Sadie gets invovled with extra-curricular activities
After my tryst with Agnes, I once again headed to my bedroom to get cleaned up. On my way up the stairs, I remembered my package from the Delivery Man. I went back downstairs, picked it up and brought it to my bedroom and placed it on the dresser next to a box of books. I had ordered the books a couple of weeks ago and today Sister Amanda would be coming over to help organize our book club. There were a lot of women in the church like us; lonely and with a lot of time on their hands. So we thought it would be great if we started a club.
Again, in the shower I started to think about all that had transpired in just a few short hours. I had been fucked by a complete stranger and I liked it. Then I fucked my housekeeper with a turkey baster and she loved it. I was becoming something that I didn’t recognize; something that I didn’t like. Though I loved what I was doing when I was in the moment, I hated myself afterwards. The guilt drove me crazy inside. What would my husband Robert think if he ever found out what I had done today? For certain, I’d take this to my grave as I’m sure Agnes would too. Her husband was a big brawly fireman. I’m sure he wouldn’t have approved of the ‘hose’ I had used on his wife. Or would he?
I climbed out of the shower, quickly got dressed then headed downstairs to get ready for Sister Amanda. She’d be arriving any moment. I sent Agnes out to pick up a few odds and ends then prepared the living room table with a few snacks for Amanda and I. Right on time, at 1pm sharp, the doorbell rang. Amanda had arrived looking gorgeous as always. She was always so well put together; never a hair out of place, never a wrinkle about her. She’s was immaculate. As she walked into my home, I couldn’t help but notice I was becoming stimulated again. I don’t know what it was that triggered it. Could it have been the soft scent of her perfume or was it her tight ass in that form fitting dress. She had the tiniest waste yet the biggest tits and ass you’d ever want to see. I could only imagine the fun that she and her husband, Walter had in bed every night. Amanda was hot and I’m sure she was a hot fuck.
“How are you today?” Amanda asked as she took a seat on the couch.
“Very well, thank you, and yourself?”
“Couldn’t be better,” Amanda answered. “I had a great workout this morning then ran 5 miles. This is the perfect time of the year to be out running. It’s not too hot and not too cold; just right for outdoor exercising.”
“You’re right. I had a pretty good workout myself this morning,” I snidely responded as I tried to keep my eyes off of Amanda’s cleavage.
“Shall we get started?” Amanda suggested as she reached over to take a napkin and a few of the cookies off of the coffee table.
“Sure,” I concurred as I reached for a pad of paper and pen. “I’ve taken the liberty to make a list of the women who might be interested in the book club. I also ordered the books.”
“Great, where are they?” Amanda asked.
“They’re upstairs. Let me go get one for you.”
“Is it okay if I come up?” Amanda asked. “I never did see those new curtains you purchased for your bedroom. I hoped they matched your comforter perfectly.”
“Yes, they matched perfectly. Come on up.”
I led the way upstairs to my bedroom with the intentions of grabbing one of the books and allowing Amanda to see the curtains I had purchased. A few weeks back we had gone shopping and I had to have those curtains. But I wasn’t sure if they’d work with the bedroom decorum.
“Wow, they look amazing,” Amanda observed. “You really have a great eye for stuff like this. I’m going to have to get you to come over and decorate my bedroom.”
“I’d love too.”
“Where are the books?” Amanda asked.
“They are in the box on the dresser,” I answered as I rushed to answer the ringing telephone. I’m not really sure what happened. That’s when things started to get complicated. You see, there were two boxes on the dresser. I didn’t specify which box she should open and my back was turned as I was on the phone. When I hung up the phone and turned around she was holding it in her hands.
“Sadie, what’s this?” Amanda inquired.
I was so embarrassed; ashamed. A woman of my statue and position should never have anything like this in per possession. It was a double-headed dildo I had purchased from one of those sex sites off the Internet. I had no words. I couldn’t answer her.
