating, head down, hardly daring look up.

“Our little girl’s not a little girl anymore hey Frank? She’s growing into a beautiful young woman.”

“Hmn, she certainly is.” Dad muttered, not looking up from his plate.

After dinner we all hung out watching TV and when I climbed into bed that night I was very satisfied about how things had progressed. I had another trick to perform in the morning and then I’d have to wait until my daddy and that horny little bitch from next door decided to risk a rendezvous.

Chapter 4

Mom left early the next morning before I’d even woke up. Before she went, she crept into my room and sat on the edge of my bed and gave me a little shake.

“See you Sunday night sweetie, have a fun weekend, be good for daddy. I love you.”

“See ya mom.” I yawned. “Love you too.”

I lay in bed, waiting to hear my dad get up and soon enough I heard him turn on his shower. I got up and removed my night shirt and panties and spread some moisturizer over my legs and ass. I waited outside his door and made sure he was in the shower before I walked in. I went into the bathroom, he was in the shower soaping himself and humming a tune that I didn’t recognise. He looked good; he didn’t have an inch of fat on him and was quite muscular. I watched through the glass door as he rubbed soap into his crotch, his dick flopped about as he lathered himself. Feeling a tremble of excitement I quickly turned to the sinks and vanity units.

“Hey dad, does mum have any moisturizer in here anywhere?” I said, bending down to check under a sink, flashing my ass and cunny at him. I heard the shower door open.

“Jesus Megan! Put some damn clothes on!”

“Oh dad, you’ve seen it all before, I was just moisturizing and I ran out, I’m all slimy.”

Without looking back I emphasized the point by reaching back and running my hands over my greasy ass cheeks and then moved onto the next cupboard.

“Christ Megan.” He croaked. “You’re too big to be walking around naked now.”

“Okay dad, don’t be such a prude, I wiggled my behind a bit as I rummaged through the cupboard.

“Found it!” I cried triumphantly, turning around.

Dad was stood in the shower with the door open staring at me, covered in soap he held a sponge over his genitals. It wasn’t enough to cover his obvious erection though. I squeezed a blob of moisturizer into my palm and rubbed my hands together before bringing them up to my tits. Looking straight into his eyes, I slowly massaged the cream into my tits, kneading and squeezing them together. Eventually he snapped out of his trance and turning his back on me, got back under the spray of water.

“Okay Megan, take the moisturizer with you and get out please.”

I walked out, checking out his hard-on that he completely failed to hide as I left. He clearly got off on my little tease I thought, excellent, mission accomplished.

I made myself some cereal for breakfast and then shouted up the stairs. “I’m going out now dad, I’ll be at the mall with Jenna all day, see you this evening.”

“Okay honey, take care.”

I banged the door loudly and then crept back up the stairs and into my bedroom. I lay on my stomach and squeezed under my bed, hiding, in case he came in here. I didn’t take long before I heard him talking on the phone and then he went downstairs. I rolled out from under my bed and listened intently as he went about his normal routine, making breakfast and clearing up. I really hoped I hadn’t got this wrong, if he went out in the car I’d be screwed.

Two whole hours I waited until finally I heard Claire’s voice from downstairs. I smiled to myself knowing that so far everything had gone according to plan. Creeping out of the bedroom I peered down the stairs. I could just see into the living room and saw them sat next to each other on the sofa. Claire was wearing a tiny cotton skirt and her favourite ‘High School Musical’ top. Dad was running his hand up her bare thigh pushing her skirt up as they talked. As I watched, they embraced and started to kiss, he pushed his hand up her skirt and took her hand and placed it on his crotch. Claire’s head fell back with eyes closed as he started kissing her neck as she rubbed his dick over his trousers. As quickly as I could I tip-toed down the stairs and hid in the dining room; gaining a good vantage point where I could see them without being seen I took my phone out and setting it to video, began to record.

Chapter 5

I recorded the entire fuck session. I recorded as my dad pulled Claire’s top over her head to reveal her tits and started sucking them. I recorded as he pushed her down and ripped off her skirt and panties before burying his head between her legs and licking her pussy. I recorded when he stood up and removed his clothes, standing at her head while she sucked his hard dick. I got some great footage when he spread her legs wide and pushed his dick into her tight teenage cunny while she moaned and shouted his name. I filmed her first orgasm, zooming in on her face as she silently screamed and I slipped my hand into my panties. I recorded as my daddy flipped her over and pulled her butt into the air. Entering from behind, he spanked her butt as he fucked her hard making her cum again. Finally I recorded when he whipped his cock out and pumped it with his fist as her sprayed ropes of cum over her ass and back as I clamped my thighs together on my hand as I came hard myself.

