We live in my dad’s family home. He bought it from my grandparents when they retired to Florida. My name is Samuel, I’m sixteen and more then once my mom said I was too impulsive. Like when dad died, I was ten and took the twenty five thousand dollars I received and invested it in a company that was just starting up.

Each share cost less than a dollar so I thought I was getting a deal. Well, the value dropped to half and I lost interest. Lucky for me the people running the company didn’t give up. One year later the price per share was over one hundred and that was after it had split a dozen times.

Anyway, mom never dated after dad died even though she is one hot looking woman. She’s only thirty two and stands five six with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. I always thought her breasts looked firm. I have two younger sisters, Chris and Ivy. Chris just turned fifteen and Ivy is fourteen, they both look a lot like mom.

My sisters had gone to friends and I had started to go to one of mine when it hit me that he had just moved. I slipped back into the house feeling depressed and saw mom walk through the kitchen in her robe and go down into the basement. Now that was something she did many time throughout everyday. This time it seemed to spark interest in me.

I walked to the basement door and opened it quietly. I didn’t see any sign of her and started down the stairs. Even after going all the way down I didn’t see her. I thought she might have fallen and moved into the basement looking for her, when I heard the low moan I stopped. There was something about the moan that sent shivers up my spine and my cock was suddenly hard.

I realized the moaning was coming from the back wall and moved that way. With all the shelves, there was only one small section of wall not blocked by something. I was surprised to see what looked like a panel ajar and moved to look at it. It reminded me of a cabinet that is held closed with magnates. A louder moan drew me to look into the room.

I was shocked by what I saw. There were benches, an exam table, chairs, stools and a lot more. What they all had in common was that they were fuck machines. Mom was straddling what I recognized as a sybian. She was naked with her robe on the floor beside the machine. She was shuddering and shaking as she thrust back and forth to the steady hum.

I moved into the room quietly and saw her eyes closed. I moved around in front of her and sat down. I just looked at her beautiful body as she shuddered and jerked and moaned. When she began to have racking convulsions her eyes half opened to see me but she couldn’t stop shaking. Finally she turned it off and reached for her robe. I moved quickly, kneeling in front of her, “You were beautiful mom.”

She was blushing but stopped moving as my hand stopped her from putting the robe on. I cupped one of her firm breasts, “I’ve never seen a real woman. You are sooo… gorgeous and I loved watching you cum.”

I reached down hesitantly and mom didn’t stop me as I felt her pussy with the sybian vibrator still inside her. I smiled and leaned close to kiss her lips, “I love you.”

I slowly let her go and stood, “You should invite me down to watch sometime.”

I really wanted to push her onto the floor and fuck her but I headed for the door. She came up a few minutes after me. I was sitting on the couch looking out at Chris and Ivy talking to their friends out front. Mom stopped by the couch and cleared her throat. I glanced at her, “You should take Chris and Ivy down there. You can teach them how to enjoy sex.”

She blinked and then laughed, “Your aunts are the ones that took me down there and taught me. Of course some of the machines were older then.”

I smiled as she looked out the window before turning and walking towards the hall. Mom was a little shy around me for a couple of days and she was getting a lot of calls from my aunts. She still went down to her secret room and even though I wanted to go watch, I stayed away. It was a Friday afternoon when my aunts arrived. Aunt Silvia kissed my cheek when she came in and whispered, “Next time fuck her.”

Aunt Doris embraced me and like she was fond of doing since I became a teenager, she French kissed me. I was surprised when her hands dropped to my butt and pulled me tight against her body. She broke the kiss and thrust her pelvis against me, “We’ll talk later.”

I grinned and caressed her hips, “carefully aunt Doris. I’m a virgin and have been saving up to get some lucky girl pregnant.”

She laughed and gave me another kiss before walking in to find mom. It was a few minutes later that she found me in my room. I was sitting at my desk and she was wearing her robe. When I turned and saw her, she grinned and surprised me by opening her robe and straddling me as she sat. I put my arms under her robe and around her bare back as I looked down longingly at her beautiful naked body.

Mom laughed and shook me, “Your aunts and I are going to take Chris and Ivy down to the room. Start dinner and don’t touch yourself, maybe later you can come down and watch me.”

I smiled, “Really? You’ll let me watch?”

Mom kissed me and stood, “Yes.”