“I mean, I know what it is,” Amanda clarified. “I just didn’t know that you and the Bishop were so…”
“He doesn’t know,” I interrupted. “Robert doesn’t know. We haven’t been getting along too well as of late,” I shared as I sat down on the bed. “He doesn’t look at me and rarely touches me. We haven’t made love in months. I know it’s wrong to touch myself in that way but I was so desperate that…”
“So desperate that you what?” Amanda probed as she came and sat down on the bed next to me.
“I had an affair.”
“You what? When?” Amanda questioned.
“This morning. I had an affair with the Delivery Man and then later with Agnes.”
“Jesus Christ, Sadie! What has gotten into you?”
“I don’t know. Amanda, please don’t tell. Outside of the Delivery Man and Agnes, nobody knows.”
“I won’t tell, Sadie. But what are you going to do?”
“I don’t know. I’ll stop. I won’t do it anymore.”
“And what about this?” Amanda asked as she placed the dildo in my lap. “What are you going to do with it?”
I looked down at the dildo then up at Amanda’s hardening nipples then into her eyes. I knew what I wanted to do with it I wanted to stuff it as deep into her twat as I could get it while stuffing the other end into mine. I knew she’d be a hot lay. I just knew with everything in me she’d be the greatest fuck of the day.
“I bought it because I was curious. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a cock in my pussy and in my ass at the same time,” I admitted to Amanda.
I could tell Amanda was getting turned on. I could see her continuing to eye the dildo laying across my lap. I wondered if I should make a move. Should I see if she’d be a willing participant? If I made a move and she resisted, this could turn out very bad for me seeing as how I’m the Bishop’s wife. I was above reproach. No one would ever expect nor believe that I would carry on in such a way. I then made a decision. I grabbed the dildo, stood up in front of Amanda then shoved it into her mouth. Much to my surprise, there was no resistance. She took the dong into her mouth and began to suck it as if she had been sucking them for years. Perhaps she had been sucking on her husband’s knob, I don’t know. But today she was sucking mine. I lifted my dress and placed the other end between my legs and humped the 12 inches in and out of her mouth as if it were a strap-on. Amanda loved it. As she slowly opened her legs, I released her pinned up hair and let it flow down her back and torso. I then unbutton the top two buttons of her dress and released her tits just above her bra. God, she had great tits. Her nipples were huge; at least an inch long. I pinched and twisted them as hard as I could. Listening to her moan in pleasure and pain with the dildo stuck in her mouth turned me on all the more.
I released the cock from Amanda’s mouth and from between my legs then through down on the bed. It was time for a late lunch. I got down on my knees and lifted Amanda’s dress around her waist. I didn’t need to spread her legs. She did it for me. I pulled back the crotch of her satin white panties to reveal her freshly shaved snatch. It was beautiful. I parted her lips and began to lick inside of her pink haven of love.
“Yessss!” Amanda sighed as she reached down and grabbed the back of my head pressing me into her pussy. “Stick your tongue inside of me!” Amanda requested. I obliged as she lifted her hips in and up and down motion with the intentions of taking more of my tongue inside of her. I had no idea this afternoon would turn out this way but I was most certainly glad it had. My husband Robert hadn’t fucked me in three months yet today I was enjoying my third fuck-fest. What are the odds.
I could hear Amanda’s breathing changing. It wouldn’t long before she came and I wasn’t going to let up until she shot her gooey goodness all over her tongue. To help the process, I began massaging Amanda’s clit.
“Right there, baby! Right there, don’t stop!” Amanda cried out as her ass was suspended in mid air. I almost had to get up off my knees to keep up with her. She was so hot. Obviously her husband, Walter, hadn’t been giving it to her the way I was giving it to her. I was glad to be of service.
“I’m going to cum!” Amanda cried out as she popped a load of jizz all over my tongue before lowering her ass back onto the bed. I licked up as much as I could then crawled up her body and spit it into her mouth. We’d swap the cum back and forth until we both had some to swallow.