I snuck back to my bedroom and copied the content of my phone onto my computer and then copied it again onto a disc. I was hungry now and wanted to get out of the house, I needed to wait for Claire to leave before I could start the next phase of my plan. I waited for about an hour, until it was quiet and again crept downstairs. The living room was empty and I was about to go in when I heard a noise from the kitchen, I peered around the door and saw Claire bent over our kitchen table, her skirt was pulled up around her waist and dad was slowly fucking her from behind.

“Yes Mr Mathews, fuck me, it feels so good.” Claire groaned.

I’d seen enough, I quietly slipped out of the house and made my way to the Mall where I bumped into some friends and goofed off for the afternoon, being a 13 year old. At about 4pm I called dad on my cell to let him know I was just leaving to come home to ensure he got my horny friend out of the house.

Chapter 6

When I arrived home and walked through the door, you’d never have known anything had happened. Dad was sat at the kitchen table reading his book and finishing a sandwich.

“Hi Pumpkin, did you have a good day?”

“Yeah, it was ok.”

“Are you hungry? Shall I make you something to eat?”

“Nah, I ate at the Mall, I’m fine thanks dad. I’m just going to get cleaned up; I’ll be down in a bit.”

I ran up to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. After washing I took my mom’s razor and soaped up. I had a reasonable tuft of pubic hair but I’d decided to be clean shaven for my daddy. Once finished I dried, moisturized sprayed some perfume on and returned to my bedroom to select and outfit. I decided on a simple light cotton summer dress with no knickers or bra. I deliberately left the top two buttons of my dress undone, to give dad a good eyeful of my tits.

When I walked into the kitchen he was where I left him, reading his book at the kitchen table. I pulled out the chair on the opposite side of the table from him and knelt on it, leaning on the table ensuring that my dress was open exposing my braless boobs. He looked up at me and his eyes widened as he stared at my tits. Closing his book he began to talk.

“Megan, I think it’s time we had a little chat.”

“Me too dad.” I replied. Moving his book to one side and placing my phone on the table in front of him. I hit the play button and the video started.

A look of absolute horror washed across my daddy’s face as he realised what he was watching.

“Megan....I....I....I can explain.”

“Save it daddy. You’ve been fucking my friend.”

“Megan, don’t use that language with me.”

“Oh please daddy, I’ll use whatever language I like. I don’t really think you’re in any position to tell me what to do, do you?”

He picked up the phone. “I think we’ll delete this.”

“Put the phone down, I’ve made copies.”

Reluctantly he put the phone back on the table. The sounds of fucking emanating from it.

“So what now Meg? Are you going to tell your mother?”

“That all depends.” I climbed off the chair and walked round the table to stand behind him. Bending over I breathe into his ear.

“Claire got hers. Now I want mine.”

“Wha....What are you talking about?”

I reached a hand over his shoulder and my fingers traced up the inside of his thigh. “C’mon daddy, I’ve seen you looking at me.”

“No Megan, your wrong, this is wrong, what are you doing?” He grabbed my hand and held it in place.

“You obviously like young girl’s daddy. Well I’m prettier than Claire aren’t I?”

That’s not how it is Meg. You girls are always teasing, wearing those clothes where I can see everything. I’ve watched how you both are with Tommy; the poor kid doesn’t know what’s going on, especially as one of you is his sister.”

“So how did it start with Claire?”

“You and your mom were out shopping in the city. Claire came over to see if you were here. She was flashing her tits and ass as usual. We started talking and she flirted with me, the next thing I know we’re kissing. I couldn’t help myself Meg, I’m only human and she’s sexy as hell and throwing herself at me. I’m really sorry Meg, I really am. It will never happen again.”

“Not so fast dad. You can keep fucking her, I don’t care. You’re going to have to take care of me though.”

“What are you talking about Meg? Do you know what you’re saying? You’re my daughter, and your only 13.”

“Claire’s only 13 too, and yes I’m your daughter, but you weren’t thinking that in the shower this morning were you? Now I have needs that can’t be satisfied by some teenage boy fumbling around.”
“Stop it Megan, it’s not going to happen.”