I watched her walk out and heard my sisters say something about closing her robe. I grinned and got up to go make dinner. Mom had left the receipt out and I followed it. I was just putting it on the table when she and my aunts came up looking satisfied. Both Chris and Ivy were blushing as they sat down. I leaned over between them and kissed each of them on the cheek, “You girls are so luck you can do that, guys sure can’t.”

They blushed some more but aunt Silvia nodded, “That’s so true. Roger can only cum a few times and he is done for the night. I love getting off and cumming, I forgot how much fun we used to have.”

Aunt Doris was nodding as she took a bite, “We were so lucky your father built the room and showed us how much fun it was.”

I looked at her as I sat beside mom, “Dad built the room?”

Mom laughed, “That was before we met. After he couldn’t cum anymore, he would take me down there and watch or help.”

My aunts grinned and looked at each other. Aunt Doris looked at mom, “maybe we will bring our daughters over to watch… or join in.”

Aunt Silvia laughed, “Mine would go crazy down there.”

Chris and Ivy were looking back and forth and Chris grinned, “I’ve never got off like that before and I know a couple of friends that I would have to pull out with chains.”

Ivy grinned as mom and my aunts laughed. She looked at mom, “We can go down there whenever we want?”

Mom smiled, “Yes. Just be discreet and know that once in a while Samuel might want to watch.”

Ivy and Chris both blushed but my aunts laughed. I was blushing to and after dinner my aunts pulled me into the front room. Aunt Doris held one arm and Silvia held the other, Doris caressed my chest, “We have to go but we’ll be back tomorrow morning. Take your mother into her bedroom and fuck her until you can’t cum anymore. When you finish, take her downstairs and help her get off until she is satisfied.”

Aunt Silvia was nodding the whole time I was looking at them and aunt Silvia moved to kiss my cheek. After they left I looked in the kitchen and saw mom sitting while Ivy and Chris cleaned up. I walked to her and bent to kiss her cheek before whispering, “aunt Silvia and aunt Doris told me to… take you to bed and then back downstairs.”

She smiled and stood up, “Well I guess we should do what they say or I might get punished.”

I looked at her both shocked and excited. Mom looked at my sisters, “I’m taking Samuel to bed if you want to come watch.”

They stared wide eyed and then Ivy grinned, “You aren’t on birth control.”

Mom blushed and looked at me, she laughed suddenly, “I’ve seen Samuel in the shower and if he fucks me now, I will end up pregnant without a doubt.”

She looked at my blushing face and smiled as she caressed my face, “Come make a baby Samuel.”

I smiled and shook my head, “not unplanned mom.”

I caressed her face as she frowned, “I’ll drive you to the store and you can get some spermicide and a morning after pill.”

She grinned and looked at my sisters, “Now he isn’t impulsive.”

They grinned and mom stood up, “Let’s go.”

As soon as we got home and the door closed mom was stripping, “Chris! Ivy!”

I smiled as I followed her towards her bedroom. By the time she walked into her room she was naked. I handed her the spermicide and set the package I was carrying on her dresser. I undressed while mom lay back. I was watching her trimmed pussy when Ivy pushed on my shoulder. I grinned as I looked at her and Chris and then I grabbed Ivy and pulled her to the bed while she squeaked.

Mom grinned and I pushed Ivy back. I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside while she struggled. I rubbed her erect clit and she suddenly shuddered and relaxed. Mom laughed as I pulled Ivy’s panties down. I looked at a red faced Chris, “Come sit on the bed so I can look at you.”

She blushed and looked at mom before walking to the bed. I watched as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. I sat her beside Ivy and mom moved over and sat beside Chris. I looked at Ivy’s pussy and rubbed through it before moving to Chris. She laid back and closed her eyes as I reached out to feel her.

I smiled when she shuddered and moved to mom. Her pussy was fuller and seemed hotter. She had shaved it completely and I loved feeling it. I smiled as I looked up, “Why does a woman look so… exciting?”

Mom laughed and hugged me while Ivy and Chris giggled. I smiled and moved back to Ivy. I knelt between her legs and leaned in. I licked through her pussy and teased her clit while she jerked and shuddered. I rubbed her clit with a finger before kissing it and moving to Chris who was grinning. She pulled my face to her pussy and shuddered as soon as I covered her clit and teased it with my tongue while sucking and humming.

I licked from her hole back to her clit and gently bit it. Chris jerked and shook as I gave it a kiss and moved to mom. She was smiling as I licked through her pussy a couple of times. I covered her clit and wiggled my tongue back and forth. She jerked and shuddered as her hips pushed into my face.