I stood up from the bed and pulled off my dress and bra. I didn’t have on any panties for fear my constant wetness would ruin them during our meeting. Amanda began to tear out of her close leaving nothing on but her thigh high nylons and 5 inch stilettos. Her body was perfect; big tits, big ass and a perfect snatch. She grabbed a pillow from my bed, turned over on her stomach, stuffed the pillow between her leg then began to rub her pussy against it. Clearly, she had done things like this before. As her ass bounded up and down in the air, I climbed up behind her and placed my pussy on top of her bouncing ass. I wished I could describe the feeling of her ass hitting my hardened clit. It took everything in me not to cum all over her.
“Oh baby, your ass feels so good,” I moaned.
Amanda increased her speed. She was clearly trying to cum again. I wanted to help her so I grabbed the double-headed dildo and shoved up her pussy then pushed the other end in mine.
“Fuckkkkkk!” Amanda shouted as my rubber cock had calmed her wiggling pussy down for a moment.
“Fuck it!” I commanded as I pushed as much as I could of the cock inside of Amanda while taking my fair share. “Fuck it until you cum all over it!”
“Goddammit!” Amanda screamed. “Ahhh!! God!! Fuck me!” Amanda continued to shout as she again began gyrating her hips up and down. With her clit hitting the pillow and me in her pussy, it wouldn’t be long before she popped another huge load.
“Goddammit, I’m going to cum!” Amanda alerted. “Pull it out!”
I obliged and pulled the cock out of Amanda’s ass in time for her to shoot her hot pussy juice onto my bedspread. She then did something that nearly sent me over the top. She began licking up her own pussy juice from the bed. Fuck! That was so hot. Watching her, on my knees, I started to fuck myself ferociously. I needed to cum but just before I could cum, Amanda stopped me. She pushed me down on my back and started to fuck me with that dong as hard as she could. I swear I had never been fucked so hard in my life. As hard as the Delivery Man had given it to me, it dulled in comparison to what Amanda was doing.
“Shitttt, I’m going to cum,” I stammered as Amanda released the cock from my pussy. I squirted a load of spunk onto her tits and the bedspread.
“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned as my bottom lip quivered and my body shook all over. Amanda began licking and kissing me all over; from head to toe. I didn’t know if I had anymore left; didn’t know if I could stand to fuck any longer. But she wasn’t done. Amanda, now in control, pushed the cock inside of me while I was lying on my back. She took the other end inside of her and began to fuck me again.
“Oh God!” I screamed. I felt like I was floating. Never had anything felt so wonderful. If I died now, I wouldn’t have any regrets as I had now attained my promised land.
“Fuck me baby!” Amanda begged as she humped the dildo into her and myself “Fuck me real good!”
“Right there! Right fucking there! Fuck it! Fuck that shit!” I screamed as I was nearing another orgasm. “Fuck meeee!” I growled as I began to buck wildly on the bed. I had lost control. I reached for the backboard of the bed. I needed something to hold on too; some kind of leverage as I lifted my ass off the bed to take every inch of that dong into my twat. “Ungh! Give it! Give it to me! Give it to me deep!”
“Oh God!” Amanda screamed. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before! “Come here!” Amanda commanded. She then pulled the dong out of her pussy and climbed on top of me. The look in her eyes almost frightened me. Maybe it was passion but I knew that she was going to give it to me good.
I lowered my ass back onto the bed while still holding on to the backboard. Amanda placed her end of the dong back inside of herself and began to fuck me as promised.
“Oh baby!” I cried.
“Shut up and take all that I’m giving you! You like what I’m giving you! You like what I’m doing to your pussy! You fucking whore!” Amanda spewed. Her degrading words were enough to make me cum on the spot, but I wasn’t ready to release my love juice yet. I wanted more; more of her cock; more of her dirty talk.
“Fucking bitch! I’m going to split your pussy in half and then I’m going to cum all over your fucking face and you’d better drink every bit of it up! Open up your pussy and take this cock!”
“Fuck you!” I screamed back. My response seemed to send Amanda over the edge as she began plunging that dong inside of my widened pussy.