“Oh yes it is, I will show that video to mom you know.”

“Meg, it will destroy the whole family.”

“Do what I ask then. I promise you’ll enjoy it.” I purr into his ear, nibbling a lobe.

No Meg, no.” He mumbled.

I moved my hand to his crotch and he didn’t try to stop me.

“I watched you in the pool house the other night.”

“Oh Meg.”

“I watched as you pushed that big hard cock of yours into her tight teenage pussy.” His dick hardened in his trousers and I traced the outline with my fingers.

“I wished it was me daddy. I wished it was me and I finger fucked myself as I watched you.”

His breath was coming in short little pants as I unbuttoned his fly.

“Please Megan no.” He gasped with no conviction at all.

“Did you think of me today as you fucked her?” I whispered as I pulled his cock from his trousers.

“Did you imagine it was my tight little pussy you were fucking?” I ran a finger nail up his shaft.

“Its ok daddy, you can tell me, I want this so badly.”

“Megan.” He sighed.

“Tell me daddy, tell me that you want me; tell me you were thinking of me when you came over her ass.” I gripped his cock hard in my fist and pushed it down hard, pulling back his foreskin painfully.

“Tell me!”

“Okay” He groaned. “I imagined it was you okay? I was fucking her and thinking about you, I want you, I’ve wanted you for ages. I want you, you bad, bad girl.”

“That’s good daddy. For being bad I expect to be punished, but first I’m gonna do something for you.”

Chapter 7

I pumped his cock a few times and then instructed him to stand. When he stood I knelt in front of him and tugged his trousers and underwear down and there it was; my daddy’s wonderful hard dick, right in front of me. I held it with hand at the base and admired it for a moment.

“Megan, please...” Dad started.

“Shhh, just relax daddy.”

This was the first cock I’d ever touched and I marvelled at how it felt, so hard and stiff on the one hand but so soft and velvety on the other. Clear liquid was leaking out of the end and I stuck my tongue out and licked it tasting the saltiness.

“Megan, this is so wrong.”

“So is screwing your 13 year next door neighbour dad, now shut up.” I said looking up into his eyes.

I opened my mouth and took his cock head into my mouth and sucked gently. His eyes widened as I pushed my head forwards and his dick slid slowly in. I flicked my tongue around the underneath of his shaft and then pulled my head back before pushing forwards again. I could see from his expression that I was doing a good job and picked up speed, bobbing my head forwards and backwards.

“Meg.....Oh Meg.....Oh my god.”

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and holding it up dipped my head and sucked one of his balls into my mouth, rolling it around my mouth with my tongue. I then licked up the underneath of his shaft before sliding his dick back into my mouth, pushing my head slowly forwards until it bumped the back of my throat. I gagged and quickly removed him from my mouth. Saliva hung from his cock in long threads, dripping onto the floor. Deep throating was clearly going to take some practise. I licked him again and then resumed my blowjob, pausing every now and then to catch my breath, wanking him hard.

“Meg.....Fuck......Meg........Suck my cock Megan Mathews.”

Daddy had given in; he was mine now I thought as he reached down and gently held my head.

“Does that feel good?” I panted.

“Yes baby, it feels amazing.”

“Do you like your little girl sucking your big hard cock?” I asked, looking him straight in the eyes.

“Who are you?”

“Don’t cum.” I instructed.

I resumed my work until I felt his hands gently pull me away.

“You’d better stop Meg, I’m getting close.”

I stood up and taking his hand, led him into the lounge. I unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. I took a step back from him and pulled my dress off and tossed it to one side. I head dad take a sharp intake of breath.

“How do I look?”

“God Megan, your so beautiful, so fricken sexy.” He looked at my cunny. “Did you....Have you....shaved.”

“Do you like it?” I laughed.

“Oh yes.” He nodded.

I lay down on the couch with my feet dangling of the end.

“Kiss me Daddy, kiss me down there.”

He came over to me and taking hold of my legs pulled my ass up so it was on the arm of the couch, kneeling down he placed his hands on the underside of my thighs and gently pushed my legs back and open. He kissed up the inside of my thigh and then did the same to the other. I felt his hot breath on my pussy and then he kissed my most intimate parts. I felt his tongue run up and down my slit and then it was probing inside. I closed my eyes and marvelled at the wonderful sensations coming from down there. He found my little clitty and he rubbed it with his tongue which made me shudder and a little moan escaped my lips. Knowing he’d found the spot he concentrated on the area until my clit was swollen and my pussy soaking. I felt a finger and then it was being pushed inside me. I gasped as he fully inserted it and then withdrew, only to push it in again and start to finger fuck me as he thrummed my little button with his tongue.