I stood up and pulled Ivy and Chris up. I gave them both a kiss and pushed them towards the door, “Go play, Mom and I are going to be… busy.”

They laughed and Chris wiggled her butt, “Maybe we’ll just go play ourselves.”

Ivy laughed and grabbed Chris’s hand, “Yeah.”

I grinned and turned to mom as she moved into the center of the bed. I followed her onto the bed and lay next to her. I cupped a breast and rubbed her nipple, “Mom?”

Mom shuddered and looked at me, “Yes baby?”

I was blushing, “I… I’m kind of big.”

My mother reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock, “Don’t worry baby, you won’t hurt me.”

I kissed her and she pulled me over her and between her legs. She guided my cock to her pussy and lifted her feet to pull on my butt. I pushed into her and she groaned as my thick cock spread her open. I pushed into her deep and stared into her face. Mom smiled and hugged me, “its okay baby. Just fuck in and out.”

I smiled, “You feel so amazing mom.”

She hugged me and then shuddered as I pulled back and fucked back against her cervix. She grunted and spread her legs wider as I kept moving, fucking her slow and deep. I wasn’t sure but I thought I was pushing her cervix open. Mom was thrusting her hips up to meet mine and shaking in just minutes. Her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock as she jerked and spasmed, “Fuck baby!”

I fucked her hard for a minute and then used long, slow thrusts and groaned a minute later as I buried my throbbing cock and spewing a huge stream of cum. I continued to shudder as my cock jerked and pumped spurt after spurt into her waiting womb. Mom jerked as warm sperm filled her and then she arched her back, “Yes!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I finished pumping cum into her. I held her with my throbbing cock still blocking her womb and it took her a couple of minutes to stop cumming. She sighed and shuddered one last time before squeezing me and looking into my face, “I can finish in the other room.”

I looked at her, “Finish?”

She smiled and rubbed my back, “Cum a few more times.”

I hesitated, “You don’t want me to fuck you anymore?”

Mom looked surprised, “You aren’t done?”

I shook my head and she laughed and pushed on my chest, “From behind.”

I thought about it and grinned as I pulled out, I slid off the bed and reached for her. I took her hand and pulled her after me. I pulled her through the house and down into the basement. I opened the secret room and pulled her in to see Ivy and Chris moaning on two different machines. I grinned and waved as I pulled my grinning mom to the sybian.

I turned and helped her straddle it and fit it into her leaking pussy. I handed the controller to her and moved around behind her. Mom started the sybian and shivered as I reached around to hold her breasts. I glanced at Ivy and Chris to see them grinning back at me. Mom began jerking and shaking as she moaned, “Fuck baby!”

She bent forward even more and I had a good view of her pussy and the toy inside her. I was using one hand to stroke my cock and almost absently shifted and bent it down. Her pussy was frothy with cum as I pushed my cock into her with the dildo. She grunted as she spread her legs more and shoved back, “Yes!”

My cock was slowly forced up her already full pussy. The dildo was vibrating as she jerked and spasmed almost violently. I held her hips as I grunted and start fucking her slimy pussy with the sybian dildo. She was leaning far over as I held her hips and fucked her. I started fucking her harder and she began to howl and shake, “yyy…eeee…sssss!”

When I wiggled and shoved all the way into her before I started pumping more strong gushes of cum she screamed. She arched her back and looked back at me, “SS… aaa… mmmm… uuuuu… eeeee… lllllll!”

I spewed and spurted more cum into her open womb as she bucked, spasmed and jerked around. She grunted as her full pussy clasped and released my cock. Finally mom leaned further forward and lifted off the sybian. I pulled out of her as she moved forward and lay on the floor. Chris and Ivy both came from other machines to sit beside her.

They were grinning and mom shivered before sighing and then laughing as she looked at me, “Damn Samuel.”

I grinned and mom shook her head before smiling at Chris, “His still hard, want to ride him?”

Her eyes widened and Ivy looked at her, she finally nodded as she looked at me. I looked at mom and she patted the thickly padded floor, “Lay on your back Samuel.”

I moved to lay beside her and Chris hesitantly straddled me while mom held my cummy cock up. Ivy moved closer to watch as Chris pushed down and my big cock was forced up inside her. She groaned and shuddered, “God, he feels better than the machines.”

