Zach finds out what a pussy is.
Chapter 2

On my way out the door before it shut, I heard Sally ask Melissa something about why there was a hard-on running around in her house. I had no clue what that meant but I had my own embarrassment to deal with.

Well, I’m no Einstein! I thought, plopping my tail on the step. My mom is going to kill me dead, and knowing just how righteous she is, it’ll be death by stoning. “This just in… 5th grader dies by crucifixion. He was a smart lad… after his mom went and beat the stupid out of him.” Here I am showing my goods off to two different people that I barely know and they don’t even have one of their own, let alone tell me what I’m supposed to do with it.

I figured the best thing I could do was finish the yard and get out of Dodge.

Grabbing my shirt off the step and the rake off the sidewalk, I started combing that grass with the speed of Superman. Might as well finish what I started before the crap load of crap hits my fanny.

All kinds of crazy was going through my head. Melissa done sucked the swelling out of my thing and called it cum. She must have sucked at sucking because my thing got hard again. Heck, I’ve never done it before and I sucked all the stuff out of her and then some in one shot! Proof is in the pudding and brother, I was soaked neck to knees in pudding.

Then she tells me my dick will make her pregnant and I’m sure I heard that in health class before. But if you expect me to believe my thing is a dick that grows to a cock so I can fit it in the same tiny hole my tongue could barely get in, I’ll call you a liar to your face! Girls must have another hole somewhere else but I sure didn’t see it. Then again, she didn’t give me much chance to look with my face buried in her special place. I know my dick is used for making babies but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how.
I can just hear my momma now, “Go ahead son… tell me what you do with it since you showed it off all over the place.”
I’d say, “Well mom, all I have to do is think about kissing a girl and my dick will swell into a cock so I can put it in a nickel sized hole in a flowery looking place hidden under a girl’s bush of hair.”

And... speaking of which… Man! That was one pretty sight! Heck, that was one pretty everything! I shivered just thinking about that gorgeous girl kissing and licking me down there. And then my dick went straight back to being a cock.

Just about that time, here she came. Mamma bear was coming out of her den to defend that cub of hers.

“Zach!” she said, “I need to talk to you young man! Follow me.”

I grabbed the lawn bag and tossed it in the trash, hitched my pants up, and followed her inside.

There Sally was, standing in the kitchen, arms crossed, and a foot just tapping away impatiently. One look at her face caused me to make a quick U-turn and head back from whence I came.

“Stop!” and I stopped. “Sit!” and I sat.

“I heard Melissa’s side of the story, now it’s your turn. What happened in the bathroom?” and the foot started tapping again.

With that loaded question, I started looking around for Melissa.

Noticing my search, Sally said, “I sent Melissa to her room. Get to talking mister.”

Nice, Melissa succeeded getting out of Dodge but I was stuck in the crappy town.

“Mrs. B., Melissa was trying to help me with a problem I had and that is the honest truth.” was all I could come up with.

“Why was yousporting hard-on?” she asked point blank.

Ok, so a hard-on is a hard dick, I supposed.

“I don’t know why it got like that. Today is the first time it’s ever happened to me and that is the honest truth too.” I said.

“Is that what Melissa was helping you with?” she wanted to know.

I saw where this was going, and dreaded it.

“Yes.”, I said, being as vague as possible.

“Well? How did she help you?” she asked, frustrated.

Great, here we go. I was definitely in hot water now. Would someone else like to step up to the plate here and explain to mamma bear that her cub had my dick in her mouth, trying to suck the swelling out of it? Crickets chirping… well it sure the heck wasn’t going to be me either!

“She told me that my thing was a dick and when it got hard, it’s called a cock and I am supposed to put it in a girl to make her have a baby. But all I know is, it still gets hard even if I don’t want any babies.” was about the shortest answer I could come up with.

Looking down at my secret place, Sally said, “Doesn’t look like she helped you at all.” smirking all the while.

“She got it to go down once but it just got swollen again. Honest, I think she tried her best.” Did I seriously just say that??

Sally ignored my statement (thank God) and asked, “Zach, have you ever heard of masturbation?”

“No Ma’am, what’s he the master of?” I asked innocently.

This set Sally back I could tell. With a huff she said “Drop ‘em!”

Whoah! Didn’t I just go down this road earlier?? What’s Sally thinking? Was she honestly going to try and do a better job?

“Mrs. B…”

“I said drop ‘em!” and drop them I did. Now I’m standing in practically a stranger’s kitchen with my head up in Crazyville and my pants to my ankles. Needless to say, all this worry and woe caused my dick to point at my neighbor instead of the ceiling.
She said, “It isn’t hard enough. You need to play with it.”

Ok… now it’s a toy. What am I supposed to do? Treat it like a machine gun?

I grabbed it and started treating like a club.

“You’re doing it wrong.” she said with a huff.

My dick drooped a little more. Just how this was supposed to help me was a mystery to me.

Sally stepped closer and said, “Zach, I’m going to kiss you. That should make it hard.”

Crap, I didn’t really want to make it hard, I was trying to make it soft. Besides, standing there bare was making me all kinds of embarrassed.

She bent over and laid a kiss on me that lasted quite a while. She had her eyes closed while I stared anywhere but at her. Awkward!

When she finally let up, she glanced down and saw there was not much effect.

“Zach, was that not a good kiss?”