“Shit!” I screamed as I could feel her rod going deeper. “Cumming!” I announced as I let go of another load of cum this time all over the dong. Amanda pulled it out of me then quickly shoved it into my mouth as we both licked my wetness from the knob.
“Oh baby, why didn’t we think of doing this sooner,” I asked Amanda.
“I don’t know but I’m glad we’re doing it now,” Amanda responded. “I want you to punish my pussy. I want you to fuck it good and hard. Can you do that for me, baby? I want you to make me fucking cum harder than I have ever cum before in my life.”
Amanda lay down on her back. She then did something I had never seen before or knew was possible. Not only did she open her legs but she somehow moved them to behind her head. Easy access to the snatch! I guess all of those years of working out had paid off as this bitch was as limber as a gymnast. After licking her exposed slit for a few moments, I slid the double-headed dildo inside of her soaked pussy while placing the other end inside of mine. I bit on her hard nipples as I fucked her pussy mercilessly. I’d fuck her pussy until she passed out or I passed out. Either case, this was going to be an epic moment for both of us.
While I was deep inside of Amanda’s cunt, I heard the bedroom door opened. Part of me wanted to stop. But I had gone to far now. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop fucking her pussy. It was as if I had become entranced. My mission and goal in life was to fuck this tight twat until it rained pussy cum all over me.
“Agnes!” Amanda shouted. “Agnes is here. We have to stop,” Amanda continued.
“No way!” I spewed as I picked up the pace. Having someone see me tear her pussy apart only heightened my pleasure. I dug deeper into Amanda’s contracting cunt.
“Ohhhhh!” Amanda cried as I gave it to her as good as she gave it to me. “Please!!! Please, stop!” Amanda begged. “Agnes is here. I don’t want anyone to know about this.”
Fuck Agnes. Fuck Amanda. Fuck the world. At this point, I didn’t give a fuck who knew. My only mission in life was to make this pussy cum and I wasn’t going to stop until I got my final results. As I continued to beat up on Amanda’s twat, I felt a hand on my ass. I looked to the side and out of the corner of my eye it was Agnes coming to join the party. Agnes began fingering my ass hole later sticking in a finger or two.
“Oh fuck!” I cried out. “You’re going to make me cum, baby.”
I had never had it up the ass but the way I was feeling. I was down for anything. I felt a cool oiliness around my ass. I wondered what Agnes was doing. Seconds later, I felt something larger invading my asshole; larger than Agnes’ finger. It was a strap-on. It seems that while out picking up a few odds and ends, Agnes wondered into the local sex shop and picked up a toy. Great!
“Ungh!” I sighed as Agnes pushed the head and a few inches of the plastic wonder up my ass. I guess it was only fair. I had fucked her pussy with a turkey baster. She was now returning the favor with a strap-on. It was magical. As I fucked Amanda and Agnes fucked me, I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror sandwiched together and humping the shit out of each other like the dirty house whores we were. Amanda soon came; squirting her load into my face and mouth. She and Agnes continued to fuck me until I popped a load of spunk on the dildo. Amanda and I would then wage war on Agnes’ aching pussy until she was well-satisfied.

“After that ordeal, I felt horrible,” I continued my confession to Father McDonald. “While in the moment, it was great but afterwards, I felt terrible.”
“Is that all that happened?” Father McDonald asked.
“Yes. Yes, sir. That is it. It only happened today; those three encounters. Before today, I had never done anything like this and I will never do it again.”
“You should go and see your husband,” Father McDonald recommended.
“What?” Go see my husband? But I can’t. I came to you because I wanted forgiveness. I want absolution.”
“Go see your husband,” Father McDonald again suggested.
Maybe he was right. Maybe I needed to confess all of these things to him so that we could put it all behind us. I had made a grave error; a mistake. Surely he would forgive me.
“Very well, Father McDonald, I will go. But first, will you absolve me?”
“There was no response. I walked out of the confessional, looked on the other side only to see Father McDonald was no longer there. I now had to do the unthinkable. I had to tell my husband…
The Bishop.

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