Ivy laughed, “At least you’re on birth control so you don’t have to pay for the ride.”

Mom and Chris laughed and Chris slowly began to rock back and forth. Slowly her rocking changed so that each time she went forward she lifted up before thrusting back onto my cock. When my cock hit her cervix she didn’t slow and kept fucking me. Her pussy was warm and slippery and kept squeezing my cock as she fucked me harder.

Finally she started convulsing and her pussy spasmed around my cock. I pulled her hips down and started pumping strong spurts of cum into her womb and she screamed, “I’m cuummmmmmiiiinnnnnggggggg!”

She was jerking erratically and I cupped her breasts as I spurted and spewed jets of cum into her belly. When I stopped cumming she dropped to my chest breathing hard, “Damn.”

Mom laughed as she caressed me and then leaned down to kiss me. She looked down at my still hard cock when Chris slowly moved off me and grinned. She caressed my face and looked at Ivy, “Next?”

Ivy didn’t even hesitate, she straddled me and reached under her to lift my wet, slimy cock. She grinned at mom, “he feels much better than a dildo.”

As she forced my cock up into her Mom moved behind her. She straddled my legs and held Ivy from behind, “Not to hard baby.”

I groaned at Ivy’s tight pussy and reached for her breasts. She shuddered and looked down, “God I feel full.”

Chris laughed, “Wait until you get a belly full of cum.”

I glanced at her to see her rubbing her tummy. Mom laughed and started moving Ivy and she gasped, “Shit!”

Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as she shuddered hard. Mom laughed, “Keep fucking him baby.”

One of mom’s hands dropped to rub her clit and Ivy spasmed as her pussy clamped down on my cock. She jerked and thrashed around and even squirted a little. I waited and she slowed before going back to fucking me with her slippery pussy. Ivy kept shaking her head as she moaned and shuddered and a few minutes later she was convulsing again.

I held her breasts and kept feeling them and rubbing her nipples as she jerked and shook. It was almost twenty minutes before I needed to cum. She had cum four times and was working through a fifth as I groaned and thrusts up, forcing my cock to push her cervix open. The first jet of cum was a solid stream that erupted straight through into her womb.

Ivy froze with a look of surprise and then screamed as she thrashed and twisted around, “he’s cumming in mmmeeeee!”

I grunted as I pumped gushes of sperm into her and Ivy kept jerking around with her pussy clamped tight on my cock. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and mom helped her off my slimy cock, Mom laid on me and gave me a kiss. I caressed her and she sighed, “I hope you got me pregnant.”

I looked at her and she shook me, “Samuel, your cock pumped cum into my womb. That is more than enough to get a woman pregnant and I have no intention of taking the pill tomorrow.”

Ivy and Chris sat up and Chris rubbed her shoulder, “You’re really going to let him get you pregnant?”

I was speechless as mom kissed me, “Yes, if not this time than tonight or tomorrow.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “Silvia and Doris are going to be so jealous.”

I caressed her body as the idea of getting mom pregnant made me smile and I hugged her, “I love you mom.”

She kissed me and looked at my sisters, “All done?”

They grinned and nodded and mom stood and helped me up. She looked at my still hard cock and grinned, “I should call Silvia and Doris and ask if they want to get pregnant too.”

Chris and Ivy laughed, “what about aunt Silvia’s boyfriend?”

Mom grinned as she led us out, “He has a small dick and had surgery so he couldn’t get anyone pregnant.”

In the kitchen she stopped at the phone and my sisters stopped to kiss me. Chris smiled, “Thanks Samuel, I really liked it.”

I caressed her hip as Ivy wiped cum leaking from her pussy, “So did I. Maybe we can talk mom into a schedule.”

Chris grinned and pulled her towards the hall. I walked to mom as she hung up and turned to me and reached for her hand. She smiled and pulled me towards the hall and into her bedroom. I fucked mom three more times during the night and woke up refreshed. She was sleeping soundly as I slipped out of bed and went to wash. I made breakfast and then went to start on my chores.

It was late morning when I saw my aunts arrive. I finished up and went into the house to find it quiet. I stripped in the bathroom and took a shower. I walked into my bedroom and stopped when I saw aunt Silvia sitting on my bed. She was naked and smiled as she turned and laid back, “Come fuck me Samuel.”

I grinned, “Trying to catch up with mom?”

She laughed and held out her hand. I pulled my towel off as I walked to the bed and Silvia licked her lips as she looked at my cock. I sat and caressed her body, “Where is everyone else?”