“Oh daddy. That feels soooooooo nice.”

After a few minutes the finger was withdrawn and when it was replaced there was another by its side. I groaned as they were eased into me and I felt beginnings of an orgasm, my nipples were rock hard and felt overly sensitive.

“Hmmnnnnn. Do I taste good daddy?”

In answer to my question he sucked at my cunny, lapping up my juices before resuming on my clit and fucking me slowly with his fingers. My muscles clamped onto his fingers and I shuddered twice before my orgasm suddenly rushed through me.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” I cried.

“Cumming, cumming, cu.....MING!”

I felt my pussy contract and release and flood with cum. He didn’t stop and I came again, writhing on the sofa. I couldn’t take any more and clamped my thighs together, squashing his head between them and he stopped licking me until I stopped shuddering and my orgasm receded. He gently pulled out his fingers and knelt back, allowing my legs to dangle over the end of the couch.

“How was that sweetie?”

“Oh my god. That was fucking amazing daddy.”

He picked me up and sat me on the couch; again he pulled me forwards and pushed my legs so that I was hugging my legs to my chest, exposing my cunny. I looked down and watched as he positioned the end of his cock, pre-cum oozed out of the tip.

“Megan. Have you........Are you.....?”

“Dad, I am a virgin, but I’ve done other stuff, by myself. You know.”

“Okay honey.”

Looking down I watched as the tip of his dick slipped between my lips and he eased it in. I took a deep breath as I felt my pussy expand to accommodate him. One inch, two inches, three inches of his shaft disappeared into me before he gently fucked me with four inches, letting us both get used to it. It felt amazing and It wasn’t long until I was moaning and pulling him forwards.

“Are you ready Meg, I’m going to give you some more.”

“Fuck yeah. Give it all to me daddy, pop my cherry.”

I forced myself to relax as he slowly fed the rest of his hard dick into me until he was buried to the root. It felt so nice to have my pussy filled with cock and I let out a long deep groan.

“You’re so tight.”

Slowly he pulled back and I watched as his slimy shaft re-appeared until just the tip was in me. I couldn’t believe all of that dick fitted inside me. Suddenly he pushed back in, harder this time and I exhaled in another loud groan. He began a gentle thrusting, pulling right back before pushing all the way in again. It looked amazing as my pussy gripped his shaft as he pulled back. Gradually his thrusting got faster and eventually he was fucking me with long hard strokes.

“Do you like that daddy?” I purred. “Do you like fucking your little girl? Does it feel nice to have your big fat cock in my tight virgin cunt?

“Oh Meg.”

“Tell me.”

“I love fucking you Megan.” He moaned. “It feels so fucking good.”

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me harder.”

A familiar feeling welled up inside me as he plunged his cock in and out and I moaned in time with his thrusts. Sensing I was close he reached down and rubbed my love button with his thumb.

“Yes....Yes.....Yes.....OH JESUS!”

I threw my head back and squeezed my eyes shut as my orgasm exploded through me.


My whole body began to shake and my juices flowed into my pussy and I gripped his cock tightly. He continued fucking me hard and when I opened my eyes I was seeing stars, suddenly I felt his cock stiffen and twitch.

“I’m not on the pill.” I managed to gasp.

He whipped out his cock and pulled me forwards. My mouth automatically opened as he pumped on his cock several times before letting out a long guttural groan. His hips thrust as a big wad of cum shot from his dick and ht me on the cheek. Another groan was followed by another spurt and the next shot hit my nose and dripped into my mouth. I took his dick in my mouth and felt cum splash into my mouth. I quickly swallowed ready for the next load which went the same way. His groans diminished and I milked his cock dry and gently sucked him clean until he pushed me away. He collapsed onto the couch next to me, panting. Cum tasted good, getting fucked felt good. I was hooked.

I looked at him next to me and gently held his softening penis. “We’re doing that again okay?”

“We need to get you on the pill.”

To be continued.......

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I got such a big hardon reading this that I had to stroke mine to a mind blowing orgasm.

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