Now I know better than to say anything bad about it.

“It was just fine, Mrs. B.”

“You need more stimulation. Take your shirt off,” and started unbuttoning her blouse.

Tossing my shirt over the chair I plopped on, I was getting interested in the scene before me. Watching her unbutton that top made my dick twitch and she took notice too.

I stared while her top was taken off and then ogled as she unfastened her bra. When she got to showing me her chest, I felt slightly disappointed. Where Melissa’s looked pretty new, Sally’s seemed a little… used. But, it made my dick twitch some more anyway.

“Touch them.” And touch them I did. “Squeeze them.” And squeezed them I did.

When I raked my hand over her left nipple, I saw goose bumps appear and that nipple sure stiffened up. I have no idea what made me want to but I was drawn to it like a moth to flame. I moved my head closer and closer.

“Go ahead, kiss it.” And kiss it I did. “Lick it.” And lick it I did. “Suck it.” Man! How many eleven year olds can say they sucked a real woman’s nipple? Well, I didn’t know but I sure wanted to be one so...suck it I did.

That woman started cooing and purring. I figured I was doing it just right.

When I finally let up off that nipple, she started melting down on me. She stopped at my neck licking, sucking, and nibbling for a while. Man that felt awesome! She moved on down to my chest, running her hands all over me.

It seemed like I was headed down the same road I traveled down earlier. But where daughter had quick fire, momma had passion.

When she made it down to where my dick was twitching, she grabbed hold. Then, she started milking it like a cow’s udder. All I could do was grab two fistfuls of her hair and moan in the air, prepared to yank her up if she even tried to suck the swelling out.

After several seconds she said, “Here, you do this.” and guided my hand to it. So, just like her, I started milking it too.

“Keep that up” she said, pulling out another chair and taking a seat.

I guess she was getting all hot and bothered watching me cause she stuck her hand down her stretchy pants and was playing with her special place.

I was all kinds of interested now. I asked, “Can I play with your boobs some more?”

She looked at me with those puppy eyes and said, “Yes! Please play with my tits!”

I reached over and started kneading them and tweaking nipples with my free hand while I kept on milking myself.

She reached over and put her free hand on top of mine and squeezed on one of my up strokes.

A clear liquid came out of my pee hole and started sliding down. Sally scraped it off and brought her finger to her face. She held her hand up high over her mouth, tilting her head up, and pointed the finger down. I watched the liquid form a drop on the tip of her finger. Ever so slowly, she stuck her tongue out and carefully touched that drop on the tip.
When she drew her tongue back into her mouth, she let out a loud “Mmmmm!” and licked her lips.

That had me shuddering all over. Glancing down at her rubbing herself I asked, “Can I touch you down there?”

“Down where?” she replied.

“Down on your special place.” I responded.

“You mean my pussy?” Now wait, I’ve been called a pussy in school before and I thought it meant that I was a coward. But if that is what a pussy is, I was all kinds of mad if someone thought I was a girly part.

But, having the good sense not mention that, I just nodded.

She guided my hand through the elastic waist band of her pants, past whatever panties she wore, and placed it on her mound. From there, she steered my fingers to the bud at the top. Just from the feel, I could tell it was larger than Melissa’s. I also thought it was wetter.

After playing around for a little bit, going around in circles like she showed me, I pulled my hand back out. Sally picked up where I left off.

Together we started speeding up, Sally urging me on.

“Cum for me Zach.” She panted. With that, she leaned over and licked the head of my dick.

That lick was all it took. I concentrated harder on my task in hand. I felt everything tense up good and tight. I had to announce it to the world:

“I’m cumming!” and Sally gasped.

Everything went slow-motion form me. As I felt liquid fire run up through my dick, all I could do was grunt. A stream of goo left the tip of my dick and gracefully splattered between Sally’s tits.

She started breathing harder and announced:

“I’m cumming too!” and spasmed on the chair.

Her pants were getting wetter and wetter and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop getting wet any time soon.

Another stream left me and splashed on her belly. She took her free hand and started rubbing it all over her.

I sputtered out what goo I had left and weakly grabbed the back of the chair that had my shirt on it.

That very instant my hand grabbed that chair, I heard, “What the fuck!” coming from outside in the real world.

Spinning around to where that voice came from, I saw Bob with his hands up and his jaw down.

Needless to say, fight or flee kicked in and I started to bolt. It was an immediate life lesson for me. You can not run when your pants are around your ankles. Face first, I hit the kitchen linoleum and did the next best thing I could think of, rolling under the table. The chair I had held flipped over and clattered to the floor.

Fully alert now, I looked at Sally.

She had stood straight up, eyes like saucers. Her hair was all messed up from me pulling on it. No shirt on and covered from neck to knee with either my goo or hers. Her pants were around her hips and the toilet paper Melissa had wrapped around my finger was unraveled from her elastic waist pants down between her legs, and just dangling in the breeze.

My first thought was, “Yep, I’ve been down that road before."

My second thought was, “Momma might not have to beat the stupid outta me. Bob was probably going to do it for her.”

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U write THE worst sex stories. Too many worthless detail' and horrible dialogue.

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Most just tell them they'll find out when they're married, leaving them to fend for themselves.
Due to the internet and instant messaging, its a futile effort keeping kids innocent. Those days are fading fast.

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