She grinned, “downstair. Doris even took my Holly and her Raven down.”

I cupped one of her breasts and rubbed the nipple, “are you going to let me knock you up?”

Silvia grinned again, “I hope so Samuel.”

I bent to kiss her before moving over her body. I kept kissing her and lifted up to position my drooling cock. I pushed and entering her almost hot, silky pussy. She groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I buried it in her, “do I get Holly too?”

Silvia moaned as she put her arms around me, “if my bitch wants it, you can breed her all you want.”

I started to fuck her with long thrusts and she lifted and spread her legs. It only took a few minutes to push deeper and she started to wail. She became a lot wetter and my cock slipped in and out easier. I started fucking her with deep, firm thrusts and kissed her hard, “I really want to breed both of you aunt Silvia.”

She was kicking her feet in the air and convulsing as her pussy continued to spasm and milk my cock. She was tossing her head and incoherent as her hips lifted to meet mine harder. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and she stiffened. I buried my cock and shuddered as I began to pump a solid stream of cum into her. Silvia screamed as warm sperm flooded her and jerked constantly as she was filled.

I jerked and shook as I pumped and spewed inside her. When I stopped she groaned and dropped her legs to the bed, “For that I will help you breed the bitch.”

I grinned, “What about aunt Doris?”

She grinned and kissed me, “She wanted you next.”

I pulled out of her and Silvia groaned and shook. I kissed her when I slid out of bed, “think I can get her to let me breed Raven?”

She grinned, “yes, just walk downstairs and tell Raven you are going to breed her after her mother.”

I raised an eyebrow and she smiled, “Raven and Holly both have a crush on you. Holly was jealous when she found out I was going to let you knock me up. Raven will be as bad or worse.”

I grinned, “let the sperm soak in.”

I left and headed downstairs, I slipped through the panel and watched mom, Doris, Chris, Ivy, Holly and Raven as they shuddered and shook. I grinned, “Holly? Raven? I want to breed you.”

Everyone jerked and started to cover up as I waited. Raven was the first to answer, “You can breed me Sam.”

Holly echoed her, “ME TOO!”

I grinned as I walked to aunt Doris, “ready to get pregnant aunt Doris?”

She grinned as she moved up and pulled the dildo out of her. She was laid back on what looked like an exam table with a fuck machine between her legs, “Move the machine and do it here Samuel.”

I grinned and did as she asked before kneeling between her legs. I held her pussy open and licked through it. She was a little musky but she still tasted good, I nibbled on her inner lips before pushing my tongue inside her. Doris shuddered as her hips lifted and I moved to squeeze her clit with my lips. She jerked and shuddered hard, “fuck!”

I heard giggling as I captured her clit and started sucking and teasing it with the tip of my tongue. She kept shuddering and shaking as I continued to wiggle my tongue on her clit. Her shuddering became worse and she kept thrusting her pussy up. It was five minutes before her back arched as she screamed, “YES!”

I stood and pushed into her spasming pussy and started to fuck into her nice and deep. She began thrashing around a minute later as her slippery pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I was hitting her cervix and pushing and Doris kept tossing her head as her hips thrust up. She began to wail and jerk around on the table.

I held her hips and fucked her with long strokes that pushed my cock deeper. A few minutes after I started Doris began to convulse as her pussy tightened, “yyyeeeessssss!”

She was a lot wetter as she jerked and shook. I thrust into her and buried my cock before starting to hump and grind. She screamed as she thrashed around while her pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock. I was getting close and fucked her hard as she kept wailing and spasming. I thrust into her and held her as my cock throbbed and jerked and then she screamed as I spewed a thick stream of cum into her.

She jerked and shook as I continued to pump and spurt warm cum into her until she was completely full. When I stopped cumming as she was limp and shivering as my cock kept jerking inside her. I caressed her pelvis and reached up to rub her nipples, “If it isn’t a girl, I will keep breeding you until you get it right.”

She grinned as mom laughed, I slowly pulled out and looked at Raven and Holly, “Next breeding will be in an hour so have fun until then.”

They were both grinning as my sisters giggled. I left and went upstair to start a large pot of soup. The girls were coming up a minute later and moved to the counter to start an assembly line making grilled cheese sandwiches. Silvia finally came out naked and sat at the kitchen table. Everything was almost done when mom and Doris came upstairs.

They grinned as they sat with Silvia and began whispering. Lunch was different because the girls actually paid attention to me. After we were done mom pushed me towards Holly as she and Silvia moved to start cleaning up. I grinned and took Holly’s hand and pulled her back to my bed. I stripped her and sat her on the bed before bending to suck on a nipple.

She shivered and I pushed her down before pushing her legs open and leaning down. I opened her pussy before licking through it and pushing my tongue into her. She moaned and lifted her hips as she shuddered. I captured her clit and sucked as I used my tongue to tease it. She jerked and shuddered harder as she cupped my head and held it against her pussy.

It was a few minutes before she started spasming and bucking before pushing my face away. I grinned as I lifted her legs up and spread them before fitting my cock to her pussy. She groaned as I slowly pushed and forced it into her. Her pussy stretched around my cock as I started to fuck her. She grabbed my waist as I fucked into her deeper and then she started to wail as she shuddered almost violently.

I kept fucking her but started using short, grinding strokes as I pressed against her cervix. A few minutes later she was bucking and thrashing around as she howled and screamed. Her pussy was spasming around my cock like it was a milking machine. She continued to squirm and thrash around under me as I kept fucking her. I was doing it with deep thrusts and she finally wrapped her legs around me as I buried my cock and kissed her passionately.

She clutched me tight and kept kissing me as I began to pump large spurts of cum. I pumped more then a half dozen before I was done. I sighed and relaxed as Holly dropped her legs to the bed and grinned at me. I slowly pulled out of her and laid beside her to cup a breast and suck on the nipple, “Thanks Holly.”

She shuddered and grinned, “anytime.”

I held her and softly continued to caress her for a few minutes before I sighed and slipped out of bed, “Come shower with me?”

She grinned, “The sperm will come out.”

I laughed and bent to tug on one of her nipples, “come wash. You can get pregnant later.”

She shuddered and then grinned before sliding out of bed, “Okay.”

I slipped an arm around her waist as we walked into the bathroom and started the water. I washed her as she leaned against me and gently stroked my cock. When we stopped and got out I dried her and took her hand. My sisters and Raven were giggling together in the living room and Holly ran to whisper to them as I went to the kitchen. Mom and both my aunts turned and grinned as I walked in and mom came to kiss me.

I caressed her hips and held her until she sighed and turned to the table, “Want to go that nudist beach tomorrow?”

Silvia and Doris both grinned, “Sure.”

I laughed and gave mom a swat on her butt before going out back. I glanced around and went to the shed and pulled out the above ground pool dad had bought before he died. It was one of those good ones that was over four and a half feet deep. Dad and I had even made a cement pad with the whole center filled with sand. It took a little over an hour to set up.

Raven was waiting as I put the hose in and started filling the pool. I walked to her and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house and back to my bedroom. I stopped her at my bed and turned her before I undressed her and myself. I sat her down and knelt as I pushed her legs open. She was grinning as I leaned in and began to lick through her pussy.

I nibbled on her labia and pushed my tongue into her before starting to tease her clit. She began to squirm and shudder as she moaned. A couple of minutes later she was jerking and thrusting her hips up. She pushed my face away before groaning. I grinned as I stood and reached out to lift and spread her legs before fitting my drooling cock to her pussy.

I pushed and began fucking into her slowly and my thick cock began to stretch her. She groaned and shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she began to shudder as her pussy rippled around my cock. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and then wailed as she threw up her legs and spread them, “YES!”

She thrashed around as her pussy contracted and clenched around my cock. I caressed her hips and pelvis before holding her and fucking her with deep thrusts. Raven howled and screamed and yelled as she came. She spasmed and convulsed and thrashed as I continued to fuck her firmly and finally twenty minutes later I buried my cock and bent to kiss her as my cock throbbed and erupted in a geyser.

Raven screamed as warm sperm gushed through and into her womb, “SAMUEL!”

She clung to me as my cock kept pumping inside her and I kissed her. I stayed inside her after I was finished and slowly her breathing slowed. I pulled out as I stood and pulled her up and off the bed. I pulled her into the bathroom to wash and then dried her.

I have gotten mom and my aunts pregnant twice since then. My aunts moved in with us and I sleep with Raven and Holly mostly but if Chris or Ivy need it I fuck them too. They have graduated college now and have boyfriends. As for Holly and Raven, as far as they are concerned they are mine and I am theirs. They even had me get them pregnant together.
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